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THE GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN CHURCH October + In The Year of Our Lord + 2010 Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus! What an exciting month for The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. On October 10, 2010 we will officially celebrate 75 years of existence as a congregation. For some of you that means almost a lifetime of serving and being served at this storied congregation; of lifetime friendships and memories. For others, like your pastor and his wife, it is a time of new experiences, new friendships, new things happening in an old place. It will definitely be a time of remembering and reminiscing. Members of the Anniversary Committee have worked hard to put together a day filled with opportunities for folks to meet and greet old friends, become reacquainted, and seek out those who are new or new to you. I think everyone is looking forward to this Anniversary Day. Let us not, however, in our anticipation of a ―glorious reunion day‖ lose sight of why we, the people of The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, whether present or past members, are really gathered together at this place. Some of those in attendance on October 10, will have made a conscious decision to ―return‖ to TGSLC to be with old friends and relive some precious memories. Some of our present members, who can’t make it to worship on a regular basis, will make that special effort to join with the congregation and be a part of the celebration. Pastor Jordan, from Redeemer, Chico, CA, our guest preacher for the day, will undoubtedly think back to his wedding day and his ordination into the Office of the Holy Ministry, both which took place within these solid walls. Your current called servant will be looking at seats filled for the first time since he accepted his call…perhaps envisioning just a glimpse of what Pastor Dierker saw when he looked out from the pulpit each Sunday morning for so many years. Truth be known, all of us, you, me, those who have gone before us and those who will follow behind are here because the Holy Spirit has called us by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We were drawn to the cross by our Savior, having been made aware of our sinful nature and the realization that we can have no relationship with the Father – no heaven – no life eternal – no forgiveness – no holiness – no perfection – without belief and trust that Jesus Christ died and rose for the forgiveness of sins. We gather here because we know through the teachings of Holy Scripture and the Confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church that God is present here. That in His Divine Service, He comes to serve us. To deliver to us His Word through the liturgy, the sermon, and through the bread and wine which is the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through these Divine gifts we receive the promise that our Father has made – we have the forgiveness of our sins, life, and salvation. We do celebrate this month – as we celebrate every month – that we have a God who is gracious and merciful to us. We give all thanks and praise to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit for the many and continued blessings He has showered on this congregation. We move forward in the continued hope and promise of an even greater reunion of all those who are called to the heavenly banquet…and we pray, ―Amen. Come, Lord Jesus! The grace of the Lord be with all. Amen.‖ (Revelation 22:20-21)

Pr von Hindenburg

75th Anniversary — The Time is Here! 10/10/10   Trusting in the grace and mercy of Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, anticipate a joyous celebration as commemorate 75 years in service to God and community.

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The theme for our celebration is “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday and today and forever.” The Rev. Donald A Jordan of Redeemer Lutheran Church, Chico, will be our guest preacher for the afternoon service. Sunday morning Bible class and Divine Service as usual.

Schedule for 10/10/10 8:45 — Adult Bible Class 10:00 — Divine Service 12:00-2:00 — Light Luncheon 3:00 — 75th Anniversary Celebration Service 5:00 — No-Host Dinner at The Proud Bird

Deadline for RSVPs was September 20, but if you have not yet notified the church office of your intent, contact Royce ASAP so she can have an accurate count while finishing preparations.

 Page 2

October + In The Year of Our Lord + 2010

Thrivent / Habitat For Humanity Event in Long Beach Congregational Chair Norm Morton, Head Elder Leon Tarr and Pastor Hindenburg contributed their efforts to the Thrivent-sponsored Habitat for Humanity house being built in Long Beach. It was a day in which members of the Nehemiah Project were also involved. Another day is being planned. All building supplies are provided on site, and no previous construction experience is needed. Please see Leon for details and information.

