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January, 2010 Issue 3 Volume 1 Published Monthly by Kathleen High School Kathleen High School 2600 Crutchfield Road Lakeland, FL 33805 (863) 499-2655 Main Office (863) 499-2726 Fax

(863) 499-2670 Guidance (863) 499-2662 Attendance (863) 499-2668 Dean’s Office KHS Science Fair at CFAA .................... 1 AP Psychology Class.............................. 2 ESOL ...................................................... 2 Silver Garland/Exam Schedule ............... 2 Professional Development/Prom 2010 .... 3 Marching to Success............................... 3 AP Human Geography ............................ 4 FFA......................................................... 4 Distrotek.................................................. 5 Parent Portal........................................... 5 Dual Enrollment ...................................... 5 Chorus/National Honor Society ............... 6 Ms. McLarty’s AP Class .......................... 6 Culinary Arts Department........................ 7 Culinary Arts/Boys Golf/Chess Team ...... 7 Tutoring Schedule................................... 7 PTSA ...................................................... 7 CFAA Students—The Blimp & Surveying 8 Arsenic and Old Lace.............................. 8

Principal’s Corner Welcome back Red Devils from what I hope was a restful break. I enjoyed the time I spent over break attending the Disney Candlelight Ceremony and supporting our talented Chorus students as they performed. It was also a proud moment for Kathleen High School as our “Red Hot Voices” performed at the Mayoral Inauguration of one of our own, Gow Fields, as he was sworn into office on January 4, 2010. I am proud of his accomplishments, his ability to lead, and his willingness to give back to the community. As we conclude the first semester and prepare for exams and the state assessment, be reminded of the importance of preparation. It is critical to refresh your knowledge base, get a good night’s rest, and eat a good breakfast. The “Will to Prepare” is critical to the success of the student. “We Can” and “We Will” accomplish great things. Second semester brings many opportunities for our students. We will be offering three new Dual Enrollment courses that will expose our students to college level curriculum and better prepare them for life after high school. The Guidance Department will also meet with all students to review course offerings and begin scheduling for the 20102011 school year. The construction process of our campus is moving quickly and without disruption to our student learning. We are pleased with the progress and look forward to moving in to our new buildings that will open in the 2010-2011 school year. I would like to encourage our students and community to prepare for greatness in everything that you do in 2010. Together as a school and community we will continue to “Make a Change for Growth.” It is a great day to be a Red Devil! Cecil McClellan Jr., Principal

Kathleen High Science Fair Over 150 neering: 1st Cole Little, 2nd attended the Timothy Pollock, 3rd KHS/CFAA Justin Conover. EnvironScience Fair mental Science: 1st Adam Award CereMaffett, 2nd Jared Wilmony in Deliams, 3rd Jariel Rivera. cember. Sixteen Physics: 1st Charles Litzler, 2nd asey Williamstudents will advance to the son, 3rd Mitch Richards. district level Mathematics: 1st Tyler competition. Zumbrun. Zoology: 1st KHS had 103 Maria Probasco, 2nd Betsy entries. All Thomas, 3rd Brett Newell. Lori Bradner, Science Fair Chairman, 2009 KHS Science Fair Award Winprojects were Red Devil’s Culinary ners and Chad Smith, Assistant Principal at CFAA Art students prepared evaluated by professionals in the community. Judges used a rubric punch, tea, appetizers, finger sandwiches, assorted cheese, fruit and vegetable trays as well as scrumptious which evaluated the projects prepared by our students. Each project included a packet which provided a stepdesserts for the awards ceremony on Monday, Decemby-step explanation of the scientific method to include ber 7. JROTC presented the colors. The judges were Eric Bradner, Engineer; John M. title, problem, Curls, Jr., Engineer; Curtis Porterfield, Lakes Biologist; research, hypothesis, mateAnne Yasalonis, Botanist; Dr. Karen Teston, MD, PhD; rials, proceSue Ann Wallace, Education/ dures, data sheet, graphs, Guidance; Ernie conclusion, Sanborn, Director Sun N Fun Muoverall appearMitch Richards, Jess Peterson and Phillip ance, spelling seum; Joyce Herrington Sanborn, Coand grammar, oral presentaDirector Sun N Fun Museum; Dr. tion and scientific reasoning of the project. Award winRobert Criss, Pro- Sierra Keeney, Luis Rosado ners included: Behavioral Science: 1st, Steven McKitfessor of Physics/ and Amber Medeiros trick, 2nd Renise St. Louis, 3rd Cory Daniels. Botany: 1st Amanda Smith, 2nd Sarah Fulmer, 3rd Joshua Glaros. USF; Dr. John Mackay, Professor of Physics/USF; Mr. Al Rott, Chemistry: 1st Rene Perez, 2nd Freedom Roche, 3rd Freddy Marquis. Computer: 1st Richard Pazda. EngiPCSB; and Dr. Dickens, PCSB. Principal, Cecil McClellan Assistant Principal of Curriculum, Ginger Rosenau Assistant Principal of Curriculum, Chad Smith Assistant Principal of Administration, Tony Williams Dean Of Students, Greg Wilson 9th Grade Dean, Tiffanie Brown Dean, Jim Boatenhammer

