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December, 2008 Iss ue 2 Volume 1 Pub lishe d Mon thl y by Ka thlee n Hig h Scho ol Kathleen High School 2600 Crutchfield Road Lakeland, FL 33805 (863) 499-2756

Kathleen orch Principal on the Roof................................1 FFA ..........................................................2 FBLA........................................................2 AP Psychology.........................................3 Greatest Gains in Reading and Math .......3 KHS Band ................................................3 Student Council .......................................4 FCCLA .....................................................4 ACT/SAT Dates ....................................... 4 Foreign Exchange Students .....................4 National Honor Society News ..................4 FCA at CFAA ...........................................4 Guidance Department ..............................5 Fire Academy...........................................5 Soccer Schedule......................................6 Girl’s Volleyball Team, Greg Wilson ......... 6 Donna Cross-Mentor of the Year .............7 No Tolerance Policy for Bullying at KHS ..7 KHS ESE Staff .........................................7 Semester Exam Schedule........................8 12 Powerful Words Contest .....................8

Principal’s Corner We are Kathleen proud and realize that knowledge plus hard work does equals success! I am once again amazed by the phenomenal improvements of our teachers, students and staff members. They have accomplished greatness by increasing our overall graduation rate by 2.4%. This calculates to a 9% increase during the past 4 years. However we can not rest until every student at Kathleen High School receives our best! It is our desire that every student that enters our school as a ninth grader graduates in four years. Listed below are a few suggestions that we can do as part of the KHS family to make this happen for our students.

• •

• • •

Encourage and commit our students to 100% attendance for the 180 days of school. If they are in attendance they will learn! Encourage our students to participate and be engaged in the learning process. They will grow where they are planted. Encourage our students to read and answer every question on all assessments. Encourage our students on all assessments to answer all short response questions with three to five complete sentences. All extended response questions should include five to eight complete sentences. Students should make sure they darken the beginning and the ending of each sentence on short and extended response questions. Speak with our students daily about what they are learning. Check our students’ grades weekly using the PIV or by calling their guidance counselor. Invest in cultivating your relationship with our students by eating dinner together at least three times per week.

Parents, there is no person in this world that can influence your child like you. You have an awesome responsibility to build them up and encourage them to do the right thing and to do great things. Have a happy and safe holiday season!

Cecil McClellan, Principal on the Roof at KHS Featured on CNN broadcast, local television stations and newspapers, Cecil McClellan spent four chilly nights on the Kathleen High School roof at the end of October. He camped out four days and nights in honor of KHS students who improved in four areas of the FCAT last year. In addition, the school grade increased from a D to a C. Mr. McClellan executed his duties as usual, with phone, text and computer at his disposal. He maintained exemplary administrative leadership. Out of sight but not out of mind, students, staff, parents and community members came by day and night to ensure his every need was met. From simple conversation, to coffee, hot chocolate, and food, Mr. McClellan found solace in the overwhelming support from the school and community. To ensure the health and well being of the students, the use of a bull horn came in handy for him as he spoke with students as they walked by on their way to class. When he made the commitment to spend the nights on the roof, he wasn’t counting on the temperature to drop to the 38 degrees, but he said “…if you tell kids you're going to do something you have to honor your word…." Although he didn’t get a lot of sleep over the course of the four nights, the tent, sleeping bag and reclining deck chairs provided some limited comfort. An unnamed donor provided a ceramic space heater for those chilly nights. Mr. McClellan and his administrators have already made a commitment for 2009. They

It is a great day to be a “Red Devil!”

Left to Right: Kay Fields, Dr. Gail McKinzie, David Lewis, Dr. Sherrie Nickell, Gillian Williams, Cecil McClellan

will bike 100 miles for every subject area of the 2009 FCAT in which students improve by a target percentage. This means that they could be biking for more than 800 miles if there is substantial improvement. For the learning gains made in the 2007-2008 school year, Ms. Gillian Williams, Founder and Chief Academic Officer of School Turnaround in New York City presented Mr. McClellan a check to KHS for $5,000. Ms. Williams works with principals and superintendents across the country to lead change by example using leadership characteristics and strategies that are proven effective in turning around low-performing schools. Last June, Cecil McClellan, was chosen from over 100 principals as the National Turnaround Principal of the Year by the School Turnaround organization. Gillian Williams presents check to Cecil McClellan, Principal