Crew Leader Noah, Pastor and Norm making sure the walls don’t “come a-tumbling down”

L-R: Leon Tarr, Norm Morton, Pr Hindenburg, Habitat/AmeriCorps Crew Leader Noah

Notes from the Editor Here is some abbreviated info from last month’s newsletter and is printed this month as a reminder. Get the most from this newsletter by reading it online. If you haven’t received this newsletter electronically and would like to, send your email address to, and a copy will be sent to you, and you’ll be on the mailing list for future issues. Some of the features of the electronic version are: The ability to click on links to websites or email addresses. When you see a word or phrase underlined, click on it, and you’ll be connected to that site or individual. Also, some photos redirect to relevant URLs. The ability to manipulate the size of the font shown. Please submit all considerations for submission by the 15th of the month proceeding publication. If you have any questions or need assistance, please speak with Karina or email her. Page 3

October + In The Year of Our Lord + 2010

Afternoon Reformation Service at University Lutheran Chapel In addition to our morning congregational Reformation service, this year‟s region-wide Reformation service will be at University Lutheran Chapel, adjacent to the UCLA campus. Because parking is limited, carpooling is greatly encouraged.

Sunday, October 31 3:00 pm University Lutheran Chapel 10915 Strathmore Dr Los Angeles, 90024 The door at All Saints’ Church (Castle Church), Wittenberg, as it looks today— brass doors are engraved with Luther’s 95 Theses.

Family Emergencies - Be Prepared with LCEF Wondering how to mitigate your risk during this current uncertain economy? LCEF‟s Family Emergency StewardAccount may be the best place to start for those of us carrying large amounts of debt. This investment is an opportunity to set aside funds for the unexpected and unplanned expense while earning competitive interest rates. Your investment also helps build the Church. For current rates or more information click on, call 1-800-THE-LCEF (1-800-843-5233) or see your LCEF Congregational Representative, Leon Tarr. Page 4

October + In The Year of Our Lord + 2010

Liturgical Garments - The Clerical Collar While many people think that the pastor goes into his office to toss on his "fancy dress clothes" to appear more special than the congregation, what the pastor wears while exercising his duties are steeped in meaning and history. As you can see, it's much more than a matter of just throwing on another layer and it includes solemn preparation.

The Stole + The Clerical Collar + The Alb, Cincture and Amice + The Cassock + The Chasuble + The Clerical or Clergy Shirt, while not a liturgical garment, per se, is the most distinctive dayto-day symbol of those in the Office of the Holy Ministry and by seminarians performing official duty. It is their most recognizable street wear, meaning it is distinct from vestments, that reserved specifically for services. Generally black, though it may conceivably be any color, it is a collarless shirt to which a band collar is attached or a shirt that resembles a standard dress shirt, but sewn to accommodate a white cloth or soft plastic insert, leaving a small white square at the base of the throat.

Pastor von Hindenburg

In the Western Churches, a Bishop is distinguished by the wearing of a purple or burgundy clergy shirt when not vested for Bishop Obare, service.

The white collar is symbolic of the purity of Christ and His offering of a 'window' of redemption shining through man's sinful nature. The white around the throat represents (as with the stole) the yoke of the Gospel and signifies the minister of the Gospel preaches, teaches and administers on behalf of Christ, using the pure words of God.

Evangelical Lutheran ChurchKenya

As a firefighter or police officer or surgeon wears specific clothes when performing the duties of the office, so the minister. As the job of an ordained pastor/priest is a 24/7 one, wearing the clerical sends the message, "Kingdom of God, open for business." It is not worn to say, "I'm above you," but a uniform which says, "I'm a pastor. Approach me. I'm here for you." It opens doors: Many pastors can tell you stories about, when wearing a clerical shirt, being asked to pray on an airplane before it takes off, or being asked in a hospital to make a visit or reactions when stopping by the side of the road when there's been an accident. The collar not only defines the role to others, but it reassures them as well. Rev. Matthew Harrison, President, LC-MS