Attendance Dean, Sam Scott Academic Dean, Keith Smith Athletic Director, Gary Lineberger AIF/Reading, Mechelle Daughtery AIF/Math, Sarah Raulerson AIF/Science, Robin Futch Sr. Coordinator, NASA Grant Program, Lia Maffett


AP Psychology Class

Roland Caldwell Vocational

Kristen Faison Science

Orlando Camargo Foreign Language

Brandon Gengler Mathematics

Mrs. Viscusi’s AP Psychology students recently enjoyed Ms. Debbie Snyder, professional dog trainer and owner of DogSense Obedience. Ms. Snyder and her teaching assistant, Oscar, demonstrated the principles of learning while teaching. The Psychology stuMs. Debbie Snyder dents learned the importance of patience and positive reinforcement in teaching both humans and Erick and Ms. Snyder

animals new behaviors. After the presentation, Oscar basked in the attention of many new fans from KHS. Later in the presentation by Ms. Sny-

Oscar der, student volunteer, Eric Ramirez, was trained to perform a new task based on the positive and negative feedback of his peers.

Brayun Andrews, KeKe Wallace and De’Era Williams

ESOL Autumn Marvin Music

Hannah McClellan Citizenship

Shambria Oner Journalism

Sarah Peterson Art

Amanda Roberts Performing Arts

Antonisha Williams English/Literature

El sabor de Kathleen performed on Monday December 7th at the Jim Miles Center. The students did an excellent job. The ESOL students received certificates for their participation in the ESOL Hispanic Biographies. Way to go Kathleen Red Devils.

Semester Exam—January 19, 20, 21, & 22, 2010 Date of Exam

Chelsea Wilson Athletics



Exam Period

Review Period

Tuesday, January 19

7th Period (Extended Period)


Wednesday, January 20

1st & 3rd

2nd & 4th

Thursday, January 21

2nd & 4th

5th & 6th

Friday, January 22

5th & 6th Early Dismissal @ 11:55

Please see student handbook for exam exemption policy.

Terrific Tuesdays—Literacy Gridiron—Professional Development at KHS KHS staff participates in professional Mr. Brown, Mr. Karol, Mr. Mr. Holmes, Mrs. developFutch, Ms. Knox and Mrs. Wells ment every Tuesdays—-our Terrific Tuesdays. The 20092010 schedule for Literacy Gridirons/Professional Development are: November 17, 2009, February 2, 2010, April 6, 2010, and May 4, 2010. Staff members attend a minimum of one workshop session during the Gridiron trainings. A few of the work-

Tavarios Faniel and Shamile Hayes have been accepted to FAMU. Way to Go!

Mr. Axson, Ms. McLarty, Mrs. Powell, Mr. Grasso and Mrs. Gardner

Learning the Lingo with Tiffanie Brown and Robin Futch; Hot Chalk Talk with Becky Powell; Game Plan with Mechelle Daugherty, Word

Tavarios Faniel

Shamile Hayes

Gracia Hilliard

Evan Skans

Mrs. Hayden, Mrs. Burress, and Mrs. Applewhite

Walls with Tiffanie Brown; Summarization in Any Subject with Mechelle Daugherty; RAFT with Faith Marlowe; Interactive Word Walls and LEWs with Lori Bradner, and Airliner and Smart Notebook Training with Jason Karol.

