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Traveling to Fiji Most people who want to spend their vacation in Fiji would want more than just lounging about in the sand, though Fiji's beaches are probably the best white-sand beaches in the whole world. With this in mind, Fiji definitely can offer more. There are several places of interest in Fiji and if you are on one of those holiday packages or more specifically Fiji holiday packages then you should try to include these tourist spots in your itinerary. Try visiting the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands to see some beautiful sights. These island groups are formed to look like the tail of a stingray and they're the most frequented places in Fiji for their lush habitat and pristine waters. The coral reefs in the South Sea Edens and the crystal clear water there have been things of beauty for tourists and even movie producers as famous movies like the “Cast Away” and “Blue Lagoon” have used this location before. If you're up for more island hopping then you should include in your Fiji holiday packages a trip to Nadi and Denarau. These places in Fiji have long been associated with the phrase “living the life” and when you get here you're bound to say the same thing. These two places have the best resorts in Fiji and they also offer the best diving spots in the world. Take a dive in one of their dive spots and you will see how beautiful the underwater scenery of Fiji is. Fiji has been referred to as the “soft coral capital of the world” and after taking a dive into the deep waters here you'll agree to that testament with nary a hesitation. Also, Fiji opened their very first overwater bungalow, which is located in Malolo and this resort lets tourists view the wonderful marine life of Fiji. When you're done with that take a tour of the Yasawa Islands up north. This group of islands are volcanic islands and daily tours are provided for visitors who want to visit the islands for a day and sample the laid back atmosphere here. It rarely rains in the Yasawa Islands, which was a source of pain for most locals before when they were trying to grow crops here. But since Fiji's main source of income is tourism these islands have become their most profitable tourist spot with so many visitors coming here to stay in budget-friendly resorts and enjoying the continuous sunshine. Also, way of life here is much more relaxed compared to the urban center of Fiji so tourists flock to this place when they really want to enjoy a serene atmosphere. Best time to go to Fiji The best time to come to Fiji is during its dry season or sometimes referred to as Fijian winter. The dry season of Fiji starts from May and ends in October. During these times, Fiji is much more comfortable with lesser rainfall but lower humidity. Also, during these times tropical cyclones are less likely to occur. About The Publisher: Holiday Packages is your online destination for booking holiday packages online. We provides the best holiday packages to exotic locations throughout the world. You can browse through our package categories and book your dream holiday. From hotel and food to one stop hotel, food, activities, transfers & flights. Our holiday packages can save you thousands! Bali, Fiji, Hawaii, Thailand and more...

Traveling to Fiji  

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