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“Our Strength” Bullying has become a huge controversy because nobody knows how to stop it once it has been started. Because people joke around so much it has become difficult to notice when someone is actually being bullied, unless it is brought directly to a person’s attention. As a school we are taking the initiative by having a program called Our Strength to bring notice to everyone that bullying is still going on today and that we need to put a stop to it. We do not want any bullying in our school and we have to eliminate it here first so others can follow our lead. We wish to achieve several goals before the school year is over so that everything brought up this year can roll over into the next year and be way better because there will be more experience. Our slogan is “Save the Drama” and we use that for the simple reason that drama is not going to solve anything or make anything better and we want to avoid it being on our campus at all times. School is a huge step to becoming successful in life and that cannot happen if a

person is being bullied, doing the bullying, or watching the bullying take place. No one should ever allow bullying to occur, so if you happen to see it, stop it by simply saying: “Hey save the drama because we don’t do that type of stuff at KHS.” Anything that happens on our campus resides in students’ lives after they leave school, so they will take the positive influence with them when they leave. If you would like to become a part of the Our Strength program please feel free to come to one of the meetings, held every Wednesday at 1 p.m in room 101.

By: Jaleea Augustine


“Not in Our Town” Responsibility, Respect, Positivity, Leading by Example; do these words characterize a good leader? On Friday February 18, 2011 the eleven student ambassadors who were part of the “Not in our Town” bullying program were able to participate in a convention at Disneyland, helping to better themselves as leaders. The drive to Disneyland was filled with excitement as a few of the students had never been to the theme park before. Mrs. Swanner and Mrs. Hjelm were the two chaperones for the trip and often thanked the students for being the positive role models on campus, thus considering this trip a reward. The day at Disneyland was not just about the rides; it was about being at the happiest place on earth and learning the leadership skills it took for Walt Disney to make something so magical. Students were split up into groups and sent off with a tour guide. They were instilled with the idea that Walt followed the four C’s: constancy, courage, confidence, and commitment. Students learned that being a leader is

not only about leading by example, but also about being the change they wish to see. Being informed on the background of Walt Disney allowed students to realize that anything is possible if you have the drive to succeed. When senior member Shannon Turner was asked what she liked most about the trip she replied with, “It wasn’t the rides that made this trip magical, it was learning how to be a better leader and realizing that I must believe in myself.” At the end of the trip the same question that had been asked to the students earlier had been asked again: “What makes a great leader?” The answer is simple: courage, confidence, heart, belief, ambitious, and strength. Walt Disney said, “All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.” And after spending the day at Disneyland, every student felt bettered as a leader.

By: Brittany Carr


“KHS Cheer” The Knight High School cheer team has worked very hard throughout the past few weeks to prepare for the winter pep rally. They performed a routine to a combination of old songs that included: ‘This How We Do It’, ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’, and ‘Too Legit’. The cheerleaders were the main performance at the pep rally. The practice for two a week. They hard and rea lot since the school year and rally is over will be workcompetitions The girls have trophies for the Let’s hope they other one this

cheerleaders hours three days have worked ally improved beginning of the now that the pep the cheerleaders ing hard for their in late April. brought home past four years. bring home anyear as well!

By: Breanna Pimentel


“Paul George” 2008 Knight High School Graduate Paul George came to attend a ceremony for his jersey retirement on January 18, 2011, at Knight High School. This event sets a great example for KHS athletes and students. Paul George plays both guard and forward and wore jersey number 24 while playing for KHS. 24 was also his number while playing for two years at Fresno State University. This year he was picked up by the Indiana Pacers as a first round draft pick for the NBA. “Paul was kind of a late bloomer in high school,” said his former coach, Tom Hegre, “but he really started standing out his senior year,” The coach remembers Paul’s commitment to the game. “I mean, we have a lot of kids that love to play,” said Hegre, “but Paul and a few of the guys senior year were very committed to improving everyday and usually we had to kick him out of the gym”. During his senior year of high school, Paul George averaged 25 points, 12 rebounds, three assists and three steals per game and competed in the CIF championships game as captain of the team. He was also named Golden League most valuable player that year.


