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Members of the firm returned to Baltimore from Atlanta after a three day weekend filled with excitement and activity, as our client Lil’ Chuckee of YMCMB celebrated his 16th birthday! On Friday, Sept. 30, 2011, Kay Harris and her PR Manager attended a publicity event where Chuckee performed with Joel at the Museum Bar. Later that evening Chuckee’s first birthday bash was held at Club Ritz with Floyd Mayweather hosting the celebratory event. Yo Gotti made a guest appearance. On S a t u r d a y, O c t . 1 , 2 0 1 1 (Chuckee’s birthday), we attended Chuckee’s official birthday party at Club Primal with MTV in tow, Chuckee’s label mates Mack Maine, Birdman, and Lil’ Twist were in attendance. Also in attendance were Cory Gunz, Detail, and a show stopping performance by One Thurd! On Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011, we attended Chuckee’s star -studded celebrity basketball game for his philanthropic endeavor “Stop the Bullying Tour”, but also to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness, and Hurricane Irene victims. Mack Maine, Lil’ Twist, DJ Smallz, Darnell Robinson and Lea Robinson (Super Sweet 16), Josh Gates, and many other celebrities were in attendance. New York • Atlanta • Miami • LA

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In business, reevaluating is not only important, but necessary. As was the case for Kay Harris’ PR Management. Overtime, the business of being a Publicist increased two-fold. As such, the need for expansion was inevitable. With the constant demands on Kay’s time, there was no longer room for working alone. The time for expansion was now and Kay made that decision without hesitation. In the interest of continued

success, Kay knew her business needed to incorporate creative, innovative, forward thinking, and professional talent to take her business to the next level. In a series of moves which incorporated strategic and managerial planning for the new direction of Kay Harris’ PR Management Firm, Kay was able to hire a new PR Manager and promote her PR Assistant to PR (cont’d on pg. 2)

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Kay Harris’ PR Management Becomes a Firm (cont’d. from cover) Specialist. As the core and foundation of the firm, Kay’s new staff is elevating the firm’s brand, name, and image with a level of sophistication unparalleled by the public relations industry.

Kay Harris - is President/CEO of Kay Harris PR Management Firm. Founded in 2009, Kay has taken the PR industry by surprise. With style, grace, eloquence, and sophistication, Kay has garnered a PR presence to be reckoned with. Kay has been defined as a world class Publicist in a relatively short period of time. As Kay’s celebrity grows so does her illustrious clientele. As a leader and visionary, Kay’s firm is dynamically unstoppable!

As Kay continues to redefine public relations, she has managed to transform the word Publicist into something evocative, advantageous and extremely attractive. In the relatively short period of time Kay’s PR company has been in operation, she’s garnered a reputation for professionalism and innovation affording her a following, an internet presence, and a celebrity client base worthy of praise. As Kay’s firm continues to grow, she’s looking forward to the many growing pains that go along with a successful business.

Kesha King - is PR Manager for the Firm. Armed with an arsenal of educational accolades, Kesha is a business asset and powerhouse who demands professionalism, perfection, and organization. Kesha’s greatest weapon is her ability to create, manage, and innovate. Kesha holds a M.P.A. in Public Administration, a B.A. in Government and Public Policy, and an A.A.S. degree in Aviation Management and plans to finish her private pilots license summer of 2012. Remarkably talented, Kesha is also the editor-in-chief for the firm’s newsletter.

As a part of the firm’s growth, Kay Harris PR Management Firm is in the process of hiring a Marketing Director, a Marketing Coordinator, and a PR Assistant. As the firm seeks to expand, Kay has decided to utilize up-and-coming professionals in these fields and will be recruiting talent from topnotch colleges and universities from the New York and Miami areas. In addition, Kay’s firm houses an all female cast of professionals. Kay’s firm is staffed by a team of sophisticated, educated, business savvy women who aren’t afraid to mix and mingle with her celebrity clientele and who don’t mind making the PR business look damn good! Through the spirit of teamwork, much care and effort is placed on collaboration, having each others backs, and checking one another when the need arises.

