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ENJOY THE GREEN ATMOSPHERE Sokha Angkor Resort, Siem Reap

National Road No 6 & Sivatha Street Junction, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia Tel: +855 63 969 999 Fax: +855 63 969 998 E-mail:

Sokha on Norodom, Phnom Penh No. 63, Preah Norodom Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Tel: +855 23 990 123 Fax: +855 23 990 151 E-mail:

Sokha Beach Resort, Sihanouk Ville Street 2 Thnou, Sihanouk Ville, Kingdom of Cambodia Tel: +855 34 935 999 Fax: +855 34 935 888 E-mail:

30% OFF

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! ! ! e l a S r e p u S y a D Rainy Sorya Shopping Center PLC. #13-16 Vithei Trasak Phoam, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


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KYO Yogurt & Koffee offers the best frozen yogurt, with variety of flavors that will definitely YOGURT TIME captivate your blend of taste. The creamy and delicious taste of ...







There are different types of Asian snacks from which to choose, with something to fit everyone’s tastes. No need to travel far just to taste delicious finger foods. Make your...





Amazing exotic dishes of Cambodia. This is totally different experience once you...




WHAT YOU NEED IN LIFE TO FEEL GOOD If you’re looking for a great and unique travel adventure. Everybody deserves to know the Magnificent Kingdom of Wonder, Let me share to all of you what Cambodia can offer to fulfill your dreams through the fabulous destination. No matter how far you are there’s a way for you to reach out your dream place Cambodia is waiting for you. Enjoy and feel the Heart of Kep Province.















Local 9 Yummy! Yummy! In My Tummy! Culture 24 Simple Khmer 25 Do’s & Don’ts Travel 34 Healthy Travel Tips Free Time 53 What’s New Beauty! Reader 54 12 Beautiful Bedrooms Design 57 .A Star- Spangled Ride | Organize Your Desk with Vintages Finds 58 Storage Soluions 60 Energy Cords




63 . Nintendo Say No Wii Price Cut Coming In ‘Near Future,’ Might Want to Re-Think That .Mount Everest Now ëWiredí For Internet, Ready For Starbucks Guide 66 Restaurant-Phnom Penh 71 Cafe & Bakery-Phnom Penh 73 Bar & Club-Phnom Penh 76 Shopping Center-Phnom Penh 81 Accomodations-Phnom Penh 85 Accomodations-SiemReap 90 Accomodations-Kep & Kompot 91 Accomodations-BattamBang 93 Digital Photo Contest

Essentials 94 Emergency Contacts Engage 96 Phnom Penh International Airport 62 . Samsung Galaxy Tap Review . MacBook Air Review Information & Transport (Late 2010) Information 97 Embassies & Airlines Information

editor’s note Travel is like swimming naked in the ocean at night People talk about travel giving you more, broadening your horizons and expanding your view. That trip away from out shores supposedly makes you more accepting, more understanding, removes prejudices and widens narrow thinking. But what travel really does is strip you bare and it is often brutal. It forces you to trust in strangers and forsake all those familiar sight and sounds and to abandon the safety net of family, friends and familiar surrounding, True travel is taking a risk, a risk of removal and emersion in all that is new and unfamiliar. Travel causes first hand confrontation which challenges our basic needs, and once those are fulfilled we see more clearly the value of what we really actually need. I head it said a ‘tourist’ will tell you where he has been and a ‘traveler’ will tell you where he is going, one is retrospective; the other desiring of the continued confrontation of what is really truly valuable. When you strip bare on a moonlight night and plunge into the seas cold embrace you travel; your senses are charged, your senses are reactive and there are no distractions apart from those of the cold, the sea and the stars. The same activity on a warm summer’s day has all the distraction of a walk down the main stress; noise, weeds, birds, sun, waves and everyone can see you! But with the camouflage of night the enjoyment of the experience is ten fold; it is just like traveling. Your senses are narrowed, challenges and focused, there are no distractions, what is real and valuable is completely tangible. Travel does not have to be the far shores of Japan or the mountain of Nepal; you don’t have to struggle with the jungles of the Amazon or the colds of Antarctica. The root of travel is the newness of the experience, the sensory overload and the removal of the repetitive. The process of travel can be and hour away or twenty four hours away. The key word is ‘away’. I am sure this issue of CityLife will inspire you to travel, if not to anywhere far then at least to somewhere new that will encourage you to look for the next new place to voyage to and the next new challenge to take up. Look at end of 2010 as standing on the beach at midnight. No one can see you so take a risk and plunge naked into the ocean of travel experience.

Facebook: @vibol77 E-mail:

Vibol Phan Deputy Editor

Phnom Penh Nยบ. 164, Norodom Tel: 063 965 906 Phnom Penh Nยบ. 201 AB, Mao Tste Toung Tel: 023 223 106 Siem Reap Nยบ. 598-600, Street Tep Vong Tel: 063 965 906

Deputy Editor Vibol Phan Designer SreyLeak Bun 093 666 788 Head of Sales Rosemarie V.Lit Photographer SreyLeak Bun Writer Rosemarie V.Lit Tharum Bun Proof Readers Web gure Richeat Printer Digital Advertising Printing Advertising Enquiries Vibol Phan 093 78 2222 Rosemarie V.Lit 093 666 919 023 666 0359




Subscriptions Contact us at: # P.G.C.T Center, Building B, Level 3. Tel: 023 30 50 70 Cambodia CityLife is printed in Cambodia CityLife, All right reserved. Copyright 2010 by CityLife Magazine. No part of this magazine may be reproduced in any manner without the permission of the publisher. Special Thanks To VERO Media Design Sokha Hotels & Resorts| Angkor Miracle Hotel Knai Bang Chatt Royal Empire Hotel| Naruto Comic Smart Mobile| Sorya Shopping Center Bistro La P’te France | Princess Diamond epat| Syphon Apartment Ministry of Tourism | Digital Advertising K Coffee Restaurant| iOne adidas| Star Asia Cambodia |Choice Taxi

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Special Events


Christmas Eve Gala Dinner Buffet

Adult @ USD 37 net Child (4-11 years old) @ USD 18.50 net 25 December 2010: Christmas Day Brunch Buffet Christmas Promotions

Merry Christmas

Adult @ USD 37 net Child (4-11 years old) @ USD 18.50 net 31 December 2010: Grand New Year Eve Gala Dinner Buffet with free flow of Wines, Beer, Soft Drinks and a complimentary glass of Champagne for toasting in the New Year Countdown. Live entertainment with our famous Khmer & Filipino Band, International DJ and many prizes

Need a space to post for your Special Events and Occasions! GET IN TOUCH WITH US! it’s free!!! Send Via:


-Sunday Brunch : Every Sunday => 10am to 2:30pm at SC - Happy Hours : Every day from 6pm to 8pm at SC - Movie at SC : Every Thursday at 7pm at SC - Water festival : BBQ dinner on 19/11/2010 at SC - Christmas dinner : 24/12 KBC+SC 7 pm - New year dinner : 31/12 KBC + SC 7 pm SC = Sailing Club | KBC = Knai Bang Chatt beach volleyball tournament - no exact date yet pool tournament - no exact date yet petanque tournament - no exact date yet Reservations for dinners and happenings on 012/12349742 /

Adult @ USD 62 net Child (4-11 years old) @ USD 31 net

Sailing Club Info:

Opening Hours: 7days a week /10am till 10pm Restaurant: Sea food Menu, BBQ Beach Food Rental: Hobie Cat 13’&16’’ / Cances / Motorbike 100cc & 250cc / Bicycle Activities: Sailing / Windsurfing / Beach Volleyball /Pin-Pong / Pool Table / Pentaque

Activities Calendar- Season 2010/2011

Sailing instructions / Movies & Documentary/ Volley Ball afternoon / Sunday Brunch / BBQ Evening / Water Festival/ Khmer New Year/ Christmas dinner & New Year party / St Valentine evening / ... Check our website for the last update

w w w .

k n a i b a n g c h a t t . c o m










There are different types of Asian snacks from which to choose, with something to fit everyone’s tastes. No need to travel far just to taste delicious finger foods. Make your snack trip at Orussey Market and you can find Cambodian goodies like: 1.Chek Chean a fried banana with flour and sesame seed. 2.Donlong Bonpong -original potato fries of Khmer which they used sweet potato. 3. Kompes Chean-crispy fried shrimp with flour. 4. Chaka Chol sweet and crispy pancake. 5. Kroch & Kong a very sweet fried rice and flour, this one kids will definitely love it, and last one is the Chek Chaib a crispy banana chips. Surprisingly some of Cambodian snack similar to American snack, Khmer just cooked it, in their own twist that everyone will love it.




KYO Yogurt & Koffee offers the best frozen yogurt, with variety of flavors that will definitely captivate your blend of taste. The creamy and delicious taste of fresh nutritious fruits, sugar free and available in low fat but rich in calcium and protein. To stay healthy and happy enjoy the goodness of KYO Yogurt & Koffee, with the unique and simple ambiance of the store. Yogurt makes your day complete. Come and visit us at Diamond Island for you to experience the glow that yogurt can give you. Specialties: Yogurts Breakfast,Coffee,Drinks # Koh Pich (Diamond Island) Tel: 069693333 Day Open: Mon - Sun Time Open: 11:00am-10:30pm





Amazing exotic dishes of Cambodia. This is totally different experience once you try the Cambodian unusual favorite foods, fried crunchy and hairy spiders in barbecue flavor and more rarely appetizer as you can see in the picture, which is available in the corner of Ounalom Pagoda and River side area at night. Check it out and you will find a fabulous variety of insect in barbeque flavors.



One of the qualities that Cambodians possess is their ingenuity to make up almost anything into something new, creative yet cost-sufficient, including food. Observe people in Cambodia, race to the streets to satisfy their hunger for favorite cheap street food, in a crowded street corner, they are comfortable to sit and eat in a small stall which serves variety of finger foods in sweet, sour, and spicy flavored. Let’s take a trip to the streets of Cambodia and rediscover Khmer street foods.

Street: Sothearos






Looking for a great place to celebrate a special occasions like Birthday Parties, Family Gathering and even Company Parties. The best idea that we can share for you is to have fun to check out what LamuTum Restaurant can provide to make your event perfect.

Files angsoir

Their selection of famous Khmer Cuisine will captivate your eyes and your taste, really when it comes to authentic foods Cambodia is one of the best, the

Khmer Chef of the restaurant will make every guest to crave with all the foods they will serve, and with the combination of the smile of the crews what else you can ask

for. The standard of the place will be a great venue for all kinds’ of celebrations.

Bring your family and friends enjoy your night at Lamutum Restaurant Duck feet soup


Roast salt fish

Where: #95 coner st 386, Boeung Keng Kang III, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Contact: 012 871 781



OUT SIDE MARKET DOOR Orussey Market Phnom Penh is one of the most traditional markets, located at the heart of the city. As the mother of all market, no doubt there were hundreds of stalls and

vendors covering the market door already, offering foodstuff, fresh meat, poultry and seafood. There are a wide variety of items available for purchase in Orussey Market like house wares, hardware and electronic goods. This market serves a big part of daily life of Cambodian people for their daily basic needs “Foods� surprisingly in a very cheaper price. Breakfast, Lunch, snack name it, you can find it here. If you want your fridge to be full with nutritious vegetables and fresh fruits, well this is the place for you to spend your daily budget allowance for your family. Make everything simple for your basic needs start your day at Orussey Market!


BKK MARKET Phnom Penh has many famous markets. BKK short term for Boueng Keng Kong market, the place to find great deals of different items from food, clothes, shoes, and home accessories also. Cambodian mostly comes to this market in the afternoon to shop personal accessories with a very cheap price that’s why you will notice a lot of women are used to go here, rather to go in the high class shopping mall. The market is divided into two types of items to purchase

The area where you can find the brand new items, and the other area for second hand things, which both will fit to your budget. And of course your shopping will not be completed without sitting down in a small chair in the crowded area of the market to take your snack, fried finger foods and a medium size order of noodles. Enjoy shopping at BKK.

Spend your money wisely BKK is the answer to all your personal needs



EXPLORE AND EXPERIENCE GETTING AROUND CAMBODIA Once you’re in the Cambodia, you don’t have to worry too much about transportation, as there are many ways and means to get around the country. You can travel to all parts of Cambodia by bus, taxi, motorbike, tuk-tuk, cyclo, boat and airplane, depending on you’re your destination, distance and budget. For your sightseeing activities around the City of Phnom Penh

to make it more exciting, try to get the most common mean of transportation in Cambodia Tuk-Tuk. Three to four passengers can be inside the tuk-tuk very safe, comfortable and easy to take pictures of the views.

And if you like to enjoy the fresh-air of the City, Cyclo is the best for you to ride a very slow and safe driving. Most of the

ur trip! Have fun enjoy yo

Kanika Boat Cambodias Premier Catamaran

tourists have fun experience riding in cyclo. For a long travel Cambodia has a lot of safe means transportations which really depend on your activities and budget...and don’t worry Cambodian people they are easy to negotiate, bargain the price before you travel with any transportation.




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Local Culture






Everyone comes out for the Annual Water Festival the biggest extravagant celebration in the City of Phnom Penh Cambodia, every month of November in Khmer Calendar. The traditional festivity is the most awaiting event not only for Cambodian people, but very popular also too international tourist. Million people from the countryside throughout Cambodia come to celebrate the festival held in the Capital of the City. Different nationalities from different countries, flock to the banks of the Tonle Sap to watch the boat races and to celebrate the Tonle Sap. The boats represent the different provinces and they train for a year for this race which takes place on the Tonle Sap. The purpose of this race is to give thanks to the Mekong River and make the god of the river happy so that there will be abundant fish and the rice crops will be fruitful for the harvest season. A special holiday, canceled all school, and workers are off work, to give them a chance to enjoy the festivity. All the people walks on the streets of the city within ten blocks of the Tonle Sap and the Royal Palace and the city explode with a lot of excitement activities.

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Local Culture

23 Live concerts are held, food stands are set up, big bazaar in every corner of the street, carnivals place set up for the children and adults to enjoy lots of amazing rides, at night you can watch the enchanting parade of boats with their fabulous lights decoration, and fireworks extremely light up the sky and people dance in the street. The festivities last three days and every single moment of each day will surely make everyone happy. Come and enjoy the excitement of the largest festival in the Cambodian Calendar 2010.

Experience and Discover the Kingdom Of Wonder

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Local Culture

Instruction Vowels a as in bat ah as in father ai as in Thai ao as in Laos aw as in jaw ay as in play ee as in bee eh as in net

er Simple Khm eu as in eh + uh ew as in new i as in it ia as in ee + ah oo as in zoo oa as in oh + ah oh as in Ohio oy as in toy uh as in rum

Consonants bp in between b and p sounds, but more like b ch as in chest dt in between d and t sounds, but more like t ng as in sing ( will appear at the beginning of a words also, so practice isolating the sound) ny as in canyon ( will also appear at beginning of a word, so practice isolating it) r rolled with the tongue at the top of the mouth

Hospital Hospital…Mohn-tee peht Doctor…Peht Pharmacy…Kon-laing loo-ah t’nahm Medicine…T’nahm Condoms…S’raom ahn-ah-mai Mosquito repellent…T’nam kah-pia-moo Sunblock…Krehm kah-pia pohn-lew t’ngai I’m allergic to penicillin…K’nyohm awt dtroh tiat pehn-eecil-in I am sick…K’nyohm choo I have diarrhea…k’nyohm mee-uhn rohkjob ree-ahk I have a headache…K’nyum mee-uhn choo g’bahl

Time Talk

What time is it?....Moang pahn-mahn hao-ee What time does it open?...Bahk maong pahn-mahn dtay? What is the departure time?...Jehng maong pahn-mahn dtay? What time does it arrive?...Maok dahl maong pahn-mahn dtay?

Time…Bpayl Hour…Maong Minute…Nia-tee Second…Wee-ah nia-tee 12:00 am…Ah-tree-uht/ maong dahp bpee yoop 1:00 am…Maong moh-ay-yoop 6:00 am…Maong Bprahm-moh-ay pruhk 12:00 pm…T’ngai trahng / maong dahp bpee rab-sial 1:00 pm…Maong moh-ay rah-sial 5:00 pm…Maong bprahm l’ngia 6:00 pm…Maong bprahm moo-ay l’ngia 7:00 pm…Maong bprahm bpee yoop 8:00 pm…Moang bprahm bai yoop Add minutes by using the counting system ( sixty minutes per hour) and the Khmer equivalents of “and” (hao-ee nuhng) followed by the Khmer period of the day marker (e.g. afternoon / rah-sial). 2:23 pm…maong bpee hao-ee nuhng m’pai bai mia-tee rah-sial 10:15 pm…maong dahp hao-ee nuhng dahp bprahm nia-tee yoop


Do’s & Don’ts 1 Don’t use your feet to point at someone. 2 Don’t walk over a person’s feet. 3 Don’t start eating before your host if you are a guest. 4 Don’t burp while eating. 5 Don‘t clean your teeth while eating. 6 Don’t purchase historical artifacts in Cambodia. 7 Don’t take home stone pieces from the temples and tourist sites, regardless of how small or undecorated they are. 8 Don’t touch someone on the head. Head is considered holy. 9 Don’t give candies to child to vendors in the temples if you do not intend to buytheir products. 10 Don’t be a foul-mouth in the middle of a lake or jungle; it’s considered bad omen. 11 Don’t get involve in narcotic drug consumption and sexual relations with children.

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23

Don’t hug or kiss in public. Don’t converse on subjects related to politic Don’t take photographs of military sights Do respect Cambodian elders Do bow a little if you are walking between two Cambodians when they are talking Do greet your guest by offering drinks, fruits or snacks if they are visiting your house Do sit with your knees and legs bent to the side (for women) Do ask for permission before taking photos of others. Do bargain before making a purchase. Bargaining can be an ejoyrable experience when interacting with the locals Do take off your hat and shoes before entering a Khmer house or pagodas. Do ’’Sampeah’’ when you are speaking with or listening to the monks Do drive you’re bicycle or motorcycle slowly when approaching a temple pagoda.

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Local Culture

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Local Travel


WHAT YOU NEED IN LIFE TO FEEL GOOD City Life Magazine recently talked to Jef Moons, Chief Executive Officer of Knai Bang Chatt, a private home and resort in beach town Kep, about its history, business growth, and its social enterprise programs to improve the lives of the local community. “What you need in life to feel good,” asked Jef Moons, chief executive officer of Knai Bang Chatt, Cambodia’s high-end resort for individuals, families, and business people looking for their very own moments of serendipity in Kep.

14 30 1

Local Travel There is no place sweeter and warmer than home Just about 146 Km away or two hour drive from Phnom Penh, Knai Bang Chatt resort treats its customers as VIPs and make them feel home. By introducing a new concept of an environment-friendly resort, where anyone can comfortably feel it their home during their vacation or spare time, CEO Jef Moons says “Knai Bang Chatt is the essence of Kep”. Surrounded by French-styled architectures and situated in the southwestern of the country that also borders with Vietnam’s Kien Giang province, the resort is located along the town’s finest beach and is currently equipped with 11 luxury rooms and a sailing club. The private home and resort’s 45 friendly staff are ready to provide and guide customers to enjoy the facilities and services such as massage, spa, meditation, relaxation, kid corner, and the sailing club. It also offers individual and corporate packages at customers’ convenience. The company management hopes to expand 25 more rooms to better accommodate its customers, mostly expatriates from Phnom Penh and businesspeople from European countries. While Kep was once home of Cambodian royal family, the prestigious location also invites them, arts and culture lovers to this historical.

31 With years of success, the resort expects a growing number of Cambodian customers, particularly those who highly value their own time in a place of privacy with their close friends and beloved ones. As Jef Moons explained, it’s something special to spend a beautiful moment with someone you privilege to. And that’s why the individually tailored services in this thoroughly customized and designed private home with beautiful garden and open space to relax, remain on top of the daily operation.

It was back in 2003 when Belgian-born Jef Moons and his friend managed to acquire Kep governor’s house along with the lands next door that belong to the head of custom and of a royal family relative. The property, now one Cambodia’s well-equipped resort for everyone’s experience and enjoyment, is named Knai Bang Chatt. Three years later, it became more or less a resort as the villas, built in the 1970s by Cambodian legendary architecture Van Molyvann. It was until 2009 when it’s completely a high-end, unique resort.

Lakeside swimming pool

Its prime location, beautiful beach view, and well-trained staff to service individual needs, the resort becomes a second home for many who

usually return after their first stay as if it’s a place they call home.

14 32 1

Local Travel Giving back to the community While the small entity now uses all the locally-products like organic food, it also employs 45 staff from the villages and uses some of its profit to sponsor them to go to university. In an exclusive interview with Jef Moons in his office in Phnom Penh, the CEO says “we’re building something too beautiful for this place, so we have to work for those people. And that we wanted to work to start making a project; it took us 2 years and a half.” And with more than one year of preparation, Knai Bang Chatt first committed a forty thousand US dollar project, but now it’s a one million US dollar project that supports 550 families. Educated at Thunderbird School of Global Management, Jef Moons told City Life Magazine that Knai Bang Chatt is working for the Khmer people as “officially 3 percent of the room turnover, not the profit, is going to our 8 programs. But finally we see that more than the profit is going there. So everyone’s booking a room in Knai Bang Chatt is helping the Khmer people. And what we try to do is really to sustain it, make it better, and work up with the local capacity.”

Relaxation and basking in tranquility is a key element at Knai Bang Chatt.

The relaxing view from Knai Bang Chatt Private home to the sea.

And when asked how the social enterprise concept has improved the image of Knai Bang Chatt as a foreign-owned entity in Cambodia, the CEO, speaking in his French accent, said that “You cannot survive alone in Cambodia, neither can we. What I learn is having respects for your neighbours and by supporting people around you is how you stay alive in Cambodia.” The resort first started by buying everything from Thailand’s Bangkok, but later from Phnom Penh. Knai Bang Chatt has now managed to buy all those materials from the local villages.


The essence of life in Kep

Knai Bang Chatt is Kep’s essence. Do you need television? Do you need all those funky stuff? No. You need a magic place with great view, a place with histories and nice architectures, and come with your friends to have a private moment

Experience the magic romantic charm enchants the heart and soul of the newlywed from London. For Stuart & Paula it’s a pleasure you start your new life in the lap of Knai Bang Chat.

In Knai Bang Chatt CEO’s very own words: “If you come in the arms of somebody who welcome you and who want to share with you this value, then probably youcan be yourself and expressyourself, too. Knai Bang Chatt is a private home open to all the Cambodian people.”

By Tharum Bun

Bar Beach Club

Seaside Sunset Terrace Restaurant

Sailing boat

14 34 1

Local Travel


• • • •

• • •

Here are just a few precautions you can take ahead of time: Make sure your immunizations are current. If possible, delay your trip if you’re not feeling well. If you’re prone to air sickness, ask for a window seat over the wing. If you have any health questions, or if you suffer from a chronic ailment, motion sick ness, or fear of flying, ask for advice from your physician. Stress is bad for you. Reduce stress by allowing plenty of time to check in and reach your departure gate. Always carry your medication with you never pack it in baggage you’re planning to check. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes for your flight.

During Your Trip Here are a few things you can do to feel good while you’re flying: • Eat lightly during your flight. • Stay hydrated while you fly. • Leave room under the seat in front of you so you can stretch out your legs. • If conditions permit, try to stand up and walk around the cabin every once in a while.

At Your Destination Here are a couple of things to remember once you arrive: • Never purchase local medications unless you’re familiar with them. • Wear sun block and sunglasses in the tropics and at high altitudes. • Drink a lot of water to minimize altitude sickness.



AirAsia Room T6, Phnom Penh, International Airport. Tel: 023 890 035

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Local Travel


PROFESSIONAL With the comfort of business professionals’ need in mind, Lebiz integrated individually-tailored services and high-end technology in every room. This innovative approach is a step further to help business travelers and customers to maximize productivities during their stay in a relaxing environment. Convenient facilities and services include 2 spa treatment rooms, a modern meeting room, and a business library to browse and get local business information and opportunities. Located in Lebiz hotel, Lime Restaurant serves both Asian and Western food. Where? Located only 2 block from Monivong Boulevard and 5 minutes walking distance from Central Market, Phnom Penh as Canadiana Bank, Cambodia Public Bank and Thai commercial Bank. #79F, St. 128 Tel: 855 23 998 608 / 610


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Local Travel

ENJOY THE GREEN ATMOSPHERE The beautiful park Wat Phnom is on a hill at the center of a small park near Sisowath Quay, on St. 94. A place where you can bring your families, to enjoy the whole day with the green atmosphere and feel the fresh air, with the great view of the playing monkeys on the top of the tree around the park. This is one of the tourist attractions in the City of Phnom Penh, because of the historic temple inside the park, the oldest elephant, where you can rent for a ride within the park, most of tourist really likes to experience it. They have also souvenir store inside the park, displays different items which is handmade by youth, from the provinces of Cambodia. Walk around and take your camera and have a nice photo with the fantastic view of the park.

14 40 1

Local Travel

TUOL SLENG MUSEUM Tuol Sleng Museum the dark side of Cambodia where you can see, feel and imagine how horrible men, women and even children torture by the power of security forces of Pol Pot’s, into a prison known as Security Prison 21 (S-21) which was before Toul Svay Prey High School turned to detention center year 1975. Photographs displays in the museum will make every visitors scared and up-set once they see how thousand detainees killed and buried in the mass grave within the vicinity of the prison center. When you visit the museum, they have excellent tour guide to accompany each batch of visitors to the area and give more clear details of what happen during that year. This is only one part of your experience in Cambodia.


TEMPLE On the brighter side try to include to your itinerary to visit, Pagoda (or the temple of the Emerald Buddha), I’m sure everyone will be amaze, about the architecture of the Temple aside from its made by concrete marble most of the flooring inlaid with silver tiles and some Temples manage to keep intact the treasures such as gold and jeweled Buddha statues. But remember all who likes to visit Pagoda must follow their restrictions in the area. If not are considered disrespectful.

A lot more is waiting for you to explore the Kingdom.


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Free Time

WHERE YOU CAN EASILY REJUVENATE Open every day from 11am – 11pm, Amara Spa serves massage, scrubs & wraps, baths, female facial, nail treatment. Amara Spa also offers packages for the customers seeking to have thebundled services. Have your very own time to relax and recharge at Amara Spa, you’ll experience the most sophisticated services in Phnom Penh’s well-decorated spa. Located on the corner of Sisowath Quay and street 110, Amara Spa is where you can easily rejuvenate.

Corner of Sisowath Quay and Street 110 Sangkat Wat Phnom, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia Contact: 023 998 730


HONEY SALON You want to ensure your personal beauty with the touch of the perfect hands and get the right treatment, value, and of course, results. HONEY SALON know exactly how you feel, they provided high quality of services in very treatment you need. Beauty treatments for Men and Women, name it, Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Waxing and lot more, available here in the hands of professional staff. And with the beauty skin care product guaranteed you can find it here definitely fit to your skin type. SERVICE OFFERED Shampoo Blow Straight Men & Women Hair Cut Makeup & Hair Style Facial Massage Hair Coloring Manicure & Pedicure Hair Straightening Permeret Polish Skin Bask Mike #132, St. 136 ( In front of ELT School ) Contact: 016 444431 facebook: honey.salo ccambodia

Let Honey Salon touch your beauty and see the magic of their hands!

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SILK HANDMADE You’re about to discover great deals on woman’s clothing’s made in finest silk in Cambodia. Happy Silk shop displayed different variety of silk handmade clothing for women’s. Feel the softness elegance of formal and casual style that you’re looking for, Happy Silk Shop is the right place to shop. The unique style of accessories silk you can find it here the colorful neck scarf, nightwear, bags and a lot more. Visit Happy Silk Shop behind FCC, And for sure you will go home with a smile. Where? Happy Silk #9, St.178 (Behind FCC) Contact: 023 992 498 017 454578




Cambodia offers a wide range of entertainment venues, from nightclubs, pubs, bars, cinemas and restaurants, to massage or spa, pool halls and cocktail lounges. The nightlife is concentrated in the River side area. Mostly bars and restaurants open all day and late into the night, they offer variety of buffet meals and drinks with a minimal price. Romance and dancing River side the place to enjoy your night.

