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MARCH 16, 2011


See you Saturday night! The decorations are done, the tablecloths are pressed and there are three auction chairs who are looking forward to a mint julep! Putting together an auction of this size takes an incredible amount of hard work from the entire school and the community. Chair Dianne Neal-Blixt says, “Our auction is the result of the overwhelming commitment of so many volunteers and supporters.” • Parents have worked on every aspect of the auction and volunteered countless hours. • Students have worked to create incredible class projects • Corporations have given generously

Night at the Kentucky Derby

Online bidding ends Friday at 8:00 pm Our first year with an online auction has gone very smoothly according to Auction head Robi Brath. “We really appreciate everyone who has registered to bid and placed bids. We love seeing the Summit community bidding along with bidders from who knows where! We already have bids totaling $4,200.” There are several items that have been highly sought after (see bottom of page 2 of this newsletter) and several others that are still waiting for their first bid.

IF YOU HAVEN’T HAD A CHANCE TO CHECK OUT THE ONLINE AUCTION AND BID ON A GREAT ITEM ... Time is nearly up! Just go to summitauction and page through the auction items. Register to bid with a credit card and then you’re off. It’s very simple to figure out how to place a bid or place a cap on a bid and have the computer electronically place bids for you up to a certain level and then stop. Thanks again and good luck bidders!

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MRS. FOREMAN’S 6TH GRADE ADVISORY GROUP PROJECT -- THE CAROLINA RAM - Seriously cute metal folk art piece. Blue Tar Heel prints on white. Duke fans will not be bidding on this.

FLAG FLOWN AT THE CAPITAL BUILDING - OFFERED BY U.S. SENATOR RICHARD BURR Winner can choose the date to have a flag flown in their honor. This would make an incredible birthday or anniversary gift!

BUGGY NIGHTSTAND CREATED BY MRS. TURNER’S JR. K. CLASS Creeping crawlies created by Jr. K students makes for one adorable nightstand. Value: priceless!

SUMMIT SCHOOL | 2100 Reynolda Road | Winston-Salem, NC 27106 | (336) 722- 2777 |

• Board members have gone the extra mile to surprise teachers and staff with auction tickets

NEW! GOLDEN TICKETS On Auction night, you can purchase a new “Golden Ticket” for $50. Only 100 will be sold. If your ticket is drawn, you will have your choice of a Live Auction Item (not including class projects). This means you could get the auction items of your dreams ... for just $50. Think new diamond earrings, a trip to Crested Butte or catering for 12 -- for just $50.

• Grandparents have bought Valentines and made donations • Staff and Teachers have given their talents and time • The incredible Maintenance Staff has worked overtime day after day Thank you to everyone. We have 272 people with reservations for the auction. See you Saturday night!

Tired of paying high gas prices? Buy a raffle ticket! Thanks to the generosity of Wilco, someone will win $1,000 of free gas this Saturday night. Would you like to be the winner? Well, the first step is to buy a raffle ticket. By the time you

get this newsletter, you’ll need to get tickets through Sarah Dalrymple at Summit. Just stop by her office on Friday. Please note tickets will NOT BE SOLD AT THE AUCTION. And they WILL NOT BE SOLD IN THE CARPOOL LINE ON FRIDAY because all volunteers will be setting up for the auction or having their feet rubbed from setting up from the auction.

Tickets are $20 for one raffle ticket or $50 for three tickets. The Auction heads report that sales of the Raffle tickets have been going well -- seems that lots of our SUV driving moms would love a bunch of free gas. Get your raffle tickets ASAP so you can win big!


TWO VIP TICKETS TO THE COLBERT REPORT - Several bidders in hot pursuit of these tickets. Thirteen bids so far. At press time the tickets were going for $360.

DIAMONDBACK/MILNERS GIFT CERTIFICATES - Value $150. There’s a fun little bidding war going on here with seven bids so far. Lots of people ready to eat out!

TRIP TO CALIFORNIA WINE COUNTRY Someone could get a serious bargain on a trip for two that includes airfare and a four day, three night stay at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa. Be the first bidder!

$130 GIFT CARD TO THE GRAND THEATER The gift card to the Grand has been a hot item in our online auction with nine different bids placed. Seems we have lots of movie lovers at Summit!

4 TICKETS TO THE A/PERTURE THEATER AND DINNER AT DOWNTOWN THAI There are 10 bids from artsy movie lovers who are in hot pursuit of this dinner and a movie combo!

CURTIS BISCHER HAIR CUT Bidders are fighting it out for a great hair cut. Still a great bargain at $80 at press time.

SUMMIT SCHOOL | 2100 Reynolda Road | Winston-Salem, NC 27106 | (336) 722- 2777 |

March 16 Auction Update  
March 16 Auction Update  

March 16 Auction Update