I have read your sales letter Lucas Adamski and spent hours watching all the intro videos. Unexpectedly by what he has created, this can make for a marketer like me can easily create a page to promote products quickly without costing a penny.

Cash Funnels Machine is the software that helps marketers easily create a professional sales channels. Lets create different pages, help us save time and money, for example: In order to create a proper sales funnel that actually makes you some good money, you’ll need to:     

Learn how to create websites (HTML, CSS) Learn how to create graphics (Photoshop) Learn how to write a sales copy (copywriting) Learn how to optimize & split-test your funnels Learn what your market really wants

This job really spend a lot of time, even if you have to spend money to hire these services. That’s just to start with… And if you want to outsource all of it, be prepared to spend thousands of dollars…

CASH FUNNELS MACHINE REVIEW From these difficulties, the tool “funnels Cash Machine” was born. Feeling when I wrote this letter to the author, there is something very real, so it is true, he has experienced many failures. With the help of tools Cash Funnels Machine”, now! You can create a web page about 10 times faster. Optimized by longtime marketer. Watch out Lucas Adamski has a new solution in the field of marketing, which is optimized to save time and no small amount.



WITHOUT setting up websites yourself WITHOUT doing anything “technical” WITHOUT spending money on a graphic designer WITHOUT spending years learning the of science conversion & copywriting

Here’s A More In-Depth Video Showing All The New, Amazing Functionalities Of This Miracle Software: HIGHLIGHTS FUNNELS CASH MACHINE INTERFACE IS INTUITIVE AND VERY EASY TO USE . As you've just experienced, Cash Funnels Machine is a one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge, automated software that allows you to create your very own funnel from 16 pre-loaded, ready-to-go, optimized funnels. Experience The Ease Of Use & Freedom In Customization Inside:


Intuitive interface and easy to use. Includes 8 steps.

       

Step 1: General Setting Step 2: Selec Template Step 3: Header Settings Step 4: AutoResponder Step 5: Squeeze Page Customizaton Step 6: Footer Pages Step 7: Thank You Page Step 8: Congratulations!

The steps set extremely simple and quick, application of point-and-click technology. Each funnel is not only fully set up for you, not only ready to build you a massive email list quickly, and not only made to convert extremely highly. Here’s what you’ll find exactly in these ready-to-promote funnels:

CASH FUNNELS MACHINE REVIEW Get Access To 16 Done-For-You Sales Funnels That Are Truly “Plug & Play”

YOUR CASH FUNNEL #1 List Building On Steroids "Discover Simple, 5-Step Formula How To Generate 137 New Subscribers In The Next 18 Hours... For 100% FREE!"

YOUR CASH FUNNEL #2 Graphics Package "Who Else Wants $1,000.00 Worth Of Premium Graphics For Free"

YOUR CASH FUNNEL #3 Instant Kindle Profits "5 'Hush-Hush' Insights Expose Rare Kindle Loophole To Get Easy #1 Rankings & Rake In Massive Passive Kindle Cash"

CASH FUNNELS MACHINE REVIEW YOUR CASH FUNNEL #4 Fiverr On Crack "The Lazy Man's Way To Making Easy Money On Fiverr With 5 'Almost-Banned' Secret Methods"

YOUR CASH FUNNEL #5 Hijack Traffic Method "Ethically Steal The Most Targeted Traffic Available Online Without Paying A Dime"

YOUR CASH FUNNEL #6 Flipping On Steroids "Silent Secret-Service Method Exposes Sneaky Way How To Quickly Duplicate $100.00/Month Little Affiliate Sites And Flip For 20+ Month Revenue"

YOUR CASH FUNNEL #7 Offline Flipping "Stealth Method How To Flip Offline Sites For GUARANTEED $1,000 Per Site"

YOUR CASH FUNNEL #8 Backlink Madness "Get 'Back Door' Access To The Secret Video Exposing 5 Proven Link Building Strategies For Instant Google Ranking Boost"

YOUR CASH FUNNEL #9 YouTube Slayer Trick "How 1 Secret Message Can Literally Steal 10,000+ Of Free Views And Subscribers From TOP YouTube Channels 100% Automated"

YOUR CASH FUNNEL #10 Pinterest Easy Cash "Ugly Pinterest Exploit Gets You Endless Stream Of Free Traffic And Converts To Easy Affiliate Cash - 100% Undetected & Safe"

CASH FUNNELS MACHINE REVIEW YOUR CASH FUNNEL #11 WSO Fast Start Kit "In The Next 8 Minutes And 31 Seconds You're About To Learn How To Launch Your First WSO Painlessly"

YOUR CASH FUNNEL #12 Forbidden Laws "In The Next 182.0 Seconds You'll Agree To Experience 5 Forbidden Mind Tricks Resulting In A Massive 200%++ Conversion Explosion"

YOUR CASH FUNNEL #13 Offline Attractor "Pull In 10x More Offline Clients Doing 4 Silly Things"

YOUR CASH FUNNEL #14 Link Building Secret Rituals "The Ultimate Blueprint Revealed 'Dangerous' Backlink Domination Methods That Guarantee Rank #1 On Google... (This May Shock You!)"