Mrs. Raulerson, Mr. Bakker and Mr. Castrillon

shops include: Write Pitch Right with Sharon Burress, Call Sheet with Sarah Raulerson; Mr. Robinson, Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Daugherty, Mr. Harwell and Mrs. Viscusi

Place: Time:

Coronado Springs Resort, Disney 8:00 p.m. to 12:00/Midnight

ALL OBLIGATIONS MUST BE TAKEN CARE OF PRIOR TO PURCHASING PROM TICKET(S) – PLEASE SEE MS. KELLEY TO PAY FOR YOUR OBLIGATION BEFORE YOU STAND IN LINE TO BUY YOUR TICKET(S). ALL TICKET SALES ARE CASH ONLY March 19, 2010 – Red Devil Special – One Day Only - $50 per ticket in cafeteria from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. March 22 – April 8, 2010 - $60 per ticket–during lunches and after school from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. (in cafeteria) April 12 – April 28, 2010 - $70 per ticket–during lunches and after school from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. (in cafeteria) *** NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD ON APRIL 29 or 30 FOR ANY REASON*** May 1, 2010 - $100 per ticket (CASH ONLY) at the door with prior approval from Mr. McClellan, Mrs. Kelley, and Ms. Broderick only. ***THERE WILL BE NO NAME CHANGES, EXCHANGES, OR TRANSERS, ETC., ON ANY TICKET(S) FOR ANY REASON***NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED BY KHS***All forms: directions, dress code policy, visitor policy, visitor applications, etc – will be located in the main office.

Gracia Hilliard has been accepted to Georgia Southern. Evan Skans has been accepted to FAMU! Hats off to You!

Annual Career Fair February 24, 8 a.m. - 10 a.m. Over 75 businesses and colleges will be in attendance. Open to all parents and students. Please join us!

On Jan 25, 2010, the Army will present a program developed by Peterson’s and Kaplan to help students study for FCAT, ACT, SAT. Students will have the capability of selecting part or all sections of the course offered within their Marching 2 Success program. Sections include English, Integrated Math, SAT, ACT, FCAT, Study Skills, College Planning, Financial Aid, etc. This program is a great tool for teachers, tutors, mentors and parents as student progress can be monitored throughout the program.



AP Human Geography The Office of Admissions at FSU is going green. Their communications, including admission decisions, will be sent electronically. FSU’s minimum requirement for ACT/SAT: • Writing SAT-500 or ACT-21 on the English or Essay/ Writing Portion. • Math SAT 500 or ACT -21. • Reading SAT-500 or ACT 22 If you are attending FSU, check your status online at statuscheck. Contact Info for FSU: Florida State University, P. O. Box 3062400, Tallahassee, FL 32306-2400. Janice Finney, Director of Admissions.

Check it out!

AP Human Geography classes have been busy using a carousel activity. The students enhanced their understanding of the Demographic Transition Model of population growth by reviewing and editing the work of their classmates.

Lexxy Cox Keith Robbins and Austin SchottmullerWalker Eric Carter & Bee Yang

Autumn Jenkins

David Aldez and Michaela Harris


Emma Behnke Taylor Behnke Emma Behnke has been accepted to Auburn University. She has also been offered a $52,000 academic scholarship at the University of West Florida. Taylor Behnke has been accepted to USF. She plans to major in Education—Math or possibly Music.

Erica Lewis

Amanda Anderegg

Erica Lewis has been accepted to Florida Southern with a $20,000 scholarship. Way to Go Erica! Amanda Anderegg has been accepted to Jacksonville University with a $12,000 Scholarship. Awesome job Amanda!



FFA members, as always were awesome at the annual sub-district competition. Our Parliamentary Procedure team placed 1st. Members include: Brandi Lewis, Roland Caldwell, Kasie Myers, Patience Costine, Michael Gary and Morgan Carlton. Kasie Myers placed 1st in Public Speaking. Morgan Carlton placed 1st in the FFA Creed speaking contest. David Harris, placed 1st in the tractor Michael Gary Morgan Carlton safety and operations. Nathaniel Lawson participated in extemporaneous public speaking. Ms. Keitha Hall Brandi Lewis Patience Costine did a commendable job preparing the parliamentary procedure team, public and creed speaking events. In December, several of the FFA members delivered door knob hangers to Savanna Court Nursing Home. Before this delivery, the members stayed after school for three days cutting out and decorating the hangers. Mr. Carlton and Ms. Hall lead our FFA members. We thank you for all you do. You Rock!

