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This annual report was created with the support of the Taproot Foundation.









Kingsbridge Heights Community Center



hank you for your interest. We hope you enjoy learning about us, and decide to help actualize our vision. For nearly 40 years, the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center (KHCC) has provided residents of the northwest Bronx with opportunities to collaborate, learn, grow, and have fun. Since its founding, nearly 30,000 residents from all walks of life have shaped and been shaped by Kingsbridge Heights Community Center programs. In the past decade, we have doubled both the number of residents served and the size of our operating budget – from $3.5 million to $7 million during 2011-2012. To keep up with the current changes affecting nonprofits, we are now embracing the challenge of renewing our vision and mission by initiating creative and innovative ways to carry out the work we do. We are focusing on strengthening and enhancing our growing signature programs. We are raising funds in our capital campaign for a new building to fulfill the dream of a facility that will have more space for programs such as Child Sexual Abuse, Special Needs and Early Childhood. We are creating meaningful and stronger collaborations

Giselle Melendez-Susca EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR and partnerships and we are closely analyzing the impact of our services on our communities, while searching for new and different funding opportunities. KHCC staff continues to be dedicated, hard-working, creative, and caring—our impact and reputation is greatly attributable to them. We take great pride in the work that they do with and for our community. As we continue to grow and reinvent ourselves in response to community needs, your support is needed more than ever before. With your help, we will forge ahead providing the resources that nurture the youth, families and neighborhoods of the Bronx. KHCC


This painting is of Kingsbridge Heights Community Center’s landmark 1902 home, built as a police station. The tree, which blossoms each spring on Kingsbridge Terrace, reflects growth and renewal, while the butterfly offers hope and change. The building is an example of both Beaux Arts classicism and the City Beautiful movement. Once the 50th NYPD Precinct, it was designed by architects Arthur J. Horgan and Vincent J. Slattery of Horgan & Slattery.

Artist: Ireen NiĂąonuevo, Director, KHCC Changing Futures Program, Child Sexual Abuse Treatment and Prevention



H I S TO R Y & P U R P O S E

Kingsbridge Heights Community Center



Community organizers Mary McLoughlin, Patricia Burns, and Janet Athanasidy founded by



HCC grew from the vision of passionate community organizers: to create a center that provides educational and cultural activities for all who enter, a second home that endows individuals with an opportunity to effect change and improve the quality of their own lives, their families, and their community. Today, the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center (KHCC) is deeply rooted in the Bronx community and provides a wide range of programs and services for all ages. A large number of KHCC’s participants have gone on to achieve great success in life, overcoming personal challenges to become strong role models within the community. Many return to volunteer their time to help other KHCC participants become a positive influence in the Kingsbridge Heights community.

December 27, 1974: Community organizers gain use of the 50th Precinct building on Kingsbridge Terrace and the center officially opened in Spring 1975. The vision for the organization expanded: it would be modeled after the great New York settlement houses, providing educational, recreational and cultural activities for all community residents. early history

number of programs offered: participants served:


8,000+ annually


110 full-time, 30 part-time, 15-18 graduate and undergraduate student interns, 300-400 volunteers each year affiliations:

United Neighborhood Houses of New York City, United Neighborhood Centers of America SELECTED PARTNERSHIPS:

Bon Secours, Bridge Builders Community Partnerships, Inc., Ethical Culture Fieldston School, HITN, Horace Mann School, Manhattan College, Riverdale Neighborhood House, NYC Service



“The community we serve, both families and children, is amazing. We serve hundreds of preschoolers and infants, toddlers and pregnant women at KHCC through our Early Head Start Family Child Care program. A healthy attachment between parent and child is vital for further development of the child in such areas as walking, talking, and learning. Supporting a family and child during the first years of life will make an impact that can last a lifetime. It is the most exciting and important aspect of my work and why I love doing what I do.“ - Yenny Toone, Assistant Executive Director, Early Childhood Services