YOUR CASH FUNNEL #15 Forgotten Traffic Plans "Discover Exact Step-By-Step Blueprint How To Generate 1,000 Laser-Targeted Visitors A Month... GUARANTEED! (And 100% Free!)"

YOUR CASH FUNNEL #16 Very Evil Manifesto "The World's Most Unusual Tricks Of The Trade Robbed From The Renegade Article Marketing Gurus..."

Here’s What You’ll Get In Each Funnel:  Ready-To-Go, Hot Squeeze Page Each squeeze page was carefully designed to achieve the highest conversions. It contains world-class sales copy, top-quality graphics and so important call to action elements for an instant conversion boost. Start building a lucrative email list that will

CASH FUNNELS MACHINE REVIEW bring you affiliate commissions month after month. Having an email list is truly a push-profit dream come true. Any time you send email to your list – you get paid! You’ll love it!  Hand-Selected Money Niche Each funnel targets a different niche inside the internet marketing niche, like: amazon, kindle, pinterest and traffic generation. These are hand-selected niches that are proven to be money-makers with plenty of affiliate offers, high commercial intent and high demand. No more guessing, no more confusion. Relax for a moment because this part is DONE-FOR-YOU!  Optimized Redirect Page Redirect page is a common missing point in most of the sales funnels. This is a page that appears just after someone opt ins to your list. It has a short message telling people to check their inbox for a free gift, and after few seconds, it redirects to a one-time offer. It’s absolutely essential to track conversions that will improve your funnel profits.  Fully Monetized Thank You Page Not only your thank you page will include the link to your free gift, but also it will be filled with pre-selected affiliate banners, secret free gifts and other profit-boosting tricks . You’ll be amazed once you start seeing daily “you’ve just made a sale” emails in your inbox by simply monetizing your thank you page!  4 Pre-Selected Affiliate Offers Each cash funnel includes 4 hand-selected, tested affiliate offers (on JVZoo or Clickbank) that are proven to convert very high with astonishingly high EPCs (Earnings Per Click). These offers sell like hot cakes and will make you BIGGER affiliate commissions than you’ve ever dreamed of!  4 Beautiful Affiliate Banners These are high-CTR (Click-Thru-Rate) banners that will guarantee that your new visitors will click them and make you easy affiliate commissions. These banners will be strategically places on your thank you page and your report to achieve a magical “click frenzy”. As you see, everything is optimized here!  100% Unique Report or Video

CASH FUNNELS MACHINE REVIEW Each funnel also contains a rebrandable report or video. It comes jam-packed with the hottest, most innovative tips & advice about the specific subject. Some funnels also contain unique videos with professional presentations that your new subscribers will fall in love with! Each report and video was created BY ME. It was not outsourced by someone in India who has no clue about internet marketing and is guaranteed top quality!


Cash-Torpedo Module #1 - One Time OfferOffer Through multiple tests & experiments I came to the conclusion that in order to achieve the highest earning per click for each new subscriber, I'd need to present a "One Time Offer". This offer would be presented to a fresh subscriber just after opting in to my squeeze page. This is a proven sales funnel model to bring the higher ROI (Return Of Investment). Each of the Cash Funnels will give you an ability to select "One Time Offer" as a redirect method. Additionally, to make your life even easier, each funnel will suggest to you 4 top-converting affiliate offers relevant to your squeeze page. That means that you won't need to look for these super hot offers. Just put your Clickbank/JVZoo id and it's all done for you! You may ask: "But how will my new subscriber receive a free gift if he will get redirected right away to the OTO?" Very



Here's the short diagram that explains it:





As you can see now, you new subscriber will receive a follow up email in your autoresponder where you can place a link to your thank you page. This way you will monetize the subscriber right away, make nice affiliate commissions, and still provide value! JACKPOT!