Chanda Picott - is PR Specialist for the Firm. As the the firm’s forward thinking genius and business savvy go-getter. Because of her strong belief in paying-itforward, Chanda has a ltrue ove for altruism. As a consummate professional, Chanda brings a presence to the firm unrivaled. With her strictly business, no nonsense style, Chanda expects the same level of professional etiquette as she projects. To her credit and as a part of her success, Chanda has achieved her bachelors degree from the prestigious University of California at Berkeley. In addition, Chanda is an exathlete holding medals in several track and field events. In the future Chanda plans to return to school to earn her master’s degree.

With her staff on board and with this level of perfection, it’s no wonder Kay has been inundated with requests for PR services. Make no mistake about it, Kay Harris’ firm is the PR firm to watch! 2

Successfully representing clients like Lil’

PR success can be measured in a number of ways, but true success depends on your independent goals. What exactly are you seeking to achieve? Client success, media attention/recognition, increased client base or are your goals measured by the expansion of your PR company? These are just a few articles of success that can be measured by PRs.

Chuckee of YMCMB, Detail the SUPER Producer, the hardworking DJ Coalition the FLEETDJS, Tyra Myricks, CEO of “Flight” clothing line, and Suga Shane of Mizay Entertainment the newest addition to Waka Flocka’s label, to name a few; it’s obvious why







POWERHOUSE! Although Kay continues

As a PR, most success is measured as client or account specific. When you land your first high profile client or when you acquire your first million dollar account, your success can only increase and hopefully, exponentially! In the end, your work ethic, connections, rapport, and panache for media exposure is critical to your clients and to your PR success!

to add to her star studded list of clientele, she has been sought out by a number of the entertainment industry’s music GIANTS! The word on the scene is, Kay gets the job done and does it flawlessly! The fact that Kay is ranked number two (2) from a list of 100 PR’s you should know and her website is ranked 7 from a list of 20 top publicists websites, speaks exquisitely about her ability to gain exposure. Kay not only has her act together, but she is forcing other Publicist to take notice. A part of her ambition, tenacity, and sticktoitiveness is her drive to be the best.

Coupled with Kay’s magical mix of

clientele is her GIRL POWER staff and team who exude confidence, professionalism, and sheer talent for this PR game! Armed with her exclusive list of media contacts and industry presence, Kay Harris’ Firm is a true POWERHOUSE!


In fashion, music, and entertainment in general, your image is everything! As you brand your image, your name and established or budding celebrity are attached. Most celebrities want to be revered by industry professionals and their fans as role model material. Celebrities don’t sign-up for this role, it just comes along with the territory. As difficult as it may be to stay on the proverbial “straight and narrow”, celebrities are expected to maintain an unscathed image. Suffice it to say, they aren’t always able to deliver. After all, they are human and fallible just like everyone else. This is why public relations is important. Your PR is your first line of defense. On the rare occasion when a celebrity “slips up”, your PR is there to inoculate the media with damage control. Your PR is your mouthpiece, your image angel, and keeper of all things unbefitting “YOU!” PR’s are your image doctor and plastic surgeon. PR’s fix what needs to be fixed, surgically remove anything that would be a detriment to your name and brand, and are able to repair your damaged relationships with fans, associates and more importantly, with the media. Critical to your acclaim, your PR will institutes every strategy necessary to ensure the public your integrity, character, and respect

Our team at Kay Harris PR Management Firm believes in the concept; when our clients succeed, we succeed. We exert every effort to make this a reality! We strongly internalize the ideology that we are our clients! Our firm doesn’t separate the client’s goals as a separate entity, instead we live through our clients and are inspired to achieve their goals working as one unit. We work tirelessly to deliver






expectations! (cont’d.) Why Public Relations is Important! for their adoration remain intact. Likewise, your PR will refute, rebut, and disclaim anything that deviates from who you are and what you’ve established to maintain the strength of your presence with the media, fans, and your industry peers. After all, there’s no reason your reputation should be infinitely tarnished because of one moment of weakness, one act of poor judgment or for having a bad day. In addition, it important to remember PR’s work endlessly and their jobs are all encompassing. The underlying message here is to know why you have a PR and why PR is important!

Kay Harris at your service! I thank you, our readership for your interest in what's new with Kay Harris PR Management Firm. I hope you will join the distinguished list of current PR market leaders who depend on PRKHMGT Firm as inspiration for quality Public Relation philosophy and to the audience wanting the latest news on our phenomenal clients. This is vol. 1, no. 1 of many more to come... Yours sincerely—President/ CEO Kay Harris


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