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HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED BUYING USED OR SECOND HAND CLOTHES?IF NOT, WHY NOT? You may start asking where you can buy second hand clothes for men’s and women’s and even for the kids. It’s good for us to let you know that there are already numbers of second hands stores in the City of Phnom Penh, where you can buy the clothes that has been pre-owned but are still on their best condition. These clothes are something that has been used only for several times and then some people would send them out to these second hand stores. There is plenty of best reason why we should consider to buy a second hand clothes. Most people are looking for new ways to look stylish on a budget, and if you are someone who has the confidence in everything that you wear, you can wear these clothes even if they are a little outdated and still make it a fashionable clothing to wear daily. A second hand store gives us a chance to be at our best style without spending lots of money on our clothes shopping habit. One of the best shop for a second hand clothes is at the Japanese Store Located on the street 47.

Visit the place and test your creativity when it comes to fashion.


BUY 3 BOTTLES* GET 1 FREE *Valid with French Wines only


# 15Eo, Street 240, Phnom Penh Kingdom of Cambodia Tel: 855 (0)23 990 951 H.P.: 855 (0)17 588 191 Email:

Japanese Store

The best store shopping secondhand stuffs Special Prmotion Kitchen Utilities . Furniture Bag . Shoe . Toy . Accessories St. 47





LiLi Perles



BIG PROMOTION Ads here for free! Contact: 023 666 0359 093 666 919

Big Sale


The best choice for making a gift for friends and love ones in every special occasion Special Prmotion Effective only spend from $5


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INSIDE THE HOTEL For those of you that haven’t been in a coffee shop, or those that don’t go very often, go out and visit, one of the best coffee shop in the City of Phnom Penh. Relax and unwind with the chic and comfortable relaxing ambiance away from the hassle of life. And for surely you will keep on coming back to this place once you try their excellent Em Cafe Special Blend with Sweet Pastries, Apart from the coffee and pastries they serve, you can start your morning with a big smile with Em Café breakfast delight. Em Café truly the perfect place to relax and to work with the advent of wi-fi Internet. The service provided from the Manager down to the crews perfect, Em Café located in Mittapheap Hotel , #262 Monivong Blvd, Khanh Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Two Thumbs Up: Em Cafe Special Blend with Sweet Pastries $2.60, Fried Noodle ( Thai Style ): $3.50, Diced Beef On Rice: $3.50 Em Cafe Special Blend with Sweet Pastries

What are you waiting for visit and enjoy the perfect blend of coffee!

Fried Noodle ( Thai Style )

Diced Beef On Rice




One of the favorite restaurants here in Phnom Penh is located across Penh Phnom Penh International Airport. After your long journey and encounter baggage traffic inside the airport. Stop over at Turana Restaurant and try tasting their combination of Vietnamese and Cambodian cuisine. Plenty of choices and cheap with a nice atmosphere, and with excellent service from the friendly and knowledgeable staff, clean surroundings and glorious, glorious food!

Hainanese Chicken Rice for only $2.50

Straight from the bottom of my tummy try to have your stop over here! Two Thumbs Up: Hainanese Chicken Rice for only $2.50 and Wanton Yellow Noodle Soup $2.0 only. Perfect for your taste and budget.

Wanton Yellow Noodle Soup $2.0

Where: Opposite to Phnom Penh International Airport. Contact: 011 866 845

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your quick

recipefinder Chef

Budget saver! Treat your family with quick and easy recipes.

SAUTEED BITTER GOURD Ingredients: 2 medium bitter gourds, 1 tbsp. Salt 8-10 flakes garlic, peeled 1 medium size onion chopped 4 red tomatoes chopped 2 eggs beaten ¼ pork cut into cubes 1 tbsp. oil 1 cube knorr seasoning Method: Cut the ends of bitter gourd. Slit it open and remove seeds. Sliced thin half round,

and then wash. Put into a bowl with water add 1 tbsp salt, keep it for 5mins to get rid the bitter taste. Sauté/mix, garlic, onion, tomato and pork, wait for at least 3-5mins, until pork turned golden brown. Then mix the gourd cover it and steam for 3 more minutes, after mix the beaten egg stir a little bit, and wait for another 3mins, then ready to serve.







SOUR CHILI BEEF SOUP Ingredients: ¼ beef cut into cubes thin 1 tbsp. Salt 1 flakes garlic, peeled 1 medium size onion chopped 5 pcs red chili sliced thin 3 pcs onion leaves chopped thin ¼ spinach


Method: Easy get small serving bowl put all together the ingredients and add boiling water, after 3mins ready to taste the sour chili beef soup.


No 8, rue 118 / face au Memphis Club 023 223 140 / 016 642 630



@citylifep p

Launch Party

Hosted by Star Asia Distribution ( Cambodia ) Last, 08 September, 2010 @ Studio 182

53 What’s New Beauty!

CoverGirl Concealer Simply Angeless This creamy formula covers imperfections, conceals under-eye circles and visibly brightens skin. Like all Simply Ageless makeup, it’s made with advanced Olay Regenerist Serum, and it stays suspended over fine lines and wrinkles, for younger, firmer-looking skin.

NEW Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector Potent serum gives every skin a second chance against lines, wrinkles, sun damage. In 4 weeks, see obvious reduction in lines, wrinkles, improved texture. At 12 weeks, the visible wrinkle-reducing power is remarkably close to a dermatological laser procedure. 63%, to be exact. Different commitment, different results. And yet impressive results guaranteed.

L’Oreal Elsève The Re-Nutrition range Bouncy, silky hair. In an instant, rediscover the sensation of bouncy and incredibly silky hair. Your hair regains elasticity and suppleness to leave it looking full of life.

Lancôme Paris GÉNIFIQUE EYE The first Lancôme eye care that boosts the activity of genes1 and stimulates the production of youth proteins2. Especially formulated for the delicate eye area, this unique gel-cream texture leaves the eye area feeling velvety.

L’Oreal Elsève The Color-Vive Range Hair is protected: nourished, it is softer and more shiny. Color radiance is visibly prolonged: accentuated, your hair color remains shiny and radiant.

ANEW PLATINUM Serum Skin feels saturated in creamy comfort. For best results, use morning and night. 82% of women agree facial contours look reshaped for more youthful definition.*** Overnight, skin on the face and neck feels lifted; deep wrinkles appear reduced.**** After 2 weeks, reduces the look of deep horizontal lines in the neck area. Lifts and firms the look of sagging skin under the chin and neck.**** 1 fl. oz.




Beautiful Bedroom Designs

Bedrooms offer a retreat from the stresses of everyday living. Make your private getaway relaxing and refreshing with inspiration from some of our favorites spaces.

55 Tap into your travels

Take a cue from Grandma

Let your travels influence the design of your bedroom. Here, a warm cinnamon hue on the wall sets the tone for an African-inspired bedroom. A dark wood floor adds rustic appeal. The texture of the sofa and the leather ottomans creates a tactile experience. Animal prints on the wall, a zebra rug and leopard-print pillows complete the look.

Make your guests feel like they’re visiting Grandma’s house with a comfortable room inspired by country farmhouse style. A floral bed ruffle and needlepoint pillow recall simpler times. Layers of red and white quilts, a bouquet of fresh flowers and a red rag rug welcome guests to this quaint guest room. As a finishing touch, the chandelier mimics the form of the white iron bed.

Minimize stuff, maximize style

Shades of black, white and gray create a classic yet modern bedroom perfect for letting the world’s stresses float away. A suede-upholstered headboard with a black base provides an updated take on a traditional style. Chunky white molding and minimal accessories maintain the sleek look. A zebra rug, black leather chair and tripod floor lamp offer the finishing touches.

Bring the garden inside

Embrace rich color

A green-and-white palette with hints of pink and blue makes this bedroom feel like stepping into a spring garden. Plain white walls let the colors of the upholstery and floral bedding act as the focal point. A large bay window fills the room with light and offers the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Walls painted a rich shade of eggplant are surprising in a master bedroom, but they create a dramatic backdrop for this grown-up space. Lime green in the curtains and accessories provides a bright accent. Black marble around the fireplace continues the upscale look. A large four-poster anchors the room, while French doors lead to a private balcony.

Embrace the romance Give a guest room a feminine touch with a pink-and-white color scheme. Decorate with cottage roses, flea market finds and green accents. Twin beds tuck under the eaves, creating a cozy space. Pretty rose comforters, checkered quilts and ruffled shams pile on the comfort. An antique chandelier hanging between the beds sweetly completes the space.


Reader bedroom’s neutral backdrop. Botanical prints over the fireplace give the space a connection with the outdoors.

Try double-duty furnishings

A daybed built into an inviting nook lets a sitting room double as a guest room. The window seat mimics the built-in bed and soaks up the morning sun. Wallpaper covers the ceiling as well as the walls, wrapping the room in color. A white-painted chair, which matches the room’s trim, offers a convenient place for extra bedding or bags. A tailored valance and Get the blues Love all things blue and white? curtains lend a cheerful final note. Then this bedroom is for you. Blue walls and white trim set the stage, but the room’s real charm comes from the mix of patterns and shades of periwinkle. A solid comforter keeps the combination of fabrics and colors from looking too busy. All the accessories--from the lamps’ blue-and-white shades to the blue-and-white rag rug-complement the scheme. To anchor the room, dark nightstands provide a bit of visual relief.

Stripe it rich

Pick nature’s colors

Touches of green and brown take a cue from nature and add understated style in this formal bedroom. Beige window treatments with a green edge subtly complement the other furnishings. The rich dark wood on the four-poster and side chairs stands out against the

Pink and green stripes fill this bedroom with color. A padded headboard with a pink flower print acts as a cheery background for the bed. The stripes in the curtains repeat in the bed ruffle and the bolster, creating a cohesive look. A sunburst mirror surrounded by green and gold plates contrasts the strong vertical lines of the space. To keep the bright palette from being overwhelming, a neutral wall color and carpet ground the scheme.

Adopt texture

Create a sense of elegance in your bedroom with a simple color scheme that emphasizes luxe textures. A linenlike finish on the walls in a shade of pale green creates a natural backdrop for the bedroom. On the floor, a nubby carpet welcomes toes on chilly mornings. The four-poster’s hanging curtains hint at romance, and gold accents add a touch of glamour.



Tip Free Design Your Bike!

•Craft glue •Splatter Stars •Tape •Safety-flag pole BELL JINGLERS: •Bells •Pipe cleaners

ORGANIZE YOUR DESK WITH VINTAGES FINDS You work hard. Your home office should, too. Put your desk in order with these projects as shown.


•Star garlands •Scissors •Straws

1-STREAMER CASCADES Cut and curl ten 2- to 3-foot lengths of metallic curling ribbon. Stack the ribbons and knot them at one end. Using craft glue, sandwich the free ends of several ribbons between splatter-painted stars. Tape the cascade to the top of a safety-flag pole (remove the flag first), then secure the pole to the bike. Tape more curled ribbon to the handlebar 4-BELL JINGLERS Slide three to five bells onto a pipe cleaner and fit it to your child’s handlebars, wrist, or ankle. 3-SPOKE DECORATIONS Weave star garlands into one wheel’s spokes and secure the ends, being sure to stay clear of brakes and gears. With scissors, snip along the length of some straws, then snap them into place on the other wheel. To make noise as you ride, cut some straws to half the spokes’ length. They’ll clack as they slide on the turning wheel.

Forget jams and jellies. Old canning jars are a perfect place to stash paint chips, rubber bands, scissors, and more. Drill through metal hose clamps bought at a hardware store, then attach them with screws to old pieces of decorative wood molding. (Use two screws per clamp so that they won’t twist.) Mount boards to the wall with additional screws. Attach vintage canning jars ($1 to $5) tightly with the clamps; hang some right side up and some upside down. To make it easy to snip a piece of twine or gift-wrap ribbon, punch a hole through a lid, then pull the material through. Be careful, though: If your vintage lid has a glass insert, remove the glass before aiming a drill or metal punch at it.





Tackle your New Year’s resolution to get organized head-on in sweet country style. Here are 10 creative storage solutions get you started. CRAFT SUPPLY STORAGE Organizing is easy when you have a place for everything. Galvanized tins in various sizes coral pencils, brushes, and other craft supplies. Hang containers above your work surface for easy access. HOME OFFICE Turn the corner of a living room into a home office with shelves and a desktop. Choose boxes, binders, files, and accessories in one color to create a unified look. Hide a printer and other supplies behind a fabric skirt. GREAT WALL OF STORAGE Fifty wooden bins line the wall of a craft room to keep fabric and sewing supplies in order. Spotlights illuminate the various colors and textures. ANTIQUE STORAGE An old chicken coop becomes a clever space for storing magazines. This piece was stripped and cleaned to reveal its old, mellow wood finish. A collection of weather vanes and a lead window frame cozy up a corner.


Open shelves create the illusion of space in a small kitchen. Here, glass decanters and simple white china offer a steam-lined look. Galvanized bins below the counter are handy for silverware and utensils.


Looking for storage in the bedroom? Add bookshelves along one wall and count the ways you can start to store. One shelf is a bedside table for an alarm clock and reading lamp; shelves behind the pillows are open so you can prop up without knocking over collections; the rest of the shelves house books, collectibles, and photos.

QUICK STORAGE SOLUTION All you need for this fun idea to keep business cards organized are binder clips, a small tackboard, striped paper, and pushpins.

UNDER-CABINET STORAGE Dress up an ordinary sink stand in no time by adding a cotton seersucker skirt. Plastic bins and a small file cabinet keep things tidy.


A basic shelf unit (with extra storage space for office and crafts supplies) doubles as a side table. A lovely coverlet with scalloped edging lends a sweet country touch. All you need is hook-and-loop tape and a needle and thread to complete the transformation.


Built-in cabinets tuck away extra storage in this cozy sleeping nook. Customize the design to fit your needs with drawers, cabinets, and cubbies.



energy cords Releasing your energetic attachments to people can help free your authentic self, writes Bonnie Cleaver who reveals the power of cutting the ties that bind. Have you ever left a relationship, only to find you can’t get your ex out of your head? Perhaps you have a friend who you feel ‘connected’ to, but leaves you feeling drained after spending time together. Or maybe you have a harmonious relationship with your parents, but sense their beliefs and expectations still sway your decisions, even as an adult.These are just a few sign that you may have energy cords-energetic links or attachments we form with people in our lives. While they are a natural phenomenon and nothing to be afraid of, strong or multiple cords can sap our energy and pull us off balance, which is why energetic healers suggest cutting the cords regularly.

Every day, our interactions with people form invisible connections as energy is exchanged. These cords, often fade within days of being formed, however stronger cords such as the ones we share with your partner, parents, siblings, children and close friends, can last for months or even years, depending on the strength of the attachment and how emotionally ‘invited’ we are. In relationship, cords function almost like cables transmitting energetic signals.

How are energy cord created?

61 “They may unknowingly tap your energy because they have run out of their own, or constantly want to offload on you about their day.” Cords can also tie us to belief systems, particularly those of our parents, which manifest in adult life in our habitual ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Sensing the connections

Sometimes it can be an equal exchange of energy, but more often one person is dependent on the other. “This can be quite draining, especially if you are corded to a very dramatic or hyper-person,’ says Paul Fenton-Smith, founder of the Academy of Psychic Sciences.

Clarivoyants and healers are often able to see, feel or sense energy cords some may appear as fine strands of wool, other thicker than tree trunks. They are commonly connected to the solar plexus where we store emotion, although can be links anywhere in the auric or parts of the body. Fenton-Smith describes a workshop he held where one lady complained of a chronically sore neck. “I had the students in the class to scan her neck for an energy cord, then write down their impressions. When they read them aloud, everyone had linked the cord to a fisherman, which the lady identified as her grandfather. She spent the next few months cutting the cords and her neck pain went a


It also frees you up to be your authentic self Physical symptoms or so you’re not constantly illness that doesn’t seeking their approval respond to standard or worrying you’re not treatments or persists good enough.” despite a healthy lifestyle Some of the most vital are one sign of energy cords to cut are those cords may be if you’re that we have with our feeling tired, drained parents. “Many of our or lacking clarity about limiting beliefs and your life, have insecurities such as obsessive thoughts ‘there’s never enough about a person or feel money’ or ‘you have to you’ve lost your sense get angry to get your of self in a relationship,” own way’ are inherited say pranic healer Jan from our parents, so Rowan. cutting the cords can help release us from the negative When should programming we repeat cords be cut? in our everyday lives,” explains Rowan. Cutting the cords to It’s particularly relationship where important for women to you’ve been hurt is a cut their cords to past powerful way to gain sexual partners as the closure and move on connection established with your life. However, through sexual intimacy loving relationship such can allow the other as those with parents, person to draw on your siblings and close energy field for the rest friends can also benefit of your life. from cord cutting. The only instances “People sometimes where cords can’t be cut worry that if they cut are if you have biological the cords to someone children who are they love, that person prepubescent for whom won’t be in their life you are considered anymore or they will karmically responsible, stop loving them, but and to your current that couldn’t be further intimate partner. from the truth, “ says “There’s no point cutting energetic healer Barb cords from your partner Stone. “Cutting the ties as every time you have allows you to love that sex your reinvent the person for who they are energy cord,” say Stone. and not who you want them to be.

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Local Engage




After spending the last couple of days with the Galaxy Tab, we can confidently say it’s the best Android tablet on the market. Now, that’s not saying much given the state of the Android competition, but we can also assuredly say that the Tab is the first true competitor to Apple’s iPad. Its crisp display, compact form factor, touch-friendly software and dual cameras undoubtedly have what it takes to win over the average tablet seeker.


However, we still have some reservations right now. Google hasn’t yet provided any direction on Android as a tablet platform, which means that the Tab is held back by lagging application support and software that doesn’t fully take advantage of the extra screen real estate. Remember, that when the iPad launched many developers were already working on tablet specific apps and Apple had an iPad app store in place. Put simply, without that

ecosystem and support from Google, Samsung is left to its own devices -literally. Just today Samsung rolled out an emulator for the Tab that uses the Android SDK and the company says it’s working with Google and plans to use future iterations of Android, so we’ll have to see what happens -- but for now it looks like the saga of the Samsung Galaxy Tab still has several chapters to go. Price $850 US dollar, at Hakse mobile shop.


AIR REVIEW (Late 2010) Make no mistake about it, the new MacBook Airs are very good laptops. What they lack in speed and power, they make up for in build quality and big time battery life. Add to that gorgeous displays, solid state storage, and the unquestionably stable OS X, and the concoction makes for a nearly irresistible offering... provided you’ve got the cash. When it comes to the 11.6-incher, it’s hard to see it as our main laptop (emphasis on our): it’s a

great companion for bed, the TV, and short trips, but it’s not quite enough to take the place of our MacBook Pro. The 13-inch, on the other hand, may have just enough juice to become a lot of people’s one and only; it was consistently surprising to us during our testing. In terms of price and performance, there is still a discrepancy from where Apple is compared with the rest of the industry. For instance, you can scoop up the excellent Lenovo

ThinkPad Edge 11 for about half the price of the cheapest Air, there are powerhouses like the Alienware M11x in the market, and Dell is whipping out models like the Inspiron M101z. Still, it’s hard to deny that the fit, finish, lower pricing, and overall performance of the new Airs makes them desirable and imminently usable laptops, and for many, that’s going to take the sting out of the Apple tax. Price from $1,069 US dollar, at iOne Center.


Nintendo SAYS NO Wii PRICE CUT COMING IN ‘NEAR FUTURE,’ MIGHT WANT TO RE-THINK THAT Remember the halcyon days of motion gaming? When the Wii was selling to everyone and everyone’s grandmother in such huge volumes that Nintendo couldn’t keep up? That time is long-past and, after the most recent disappointing earnings report from Nintendo (which isn’t the first), people are beginning to ask the obvious question: when is the thing getting cheaper? For $200 gamers can now choose between a shiny new Xbox 360

or a Wii, and while crimson bundles might help, a price cut would help more. That’s not coming soon according to President and CEO Satoru Iwata, saying: “we cannot say [a Wii price cut] will never happen, but we are not thinking of it for the near future.” So, when? Well, the last time he said it wasn’t getting a price cut that’s exactly what it got five months later. Maybe March, then?




TeliaSonera subsidiary Ncell has just completed installation of a 3G base station at 5,200 meters (17,000 feet) that will reach the 8,848-meter peak of Mount Everest. Mind you, we’ve already seen a cellphone call made from the world’s highest peak using a temporary base station

in a Motorola publicity stunt. This time, however, it’s permanent and faster allowing climbers to surf the internet or make 3G video calls. Why would Ncell want to build a base station in such a sparsely populated area? Because it is there.



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Category: Scenery Photo By: Kham Mainy Photo Title Along the Way back to my hometown Location: Cambodia Camera : Canon Canon 500D

Category: Scenery Photo By: Chumlong Nikon Photo Title: Rain & life with Loveunlimited. Location: Cambodia Camera : Canon EOS 50D



5 Category: Adventure Photo By: Chhun Bunnawath Photo Name: Majestic Temple Location: Cambodia Camera : Canon 550D

Category: Scenery Photo By: BunKim Eng Photo Name: The Lives today Location: Cambodia Camera : Nikon D5000


7 Category: Adventure Photo By: Dara Ea Photo Name: Local Dancing Location: Africa Camera : Nikon D60 Category: Scenery Photo By: Leon Kenady Photo Name: Auckland Location: NewZealand Camera : Canon Digital IXUS 50 Category: Adventure Photo By: Kimheng SOK Photo Name: Udoung Mountain Location: Kandal Market, Cambodia Camera : Nikon D3000

2nd Dec 2010 to 2nd Jan 2011

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Local Guide


Rest aurant

Phnom Penh



1- Amber Garden Terrace

Restaurant:Khmer Intentional Breezy, comfortable terrace restaurant, cafe and bar offering reasonable prices of dining and accommodation. Khmer dishes are the specialty but there are lots of Western and International offering as well. Big selection of Khmer vegetable soup, Thai Tom Yum Kung and lost of Khmer and western mains. [ WF – AC ] #1A, Street 57 (Open: 24 Hour) Tel: +(855) 023 216 303

2-Anise Terrace

Restaurant:Southeast Asian The Anise Terr race in Boueng Kebg Kang1 offers a comfortably stylish, reasonably priced dining and accommodations. The restaurant offers terrace balcony and a/c seating, consistently excellent service and a good variety of Southeast Asians dishes such as Fish Cakes and Wok Fried Tiger Prawns. 
[ WF-AC ] #2C, Street 278 Open: 6:00AM - 11:00PM Tel: +(855) 023 222 522

3-Aria D’Italia Pizzeria 

4-Bai Thong

Restaurant:Indochina and French. Bai Thong offers white elegance and topnotch service in the traditions of Phnom Penh’s best restaurants, but with a comfortably refined, relaxed atmosphere suitable for family, business or a romantic dinner. Serving excellent French, Indochina and authentic Thai cuisine at surprisingly reasonable prices. New, expanded menu with more French, Khmer, Vietnamese and Lao choices. Full bar, wines and cocktail. Lunch and Dinner. #100-102, Sothearos [ WF-AC ] Tel: +(855) 023 211 054/ 012 666 390

Poolside Restaurant/Bar: International Aptly biking itself as a ‘Boutique Haven’ Very relaxed, Open air, poolside restaurant/bar at the Billabong Hotel, serving excellent western food at reasonable private tropical garden. Great place for breakfast, lunch, dinner or to lounge away the afternoon poolside. Good western breakfasts. [ AC ]
 #5, Street 158 Open: 8:00AM - 11:00PM Tel: +(855) 023 223 703/ 998 472/ 092 229 306

Fine French Cuisine, fully air-conditioned and offering a comfortable. Serving international dishes with the emphasis on French as well as several Asian selection. The restaurant is open at lunch and dinner. [ AC ] #8, Rue. 118/ face au Memphis Club Tel: +(855) 023 223 140/ 016 642 630


Restaurant: Malaysian/International Brilliant little Malaysian restaurant serving very affordable priced Western and Asian dishes and lots of tasty Malaysian specialities. Very clean kitchen, food, hygienic preparation. Halal. Prompt friendly service. Comfortable surroundings. Indoor and curb side patio seating. Great value. Right up the street from the Capitol Guesthouse. Recommended.
 #240b, Street 107 Open; 7:00AM - 10:00PM Tel: 012-858567
 [ AC ]

8-Bopha Phnom Penh Titanic 

Restaurant: Cambodian/International Salish, breezy riverside terrace provides a sweeping view of the peaceful river scenery, perfect to escape the city rush. Full bar, extensive cocktail menu and wine list. Also air-con seating and bar (see Bar listings.) . Apsara Dance performances from 7pm-9pm [ WF- AC ] Sisowath Quay Open: 6:00AM-Late Tel: +(855) 012 524 584

9-Casa Lika

Restaurant/Bar: Mexican/Khmer Unique Mexican/Khmer restaurant and bar on 136 just off the riverfront. Hardwood floors, full air-conditioned, comfortable ambiance. Serving a good selection of authentic Mexican dishes including tacos, fish tacos, nachos, fajitas, burritos, quadrilles and more. Also lots of other western dishes and Khmer and Asian dishes as well. Full bar, cold beer,spirits. Happy hour 4PM-7:00PM Closed on Mondays. [ AC-WF -DEL ] #16, Street 136/Open: 10:00AM-Midnight Tel: +(855) 012 429 542

10-Chiang Mai Riverside 
 Restaurant:Fine Thai Long-established little riverside restaurant offering authentic Thai cuisine. Lots of good reviews from customers. The owner is justifiably proud of his home cooking. Good selection of veg dishes. “Thailand brand certified”. Helpful photo menu. Lots of tourist information. #227Eo, Sisowath Quay Open: 10:00AM - 10:00PM Tel: +(855) 011 811 456 11-Chiva’s Shack

Restaurant,Guesthouse and Bar Famous riverside meeting place, friendly family bar Western local menu,special cocktail $2.00 everyday, night BBQ Pool Table. Room Range from $7 Included breakfast, wi-fi, AC, Fan, Hot shower, TV. #6-8, St 130 (River Side) [ WF- AC ] Tel: +(855) 023 986 837/ 016 406 232

12-Comme a la Maison Restaurant: French Outdoor patio seating garden setting. French food a la crate and weekly specials. Indoor shop, homemade good, bakery and char coterie. Great break- fast place. Delivery. French and English spoken. Good reviews. from customers. Loyal following. #13, Street 57 Open: 6AM - 22:30PM 
[ DEL ] Tel: +(855) 023 360 801/ 012 951 869 13-frizz
 Restaurant: Cambodian The popular frizz restaurant has moved from the riverfront to Street 240. Offering the same excellent traditional Cambodian fare and more. The expanded menu includes more salads, desserts and signature Cambodian dishes well as international dishes. Specialties include Cambodian Amok and Chhnang Phnom Pleung (Cambodia khmer BBQ) As about Cambodian cooking classes. #67, Street 240 Open: 10Am - 10PM [DEL] Tel: +(855) 023 220 653 14-Dosa Corner Restaurant: South Indian/Malaysian As the name says, the specialty of the house are dosas - South Indian rice and bean crepes stuffed with spiced vegetables or meat or served with a side dish as chutney. The Dosa Corner serves more than fifteen varieties of dosas including the ever popular masala dosa and a large choice of accompaniments and sides. Home delivery and catering. #5E, Street 51 [ DEL ] Open: 7:00AM - 10PM Tel: +(855) 012 673 276 15-East India Curry Company

Restaurant: North and South India Serving authentic north and south Indian cuisine in comfortable, refined, air-conditioned environment. East India Curry has garnered great reviews from patrons and a loyal following. The chef employs many imported ingredients. South Indian breakfasts. Catering. Lunch and diner. #9, Street 114 [ DEL –AC ] Open: 7:00AM - 10PM

