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Message from your Lieutenant Governor ¡Hola! Please put on you seatbelts and stay in your seats as the New Jersey District of Key Club is embarking on a journey to destination: Service! District Convention is a three day event that lasts from March 28th to March 30th. District Convention is a great way to learn more about Key Club, and to have fun doing so! Meet Key Clubbers from all over the state of New Jersey as we all gather for one common goal, a fun and enjoyable weekend. So pack your bags and get ready for District Convention 2014: Around the World. If you need the registration packet please contact me ( or your club president!

Welcome to Jamaica! Each division was assigned a country and our division was assigned Jamaica! So prepare your Jamaican lingo, practice your Jamaican accent, and feel free to bring items that represent Jamaica!* *You may also bring items from your own culture if you wish to! Chants Whenever a speaker says “Jamaica/Division 4, how do you feel?” we could respond with “We feel good mon” or something like that. Whatever floats your boat A fun thing to do before DCON is to plan chants with your club/ division. These could be said at the start of DCON or at the end. Imagine how great it would be if 20 people in unison shouted “Division 4” with pride. We don’t want to be the quiet division, so get psyched and bring your Key Club spirit!

Service Fair Ever heard of Service Block? That’s when you get the feeling to do some sort of community service project but you just don’t know what to do! Well, at service fair, you will have the opportunity to get inspired by other community service organizations! Help raise money for children in poverty through YUDA Bands, raise money to fight against cancer through Alex’s Lemonade Stand, assist your local hospital through Children’s Specialized Hospital! There are countless of service oriented organizations that are waiting for your involvement! Learn more about these organizations and bring them back to your club at the Service Fair! Remember this is event is one day only and it is available on the first day of district convention (March 28). Don’t miss out!

Contests DCON is just around the corner and with that comes exciting contests that your clubs can participate in. There are a wide range of Contests to compete in such as: scrapbooking, video, as well as written and oratorical contests that happen during DCON and so much more (review the contests packet with a list of possible contests to compete in). Are you more creative than the rest of New Jersey? Compete and find out! However contests are not just limited to creative projects, they include service awards for admirable performance of a key club as well! Please adhere to all deadlines and details enclosed in the contest registration packet.

However, a club may not participate in a contest without filling out the Annual Achievement Report Form. Filling out annual achievement report forms are as easy as taking all those CMRFs and inputting it into a new form. They must be received by Mar. 1st for prejudging. So get them in and improve your DCON experience with awards and contests! Any questions about contests contact me or contest chairperson Hamiyyet Bilgi (

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