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Preface This publication would be shallow without the valuable contribution from our student club executives and devoted volunteers mentioned in it. We also owe the finest token of appreciation to Nguyen Hai Dang for initiating this awesome idea, Hiep Cao for giving this book an exotic and remarkable look, Pham Quy Bao Long & Nguyen Viet Tring for writing the foreword and other members of Hanoi Council for an excellent job in pull it al together. This book is the work of RMIT Vietnam Student Council first generation, and a majority of its content was contributed by club executives, devoted volunteers and other parties concerned. The idea of publication has arisen naturally as a result of notable successes in holding events and activities which were largely beneficial to the student body at RMIT Hanoi and the reputation of RMIT Vietnam in general. The book includes three main parts, namely personal profile and achievements belonging to student club executives, Student Council & sub-teams, and Student Council devoted volunteers. Some may undermine the value of this recognition whilst in fact it is in useful to be presented to the young whose access to former accomplishments may limit to mere strings of names and places. From this point of view, this book represents a legacy to be passed down, remembered and advanced by those who are leading or may lead any clubs and societies at RMIT Vietnam. We hope such commitment may be warmly endorsed, and that you enjoy reading this book as we do. The path we followed could by all means be described ‘honorable’.

Student Council ‘s Walk of Honor

Table of Content Student Council Accounting Club Business Club Culture Club Current Media Dance Club Environment Club Event Club Marketing Club Music Club Photo Club SIFE Club

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Pham Quy Bao Long Nguyen Hai Dang President Term 2012A - 2013A


“Being in charge is not rewarding unless you make a difference with it. Being on top is unfulfilled unless you help others to get there with you. A lesson bound to be learnt by any President and any member of the Student Council”.

Nguyen Quoc Loc

Vice President

Chief of Finance

Term 2012A - 2013A

Term 2012A-2013A

- Chief of the Organization and Judge, RMISS 2012 - HR Manager, Event Club (2011C – 2012A) - Project executive, Christmas Night 2011

- Student Council Event Executives RMISS 2012 & Walk of Honor - President of RMIT Business Club - Program assistant of RMIT Event Club

“My student life only starts when I joined the first student club, and it ends in honor when I complete my Student Council election.”

“Thanks to all my friends, all the events, all the moments, all the high and low times that we were together, I can’t be more grateful with my life at RMIT.”

Nguyen Viet Trinh Secretary Treasurer

Term 2012A - 2013A - Coordinator - Hanoi Jam All-style battle (2011) - Event Coordinator - RMIT Graduation Day (2012) - Student Council Volunteer Manager (B2012 - A2013)

“Don’t be sloppy, avoid tardiness at all costs, and remember: talent does not just pop up, it is developed over time.”

Vu Hai

Academic Officer

Term 2012A – 2013A

Tran Quang Nguyen Activity Officer

Ta Ha Clubs and Societies Officer

Cao Tuan Hiep Media Officer

Tran Huyen Hai Student rights & Welfare Officer

Term 2012 – 2013

Term 2012 - 2013

Term 2012C - 2013A

Term 2012 – 2013

“In a company, your customers should not be the center, but your employees. In SC, teammates are the most valuable asset.”

“Life holds special magic for those who dare to dream”.

“Do your best to never regret.”

“Waking up is the second hardest thing in the morning.”

“To infinity… and beyond!” – Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story

- Champion SIFE National Competition in Vietnam – July 2012 - Represent Vietnam in SIFE World Cup (Washington DC) – October 2012 - Chief of Student Council Election 2nd generation – March-April 2013

- SLAMs in 3 semesters - SSCC (2011-2012) - Organized of the 2 new Club Days that boost number of participants to 300.