16-Freebird Bar & Grill 
 Bar/Restaurant: American An extraordinarily comfortable air-conditioned bar and restaurant with a friendly neigh bourhood bar and comfortable seating, good conversation and a generally convivial place. Fully stocked bar and other western foods. Great pizzas, burgers, steaks and the best chili in town. Excel music selection. Efficient, reliable home delivery. Make sure to pick up a copy of the delivery menu. Listed in the exclusive Miele Guide 2009/2010 (to Asia’s finest restaurants,) “...for homesick Americans... Free bird is heaven on earth. #69, Street 240 [ AC – DEL ] 
 Open: 7:00Am - 11:00PM Tel: +(855) 023 224 712 17-Happy Seven

Good taste , and best service. BBQ Suki, BBQ, Oyster, Soups and KhmerChinese Foods.Behind Sovanna Shopping Center. St. 199 / Tel: 012 579 521

18-Fortune Pho One of the best noodle soup in town. Restaurant noodle, Italian cuisine, and best cook spaghetti. Friendly welcome. Tel: 017 866 672 Open: Mon-Sun / 8am-9pm 19-Friends (Mith Samlanh)
 Restaurant: International Cheerful tapas restaurant run as part of a program to teach street youth marketable skills. Khmer and western snacks, salads, weekly specials. Try the famous exotic fruit shake. Frozen margarita and daiquiris. Open 7 day a week. Kitchen closes at 9PM. 50m from the entrance to the National Museum. #215, Street 13 / Open: 11:00AM11:00PM Tel: +(855) 012 802 072 20-Garden Center Café 2 
 Restaurant: international This is the Boeng Keng Kang 1 area annex of the Bong Keng Kang 1 area annex of the very popular Garden Center Canter Cafè, offering the same excellent western Meals... steaks, baked ham, ham, baked salmon, burgers, sloppy joes, Asian dishes and a great selection of salad and vegetarian dishes. Home cooking, generous portions. Relaxed, clean, family atmosphere. Indoor seating. Free delivery. Closed Tuesdays. [ DEL ] #48Eo, Street / Open: 7:00Am - 10:00PM Tel: +(855) 092 206 582 21-Brauhaus Restaurant & Club Singapore first German restaurant & Pub since 1998. For best Pork Knuckles, Great food, Huge Variety of Beer, Cosy pub, live Band. #34 Street 130 (Riverside) Tel: +(855) 099 311 188 [ LM ] 22-Setsara

Thai restaurant Thai & French flavors Vegetarian menu, breakfast, lunch, dinner, take away, and free delivery. #3d, St 278 [ DEL ] Open: Time: 7am - 11pm Tel: +(855) 017 338 184

23-Grant’s & KTV Delicious Noodle 60th Century Serve breakfast and lunch time Khmer popular cuisine like Noodle soup with beef, ball fish, Chicken rice, and soft drink, cuisine ordering, and buffer #276, St 430 Tel: +(855) 012 988 077 1st branch: #163, St. 173 2nd branch: #64, St. 430 24-Hagar Catering & Restaurant Restaurant: International Pleasant family restaurant in Boeung Keng Kang 1, offering a good selection of nicely prepared, reasonably priced western and Asian dishes. Lunch buffet. Evening salad bar. Comfortable a/c seating. Meeting facilities. Catering #23, Street 288, just off Street 63 Open: 7:00AM - 9:30PM [ WF- DEL ] Tel: +(855) 012 306 075 25-Sugar Palm Restaurant & bar Khmer food and nice terrace. #19, St. 240 Tel: 023 220 956 Open: 11am-10pm

. Free Internet Access= [WF] . Live Music/ Dj= [LM]


6-Bistro La P’tite France

. Air-Conditioner= [AC] . Free Home Delivery= [Del]

Restaurant: Pizzeria/Italian 
Easily one of the best pizzas in Phnom Penh. Homey little pizzeria and Italian restaurant located on a quiet street near Boeng Keng Kang 1. A nice selection of authentic Italian pizzas and pastas. Indoor and garden patio seating. Full bar. Lunch and Dinner. Free delivery. Easy parking. Recommended.. [ WF- DEL ]
 #9, Street 254 
Tel: 012-840705


14 68 1

Local Guide 26-Kandal House 
 Restaurant: International Popular, riverfront restaurant offering a large selection reasonably priced western dishes including a variety of pizzas and pasta t5hat is fresh-made daily. Full bar offering cocktails, cold beer and wine. Music. Comfortable indoor and side walk seating with a good view of the riverfront. Happy hour 2PM - 8PM. Home delivery. Free charging for phone, camera, iPod, laptop...Fast. #239, Sisowath Quay [ WF – DEL ] Open: 8:00AM - Late Tel: +(855) 012 525 612 27-Khmer Surin Delicious Khmer & Thai Cuisine in a comfortable atmosphere Thai Style balcony seating Catering- Vegetarian Menu Large Par [ WF – AC ] #9, Street 57, Phnom Penh Tel: +(855) 012 887 320 / 023 363 050 28-K’NYAY Restaurant: Khmer and Vegan Unique, smart little alley’s end cafe/restaurant just off Suramarit Blvd, serving a nice selection of mostly Khmer-inspired vegan cuisine as well as a selection of Khmer meat dishes - Soups, salads, traditional Khmer, modern and fusion dishes Sweet potato, pepper and peanut stew, Banana curry, Tofu veg curry, Pomelo and chicken salad, Fish amok and much more. Delivery. Located across the Hun Sen Park from the Ministry of Environment. M-F, noon-9PM, Sat 7AM-9PM. Closed Sunday. #25Km 
[ DEL ] Noon - 9:00PM / Tel: +(855) 023 225 225 29-Sarika Garden Grill, Restaurant, Business lunch special with daily light, 3-course meal. Open daily 10:30am - 11pm Tel: +(855) 023 882 329 [ WF ] #69, St 566, Corner St.317 30-K-West Brasserie-Bar 
 Restaurant:International Trendy, stylish, comfortable riverfront restaurant and bar on the ground floor of the Amanjaya Hotel. Serving a wide range of contemporary Asian and European cuisine at moderate prices. Sporting a stylish, relaxed fusion decor with hard wood floors and modern art around the walls - perfect for all occasions, business, family or leisure. Full bar with Cocktails. Wine selection. Take away. Happy hour 6PM8PM.#1, St 154, Sisowath Quay 6:00AM-11:00PM / Tel: 023 214747 reservation@amanjaya-pancam-hotel. com 31-La Croisette

Restaurant:International Stylish riverfront restaurant offering comfortable indoor air-conditioned seating and curb side seating with a riverfront view. A good choice of finely prepared Khmer, Italian, French and western dishes at moderate prices. The is particularly good. Concise but varied wine selection with several choices available by the glass. Well-chosen house wines. Full bar. Nice place for a gathering of friends or a romantic dinner for two. #241, Sisowath Quay/ 7:00AM - 10:00AM **Happy hour 4PM - 7PM Tel: +(855) 023 220 554 [ AC ]

32-VG Garden BBQ and soup, all you can eat buffet. Open: 16pm - 21pm Tel: +(855) 023 217 132 #108, St 55 33-New Maharaja Serving the best of Indian. Chinese and Bangladeshi cuisine. Tel: +(855) 012 513 516 #11, St 278 34-Lemongrass Regional seafood, specialize, impeccably source ingredients, and infusion of local flavors turn to culinary sensations in the hands of our chefs. Guests enjoy a multidining experience including teppan-yaki, sushi, yakiori and live seafood with creative menus designed to tantalize, savor and thrill. #14, St. 130 [ AC ] Tel: +(855) 012 996 707 35-Candy Bar
 24hr Bar/Restaurant:International Fully air-conditioned, totally comfortable 24hour sports bar and restaurant on street 136 just off the riverfront. Lots of hostesses, cushioned seating, relaxed atmosphere with good music at conversation volume. Pool table, live sports TV. games. Serving a nice selection of western, khmer and Thai dishes - western breakfast, piazzas, Thai food and more. Guesthouse rooms available. Happy hour 9AM-9PM #24-26, St. 136 [ AC ] Open: 24 hour Tel: +(855) 015 691 969/ 012 255 425 36-La Volpaia 
 Restaurant: Pizzeria/Italian Absolutely authentic, fine Italian cuisine served in a comfortably inviting, white table cloth atmosphere with an open kitchen, terra cottar floors, smart service and a pleasantly air-conditioned dining space overlooking the old colonial post office square Big selection of pizzas, pastas and imported steaks. Very good wine selection with several wines available by the glass. Just a block off the riverfront at the corner of Street 102 opposite the Post Office, around the corner from the Street 104 bar scene. Lunch and Dinner. Open noon - 10:30PM on the weekends. Corner of Street 102 and Street 13 Open: 24 hour [ DEL – AC ] Tel: +(855) 023 992 739 37-Le Rit’s Restaurant & Boutique

Garden Restaurant: Asian/Western Long-established, popular NGO-based (NYEMO) patio garden restaurant offering a large selection of nicely prepared Asian and meat dishes. Lots of salads, fish and meat dishes, with several Thai and Cambodia choices. Catering. NGO-based handicrafts workshop and retail shop on site. #71 Street 240, just off of Monivong. Open: 7:00AM - 10:00PM [ WF – DEL ] Tel: +(855) 023 213 160

38-Ariba Grill Chicken grill, delicious spare rib recipe from Ariba #490, Kampuchea Krom Tel: +(855) 099 987 566

39-Tamarind Restaurant/Bar/Tapas: French/ Mediterranean 
 Excellent French and Mediterranean fare. Wonderful tapas. Sidewalk seating, bar seating, and pleasant indoor seating upstairs. Full bar and pool table of the ground floor. Long-time loyal following and very favourable reviews from customers. Good wine selection. Moderately priced. Delivery. Catering. Billiards. 
[ DEL ] #31, Street 240 Open: 10:00AM Late 
 Tel: 012-830139 40-Lotus Blanc Restaurant Restaurant: Asian/Western Training restaurant at the NGO, Pour un Sour ire d’Enfant’s (PSE) vocational training center. Serving very prepared and presented Asian and western dishes. Friday buffet. Very good service. Your patronage assists the students in the learning process and helps support humanitarian works of PSE and the vocational training center. groups and special events booking welcome. Breakfast and Lunch. #402 Tra Village, Stueng Meanchey Tel: +(855) 017 602 251 41-Le Cedre Authentic Lebanese Cuisine Tunisian Couscous in corporation with: Mohamed Moumni of “La Gourmandize Bluer” (available at our 1st branch/ No.1, St. 360) More than 5 persons and above must be reserved by phone in advance 1st Branch: No. 1, St.360 (10:00AM - 2:00PM & 5:00PM Late) 2nd Branch: No. 383, Sisowath Quay, Open: 10:00M Late 42-Malis 
 Restaurant: Khmer Malis is Phnom Penh’s superlative Cambodia dining experience. Artfully prepared contemporary and traditional Khmer cuisine from the kitchen of the renowned Cambodian chef Luu Meng, served in stylish, elegant surrounding of Angkorian-inspired pools, gardens and architecture. Full bar, cocktails, extensive wine cellar. Terrace garden, air-conditioned and private dining available. [ AC ] #136, Norodom Open: 6:00AM - 10PM Tel: +(855) 023 221 022 43-Mother-In-Law House Our dishes are prepared with fresh and quality ingredients and we serve a different fresh fish disk everyday! Get please with Cambodia live music every night. #38, St. 240 corner 55 Open:6am - 10pm [ LM - AC ] Tel: +(855) 023 221 020 / 011 522 052 44-Le Seoul Korean Cuisine, Lunch and Dinner. No. 62, Monivong Blvd Open: 11am-10pm [ AC ] Tel: +(855) 023 427 000 45-Equinox Delivery, Free WiFi, Pool Table, Football table, Salsa dancing Wednesday, Swing Live music Saturday night dancing Thursday. [ WF – DEL- LM ] No. 3A, Street 278 Tel: +(855) 092 791 958

46-Mt. Manaslu Restaurant 7 Cafè Experience the taste of Nepal with multi cuisine from Nepal. Tibet and India, sitting and air-conditioned and hard drinks, coffee, tea and served in open air room. Chilled soft fruit shakes, lassies, cocktail available. Catering with special discount rate for group parties and free home delivery. Sunday Buffet Open: 11:30 - 2:00pm #1A, St. 282 [ DEL ] Tel: +(855) 023 996 514 47-NagaWorld
* Restaurants, Bars and Casino The NagaWorld resort and casino complex has it all - luxury accommodation, fine dining restaurants, entertainment venues with bars, karaoke, a dance club lounge and sprawling casinos with extensive gaming facilities. It would be easy to plan the entire evening around NagaWorld - drink, dine and dance all night. [ LM ] 48-Bistro Romano * Italian Bistro style Italian restaurant offering festive Italian decor, a comfortably refined atmosphere and a wide selection - from family priced pizzas to upscale fine Italian mains and pastas. Several vegetarian selections on the menu. Suitable for friends, business or family dining. Banquet facilities. Catering. [ AC ] Open 11:00AM -11:00PM

 49-Korean Grill Korean * Upscale Korean dining, one of several fine dining outlets at NagaWorld. Stylish, smart, upscale decor and ambiance with special BBQ-grill tables. A wide selection of meats and Korean dishes - seasoned beef, sliced tenderloin, beef rib, spicy roast pork, cold soup, spicy cold noodles. All imported beef. Open 11:00AM - 11:00PM

 [ AC ]

50-Le Gourmet French Fine upscale French dining in every aspect. Old World wine-glass-&white-table-cloth atmosphere, serving traditional French favorites as well as contemporary creations, capped by a deep wine cellar and excellent service. Live classical violin music. Perfect for a romantic evening. [ LM – AC ] Open: Noon-2:00PM and 6;00PM-11:00PM. Samdech Hun Sen Park Tel: +(855) 023 228 822 51-Nordic House
 Restaurant/Bar/Guesthouse: Scandinavian/Asia/Western. Guesthouse restaurant and bar in the heart of the very popular Street 136 bar scene just off the riverfront. Offering a good selection of reasonably priced meals and drinks-lots of western dishes and a few very nicely done home-made Scandinavian specialties including Pork Rib and Surreal, Salted Lamb Leg and Meatballs & Vegetables.. Full bar, draft beer, lots of spirits, all very affordable. Guesthouse rooms available. Open:7:00AM - Midnight #22, St. 136 Tel: +(855) 023 998 676

69 52-Romdeng 
 Restaurant: Cambodia. Along with Friends the Restaurant, Romdeng is teaching former street youth the art of creative Cambodian cooking. Great place to sample modern Cambodia food in a stunning villa setting with garden and pool. While Romdeng is helping provide employment and education leading to a new life for street kids, these kids spearhead their own culture’s food revival. Together with the students out what Cambodia’s breakthrough dish in the world’s food arena is. Catering. private function rental. [ DEL –AC ] #74 Street 174 Open: 11:00AM - 10:00PM Tel: +(855) 092 219 565 53-Royal India 

Restaurant: Indian Good, reasonably priced Indian/Pakistani food. The Royal India has been around for several years and has a loyal following. Try the Chicken Korma. [ DEL ] #21, Street 111 Open: 10AM - 10PM Tel: +(855) 023 3 0000 8

 Restaurant: Italian Charming little Italianmanaged cafe on the riverfront with a very welcoming atmosphere, great Italian food (including an absolutely wonderful homemade gnocchi) and excellent service. Pizzas, lasagna, salads, pastas all prepared with genuine Italian genuine Italian, quality ingredients. Beer, spirits and a nice selection of imported wine. Fully air-conditioned. Consistently impressive customer reviews. Eat in take away. Recommended. Lunch and Dinner. #371, Sisowath Quay [ DEL- AC ] Tel: +(855) 012 562 892 55-Angkear Vimean Delivery service for monthly Care your time and health, serve food reaches your home, your work place everyday, and bring you a healthy food. #13, St. 278 . [ DEL ] Tel: +(855) 012 434 630 56-Van’s Restaurant Restaurant: French. One of the top dining experiences in Phnom Penh - serving up the very finest of traditional French cuisine and colonial ambiance. Set in a wonderfully restored French colonial-era building - the Banquet de I’Indochine building - the Banquet de I’Indochine building - and retaining every ounce of its former grand gentility. Van’s Restaurant offers excellent service and a full menu of beautifully prepared and presented French cuisine. Lunch and Dinner. #5, Street 102 Tel: +(855) 023 722 067

 Restaurant/Bar: International One of Phnom Penh’s longest running, most popular family restaurant boasts consistently great reviews from customers. Very great reviews from customers. Very popular with the local business community. Tell offers a wide variety of excellent, authentic Swiss and German specialties, all at moderate prices. Tell’s massive Grilled Pork Leg dinner is legendary. Airconditioned, chalet-style decor and ambiance and all fresco beer garden seating as well. [ AC ] #13, Street 90 Open: 11:00AM - 10:30PM Tel: +(855) 023 430 650 58-Tom Yum Kung 
 Restaurant/Bar: Thai/Khmer Little thatchroofed Thai/Khmer restaurant in the Street 278 area, popular with locals and visitors alike. Welcoming, family-restaurant atmosphere. Big selection of absolutely authentically prepared Thai and Khmer dishes. Beer (including Thai beer), wine and spirits. As one might expect, the tom yum kung is recommended. #10, Street 278 Open: 8:00AM - 10:00PM Tel: +(855) 023 359 293 59-Mr. Kokoro 25th of every month all food 25% off Salmon roll $2.00 tempura $2.00 65dishes for $2.00 each. #Eo 18 Shinanouk Blvd, Tel: +(855) 012 601 095 60-T-BONE Restaurant: Steak house. The first and only one steak house in Phonm Penh. Comfortable place at the corner the Monivong Blvd. Celebrate your every success by delighting in the finest steaks made from imported beef from some of the best regions in the worlds. Only in the refined, well-ap-pointed setting of T-Bone Steak house. When was the last time to rewarded yourself? #392 Monivong Blvd, corner St. 360 Open everyday [ AC – WF ] Tel: +(855) 012 900 138 61-Lunnad autunno Italian Restaurant, Wood fired Pizzaouen. # 6c St, 29 Tel: 023 220 895 62-Saint-Tropez Bar and lounge. Fine French cuisine, full air-conditioner, French style decoration, comfortable lounge with nightly live entertainment. Good selection of cocktails. #31, St. 174 Tel: +(855) 097 9000 401 / 077 212 100 Open everyday for lunch and diner

 Restaurant: French First-class presentation, absolutely superb service and the good selection of contemporary French (and some Thai) dishes easily places Topaz amongst the finest dining venues in Phnom Penh. Including offerings such as Steak d’agneau aux hair cots and a choice of succulent steaks steaks sure to please the meat lover. The excellent food is complemented by the refined atmosphere and Asian inspired decor. Topaz also harbor a deep wine cellar of fine French wines and a walk-in humidor stocked with the finest imported cigars. Upstairs piano bar with live music in the evenings. Free WiFi. live music. #100-102, Sothearos Open: 11:00AM - 2:00PM/6:00PM 10:30PM [ WF – AC – LM ] Tel: +(855) 023 211 054 Touk Restaurant 
 Restaurant/Bar: International First floor riverside restaurant with a brilliant view of the river and riverfront area. Balcony seating as well a indoor dining seating. Offering a very full menu of western and Cambodian dishes. Burgers and imported steaks pizza, pastas, seafood and several local dishes as well. Full bar, draft beer, cocktails, spirits. Considering the nice atmosphere, beautiful view and good food, the price are surprisingly reasonable. Nice place to sit over a drink, enjoy the breeze and watch the passing boats and riverfront scene. Pool table. Happy hour 5:00PM - 7:30PM. Corner of Sisowath Quay and Street 178, Open: 7:00AM - Late Tel: +(855) 012 248 694

64-Velkommen Inn Restaurant/Bar: Scandinavian/International. Welcoming, comfortable hotel restaurant and bar at the Velkommen Inn on Street 104 just off riverfront, offering good selection of western dishes including all the favorites and several very nicely prepared Scandinavian specialties. d. #23, Street 104 [ LM – AC ] Open: 7:00AM - Late Tel: +(855) 092 177 710 / 092 177 720 65-Noodle House Noodle House Restaurant: Located on the ground floor of restored 1830’s colonial shop house, Noodle House is a small but cozy all fresco Asian cafè featuring an array of noodle prepared as a variety of quick and delicious meals. #32AE, St. 130, corner Sisowath Quay Open: 7am til Late Tel: +(855) 077 919 110 [ DEL ] noodles@saenterprises.asian

65-The Lian Hau The lian Hau, with a maxima seating capacity of 50-60 seats, features A La Carte set menu style service and a delightful of Chinese cuisine and Dim Sum (Yam Cha) with a modern touch. Whether its lunch or dinner in this stylish restaurant. The lian Hau loca in the ground floor at the right hand side of the hotel maim building with pool and villa view. Open: 11:am-22:30pm 7day/week Tel: +(855) 063 967 222 [ AC ] 66-Yi Sang
 Fine Chinese dining in the Almond Hotel. Dim sum all day (including excellent Lo Bake Go and Cheong Fun) and a la carte only in the evenings. Offering a large selection of Cantonese dishes and several tanks of live fish, shrimp, crabs and other seafood. Abalone, shark’s fin, Cantonese BBQ, wok fried, iron pan dishes, most at moderate prices. most at moderate prices. Atmosphere suitable for business, family or friends. Open: 6:30AM - 10:00PM Tel: +(855) 063 967 222 67-Anjali Located on the ground floor of a colonial building along Phnom Penh’s vibrant riverside Anjali offers traditional Khmer cuisine, Western classics and Indian spicy delights. A wide range of drinks are on offer which are great value during the two ‘Hours.’All in all a perfect place to relax and watch the world go by whilst sampling probably the best value meals and drink along the riverside. Recommended by the Lonely Planet. Happy hours: 5pm to 8pm & 11pm to Midnight. Open: 7am till Late #273 Sisowath Quay Tel: +(855) 012 457 901 68-Mazinga Thai Restaurant. Restaurant: Thai. New, home little Thai restaurant on the interesting street block of Sothearos Blvd between Street 178 Wat Ounalom a very wide selection is of very nicely prepared, home-cooked Thai dishes. Some Khmer dishes available as well. All very reasonable priced. Downstairs street view seating and Thai style low table seating on the first floor. #6HEo, Sothearos Open: 6:00AM - 11:00PM Tel: +(855) 092 939 078 69-Tonle Bassac Buffet lunch, buffer dinner, set menu, lunch box, coffee break, conference room, outside catering services. #177, St. Mao Tse Tong Tel: +(855) 023 210 019

14 70 1

Local Guide 70-Lemongrass Authentic classical Khmer Thai cuisine at very reasonable prices, including a delicious selection of vegetarian dishes. Home delivery too. Open daily from 10am till 10pm. #14, St. 130, corner Sisowath Quay Tel: +(855) 012 996 707

Where are the fast food at ? 1. Pizza Company

Vimeantep Pizza, Pasta, Salad Tel: 023 222 142 Nº. 39, Oknha Nou Kan (St. 105), Behind Embassy of Germany EFG Co., Ltd Tel: 023 883 488-9 Nº. 27, Street 134 Old Stadium Pizza, Pasta, Salad Te: 023 864 248 Nº. 17-19, Oknha Khleang Moeung (St. 70) Sorya Pizza, Pasta, Salad Tel: 023 223 607 Nº. 13-61, Trasak Paem (St. 63) Kampuchea Krom Pizza. Pasta, Salad 023 881 762 Nº. 880-882, Kampuchea Krom Blvd Cnr Street 261

71-Sarika Garden Grill Fine Asian cuisine including seafood and sizzling steaks set in a beautiful, traditional wooden Khmer villa. Enjoy a BBQ in the spacious gardens. Private dining rooms and children’s play ground. Open daily from 10am till 10pm. #69, St. 566, corner St. 317 Tel: +(855) 017 456 116 72-The Palm Leaves Palm Leaves, with a maximum seating capacity of 120 150 seats, features buffet style service and delightful blend of Cambodia and promotion menus showcasing the international cuisine. Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner in this stylish restaurant, you can enjoy having the option of dining inside the cool airconditioned ambiance or relaxing in the natural splendid pool views surrounded by tropical garden. palm leaves located in first floor at the right hand side of hotel main building. HOURS OF OPERATION A La Carte Menu: 11:00am - 22:30pm 7 day a week Tel: +(855) 063 967 808

2. KFC (Cambodia)

Nº. 170, Monivong Blvd , Asia Hotel Phnom Penh Tel: 023 213 772 Delivery: 023 996 000 Nº. D13-15 opposite of Sovanna Shopping Center

73-Lmut Tum Restaurant: Cambodian, International dishes. All very reason price. Good servie. #95 coner st 386, Boeung Keng Kang III Tel: 067 68 5555, 012 871 781.

