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Ad a p ta b l e Pre - Fa b r i ca te d M o dule

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Providence RI Downtown Design for Density


Shannock RI Urban Growth Center


Ar t s a n d Cu l tu ra l C e n te r

17- 32

Artistic Investigations


S t r u ctu ra l E xp l ora t i o n s

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Render of Collaborative balcony space outside of work live units

Boston MA Live Work Creative Hub I n t ro d uc t i on The fort point channel district in Boston MA is a unique location situated between the financial district and a residential area of south Boston. Instruct-ables is an on-line DIY company that is in need of classrooms, gallery space, large manufacturing space, and artist live work studio’s. This proposal combines the Instruct-ables spaces with micro units to add to the need for affordable housing in Boston.

Historical Figure Ground

Existing Figure Ground

De s i g n S t rateg ies The concept of this building was found after an in-dept site analysis. Seeing the site as a node connecting the different areas of the city. The proposed building wraps around an existing brick vacant building on the site. The circulation connects from the site through the building and then extends out to a pedestrian bridge. The facade is a fiber board panel system with a gradient pattern to emphasis this connection.

Site Concept Process model

Proposed Figure Ground

Site Analysis: linear Connections

Site Analysis: Connections

Master Plan 2

Wrapping Concept



Section Perspective

Mechanical Cores through residential units

Existing brick facade Steel stud wall uninterrupted between core and partition walls Core materiality is a Layered system of Bathroom units plug Into opposite wall of Kitchen

Kitchen unit plugs into wall Exploded Axon of Cores

Live/ Work Unit Floor 1 Studio level

Live/ Work Unit Floor 2

Render Approach


Ground Floor

Elevation Service Road

Floor 6 Plan

Roof Plan


Elevation Micro Units

Render Front view


Heating and cooling Tubing embedded In translucent sliding wall

Shifting Floor


Hollow Aluminum Structural Frame


Exploded axon typical wall layers

Adaptable Prefabricated Module Unit De s i g n S t rateg ies This project was a two week long investigation into different methods for designing a fixed dimensioned module unit. This design proposes that the adaptable strategies and sustainable strategies be integrated together. The vision for this design is to create a residential building that can be easily adapted to fit the needs and wants of its residents. The overall goal of the project is to create a residential space that can be change an morph with the inhabitants needs. This is done through the use of light weight framing that is easy to adjust and is also recyclable, and sliding walls and floors. The southern and eastern wall seeks to obtain and use energy on a duel passive and active high energy efficiency system with a thermal wall condition.

Gradient patterning of water tubing allowing warm air to rise

Model Showing relationship of two Units

Typical Southern Facade

Model showing adjustable Floor



Building Render in Context

Providence RI Downtown Design for Density I nt ro du ct io n This project address the variety of issues around planning for development in the future. With cities expected to increase their population, issues of energy consumption, quality of life, privacy and other topics need to be considered. De s i g n St ra teg ie s This design seeks to incorporate and extend the popular river front adjacent to the site by creating a piazza where retail and public happenings can occur. The complex massing of the building is a consequence of the cities requirement s for views to the capital. Also considered is the views from adjacent residential buildings to allow for privacy. The building is organized with parking/retail/office space on the base. The third floor is where the town house units start emptying out onto a green courtyard which sits on top of the parking on one side and providing views of the city from the other.

Initial concept sketch

Site and Analysis: existing conditions

Site Analysis: Building Geometries

Site Analysis: Urban Geometries

Concept in context

Master plan in context

Master plan 10


Ground Floor Plan

Program Diagram


Render of Piazza

Vertical Circulation


Horizontal Circulation

Floor 1

Floor 2 Typical Townhouse plan



Master Plan

Shannock RI Urban Growth I n t ro d uc t i on Located in Richmond RI Shannock is an old mill town that is a big part of R.I. history. The objective for this urban design proposal is to develop a Growth Center for the town which includes residential and community buildings. De s i g n S t rateg ies Existing Figure Ground

Green spaces

Proposed Figure Ground




The main point of the design is to create a neighborhood that is pedestrian friendly and promotes a sense of ownership for its residents. This is done by linking a the residential area with a local community center, a community farming plot, and local businesses. This link happens through a system of path ways which start at a public parking area and extend into the wet land/ forest and then loop back around.

Initial Concept Sketch


Precinct plan

Typical Precinct Plan 15

Master Plan 3D view

Exterior Render

Exterior Render 16


Exterior view front

A rts a nd Cul tu ral C e n te r I n t ro d uc t i on The purpose of this project was to design a visual arts and cultural center on the Roger William University campus in Bristol RI. The major programmatic requirements are classroom spaces, a recital hall, large studio spaces, and a double height gallery space. De s i g n S t rateg ies The main objective of the design was to create a building that would express the creativity of its program. The design concept is subtly shifting forms. This shifting is achieved by combining like programmatic spaces plugging them into a central circulation spine and then sliding them in a conscious compositional way. This along with the large circulation spine which lets in natural light gives drama and intrigue to the building.

Process sketches sections

Site Plan


Interior recital hall

Plan Floor 1 19


Interior view Floor 1

Section A

Section B 20

Exterior View Back


Plan Floor 3

Interior view Floor 2

Interior view Floor 3

Typical Wall Section C


Pencil/ charcoal on paper



Pencil/ charcoal on paper

Hand-drawn Etching

Ar t isti c Inve st iga g t ions I n fo r m at i o n Here is a small sample of art work showcasing a personal interest in observational sketching (left) and visual abstraction (right). The work shows the range of media I have explored including, pencil and charcoal, acrylic, water color, installations, and various print making methods.

Colored Pencil

Lithography Print

40ft room Installation abstracted sky line Savannah




physical model

digital model

Structural Explorations I n fo r m at i o n Here is a small sample of structural projects I have designed. The project on the right is a proposal for an exhibition space. The frame elements of the building utilize a vierendeel frame to allow the structure to act as one unit. The concrete load bearing walls give the system lateral stability. The project on the right is a proposal for a public sculpture. The module is a series of bent steel panels that are constructed together to allow the system to act as one unit and distribute its self load evenly while creating a dramatic expression.

physical model

physical model


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