-- Former president of Current Media (C2012) - Editor in chief - Walk of Honour Project (A2013)

- SLAMs in 3 semesters - Culture Club co-founder/Vice President (2011-2012) - Nielsen Case Study Championship team (2012)

- Part of RMIT Vietnam Student Council’s first generation - Participant of SEALNet’s First Youth Leadership Summit 2013 - RMIT Hanoi Ambassador for Unilever Vietnam 2013


Hoang Duc Anh Term 2012A - 2013A “My working philosophy is to implement new ideas into projects as soon as possible. Thinking too much may lead to demotivation so just do it and improve it later”


Nguyen Thi Thu Hoai Term 2012A - 2013A

Nguyen Duc Minh Term 2012A - 2013A

Dang Vu Ha Term 2012A - 2013A

“I'm not a decisive person but trying to be I'm not a confident person but trying to be I'm not a optimistic person but trying to be I'm afraid of being indecisive and trying not to be I'm afraid of being unconfident and trying not to be I'm afraid of being pessimistic and trying not to be”

“What I have learned so far is that people can change and what you have to do is know them and trust them”

“Being able to make changes, whether major or minor, to students' life, is by itself immensely rewarding. And so is co-operating with other hard-working, committed RMIT fellows. Fantastically, as an SC member, I was given the opportunity to do both.”

Devoted Contributors

Duong Hong Hanh

Tran Hoai Thu

Former Media Officer

Former Chief Of Finance

Nguyen Mai Phuong nmaiphuong1991

Nguyen Doan Thanh Thuy chikjanuary

Le Huong Ly

Hoang Anh Minh



Devoted Volunteers Truong Huyen Trang


Nguyen Duy Tung

Ta Lan Phuong

Vo Huyen My

Le Tuan Anh

Pham Thi Thu Ly

Hoang Truong Giang

Mac Thu Huong








Nguyen Tan Thanh



RMISS 2012 Beyond The Beauty RMISS 2012 was the biggest event of the RMIT student community, which was co-organized byRMIT Student Council and Event Club Hanoi Campus in between November 15 and December 24. In the first round – Photo Contest, the Facebook Fan Page of RMISS 2012 attracted nearly 5,000 fans and more than 30,000 visits per day during the one week of this round. The event was reported by major online magazines for the youth like Kenh14, VnExpress, Zingnews, Dantri... that fulfilled the criteria to bring RMIT community closer to the student community in Vietnam. The winner of this round was the one who got the highest number of Facebook likes on their photo album uploaded on RMISS 2012 official Fan Page, and was rewarded with the title Miss Favorite.


RMISS 2012 Beyond The Beauty The second round was an opportunities for the candidates to show their goodwill when they were given the task to raise donations for poor and disadvantaged people, who suffered from the Son Tinh Storm in October 2012 in Giao An Commune, Giao Thuy District, Nam Dinh. In as short as 3 days, 16 candidates successfully raised a total amount of VND 8,000,000 and many old clothes for the charity trip. Observations collected from this round were used to mainly de- cide the winner of Miss Congenialty.


RMISS 2012 Beyond The Beauty The final night of RMISS 2012 – housed at Dai Nam Theatre, 89 Pho Hue Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi on Sunday, December 23, 2012 – was stunning, with the attendance of 400 guests, including former Miss Vietnam Mai Phuong Thuy. Ms Thuy was an RMIT University Vietnam alumni and she served the role of a judge in the contest.


Club Day 2012C Semester 2012C was the first time Club Day was organized in such a big scale. Based on the concept of a night party, Club Day 2012C is organized in the Friday evening of the second week of the semester, with interesting performances from student clubs and guest artists. Thanks to this, the whole Student Body might attend without crashing timetables with studying time; and have better opportunity to interact with all student clubs at RMIT. Another attractive element that make student feel more enjoyable is free-foods serve, with pizza, cakes and soft drinks. Club Day 2012C attracted over 300 students and staffs, which really marked the significance of Student Council after being established, and was the triggers for later successful events.


Club Day 2013A


Inheriting the success of the Club Day 2012C, Club Day 2013A once again came back on the stage in the expectation of all students at Hanoi Campus.Although the format of the event is much similar to the previous one with big stage, performances from student clubs, free foods and drinks and lucky draw, there were great improvements such as professional MC, more interactive activities between clubs and students, magic shows, and better trained volunteers.Thanks to these, Club Day 2013A attracted over 400 students and staffs, and is reviewed as the best Club Day ever by many attendants.


Nguyen Bao Khanh


Pham An


Vice president External Affair

Pham Viet Cuong Vice president External Affair

Term 2011B - 2012B

Term 2011B - 2012B

Term 2011B - 2012B

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll stand among the stars.”

“Knowledge will give you power, but character respect” Bruce Lee

“If faith is what prevents them from fearing death, then I shall burn that faith from their bodies. Advance and find doom. Retreat and find doom.”