Cecil McClellan Jr, Principal Principal, Cecil McClellan Assistant Principal of Curriculum, Ginger Rosenau Assistant Principal of Curriculum, Chad Smith Assistant Principal of Administration, Tony Williams Discipline Dean, Greg Wilson

9th Grade Administrator, Sam Scott Dean, Jim Boatenhammer Academic Dean, Tiffany Brown Athletic Director, Gary Lineberger Reading Coach, Mechelle Daughtery


FFA Forestry Team

Katlyn Walker

Brandi Lewis

Michael Stokes

improvement exercises on steep slopes with hardwoods in the mountains of north Georgia. They also spent some time with two forestry biologists who were able to show the students some of the tree species that are indigenous to that area. Some saw the Smokey Mountains for the first time. It was a trip filled with excitement, challenges, new educational opportunities and fellowship. The experience should remain with them for a lifetime.

Chelsea Myers not pictured

Chelsea Myers Chelsea Myers, president of the FFA chapter at KHS placed third in the nation at a recent FFA Forestry competition in Indianapolis. Way to go Chelsea.—we are proud of you!

Kathleen FFA Forestry team competed and placed 4th overall in Indianapolis against all of the other state winning teams from across the United States. Two KHS students were awarded scholarships. The team members were Chelsea Myers (third highest individual in the nation), Michael Stokes (9th highest individual in the nation), Katlyn Walker, and Brandi Lewis. These students worked diligently to prepare for this event and were very proud to receive a gold award at the National FFA forestry banquet. They were able to meet some of the 54,000+ FFA members from around our nation. Enroute to Ft. Harrison State Park, the students practiced compass and pacing, timber cruising, and timber stand

In last month’s state competition, KHS Citrus Team placed third. The team was coached by Zack Lee and Kyle Carlton. The winning team is pictured below.

Pictured: Front Row: Sarah McCain, Tina Yale and Joseph Heath. Back Row: Victor Rocha, Roland Caldwell, Zach Lee, Jacob Lee, and Mr. Kyle Carlton

FBLA Sponsors Canned Food Drive Contest

Melissa Bobbitt Co n g r at ul ations to 10th grade student, Melissa Bobbitt. She was selected as the Lakeland Optimist Club Most Outstanding Youth. She was recognized at a dinner on November 10, 2008, for her leadership, community service and excellence in academics. Major high fives as we start this year with awards for our great kids. Way to go Melissa.

FBLA sponsored a canned food drive from October 10, 2008— November 10, 2008. This community project was a huge success with 532 items donated by our KHS students. Mrs. Bolton’s 6th Period AP class turned in the most canned goods and was given a pizza party on Friday,

November 21, 2008 for their efforts. Mrs. Bolton’s class is currently studying Hamlet. All items collected were donated to Lighthouse Ministries; they provide hot meals to all families in need.

Amanda Anderegg, Shanequa Campbell, Carissa Corpus, Megan Devino, Justin Gentry, Sheela Guion, Gracia Hilliard, Jameela Hosein, Erica Lewis, Eric Lucas, Jesse McCauley, Hannah McClellan, Carley McDowell, David Morrison, Antony Nunez, Sarah Peterson, Phillip Revolinski, Camille Rhodes, Amanda Roberts, Shiloh Sanford, Haleigh Scruggs, Brittany Smalls, Jacob Smith, Alexandria Thomas, Dianabel Trujillo, Erica Vasquez, Chelsea Wilson, Jasmine Wilson and Mrs. Bolton (Zachary Cain not pictured).



AP Psychology Classes—Find Out How Many Chips In a Cookie and Practice the Neuron Dance! All in the pursuit of high academic achievement, students in the Kaneesha Benefield AP Psychology classes recently conducted a statistical analysis on chocolate chip cookies!! Students had to calculate on average how many chocolate chips were in each cookie and each bag of cookies. Medians and modes were also determined as well as each bag's variance, standard deviaBrayon Andrews tion and range. "What meaningful informa-

tion did this provide students?", asks teacher, Joyce Viscusi. It gave them experience in conducting statistical analyses in a fun way that

allows them to better interpret testing data such as SAT, ACT and IQ scores, which are relevant to high school students. By the way, yes, students did have to eat a few of the “cookie subjects" to make sure their analyses were correct! As a memory aide to recall the 4