Cash-Torpedo Module #2 - Free Gift Monetization Each of your funnels will include a report, or a video, or a graphic package that you can give away for free. It's a perfect free bribe for your brand new subscribers to shock them with insane value! But giving away a free gift won't make you any money, will it? Well, actually, I carefully designed each free gift to contain at least 4 affiliate banners. These unique banners will result in a flood of super-targeted clicks pointing directly to YOUR AFFILIATE LINKS. It means some % of your new subscribers will buy your recommended products and make you easy money! It's worth mentioning that brand-new subscribers are THE BEST prospects to be pitch to. Why? Because they just opted in and presented an interest in whatever you have to offer. Your job is to present them with what they are already looking for! And you'll get rewarded generously! Yes, it's THAT SIMPLE if you have a PROVEN SYSTEM that turns your fresh subscribers into cold hard cash! Sample banners in a report:


Cash-Torpedo Module #3 - Thank You Monetization Most marketers do it ALL WRONG! A thank you page is absolutely one of the BEST places to promote different affiliate offers. Just placing your link to a free gift there is not enough! You'd lose BIG commissions! So what do I suggest? Bring in PLENTY of proven to convert affiliate offers using slick, "click frenzy" banners. Yes, PLENTY of them. Why? Because each person is looking for a DIFFERENT offer. You want to have a big variety. Another point is RELEVANCE of your offers. You won't make as much money as you could if you present a generic make money offer to someone looking to make money from Kindle Publishing. But imagine if we offered this unique software that would eliminate all the pain & agony of formatting Kindle ebooks. Your new subscriber would experience a pure ecstacy after seeing this offer!

CASH FUNNELS MACHINE REVIEW Additionally, if you sell your own product/PLR/membership site, give a special DISCOUNT. Offering a discount will make much more people jump to your offer. Especially because they just subscribed to your list. And yes, Cash Funnels Machine allows you to add a special discount link on your thank you page to explode your profits once again! :)

Cash-Torpedo Module #4 - Affiliate Offers The truth is that 95% of affiliate offers you're going to promote will NOT make you a DIME. Why? Because they simply DON'T CONVERT. Now you may ask: "So which affiliate offers do convert?". There are many factors that determine a good converting offer. One of them is EPC (Earnings Per Click). EPC means the average profit you'll make from each click you'll send. So for $2.12 EPC, if you send 100 clicks, you make $212. For $0.23 EPC offer you'd make $23, and so on. Another important factor is the actual sales copy. Things like social proof and price points have a huge impact on conversions. The copy is the king and if you can't distinguish between a world-class copy and an amateurish copy, you're in trouble! Don't get fooled with fancy sales letters. If the offer doesn't fulfill the deepest desire for a specific target market, no amount of sales copy will make it convert. As you can see now, selecting a high-converting affiliate offer can be a great challenge. That's how most affiliate marketers FAIL BIG TIME... Fortunately, with Cash Funnels Machine, I took time to handpick over 60 red-hot, topconverting affiliate offers that are RAZOR RELEVANT to the squeeze page niche. Each funnel is filled with 4 pre-selected affiliate offers from JVZoo or Clickbank. I made sure that the offers are active, the commissions are generous & most importantly they are CONVERTING LIKE CRAZY! Just plug in your affiliate id and start raking in MASSIVE AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS without doing ANY work!

CASH FUNNELS MACHINE REVIEW Listen: just these 4 modules will make the conversion part taken care of. No more worries about "conv erting your traffic". It's now the past. Forget about it. It's done-for-you.

 New "Point-And-Click" Technology – creating your new cash funnels is as simple as clicking your mouse a few times. It's so simple that you won't ev en need to read the documentation!

 16 Done-For-You, Automated Sales Funnels – you'll be able to choose from 16 ready-to-go funnels in v arious niches, like: traffic generation, amazon kindle, pinterest, list building and other internet marketing niches. Each funnel will contain a unique squeeze page, a redirect page, PLR rights to the unique, content-filled report/video, pre-selected affiliates offers, banners and much more!  Integrated With All Popular Autoresponders - you will be able to build a massiv e, profit-pulling list that will bring you easy affiliate commissions ev ery single month. Cash Funnels Machine integrates with the most common autoresponders, like: Aweber, Getresponse, Icontact, Imnicamail & Infusionsoft. But no worries! It works with any other autoresponder too.  Quickly & Easily Personalize Your Cash Funnel – customizing your sales funnel is just dead simple! Using a simple 8-step process you can change things like: background color, logo,

CASH FUNNELS MACHINE REVIEW border, thank you page text, add your signature, picture, name, add your own offers to the thank you page, change affiliate banners, add own tracking codes, change SEO meta tags and so on! You're free to make it your very own funnel that will be 100% unique!  Time-Saving Basic Pages Generator – don't you hate creating all these "legal pages" ev ery time you create a new site? Well, now it's done-for-you! Automatically! Pages like priv acy policy, terms of use, disclaimer and contact us will be instantly generated with your contact details without you ev en needing to change it!  Flexible Campaign Options – Do you want to duplicate one of your campaigns to do split testing? Do you want to edit some of your previous campaigns? How about downloading them in a ZIP file? You're ALL cov ered! Using Cash Funnels Machine is not only simple, but also extremely conv enient and hassle-free. You'll absolutely lov e to use this miracle software! Just try it once and you'll be hooked for life!  Viral Traffic PDF Rebranding – What about generating uncontrollable, v iral traffic to your site with no effort on your part? It's all-possible with a new, cutting-edge PDF rebranding technology. Now, without any additional plugin, or expensiv e software, Cash Funnels Machine will create for you a unique report with your name & your affiliate links in it. All done in the background. You won't ev en need to open a Microsoft Word! Again, it's DONE-FOR-YOU!