Nobunaga Oda

Nguyen Truong Long Nguyen Huy Nam Vice president Media Manager

Term 2011B - 2012B "To be is to do” “To do is to be”

Socrates & Sartre

Vice president Academic Officer Term 2012 A – 2012 C

I don’t know what to write here but I also don’t want to be the only weird person who doesn’t have any quote under picture so …

Dedicated Members Nguyen Thi Mai Anh Vu Thi Ngoc Anh Tran Quy Hung Luu Thanh Huong

Nguyen Trung Kien Pham Thu Thao An Thu Trang Nguyen Minh Tri

Nguyen Nhat Hoang Nguyen Vinh Bao


Junior CFO Series Junior CFO Series was a series of events held by Accounting Club RMIT Hanoi

for the purpose of equipping students with necessary soft skills as well as showing them insightful looks into accounting- and auditing-related careers. This series was sponsored by CPA Australia and consisted of 3 main events: “Think Globally, Work Locally”, “Business Etiquette” and “Business Networking Event”. Among the honoured guests were representatives and Chief Financial Officers from Big4 as well as ten of the most well-known banks in Vietnam. Moreover, two of auditing field’s leaders was invited as event speakers: Ms. Duong Nguyen – Partner of KPMG and Mr. Hieu Pham-Senior Manager of KPMG. Junior CFO had set a milestone, marking the development of Accounting Club. Having overcome many hurdles and hardships during the preparation, we were able to organise a series of events that lived up to not only our but also attendants’ expectations, receiving positive feedback and forming connections with Auditing and Banking industry. Ultimately, it was the enthusiasm, strong will and unity of the club members that made a substantial contribution to the amazing success of Junior CFO Series.



Duong Thi Van Nga Nguyen Quoc Loc Hoa Hong Nhung


Phan Anh Tuan Nguyen Thuc Anh



Vice President

Vice President


Term 2011 A - 2012A

Term 2012B - 2012C

Term 2011C - 2012A

Term 2012B -2012C

Term 2011A - 2012A

A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh A lot and realize how blessed you are for what you have.

Business Club have raised me up to more than I could be.

I don’t regret the things I’ve done, I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance. Hence, accepting the failure, thinking positively, moving on and catching your own opportunities

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that an airplane take off against the wond, not with it.

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life

Dedicated Members Trinh Minh Tien Ngac Mai Linh Phung Nhu Ngoc Cao Huong Giang Do Tu Oanh Trinh Thi Ngoc Linh Nguyen Huong Ly

Chu Hoai Linh Nguyen Quang Tuan Nguyen Son Tung Doan Tuan Vu Tran Anh Vu Hoang Duong Thuy Ngoc

Tran Minh Trang Dang Vu Ha Nguyen Duc Minh Chu Phuong Anh Pham Quang Anh Bui Thi Lan Huong Tran Huong Giang


Charity trip As we want our future usiness leader remmber that the root for a benficial and ethical business must be a heart for people, Business Club host a charity trip annually to St. An Orphanage in Xuan Truong Nam Dinh. More than 40 Business Club member have raised nearly 20 million VND donation during this occasion.


Future pathway Business Club’s biggest event in 2012, attract more than 500 students from universities in Hanoi, supported 3 three big enterprises: PwC, ANZ, IDG Venture, Intercontinental Hotel Group. Attending Future Pathway, students will be able to discuss with industries leaders, participate in soft skills training workshops and business case competition. Therefore, companies can have direct access to the talents among university bachelors while students may grasp every opportunity available to find themselves their suitable position in future work force.


Get in Style with Business Club A networking & workishop events from Business Clubs provides opportunities for RMIT students to become acquainted with business style, including business etiquettes, networking and a high class business sport.



Vu Thi An


Nguyen Thu An Nguyen Khanh Ly Tran Minh Trang

Pham Tra My Marketing Manager





Term 2011A - 2012A

Term 2011A - 2012A

Term 2011A - 2012A

Term 2012B to 2013A

Term 2011C to 2012C

"The important thing in life is not to triumph but to compete." -

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

"20 years from now you will be disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the one’s you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream.Discover"

Be strong and Lead our life!!!