Miguel Rodriguez. These students made the great gains in Math. We love you and are so very proud of all of you! Congratulations to: Cornelia Donnely Recently 18 KHS students were given (not pictured), Joel Almanzar, Deadrian a “free” 2007 KHS Yearbook for making Wilson (not picthe “greatest” gains tured), Marco Martiin Reading or Math nez, Antwain White, Samuel Brooks, on the 2008 FCAT. Congratulations to Kerisha Bryant (not pictured), Yomiry Laporschce’ Martinez and Willie McClain, Isael SoNathan. These stulano, Eloisa Rodridents made the guez, Mayriel Feliciano, Savie Scales, greatest gains in Lavada Walker (not Reading. pictured), Kaya Poe, Lonnie Davis and

on D Neur major parts of a neuron (a brain cell) AP Psychology students learn and practice the “Neuron Dance.” Students enjoyed sending neurological impulses down their axon (right arm)! They also practiced the “neural wave” in an effort to transmit information to each other all over the room!


Kaylea Bowden

Erica Lewis

Kathy Ly

Congratulations to senior, Kaylea Bowden, the only trombone player in our district to make the All State Band. This is a great accomplishment as the competitive audition consists of a rigorous process of musical exercises and scales. Congratulations— You are awesome!

Lonnie Davis Savie Scales Isael Solano Miguel Rodriguez

Eloisa Rodriguez Laporshce McClain

Mayriel Feliciano Kaya Poe

Yomiry Martinez

Antwain White

Samuel Brooks Joel Almanzar Marco Martinez

KHS Marching Band

Willie Nathan

Roberto Perez Rohena Congratulations to Roberto Pererz Rohena for his participation in the “Hispanics in the USA Literacy Contest.” Roberto wrote an essay in Spanish about Antonia Novello, a Puerto Rican United States Surgeon General. The contest winner will be awarded a laptop and we are awaiting the results from the district. Good Luck Roberto. You rock and we love you!

In late October, the Pride of Kathleen Marching band traveled to Denison Stadium in Winter Haven to participate in the 2008 Florida Bandmasters Association Marching Performance Assessment. After a season of hard work and long after school rehearsals, the band is proud to report they received an overall score of Superior from the judges! “Congratulations to the Pride of Kathleen for seeing all your hard work pay off,” said Gabriel Hinton, KHS Band Director.



Foreign Exchange Students at KHS

2008-2009 Student Council Officers

Attention Seniors and Parents Financial Aid Seminar Mark your calendar for 1/26/09 at 6:30 p.m. at the KHS auditorium. Topics of discussion will be FAFSA, Florida Bright Futures, and Scholarships. Please plan to attend!


Kawon Hunter

Vice President

Suzanne Richardson


Shalonda Lewis


Yajaira Avina


Shawn Anderegg

Junior Rep.

Hannah McClellan

Junior Rep.

Chelsea Wilson

FCCLA F.C.C.L.A. met for their district meeting in November in the Red Devil’s Diner. Casey Carden was elected as District V Chairperson and State Secretary. Our 2008-2009 Officers: Kayla Ferro, President; Cali Dominicak, President-Elect; Brandon Wimbrow, VP of Fundraisers; Taylor Behnke, VP of Community Service; Cassie Carden, VP of Membership; Tranita Excellent, VP of Finance; Shelby Walker, VP of Public Relations. We are selling white or black with red logo “red devil socks” for stocking stuffers and gifts. Buy three or four packs for the special price of $10.00 for 3 pairs. We appreciate your support as we learn and grow.

Top Row: Ben Long, Daniela Rusteberg, Lisa Bromenne, Carla Schaefer. Bottom Row: Xingman Liu and Sofiya Zaychenko

We are proud to have students from Germany, China and Ukraine here at Kathleen High School. These students are with the Academic Year in America (AYA) program that places high school students with host families all over the United States.