3. City Suki Soup Soup, Ice Cream, deserts. Tel: 023 228 686 Nº. 394-396, Preah Monivong

4. Master Grill

Sorya Shopping Center 5th floor Tel: 093 889919 Sovanna Shopping Center 3rd floor Tel: 093 889916 Sihanouk Blvd Tel: 093 889917

5. Master Suki Soup

Ice Cream Parlours Soup Bak Touk Tel: 023 888 889 Nº. 172, Tchecoslovaquie (St. 169) Sovanna Tel: 017 558 005 4th Floor , Sovanna Shopping Center Sorya Tel: 023 992 978 6th-8th Floor, Sorya Shopping Center Chroy Changva Tel: 023 982 069 National Road No 6A

6. Pizza World

Pizzerias Kampuchea Krom Tel: 023 222 266 Nº. 525-527, Kampuchea Krom Blvd Sovanna Tel: 023 222 266 1st Floor, Sovanna Shopping Center Monivong Tel: 023 222 266 Nº. 322, Preah Monivong Blvd City Mall Tel: 023 222 266 Building A, St. Monireth

TOP FINDING Monument Extensive range of new English- language books in town including recent releases and section on Asia, Cambodia, travel, cuisine, design and management. Good Children’s section as well as a wide choice of magazines and newspapers. Open from: 7: 30am - 8: 00pm Tel: 023 217 617 Street 111 Norodom Blvd Jolly Shoes, Clothes, Dresses. All accessories kids from new born to 15 years old. Street Kampuchea krom No. 108-110. 2nd floor Sovanna Shopping Center No. 175 A Mao Tse Tong / Tel: 012 655 117 Happy Dog Just want man’s best friend wanted. This shop specialises in dog food, toys, products and services, including veterinary, boading, grooming and shampoo. Open: 8am-8pm #233, Kampuchea Krom Tel: 012 321 333

The French Element French artistic Shop of Hair Salon / Beauty / Nails. Enjoy Home and Outcall Service, Product from France, fresh airconditioner, hair and nails services, Available Now! Get Discount and Bonus: For the first visit, you might get a 20% percent off on the service you purchase. Moreover, you will get 50% percent off bonus when you get one customer to the shop; you get it directly at the next time you come. Get discount and bonus with a good service from French artistic and products. French Element Himawari Hotel – Phnom Penh Reservation on VIP room – Outcall Tel: 07728-3332 Wedding Planner [ Srey Oun Prasat Meas ] deal all your wedding plan, Khmer traditional style and beauty salon. Tel: 012 809 735

Sa Sa Art Gallery Cambodia’s first artist-founded and operated gallery by a group of photogra phers and artists called Stiev Selapak. Opened in 2009, programming focuses on emerging Cambodian contemporary artists exhibiting new bodies of work. Located in central Phnom Penh, the Gallery hosts 5-6 exhibitions each year and encourages engagement with our community by hosting artist talks and welcoming student groups. #7, Street 360, Tel: 097 7320 555 Open: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 12pm & 2 - 6pm PHOTOGRAPHY Wedding, Ceremony, Commercial, Photo Printing. No. 689 Eo, Monivong Blvd Tel: 015 87 8888 ( Chhong Bun ) Tel: 012 801 902 ( Heng Bun )

Yoga Center Asia garden yoga center lifestyle. Enjoy yoga in serene nature. Nourish you soul and mind by tranquillity. Use of our swimming pool is free when you take a yoga classes. # 466 A corner 456, Monivong Blvd Tel: 023 721 766 / 011 896 286 Sovanna Phum An independent Khmer art association in Phnom Penh. T he association was created in order to give Khmer artists the opportunity to perform their art and to make a living. The aims are to revive, preserve and promote the treasures of Khmer culture to local and international audiences. >>Cultural Promotion Tel: 023 987 564 / 012 846 020 >>Art and Development Tel: 023 987 564 / 012 846 020 >>Public Relations Tel: 023 987 564 / 012 846 020



Cafe & Backery

Phnom Penh

14 72 1

Local Guide

Café Bakery &


1-Café Sentiment 

Café/Coffee shop Stylish , fully air-conditioned café and coffee shop located in the centre of town near Phsar Thmey (Central Market.) Snacks, salads, sandwiches, croissants and muffins, fresh squeezed fruit juices a selection of coffees (espresso, latté...,) Ice creams. [ WF – AC ] 1) #128, Monivong
 2) Sovanna Shopping Mall
 3) Street 278, corner of Street 63 Open: 7:00AM - 11:00PM Tel: 023-221922

2-Café Yejj 

Restaurant: Western 
Quiet, cozy bistro style cafe 20 meters from the Russian Market, serving western cuisine and an excellent selection of coffees. An great place to escape the dust and bustle of shopping at the Russian Market. Street side café seating and air-conditioned, cushioned comfort upstairs. Good pasta dishes, wide selection of panini, wraps and fabulous cheesecake, tantalizing pastas, crisp salads, choice of burritos, chilled lassis and more. Open everyday. 
[ AC ] #170, Street 450 Open
7:30AM - 9:00PM 
 Tel: 012-543360

3-Coffee Korner

Restaurant/Café: Western/Asian Corner coffee shop and restaurant conveniently located near the Russian Market. A good place to take a break from shopping. Comfortable indoor and curbside seating with a good view. Good selection of coffees (espresso, latte, etc.), Frappes, smoothies and fresh juices. Serving snacks and main dishes with both western and Cambodian choices. Sandwiches, salads, luk lok , amok, green curry, hot dogs, chicken fingers and more. 
#174, Street 155 Open:7:30AM - 10:00PM Tel: 012-867667


Are dedicated to providing a comfortable atmosphere for our Gloria Jean’s family. Whether it’s your morning coffee, after-work pick-me-up, or meeting friends in the evening we want you to come in, relax in our comfy chairs, and enjoy every sip of your Gloria Jean’s coffee! #Street 51 & 310 [ WF – AC ] Tel: 089491145

5-Cafe Fresco

Made-to-order, deli-fresh sandwiches from Cafe Fresco are perfect any time. Smoothies, frappes, lassies, fresh juicesrecharge with a nutritious dose of fruit and vitamins, the perfect thirst-quencher. Enjoy free high-speed wireless Internet access with every coffee. # 361 Sisowath Quay Open 7 a.m to 8 p.m Tell: 023 217 041. [ WF – AC ]

6-K Coffee

Coffee, and favourite Foods...Comfortable seats. [ DEL- AC - WF ] Time Open : From 6 am to 8 pm Soft drink 6 glass free 1 glass Tel: 015 821 984 #Street 214


Cash Only Culinary Team:Trained and experienced barista, chef, and yogurt expert from the well established K Coffee Restaurant. Currently Not AvailablePrice Range:$ (0-10)Services: [ DEL- AC - WF ] Takes Reservations,Walk-Ins Welcome Good For Groups,Good For Kids Take Out,Waiter Service,Outdoor Seating Specialties: Breakfast,Coffee,Drinks # Koh Pich (Diamond Island) Tel: 069693333 Mon - Sun:11:00 am - 10:30 pm

8-Chocolate by The Shop

Chocolate shop/Confectionery A chocoholic’s dreams. A big selection of Belgian chocolates made in Cambodia pralines, truffles, bars, bon bons and lots more. Also ice creams, cakes, coffee, teas, shakes and cocktails. Indoor and pleasant ale fresco seating. Great place to bring the kids for a treat. Closed at 4PM on Sundays. [AC] #35, Street 240 8:00AM - 7:00PM Tel: 023-998639

9-Fat Boy

Submarine sandwich shop New submarine sandwich shop near Sharkey Bar on Street 130. Serving up the best American style subs in town, generously made-to-order on fresh baked just-like-home breads and rolls. Imported roast beef, turkey, ham, salami, Italian subs, tuna salad, cheeses and a big selection of sauces and add-ons. Check out the Fat Boy sub packing a full kilo of meat. Salads and side. [DEL] #124, Street 130 Tel: 012-704500

10-Java Café and Gallery 

Café/Restaurant: International 
 Genial gallery ambiance. Brilliant selection of coffees, teas and muffins. Nice selections of salads, sandwiches made to order on homemade bread, fajitas, lots of veg dishes and all-day breakfasts including omelettes, pancakes, French toast, muesli and more. Indoor gallery seating and airy balcony seating overlooking the park. Changing art and photo exhibitions. WiFi HotSpot. Loyal expat following. [ WF – AC ] #56, Sihanouk Open: 7:00AM - 10:00PM 
 Tel: 023-987420 /

11-Em Cafe

Make your life tasty. Provide great homemade food at easy to find location in central in Phnom Penh. Choose from a great choice of dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner. [ DEL - AC - WF ] # 262 ,Street: 262 Monivong Blvd Tel: 012 60 80 89 Open : 06:30am-10:30pm

12-Le Jardin Café and Ice Cream Very family friendly place, wonderful for young children and parents. Large, enclosed outdoor cafe in the gardened front yard of a Boeung Keng Kang 1 villa. Lots of room for the kids to run and play - sand box, tree house and comfortable shaded seating areas for Mom and Dad. Serving western breakfasts, soups and sandwiches, dinner, tapas, fresh juices and a good choice of crepes and very popular homemade ice creams. Full bar with cocktails and a nice wine selection. Available for birthday parties. Sunday closed at 8:00PM. Closed Mondays. [ AC ] #16, Street 360 8:00AM - 10:00PM Tel: 011-815525 13-Flying Elephant Eclectic and fun, the Flying Elephant is what a restaurant might look like if a bunch of uni students turned their living room into a diner. The lounges are comfortable, the staff are energetic and free beer comes with every delicious pizza or burger ordered. [ AC ] 3A Ph 93, Central Phnom Penh Tel: 012 263332 14-The Terrace Coffee Serve breakfast, lucnh, dinner. Coffee drink, Americano, Espresso, Double Espresso, Coppuccino, Coffee Moch, Coffee Latte. # 36Eo, St. 289 Tel: 868 087 / 092 429 205 15-The Shop Café & Bakery One of our favorite places to pop in for lunch. a delightfully cozy café on one of Cambodia’s leafy little shopping streets. Its combination modern yet rustic décor makes it the prefect place to retreat from the hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh. Popularity…the quality and fresh, clean flavors transform visitors into dining regulars. # 39 Street 240 [ WF – AC ] Tel: 023 986964 16-Ben Café Serve Italian cafe & many kinds of special drink ,Special fast food, breakfast, lunch & dinner, Comfortable place with VIP rooms. [ WF ] Tel: 012 299 900 # 173, Street 132, Teuk Laak I, Toul Kork

19-PARK Café A beautiful cafe with great cakes and coffees, comfortable seating, air-conditioning and even wi-fi! Highly recommended! Time Open : 24 Hours Tel: 012 232 823 # 28, Street Monivong [ AC- WF - LM ] 20-Boddhi Tree Del Gusto Fragrant bougainvillea and jasmine combine with contemporary elegance to create a unique culinary experience. Enjoy fine Asian and continental cuisine at this centrally located café. #43, Street 95. [ WF – AC ] Tel: (0)23 211 396 21-ARIA D’ITALIA Italian pizza, salad, pasta, and more... Garden atmosphere & easy parking #9, Street 254 Open: 10:30-14:00 & 17:30-22:00 Tel: 012 840 705 [ DEL ] 22-Dosa Corner Specialised in shoutle indian dishes at affortable price 15 Varieties of dosa to choose from . Party ordering. [ DEL - AC ] Tel : 012 673 276 # 5E, Street 51 Wat Lanka 23-Jars of Clay Coffee Shop Homemade Cakes & Great Coffee, AirCon Frappicino,Bar Upstairs, Free Wifi, All day Breakfast,Lunches, Dinner, Snack Cake Orders Welcome! Open Mon-Sat 7:30am - 9:00pm Nº. 39B, Street 155, next to Russian Market Tel: 012 800 160 / 023 300 281 24-Royal Coffee Coffee, Tea, Juice, Fresh Milk, Rice & Smoothie, Noodles, Sandwiches, Cakes, Ice Cream. Open Hours: 6AM - 9PM Daily Nº. 128ABC, Russian Blvd, infront of Royal University of Phnom Pen Tel: 023 6901 650 / 012 784 295 25-Café YELLOW Café & Lounge Rogue IPod Shop Digital music, movie & T V show downloads. [ WF ] Tel: 099 215 099 No. 35A St. 155 Russian Market

17-Lunch Box the Gourmet Sandwich Bar Cafes & Coffee Shop, Asian Restaurant, Western & International Restaurant,Bar & Pub Tel: 092 553 743 #14, Lovieem St. 282 18-Amara Spa Oil Body Massage, Body Scrub, Body mud, Body day Khmer Traditional massage, package for him and her, Female and Mail Facial. Foot massage, Jacuzzi and stem Time Open : 11:00 am to 11:00 pm Tel: 023 998 730 # Sisovath, Street : 110 [ AC- WF ]




Bar & Club

Phnom Penh

14 74 1

Bar Club Local Guide &


1-Frog and Shamrock

Bar/Guesthouse Best fish n chips/calamari/seafood tomyam in town. Traditional Brit grub and local asian/ Khmer favourites. Cider/Bundy and Cocktails over looking the Mekong Delta as you watch the temple elephant walk home. Down load Music and D.V.D.s. Rooms from $8. P.S, looking for Business partner. Tel 012 1909685 175 Sisowat Quay

2-Dream Bar 

Bar Corner bar a block off the riverfront. Hostesses, music, pool table and drinks with a somewhat more relaxed, easy going feel than similar places. Chat with mates, play some Connect for with the girls, watch the game on TV, shoot some pool...up to you. Hungry? Just ask, they’ll order in for you. #38Eo, Street 11 Tel: 023-991369 Open: 83:00PM - 3:00AM

3-Riverhouse Lounge

Most popular club in Phnom Penh offering the coolest and hippest music by the best DJ’s in town. Known for its theme parties and creative events that feature international DJ’s and entertainment. For the young, the cool, the hip with live DJ music every night. Thursday is ladies night of the week, monthly theme parties and events, the Riverhouse Lounge is THE Khmer Party Place of the city. Offers the coolest and hippest music by the best DJ’s in town. Known for its monthly theme parties and creative events that feature international DJ’s and entertainment. Open daily from 4pm till late. #6E1, St. 110, Sisowat Quay Tel: 023 220 180

4-Garage Bar 

Bar/Restaurant: American Very comfortable, very welcoming aircon bar just off the riverfront. Great music. Velvet Underground, Orison and the like. More than a terabyte of music. Full bar, draft beer, spirits and cocktails, all at very reasonable prices. Flame grilled burgers and dogs. Free wifi. #9, Street 110 Open: 5:00PM - 1:00AM Tel: 012-754763


Delivery, Free WiFi, Pool Table, Football table, Salsa dancing Wednesday, Swing dancing Thursday. Tel: 092 791 958 Nº. 3A, Street 278

6-Flora Bar

Hostess bar on Street 136, just 20 meters off the riverfront in the heart of the riverfront dining and shopping area. Fully air-conditioned bar with lots of friendly ladies to keep you company. Full bar beer, wines, spirits, cocktails, lad\y drinks. Lots of games. 
#5, Street 136 Open: 4:00PM - Late 
 Tel: 012-366610


Popular, extraordinarily comfortable a/c bar and restaurant with a friendly neighborhood bar ambiance. Nice wooden bar and comfortable seating, good conversation and a generally convivial place. Offering a good selection of American, Mexican and other western foods. Excellent service, always with a smile. Huge music selection. Hook ups and wifi. Efficient, reliable home delivery. #69, Street 240 Open: 7:00AM - 11:00PM 
 Tel: 023-224712

8-Lone Star Saloon

Bar/Restaurant: American New bar and restaurant right around the corner from the Street 51 entertainment area, serving up a friendly Texas bar atmosphere and a selection down home good Tex/Mex and American bar food - Baja-style fish tacos, Chicken Fried Steaks, burgers, sandwiches and more. Happy, efficient service, cold beer and complete selection spirits including Jim, Jack, José... #16, Street 172 Open: 8:00AM - Midnight

9-Riverhouse Asian Bistro

Stylish riverfront Bistro & Bar featuring Asian‐themed cuisine with a large cocktail and tapas menu and specialty ‘Sizzler’ imported steak grill platters. “Drink & dine in relaxed elegance on the river”. Open daily from 10am till 10pm. #6E, St. 110, Sisowat Quay Tel: 023 212 302

10-Harem Shisha Lounge Riverfront lounge‐style “Shisha” bar with a unique and creative cocktail menu and oriental tapas. The mezzanine pillow‐lounge area provides a relaxing and intimate ambiance. Harem also functions as the riverfront VIP entrance to the Riverhouse Lounge with a connecting stairway leading to the upstairs VIP area. Open daily from 4pm till late. #157E2, St. 110, Sisowath Quay Tel: 023 990 244 11-Noatch’s Bar

Bar Fully air-conditioned Street 104 hostess bar with pool table, karaoke rooms and a relaxed atmosphere. Full bar, draft beer, spirits and plenty of friendly females to keep you company. Wide selection of whiskeys. Bar games. Connect for and some of the best players in town. #11, Street 104 5:00PM - Late **Happy Hour 5PM-8PM Tel: 092-515725

12-K-West Brasserie-Bar 
 Restaurant/Bar: International Trendy, stylish, comfortable riverfront restaurant and bar on the ground floor of the Amanjaya Hotel sporting a relaxed fusion décor with hard-wood floors and modern art around the walls. Long, comfortable bar with a picture-window view of the riverfront. Fully air-conditioned. Full bar offering a good cocktail menu, draft beer, a wine selection and happy hour (6PM-8PM) specials. Also serving a wide range of contemporary Asian and European cuisine at moderate prices. Great place for all occasions - business, family or leisure. Take away. #1, Sisowath Quay Open: 6:30AM - Midnight Tel: 023-214747 13-Nay Nay Star Bar 

Stylish, little hostess bar on Street 102 just off the riverfront. A/c bar, draft beer, full bar, cocktails, lots of friendly hostesses, sports TV and Western food including some Russian and French specialities. Guest house upstairs. 
 #5Eo, Street 102 Open: 3:00PM - 2:00AM

* Restaurants, Bars and Casino The NagaWorld resort and casino complex has it all - luxury accommodation, fine dining restaurants, entertainment venues with bars, karaoke, a dance club lounge and sprawling casinos with extensive gaming facilities. It would be easy to plan the entire evening around NagaWorld - drink, dine and dance all night. Samdech Hun Sen Park Tel: 023-228822 

 15-The Aristocrat * Wine and Cigar Bar Sophisticated wine and cigar bar with a brilliant picture window view of the casino floor. Offering an impressive selection of fine spirits and wines and a cigar menu including Cubans and other fine imports. Excellent happy hour prices. Live classical violin music. Open noon till midnight. **Happy Hour 5PM-8PM 16-Club 88 * Karaoke Upscale karaoke club at the luxurious Naga World Resort and Casino. Twenty spacious, stylishly decorated private karaoke rooms and a huge selection of music. Full services. Open 3:00PM - 5:00AM. 17-Darlin Darlin * Bar, Live Music and Dancing Plush, upscale club/lounge serving up live music nightly, dancing, an extensive cocktail menu, imported beers and wines and a chic atmosphere. Open 8:00PM - 3:00AM
 18-136 Bar
 Bar Popular, laid-back hostess bar on the very popular Street 136 set amongst several bars and pubs and right next to the happening 69 Bar. Lots of friendly hostesses, good music, relaxed atmosphere, bar games and a good selection of beers, spirits and cocktails all make for a fun place to while away the evening. #17, Street 136 Open: 5:00PM - Late 

19-Nordic House
 Restaurant/Bar/Guest house: Scandinavian/Asian/Western Guest house, bar and restaurant in the heart of the very popular Street 136 bar scene just off the riverfront. Full bar, draft beer, lots of spirits (including Linie Aquavit,) all very affordable. Also offering a good selection of reasonably priced meals and drinks - lots of western dishes and a few very nicely done home-made Scandinavian specialities. Guest house rooms available. Visa/MC #22, Street 136 Open: 7:00AM - Midnight Tel: 023-998676 20-Oasis Bar
 Bar Fine little hostess bar on the strip of Street 136 hostess bars just off the riverfront. Reasonably priced drinks, draft beer and some pretty good music. Comfortable and fully air-conditioned. Stop in as you bar hop up the street. #3Eo, Street 136 Open: 4:00PM - 2:00AM Tel: 092-409177 21-Pontoon Bar and Club The only one original floating club #Diamond Island behind Naga World 22-69 Bar
 Bar Happening little hostess bar nestled amongst a cluster of bars and pubs along Street 136 just off the riverfront. The priorities are girls, music, dancing, drink and girls, in that order. A place for fun. If sport and hostess bars are what you’re looking for, 69 Bar is recommended. #15, Street 136 Open: 5:00PM - Late 
 23-Top Ten Bar
Bar Booming hostess bar on Street 104 with the emphasis on dancing, music. Bar and dancing on the ground floor, bar, dance floor. Fully air-conditioned. Reasonably priced drinks. #17, Street 104 Open: Noon - 5:00AM Tel: 012-249997 24-Queen Bar 
 Bar Fully air-conditioned pub and snack place just 50 meters off the riverfront. Full bar, draft beer and cocktails, free pool table and big screen projection sports TV and a friendly hostess staff. Snacks and pub grub shawarmas, roasted chicken and a variety of grills and savouries. Private room available for groups and parties. #32EO, Street 118 Open: 4:00PM - Late Tel: 012-870698 
 25-Bar DV8 First high class bar with friendly staff, great cocktail menu and large music selectionOpen daily 5pm till late #17, St. 148 / 012 776 885

75 The Kandal House Café & Pub Khmer & Western Foods Happy hour from 3pm-8pm @ Angkor Draft Open: 9am till midnight #239 BEo, Sisowath Quay Free delivery Tel: 012 525 612 Velkommen Inn Restaurant/Bar: Western/Scandinavian Welcoming, comfortable hotel restaurant and bar on Street 104 just off the riverfront, set amongst a cluster of bars and pubs. Full bar, draft beer, spirits, friendly people and good conversation. Unique imported Scandinavian spirits such as Linie Aquavit on the top shelf. Good restaurant selection of western dishes including all the favourites and several very nicely prepared Scandinavian specialities. Live music every Friday! #23, Street 104 7:00AM - Late Tel: 092-177710 Memphis Pub Bar: Live Music The most consistent rock and roll venue in town, delivering up live blues and rock and roll Monday through Saturday. Music starts at 9:30 or so. Full bar.
 #3, Street 118 Open: 6:00PM - Late Cadillac Bar and Grill Great southern cooking and plenty of good ol’ southern hospitality. Café Sentiment Contemporary coffee house on three floors with a relaxing lounge ... #219E, Ground Floor, Sisowath quay Open 8am-1am Happy hour 5-7pm. Tel: 011 713 567

Martini Pub 
This is the famous Martini’s. A legend since the days of UNTAC. Their ad reads, ”Bored, lonely, hungry. We have everything you need!” and that just about sums it up. Lots and lots of bar girls. Generous drinks. Dancing inside the disco, open air restaurant with giant screen TV outdoors. 
 #45, Street 95 Open: 7:00PM - 3:00AM Studio 182 On the first floor of Topaz Restaurant. With around a 150 guests capacity, Studio 182 ensures both intimacy and proximity to the stage. Reservations are available anytime during opening hours. With full table service, Studio 182 guarantees everyone. The lounge can be flexible following private events demands. The terrace and the astonishing Roof Top, as well as the Topaz VIP rooms, can also be booked for special night. Delicous dishes from Topaz only $1/pl Beer start at $2, all coctails $4.50, Moctails $3.50, Spirits start at $3, Spirits bottles start at $50. Free Wi-Fi & Live music #182, Norodom Blvl Open: 6 pm till late / Mon-Sat Happy Hours: 6 pm - 8 pm ( 50% discount on all drinks ) Tel: 077 777 182


14 76 1

Local Guide


Shopping Phnom Penh


77 16-Angkor Treasure Souvenir Shop Nº. 15Eo, Sothearos (St. 3) 12206 Phnom Penh. Tel:023 212 834

32-Asian Gemstone Souvenir Shop Nº. 0257, Charles De Gaulle Street Siem Reap. Tel: 063 767 879 / 063 767 779

49-The United Knowledge Co Ltd Nº. 21DE, Samdech Preah Sokun Mean Bonn (St. 178) Tel: 023 223 721


17-Apsara Art Gallery Nº. 170A, Street 450, Toul Tom Pong Market (Russian Market) 12310 Phnom Penh. Tel: 012 867 390

50-PBC - Peace Book Centre branch Street Assembly, in front of National Assembly Tel: 023 216 292

2-City Mart Co Ltd

18-Asian Silk Souvenir Shop Nº. 136, Street 155, East of the Phsar Toul Pum Poung,12310, Phnom Penh. Tel: 012 979 629

33-Bayon Souvenir Shop - Watbo Nº. 0515, Group 12, Wat Bo Village, Sangkat Sala Kamroeuk, Siem Reap City Siem Reap. Tel: 063 963 573 / 063 761 560

3-Fair Sport

19-Blue One Souvenir Shop Nº. 35-36, Trasak Paem (St. 63), Shopping Center Sorya 12208 Phnom Penh. Tel: 012 512 737 / 012 929 395

Sport Shop

Nº. 164, Norodom Tel: 023 726 906

Trasak Paem (St. 63), N. 4S-02, 4th Floor, Shopping Center Sorya Tel: 023 221 888

Nº. 222Eo, Preah Monivong Tel: 012 928 388

4-GSG-Global Sporting Goods Company Ltd Nº. 323, Sihanouk (st.274) Tel: 099 750 680

5-Heng Sport

Nº. 214Eo, Preah Monivong Tel: 012 771 614

6-High Sport

Nº. 291Eo, St. 217 Tel: 092 802 759

7-Hong Sport (Cambodia) Co Ltd Nº. 230, Preah Monivong Tel: 097 8978 888 /012 849 936

20-7 Care Cosmetic & Souvenir Shop

Nº. 15Eo, Khemarak Phomin (St. 130) 12204 Phnom Penh. Tel: 016 760 707 / 097 9999 819

21-Central Souvenir Shops Nº. 139, Kampuchea Krom (St. 128), Sydney Shopping Center, 1st Floor 12252 Phnom Penh. Tel: 012 950 695 / 012 677 978 22-FAA - Fine Arts Association Nº. 16BE2, Street 348, Boeung Keng Kang III, Chamkarmon Phnom Penh. Tel: 023 359 666

8-Korea Golf Department Inc

23-Fiance Nº. 376, Preah Monivong, Korea Business Center Building 12302 Phnom Penh. Tel: 12 197 6664

9-Sambo Sports Shop

24-Heng Hak Heng Souvenir Shop Nº. 41Eo, Khemarak Phomin (St. 130) 12204 Phnom Penh. Tel: 023 986 521

Nº. 701AB, Preah Monivong Tel: 023 213 446

Nº. 484Eo, Sihanouk Tel: 012 977 711

10-Scuba Nation Diving Centre Nº. 18Eo, Sothearos Tel: 012 715 785 11-Super Sports

Nº. 224Eo, Preah Monivong Tel: 023 6767 677 /012 888 489

12-VIP Sport

Nº. 170Eo, Kampuchea Krom (St. 128) Tel: 011 478 888

13-VIP Sport Club

Nº. 227, Norodom, in front of Angkor Beer Store Tel: 023 993 535

14-We stock lingerie for every body

Maternity to Sports / Strapless to Sexy just for Teenagers A cup to J cup / S to XL We’ve got you covered! #46, St 322, BKK1 (between 51 & 57) Open 10am-7pm Closed Mondays Tel: 023 996 664/ 092 574 342

Souvenir Shop 15-Angkor Souvenir Shop Nº. 88Eo, Pasteur (St. 51), between Street 172 & 174 12210 Phnom Penh. Tel: 012 817 474 / 012 801 608

25-Tiger Lily FCC Complex, Pokambor Avenue Siem Reap. Tel: 063 761 446 26-Judy Souvenir Shop

Street 109, Sangkat 2, Group 6 Preah Sihanouk. Tel: 012 380 280 / 015 380 280

27-Para Cocoon Souvenir Shop

34-KoKoon Boutique

51-PBC - Peace Book Centre Nº. 759-761, Preah Monivong, corner Street 432 Tel: 023 727 121

35-Krorma Shop

52-Religious Book Shop Nº. 136Eo, Khemarak Phomin (St. 130) Tel: 012 706 581

Old Market area, next to the Blue Pumpkin Siem Reap. Tel: 063 963 830

Group 8, Mondul 1, Svay Dangkom Siem Reap. Tel: 063 761 894 /

36-Lucky Angkor Shop Krous Village, Svay Dangkum Commune Siem Reap. Tel: 063 963 376 / 37-Real Khmer Ability Pub Street, Mondul I Village, Svay Dangkum Commune Siem Reap. Tel: 063 966 362 / 063 966 151 38-Senteurs d’Angkor Shop Nº. 274-275, Old Market area Siem Reap. Tel: 063 964 801 / 063 964 860 39-Senteurs d’Angkor Workshop Co., Ltd Wat Damnak Village Siem Reap. Tel: 012 206 135

Book Shop 40-hique Centre Cultural Français Nº. 218, Keo Chea (St. 184) Tel: 023 721 383 41-Bohr’s Books Nº. 5, Sothearos (St. 3) Tel: 012 929 148 42-Boston Book House

Nº. 8, Street 240 Tel: 092 214 452

53-Royal Book Shop Nº. 609CEo, Kampuchea Krom (St. 128) Tel: 012 869 262 54-OCS Cambodia Co., Ltd. Nº. 313, Sisowath, Office 1B, Hotel Cambodiana Tel: 023 991 419 55-International Book Centre Nº. 250Eo, Preah Monivong Tel: 023 221 788 56-International Media Services & Consulting Group (IMS) Nº. 2AD, Street 29cc, Block 40, Village Toul Pangro, Sangkat Chomchav, Khan Dangkor/ Tel: 855(0)12 920 144 57-Monument Books & Toys Nº. 111, Norodom Tel: 023 217 617 58-Newsweek Nº. 24AEo, Street 446 Tel: 012 804 171

Flower Shop 59-A Srey Flower Shop Kampuchea Krom (St. 128), Store 7, Central Maket Tel: 012 960 425 60-Angkor Flora Nº. 748Eo, Kampuchea Krom (St. 128) Tel: 012 895 217

Nº. 002, National Road No 6, Sala Kamreuk Commune, Svay Dangkum District Siem Reap. Tel: 063 965 443 / 063 965 442

43-Dhamma Bookshop Ounalom

Sothearos (St. 3), in Ounalom Pagoda Tel: 011 672 529

61-Ann Srey Mom Garden Service Nº. 14, Street 598 Tel: 016 941 542

28-White Lotus Restaurant

Nº. 123, Sihanouk (St. 274) Tel: 012 695 508

44-Idea News

Nº. 294E1, Preah Monivong Tel: 023 222 837

62-ATA Flower Shop Nº. 2D4, Street 53 Tel: 012 821 001

29-Amatak Souvenir Shop

45-IIC Book Center

63-Bopha Kiri Nº. 306, Preah Monivong Tel: 023 217 669

46-Thngay Reah News

64-Chenda Garden Street 598, Lot. 2A, Sangkat Toul Sangke Tel: 012 676 399

47-Samros Reachny Magazine

Nº. 10EEo, Yothapol Khemarak Phomin (St. 271)/ Tel: 016 777 714

65-Phnom Penh Rose Flower & Souvenir Shop Nº. 7A, St. 106 Tel: 012 791 702

48-SDB Development Group Nº. 28-29A, National Road No 6A, International Tel: 023 430 740

66-Sopheakmangkol Floral Nº. 59, Chan Reachea (St. 15), Sangkat Phsar Chas, Khan Daun Penh Tel: 012 558 232

Mondul 1,Sangkat Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap City Siem Reap, Tel: 063 963 194 / Tel: 012 314 924

30-Angkor Candles Nº. 565, 2 Thnou Street, opposite Old Market Siem Reap. Tel: 063 760 778 31-Apsormera Inspiration of Colors

Road to Angkor, Room B 05, 1st floor, Cultural Mall, Angkor National Museum Siem Reap. Tel: 012 777 732 / 016 777 732

Nº. 650, National Road No 2 Tel: 011 340 626

Nº. 39Eo, National Road No 2 Tel: 012 972 188

14 78 1

Local Guide Salon

67-The French Element

French artistic Shop of Hair Salon / Beauty / Nails. Enjoy Home and Outcall Service, Product from France, fresh air-conditioner, hair and nails services, Available Now! Get Discount and Bonus: For the first visit, you will get 50% percent off bonus when you get one customer to the shop; you get it directly at the next time you come. Get discount and bonus with a good service from French artistic and products. French Element Himawari Hotel – Phnom Penh Reservation on VIP room – Outcall Tel: 07728-3332

68-Couleurs d’Asie

Tokyo Hairdresser offer standard hair treaments using Japanese products, from a women’s cut-shampoo-blow dry for $14, to organic hair treatment starting at $15 depending on the length of your hair. Hair straightening as well as perming starts from $28, while coloring will start from $20-&32. A moustache trim for men weighs in at $3. #8A1.( Above Nosh Cafe ) Mao Tse Tung Boulevard Tel: 017 880 740 Open: 9am-7pm, Closed Mondays.