Pain is weakness leaving the body

Pierre de Coubertin

Dedicated Members Tran Minh Trang Dinh Quang Tuan Anh Do Thi Thanh Hoa Nguyen Phuong Thao Nguyen Tuan Dung Pham Tra My

Nguyen Khanh Ly Vu Hoang Phuong Hoang Anh Van Bui Lan Anh Vu Thuy Linh Mai Thi Thu Huong

Dao Thuy Van Bui Thuy Trang Tran Dieu Diem Hoa


Fraisalia In semester B 2012, Culture Club successfully held Fraisalia, a cake and mock-tail training event for students and staff at RMIT Hanoi campus. More than forty people attended this event. It helps raise more awareness of Culture Club within RMIT. It saw a huge improvement of Culture Club in both internal and external works and activities and we won the first “Club of The Semester� reward from Student Council.


Japanese Culture Day To warm up the atmosphere of the New Year, Culture Club held a culture event with Japan theme. Nearly 300 people were attracted to Japanese Culture Day on Thursday 19 April 2012 at Recreation room Hanoi Campus. Culture Club members had a chance to practice running event and making Japanese foods.


Night of Living Dead Semester C 2012 is a boom of Culture Club with Night of the LivingDead, a Halloween event with large scale. This event is a chance for Culture club members to work in higher work load and more professional. It also help our club gain more awareness inside and outside RMIT. More than 500 people was attended this event despite of the heavy rain.



Trần Anh Vũ

Cao Tuan Hiep



Term 2011 C - 2012 B

Term 2012B - 2012C

Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves


Abraham Lincoln

Nguyen Tran Mai Anh

PR & Sale leader

Term 2011C - 2012B

People say: “Get busy living or get busy dying”, so I believe all that interesting experience that Current Media bring to you is worth fighting for.

Life is not fair - get used to it!

To Phuong Linh

An Thu Trang



Term 2011C to 2012C

Term 2012A-2012C

I’ve learned that you can create the world you want, and fill it with the opportunities that are right for you. Do not let others limit your power or step on your integrity. Instead, focus on what matters to you. You can never lose when you’re passionate about your place in the world and believe in the choices you’ve made along the way"

"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is a quiet voice at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow'"

Mary Anne Radmacher

Dedicated Members Nguyen Tran Mai Anh Hoang Nhat Duc Nguyen Nhat Hoang Pham Thi Thu Ly

Nguyen Hong Ngoc Nguyen Thao Nguyen Do Thanh Nhan Phan Anh Quan

Tran Anh Vu Cao Hoang Yen Nguyen Thao Phuong


Current Media Current Media is the first media club established in Hanoi in semester A 2012. With the mission to be the media of the school, the voice of the students, the bridge among students and between them and RMIT university, Current Media successfully launched the very first RMIT University student Magazine – Current Magazine in semester A 2012. Despite of many difficulties in both human and financial resources, by the end of semester C 2012, the club published the its 3th Current Magazine issue in 500 copies distributed for free to RMIT students. With significant improvement in quality of the articles as well as the design layout, Current Magazine has received compliment and constructive recommendation from both RMIT students, staffs and lecturers.   



Nguyen Hoang Hai Nguyen Dinh Tan Vu Nguyen Quyet Thang Nguyen Tung Duong Nguyen Tuan Minh





Term 2009A – 2012B

Term 2010A – 2012A

Term 2010C – 2013C

‘The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it is all that matters’

‘When you find yourself held back by a fear of failure, remember: mistakes are good and beautiful’

Term 2010C – 2013A

Term 2010A – 2012A

‘I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see’

‘When I hear somebody sigh: Life is hard. I am always tempted to ask: Compared to what?’

‘All things are difficult before they are easy’

Dedicated Members Nguyen Minh Tu Do Hoang Manh Ngo Hong Nhung Nguyen Quyet Thang

Nguyen Tung Duong Nguyen Tien Phong Nguyen Thuy An Hoang Long Nhat

Hoang Truong Giang Quan Duc Trong Tran Tien Hung Nguyen Xuan Hoang


Hanoi Jam All Style Battle 2011 This is the largest event that we organized since Dance Club was established. Hanoi Jam is the dancing contest for all hip-hop dancers all around Hanoi. The event has gained high reputation for not only the RMIT Dance Club but also the RMIT International University Vietnam. Hanoi Jam lasted 3 months from August to December of 2011 with many side activities such as charities, communication campaigns, free style dance battles and choreography showcases. The final night was successfully organized at the last day of the year 2011 at Pico Mall shopping center. Hanoi Jam appeared in many media such as TV, online newspapers.