The students are actively involved in extra curricular activities and sports. They are really enjoying Kathleen High. If you’re interested in hosting an exchange student for next year, please contact

FCA at CFAA 2009 ACT Testing Schedule

National Honor Society News Test Date

NHS will be sponsoring an Angel Tree in December. The tree will be placed in the teacher’s lounge. All club sponsors are encouraged to sponsor an angel. We are asking for donations of “new” items that can be given to needy families. Items have to be wrapped and returned to NHS by 12/17/08. For more information, contact Donna. Cross,


Registration Deadline

(Late Fee Required)





01/7/09 - 01/16/09 02/28/09 - 03/13/09



05/9/09 - 05/22/09

2009 SAT Testing Schedule Test Date 01/24/09

Registration Deadline 12/26/08







Mr. Cress has a core group of about a dozen students that are meeting weekly for Bible study and prayer during lunch on “Red” Mondays and Tuesday. Several of the stu-

dents are also meeting on a daily basis in the morning before school begins to spend about 10 to 15 minutes in prayer before starting their day.

(Late Fee Required) 01/06/09 (by Mail) 01/09/09 (Online or by Phone) 02/24/09 04/09/09 (by Mail) 04/14/09 (Online or by Phone) 05/15/09 (by Mail) 05/19/09 (Online or by Phone)

Yearbooks are on Sale Yearbooks are $75.00 until 1/20/09 Price goes up to $85.00 1/21/09 For more information contact: or (863) 499-2983

Guidance Department Update

Seniors need to apply for Bright Futures Scholarship after Dec. 1, 2008. This must be completed by the end of their senior year to be eligible. The link is: http:// www.floridastudentfinancialaid.o rg/ssfad/bf/ Junior and seniors: For information or to register for the SAT

or ACT tests visit: or SAT and/or ACT are used for college entrance. If you have taken the FCAT 3 or more times, a concordant score on either the SAT or ACT will also count as a passing FCAT score. If you qualify for free or reduced lunch, see your guidance counselor for a fee waiver. A student may receive up to 2 fee waivers for each test. Reminder : First semester ends January 21, 2009. The grade your student earned at the first 9 weeks will be averaged with the 2nd 9 weeks. This will be the final grade posted as a .5 credit on their tran-

script in January. In most cases, student’s need a full credit of a subject to meet graduation requirements. As of November 3, 2008, all juniors and seniors have met with their guidance counselor. They received a copy of their permanent record and what is required to graduate. Students also logged in to Through FACTS they can research and apply for colleges as well as financial aid, register for SAT/ACT test, and Bright Futures. They were also given access to monitor their grades and attendance online. Guidance will be completing sophomore conferences in Decem-

ber. Before the holiday break, all 10th graders will have met with their counselor as well and will be receiving the same information. Ninth grade academy students met with their counselors individually to review and log in to Students updated their current major of interest. They can access this planning tool anywhere they have internet access. If you have a question or concern, contact their guidance counselor at 499-2670 or email. Director Students 912th last names A-D 9-12th E-L 9-12th M-R 9-12th S-Z

KHS has a new mentoring program sponsored by Desmond Clark, Chicago Bears tight end and KHS alumni. Currently, Mike Rosenau, Alvin Jones, Mike Echols, Mac Carpenter, Eugene Peterson, and Ben Cherry meet with approximately 15 students each Wednesday.

9th Grade Fire Academy There are several opportunities available both to parents and students to improve student success this year. The three specific items are: PIV, tutoring, and the I-Contract. Each of these is important because they offer parents and students the opportunity to review classroom performance and missing assignments, provide teacher assistance to students before or after school, and set up a contractual agreement between the parent, student and teacher to improve a “D” or “F” in a content area course. Students and parents who want access to grades and attendance must submit a Parent Internet Viewer Form and/or Email Notification Form. For more information about PIV, contact John Jacomet, The 9th grade academy teachers are available to tutor any 9th grade student with notice. This assistance is invaluable and can be arranged by the student. Any tutoring questions, please contact Sam Scott,, 863-4992655. What is an I-Contract? The IContract (not to be confused with

H. E. A. T.) is used by all 9th grade academies in Polk County. The contract provides an opportunity for a student to replace a “D” or “F” final grade received in a content area course. This requires responsibility on the part of the student to take the contract home, Sam Scott get it signed, return the contract to the teacher, get the make-up work, complete the work, and return it to the specific teacher(s) within two weeks. Completion of the work will result in a “C” final grade in the contract area course that will replace the “D” or “F.” Makeup Policy for 9th Grade Students. Students should ask for make-up work following an absence. Make-up work is due one-day after a student’s return. Additional time is available for longer absences. When it is determined that a student has neglected to make-up work or fallen behind, the student will be removed from an elective class and placed in H.E.A.T. (Helping Eliminate Academic Tardiness) to provide time to makeup work.