CASH FUNNELS MACHINE REVIEW  Simple-To-Follow, Step-By-Step Video Training – I'll be honest with you. You won't need much of it. Still, in these quick, ov erthe-shoulder v ideos you'll learn all the amazing functionalities of this software. It's short, it's fun & in about 20 minutes you'll be ready to start launching your first cash funnel! How exciting!


FREE GIFT #1 14-Day Traffic Mastery



Amazing, step-by-step, in-depth training how to generate traffic to your newly-created sales funnels. Traffic + Cash Funnels Machine = Money It's that simple! And I've got you covered! Each day you'll get exposed to a brand-new traffic generation strategy with a proven & tested action plan. Just follow it and you'll see 100+ visitors coming to your site daily very soon! The 1 little "traffic explosion" strategy, if applied 30 minutes a day, could bring you 10-20 fresh leads daily for 100% free!

How to exploit the power of ______ for a steady stream of red-hot visitors starving to buy the product you're promoting!

Discover 1 secret tactic how to bring as much traffic as humanly possible hands-free, with no work on your part! Interested?

CASH FUNNELS MACHINE REVIEW Total Value: $97.00 - Yours Free!

FREE GIFT #2 Confidential Case Study

I'll give you a tour "behind the curtain" how I'm able to generate up to 492 leads a day... and how I break it down to the EXACT science... I'll show you my best converting "bribe page" that got me 151 subscribers in days for FREE and couple of "evil psychological tricks" I use to get unbelievable conversions... How I use the magic page to bring me steady, residual money every month... even while I sleep!

Total Value: $97.00 - Yours Free!


FREE GIFT #3 3 Hot Video Squeeze Pages

 Get access to these 3 gorgeous video squeeze pages that can be used for ANY niche!  Video squeeze pages tend to convert better than regular squeeze pages. Unleash the incredible conversion rates overnight!  The pack comes with a complete video training how to edit each template, integrate aweber autoresponder, and add a YouTube video. It's as simple as click-and-play!

Total Value: $97.00 - Yours Free!

FREE GIFT #4 Undercover List Domination Tactic How To Build A List Of 1,000 Brand-New Subscribers In 30 Days Or Less For FREE


Discover a stealth strategy how anyone (even a complete newbie) can build a list of 1,000 brand spanking new subscribers with no connections, no money to invest, no experience, and almost no time required!

Total Value: $47.00 - Yours Free!


256 Ultra-Premium Marketing Graphics Toolkit


Enjoy this premium package with my best marketing graphic & templates. This is a must-have package that is a true time-saver and money-saver! These 5-star graphics will make you stand out from the crowd, demand respect and result in insane conversion rates.

Total Value: $47.00 - Yours Free!


Liv e Webinar Training Exposing Adv anced Funnel Monetization Tactics


How would you like me to teach you LIVE, over-my-shoulder, how to get even more profits out of your cash funnels? You'll have an ability to ask me personal questions and interact with other like-minded individuals. It's going to be a blast!

Total Value: $47.00 - Yours Free!

FAST-ACTION BONUS #3 365 Days Free Email Support

Our friendly support is always here to help you with any questions. Issues with the software? Can't make it work? You have full 365 days (and beyond!) to get help. We promise that you'll never be left alone and we'll do our absolutely best to keep you satisfied!

Total Value: $47.00 - Yours Free!


No monthly payments, no recurring, no fine-print. You pay only one-time and receive future updates of Cash Funnels Machine for absolutely free!

Total Value: $47.00 - Yours Free!

You will be overwhelmed to see the collection of gifts and prizes ? And wondering Cash Funnels Machine price will be ?

Finally, like other reputable products, which is refunded 100% mode.


CASH FUNNELS MACHINE REVIEW “Cash Funnels Machine” is a product worth waiting for, as preparatory work for a marketing campaign has significantly reduced time and maximum cost savings. Even people who have no experience can also become marketers. With the templates and optimized, you can easily access a field of network marketing full potential. Maybe you do not care “funnels Cash Machine”, I bet you will like the gift value when purchasing this product, and if you are not satisfied, you can return and get instant cash, this is remarkable. The rest is your decision.





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