RMIT Night Party This is a traditional annual event of Dance Club that we started in 2010 until 2012. It is all about clubbing, dancing, live and electro music. We were often holding the party at the end of a semester so RMIT students can enjoy and relax before their final exam periods. The party introduced not only new members but also, it introduced the operation, organization and achievement of Clubs in recent year, via the introduction about club, audiences enable to approach more information about the club. Through the party, newbie of clubs also are learnt more about the operation of the clubs, thus it saves more times for them to familiarize. Moreover, the party also brings Hip Hop culture to the participants by some types of DJ live music and hip hop performance in many styles


WonderFunk 2012 This is the popping dance battle for all poppers in Hanoi. With the reputations and experiences that RMIT Dance Club has gained in previous year. We successfully organized the contest at Hanoi Rock City with more than 500 attendants and appeared in some online newspapers.



Vu Ngoc Thuy President


Nguyen Thi Phuong Linh Secretary

Đinh Ngọc Anh

Bui Thanh Thuy


Vice president Term 2010C - 2013A

Term 2010C - 2012A

Term 2011C - 2012B

Term 2012A - 2012C

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

“Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better”

"There are two ways of spreading light. To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it"

Mahatma Gandhi

Jim Rohn

Edith Wharton

Life isn’t a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, latte in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming ‘Woohoo WHAT A RIDE’!

Dedicated Members Nguyen Dieu Linh Vu Duy Bao Nguyen Thi Tam Bui Thai Truc

Vu Lien Huong Khoa Son Hai Dang Thu Trang Nguyen Huy Vuong

Truong Huyen Trang Mac Thu Huong


Green Path Green Path is annual cycling event which is

part of Earth Hour campaign. In order to encourage RMIT students and surrounding community to save energy and protect environment , Volunteers cycled around some main streets such as: Kim Ma, Hung Vuong, Thanh Nien…. with the slogan to deliver environmental message. And then we gather in Bach Thao part to take part in some ecofriendly activities to provide more information about the Earth Hour campaign in general. Finally, we had a music concert at that night to “Turn off the light” with the whole plannet.This event was a chance for RMIT students to be joined and be a part of the global campaign.


Ba Vi Trip Ba Vi Trip is the most exciting event of

Environment Club. We visited Ba Vi National Park, Cactus Garden, Bamboo‌., It was not only a time to RMITers to be close with the environment, to enjoy the fresh atmosphere of tropical forests and subtropical low mountain, but also a chance to know more about the diversity and speciality of Vietnamese plants and species. Through this trip, RMITers recognise the value of nature and be more wiling to take action to protect our nature and environment.


Beach Clean Up


In recent years, the public raise concern about rising sea level and pollution, Beach Clean up was organised by Environment’s Club to raise awareness of the young and the resident around Do Son beach. We walked along the beach to pick up trash and organised some activities related to environmental issues and its consequences to catch attention of people live around the beach, also provide them some ways to recycle and classify trash. Beside, the volunteers will take part in some team building activities to know more about each others and get rewards.


Ung Hoang Lam


Quach Minh Tuan Pham Ngoc Anh

Dang Anh Tho Program Manager



Vice President

Term: 2009C - 2012B

Term: 2010A to 2012C

Term: 2010C to 2011B

"FAIL: (F)irst (A)ttempt (I)n (L)earning."

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"

Nothing is impossible!!!

"Try not to become a man of success but a man of value." - Albert

Term: 2011B to 2012C

Vu Thuy Linh HR Manager Term 2011A to 2012C

Dedicated Members Tran Hai Anh Phan Trong Anh Nguyen Hai Dang Ngo Quang Dung Nguyen Phuong Ha Le Ngoc Hai Nguyen Thanh Hang

Nguyen Tuan Khanh Dinh Xuan Lam Nguyen Hien Le Nguyen Minh Tu Hoang Nguyen Phan Hong Nhung Do Quynh Phuong

Tran Chi Thanh Ngo Phuong Thao Pham Ngoc Thu Dang Mai Trang Nguyen Duy Tung


Summer Bazzar 2012 Bazaar is a Indian word know as flee market, where RMIT students as well as other to open their own small shop. This is an occasion for participants to relax and have some fun, to get something to bring home afterwards.