Kingsbridge Heights Community Center

P R O G R A M S : E A R LY C H I L D H O O D

PROGRAMS EARLY CHILDHOOD SERVICES early head start provides a nurturing environment structured to meet the earliest needs of infants and toddlers from birth to 3 years old. Children in this program receive care and instruction designed to heighten their awareness of the world. Parents learn critical skills to help them be more effective parents and have the opportunity to stay with their children through the Baby School Combination Program. This collaborative approach bonds mother and child through activities such as art projects, imaginative play and language development. offers free childcare in a licensed provider’s home. Care and classroom instruction are given in a nurturing environment through a creative curriculum, teaching children according to the five domains of development. family childcare

educates expectant moms about the importance of prenatal care, keeping good mental health, nutrition and early care of infants. Through socialization groups and home visits, KHCC staff supports the alleviation of prenatal stress which leads to fewer incidents of post partum depression. pregnancy group

The EHS program is guided by Federal Performance Standards, which utilize the School Readiness Goals and Parent Engagement Frameworks to ensure high quality in all programs. is an educational preschool program in which children receive care and classroom instruction enhancing listening, cooperation, social skills and imagination, while developing math, language and early reading skills in accordance with the Early Learning, School Readiness mandates and the Family Engagement frameworks. head start

offers Bronx parents safe and affordable local child care for pre-school-age children. Children enrolled in this program receive care and instruction through creative artwork and imaginative play. They develop early language and social skills preparing them for preschool. family childcare network

Early Head Start at KHCC is one of only four such programs in the Bronx. It was recently

awarded an expanded contract under the Federal Economic Stimulus Package that tripled the number of families it can serve.



Kingsbridge Heights Community Center

YOUTH SERVICES Kingsbridge Heights’ youth have a safe place to go to every day. With its welcoming environment and warm meals, the Center is a central place for friends and family to socialize, learn, and grow. AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM KHCC’s After School Program offers children in grades K-5 structured opportunities for recreation and education. Collaborative parent and child “Healthy Hearts” nutrition and cooking classes are also held throughout the year. Activities include: homework assistance gymnasium sports cooking gardening arts and crafts dance

computer instruction field trips service learning opportunities multicultural events theme parties dinner – served daily

SUMMER DAY CAMP Children between the ages of 6 and 14 can have a meaningful summer vacation full of fun, excitement, and positive relationships. Summer Camp is led by caring adults who serve as mentors and role models. Activities support learning, friendship, and growth. Visits to pools, parks, and museums around the metro area give children a sense of all that the city has to offer. Activities include: arts and crafts story time dance gardening

theater sports games

TEEN CENTER The core elements making up the Teen Center are the Youth Leadership Council (YLC), the ‘Tween Program, and the College Directions Program, including Early College Awareness workshops for our ‘tweens. Youth mentoring is available throughout the Teen Center. The goal is to help young people develop the strength and resiliency they need to overcome the challenges they face within the community, at school, and among peers and friends. Staff members employ a strengths-based approach which recognizes the abilities and interests of the individual as sources of empowerment.

“KHCC is not just a community center; it’s a home away from home. The special thing about KHCC is

that they don’t just worry about taking me off of the streets but also about helping me take the next step in life.” - Jaylen Edwards, 18 years old, Teen Center



YLC gives teenagers leadership skills and a role in planning program activities. As the governing body of our Teen Center, its members meet regularly to set the direction and content of the program. YLC organizes trips, fundraisers, community service projects, and parties. YLC also serves as a forum for reflection and evaluation—youth discuss the process and outcome of activities and brainstorm new ideas for improvement. The Teen Center partners with the Special Needs program for an innovative mainstreaming initiative, mixing ages and developmental stages, called Helping Hands. COLLEGE DIRECTIONS PROGRAM Bronx high school students and returning adults have a dedicated place to explore career options, plan and carry out college visits, search for scholarships and find the right schools. We provide one-on-one guidance so students can complete the application and financial aid process. Graduating seniors have gone on to attend Ivy League universities, CUNY and SUNY, and local private schools. SPECIAL NEEDS PROGRAM Children and adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities, autism, or down syndrome require a special kind of care. KHCC provides a fun and caring environment for people with special needs through structured opportunities for: Learning Growth Socializing with peers