Boutique 69-CYK Handicrafts
 Silk shop. The Caring for Young Khmer (CYK) NGO retail outlet offers hand-woven Cambodian ikat silks, silk products and silks made to order in traditional or custom designs and colours. The silks are hand-loomed in Takeo and Kandal provinces and the patterns created using the traditional ikat method and all natural dyes.
 #67, Sothearos Blvd Tel: 023-210849 70-Jasmine Boutique 
Fashion Boutique Jasmine creates two collections a year using beautiful hand woven Cambodian silk. Each Collection includes standard pieces. Structured wrap shirts, A-line skirts, beautifully cut trousers and jackets. Perfect for office and corporate wear. Always a sophisticated look. Currently including a lace collection mixed back with silk. Winter collections use strong sophisticated shades with depth & character. Summer shades are soft neutral tones which appear clean and crisp. 
#73, Street 240 Tel: 023-223103

71-Ta Prohm Souvenir Shop
 Silk shop. Tiny, welcoming silk shop, absolutely stuffed with silks. Offering Khmer silk products of all sorts: purses, pillows, hangings, clothes, table cloths. Custom orders are welcome. Located on Street 178 near the National Museum. 
 #49BEo, Street 178 Tel: 023-224729 72-Tabitha Cambodia
 NGO-based silk shop. The Tabitha Cambodia retail shop offers Cambodian silk products of all sorts: purses, pillows, bed covers, clothes, shawls, toys, silver, cards. Tabitha Cambodia employs a unique community development model: Disadvantaged women undertake a six-week training course, at which point they have usually made enough money to purchase a sewing machine to take home. Tabitha then places orders handicrafts, and the workers receive a fair price, ultimately providing a regular income and employment. Corner of Streets 360 & 51 
 Tel: 023-721038 73-Kroma Clothes Shop
 Clothing shop and vocational centre. Housing the Phnom Penh Municipality Vocational Centre and the Cambodia Japan Friendship Training Centre and retail shop. The retail shop offers products of the vocational and training centre - Khmer silks and cotton clothes, bags, pillows, coverings and soft furnishings. Retail and wholesale. Special orders welcome. New product recently added at the retail shop: handcrafted wooden children’s toys. 
/ Tel: 023-211886 74-Le Rit’s Boutique (NYEMO) Boutique associated with NYEMO a NGO working to improve the quality of life of vulnerable women and their children. Offering quality Cambodian handicrafts, silk bags, home decor, curtains, cushions, embroideries, toys, accessories, table wares. 
#71, Street 240 / Tel: 023-213160 75-Lotus Pond
 Boutique, silk and design shop. Lotus Pond enjoys an excellent reputation for quality products and professional services. Fine Cambodian silks, top quality carvings and statues, spirit houses, handicraft products and home accessories. Professional interior decoration, draperies/soft furnishings made to order, custom furniture. #245, Street 51 Tel: 012-348865 76-Mulberry Boutique

Silk boutique and souvenir shop Mulberry carries a wide selection of silks and quality silk products - clothes, wall hangings, scarves, bags, cushion covers and more. Mulberry also offers silver jewellery, statues and other Cambodian souvenirs. Located on 51 right around the corner from Street 278 and the popular Boeung Keng Kang 1 restaurant area.
 #9, Street 51/ Tel: 016-222750

77-NCDP Retail Outlet 
 Souvenir and handicraft shop. The National Centre for Disabled Persons is an NGO based retail out offering a large variety of Cambodian crafts and souvenirs including silks and silk products including handbags, pillows, hangings cards, carvings. The NCDP was formed in 1997 and operates under the auspices of the Cambodian Ministry of Social Affairs with the goal of assisting disabled persons to receive health and rehabilitation services, skills training and income generating opportunities. Located on Norodom Blvd. About 200 meters from Wat Phnom. Combine with your visit to Wat Phnom. 
 #3, Norodom Blvd Tel: 023-210140 78-Pavillon d’Asie
 Boutique Nice boutique, spread over two floors. Offering a good variety of artwork, handicraft products, posters and postcards, hand-tinted B&W photographs, oil and water paintings by some of Cambodia’s most interesting contemporary artists (Chhim Sothy, Heng Mony Phal, Nhem Det) and an excellent selection of traditional furniture. Located near the Independence Monument.
 #24-#26, Sihanouk Blvd. Tel: 012-497217 79-PSE Boutique 

A variety of Cambodian handcrafts, silk clothing and products sold at the Pour un Sourire d’Enfant’s boutique shop are made by the children’s mothers. Your purchases benefit the children and their mothers who previously worked at the Stung Mean Chey dump site in Phnom Penh. Open: Monday to Friday 8:00AM5:00PM. Saturday closed at 12:00PM. #402, Trea Village, Stung Meanchey Tel: 023-995660


NGO-based Souvenir and handicraft shop. The Rajana shop has a wide variety of items including silk products, silk paintings, silver jewellery, bamboo crafts, handicrafts, cards, drawings, iron works, hill tribe crafts and even local coffees, spices and condiments. “The Rajana Association is an income generation and skills training project that produces Fair Trade products using traditional Cambodian skills with contemporary designs.” Streets 450 & 155 Tel: 023-364795

81-SWDC - Mekong Blue
 Silk boutique. NGO-based silks retail shop for Mekong Blue Silks, hand woven, high quality Cambodian silks produced by women from the Stung Treng Women’s Development Centre in Stung Treng province in northeastern Cambodia. Mekong Blue silk products earned an UNESCO awarded Seal of Excellence for scarves in both 2004 and 2005. Silks, bags, fashions, scarves, accessories, bedding and more. Just off Sisowath Quay, the riverfront road. 
#9Eo, Street 130 Tel: 023-218815

82-Rehab Craft 
 Rehab Craft Cambodia is a nonprofit NGO that aims to create opportunities and enhance the living standard of people with disabilities through the production and marketing of quality handicrafts including silk, silver and wood products - silk bags, clothes, soft furnishings, silver jewellery, wood, statues. All our earnings are re-invested in our training and employment programs.
 #10A, Street 322 Tel: 023-726801 83-Sentosa Silk
 Silk Shop. Established in 2004, aiming to bring international buyers high quality Cambodian silk products produced by poor and disabled craftsmen and women from rural Cambodia who are experts in traditional forms of silk weaving. Luxury pieces made from pure Khmer silk available in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit your taste. For home or hotel, rich soft furnishings. Your purchase helps support disabled craftsmen in Cambodia. #33, Sothearos Tel: 023-222974 84-Sit Down Jeweler
 Jeweller The Sit Down Jeweller is a riverfront jewellery and silver shop specialising in Cambodian gems, jewellery and gold and also offer a very large selection of silver works - both art and jewellery - including a very nice collection of pounded, animal-shaped silver betel boxes. Located on the riverfront road between Streets 148 and 154.
 #277Eo, Sisowath Quay Tel: 012-969036 
 85-Sopor Khmer Silk Shop
 Silk Shop. The walls are piled from floor to ceiling with an amazing array of handloomed Khmer silks from Takeo province. The shops offers silks and silk fashion accessories, and home decor including pillows, bags, ties, coverings - off the rack and custom orders. Custom silk designs and quantities made to order. 
 #183, Norodom 
Tel: 023-223911 86-Happy Silk Selling all kind of accessories, clothes, bag, jewellery, all are hand made from silk and cotton, acceptable price, good quality. #9, St 178 ( Behind FCC ) Tel: 023 99 24 38 / 017 45 45 78 87-Sayon Silkworks Cambodia Exberant Designs, Golden hearts, Decorations home, hotel, room service. Selling all kind of home stuff are hand made. #213, St 19 # National Rd#6 Siem Reap Tel: 023 990 894 / 017 540 878 sales@

79 88-Trois Continents
 Art Boutique and Café Thoughtful little souvenir boutique and café. Offering Cambodian and Southeast Asian handicrafts and art and an interesting selection of Southeast Asian coffees and teas, Cambodian cookies and other local speciality products. Also a very pleasant, fully air-conditioned café serving coffees, teas, juices, Asian snacks and sweets. #182E0, Street 63 Cambodia Tel: 089-475513 89-Up to You 
 Souvenir and silk shop. Up to You is an NGO based shop serving as an outlet for Cambodian silks and handicrafts sourced from a many different workshops and adhering to ‘fair trade’ practices. Up to You offers an array of Cambodian silks and products, scarves and fashion accessories, home decor and some handicrafts. Located amongst a cluster of interesting little silk and silver shops, boutiques and bookstores on Sothearos Blvd between the Royal Palace and Wat Ounalom just off the riverfront. Open 9AM-noon and 1PM-6:30PM. 
#3, Sothearos Tel: 092-720141 90-Yodicraft
 NGO based Cambodian handicrafts shop specialising in Cambodian silk products and wood carving and statues but also works in beads and coconut shell. Silk handbags. Comfortable shop also serving Khmer cake and soft drinks. “Yodicraft provides employment and training for young Cambodian with disabilities.” Yodicraft is part of the Yodifee group.
 #172Eo, Street 13 Tel: 012-324548

Art & Gallery 91-Art gallery/framing shop Apsara Art Gallery offers a variety of contemporary Southeast and East Asian art (Cambodian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese) including paintings, oils, watercolours, creations, photographs, posters and cards. The gallery also offers matting and framing including bamboo framing. Located next to the Russian Market (Phsar Toul Tom Poung) near the Cafe Yejj and Rajana Crafts. 
 #170A, Street 450 / Tel: 012-867390 
 92-Asasax Art Gallery
 Art gallery. In the words of Asasax, “Without color, “people die”” The Asasax Art Gallery exhibits the unique paintings and other works of art of the well-known contemporary Cambodian artist, Asasax. Asasax’s works, much of it in oils and watercolours, offer a colourfully modern lens on traditional/historical images and icons. 
 #192, Street 178 /Tel: 012-363030 93-I-Ching Decor

I Ching Décor offers a range of high quality interior design and architectural solutions for home and commercial business needs. Services include expert advice on architectural work, interior design, custom made furniture, home

accessories and Feng Shui. I Ching Décor works with Cambodian designers to create smart and unique pieces for the home. The showroom offers a range of interior products from window dressings to kitchen ware, dining, living and bedroom suites, glassware, soft furnishings, lighting and other home accessories. Products are sourced from suppliers in Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. 
 #85, Sothearos Blvd. Tel: 023-220873

94-Happy Painting Gallery
 Art Gallery. Open since 1995, the Happy Painting Galleries, located in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and at the airports, display the paintings of contemporary artist Stef Delaprée, aka Stef, a singular artist with a gentle insight into everyday Cambodia. All of the galleries offer original paintings, reproductions, postcards, cards, T-shirts. In the words of art critic Anne-Sylvie Charest, “Stef has tried to make us see, using free figuration, what is more typical and endearing in this part of Asia. Funny and colourful, his art is extremely popular and accessible to all. The universe he offers us in his work is happy and uncomplicated...”. Hotel Cambodiana, FCCC 
 Tel: 023-726100
 In Siem Reap at Carnets d’Asie, Angkor Century Hotel, and at the gallery near the Old Market 95-Ebony Apsara
 Street 178 Café Tailor, Photo Gallery. Unique combination restaurant, bar, tailor and photo gallery. Original framed photographs by Rina, on exhibit and for sale. Seamstress on site offering tailored clothing - unique designs, bring clothing to be duplicated or choose a design from the magazines and catalogues. At the café Rina offers an innovative Khmer/ Asian food and a selection of western favourites. 40% goes to charity. 
 #42, Street 178 Tel: 010-581291 96-Ironworks
 Ironworks manufactures a wide range of consistently high quality, practical and decorative iron and steel goods suitable for the home or workplace. Unique works in iron, steel and copper fabricated to order per your design - art, lamps, tables, racks, window bars, chairs. Individual, commercial, unique, wholesale orders are all welcome. Tel: 012-404110 97-Java Café & Gallery

Art gallery. The Java Cafe and Gallery is a café set in an art exhibition space. Regularly changing exhibitions, showcasing up and coming Cambodian artists and of cutting edge contemporary Cambodian art and photography. Also a good place to learn about other art exhibitions and events in Cambodia. The Café offers a selection of coffees, teas as well as salads, sandwiches, veg dishes and lots more. WiFi HotSpot. #56 E1, Sihanouk Blvd Tel: 023-987420

98-Meta House
 The Kingdom’s biggest art gallery in the heart of Phnom Penh: three floors with contemporary fine arts of Cambodian, Asian and Western origin. The open air rooftop in the perfect place to relax, enjoy some drinks, food and film screening. Rooftop cinema starts at 7:00 PM. Special events and appointment
enquiries welcome. Located next to Open Thursday-Sunday, 6:00 PM-midnight. #37, Sothearos Blvd Tel: 023-224140 99-Reyum Gallery
 Art Gallery. The Reyum Gallery is one of the most important art galleries in Phnom Penh, hosting regular exhibitions, lectures addressing topics related to art, architecture and archaeology and a offering a complete selection of Cambodian art and culture related books from the Reyum Publishing house. The gallery offers some of the best traditional and contemporary Cambodian art exhibitions in town. Retail art and book sales. Located next to the Royal University of Fine Arts. 
 #47, Street 178 Tel: 023-217149 100-Sa Sa Art Gallery Cambodia’s first artist-founded and operated gallery by a group of photogra phers and artists called Stiev Selapak. Opened in 2009, programming focuses on emerging Cambodian contemporary artists exhibiting new bodies of work. Located in central Phnom Penh, the Gallery hosts 5-6 exhibitions each year and encourages engagement with our community by hosting artist talks and welcoming student groups. #7, Street 360, Tel: 097 7320 555 Open: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 12pm & 2 - 6pm 101-Sovanna Phum

An independent Khmer art association in Phnom Penh. T he association was created in order to give Khmer artists the opportunity to perform their art and to make a living. The aims are to revive, preserve and promote the treasures of Khmer culture to local and international audiences. >>Cultural Promotion Tel: 023 987 564 / 012 846 020 >>Art and Development Tel: 023 987 564 / 012 846 020 >>Public Relations Tel: 023 987 564 / 012 846 020

102-The Chinese House Lounge Bar and Gallery Happy hour from 6pm till 8pm everyday. Private Functions at the Chinese House: To organize parties, birthdays, cocktails, farewells... please contact Paul at info@ #45 Sisowath Quay Open Tuesday to Sunday, from 6pm.

Tailor 103-Ebony Apsara

Unique combination restaurant, bar, tailor and photo gallery. Seamstress on site offering tailored clothing - unique designs, bring clothing to be duplicated or choose a design from the magazines and catalogues. 
 #42, Street 178 Tel: 010-581291
 104-New World Specialising in custom made and tailored ladies fashions, as well as off-the-rack and men’s and children’s clothing. Evening gowns, party dresses, casual and formal wear. Khmer silks. 
#39, Street 432 Tel: 016-778882

105-Tom & Alice Tailor Well-established clothing tailor shop with lots of experience dealing with foreign (tourist and expatriate) customers. Men and women’s clothing. Men’s suits, shirts, ties and overcoats, Women’s dresses, skirts, jackets, lingerie, wedding dressing and designer clothes. Satisfaction guaranteed. 
#153, Street 278 Tel: 012-796286

Message & Spa 106-Queen Spa . Massage, Spa, Dry milk Scrub . Massage, Spa with flowers . Oil massage . Khmer Thai Traditional massage . Traditional spa massage . Facial massage . Hands and feed spa . Foot, back, shoulder and head massage Enjoy with queen spa buy five get one free, all spa products are import from Australia. #38Go, St. 178 Tel: 012 767 858 107-Amara Spa
 Beautifully renovated at the former historic Soda Building, Amara Spa is Phnom Penh’s newest luxury spa facilities on the riverfront. Inside the luscious all white facade are four levels of therapeutic treatments ranging through foot massages, body scrubs, facial, jacuzzis and steam rooms - staff trained by experienced professionals. Amara Spa is the first spa in Cambodia to use [comfort zone] beauty and skin products. Spa Party and catering service available upon request. 
 Sisowath Quay and Street 110 Tel: 023-998730 108-Amret Spa
 International boutique spa in Boeung Keng Kang 1. Massage. Aromatherapy. Body scrubs, wraps, facials, treatments, jacuzzi, packages. #3, Street 57 / Tel: 023-997994

 International spa. Aromatherapy, Indian and Egyptian massage. Body scrubs, wraps, facials, treatments, Jacuzzi. 
#16AB, Street 282 Tel: 023-996921

14 80 1

Local Guide 200-Blue 7 Massage Khmer 
 Offering a pleasant a/c surroundings and a full range of massage services: foot and full body massage in clean a/c rooms. Powder and oil massage both available. All are welcome. Locations in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.
 On Sisowath Quay, opposite the Hotel Cambodiana Tel: 011-955567 201-ChamPei Spa

International boutique spa and hair salon. Traditional Khmer, herbal, aroma, Swedish and oil massage, reflexology and therapeutic massages. Facials, scrubs, spa, jacuzzi, packages. Fully airconditioned women and men’s hair salon offering hair treatments, manicure, pedicure, make-up and more. Open 9AM - 11PM. #38, Street 57 Tel: 023-217774

202-Coffee Korner 
 The Coffee Corner restaurant and guesthouse has recently added a small, offering massage (traditional Khmer and Thai, oil massage, foot massage, aromatherapy) as well as scrubs and wraps. 
 #174, Street 155 / Tel: 012-867667
 203-Islands Massage
 One of the longest established massage shops in Phnom Penh - operating since 1998. Traditional Khmer massage and foot massage. Fully air-conditioned facilities. Reasonably priced. Several locations in Phnom Penh as well as Siem Reap and Sihanoukville.
 1) #43, Street 86 / Tel: 023-991273
 2) #329, Sisowath Quay 3) North side of Wat Phnom 4) #189, Sothearos 204-Amrita Spa

Gym, sauna, steam, jacuzzi, massage, treatments, pools
Hotel Le Royal, Phnom Penh. Tel: 023-981888

205-Paddy’s Sports Center Gym
#635, Ntl. Rte 5 (near Japanese Bridge) Tel: 012-214940 206-Villa Spa

Aromatherapy in private boutique VIP room (villa and bungalow style) Selected professional Chinese and Khmer therapists from Master Kang. Exclusive service, skills, and ambience. Women only. (Beauty, manicure & pedicure coming soon). # 456 Monivong Blvd corner 466 Tel: 023 721 765 , 012 357 561

207-Garden Yoga Room

Yoga classes everyday. Free swimming. Check website for schedule, price and service. # 456 Monivong Blvd corner 466 Tel: 023 721 765 , 012 357 561

208-Orange Massage
 24/7 massage and steam place on the Wat Phnom traffic circle. Reasonably priced foot massage, full body massage, steam room. Located on the north side of Wat Phnom. Open 24 hours a day. 
#13Eo, Street 94 / Tel: 099-532415

 Experienced massage and beauty therapists. Thai and Balinese style massage. Oil, cream, hot stone, foot massage. Facials and body treatments. Jacuzzi. Steam room. Warm, relaxing, ‘aquatic’ environment of fish ponds, fountains and aquariums. Open 11:00AM - 9:00PM on weekdays and 10:00AM - 10:00PM on the weekends. #4b, Street 75 Tel: 023-992405, 012-852308 210-Sawasdee Massage
 Fully air-conditioned massage shop and spa located in Boeung Keng Kang 1. Offering a wide selection of massage styles and types including Thai, French, Japanese, Khmer, Hong Kong, oil, powder, body, foot massage (reflexology,) health massages, aromatherapy. Spas services including wraps, scrubs facials and more. Jacuzzi. Manicure and pedicure. Open 9:00AM - 11:00PM. Located opposite the Khmer Surin Restaurant. 
#6B, Street 57, Phnom Penh
 Tel: 023-996670 211-The Spa at NagaWorld
 Elegant, full-service international spa offering a relaxing, pampered atmosphere, a variety of massages and massage styles, foot massage and reflexology, health and beauty treatments and packages. 23 private theme spa rooms. Floral baths and private saunas. 
 NagaWorld, Samdech Hun Sen Park Tel: 023-228822 212-EL Skin & Wellness Center Authorized Distributor of: Dermalogica, Jane Iredale,O.P.I Open Daily: 10am-7pm, Tel: 023 884 390/ 012 619 948 Manicure, Pedicure, Hair Spa Hair Treatment, make-up,Facial Care & treatment Spa Body _ Body Shaping,Hot Rock Massage _ Oil massage, Waxing _ Steam & Sauna, Consul/ treatment by facial specialist of Cosmetology from USA, staff professionally trained by OPI & International Dermal Institute. #115, Street 109 213-Fitness Centers 

Most of the fitness clubs and gyms are in the major hotels. They are not inexpensive but they do have relatively complete, modern facilities. Also worth a look, every morning at the crack of dawn dozens of people congregate in the park in front of the Royal Palace to jog, walk, stretch, do Tai Chi and calisthenics. 
Clark Hatch Fitness Centre
 Gym, sauna, massage, pool, aerobic classes
 InterContinental Phnom Penh Hotel, Phnom Penh Tel: 023-424888



Long-running reception hall. Sisowath Blvd. No. 1 Street 94 Tel: 023 723


Several high-end ballrooms which can accommodate up to 700 guests. Hun Sen Park Tel: 023 228 822


Top-class wedding services at one of Phnom Penh’s premier hotels. 313 Sisowath Quay Tel:023 218 189

.Seng Try Catering

Full-service caterer with Khmer and Chinese dishes. Tel: 011 835 789

.Lak Hak Heng Wedding Functions

Full-service caterer specialising in Cambodian cuisine. Tel: 012 352 766

.Phnom Penh Hotel

Comfortably and boast pleasant views and big rooms which can be accommodate up to hundred guests. No. 53, Monivong Blvd, Tel: 023 991 868

.Raffles Hotel Le Royal

The premier hotel in Phnom Penh. Fulfil all the requirements of a modern world-class hotel, yet exudes an old-world charm through its distinctive style with an elegant yet comfortable, classic yet casual feel. Monivong Boulevard Tel: +855 23 981 888 / Fax: +855 23 981 168

.InterContinental Phnom Penh

There’s always something special happening at an InterContinental hotel. Whether you are looking for a fun-filled getaway or a place to host your next business event we have a package to meet your needs. Click to experience all that InterContinental has to offer. Nº. 296, Mao Tse Toung Tel: 023 424 888 / Fax: 023 424 920

.Sokha Angkor Resort

Just 20 minutes from the international airport, the hotel is walking distance to the Phsar Thmey Market, Independence Monument, Riverfront and Wat Phnom. Guests can enjoy Khmer, Chinese, Japanese and Mediterranean dishes at the restaurants, or for a little privacy can order in-room dining. Relax after a long day of sightseeing at Jasmine Spa, where you’ll find Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath and a beauty salon. Sokha on Norodom is a boutique hotel worth the stay! No. 63, Preah Norodom Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Tel: +855 23 990 123 / Fax: +855 23 990 151 /

. Diamond Island Convention & Exhibition Center ( Koh Pich )

The perfect place for your wedding ceremory, conference, event, exhibition...