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This Month's Pericopes and Hymns Please use the following readings during the week to prepare yourself for worship: + October 3—LWML Sunday + Psalm 119:105-112 + Romans 10:14-17 +John 17:13-21 589 Speak, O Lord Your Servant Listens 830 Spread the Reign of God the Lord 584 Faith and Truth and Life Bestowing 434 Lamb of God Pure and Holy + October 10—Proper 23C + Ruth 1:1-19a + 2Timothy 2:1-13 + Luke 17:19-31 793 Praise, My Soul, The King of Heaven 664 Fight the Good Fight 573 Lord, ‘Tis Not That I Did Choose Thee 822 Alleluia, Let Praises Ring + October 17—Proper 24C + Genesis 32:22-30 2 Timothy 2:14-4:5 Luke 18:1-8 725 Children of the Heavenly Father 773 Hear Us, Father, When We Pray 819 Sing Praise to God, the Highest Good + October 24—Proper 25C + Genesis 4:1-15 2 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18 Luke 18:9-17 966 Before You, Lord, We Bow 611 Chief of Sinners Though I Be 506 Glory be to God the Father

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+ October 31—The Feast of the Reformation + Revelation 14:6-7 Romans 3:19-28 John 8:31-36; Matthew 11:12-19 656 A Mighty Fortress is our God 655 Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Thy Word 578 Thy Strong Word

October + In The Year of Our Lord + 2010

Serving This Month Franklin Tilley Jim Weishaar Jim Weishaar

Barbara Hurd and Jocella Collins Norm & Royce Morton Dalton Benson and Clinton Galloway

Leon Tarr

Leon & Gayle Tarr

Leon Tarr

Dick & Alice Huhn

Greeters: If unable to meet this schedule, please coordinate a replacement. For last minute changes, please call Norm Morton. If you would like to be a greeter, please let Norm know—It’s a great way to say hello to those you might not sometimes see!

The Good Shepherd will observe LWML Sunday this year on October 3. The theme is “People of God… In The Word. „ If you‟d like more information about the Lutheran Women‟s Missionary League, talk to Royce Morton or Gayle Tarr, The Good Shepherd‟s co-leaders. All ladies are welcome at the quarterly Sunday meetings as we, expressing the LWML motto of Psalm 100:2, Serve the Lord with gladness. Upcoming LWML Dates: Saturday, October 16, 9:30 a.m. - Zone Rally/Celebration at Ascension Lutheran Church, Torrance. The day‟s program is Sing to the Lord – A Musical Journey Through Life presented by Dawn Hayes-Stewart Sunday, October 24 – The Good Shepherd Fall Meeting, following worship Page 7

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10 Bible Class Divine Service Luncheon Anniversary Service

17 Bible Class Divine Service

24 Bible Class Service

31 Reformation Day Bible Class Divine Service 3 pm Reformation at ULC, UCLA


3 Bible Class Divine Service












26 10 am Bible Class

19 10 am Bible Class

27 7 pm Bible Class

20 7 pm Bible Class

Pastor at District Orientation




14 10 am Elders’ Mtg




Pastor at District Pastors’ Conference


October 2010

30 9 am Vanguard Men’s Bible Study






October + In The Year of Our Lord + 2010

October Birthdays and Anniversaries

I thank my God in every remembrance of you Philippians 1:3 5

Adena Yeates 9 Marie Knox 10 The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 17 Douglas Fritts 19 Jeanette Hedrick 28 Beverly Sarafolean

Birthdays are indicated by a single name. A birthday prayer when you remember your fellow congregants:

“Watch over your child, ___, O Lord, as his/her days increase; bless and guide him/her, wherever s/he may be. Strengthen him/her when s/he stands; comfort him/her when discouraged or sorrowful; raise him/her up if s/he falls. Lead him/her always to the Cross, where forgiveness may be found, and the peace which passes all understanding abide all the days of his/her life. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.” Anniversaries are indicated by joined names. An anniversary prayer: “O, Lord, we give you thanks and bless

Your holy name. You created man and woman in your image and blessed their union. Remember ___ and ___ today. Protect them and grant that their love may be in the image of devotion and love that Christ has for His Church. Grant their life together be of joy and peace, devoted and forgiving to one another. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.” Page 9

2010—Celebrating 75 years in God’s Grace



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