Together, our commitment is to help our students become the Brightest and Best. Team Blaze includes Susan Yelvington (Algebra), Lauren Applewhite (Intensive Reading, English), Kitty Wells (Intensive Reading, English), Will Bahler (Intensive Math), Cindi Patton (ESE), Andrea Spychalsky (Guidance) and Therese Gibson (Earth Space Science). Team Inferno recognized our A/B Honor Roll Students from the first 9 weeks. A pizza celebration was held in their honor on 11/07/08. The

students that were recognized include: Tabitha McCraig, Darren Rodriguez, Rachel Nipper, Amber Scribner, Kyle Wetherington, Tonancy Sanchez, Curtisa Young, Latoddra Flourney, Ashley Siner, Akimo Ellis, Jacob Stevens, Emily Boudreau, Tiauna Rogers, and Kenton Kaiser. Team Inferno includes: Ashley Gambrell (Intensive Math); Kevin Brown, (Algebra); Tycie Peterson, (English/ Intensive Reading); Stacy Pelham, (English/Intensive Reading); Cliff Bard, (Earth/Space Science); and Kim Hicks, Support Specialist.

Fire Academy Teachers

Row 1: Susan Yelvington, Ashley Gambrell, Stacy Pelham. Row 2: Teresa Harwell, Michelle VanBenthysen, Tycie Peterson, Kim Hicks, Therese Gibson, Katherine Wells. Row 3: Jon Gulley, Norma Block, Chad Holmes, Kevin Brown, Lauren Applewhite. Not pictured: Will Bahler, Clifford Bard, Andrea `Bolton, Mary Knox, Michael Locke, Yvonne Miller, Cyndi Patton, and Joyce Viscusi.


2008 Lady Red Devils Girl Soccer Schedule

Attention Seniors • • •

Things to Do List: Please pay your $40.00 dues to Mrs. Simmons (main office). Make sure you have applied to the colleges) of your choice. Start working on your scholarships by getting your data sheet, letters of recommendation together. Prepare an essay about yourself to have it ready. Turn in your Community Service Hours to Mr. Lineberger in order to have them on your transcript in January. Be weary if you receive a letter inviting you to local hotels for scholarships or financial aid meetings—bring in the letter to your counselor.




Tuesday, December 09, 2008


5:30/7:00 p.m.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


5:30/7:00 p.m.

Friday, December 12, 2008


5:30/7:00 p.m.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


5:30/7:00 p.m.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


5:30/7:00 p.m.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


5:30/7:00 p.m.

Friday, January 09, 2009

*Haines City

5:30/7:00 p.m.

Monday, January 12, 2009

George Jenkins

Var, 7:00 p.m.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

*Lake Gibson

Var. 6:00 p.m.

Friday, January 16, 2009


5:30/7:00 p.m.

*Home Games District Games in Bold. District Tournament will run from 1/19/09 - 1/23/09. Game days and times will be determined by seeding. J.V. Head Coach: Chris Housley; Assistant, Ashley Summers. Varsity Head Coach: Nick Nixon, Assistants, Chris Housley, Ashley Summers. Team Manager, Brandy Hull.

Junior Varsity Roster Captain Inez Ascencio; Co-Captain, Jennifer Coskey. Margarita Pascual, Michelle Romero, Presline Paulisaint, Amber Warthman, Yudalis Ortiz, Jenny Butts, Erica Taylor, Kiara Matias, Karen Obando, Elena Lopez, Brittany Cabral, Isamar Hernandez, Rebecca Spencer, Tierney LeSueur, Rudy Rodriguez, Amber Pettifer.

Varsity Roster Varsity Roster: Captain Mariah Housley. Jenna Jarrett, Antonia Garcia, Bailey Smith, Narce Salgado, Rebecca Garcia, Diana Avalos-Perez, Shanette Gonzalez, Raquel Garcia, Jordain AshDunn, Trish Hutchisson, Brooke Kaiser, Kiara Matias, Kaylon Henderson, Jennifer Pate, Linda Blas, Buggy Bowden, Silvia Mata, Jennifer Haley, Richelle Lee, Monica Blymire, and Bethany Harrison


Upcoming Testing Dates Name of Test

Test Date


Alternate Assessment January 12 – January 13, 2009

ESE Students (All)