Winter Bazaar 2012 This is Event Club’s second Bazaar event, this time it is bigger and better. Any one going to this event can enjoy shopping as well as having great food and shacks to eat.


RMISS 2012: Beyond the Beauty Miss RMIT or RMISS is the biggest event hosted

by RMIT Event Club Hanoi and supported by RMIT Students Council in Christmas 2012, which aims to honour the beauty, talent and intelligence of RMIT Students. Moreover, RMISS serves the purpose of presenting and promoting the young and enthusiastic image of RMIT International University.



Quan Thi Bich Hang Nguyen Mai Trang Former President Term 2009 to 2012 “The more I give, the more I get. The more I get, the more I give”


Mac Thu Huong

Nguyen My Anh


Project manager

Term 2012A – 2012C

Term 2012B - 2012C

Term 2011A to 2012C

Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

Personal inspirational quote: Giving up is not my style. Life can be quite hectic but we gotta move on!

Lao-tzu The Way of Lao-tzu

Mae West


Mae West

Dedicated Members Nguyen Quoc Anh Nguyen Viet Anh Pham Tu Anh Nguyen Huong Giang Nguyen Dang Huy Pham Minh Khoi Vu Huynh Thi

Le Van Anh Tu Vu Thi Phuong Thao Nguyen Trung Nghia Nguyen Dieu Huong Do Bao Chi Tran Mai Anh Nguyen Mai Ly

Than Hong Diep Nguyen Ha Trinh Nguyen Duc Trong Truong Thi Huong Giang Truong Thi Huong Thuy


Employer Branding in Universities “Employer branding in Universities” was the workshop conducted by RMIT Vietnam Marketing Club Hanoi Campus and Piaggio Vietnam. About 150 RMIT students did have a deeper understanding about Piaggio Company and in Asia Pacific area generally, and in Vietnam particularly. Moreover, they also had a chance to talk and discuss with Piaggio Asia Pacific HR Director – Mr. Luigi Mario and Piaggio Vietnam HR Head Manager about job vacancies in this company.


Career Fair 2012 – Vision Today, Future Tomorrow Career Fair

is the biggest event organized by RMIT Marketing Club annually. In Career Fair 2012, 400 RMIT students and students from other top 10 universities in Hanoi had an opened chance to directly communicate with representatives from over 17 well-known companies such as Piaggio, Prudential, Asia Pacific Breweries, etc. Also a lot of useful information regarding recruitments, skills and challenges when it comes to competitive workplace were shared frankly through this event.


Challenge with Marketing Experts in Fast Moving Consumer Industry


“Challenge with Marketing Experts in Fast Moving Consumer Industry” was conducted by RMIT Vietnam Marketing Club Hanoi Campus with guest speaker who is an expert in branding and marketing – Mr. Hoang Phuong, Heineken Brand Manager. This event attracted 50 excellent students from Top Universities of Hanoi: RMIT University, Foreign Trade University, National Economics University, etc.


Pham Nhat Minh


Hoang Lan Huong

Tran Minh Trang Linh Thu Huong Nguyen Minh Trang


Vice President




Term: 2010A - 2011A

Term: 2010C - 2011A

Term: 2010A- 2011A

Term: 2010A- 2011A

Term 2010A - 2010C

Play Music. Get Sexy!

At the end, the love you get will equal to the love you give

Everything happens for a reason

Believe you can and you are halfway there

I'm bringing sexy back

Dedicated Members Luu Vinh Thinh Nguyen Viet Anh Nguyen Phuong Anh Tran Gia Hoang Quang Long Biên Hoa Hong Nhung Phi Hang Giang Lê Hoàng Phuong Đang Bao Son

Vo Khac Chinh Pham Thuy Linh Giang Le Bich Quyen Pham Minh Quan Tran Duc Minh Vu Phuong Anh To Phuong Anh Dao Quang Anh Ta To Ha

Tran Ba Linh Dinh Dieu Linh Le Quynh Hoa Nguyen Quoc Loc Pham Tuan Duong Nguyen Hoai Thu Vu Duc Trung


Charity Trip to Thuy An - Ba Vi Music Club has travelled twice to Thuy An Centre to help the disabled. 30 Students were gathered and visited the centre for dioxin poisoned as well as the centre for orphanages and disabled children. The trip has donated a large amount of money, as well as food and stationary for the disabled people. We also gave dance performances and organised games for the children.