Accommodations Phnom Penh

14 82 1


Local Guide 4-Sunway Hotel 

Apartment Guesthouse



1-Sokha Angkor Resort

Sokha Angkor Resort is a high quality full service resort. The waterfall behind the swimming pool is a center piece of the resort that many balconies of the deluxe rooms are facing. The Caribbean like atmosphere throughout the resort is designed with sophisticated relaxation in mind. There is everything you would expect from an upscale resort including WiFi or broadband internet access in all rooms and public areas; a buffet restaurant; a fine dining room; a Japanese restaurant with Sushi bar and Teppan-yaki; an Irish Sports Bar with activities from 4 pm onwards; a luxurious spa with sauna; steam; hot and cold whirlpool; business center; gym and beauty salon. This is also a conference hotel that has one of the largest ballrooms in Siem Reap with numerous smaller function rooms catering to events of 8 to 400 people. SOKHA ANGKOR RESORT National Road No. 6 and Sivatha Street Junction, Siem Reap, Cambodia Tel: +855 63 969 999 Fax: +855 63 969 998

2-Sokha Beach Resort

Sokha Beach Resort, in Sihanouk Ville, is set on landscaped beachfront gardens adjoining its own private 1.5 km white pristine sandy beach. The low-rise Khmer style architecture, crafted in wood and stone to create a warm rustic ambience, blends in perfectly with its natural surroundings. Ideal for families, the hotel has a comprehensive selection of water sports, recreational facilities, and daily organized adult and child activities, whilst Jasmine Spa offers a holistic treatment approach. Several restaurants offer Asian and international cuisine, specializing in fresh seafood. Street 2 Thnou, Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia Tel: +855 34 935 999 Fax: +855 34 935 888

3-Sokha Club Hotel

Just 20 minutes from the international airport, the hotel is walking distance to the Phsar Thmey Market, Independence Monument, Riverfront and Wat Phnom. Guests can enjoy Khmer, Chinese, Japanese and Mediterranean dishes at the restaurants, or for a little privacy can order in-room dining. Relax after a long day of sightseeing at Jasmine Spa, where you’ll find Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath and a beauty salon. Sokha on Norodom is a boutique hotel worth the stay! No. 63, Preah Norodom Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Tel: +855 23 990 123 Fax: +855 23 990 151

138 rooms and suites. Popular international class, upscale hotel near Wat Phnom. Restaurants/bars. Lunch/dinner buffet. Spa and fitness facilities. Business centre. Conference and banquet facilities. #1, Street 92 Tel: +(855) (0)23-430333

5-Raffles Hotel Le Royal

Raffles Hotel Le Royal is the premier hotel in Phnom Penh, a Hotel with those rare attributes of history and style. It was first established in 1927 and in its early heyday, enjoyed an international clientele comprising globetrotters adventurers, writers and journalists, royalty and dignitaries. # 92 Rukhak Vithei Daun Penh, Tel: +855 23 981 888 Fax: +855 23 981 168 Local Time: 10:49 AM

6-Amanjaya Pancam Hotel

As Phnom Penh’s premier luxury Suite Hotel, is stratergically set in an old converted reverside building next to the beautiful Wat Ounalom. Built in an unrivalled location and furnished in the local stlye, the addiction of modern comforts and luxurious touches reflect a contemporary interior influenced by the harmony and heritage of Cambodian architechture. #1 Sisovath Quay, Conrner Street 154 Tel: 023 219 579 Fax: 023 219 545 reservation@amanjaya-pancam-hotel. com


The 115 spacious suites are aglow with the warmth of soft timbers burnished by the sheen of fine fabrics. Panoramic views of the Tonle Sap or Mekong River are a delightful feature of most of the suites, whilst the remainder provides sweeping views of the Royal Palace or the city skyline. Each suite comes with a comfortable sitting room and dining area that is ideal for both meetings and get together with friends. Together with our well-equipped kitchen and sparking cooking utensils, you can take advantage to display your culinary skills and have a small cookout. #313 Sisowath Quay Tel: 023 214 555 Fax: 023 217 111 / 213 071

8-InterContinental Phnom Penh

As the first 5-star international hotel to open in Phnom Penh, the InterContinental Phnom Penh marks a renaissance in the city’s fortune. Ideally situated in the city centre, the hotel overlooks the grand view of the city. Nº. 296, Mao Tse Toung (St. 245) Tel: 023 424 888 Fax: 023 424 920


Situated on the banks of the Mekong River and in the very centre of Phnom Penh,we proudly provide our guests an unrivalled combination of comfort and convenience. With ready access to both touristand business landmarks along with sweeping views of one of the world’s great rivers, Hotel Cambodiana balances a proud senseof tradition with a commitment to maintaining its reputation for excellence. The opening of Hotel Cambodiana in 1962 was of great cultural signifigance to Cambodia,reflecting the bold sense of optimism and vision that has revived international interest in Phnom Penh and Cambodia. Inspired to continue this legacy, the team at Hotel Cambodiana will ensure you experience the famous Khmer hospitality thatinspires so many visitors to return time and again. # 313, Sisowath Tel: 023 426 288

10-Naga World 
 Offering more than 700 rooms and suite, all luxuriously appointed - a/c, LCD TV, IDD, etc. Entertainment complex including casino, karaoke lounges, disco, spas, restaurants, bars and more
 Samdech Hun Sen Park Tel: +(855) (023-228822

Out Standing 11-Almond Hotel 

Stylishly well appointed rooms with all modern amenities including in-room WiFi. Suitable for business or holiday travellers. All services. Spa. Fine Chinese restaurant. #128F, Sothearos, corner of Russian Tel: +(855) (0)23-220822

12-Juliana Hotel 
 One of Phnom Penh’s premier business and leisure resort hotels offering world class facilities near the heart of the city. Restaurant with a popular international buffet. Business centre. Spa. Hair salon. Gardens. Loyal business visitor following.
 #16, Street 152 Tel/Fax: +(855) (0)23-880530 13-Diamond Hotel 
 Modern deluxe hotel located in the heart of the city just 5 minutes walk from the Central Market. Rooms and suites with all modern amenities. #172-184, Monivong Tel: +(855) (0)23-217221 14-Holiday Villa Hotel 
74 rooms. Superior three-star hotel, very conveniently located in the heart of the city near the Central Market. 
 #89. Monivong Tel: +(855) (0)23-990888

Pretty Decent 15-Amber Villa & Restaurant 
 Family run hotels near the Independence Monument, restaurants, shopping and NGO
offices. Rooms with Khmer style decor, balcony and amenities including in-room safe, DVD and Internet. #1A, Street 57 Tel/Fax: +(855) (0)23-216303 16-Anise Hotel & Restaurant 
 Aptly called “your home in Phnom Penh,” Anise is centrally located in the BKK1 area and 
offers comfortable, spotless, stylishly decorated rooms. Free breakfast, laundry and WiFi. #2C, Street 278 Tel: +(855) (0)23-222522 17-Feeling Home 
 Brand new, well appointed rooms, conveniently located in Boeung Keng Kang 1. Balconies. WiFi throughout. Two nice eateries. Lots of nearby shopping and dining. #156, Street 278, corner of Street 63 (BKK1) Tel: +(855) (0)23-221522 18-Frangipani Villa 60s 
 Newly renovated 1960s villa, offering a nicely restored example of modern Khmer architecture. Well-appointed rooms with all modern amenities. Pleasant café. 
#20R, Street 252 Tel: +(855) (0)23-212100 19-Frangipani Villa 90s Boutique hotel. Renovated 1990s copy of 1960s style villa feature well-appointed rooms, unique design and a nice little café serving Khmer and European cuisine. Well reviewed by gusts.
 #25, Street 71 Tel: +(855) (0)23-212100 20-Le Rit’s 
 Three spacious rooms filled with beautiful Khmer-style decoration. Each room is equipped with queen size bed, cable TV, private bathroom. WiFi
 #14, Street 310 Tel: +(855) (0)23-213160 com 21-Mini-Castello Sharp villa-style guesthouse on a quite stretch of Street 240, within easy walking distance of the Street 240 shopping area and the Boeung Keng Kang 1 (BKK1) shopping and dining district . Well-appointed a/c rooms with CTV, fridge, en suite, hot water and free inroom WiFi. Free laundry. Long term stay discount. #14, Street 240, Sangkat Chaktomok Khan Daun Penh Tel: +(855) (0)12-757246

83 22-Manor House
Stylish, nicely finished villa-style guesthouse. Continental breakfast. 
Australian/Khmer owned and managed. Gay and straight friendly accommodations. 
#21, Street 262 
Tel: +(855) (0)23-992566

29-Candy Guesthouse 
 New guesthouse/bar/restaurant just off the riverfront. Clean a/c rooms with cable TV, mini-bar and hot water. Two-floor, 24 hour bar and restaurant. #24-#26, Street 136 Tel: +(855) (0)15-691969

37-Power Boutique Guesthouse Centrally located guesthouse offering spacious a/c rooms with CTV, stocked mini-bar, in-room WiFi and en suite bathroom with hot/cold water. Massage available. #9Eo, Street 106 Tel: +(855) (0)23-428254

23-Royal Inn 
 Just up the road from the riverfront area. Smartly decorated, well-appointed rooms with all amenities, some with balcony. Free WiFi. Rooftop terrace. Restaurant. #128D8, Sothearos Blvd Tel: +(855) (0)23-214824

30-Cyclo Hotel 
 Newly refurbished hotel offering clean fully equipped rooms including cable TV, mini-bar, in-room WiFi, en suite bathroom with hot water and more. Nice international restaurant on the ground floor. Centrally located. 
 #50 street 172, at the corner of Street 23 Tel: +(855) (0)23-992128

24-Pacific Hotel
 Nicely refurbished mid-range hotel in the heart of the city. A/c rooms with all amenities including large screen TV and in- room lock boxes. Small restaurant/ bar. #234, Monivong Tel: +(855) (0)23-218592

31-Del Gusto Boddhi Tree Guesthouse Del Gusto is a charming, sensitively restored 1930’s colonial house offering eight comfortable rooms and a shady, lively café / restaurant. Free WiFi. Child Safe network partner. #43, Street 95 Tel: +(855) (0)23-211396

38-Mini-Castello Sharp villa-style guesthouse on a quite stretch of Street 240, within easy walking distance of the Street 240 shopping area and the Boeung Keng Kang 1 (BKK1) shopping and dining district. Well-appointed a/c rooms with CTV, fridge, en suite, hot water and free in-room wifi. Free laundry. Long term stay discount. #14, Street 240 Tel: +(855) (0)12-757246

25-Scan Hotel
 Very popular, villa-style hotel on a quiet street. “Immaculately furnished with contemporary style,” very clean rooms with garden atmosphere, trendy bar and pool. Great restaurant. Consistently good reviews. Consistently good reviews. Home to Scan Gallery, a contemporary art gallery. WiFi.
 #4, Street 282 Tel: +(855) (0)23-214498

32-Flamingos Hotel Centrally located mid-range hotel just off of the entertainment area of Street 51. Clean, new rooms. Good value. Free Internet/WiFi. 
 #30, Street 172 Tel: +(855) (0)23-221640

26-Tai Ming Plaza 
 Breakfast included in price. Superior mid-range hotel offering well-appointed rooms and suites with all modern amenities. Fine Chinese dining. #281, Norodom Tel: +(855) (0)23-219568 27-Walkabout Hotel All new boutique hotel next to the Walkabout Guesthouse. Clean, stylish, quite room with all amenities. In-room WiFi. Green-conscious construction and operation. Blue Tongue Café serving Thai food and western comfort food. Corner of Street 51 and 174 Tel: +(855) (0)23-211715

Mid Range

28-Asia Hotel 

Breakfast included ($20-$60). A/c, fridge, bathtub, cable TV. Conference room. Business centre. Laundry and airport pick up. Internet, Travel agent. #170, Monivong Tel: +(855) (0)23-427825

33-Goldy Boutique Guesthouse 
 New boutique guesthouse in the heart of BKK1. Stylishly decorated a/c rooms with all amenities. Some with balcony. Wifi internet access in room. Massage and spa. Restaurant. 
 6B, Street 57, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Tel: +(855) (0)23-996670 34-Sky Park Guesthouse 
 Clean fan and a/c rooms with cable TV, fridge and hot water. Internet access. Laundry service. Elevator. All tourist services. #78, Street 111 Tel: +(855) (0)23-992718 35-Nan Jing Hotel 
 63 rooms. Clean, mid-range hotel. Air conditioning, cable TV, fridge. Conference room. Restaurant. Snooker. 
 #219, Kampuchea Krom, Tel: +(855) (0)23-882588 36-Nordic House 
 Located just half a block off the riverfront. Clean, affordable guesthouse rooms and apartments with all amenities above the Nordic House restaurant and bar. 
#22, Street 136 Tel: +(855) (0)23-998676

39-Indochine 2 Hotel
Nicely refurbished fan and a/c rooms with all amenities. Traveller’s transport, tours, traveller’s information. info. International restaurant/bar, open 6 AM - late. Located one block from the riverfront. 
#28-30, Street 130 Tel: +(855) (0)23-211525 40-Tonle Sap Hotel
 15 rooms above the Picked Parrot Pub & Restaurant. Nicely refurbished rooms
with a/c, cable TV, fridge and en suite bathroom with hot water and tub. Good furniture. WiFi in room. Attention to detail. Popular 24hr restaurant/bar, live sat sports, good pool table. 
#4 & 6Eo, Street 104, Tel:+855) (0)23-986722 41-Umma Boddhi Tree Guesthouse 
 Traditional style house renovated and furnished in contemporary décor. Beautiful rooms, individually decorated. Excellent, good value restaurant with healthy choices, all freshly made. #50, Street 113 Tel: +(855) (0)23-211396 42-Velkommen Inn 
 Nice guesthouse just off the riverfront on the popular Street 104. Spotless, a/c rooms with
cable TV, mini-bar, safety box and en suite with hot water. 50m from the bus stations and ferry dock. Tours of Phnom Penh can be arranged. 
 #23, Street 104 Tel: +(855) (0)92-177710

We’ll pass 43-Alibi Guesthouse 
 Clean, quiet, centrally located guesthouse in a garden setting and offering a family ambiance. A/c and fan rooms with CTV, mini-bar and en suite bathroom with hot water. Just off Sothearos Blvd. Tel: +(855) (0)16-901590

44-Bright Lotus Guesthouse 1 
Clean fan and a/c rooms with attached bath room with hot/cold water. Some rooms with fridge. Nice view of the National Museum area and riverfront area. Reasonably priced international restaurant. 
#22, Street 178 Tel: +(855) (0)23-990446 45-Capitol Guesthouse 
 Well-known budget hotel/restaurant. Lots of travel info, tours, tickets, etc. Bus tickets to Sihanoukville, Siem Reap, Battambang, Poipet, Saigon. Restaurant. Traveller’s checks accepted. #14, Street 182 / Tel: 023-217627 46-Nay Nay Star Guesthouse Newly refurbished fan and a/c rooms with fridge and hot water, located above the Nay Nay Star Bar just off the riverfront. #5Eo, Street 102 Tel: +(855) (0)12-769536 47-Grandview Guesthouse 
Heart of the Boeung Kak Lake backpacker area. Fan and air-con rooms. Rooftop restaurant offering a fantastic sun- set view. Internet access. Lots of budget restaurant and bars nearby. On Boeung Kak Lake. Left at the mosque Tel: +(855) (0)23-430766 48-The King Angkor 
 Clean fan and a/c rooms with all amenities - cable TV, DVD, fridge, and en suite bathroom with hot water. Restaurant serving western and Khmer food. #74, Street 141 Tel: +(855) (0)11-930011 49-Green Garden Guesthouse Centrally located, villa-style guesthouse offering affordable fan and a/c rooms with CTV, fridge, en suite with hot water and in-room WiFi. Restaurant. 
#40Eo, Street 222 Tel: +(855) (0)23-217576 50-The Green House
The Green House offers a range of simple, newly built and nicely furnished rooms and suites, designed to bring affordable comfort and convenience to business and leisure visitors. The Green House is conveniently located close to the Pshar Deom Thkov, Chamkarmorn district, close to tourist sites, business centers, shopping and restaurants.. 
 #48FGH, Street 488 Tel: +(855) (0)23-217998 51-Green Guesthouse 
 Brand new, centrally located hotel offering clean a/c rooms with all new amenities including cable TV, refrigerator, and an suite bathroom with hot/cold water. 
 #53, Street 125 Tel: +(855) (0)15-666655

14 84 1

Local Guide 52-Indochine 2 Hotel
Nicely refurbished fan and a/c rooms with all amenities. Traveller’s transport, tours, traveller’s information. International restaurant/bar, open 6AM - late. Located one block from the riverfront. 
 #28-30, Street 130 Tel: +(855) (0)23-211525 53-Sky Park Guesthouse 
 Clean fan and a/c rooms with cable TV, fridge and hot water. Internet access. Laundry service. Elevator. All tourist services. ATM. Visa/JCB/MC 
#78, Street 111 Tel: +(855) (0)23-992718 54-Spring Guesthouse 
 50 rooms. Clean, inexpensive hotel in the centre of town. Fan and a/c rooms
with 60 channel cable TV, en suite bathroom with hot water. Visa/MC
 #34, Street 111 (next to the German Embassy Tel: +(855) (0)15-888777 55-Walkabout Guesthouse
 Popular guesthouse near several bars and restaurants on St. 51. 24/7 restaurant/bar. Jacuzzi rooms available. Information. Tickets and visas. Good reviews. ATM.
Visa Corner of Street 51 and 174 Tel: +(855) (0)23-211715 56-The Winking Frog 
 Clean new air-conditioned rooms with cable TV, wood furniture and en suite bathroom with hot water. Good bar and restaurant serving western, Thai and Khmer dishes. Live music at the weekends. WiFi internet access. Good value.
 #128 Sothearos Blvd Tel: +(855) (0)99-801548 57-Chiva’s Shack, Questhouse , Restaurant and Bar The room make your feeling like in your home, acceptable price included breakfast , free WiFi, Air-conditioner , Hot shower, Fan, TV. Western and local menu are available, 75c draft beer. Special Cocktail $1.75 everyday enjoy. Night BBQ. Pool Table. Riverside. #6-8, St. 130 / Tel: 023 986 837 58-Palm Palace Villa & Apartment The Best Service Apartment in the Heart of PP. Fully Furnished, Spacious Living Area, 24-7. Security, Cable TV, Internet Access, Car Park & Beautiful Roof Garden Nº. 15, Botum Soriyavong (St. 75) Tel: 023 992 328 59-Pasteur Villa Apartment unit rental, hair cut, hair styling, face & foot massage, skin whitening & other beauty care designing & training. Nº. 120, Pasteur Rd(St. 51) Tel: 023 998 555

60-Colonial Mansion Superior serviced apartments. Studio, one, two and three bedroom apartments - fully furnished
and appliances, full maid service, WiFi, 24 hour security, fitness room, back-up electrical supply.
 #1A, Street 102 Tel: 023-986810 61-Skyline Service apartments Gym, swimming pool on the top floor. Nº. 1B, Abdul Carime (St. 21) Tel: 023 221 326 62-Garden Mansion 
 Serviced apartments. Stylish, comfortable serviced city living. Well-appointed, fully furnished, serviced apartments with modern kitchen, stylish furniture and decor, modern amenities and complete facilities including swimming pool, exercise equipment and sauna. 
 1/#23, Street 47 Tel: 023-991445 2/#50, Street 294 Tel: 023-222594 3/ #17, Street 9 Tel: 023-221377 4/ #6, Street 178Tel: 013-582777 63-City View Located in the Phnom Penh’s prime residential district while enjoys an easy access to the business district. It is close proximity to public buildings, hospitals, shopping centres, restaurants, universities and international schools, many of which are within walking distance. Daily housekeeping services, Daily laundry services, Daily car washing services, Valet services on-demand,24 hours security personnel .Air Conditioner (Personal climates control) Insulated windows, IDD Tel lines, Broadband Internet Connection, Cable TV (more than 60 channels in 13 languages), Private storage room, Secured and covered parking, Modern equipped kitchen and appliances, Huge balconies with high quality outdoor setting, Best Serviced Apartment in Phnom Penh! Modern Home, and Accommodation with Exceptional Value. Nº. 28Z, Street 592, Tel: 012 899 119 64-Elegant Elegant Apartment is the 8 storey apartment in Phnom Penh which is renowned for offering wonderful service and amazing facilities among other apartments in Phnom Penh in Cambodia. The Elegant apartment is the best place for leisure as well as for business. The location of Elegant apartment is in the middle of Phnom Penh city. Close to Many Local Attractions, Elegantly decorated, Best Quality Furniture. Tel: 023 217 712 Nº. 178, Chakrey Ponn (St. 208) 65-Blue Green Office Space & Service Apartments South Central Market’s Business Area. Facilities & Accommodations. Contemporary Interior Design & Furniture. Support Services For Customers Business. Nº. 13A, Wat Koh (St. 81) Tel: 023 222 562-3

66-Wonderland Villa Wonderland Villa is one of the Deluxe apartment complex in Phnom Penh managed by the international standard hotel industry management team. We apply our international hotel experience to provide Wonderland Villa guests the highest quality home away from home. And with the location in the middle of city, Wonderland Villa is near to all major interesting places for business and pleasure. You can enjoy shopping at Supermarket, going to Cinema, entertaining at Amusement Gardens, going for Pub or visit the scenic Riverside, Royal Palace, Independence Monument, and viewing antiques at National Museum etc... As an experience of a new standard of living combing comfort, convenience and safety. Wonderland Villa is created for your choice. Tropical Atmosphere Service Apartment Swimming pool, Business center, Internet access, 24 hours security guards, Plenty of car park lots Nº. 172, Trasak Paem St. 63 Tel: 016 282 858 / 994 981 67-City Villa Hotel Apartment The City Villa is an apartment-style hotel which caters for both short- & long-term visitors. A variety of apartments are available with between one & four bedrooms. Specially design to a modern and comfortable living family away from home, each apartment and penthouse is equipped with convenience amenities giving an overall impression of comfort and refinement. Fully equipped with in house safe for your personal effect, color cable television with 50 channels, refrigerator, cooking facility, laundry. Coffee Shop, Tennis Court, Badminton Court, Gymnasium, Conference / Function, Airport Transfer, Safe Deposit Box Doctor on call, Mini Mart, Tour Desk Ample Parking space 24 hours Security. Nº. 394-396Eo, Monivong Blvd Tel: 023 218 123-6 68-Colonial Mansion Colonial Mansion Serviced Apartments building proudly presents its all suite apartment in Phnom Penh. It is specially designed and furnished to provide guests with the luxurious of a first class hotel plus the comfort and privacy of home & apartment. Our well-appointed spacious suites ranging from one to three bedrooms are available on a daily or monthly basis; prices differ depending on length of stay. Each suite comes with a modern kitchen, a lounge and a dining area. Fully Furnished & Serviced Apartments. Nº. 1A, Ang Non (St. 102), near Hotel Le Royal Tel: 023 986 810 69-La Belle Villa Luxury Apartments at Reasonable Prices in the heart of the City Free: Internet, Laundry & maid service, Parkin, Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, sauna & steam room, CTV and A/C, 24hour security. Large, fully furnished and kitchen. One & two bedroom apartment. One week or minimum stay . Nº. 57-61, Street 122 Tel: 023 724 119

69-Grand Residence Grand Residence is beautifully inspired by a mixture of Khmer and French colonial architecture while impeccably appointed with modern high quality amenities that meet the westernized living standard. Elegant interior decorations are specifically chosen by professional designers to offer our guests an absolute comfort through a unique combination of luxury and practicality while providing a maximum of privacy for each residence. Serviced Apartments of rare distinction in Cambodia, Best accommodation in Phnom Penh. A truly residence of homelike atmosphere. Nº. 9 Bis, Street 604 Tel: 12 598 598 70-Embassy Place Apartments Embassy Place Apartments is one of the oldest service apartments in Cambodia, located in the heart of Phnom Penh within walking distance to the many tourist sites like the Independence Monument, the Riverside and within a 5 minute drive to major business, embassies, shopping and entertainment outlets. Residential serviced apartment units range from 1 bedroom with 90 sq.m in size to 3 bedroom units of between 130 – 160 sq.m in size. With 24 hour security, Embassy Place Apartments offer a secure private enclosed complex in a truly unique standard of living where you safety is also our priority. 50 rooms, Fitness, Internet Access, Cable TV, Swimming Pool, 24hr security, Garden. Nº. 147, Norodom Tel: 023 214 592 71-Les Jardins du Bassac Les Jardins du Bassac is a beautiful villa and apartment complex located in a residential district in southern Phnom Penh. Fine Sky Investments Cambodia 22 Villa House, 24 Apartments, Business. Centre, Fitness, Sauna, Internet Access, Swimming Pool, Cable TV. Nº. 212, Norodom Tel: 023 210 745-51 72-Sky View Apartment Best serviced, comfortable & safe living Support Services for Customers Business. Modern Home & Accommodation with Exceptional Value. In rooms individual telephone line & Internet Nº. 50, Street 590, corner Street 313, Tel: 023 881 713 73-La Parranda Hotel Apartment La Parranda is located in the south-west of the city, approximately 3km from the central business district of Phnom Penh. 69 Rooms, Cosy & Simply the best. Function Rooms, Restaurant & Elegant Rooms. Coffee Shop, Internet, Cable TV, Laundry, all day Dining Buffet, 24 hrs Security. Affordable serviced apartment. Nº. 207, Mao Tse Toung (St. 245) Tel:023 424 560-4



Accommodations Siem Reap

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Local Guide Apartment Guesthouse



Angkor Miracle Resort & Spa International luxury resort and spa property with full dining services, bar & lounges, outdoor salt-water swimming pool with Jacuzzi, fitness centre, events & conferences, complimentary WiFi hots pot high speed Internet, tennis court. Route #6 (‘Airport Road’) Tel: 063-969902 Angkor Village Resort and Spa
 Superior bungalow resort complex. Wooden duplex bungalows with superior furnishings, decor and amenities. Unique, river-style swimming pool. Fine restaurant. Tel: 063-963561 Apsara Angkor Hotel
 All around superior hotel. Finely appointed rooms with all amenities. In-room safe. International restaurant. Lobby bar. Fitness centre. Internet. Swimming pool. Conference room for 350. 
 #6, ‘Airport Road,’ between the Siem Reap International Airport and town centre Tel:063-964999
/hotel@apsaraangkor. com / Royal Empire The Royal Empire Hotel lobby is adorned with dark wood furniture, subtly incorporating traditional Khmer motifs, and calming, pale-colored walls. The gentle, natural colors inside and floor-to-ceiling windows looking onto abundant, leafy sugar and coconut palms are a soothing respite amidst the Cambodian sun.A restaurant offering a menu of Khmer, Asian and Western fare is located off the main lobby. Additionally, The hotel foyer features a lobby bar and a business centre with high speed Internet connection. The business centre offers a comprehensive range of services including state of the art multi-media workstations and can accommodate discreet private meetings and large conferences, banquets and events. With its extensive selection of cardio and training equipment, massage treatments, and spa services, Royal Empire has everything to promote a healthy lifestyle. National Route 6, Airport Road, Siem Reap / Angkor. Kingdom of Cambodia. Tel: 063 969 599 , Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa 
 120 rooms/10 suites. Wooden floors, stylish furniture, fabrics and original decorative artifices, most with balcony facing the swimming pool. Jacuzzi and spa. Restaurants and bars. Boutique. Business centre.Route #6 / Tel: 063 760428

Sokha Angkor Resort Sokha Angkor Resort is a high quality full service resort. The waterfall behind the swimming pool is a center piece of the resort that many balconies of the deluxe rooms are facing. The Caribbean like atmosphere throughout the resort is designed with sophisticated relaxation in mind. There is everything you would expect from an upscale resort including WiFi or broadband internet access in all rooms and public areas; a buffet restaurant; a fine dining room; a Japanese restaurant with Sushi bar and Teppan-yaki; an Irish Sports Bar with activities from 4 pm onwards; a luxurious spa with sauna; steam; hot and cold whirlpool; business center; gym and beauty salon. This is also a conference hotel that has one of the largest ballrooms in Siem Reap with numerous smaller function rooms catering to events of 8 to 400 people. SOKHA ANGKOR RESORT National Road No. 6 and Sivatha Street Junction, Siem Reap, Cambodia Tel: +855 63 969 999 Fax: +855 63 969 998 Sokha Beach Resort Sokha Beach Resort, in Sihanouk Ville, is set on landscaped beachfront gardens adjoining its own private 1.5 km white pristine sandy beach. The low-rise Khmer style architecture, crafted in wood and stone to create a warm rustic ambience, blends in perfectly with its natural surroundings. Ideal for families, the hotel has a comprehensive selection of water sports, recreational facilities, and daily organized adult and child activities, whilst Jasmine Spa offers a holistic treatment approach. Several restaurants offer Asian and international cuisine, specializing in fresh seafood. Street 2 Thnou, Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia Tel: +855 34 935 999 Fax: +855 34 935 888 Sokha Club Hotel Just 20 minutes from the international airport, the hotel is walking distance to the Phsar Thmey Market, Independence Monument, Riverfront and Wat Phnom. Guests can enjoy Khmer, Chinese, Japanese and Mediterranean dishes at the restaurants, or for a little privacy can order in-room dining. Relax after a long day of sightseeing at Jasmine Spa, where you’ll find Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath and a beauty salon. Sokha on Norodom is a boutique hotel worth the stay! No. 63, Preah Norodom Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Tel: 023 990 123 /Fax: +855 23 990 151 Sofitel Royal Angkor Golf & Spa Resort
 238 rooms. Modern and stylishly appointed rooms and suites with an elegant combination of French and Khmer style. The largest resort property in Cambodia boosting an impressive 60,000 square meters. International golf club (18 holes). Luxury spa, Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, A variety of restaurants, Bars. Business centre. Nightly traditional performances.
 Vithei Charles de Gaulle Tel:063-964600