Websites for CollegeBound Students

On-Line Maze Fluency #2

Jan. 24, 2009 – Feb. 24, 2009


FCAT Writes

February 10- February 13, 2009



March 10 – March 19, 2009


(Dates may be one day earlier if we have a Hurricane makeup Day)

If your child scored a Level 2, 3 or 4 on the 2007 Math FCAT, he/she will be bringing home a letter the week of 12/1/08. Please note that your child is eligible to take the computer-based version of the College Math Readiness Exam “free” at KHS on Friday, February 20, 2009. You must return the letter by 12/17/08. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

Kathleen Lady Red Devils Volleyball Honors Haines City Coach

Silver Garland Silver Garland Interviews will be held at Jim Miles Training Center on February 11, 2009. The ceremony will take place at Florida Southern Branscomb auditorium on April 20, 2009 at 7:30 p.m. Any questions, contact Donna Cross, College & Career Facilitator, 863-4992670,


“When defining the word ‘coach’ many different terms come to mind, and several vivid memories of my former coaches accompany those descriptive images,” said Coach Wilson. Many countless hours and little pay are part of the job description that comes with the title of “Coach.” Some feel they are called to be a coach and try their hand at it, and their coaching career is short lived. Others give many years of their time and dedicated attention to student athletes, in the lean years as well as the years of victory. Those long tenured coaches juggle responsibilities in their personal, family, and professional lives. The word sacrifice should also fall into the definition of

coach in some manner. With all these factors in mind the term “Coach” can be placed in front of the name Robin “Peanut” Wagman. Coach Robin Wagman has given over thirty years of her time and energy coaching athletics in Polk County. She always wears a smile, and gives the appearance that all is well. The general spirit of her teams are they would run through a brick wall to succeed for their coach, as well as they never want to disappoint her. This year our team raised over $350 by sponsoring a money collection drive in first period classes. We donated the money to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, in honor of Coach Robin “Peanut” Wagman, a true champion fighting a second battle with

cancer. We honored Coach Wagman at the Kathleen/Haines City volleyball match. The team members presented her with a bouquet of flowers, and a plaque for her courage and continual support of female athletics in Polk County. “As a coach, I am very proud of our young ladies and their project to raise money for cancer research,” said Coach Wilson. Chelsea Wilson did a great job serving as project coordinator and the JV and Varsity girls worked hard promoting the project. Being a coach becomes very fulfilling when you see student athletes step-up and make a difference in the lives of others. Way to go Lady Red Devils you make me proud to be your Coach and a Red Devil!

College and Career Counselor—Donna Cross Recognized as Mentor of the Year

Congratulations to Donna Cross. She was named the National Mentor of the year for the Ron Brown Scholars last month. Mrs. Cross graduated from N. Miami High School in 1961. She married her high school sweetheart less than two Donna Cross weeks after graduation and has been married ever since, 48+ years. They have two children and one grandson. She began her career in the corporate world and worked for General Telephone for over 25 years. She retired from GTE in 1993 and began working at Kathleen High. She was a paraeducator,

mentoring students and helped them apply for scholarships. The success that KHS has had over the years in scholarship monies is astronomical. In 1993, $100,000 was awarded for scholarship to our students. In 2007, $7,500,000 was awarded for scholarships to our students. Mrs. Cross feels that her purpose here at KHS is to motivate and encourage our students to be the best. She has developed a manual that reminds students to set goals, identify their life purpose, and remind them to give back to their community. The manual illustrates the proper way to write and submit an essay, methodology of getting letters of recommendation, and how to update a resume or datasheet, etc. “I have an extremely rewarding job and I have fun. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your children’s lives,” said Mrs. Cross.