Also in December, several of the FFA members, Michael Gary, Ary Folds, Tyler Shankles, Rosalia Rodriguez, Morgan Carlton and the FFA advisors prepared and served food at Urban Tropical Fish Farm in Lakeland. This was an opportunity for the students to earn community service hours and to help needy children. Ray Quillen, the owner of Urban Tropical, hosted the annual barbeque and Christmas party. Each guest brought a toy for needy children in our community. The students worked outside throughout the cold rainy Kasie Myers Nathaniel Lawson day—some as long as 14 hours. Many toys were collected and many meals were prepared. In January, our busy seaDavid Harris Roland Caldwell son begins with the Polk County Youth Fair. Students are busily working on projects and preparing their animals for shows. Kathleen FFA was originally chartered in October, 1937.

Distrotek Ninth grade Introduction to Information Technology students have been studying different software applications. While learning Excel, 2007, students did a Scattered Skittles project. Each student received about 2 oz. of skittles. They set up their spreadsheet to include the following: prediction for each color, percentage of prediction of total predicted, actual color, and percentage of actual in relationship to the total they actually had. “They then did a column 3-D graph for each,” said Mrs. Marlowe. Eleventh and twelfth Supervision Chris Hill, Skylar Gregoire 1 students were and O’Sha Garrett given the opportunity to become

producers. They needed to decide what their resource would be. They determined this by deciding to produce squares and/or triangles. After their decision was made, they were then shown all the “productionpossibilities” that they could have produced. Chelsea Wilson

Chelsea Wilson has been accepted to Southeastern University. Orlando Carmargo won a $6,000 scholarship History of Achievement award from USF. Way to go KHS Seniors! Spencer Shinabarker, Skylar Gregoire and Mrs. Marlowe

Parents—Get in the Know at Register, Access, Attach, and View Your Student’s Information What The myPolkSchools.Net Parent Portal is a new on-line service offered to parents and guardians in Polk County. The service will bring together into one single web page information about ALL of the students for a particular parent. Instead of visiting several different websites, making telephone calls or visiting the school to access records or information, the parent may access them all from any Internet-connected computer. Where


In order to access the Parent Portal you must first register. Please visit the portal and click the “Register” button. Follow the prompts and enter your information, once you’ve completed the form, click the “Register” button. If you are a Polk County School Board employee with a “” email address, you DO NOT need to register. Use your firstname.lastname username and corresponding password to login. Now, after you have registered and logged into the Portal click the link named “Parent Portal,” which can be found under the “Applications” heading. Welcome to the Parent Portal. Now, you must attach yourself to each of your students. You should have received one P.I.N. per student from your student(s’) school(s). This P.I.N. is unique to you and only you. Please DO NOT share this P.I.N. with anyone, including your spouse and children. You must follow the steps below for each student you wish to attach.

Attach Your Child (ren)

Orlando Camargo

Click the “Attach a Student” link located in the top middle of the screen. Enter the Student ID including the 5300 and the corresponding P.I.N. number for the student you are attaching. Click “Attach Student” when you are finished. Once you have clicked “Attach Student”, the screen will reload and information for that student will appear. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to attach additional children.

Kathleen High is on the move with Dual Enrollment with Polk State College on our campus after school. Over 60 students will take a college course through PSC and earn college credit for free. We believe in the importance of preparing our students for their future and exposing them as well as providing college access.

Calling All 10th Graders FCAT Writes will be administered on February 9, 2010. We need all 10th Graders to write 4 full wellwritten paragraphs. We Believe In You! Do your best!

If you have not taken the ACT or SAT, please go online or pick up a registration packet from Guidance. This test is needed for college and can also help with graduation requirements.



KHS Chorus

Jasmine Wilson

Kristen Singleton

Jasmine Wilson was accepted to the University of West Florida. Kristen Singleton received a $8,000 scholarship to Florida Southern College. Kristen has also been accepted to UCF.

Kristen Faison

Camille Rhodes

Kristen Faison has been awarded a $32,000 scholarship to Florida Southern College. Way to go Kristen. Camille Rhodes has just been accepted to Xavier University in New Orleans with a full tuition scholarship $15,000 a year for 4 years. She has also been accepted to Howard University with a full tuition scholarship of $16,000 a year. Wow Camille—-We are so proud of you!