La Résidence d’Angkor 
 55 rooms. Stylish, Khmer-inspired wood and laterite facade set amongst pools and gardens. Finely appointed rooms with all amenities. Restaurant serving French and Royal Khmer cuisine. Cocktail bar. Traditional dance performances. Swimming pool. WiFi Internet access.
On the east side of the river in the center of town Tel: 063-963390 Le Meridien 
 Rooms and suites. The closest hotel ever built to Angkor Wat. Khmer architecture tastefully blended with luxurious modern amenities creating a “world suffused with the echoes of Khmer culture” in the many carvings, stone statues, theme pool, spa and tranquil inner courtyard. 6 restaurants and bars, swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym, spa, reflexology, business centre, meeting room. 
 Vithei Charles de Gaulle, the nearest hotel to Angkor Wat 
 Tel:063 963900 Raffles Grand Hotel D’Angkor
 The most elegant hotel in town. A fully restored 75 year old classic. Spa. Tennis. Swimming. Restaurants. Bars. A variety of restaurants, cafés and pubs. Business centre. Nightly traditional performances. 
 #1 Charles de Gaulle in the centre of town 
Tel: 063 963888 Hotel de la Paix 
 A classic Siem Reap hotel created anew in stunning art decor style. 107 beautifully appointed rooms and suites with hardwood floors and all of the most modern amenities including wireless Internet and iPod music system. Luxury spa, fine restaurants, wine cellar, and pubs. Gymnasium, swimming pool, jacuzzi, conference room. Sivatha Blvd., Tel: 063 966000

Out Standing Empress Angkor
 Lavishly furnished rooms with a wide range of amenities; spacious restaurant serving a rich array of International and local cuisines; a well stocked bar; gymnasium and an alluring swimming pool equipped with jet massage for relaxation. Excellent service. 
 Route #6 (Airport Road) Tel: 063-963999 Royal Bay Inn Angkor Resort 
 62 rooms. Superior, stylish accommodation located in the pleasant Old French Quarter in the centre of town. Garden setting, swimming pool, wifi, fine dining. Old French Quarter Tel: 063-760500

Pacific Hotel New luxury hotel on Airport Road. Spacious superior rooms and suites with hard wood floors, sophisticated Cambodian decor and all of the finest modern amenities. #6, ‘Airport Road,’ between the Siem Reap International Airport and town centre Tel: 063-761818 Prince D’Angkor Hotel and Spa 
 Luxurious rooms, all finely decorated with traditional Khmer style furnishings and wooden floor. Extensive spa facilities. Salt water swimming pool. Sivatha Blvd Tel: 063-763888 FCC Angkor 
 Siem Reap’s newest ‘contemporary chic hideaway.‘ Truly superior accommodations centrally located along the Siem Reap River and set amongst the mature trees and gardens of the quiet Old French Quarter. Smartly appointed rooms and suites outfitted with the finest amenities - flat screen TVs, broadband Internet connectivity and more. Saltwater pool and spa treatment center (Visaya Spa & Pool.) Next to the famous FCC Angkor restaurant and bar. Old French Quarter 
 Tel: 063 760280 Soria Moria Hotel 
 Boutique hotel offering deluxe rooms, fusion kitchen serving Asian, Scandinavian and Japanese food, rooftop bar, wifi, tours and more. 
Wat Bo Road, Tel: 063-964768 Tara Angkor Hotel 
 Brand new hotel on the road to Angkor Wat. Well-appointed rooms with all modern amenities. Road to Angkor Wat Tel: 063-966661-2 Terrasse des Eléphants Hotel Wonderful location near the Old Market, beautiful colonial-style building with balconies, open terraces and a rooftop garden swimming pool. Extravagant design, stylishly decorated rooms with all amenities. Restaurant serving fine Khmer and international dishes. Sivatha Blvd., Old Market area Tel: 063-965570 
 Viroth’s Hotel 
 Boutique hotel offering seven styles of room. Saltwater swimming pool, rooftop jacuzzi and spa. Cafe serving fine Khmer cuisine. Wat Bo area Tel: 063-761720

87 Pretty Decent Angkor Discover Inn 
 Cozy wooden rooms with private balcony overlooking a garden. Centrally located in a quiet area. A/c rooms with CTV, mini-bar and hot/cold water. Garden restaurant. Phum Slorkrame, just North of Route #6 Tel: 063-762727 Angkor Spirit Palace 
 Designed in classic Khmer style, constructed in wood and laterite. Clean, fully outfitted rooms with a/c, CTV, mini-bar, in-room safe and wifi. Swimming pool. 2km south of town Tel: 017-908007 Angkoriana Hotel 53 well-appointed rooms and suites and superior hotel facilities. Reservations discount. All tour/travel services. Museum Restaurant serving Khmer/Thai/Chinese/ Western cuisine. Road to Angkor Wat Tel: 063 760274 The Bong Thom’s Homestay Rural home-stay well out in the countryside in Banteay Srey district north of Siem Reap town. Newly constructed Khmer style traditional house set on a Cambodian fruit farm. Fruit trees abound - mangos, papaya, dragon fruit and more - and all the fresh fruit you can eat for free. Fishing pond and fishing tackle available free of change. Ox cart and ox for use around the farm area. Experience a bit of real Cambodia. Fan rooms, guest services, restaurant. Kandal Village, Banteay Srey district Tel: 012 520092 Bopha Angkor 
 Stylishly decorated rooms, some rooms with private balcony. Fine Cambodian/ international restaurant. Swimming pool. Receiving very good reviews. 
 East side of Siem Reap River Tel:063 964928 Soria Moria Hotel 
 Boutique hotel offering deluxe rooms, fusion kitchen serving Asian, Scandinavian and Japanese food, rooftop bar, wifi, tours and more. Wat Bo Road Tel: 063 964768 Borann, l’Auberge 
20 rooms. Nice rooms with veranda, set in a lush garden in a quiet area. Swimming pool. Restaurant. French and English spoken. 
 Behind Sawasdee Restaurant Tel063 964740

Central Boutique Angkor Hotel 
 Bungalow style rooms situated around a swimming pool with all rooms facing the pool. Restaurant and western food. Pool side and bar. Tour services. Taphul Village area / Tel: 063 764028 City River Hotel 
 Well-appointed rooms with all modern amenities. Centrally located, picturesque location along the river in town. Elevator, Internet, rooftop swimming pool, gym, restaurant. WIFI in restaurant and poolside bar on the 6th Floor. #0511, Stung Siem Reap St., Wat Bo Tel: 063 763000 Golden Banana Boutique and B&B 
 Quiet garden setting on the east side of the river just a 5mn walk from the Old Market. Friendly, welcoming staff. Gay friendly place. Swimming pool. Wat Damnak area Tel: 012 885366 Golden Banana Boutique Resort 
 Newly opened small resort, 5 minute’s walk from the Old Market area. Stylish villas and suites around a salt water pool in a lush garden. Every room has outdoor private bath. Wat Damnak area Tel: 012 654638 Kazna Hotel 
 Clean, comfortable, centrally located mid-range hotel offer all-none-smoking a/c rooms with all modern amenities. Restaurant serving Khmer, Chinese and western cuisine. Taphul Road/ Tel: 063 969313 The King Angkor Villa 
 Villa style hotel offering fan and a/c rooms with all amenities. Centrally located, within a couple of minutes of the Old Market. All tourist services. Ta Phul Village area / Tel: 063 964896 The Kool Hotel 
 Immaculately clean, chic decor, good value for money. A/c rooms with all modern facilities. Khmer, Thai, and International fusion restaurant. Pool, jacuzzi, massage. Tours services. #018, Route #6 (Airport Rd.) Tel: 063 969690-93 La Noria Hotel
 Nice, quiet bungalows with private veranda in a luxurious tropical garden. All wooden French/Khmer restaurant. Traditional shadow puppet show every Wednesday evening. Swimming pool. Massage. Popular. Good reviews and friendly staff (French and English spoken.) On the east side of the river 50 meters north of Rte. #6, Siem Reap
 Tel: 063 964242

La Villa Mona d’Angkor 
 Breakfast included. Stylish rooms with private balcony/terrace set in a lush garden setting in a quiet area. Lovely little garden restaurant. Free wifi. Free pick-up. Near Wat Thmei Tel: 063 965202 Les Orientalistes 
 Comfortable a/c with wonderfully stylish Indo-Chinese decor in a traditional Khmer wooden house. Balconies. Excellent French/Cambodian restaurant on the ground floor. Quiet area. 
South end of ‘Wat Bo Road’ Tel: 012 894207 Men’s Resort & Spa Located in the heart of Siem Reap and near the Angkor Temples, MEN’s is a new “exclusively for men” resort. Guests can relax in the friendly, cosy, stylish atmosphere. The MEN’s complex is designed to provide a wide range of services for gay men. Ten rooms, each offering a specific atmosphere through original and sensitive design. Saltwater swimming pool. Men’s spa, sauna and massage. Pool bar and restaurant. Wat Po Lanka area Tel: 063 963053 Angie’s Villa 
 Guest villa located in a pleasantly quiet are off wat Bo Road. Thoughtfully decorated and furnished a/c rooms with the emphasis on art and photography. All amenities. 
 100 meters off Wat Bo Road Tel: 0-772029 Mystères d’ Angkor 
 Welcoming, family-atmosphere. Stylish, a/c, pavilion- style accommodations in a garden setting. Pleasantly quiet area. Guest house restaurant and bar serving a set menu of Cambodian dishes. Pool table and terrace seating. Souvenirs. Swimming pool. 
 Near Wat Po Lanka Tel: 063 963639 Ombrelle & Kimono Hotel Near city center. Five rooms in a stylish 1950s residence: a/c, private terrace, en suite bath and free Internet. Garden setting with pool. Genuine Cambodian cuisine. Wat Bo Rd Tel: 012 365501 Passaggio Boutique Hotel 
Large rooms and suites, all with full amenities: a/c, cable TV, fridge, nice furnishings and decor. Rooftop restaurant. Travel agent (Lolei Travel). Good reviews. Swiss management. 
 East side of the river near the Old Market bridge Tel: 063 760324

Salina Hotel rooms. Well off the main road in a quiet area. Properly decorated rooms with all amenities including a/c, cable TV, fridge, and en suite toilet with hot water and bathtub. Restaurant. Bar. Airport pick up. Souvenirs. Swimming pool. Large parking area. 
 1 km south of Rte #6, Taphul Village area Tel: 063 760487 Shining Angkor Boutique 
 Superior a/c rooms in a villa style boutique hotel. Wood furniture and floors, Khmer style decor, top quality linins, mattresses and pillows. Restaurant. Good value. Between town and the Angkor Park, near Wat Thmei Tel: 063 963096 Shinta Mani
Luxury accommodations in the heart of the quiet Old French Quarter. Truly superior room amenities, hotel facilities and service. Great attention to detail and the fineries of service and decor throughout the hotel. Award-winning garden patio restaurant and bar. The restaurant was listed in Gourmet magazine’s ‘Worlds Best Hotel Dining Rooms.‘ “As part of Shinta Mani’s ongoing commitment to the local community, especially those who are less fortunate, Shinta Mani operates an Institute of Hospitality. The Institute provides free hospitality industry training for young Cambodians at risk. It is funded by the hotel and private individuals. Old French Quarter Tel: 063 761998

Mid Range Ancient Angkor Guesthouse 
 Clean, villa-style guesthouse located well off the main road but still only a 5 minute walk to the Old Market. Friendly, helpful staff. Swimming pool. Free Internet. Neighborhood off Sivatha Rd. Opposite the Old Market area Tel:012 772862 Borei Spean Neak Inn 
 Brand new affordable hotel just off Angkor Wat road about half way between town and the temples. Fan and a/c rooms with high ceilings, CTV, hot water. Some with tub.
‘60 Meter Road’ about 80 m off of Angkor Wat road Tel: 016 816868 Earthwalkers’ 
 Western Managed. Relaxed atmosphere. Friendly staff. Clean. Garden with swimming pool. Lush garden with hammocks. Cosy bar and restaurant. Pool table. Travellers information. All rooms with en suite bathroom and hot water. Breakfast included. Off Route #6 (Airport Road) in a quiet area Tel: 012 967901

14 88 1

Local Guide Encore Angkor Guesthouse 
 Guest house offering a stylish yet affordable ambiance. A/c rooms breakfast included, with cable TV, fridge, safety box and en suite with hot water.
West of Sivatha Blvd., Old Market area Tel: 063 969400, European Guesthouse 
 Swedish family managed. Relaxed atmosphere. Friendly staff. Clean rooms. Gar- den with hammocks, fish pond. Crocodile farm. Copy bar and restaurant. Quiet area, in town. Wat Bo area Tel: 012 582237 Golden Orange 
 Brand new, reasonably priced a/c rooms in the quiet Wat Po Lanka. Flat screen TVs, jacuzzi-style bathtubs, WiFi access. Community balcony with a view. 
Wat Po Lanka area Tel: 063 965389 Golden Mango Inn Guest house offering fan and a/c rooms with all amenities - cable TV, fridge and en suite bathroom with hot water. Free pick up. All tourist services.
 Near Phsar Leu, just off Route #6 Tel: 063 761857 Golden Temple Villa
Villa-style guest house/hotel in a quiet area. Spotless, spacious rooms with 21 inch TVs, a/c (or fan), mini-bar, hot water wood furniture and some decor. International restaurant. Free Internet tea and coffee. Visa/MC/JCB/AMEX
 West of Old Market area 
 Tel: 012 943459 Green Garden Home Guest house and Restaurant 
 Villa-style guest house in a lush garden setting. Fan Guest house and a/c rooms fridge, cable TV, and attached bathroom with hot water. Ask about the traditional wooden house available. Consistently good reviews. On a quiet street just off Sivatha. Breakfast in a garden setting. On Oum Khun St. off Sivatha, 100m south of Rte #6 Tel: 012 890363 Green Village Palace 
 Guest house, bar, restaurant and gym. Rooms with a/c, cable TV, fridge, en suite with hot water. Swimming pool. Free pick-up. Gym. Hammocks. Wat Damnak area Tel: 063 760623 Home Sweet Home 
 Friendly, very clean hotel. Upstairs rooms with hardwood floors. Good little restaurant. Internet access. Good value.
 Wat Bo area /Tel: 012 824626 reservation@homesweethomeangkor. com

WatsUp Guesthouse 
 Family guesthouse in a quiet area within easy walking distance of the Old Market and Pub Street. Fan and a/c rooms. All fan rooms with cable TV and hot water. Wat Damnak area Tel: 012 675881 The King Angkor Villa 
 Villa style hotel offering fan and a/c rooms with all amenities. Centrally located, within a couple of minutes of the Old Market. All tourist services. Visa/MC
Ta Phul Village area Tel: 063 964896 Mandalay Inn 
 Friendly management, family atmosphere. Commission-free, hassle-free. Free Wifi. Tour agent desk. Home cooked Burmese and Khmer food. Psar Kroung Road (200 m from Old Market), Viheachan Village, Svaydangkum
commune Tel: 063 761662 Mekong Angkor Palace Clean, new fan and ac/c rooms in a villastyle guesthouse in the center of town. Swimming pool. Restaurant serving Khmer and Western food. Visa
Sivatha Blvd, behind MekongBank Tel: 063 963636 Molly Malone’s 
 7 rooms. Nicely refurbished, very clean rooms with a/c, cable TV, hot water, fridge. Nice decor, wood furniture. All rooms with attached bathroom with hot water, some with tub. ‘Family room’ available. Good bar/restaurant on the ground floor. 
/ Old Market area
 Tel: 063 963533 Mom’s Guesthouse 
 30 rooms. Well-known, long-established guest house on Wat Bo Road. Clean, fan and a/c rooms with all amenities (cable TV, fridge, hot water) and en suite bathroom. Internet, international telephone/ fax. Tours, transportation, ticketing, etc. Small restaurant. Wat Bo Road / Tel: 012 32088 MotherHome Guesthouse 
 Clean, new, very affordable fan and a/c rooms with CTV, fridge, en suite bathroom with hot/cold water. Quiet, shaded street in Wat Bo area. 10 minute walk to the Old Market.
Wat Bo area. Tel: 012 963438 reservation@motherhomeguesthouse. com Freedom Hotel
 Wide range of rooms. Very helpful staff. Very good reviews and comments from guests. Good restaurant. Silks on sale. Fitness room.. 
#6 just west of Phsar Leu Tel: 063 963473

Palm Garden Lodge 
 Family run budget hotel in the downtown area. Restaurant, bar, movies, friendly staff, quiet garden, terrace, fresh atmosphere, balcony, a/c, hot water, cable TV, 24h service. 
West of Sivatha Blvd., Old Market area, Tel: 012 687372 Passaggio Boutique Hotel 
 Large rooms and suites, all with full amenities: a/c, cable TV, fridge, nice furnishings and decor. Rooftop restaurant. Travel agent (Lolei Travel). Good reviews. Swiss management. 
 East side of the river near the Old Market bridge Tel: 063 760324 Paul Dubrule Hotel and Tourism Training hotel and restaurant in a very quiet area. Four comfortable rooms besides a charming garden. Your contribution goes to help the educational project of the NGO. Route #6, ‘Airport Road,’ between the Siem Reap International Airport and town centre Tel: 063 963673 Red Piano
 Clean, thoughtfully finished rooms. A/c and wooden furniture. family rooms available. Quiet. Rooftop terrace with a view of Phnom Krom. Receiving very good reviews from guests. 
 Old Market area, just west of Sivatha Tel: 012 854150 River Village Manor
 Quality, Australian managed accommodation, set in an authentic Cambodian community. Deluxe and luxury rooms all with air conditioning, multi- channel cable TV, mini bar & hot showers. Restaurant headed by qualified Australian chef. Tour desk and concierge services. Internet access and business centre. 
#171, Triang Village, Slorkram Commune Siem Reap City Tel: 063 760425 Shadow of Angkor 
Budget guesthouse in a French colonial period building on the riverside with a river view. Clean fan and a/c rooms, some with balcony. On the riverside near the Old Market Tel: 063 964774 Khmer Inn Angkor Nicely refurbished, family-operated, villa style guest house set back from the road in the Ta Phul village area. Restaurant. All tourist services.
 #232, Ta Phul Road Tel: 012 682576

Two Dragons Guesthouse 14 immaculately clean rooms, a/c, hot water, cable TV. Free Wifi Internet. Thai restaurant. Relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Cold beer. Excellent source of information, owned by the same person who runs the web site. Offers pick-up service from Poipet border (A/C Toyota Camry), Tonle Sap tours, and more. Wat Bo area Tel: 063 965107 SiemReapRooms Guesthouse Western managed. 300m from the Old Market area. Fan and a/c rooms with private bathroom. Free in-room wifi and Internet in reception. Big screen TV in bar/restaurant and free pool table. Free pick up. 
 #421 Sivatha Blvd., Road to Tonle Sap Tel: 012 208472 guesthouse Tanei Guesthouse Villa-style guesthouse offer large, clean fan and a/c rooms with cable TV, fridge and en suite bathroom with hot water. All tourist services. Restaurant. 
Neighbourhood off Sivatha Rd. Opposite the Old Market area Tel: 092 865150 Tara Angkor Hotel 
 Brand new hotel on the road to Angkor Wat. Well-appointed rooms with all modern amenities. Road to Angkor Wat Tel: 063 966661-2 Ta Som Guesthouse 
 31 rooms. Well-established, family-run guesthouse on airport road in town. Clean fan and a/c rooms with amenities. Khmer/International restaurant. All tourist/traveller services. 
#268 Nat. Route 6, (Airport Road,) Taphul Village Tel: 063 964970 The Villa Siem Reap (Garden bungalows $50) 
Villa-style, offering large, immaculately clean, nicely decorated and furnished deluxe and superior rooms. Patio restaurant. Responsible travel/eco -tours to outlying temples/ villages.
 Taphul road Tel: 063 761036 Siem Reap Riverside 
 Riverside hotel just past the end of Sivatha Blvd (Phnom Krom Road), south of the Old Market. Fan and a/c rooms with cable TV, and attached bathroom with hot water. Rooftop restaurant and bar. Internet, Tour and travel services. 10% reservation discount.
 Phnom Krom Road, just south of the Old Market Tel: 063 760177

89 Shadow of Angkor II 
 New mid-range hotel on Wat Bo road offering clean a/c rooms with all modern amenities including CTV, mini-bar, hot water and in-room wifi. Swimming pool. Wat Bo Road, near Shadow of Angkor I Tel: 063 966774

We’ll pass Angkor Friendship Inn 
 (Breakfast included) Friendly guesthouse offering clean, large rooms with a/c, CTV, fridge, in-room safe, wifi and private bathroom with hot water. Swimming pool, massage, restaurant. Secured parking. Visa/MC
 Just off Sivatha Blvd., 300m south of the Old Market Tel: 063 965197 Angkor Park Guesthouse 
 Clean, new, family run guesthouse joust 100 meters south of the Old Market. Quiet rooms with color TV, nice wood desk and en suite bathroom with hot water. Free wifi.
 Just south of the Old Market area Tel: 063 761663 Bou Savy Guesthouse 
 Price includes breakfast. Family run guesthouse a bit off Route #6 in a quiet, green area. Big rooms. Restaurant. Internet service. Just off Route #6 down a small road next to Wat Kesararam Tel: 063 964967 European Guesthouse 
 Swedish family managed. Relaxed atmosphere. Friendly staff. Clean rooms. Gar- den with hammocks, fish pond. Crocodile farm. Cosy bar and restaurant. Quiet area, in town.
 Wat Bo area Tel: 012 582237 Golden Temple Villa Villa-style guesthouse/hotel in a quiet area. Spotless, spacious rooms with 21 inch TVs, a/c (or fan), mini-bar, hot water wood furniture and some decor. International restaurant. Free internet, tea and coffee. West of Old Market area Tel: 012 943459 Home Sweet Home 
 Friendly, very clean hotel. Upstairs rooms with hardwood floors. Good little restaurant. Internet access. Good value.
 Wat Bo area Tel: 012 824626 reservation@homesweethomeangkor. com

Prohm Roth Guesthouse 
 Clean & comfortable twin, double and triple rooms equipped with Cable TV, A/C, fan and en-suite bathroom, toiletries and some with hot shower. Centrally and conveniently located on the Pub Street extension in the Old Market area, 50 yards from the scenic Siem Reap River walk, the Independence Garden, 15 minutes ride from the airport and to Angkor Wat temples. Your ‘confirmed’ booking entitles you FREE pick up from airport, bus and ferry. 
 Pub Street extension, Old Market area Tel: 012 466495 Palm Garden Lodge 
 Family run budget hotel in the downtown area. Restaurant, bar, movies, friendly staff, quiet garden, terrace, fresh atmosphere, balcony, a/c, hot water, cable TV, 24h service. 
 West of Sivatha Blvd., Old Market area Tel: 012 687372 Tanei Guesthouse 
 Villa-style guesthouse offer large, clean fan and a/c rooms with cable TV, fridge and en suite bathroom with hot water. All tourist services. Restaurant. 
Neighbourhood off Sivatha Rd. Opposite the Old Market area Tel: 092 865150 Jasmine Lodge 
 Family-run guesthouse. Fan and a/c rooms with cable TV and hot shower. Very reasonably priced rooftop restaurant, with a nice night-time breeze. Pool table. DVDs, CDs, VCD music. Route #6, ‘Airport Road,’ near town Tel:012 784980 The King Angkor Villa 
 Villa style hotel offering fan and a/c rooms with all amenities. Centrally located, within a couple of minutes of the Old Market. All tourist services. Ta Phul Village area Tel: 063 964896 Mandalay Inn Friendly management, family atmosphere. Commission-free, hassle-free. Free Wifi. Tour agent desk. Home cooked Burmese and Khmer food. Psar Kroung Road (200 m from Old Market), Viheachan Village, Svaydangkum
commune Tel: 063 761662 Ivy Guesthouse Charming budget and a/c rooms, in a chilled garden setting with great Ivy food, all in the heart of Siem Reap town.
Just off the riverfront road near Phsar Kandal Tel: 012 602930 /

14 90 1

H otel Local Guide


Heaven Knai Bang Chatt Serene and pure, Knai Bang Chatt, an exquisite lifestyle resort, will enchant you. Located in Kep, right on the southern east coastline of Cambodia, the resort gives you a blend of privacy, serenity and exclusivity. Three renovated villas built in the 1970s by protégés of Vann Molyvann, a pupil of the world renowned Le Corbusier, are extraordinary historical landmarks you can now experience as your very own private home. The whole resort is made up of eleven rooms that are individually decorated with its own identity and taste. The villas are designed with large terraces open to breathtaking views of the sea and islands. The surrounding garden space is perfect for yoga and meditation. Whether you’re celebrating your honeymoon, anniversary, wedding, family reunion or planning staff retreat, Knai Bang Chatt is the place for you. Its natural beauty combined with its sense of history and great Khmer hospitality will make your stay in Cambodia unforgettable. Sales office: #76, St 360 Tel. : +855 (0)17 917452 Fax: +855 (0)23 212 194 Resort Address: Knai Bang Chatt Resort Phum Thmey, Sangkat Prey Thom, Khan Kep. Kep City Tel. : +855 (0)12 349742 Tel. : +855 (0)11 823552 The Beach House On the hillside overlooking Kep Beach. Nicely decorated rooms with a/c, satellite TV, hot water, fridge, en suite bathroom and balconies with picturesque ocean views. Swimming pool. Restaurant/bar serving Asian and western food. Meeting room. Internet. Tel: 012 240090 Le Bout du Monde Individual and separate bungalows/ residences/suite in traditional Khmer architecture, built on piles and made of wood and stones. Located in landscaped gardens at the top of a breezy hill with view on the Gulf of Thailand French and Khmer cuisine with fresh ingredients. Hot water, mini-bar, fan and safe in room (Khmer villa and residences/suite). Tel: 011 964181

Kep & Kompot Guesthouse Bokor Mountain Lodge Lovely old French Colonial-era building in a perfect sunset location on the riverfront road. Air-conditioned rooms with CTV and en-suite bathroom. Some rooms with a river view. Free wifi. Picturesque breakfast balcony and a popular restaurant and bar on the ground floor. Tel: 033 932314 / 017 712062 The Marchbank Suite Absolutely lovely, unique, single-suite guesthouse on the riverside above the Jasmine Café. Large, air-conditioned, two-room suite with a wonderful sunset view overlooking the river and Elephant Mountains. Nice decor and furniture. Living room with cable TV, DVD player and selection of DVDs, stocked mini-bar. Wifi. The large suite is perfect size for a family. Breakfast included and served in your room. Reservations are recommended. Tel: 092 963264 marknorris@maccom Le Flamboyant Stylish, very well appointed bungalows in a garden setting. Fully air-conditioned, large flat screen TV with satellite, DVD, en suite bathroom with hot water and sun shower. Veranda and roof top patio. Good restaurant. Tel: 012 230357

Out Standing Vanna Bungalows Quality-constructed fan and a/c bungalows with en suite and hot water. On the hillside with a fantastic view overlooking the ocean. A real ‘feel at home’ atmosphere. Restaurant with home cooked Cambodian food. (Try the Amok.) Western also available. Dining area large enough for functions/meetings. Sampov Pram Guesthouse Newly refurbished villa style guesthouse on a quite street amongst a cluster of guesthouses. Fan and a/c rooms with cable TV and en suite bathroom with hot water. Restaurant and bar. All tourist services. Dorm beds. 30 meters from ACLEDA Bank. Tel: 017 822626 Rikitikitavi Charming little western-managed guesthouse on the river road in town. Very well-appointed, stylishly finished air-conditioned rooms with all amenities including cable TV, DVD, mini-bar, wifi, spring mattresses and high-pressure showers. Free wifi internet access in room. Excellent rooftop restaurant and bar with a brilliant view overlooking the river. Tel: 012 235102

Veranda Bungalows and Resort Stylish fan and air-conditioned bungalows with veranda on the hillside. En suite bathroom with hot water. Family bungalows available. Receiving very good reviews. 24 hour security. 24 hour electricity. Wifi. The unique Jungle Bar serves wide variety of Cambodian and international cuisine including Bong Karem gelato ice cream. First bakery in Kep. Full bar and a terrace with comfortable seating and a spectacular sunset view of the ocean and islands. Traveler’s check exchange. Tel:012 888619 Malibu Estates Bungalows Lovely new bungalow cottages set in lush garden a quite area near the base of the mountains about a kilometer from Kep Beach. Stylishly decorated and furnished fan and a/c bungalows with CTV, mini-bar and en suite bath with hot water. Swimming pool. Restaurant/bar. Camping available. Tel: 016 770277