RMIT Summer Camp RMIT Summer Camp was

a collaboration between Photo Club, Music Club and Scout & Guide Club. The event was designed to give RMIT Students a relaxing time before entering the Final exam. The camp took place for a whole day, providing students with interesting outdoor games, BBQ party, and live rock performances.


Musical Training Class With financial support from RMIT Vietnam, we have introduced various training courses for RMIT students with very attractive fee, or even free. Music Club started the guitar class in semester 2011A, and following is the Vocal Training courses and Drum class. The courses were guided by professional and experienced tutors and artists from The Vietnam National Institute of Music, and aimed to provide training for every level from beginner to expert. After over a year of operation, the Musical training courses has bring about many new talented musicians, which also contributed largely to the development of Music Club and its performance quality.



Le Hoang Phuong President


Pham Thuy Linh Giang President

Nguyen Vu Nhat Anh Vice President

Pham Cong Thanh Treasurer

2011A - 2012 A

2011B - 2012B

2012A - 2012B


I will run till i am strong enough to jump

Life's too short to do what you do not dare! Declare yourself

Moving is the nature of life

Don't blame. Suck it up and keep moving

Dedicated Members Pham Viet Cuong Pham An Nguyen Truong Long Dinh Quang Tuan Anh

Nguyen Quoc Loc Vu Duy Bao Phi Hang Giang Tran Ngoc Thai

Le Quynh Tram Donald Tran




Green Path Photo Contest


This was the very first photo contest that RMIT Hanoi Photo Club had ever had. At that time, our club was so small with limited number of members. Hence, we needed a boost to find more students with passion for photography to join the gang. Luckily, we got supported by RMIT Hanoi Environment Club. Together, we had recruited so many new members, which made the club become stronger than ever. Plus, thanks to this event, we were inspired to contribute more and hopefully to have another photo contest in the soon future.

‘Photography. Do you know ? ‘ Workshop To such a new small club like RMIT Hanoi Photo Club, there was so many first times. And “Photography. Do you know?” was also the first workshop our club had. Although it was a small scaled event, it was out – of - expectation successful. Within extremely limited budget and resources, the workshop attracted nearly 50 people loving photography. Featuring Professional Photographer James Duong, the workshop introduced basic understanding of photography, discussed about the industry in aspects of profession, hobbies and etc. It also gave a good guideline on where to start with your camera. The workshop certainly inspired and encouraged many new club members or any photography lovers to chase down their common dream.


“Bring the smile back” Charity Trip


This was definitely another “first” for RMIT Hanoi Photo Club. It was our first charity trip. Before, the club only joined other clubs’ charity activities. However, with the effort to give back and to help unfortunate children, RMIT Hanoi Photo Club has managed to call for help and donation from RMIT students. Since it was our “first”, we kept the donation campaign simple yet effective. Generally, it was a very heart-touching experience for all the club members. We were glad that we were able to do something, to improve lives of children in the Friendship Village. Moreover, it was also a chance for club members to capture the moments in life of these unfortunate children and share them to the world.


Nguyen Hai Ly


Hoang Manh Linh Quyen Ngoc Khanh Bui Thanh Nhan

Tran Quang Minh

Former President

Former HR Manager

Former Project leader

Vice President



2011C- 2012B

2011C- 2012B

2012C - 2013B

2012C - 2013B

A good leader must be a good person first and foremost

học đi đôi với hành

Happiness is not a destination, it's a traveling process

A person's most useful asset is not the head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader

Dedicated Members Hoang Duc Anh Pham Ngoc Anh Vu Tu Anh Tran Tuan Anh Vu Hai Nguyen Tuan Khanh Tran Dieu Linh

Tran Tuong Linh Le Quang Minh Pham Quang Minh Bui Hoai Nam Trinh Phuong Ngan Quynh Hong Nhung Ta Lan Phuong