P R O G R A M S : YO U T H

Annually, 300 participants use KHCC’s youth programs. PARTNERSHIP WITH CON EDISON For nearly the past two decades, KHCC has successfully administered a collaborative effort with Con Edison that provides an invaluable source of support for college-bound students from low-income households. The Con Edison Scholars College Directions Program (CDP) is one of KHCC’s most substantive teen programs. Central to CDP’s success is its commitment to the students beyond high school graduation. A portion of Con Edison’s funding is used toward CDP’s College Survival Workshop series which prepares them to successfully manage freshman year. Fifteen high school seniors are annually awarded scholarships ranging from $550 to $1,000 based on their participation in CDP, a scholarship interview, financial need, and demonstrated potential for success as a college student. A portion of those awards, titled Con Edison Technology Scholarships, are given to students with an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) studies.



Kingsbridge Heights Community Center

Our Special Needs After School Program uniquely combines full-year, full-day services with transportation for ages 5 to 21 years old: Arts and crafts Tutoring Nutrition Homework help Gardening Adaptive physical education Computer literacy Games Our Saturday Program and Sunday Program serve people up to age 25; services for adults above that age can also be arranged. We invite participants on recreational trips to community venues, allowing them to engage with the world outside the Center.

90% of Teen Center juniors and seniors cross-

registered from Teen Center into the College Directions program. 96% of our graduates are accepted to a twoyear or four-year college.

ADULT AND FAMILY SERVICES We believe families and communities can create better lives for themselves. There are three programmatic pillars to our adult and family services: Economic Development, Recreation, and Changing Futures. Our goal is to provide services that will help break the cycle of abuse, neglect and family violence. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM, LANGUAGE EDUCATION AND CITIZENSHIP KHCC provides support to community members aspiring to start their own home-based business as an early childcare provider. Day and evening and weekend classes to assist participants to learn English as a second language and prepare for citizenship are also available. ADULT AND FAMILY RECREATION We provide positive and productive opportunities for community members to interact and connect. These activities are free or low cost and include classes, performances, festivals and volunteer opportunities. An annual neighborhood festival is held in the spring that celebrates the multicultural vitality of our community. It’s an opportunity for friends and family to join KHCC in a day of games, art, music, community service and more. CHANGING FUTURES PROGRAM The Changing Futures Program covers several areas serving the full spectrum of needs for families and children: Prevention, Clinical, Adult Treatment, and Parenting Journey™.



P R O G R A M S : A D U LT & FA M I LY

changing futures program: prevention

Our preventive services program is structured to help children remain safe in their homes and to help families in need. The program keeps families together and makes them stronger, providing services when a family is in need of help and working to prevent child abuse and neglect. In addition we offer family counseling, support groups for parents and youth, and help in meeting children’s developmental needs. We also provide referrals and we help to access a variety of programs in such areas as public and other benefits, education, prenatal assistance, substance abuse, mental health, domestic violence, vocational services and Child Care and Head Start programs. KHCC offers two types of preventive services: General Prevention Intensive Preventive for families impacted by substance abuse and mental health needs Prevention services ensure significant improvement in family and individual functioning, increasing their ability to problem solve and develop confidence in managing day-to-day challenges. changing futures program: clinical

Our Child Sexual Abuse Treatment and Prevention Program provides free treatment in a warm and welcoming environment to children in the Bronx, ages 3 to 21, and their families. We do not require medical insurance and we customize the treatment and length of services according to the needs of each person. Our program staff consists of masters-level professionals trained in the treatment of trauma and experienced in working with children and families. The Child Sexual Abuse Treatment and Prevention Program has expanded its focus to work with adults, and recently won funding from the Ms. Foundation for Women to strengthen advocacy work and increase support.