Dillon Calhoun

Congratulations to Jana Wells and Eric Lucas, our singers who scored high enough on 3 music auditions to take seats in the 20092010 ALL-STATE CHORUS. The KHS Holiday Carolers kicked off the holiday season by performing downtown for a community luncheon: Lindsey Livingston, Kim Hill, Sam Ketterer, Michelle Stroud, Kitty Jordan, Kristian Singleton, Bailey Oliver, Dee Dee Williams, Jana Wells, Alaia Bell, Victoria Williams, Landon Anderson, Eric Lucas, Jamaul Broomfield, Stephen Dees, Carafonte Dresdon.

Brierra Edmond

Congratulations to Dillon Calhoun and Brierra Edmond. Both were accepted to Johnson & Wales University. Brierra was awarded a $16,000 scholarship ($4,000 a year). You Both Rock!

Jana Wells and Eric Lucas

Ms. McLarty’s AP Classes

Haleigh Scruggs, Alex Robertson, Sarah Peterson, Erick Ramirez, Shamille Hayes, Antonisha Williams, Dixita Kotadia, Brittany Miner, Deandra Joyner, Allison Heflin, Camille Rhodes, Hannah McClellan

Ms. McLarty’s AP History classes had to work with a historical event and the AP Government classes used Supreme Court cases to make beautiful music during the holiday in December.

National Honor Society held its annual induction ceremony in November. One hundred and two students were inducted. National Honor Society donated 19 boxes of food to the Talbot House during their annual holiday food drive. Over 500 items were donated. A special thank you to Hannah McClellan, chairman of the Food Drive Project. “Thank you to everyone who donated for this worthy cause, said Mrs. Cross, NHS Sponsor.”

National Honor Society Members with the Angel Gift Donations



Kristen Faison, Norma Murillo, Orlando Camargo, Antonisha Williams and Hannah McClellan KHS

New Members making their Pledge!

Culinary Arts Department Update Culinary students visited Walt Disney’s Dolphin Hotel sponsored by Johnson and Wales University. The seniors got to meet professionals in the food service and hospitality business. They took a tour of the facility and had a

Taylor Behnke, D’Mia Lawrence, Mrs. Kilday, Samantha Lope, Brierra Edmond at Disney’s Dolphin Hotel

more in 2010. The department plans to open their diner to the staff to visit before school or during their planning period for snacks and relaxation. The diner will be manned by 2-3 students each period and will offer T’Onnia Smith, Jasmine Purdue, Terika room service Faniel, enjoy making peppermint snow- on a daily

basis for 2nd and 3rd periods. A variety of caffine and non-caffeine drinks will be offered. The advanced Culinary class plans to offer frozen casse- Moesha Groves, Tre Mayes, Mrs. Kilday, roles to the staff one FriAustin Whitehurts, day a month. They will Theresa Groves and vary and can be preTessa Gladson ordered for room delivery during 7th period. The casserole will be 8 x 8 and will cost $8.00. To introduce our casseroles, the students planned and offered a teacher reception in December for

spectacular lunch and dessert. Culinary Art 2 students returned to Keiser University’s Culinary School in Sarasota for a day in the kitchens in December. They made holiday treats with the Keiser chefs and other culinary students from Haines City, Avon Park and Sebring. With three visits to the Keiser Club, the students will receive a completion certificate for their portfolio. KHS FCCLA students spent their Saturday at Camp adventure meeting with over 200 other District 5 Joanna Clark, Eli Hamilton, Angie members, parents and Santiago, and Justine Jackson faculty. LayLay Bryant, Joseph Benniefield, Alexis HousKHS beat Lakeland in the Volleyball competition Several ton, Terika Faniel, Amber Pierce, Brandon Bailey, members won recognition for balloon toss, egg relay, Brittany Smalls, T’Onnia Smith, Jasmine Purdue, Jared Muiselaar, Jessica Estey lawn darts, 3 legged race and Sassy Samples. horseshoe comTeachers who petition. Everycame got a taste onoe won by of the drinks, having a beautientrees and desful day at the serts in a relaxing park with hamatmosphere and burgers, hot gave us their dogs, chips and Administration supports Sassy Samples with John opinion. It s’mores. The Mr. McClellan, Mrs. KilSortman serving was a win-win day and Mr. Williams next district situation for meeting with all. Check out Mrs. be in February with the STAR competitions. Kilday’s site: KHS Culinary students will offer coffee on the run and

Kathleen Sr. High Tutoring Schedule Teacher Benoit (Portable 13)