Pretty Decent Kep Lodge (Breakfast included) New swimming pool. Fan and sea breeze-cooled thatched bungalows with big terrace. Six nicely decorated, spacious wooden or concrete bungalows surrounded by a garden and fruit trees. Rooms equipped with comfortable 1.6m mattresses, bathroom with hot water, mini bar. Free Wifi access throughout the lodge. Restaurant serving outstanding Khmer and Western food. Comfortable bar with pool table. Western-managed, very friendly staff. Tel:092 435330

Mid Range Utopia Beautiful, secluded riverside location on the Kampong Bay River near Tekchhou about 8 kilometers outside of town. Nicely finished riverside bungalows with en suite bathroom and private balcony , basic rooms and dorm beds. Free wifi in all rooms and bungalows. Friendly, relaxed balcony bar and restaurant over the rivers edge, serving good western and Khmer dishes. Absolutely fantastic sunrise view. Located just off the Tekchhou Road, 8km north of Route #3. Look for the sign on the road. Tel: 012 407305 Hang Guesthouse Riverside restaurant, pretty rooms in a beautiful garden with mango and coconut trees, lots of flowers. and a nice view of the river, mountains and the rice fields. 2 minutes outside town. Internet facilities. TV. A/c rooms. Hot water. Free bicycle rental. Free transport to city. Tour service. French, English and Khmer spoken. Tel: 016 389170

Little Garden Bar Villa-style guesthouse with view overlooking the river and Bokor Mountain. Nicely furnished a/c or fan rooms with attached bathroom. Restaurant in colonial garden setting. Good selection of Khmer and western food, famous for its delicious pizza. Daily specials Information on various volunteer projects around Kampot. Tel: 012 427572 Mea Culpa Guesthouse New guesthouse and restaurant in a nice garden setting, located in a quiet part of the old French quarter of town. Clean, new nicely decorated fan and a/c rooms with cable TV, DVD player and en suite bathroom with hot water. Balcony. Complimentary tea and coffee. Patio restaurant and bar serving Khmer and international fare including pizzas from a wood-fired oven. Both the guesthouse and the restaurant are receiving excellent reviews from customers. Tel: 012504769

We’ll pass Beach Town Guesthouse Oceanfront guesthouse overlooking Kep Beach. Clean, affordable fan and a/c rooms with en suite bathroom. The beach and seafood restaurants 20 meters from the front door. Located at the Kep Beach intersection. Tel: 012 763763 Ponleu Chhner Tra Cheak Chit Guesthouse Brand new guesthouse overlooking Kep Beach offering clean fan and a/c rooms with CTV and en suite bathroom. Seafood restaurant serving Khmer and western dishes. Motorcycle rental. Island tours $12. Tel: 012 894684 Long Villa Unique wooden ‘long villa.’ Fan and a/c rooms with attached bathroom. Dormitory beds available. Restaurant with seafood dishes, Cambodian and western food, and pizza. Reasonably priced. Pool table. Information. Lots of tour services and guides. Near the market on the north side of town. Tel: 092 251418 Moon’s Guesthouse A chill-out rooftop with a great view over Kampot City! Clean and Comfortable AC and van rooms en suite. Very relaxing and most beautiful garden bar and restaurant. Information, tours and for the guest free bicycles. Located behind the Vietnam Cambodian friendship monument, next to Amret bank witch is only a five minutes walk from the bus station. Tel: 089 963122 Ponleu Chhner Tra Cheak Chit Guesthouse Brand new guesthouse overlooking Kep Beach offering clean fan and a/c rooms with CTV and en suite bathroom. Seafood restaurant serving Khmer and western dishes. Motorcycle rental. Tel: 012 894684

91 Popok Vel Guesthouse Affordable, all newly refurbished hotel near the market with large clean rooms with all the usual amenities: cable TV, fridge, en suite with hot water. Located on the market side of town on the new bridge road. Tel: 017 456861 Coco House Breakfast included in price. Basic, air-conditioned rooms above the Coco House Restaurant on the riverfront road. Tel: 033 932198 Kampot Guesthouse Villa-style guesthouse in a garden setting. Clean, en suite bathrooms. Reasonably priced restaurant serving Khmer and western food and seafood. Boat trips, countryside tours, Bokor and other Kampot destinations. Bicycles. Internet access. Located on a quiet street. Tel: 012 512931 Kampot Riverview Guesthouse Located at the river’s edge. Fan and a/c rooms with cable TV and en suite bathroom with hot water. Riverside veranda restaurant with a nice sunset view of the mountains. Serving reasonably priced western and Khmer dishes. can arrange mini-bus to Sihanouk Ville, and boat trips to Phnom Daung. Tel: 012 857897

Orchid Guesthouse Fan and a/c rooms and bungalows. Cable TV and hot water. Khmer decor. Intl/ Khmer restaurant. Lots of seafood. Full bar. Motorcycles, bicycles, boat for rent. Quiet area. Secure parking. Contact for Wild Orchid Tours offering trips to Bokor, Kep, jungle treks, and lots more. Tel: 092 226996



Botanica Inspirational world kitchen with an eye for presentation. Indonesian ‘Coconut Tumeric,’ Belgian ‘Vol-au-vent,’ Indian ‘Madras,’ Peruvian ‘Bistik a la pobre,’ other foods from around the world. Selection of Belgian beers (Leffe, Hoegaarden, Stella, Verboden Vrucht). Inventive shakes, mixes and cocktails. “Botanica Restaurant, bringing the taste of the world closer to you!” Wifi. Tel: 016 562775

Salt & Pepper Bakery New western style bakery and coffee shop on Road #33 right next to the White Horse Monument. Fresh baked cakes, cookies and breads. Unique designer breads. Great place to stop for a coffee and snack on your way between Kampot and Kep. Wholesale enquiries welcome. Tel: 099 219004 Veranda Bungalows and Resort Hillside restaurant with a beautiful ocean view. Serving a wide variety of Cambodian and international cuisine with a focus on seafood. Good wine selection. Bakery with homemade danishes, breads and cakes from chocolate tarts to blueberry turnovers. More than 7 varieties of 100% natural Gelato ice cream. Full bar and a terrace with comfortable seating and a spectacular sunset view. Tel:012 888619 Akashi Café Distinctive purple house near the new Bridge. Offering simple yet tasty and unique home-cooked food. The bread, yogurt, cakes and cookies, ice creams are all home-made. Good coffees, soups, sandwiches, quiche, muffins and daily pasta specials. Open for 11:00AM to 5:00PM. Closed on Wed. The gates are often closed but the doors are open. Just walk on in. Open for 9:30AM to 5:00PM. Closed on Wed. Tel: 092 775900. Massage for specific ailments also available by appointment only. Tel. 012 423180. Bokor Mountain Lodge Lovely old French Colonial-era building in a perfect sunset location on the riverfront road. Serving a variety of Khmer and some western dishes. Italian, Thai, burgers, specializing in fresh crab dishes. Pizzas. Full bar, cold beer, wine and cocktails. Indoor and wonderful curbside seating overlooking the river. Western managed. Wifi internet. 7AM-Late Tel: 033932314 Little Garden Bar Well-established, popular, western managed restaurant/bar on the riverfront. Open air garden seating with a river breeze and a sunset view. Good selection of Khmer and western and food. Known for its delicious pizzas. Daily specials. Information on local volunteer opportunities. Daily river cruises leave from here at 3PM. Open 7:00AM-10:00PM. Tel:012 256901 Long Villa Restaurant Seaside restaurant situated right at the Koh Tunsay (Rabbit Island) Boat Dock. Like most places in Kep, the emphasis is on fresh seafood prepared both western and Asian style. Book a boat trip to Koh Tunsay at the restaurant. Tel: 092 788364

Riel Bar Restaurant & Bakery Regular concerts, exhibitions, performances, dance events and ‘be your own DJ - evenings’ can turn a visit to Riel Bar into an exciting experience. Full bar, reasonable prices, one of the only places in town open into the late night. Free pool table. Offering homemade pastries, ice cream and whole wheat bread products. Movies Sun, Tue and Thurs. Khmer cooking classes on request. In case you are a traveler with artistic talents, the Riel is pleased to have you perform or exhibit. Located in between crab market and the hillside guesthouses. Customers that leave their dollars at home and pay in Riels receive a discount on their bill. Tel: 017 902771 (English), 017 739336 (Khmer.) Kep Lodge Comfortable restaurant with great views over the gulf of Thailand with a variety of Röstis (Swiss style potatoes), tasty sausages and serving some of the best pizzas in town. Homemade ice cream. Salads. Happy hour from 5.30 till 7.00 pm with great cocktails and cheap beers (13 different kinds.) Tel:092 435330 Le Flamboyant Stylish restaurant and bar in a lovely garden setting at Le Flamboyant bungalows. Daily specials with an emphasis on Khmer and Mediterranean fare prepared using all organic ingredients, most grown right there at Le Flamboyant. Located on Road 33a a couple of hundred meters north of the traffic circle. Tel: 016 713825

Rikitikitavi Charming rooftop balcony restaurant and bar with a spectacular view overlooking the river and mountains. A great place to enjoy sunset. Offering a wide selection of western and exclusive Khmer dishes prepared by a professional chef. Very generous portions. Full bar with cocktails, cold beer, a selection of wines and of fine spirits including a nice collection of whiskeys and single-malts. Two for one happy hour 5-7PM. Open 6:30AM - 10:00PM. Tel: 012 235102 Coco House The spacious corner curbside seating at this riverfront restaurant and bar offers a great sunset view of the river and mountains. Large selection of reasonably priced western and some Asian dishes. Soups, salads, lots of sandwiches and pastas. Full bar with a selection of several different imported wines. Tel: 012-973727 Ratanak Kongkea Restaurant Opening in May 2009. Beachside restaurant promising fresh-fromthe-ocean seafood and Cambodian dishes. Motorcycle and bicycle rental. Tel: 099 791679

Rheaj’s Friendly riverfront restaurant serving a variety of nicely done western and Khmer dishes at very reasonable prices. Western breakfasts, burgers, sandwiches, salads, BBQ, seafood, a big selection of good pizzas and calzones, vegetarian/vegan sandwiches and dishes, several traditional Khmer dishes, desserts, fruit juices and shakes. Beer, wine and some spirits. Curbside seating with a sunset view. Open 7AM - Late Tel: 033 932122, 012 333361 Led Zep Café Friendly little roadside café just off Kep Beach near the roundabout. Serving pizzas, burritos, fresh juices, cold beer and more. Lots of good touring local information. Jasmine Popular, stylish, welcoming riverfront cafe serving a good selection of western and Khmer dishes. Indoor and curbside seating with a very nice river view. Great place to enjoy sunset over a glass of wine and have a good, reasonably price western meal. Lots of books and magazines. Wifi internet access. Open 10AM-10PM. Tel: 012 927313, 092 963264


Apartment Guesthouse


Vanna Bungalows Quality-constructed fan and a/c bungalows with en suite and hot water. On the hillside with a fantastic view overlooking the ocean. A real ‘feel at home’ atmosphere. Restaurant with home cooked Cambodian food. (Try the Amok.) Western also available. Dining area large enough for functions/meetings. Tel: 012 755038

El Dorado Restaurant & Bar Tasty stews, wood-fired pizzas, roasts, cappuccino, espresso, full bar, cold beer. Tel: 016 562775


Khemara Battambang Hotel 92 rooms. A/c rooms and suites with all amenities: cable TV, fridge, en suite with hot water. Swimming pool. Located in a quiet area. Large parking area. Karaoke rooms. Conference rooms and banquet facilities. Gym, sauna, spa, steam. Free Wifi in rooms. Restaurant. Tel: 053 737878 / 017 612168 Stung Sangke A leading hotel in Battambang with 130 rooms and suites. Walk only 5 minutes from ferry dock and a 10-15 minute walk to visit colonial architecture, the provincial hall, Phsar Nat and historic pagodas. Tel:053 953495

Out Standing

Rottanak Resort (Breakfast included) Secluded garden oasis of poolside bungalows in a quiet corner of the main town area. All modern amenities including a/c, CTV and en suite with hot water. Swimming pool. Restaurant/cafe serving traditional Khmer food. Full bar. Wifi. Tel: 053 953255

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Local Guide Bambu Hotel (breakfast included) New, fully outfitted and equipped hotel/ resort complex sporting well-appointed, traditionally inspired rooms. All rooms with a/c/ CTV, DVD, stocked mini-bar, wifi, en suite bathroom with hot/ water. Swimming pool and full restaurant and bar serving Cambodian and international fare. Located in a quiet area on the east side of the river only 2 minutes from town center. Tel: 071 331368

Khmer Delight Restaurant Popular city center restaurant offering Asian/European traditional and fusion cuisines – an interesting array of choices, including such Khmer favorites as Lok Lak as well as dishes from Indonesia, Italy, Australia and France. Excellent lasagna. Very generous portions at very reasonable prices. Great value. Delicious Battambang fruit shakes. Beer and wine.

La Villa Nicely restored 1930s colonial house. Seven rooms with a/c and fan, stylishly decorated with antiques and Art Deco furniture. Western and Asian food and a wide selection of cocktails served in the a/c restaurant or garden. Swimming pool. Tel: 053730751

The Bamboo Train Café and Bar Welcoming local restaurant a wide selection of Cambodian dishes as well as several western selections. Very nice Cambodian curries and local salads such as Green Mango Salad and Banana Flower Salad. Western breakfasts, burgers, pizzas and more. Full bar and pool table. Open 7:00AM - 9:30PM. Tel: 012-517125

Pretty Decent The Bungalow Guesthouse and Restaurant Clean, new guesthouse and bungalows on a quiet street. Unique stone bungalows, and very large guesthouse rooms with fan or a/c, CTV, hot water. Good restaurant serving Khmer, Thai and Western food. Free bicycle use for guests. Cultural, village and NGO tours can be arranged. Tel: 012 916123/

Mid Range Teo Hotel Long-running, exceptionally clean, wellmanaged hotel offering reasonably priced a/c rooms with cable TV and en suite bathroom with hot water. Meeting room. Restaurant. Tel: 012 857048 Bus Stop Guesthouse Clean, Australian managed guesthouse in the center of town offering fan and a/c rooms with cable TV, en suite bathroom. Lightning fast wifi internet access in the restaurant and rooms. Western food. Tour services and expert travel advice. Motorcycle rental. Free pick up service and free wifi. Tel: 053 730544

We’ll Pass Spring Park Hotel Located near the New Iron Bridge at the south end of town. A/c and fan rooms with all amenities including IDD and Internet port. En suite bathroom. Conference room. Elevator. Free Pick up. Boat, bus tickets available. Tel: 012 849999 Park Hotel Overlooking a nice little park near the entrance to town. Reasonably priced a/c and fan rooms with attached bathroom, cable TV, hot water and fridge. Free pick up.Tel: 053 953773


Bus Stop Guesthouse The home of the 2010 World Cup in Battambang. Crazy drink promotions during the World Cup. All Games Live on the 42” Mega Screen! Australian run sports bar and pub offering quality pub food with all your favorites, from schnitzels to hamburgers, even bangers and mash. Full English breakfasts a specialty. Icy cold beer and full spirit menu. Rock n Roll music from the 50’s to the 90’s. No hip hop! Expert travel advice. Open 6:30AM - Late. #149 2nd Road, next door to The White Rose Restaurant Tel: 053 730 544 Scoop Late night bar and cafe at the Rottanak Resort specializing in cocktails. Sports bar with big screen TV. Snacks and meals. One of the last place in town to close for the night, often open till 2AM or later. The Bungalow Guesthouse Restaurant Guesthouse restaurant and bar with an photo extensive menu of Khmer and Thai dishes as well as some western food including burgers and pizzas. Comfortable place. Good food. Some of the best coffee in town. La Villa The finest western dining in Battambang. Excellent western and Asian food and a wide range of cocktails served in an a/c restaurant or the garden patio of a nicely restored 1930s colonial villa. Wine selection. Western managed. Located on the river road on the east side of the river.

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Local Essentials

Essentials Visas Requirements A passport with at least six month validity is required. A visa is required for most nationalities. One month visas are available on arrival at the international airports in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, through Cambodian embassies and at most border crossings. Tourist visa $20 USD Business visa $$25 USD Diplomatic, Official, Courtesy and Special visas are issued free of charge. One 4x6 photo is required

Royal Rattanak Hospital #11, St 592 Tel: 023 991000 Somary Raffles Medical Centre #30, St 360 Tel: 023 223322

Pharmacy U-Care Tel: 023 222399 1. #26-28, Sothearos 2. Sihanouk, corner of st 55 3. Corner of Norodom Blvd St 136


Tourist visas can be extended for one month, but only one time. Business visas can be renewed indefinitely. Renew visas through a travel agent or the immigration office located opposite of Phnom Penh International Airport.

Agrovet #26, St 294 Tel: 023 216323

Tel: 012-581558. Also available via online E-visas @25 USD for a 30 day visa.

DHL Worldwide Express #353, St 110 Tel:023 427726

Courier Service

FedEx #701D, Monivong Blvd Tel:023 216712

Hospitals & Clinics Calmette Hospital #3, Monivong Tel: 023 426948 International SOS Medical & Dental Clinic #161, St 51 Tel: 023 216911 / 012 816911 Naga clinic #11, St 254 Tel: 023 211300

TNT #28, Monivong Blvd Tel:023 430923 UPS #30Eo, Sihanouk Blvd Tel:023 219213

Import / Export TNT #28, Monivong Blvd Tel:023 430923

Intra Co. #2-3, St 118 Tel:023 211811 N.H International #106, St 310 Tel: 012 842964

EMS/Post Office Post Office Letter and package delivery. Monday to Friday 7:30AM to 5PM Saturday 7:30AM to 11AM. Street 13 east of Wat Phnom.

Departure Tax AIRPORT TAX Departure fee from Phnom Penh & Siem Reap International Airport $25 USD Departure fee for Domestic Airport $6 USD

Emergency Ambulance: 119 (from 023 phone only) Tel: 023 724891 Police Hot line: 117 (from 023 phone only) Tourist Police: Tel: 097 7780002 Child Abuse Hot line Tel: 023 720555 Fire Tel: 118 (from 023 phone only) Tel: 012 786693

14 96 1

Local Essentials


Passenger Service Charge


Value Added Tax

Total Charge

Foreigner Adult

USD $20

USD $ 2.73

USD $ 2.27

USD $ 25

Children under 12 years old

USD $ 9.09

USD $ 2.73

USD $1.18

USD $ 13

Infant under 2 years old






USD $ 13.63

USD $ 2.73

USD $ 1.64

USD $ 18

Children under 12 years old

USD $ 6.36

USD $ 2.73

USD $ 0.91

USD $ 10






Flight Enquiries

+855 (0)23 890 890

Lost and Found

+855 (0)23 890 529


Terminal facilities, including Business Lounge

+855 (0)23 890 520


Direct Lines to Operators

+855 (0)23 890 022

TRANSPORTATION IN PHNOM PENH Taxi CHOICE Taxi Time=24 hours 2000 Riels for first 1.2km Tel: 010 888 010, 069 888 069 Boat Excursions-Rental Seng Hour .Boat Rental Size: 4mx22m, .Boat two floors & . Time Open: from 5.00 PM .For Cambodia $1/h .For Foreigner $ 5/h Tel: 023 723 476

Tuk Tuk Take you everywhere in town! Mr. Bun Leang Tel: 011 36 37 80 Mr. Deth Tel: 017 619 386 Mr. Bou Sokun Tel: 012 50 34 69

TRANSPORTATION FROM THE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TO TOWN 1. Taxi Association . Fare: USD 9.00 . President: Mr. PHAV Sothon Mobile Phone: 012 846 507 . Deputy: Mr. ONG Yutheary Mobile: 012 853 176 2. Three-wheel Vehicle (Tuk Tuk) Fare: USD 7.00 . President: Mr. KET Khly Mobile Phone: 017 568 922 . Deputy: Mr. LIM Mab Mobile Phone: 011 652 274

Car Rental . LYNA-CARRENTAL.COM .Price $250-1,1500/month or $15-40/day .Airport Taxi service OW=$9.00 & RT=$15 Tel: 012 924517 (English) Tel: 012 554 247 (Khmer) Larryta trading All kind of verhical for rent Tel: 023 994 748

Motor Rental . Vannak Bikes Shop # 40Eo, Khemarak Phoumin (St. 130) Tel: 012 220 970 .Sean Ly Motor Repairing Shop Kampot # 27, Seong Ngok Minh Street, 1 Usaphea Village Tel: 012 944 687 Phnom Penh Motor #645, Oknha Khleang Moeung (St. 70) Tel: 023 991 535

97 EMBASSIES INFORMATION AUSTRALIA #. 16B, Assembly Tel: 023 213 470

JAPAN #. 194, Norodom Tel: 023 217 161-4

BELGIUM Phnom Penh Center, Sihanouk Blvd., Block F- Floor 7 Tel: 023-214024

LAOS #. 15-17, Mao Tse Toung Tel: 023 997 931 MALAYSIA #. 5, Oknha Peich Tel: 023 216 176-7

BRUNEI #. 237, Street 51 Tel: 023 211 457-8 BRITISH #. 27-29, (St. 75) Tel: 023 427 124 BULGARIA #. 227-229, Norodom Tel: 023 217 504 CANADA #. 9, Senei Vinna Vaut Oum Tel: 023 213 470 Ext 417

MALTA #. 10, Street 370 Tel: 023 368 184 MYANMAR #181, Norodom, Phnom Penh Tel: 023 223761 FRANCE #1, Preah Monivong Tel: 023 430 020-2

CHINA #156, Mao Tse Toung Tel: 023 720 920-1

GERMANY # 76-78, Yougoslavie Tel: 023 216 193

DENMARK #8, Street 352 Tel: 023 987629

INDIA # 5, Chakrey Nhek Tioulong Tel: 023 210 912-3

N. KOREA #50-52, Samdech Pan Tel: 023 211 900-3

INDONESIA #1, Chakrey Nhek Tioulong Tel: 023 216 148

PHILIPPINES #15Z, Street 422 Tel: 023 222 303-4 POLAND #767, Monivong

PAKISTAN # 45, Street 310 Tel: 023 996 890-1 RUSSIA # 213, Sothearos Tel: 023 210 931

AIRLINES INFORMATION Air Asia Lao Airlines # Cambodia International Airport #111, Sihanouk Blvd Tel: 023 890 035 Tel: 023 424 300 Angkor Airways Corp # 32, Norodom, 12205 Tel: 023 222 056-8

Leisure Cargo Ltd #171-173 E0-E3, St. 110 Tel: 023 890 980

Angkor Asian Air Co. Ltd # Phnom Penh International Airp Tel: 023 726 672

Pacific Crown Air Limited # 254, Monivong Boulevard Tel: 023 723 244

Bangkok Airways # 61A. Samdech Pan (St. 214) Tel: 023 426 624

Philippine Airlines #333B, Monivong Blvd Tel: 023 291 161

Cambodia Angkor Air # Mao Tse Toung, 12306 Tel: 023 023 666 786-8

Qatar Airways #333B, Monivong Blvd Tel: 023 218 040

Cebu Parcific Airways #333B, Monivong Blvd Tel: 023 219 161

Shang Hai Airlines #19, St. 106 Tel: 023 723 999

China Southern Airline Co.Ltd #53, Monivong Blvd Tel: 023 430 877

Silk Air #313, Sisowath, Himawari Hotel Tel: 023 426 806

Eva Airway Coroporation #11-14B, St. 217 Tel: 023 210 303

Singapore Airlines #313, Sisowath, Himawari Hotel Tel: 023 426 807

Hong Kong Dragon Airline #168, Monireth Tel: 023 424 300

Thai Airways International Pub-l #International Airport Tel: 023 890 292

Indochina Airlines #36B, Mao Tse Tung Boulevard Tel: 023 994 502-3

Thai Airways International Pub-l #294, Mao Tse Toung Tel: 023 214 359

Jetstar Airways #333B, Monivong Blvd Tel: 023 220 909

Vietnam Airlines #41, Samdech Pan Tel: 023 215 998

Korean Air #254, Monivong Blvd, RoomF3 Tel: 023 224 047-9

Lufthansa Co.Ltd #171-173 E0, Stt. 110 Tel: 023 213 325-6v

Delighting You Always


Hotel Cambodiana

Kanika Boat restaurant

Himawari Hotel Apartments

Swensens Eriq Amtalla Salon

Hotel Embassies

Bai Thong

the Pizza company Happy paiting FCC Cafe Fresco

Recommended place Bars / Clubs / Restaurants Hospital / Pharmacies

El Mundo Chill CADILLAC Kandal House Riverhouse Lemongrass Amara Spa fish phnom penh

K West Chow Riverside Bistro La Croisette Metro


Friend @ 240

Royal Palace

Le wok

R Sweet Soul

Red Apron

National Museum

Tamarind Freebird THE SHOP Jasmine Ororoso

The Gym Bar


The Alle’s Cat Cafe

Noodle House




Sher-e-Punjab-i Chiva’s Shack

La Volpaia


Green Vespa Velkommen Inn Golden Mermaid

Paratan Sharky’s

Monument Books Thefood pantry

Brown Coffee


Ven’s Al Ameen


The deli

R La Clef de sol La Marmite Art Cafe tel

The Chinese House

InStyle Spa

The Vegetarian

Do It All Bar

Cafe Fresco





Golden Gate Americsn School


Wat Phnom

Sunway Ho

Pop Cafe Rising Sun

Fly Lounge

Bistro La P’tite France


Hotel Cara

Phnom Penh india



Dan Meats Hair & nail Studio

Psar Thmey Central Market



Penh Ho


British Embassy E I love Fish & Chips

tel Raffles Ho Le Royal





The Pizza company

Happy Dog

Royal Ratanak Hospital

Simply Donuts

Imperial Garden Villa and Hotel

Naga World


Fever Club Eden’s E

Dream Up Almond Hotel

Talking to a Stranger


Java Cafe & Gallery


One More Pub

Coffe Maker

I Ching i CAN Italian Restauran

Independence Monument

Meta House

Malis Topaz

Helicopter Cambodia


Living Room



Dosa Corner The Place Setsara Liquid


Aussie Gourmet BAKERY



Cafe Fresco

Le Liban

Le Cedre

Gloria Jean’s LUNCH BOX Steve’s Steakhouse



Global Art



The Pie Shop Vego


Champei Spa

Garden Center Comme a la Maison

Tokyo Hairdresser

Kurata Pepper

NOSH Cafe Fashion Studio

Feeling Home


Asia Clup Man Han Lou





Le Rit’s Chez Dim

The Food Pantry


Tuol Sleng Prison Muesum

Cafe Yejj

Cafe Pourquoi Cafe Yello

Singapore Kitchen


Garden Center

Toul Tom Pong Russian Market




Olympic Stadium

Singapore Parkway Salon


Angkor Soaps


Blue Note Pizza Monorom Massage

Love & Time

Photography Exhibition

Photography exhibition inspired with sincerity of Love and best courage of Time. RooSter_Kool photography has been successfully launch for the very first time in Cambodia, a kind of Contemporary artworks locally, shows the ingenuity of ideas conceptualizing a Storyboard of a young couple fascinated in capturing moment with the same place. And time gives them a chance to become one. Love & Time shared to everyone in love in photography, the fashion, technique that will enhance the emotion of the photos. They show documentary photos from different places in all over the world, the most attractive scene in the land of Kingdom of Wonder. Proven enough Cambodian has the great talent when it comes to Art. I can’t wait to see again the next exhibition of the young and excellent photographer pride of Cambodia.

Photo “Behind the scence” Provider:

Behind the scence

3th Flood, P.G.C.T center, Stree 274






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M 093 666 788

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