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eacher Candidate:    Katie  Holmes                                                                          Student  ID#_______________________     I. Outstanding  Strengths:         Katie  did  an  outstanding  job  as  a  student  teacher.    I  was  impressed  with  Katie’s   initiative  to  take  responsibility  in  the  classroom  from  day  1.  She  was  eager  to  involve   herself  in  all  aspects  of  teaching  from  getting  to  know  the  students  to  planning  and   implementation.  She  was  very  eager  to  learn.    She  was  curious  about  professional   literature  that  I  was  using  or  reading.  She  asked  me  questions  constantly  concerning  her   observations  of  students.  Hearing  her  observations  of  students  was  very  helpful  to  me  as  I   reflected  on  how  to  more  effectively  teach  each  one.  Katie  delighted  in  their  conversation   and  work  which  endeared  her  to  our  students  and  to  me  immediately.       Katie  exhibited  great  professionalism  in  her  student  teaching  assignment.  She  was   always  at  school  very  early.  She  willingly  stayed  late.  She  wanted  to  attend  parent-­‐teacher   conferences.  She  even  asked  to  stay  after  school  when  I  tutored  a  student.    She  came  to   school  on  at  least  two  days  that  she  was  not  required  to  be  here,  including  an  additional   day  at  the  end  of  her  9  weeks.  She  was  very  respectful  of  me,  other  teachers,   administrators,  and  fellow  student  teachers.  She  was  positive  and  enthusiastic  always,   even  when  she  was  sick  a  couple  of  times.  Truly,  she  sought  to  do  everything  required  of   her  and  much  more  with  excellence!    I  could  absolutely  depend  on  Katie.  She  was  diligent   and  hard  working.     Katie  was  exceptionally  thorough  in  her  planning.  She  thought  through  every  detail  of   her  lessons,  from  time  management,  to  materials,  to  NAEYC  standards,  to  individual   differences  in  our  classroom.  She  searched  out  excellent  books  and  websites,  and  made   PowerPoint  presentations  that  engaged  the  students.  She  was  always  very  well  prepared   to  execute  her  lessons.  She  often  made  charts  and  other  materials  to  engage  all  modalities   during  her  lessons.  She  made  good  use  of  technology.  She  was  careful  to  plan  out  her  use   of  time,  but  also  demonstrated  the  ability  to  be  flexible  and  “go  with  the  teachable   moments.”  I  could  trust  Katie  with  my  class  as  she  planned  developmentally  appropriate   lessons  and  engaged  the  students  in  those  lessons  in  challenging  ways  while   communicating  care  and  affirmation  of  individual  students.     Katie  did  a  very  good  job  of  “post-­‐planning”  as  well.  After  implementing  her  lesson   plans,  she  thought  reflectively  about  the  effectiveness  of  the  lessons.  She  consistently  and   accurately  identified  the  strengths  and  weaknesses  and  thought  through  ways  to  improve   the  plans  or  implementation  of  the  plans.  Katie  set  high  standards  for  herself  as  a  teacher.   She  wanted  to  do  her  best  to  promote  the  success  of  each  student.       Katie  was  very  considerate  to  seek  my  opinion  and  approval  of  her  plans  well  before   implementing  the  plans.  She  was  observant  of  my  established  routines  and  procedures.   She  was  also  very  considerate  of  the  needs  and  feelings  of  the  children.  We  spent  much   time  discussing  ways  to  assist  the  students  who  had  trouble  mastering  certain  academic   skills  and  concepts  as  well  as  ways  to  challenge  the  fast  learners.  It  was  delightful  to  share   my  classroom  with  someone  who  enjoyed  and  cared  for  my  students  as  much  as  I  do.    Having  Katie  in  my  class  was  a  joy  for  me  and  for  the  students.  We  ALL  miss  her  so   much  already!  I  greatly  appreciate  all  that  she  did  to  teach  and  to  assist  me  in  teaching  24   lively  first  graders  this  fall  semester!  

Mentor Teacher Narrative of Outstanding Strengths  

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