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European Continent al Gothic

Boutique Hotel by Kempinski & Alexander McQueen


Alexander McQueen  1992, United Kingdom

“Dramatic” “Meticulous into Details” “Breaking Rules” “Dynamic”

 Premium Luxury, Fashion  51% by Gucci Group in 2001  Headquarter---London  British Designer Award won in 1996 , 1997, 2001 & 2003  23 Flagship stores over 10 countries

Kempinski “Luxurious” “ Grand European Style” “Excellence Service”

Individuality & Customization” “Sustainable creative value” “Long-term Strategy”

 1897, Germany  European oldest Luxury hotel group  Founder member of the Global Hotel Alliance (GHA)  Headquarter ---Geneva  “Best Luxury Hotel Brand” (2012)  75 five star hotel in 30 countries


Capital of the Germany 2nd populous city (3.4M) In Europe 109.190 billions euro GDP; 3.99% of German Economy Financial hub of Germany Home to a diverse gastronomy Over 700 art galleries

Tourism & Luxury Market      38 Boutiques  Luxury brands                   8th in Europe

Figures in 2012

2nd in Germany after Munich (48) Major spender

20.8 million overnight hotel stays Increase +10%

781 hotels

Chinese (€634/purchase)

            Thai, Ukrainian and Russian.


+125,000 beds

135 million day visitors

yearly total

3rd place among the most-visited city destinations in the EU.

“The place to find luxury boutiques in Berlin in the fields of fashion and gastronomy.” Just Opened Prada & Lamborghini

Coming Soon Hermes, Armani ,Dolce & Gabbana

“Must Have” Experience

L uxuriou Dramatic s c i t n a R evolutionary m o RAMBITION OUR Spreading Brands’ Recognition Developing New Market Creating A Buzz in Hospitality & Fashion


Facilities & Design

100 Guest Rooms Spa & Restaurants Cigar Lounge Wine Cellar & Bar Multi-function Hall Arts & Clothes Collection Showroom

Exclusive A.M. Boutique with Collection Inspired by Design Kempinski • Ambiance: Luxurious, classic and mysterious • Dramatic Experience by gothic setting & decoration • Façade: Vintage European Continental Style • Room Style: European Gothic Lordly Style • Specific Dress Staff Code: Middle-age Style • Electronic Chandelier, Paintings of renaissance • Silver Luxurious tableware

Special Services Highlight •Special Event and Theme Night                              Masque A Touch of Luxury & Romance Gothic night Vampire theme party

•Mysterious and Legendary Story Setting •Art gallery for the collection •Theme Banquet Service •Auction Event for charity and art collectors •Fashion Show •CEO Business Networking Event •Velvet service, butler service •Gothic Berlin Theme Tour

Project Feasibility o Conformance to Berlin’s image ------ dynamic, artistic & commercial o Benefits from both brands’ value o Complementation of each market o Learning of “know-how” in a new zone o Sharing the distribution channels

T h a n k Yo u

European continental gothic  

Co- branding of Kempinski and Alexander McQueen