“Solar Pann

Millions of taxpayer dollars are spent each year on a single school’s power bill; millions that could be sp not do it? For this reason the Antelope Valley High School District is installing solar panels at all its high sc short and long run. William J. “Pete” Knight High School (KHS) has the distinction of being the first sch “Schools have very high energy costs and most are trying to lower them,” says executive Vice President benefit KHS by drastically decreasing its electrical costs, but most importantly it will benefit the student The $30 million project is expected to cover as much as 80 percent of the district’s electricity needs, sav funds for numerous beneficial projects for students. Knight High School has been forced to cut many programs due to our unfortunate economic situa have been lurking for quite some time now that programs such as credit retrieval and summer school wi library books, and sports equipment. “The Antelope Valley has been an area that has been very hard-hit by the economy, with high unemploy tools to help save money on energy and for our company to be involved out there.”

For more information visit:


nels At Knight”

pent much more efficiently. If there is a way of cutting a bill and saving thousands of dollars why

chool sites. It is hoped that moving to solar power will benefit the district financially in both the hool in the valley to be equipped with solar power. t Paul Mikos of Psomas FMG, the company installing solar panels at the school. Solar power will ts. ving an estimated $40 million over the next 20 years. All this money that will be saved can become

ation. All of our second language tutoring, for example, has been cut within the last year. Rumors ill be cut in the very near future. Also, we are in drastic need of new equipment such as computers,

yment and many foreclosures,” explained Mikos, “It has been a pleasure to be able to give them the



“Palmdale R.M.C” The Lancaster Community Hospital has closed down, leaving its product, The Palmdale Regional Medical Center. The medical center provides high quality medical services to residents of the Antelope Valley; consisting of cities such as Lancaster, Palmdale, and Santa Clarita. This new hospital is a great experience to all its patients and workers as well. When asked what she thought of the new hospital, Palmdale resident Michelle Lane said, “It’s simply beautiful, and provides faster care than before.” The Palmdale hospital differs from the Lancaster Community Hospital because it has more centers, including a Center for Wound Care. This wound healing service includes hyperbaric oxygen therapy; which is essential to the wound healing process. When talking to various nurses at the hospital, they also discussed reasons for liking the way The Palmdale Regional Medical Center is structured. The hospital is active in the Palmdale community, and supports many nonprofit agencies such as the American cancer Society. The staff at hand consists of more than 400 physicians, with experienced nursing staff providing quality care to every patient.


“Mother’s Day” .

What to get and what not to get your Mother this Mother's Day, May 8th! Whether it's your biological mother, your grandma, your aunt or whoever your mother figure is, today is the day to acknowledge them and show them how much you appreciate them by doing something a little bit out of the ordinary. I think its safe to say that most mother's appreciate gifts from the heart, whether its cooking them a meal and cleaning the house, or taking them out for the night, finally organizing the stack of photos into albums, making a card, writing a song, playing a instrument; there are several things that would make your Mother's, day. BUT

There are definitely some gifts that you should not get your Mom. As much as moms seem to love cooking for us, A frying pan will seem appreciated but it basically says "hey i love your cooking, how about something now?" A scale. First off most women don't love being reminded of their weight and especially your mom doesn't need a scale. Its the one day that you set aside to remind your Mom of how much you love her and appreciate her for who she is. Just don't buy here a scale in less she asks you for one, and if she it for another day. Reminder! When your mom voices out things that the house needs, more milk, sponges, Lysol, toilet paper, you don't necessarily need to do the shopping list, although that may help her out, you may wanna do something a bit more directed to showing your Mom some love. Make sure your gift whether it’s actually a present or an action, make sure its something that will flatter your mom, and truly let her know you appreciate her and all she has and continues to do. Honor her. Have a great day with your Moms' and Remember this day is about them :)


hawk herald issue 1  
hawk herald issue 1  

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