“We are the only mental health program in the Bronx that provides long-term free services to victims of child sexual abuse. Since our services do not require medical insurance or other payment, we tailor treatment to each client’s needs.“ Ireen Niñonuevo changing futures program



Kingsbridge Heights Community Center



Individual and Family Therapy Play and Art Therapy Group Therapy Support Groups for Children, Teens, Non-Offending Parents and Caregivers

WORKSHOPS & TRAININGS Child Sexual Abuse Prevention for Children, Parents, and Professionals Sexual Harassment Workshops for Teens, Parents, and Professionals Date Rape Prevention for Teens Staff Training

“In 2012, KHCC provided 3,003 mental health treatment services and 1,428 advocacy services.� Billye Jones-Mulraine Assistant Executive Director CHANGING FUTURES PROGRAM



Our goals for advocacy are to educate families as well as the political, judicial and social service systems regarding the prevalence and impact of child sexual abuse, provide ways to ensure children remain safe, and encourage individuals and communities to become proactive in this cause. KHCC advocacy work includes: Partnering with the Ms. Foundation for Women and their End Child Sexual Abuse campaign Training staff and participants to use theater and the arts as tools for advocacy and education Advocating through partnerships with community-based organizations Offering information and referral Facilitating collaborations with various agencies on meeting the needs of survivors

We offer individual therapy and group therapy to nonoffending adult survivors of child sexual abuse and other types of trauma. changing futures program: parenting journey™

Parenting Journey™ is a 12-week workshop series to designed to help parents break out of negative behavior patterns, learn to care for themselves and find support in their journey as caring parents. It is based on the belief that all parents want to be good parents, and assumes that people need an experience of feeling nurtured so they can nurture their children. Parenting Journey™ helps parents to communicate positively with their children and helps to increase the emotional bond between parent and child. Cycles of Parenting Journey™ are offered in English and Spanish several times a year during afternoon and evening hours. Childcare and a meal are provided as well.

P R O G R A M S : A D U LT & FA M I LY

changing futures program: adult treatment

A SURVIVOR’S STORY When he was in kindergarten, G. was molested by a school staff member but didn’t tell anyone until years later. As a teen, he participated in KHCC’s Changing Futures clinical program. He was very depressed, socially isolated, had low self esteem and failing grades. G. could not see a future for himself. During trauma-focused treatment, his therapist Ireen used talk, play, art and music therapies. She also worked with G.’s mother to help her see how the trauma affected him, and to strategize about how to use effective interventions at home. G. loved music therapy, which helped him express his perspective on life. At first he picked songs that spoke about meaninglessness. Slowly, G.’s self-esteem grew as he formed new friendships. He eventually understood that the trauma was in the past, and it was safe to hope again. His choice of songs became more joyful. He was able to move from seeing himself as a victim to being a survivor with a future. By the time he left treatment, G. had received a scholarship to a private high school in the Bronx. He shared his dreams of going to college and later on having his own family.



Ms. Foundation for Women is transforming our vision and the way we work by allowing us to focus on the national and global aspects of child sexual abuse in new and productive ways. Through this partnership, KHCC has taken a clinical model and transformed it into one of advocacy and civic engagement. We help empower and train survivors as advocates, champion funding and policy changes with local elected officials, and take part in the foundation’s national movement to end child sexual abuse.






Kingsbridge Heights Community Center

SUPPORT WE ARE PROUD OF OUR INNOVATIVE WORK AND OUR GROWING SIGNATURE PROGRAMS, INCLUDING: • The only Bronx long-term free service for child sexual abuse victims • One of only four Early Head Start programs in the Bronx • The only mainstreaming Special Needs program that combines full-year, full-day services, with transportation through age 21

Enrollment is high, needs are great, and wait lists are long! Donations allow us to continue plans for future expansion, serve greater numbers of Bronx residents, and reinforce the impact of our programs and services. Your support will help us reach our goal to open a new center in an adjacent building within five years.

SUPPORT KHCC TODAY WITH A GIFT No gift is too small and every dollar donated helps keep our community strong! $1,000 covers 10 therapy sessions for a child sexual abuse survivor. $500 gives a high school senior eight weeks of college counseling. $250 covers a month of After School program to a school age child. $50 covers child care for a group of parents learning English. We invite you to join us in creating a better present and future for the children and families of the Bronx.

