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Ding, Ding, Ding went the end of school bell. Nick looked for Lily in the mess of people coming out of their classes. Then Nick saw Lily and they joined up to play in the park. Then the school bully sneaked behind Lily and ripped off Lilyʼs school bag. “Hey” yelled Nick. “Come back” Then the bully turned around and said “Why should I?” “Because I am Queen Amyʼs son and this is Queen Amyʼs daughter” said Nick. “How do I know your not lying?” replied the bully. “Oh guards” said Nick. The bullies face went pale. He threw Lilyʼs backpack back at her, but a bird swooped down and got it. Nick whistled and Henry now a week year old red-orange dragon flew and sat next to Nick. “Quick, Henry, follow that bird” yelled Nick. But before Henry flew after the bird he blew a spark of fire at the bully! The bully yelped in pain. It was Henryʼs first time to blow fire. He started flying after the bird. Nick and Lily werenʼt that far behind when Henry blew fire and narrowly missed the backpack but roasted the poor bird. “Oh, well anyway it didnʼt burn your backpack. Then they remembered.

“Oh no my backpack” yelled Lily at the sight of her backpack falling. It got caught in the tree and luckily it didnʼt fall. When Lily looked up she saw a gold shimmering gate right in front of them. “It wonʼt open” said Nick. Lily looked up and saw Nick in front of the gate. “There is a lock” said Nick. Henry picked up the backpack with his arm and gave it to Lily. Henry then went to smell something gold on the ground. He shook his head. Itʼs not man-made. Lily saw Henry and ran up to him and picked the key up and gave it to Nick. Henry then sat down and started smelling a flower. “I found the key but itʼs not man-made” said Lily. Nick put the key into the gate and twisted it. It made a clicking noise and then the gate opened. “There is nothing in this gate, I wonder why?” said Nick. Then Henry flew in and sneezed and suddenly all these little people came out of the ground screaming. Then Lily realized it was a magical village. Everyone was small! (Except Nick, Lily and Henry) Then the little people grew a bit bigger and started chasing Nick, Lily and Henry. Nick, Lily and Henry did not crush anyone or their houses but then a person threw a rope and it tripped Nick over.

Henry blew fire on the rope and it burnt off leaving Nick free. They went in a circle and then saw the gate. They ran as fast as they could. Nick closed the gate and took the key. Nick, Lily and Henry ran back to school. When they got there their bicycles lay on the wall. So Nick and Lily got on their bikes while Henry flew in front of them guiding them back to the castle safely. When they got to the castle they put their bikes in the bike rack and then they looked back and saw the bully. He ran away and yelled “Iʼm so sorry”. Then they took Henry to the dragon house (Which was only built yesterday) and fed Henry. It was now evening so they decided they should do some target practice. Henry sent each target flaming. So they put Henry in his House and walked up for dinner.

Book 3 The Golden Gate  
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