Trinh Thi Thai Tan Ha Phuong Thao Tran Hoai Thu Nguyen Mai Thu Bui Bao Tram


Beyond College Beyond College was an academic workshop to provide students what they

need to know about post-graduate. The event was held in 26th December 2012 by SIFE RMIT Hanoi and attracted about 70 audiences. We invited three successful people with different backgrounds to be our speakers: Mr. Tran Viet Anh – Honda Long Bien General Manager, Ms. Tran Phuong Hoa – Summit Education Services Founder and Ms.– Lecturer at RMIT Vietnam Hanoi campus. Different from other information-providing events, Beyond College was held as a friendly, interesting story-telling time as the speakers actually shared their real stories, experiences and advices to the audiences. The event created such comfortable atmosphere for both the speakers and the audiences as everyone felt so interested and eager to share and listen to more “post-graduate” experience. With different backgrounds, different reasons and different decisions, our three speakers have given us real-life experiences and deeper perspective about choosing our way after graduation.


Blue moon In the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, in 2012 SIFE RMIT Hanoi has held an event called “Blue Moon” to celebrate the traditional holiday with the intellectual-disabled children at Sao Mai Center. The goal was also to raise fund and promote for Humanity Café, a project that SIFE RMIT Hanoi is working on. With the help of Sao Mai Center, RMIT Music Club and Joma Bakery, Blue Moon has been a memorable evening for both the children and the participants. We sang, played games and laughed with each other. In the end, the auction for two pictures made by students from Sao Mai Center has raised much emotions and also funds for SIFE to continue on Humanity Café. We were so moved when the father of Hien, a student at Sao Mai Center and also a trainee at the Cafe, tried to hold his tears when making his speech to thank us for what we have done with Humanity Café. That’s what we want to do, we change people’s lives!


World Cup Being the champion in SIFE Vietnam National Competition 2012 brought the chance for SIFE / Enactus RMIT Hanoi join the Enactus World Cup 2012 in Washington DC, US. In this international competition, we had an opportunity to present the global friends about the combination of Vietnamese wisdom and the modern methods of thinking, which is what we have learnt while being a undergraduate of RMIT. Also, the willpower and entrepreneurial mind with social enthusiasm of RMIT students were clearly described. Even though, we did not achieve any title, our six members created an impressive and positive image of RMIT student in particularly and Vietnamese youth in general.


Eco-Bag workshop In order to prepare a closer look to the environment’s importance for the high school students, SIFE RMIT Hanoi conducted a workshop in 8 high schools with the sponsor from Oxford. The workshop provided the information about the real issue that human being is facing with the rise of pollution. It showed the vital part of plastic products in this problem and courage the next generation to use eco-friendly merchandises to save the future. Besides, the workshop used English in which helping the students to practice more in the interesting and attractive methods. We received many positive feedbacks from students such as: I will reduce the number of plastic bag every day and I will persuade my parents to do so. The workshop helps me know many new things that I ever never heard before, especially about the global pollution. Thank you! We are so pleased by those feedback and promise to continue to put our effort to fight for the cleaner environment.


SIFE bonding If all of the events above made you think that SIFE RMIT Hanoi only work and work, you will need to re-confirm with so much outdoor activities such as football matches with inside and outside of the club, projects and department’s bonding and fieldtrips. The picture below will demonstrates one of the biggest bonding events of us in which 80 members participated. We had a lot of fun together. We understand each other more. We love each other more. All the things generate the pride that we can proudly scream: “We are SIFErs”


Special Thanks Editor in chief Cao Tuan Hiep Editor Nguyen Hai Dang Nguyen Quoc Loc Nguyen Viet Trinh Contributors Hoang Duc Anh Tran Quang Nguyen Vu Hai Nguyen Dang Huy Ta To Ha Dang Vu Ha Nguyen Thu Hoai Duong Hong Hanh Nguyen Duc Minh

RMIT Student Council's Walk of Honour  

This publication would be shallow without the valuable contribution from our student club executives and devoted volunteers mentioned in it...

RMIT Student Council's Walk of Honour  

This publication would be shallow without the valuable contribution from our student club executives and devoted volunteers mentioned in it...