Subject English/ Reading




2:00 - 3:00 pm

Earth Science/ Biology/ Physical Science


2:00 - 3:00 pm

Hayden (N-21) Mezzina (I-52) Miller (Q-42) Weiss (D-15) NHS Students (Media Center)

Novanet Math ACT Spanish

Monday - Thursday Monday & Thursday Wednesday Monday

2:00 - 4:00 pm 2:00 - 4:00 pm 2:00 - 3:00 pm 2:00 - 3:30 pm

Sign up in Guidance

All Subjects

Mon., Wed. & Thurs

2:00 - 3:00 pm

Gibson (I-75)

Yolanda Lyles, PTSA President and Lissette Gonzalez, PTSA Secretary pass out Honor Roll Certificates to over 600 KHS students during lunch in December!

Mark your Calendar for Saturday, February 6 & Saturday, March 6, 2010 Join us for an academic tutoring session in the area of Reading, Math and/or Writing. Breakfast is served at 8:30 and classes are held from 9:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m. Door prizes are given at each camp, e.g. movie tickets. A drawing for a flat screen TV will take place for students who attend all Boost Camp sessions.

Yearbook = $85.00 To order by Credit Card: KHS Yearbook 2010 Trident Keep checking for our online updated pricing Toll free 866-287-3096

Pages/Ad Pricing Business – Full page $300 Senior discount – Full page $250 ½ Page - $175 ¼ page - $100 Business Card Ad -- $50 For more information contact: (863) 499-2655 x256 or 499-2783 Attention all Students: Send us photos for us to review and possible add to our yearbook in development. Visit http:// Enter school code #9018687


Spirit of Innovation at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport Last month, the monstrous airship, named “Spirit of Innovation,” a 192-foot long and nearly 60 ft tall Goodyear Blimp was located at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport. CFAA students learned first-hand from the blimp staff how technology helps it fly. Students got a up-close look and tour.

CFAA Students Learning to Survey CFAA students participating in surveying training: Differential leveling.

CFAA students Get an Up-close look and tour of the blimp

Kudos to Mrs. DeConcilio and our very own Drama Club for the outstanding performances of Arsenic and Old Lace. The play is the story of two elderly sisters, Abby and Martha Brewster, who have developed an unfortunate penchant for offering rooms in their Victorian home for rent to elderly men and then poisoning the men who answer their ads. Their nephew, Mortimer Brewster, discovers the secret by accident and assumes the poisoner is his loopy brother, Teddy Brewster, who believes he is really Teddy Roosevelt. When Mortimer discovers his aunts are the actual perpetrators, the fun begins. The cast included: Amanda Roberts, Abby Brewster; Jackie Smith, The Rev. Dr. Harper; Kristian Perkins, Teddy Brewster; Erick Ramirez, Officer Brophy; Alicia Dinwiddie, Officer Klein; Bonnie Tyer, Martha Brewster; Camille Rhodes, Elaine Harper; Mitch Richards, Mortimer Brewster; Travis Hendrickson, Mr. Gibbs; Nathaniel Lawson, Jonathan Brewster; Sade Lomax, Dr. Einstein; Amanda Smith, Officer O’Hara; Bailey Oliver, Lieutenant Rooney; Jackie Smith, Mr. Witherspoon. The crew included: Cody Johnson, Crew Manager; Carissa Corpus, Lights; Rebecca Kelly, Properties; Kitty Jordan, Makeup; Chris Ly, Ticket Sales; Amber Johns, Tim Kearton, Tyler Wilford, Chelsea Harris, Victoria Williams, Josh Bigelow, Barbara Duckstein, Brittany Brinson and Tatiana Morales. An awful lot of hard work and many hours of rehearsal went into this production. Both performances received standing ovations. Way to go Mrs. DeConcilio and Drama Club.

KHS Schoolboard of Polk County P. O. Box 391 Bartow, FL 33831

2009 Academic Boost Camps at KHS On January 31, February 7, February 28 and March 7, 2009 KHS students may attend academic tutoring sessions. Sessions will be approximately 2 hours in length and will focus on the academic areas of



Kyle Walker and Patrick Macmillan

Richard Pazda, Mark Reynolds, Mitch Richards, Paul Murray and Josiah Small and Mr. Bartuska

Non Profit Organization U. S. Postage Paid Lakeland, FL Permit #2004

January 2010  
January 2010  

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