KHS Has a “No Tolerance Policy for Bullying? Bullying or harassing behavior will not be tolerated at Kathleen High School. All incidents of bullying or harassing behavior are taken very seriously. The administration will investigate all allegations of bullying and follow the Polk County Code of Student Conduct. Students are encouraged to report situations of bullying or harassing behavior. Students, parents, and staff members may report bullying anonymously through the “Anonymous Concerns Box” in the main office. Bullying may also be reported to the dean’s office by filling out a bullying reporting form obtained from a teacher or the attendance office. Many cases are also reported directly to the deans by e-mail, phone, or in person. Any questions, please contact Tony Williams, Assistant Principal of Administration, or Greg Wilson, Dean of Students,


ecome a member of the Kathleen High School PTSA. Be a part of the powerful, dynamic organization that works for the well-being of your children through community and family involvement. Everyone can join. Parents, grandparents, students, teachers, administrators are encouraged to join. Many opportunities to earn service hours are also available. The dues are $5.00 per school year. Anyone interested in becoming part of the KHS PTSA Board, please contact Lia Maffett, or email

• • •

KHS ESE Staff ESE teachers at KHS recently attended a Secondary Transition Training. The workshop assisted KHS ESE staff to better understand the transition part of IEPs. Seven focus areas were included: individual needs of in-

struction, related services, community experiences, development of employment, post school adult living, daily living skills and functional vocational evaluation. We are proud of our ESE staff.

• •

• • Front row: Leopold Morris, Greg Robinson, Patricia Sanders, Susan Povey, Toneka Smith, Charlotte Gardner, Fay Luster. Back row: Nicholas Nixon, Anthony Troutman, Pam Dyess, Jeff Karns, Rob Salimbene, Kim Hicks, Deidre Wright, and Barbara Vickers.

Do not guess, use the process of elimination. When a graph is included, the answers often can be found there. Don’t ignore it. Write in the text booklet— actually underline or mark your booklet as you are reading. Statistics show that students with higher scores wrote in their booklets and those with lower scores did not. Pictures are also very supportive information. Sometimes they give big clues. Spend about 5 minutes answering a short response question and about 10 minutes for an extended response question. If you think you don’t know the answer to a short response or extended response question, make an attempt to answer it anyway. This may result in partial credit, which is better than none. Some questions have two tasks. Circle each one. Make sure your answer covers each part. Use only information from the passage in your written response. Do not include your opinion or prior knowledge.


Attention Sophomores Ronald McDonald House Charities of Tampa Bay, Inc. is offering six (6) 2-year scholarships. Eligible applicants must be on free/reduced meal plan and be in the 10th grade, US citizen or permanent resident, 2.8 GPA, must pass FCAT, and complete Alg 2 with a C or better, and graduate with a standard diploma. Applications are due by December 15, 2008. Chair Scholars 2+2 Scholarships are available to students with disabilities in grades 6-12. Applications are due by February 2009. For more information and applications please see Mrs. Cross or visit the Take Stock in Children section of the PEF website,

12 Powerful Words Contest



January 13, 2009

1st Period

January 14, 2009

3rd & 5th Periods

January 15, 2009

2nd & 4th Periods

January 16, 2009

6th & 7th Periods (Early Dismissal @ 12:00/Noon)


Research has shown that “12 Powerful Words” help increase test scores and close the achievement gap. In preparation for the FCAT, all KHS teachers have been invited to participate in a contest from 12/01/08 to 03/06/09 to promote Larry Bell’s 12 Powerful Words. Prizes for students and teachers will awarded weekly. Dates

Trace Analyze Infer Evaluate

Student Friendly Phrases List in steps Think through Figure out Judge, examine

1/12/09 – 1/16/09


Make a plan

1/19/09 – 1/23/09


Tell about

1/26/09 – 1/30/09 2/2/09 – 2/6/09

Support Explain

Give examples Teach to someone

2/9/09 – 2/13/09


Tell main parts

2/16/09 – 2/20/09


2/23/09 – 2/23/09


3/2/09 – 3/6/09


All the ways they are alike All the ways they are different Educated guess

12/1/08 – 12/5/08 12/8/08 – 12/12/08 12/15/08 – 12/19/08 1/6/09 – 1/9/09


2009 Academic Boost Camps at KHS On January 31, February 7, February 28 and March 7, 2009 from 9:00—11:00 a.m., KHS students may attend academic tutoring sessions. Sessions will be approximately 2 hours in length and will focus on the academic areas of Math, Reading and Science. Sign-up sheets are in the guidance office. We will have drawings at the end of each Academic Boost Camp for student incentives. Any questions, contact Lia Maffett,

KHS Schoolboard of Polk County P. O. Box 391 Bartow, FL 33831 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED


Non Profit Organization U. S. Postage Paid Lakeland, FL Permit #2004

December 2008  

The Torch Newsletter. Produced by Lia Maffett.

December 2008  

The Torch Newsletter. Produced by Lia Maffett.