Your support will enable us to develop recreational services, adult classes and immigrant services. Your support allows us to strengthen our signature programs, including children and adults with special needs, survivors of child sexual abuse, and early childhood education.



Generations of participants have overcome challenges and made positive contributions to their community. Help us to continue providing positive life-altering opportunities for Kingsbridge Heights. Donate today. Your donation is tax deductible and can be made by check, credit card or PayPal. Just visit our website at You may also drop by or mail to: Kingsbridge Heights Community Center 3101 Kingsbridge Terrace Bronx, NY 10463 718-884-0700

PLANNED GIVING You can leave a legacy by including KHCC in your will or trust, or making a tax-deductible donation of stock, mutual funds, or real estate. MATCHING FUNDS You could double your gift today. Many companies match their employee’s generosity; please check with your Human Resources department.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Some of our volunteers have been with us for a day, others for decades. There are so many ways to contribute. If you are a student, you may be eligible for credit or internship hours as part of our programming. Visit our website to fill out our volunteer form, or ask a question at

“I have been a staff member at the center for 14 years and the reason I have stayed so long is that I believe in us and what we do. Through the years, our strength has always been our love for our job, each other, our participants and the services we provide.” - Adam Lutz, Special Needs Program




Kingsbridge Heights Community Center (Main Entrance & Administration) 3101 Kingsbridge Terrace Bronx, NY 10463 718-884-0700

Early Childhood Services 3067 Kingsbridge Terrace Bronx, NY 10463 718-884-0700 ext.112

Annex 387 E. Fordham Road Bronx, NY 10458 718-584-2394



Kingsbridge Heights Community Center

KHCC SUPPORTERS $75,000 TO $150,000 Bernice and Milton Stern Foundation Pinkerton Foundation $50,000 TO $74,999 Charles Hayden Foundation $20,000 TO $49,999 Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation Geoffrey Gund Foundation Lincoln Fund Ms. Foundation for Women Teagle Foundation $8,500 TO $19,999 Barker Welfare Foundation Con Edison Lisa Lindvall $5,000 TO $8,499 Apple Bank for Savings Bogee C-Town Supermarket Leonard and Evelyn Lauder Foundation New Yankee Stadium Community Benefits Fund Charles and Gail Persky Ping Chong & Company United Neighborhood Houses $1,000 TO $4,999 Janet and Nicholas Athanasidy Bank Leumi USA Bronx Community College Catholic Institute of the Food Industry Colyton Foundation Horace Mann School Agnes Gund George Hornburg Amelia Korangy Giselle Melendez-Susca Janet and Edward Moran Richard and Susan O’Brien Yessenia Rosario Ridgewood Savings Bank Jenniffer Sanchez Charles Shayne Lori Spector Madelon Stent TD Bank TJX Foundation Dennis Wallin $400 TO $999 David O. and Elizabeth Beim Robert Bender Gary Datz Jane Folloro Nancy L. Gruber Hostos Community College Mr. and Mrs. Lamont Jackson Jewish Communal Fund Sue Kaplan and David Karnovsky Lehman College

FISCAL YEAR 7/1/2012 TO 6/30/2013

Salvatore Mazzullo Ronald and Rachel Minkoff Montefiore Medical Center Mutual of America Walewska Reyter Riverdale Presbyterian Church Elizabeth H. Scheuer Stern Center for Language & Learning Margaret L. Stevens Cris Stone Christine Symons Wave Hill Cathy Weinroth Ira T. and Phyllis Wender Kate Whitney $150 TO $399 Tracei Akarlilar Richard W. and Susan Baldwin Ellen Bender Frances Beinecke and Paul Elston Jose Bermejo BronxNet Phyllis Cherebin Roger Clinton Faye M. Cohen Nancie Cooper Frank Deleonardis Rosa Figueroa Ellen Schloss Flamm Jane Genth David Hadler Deborah Harris Luke Hayman Toy Hochman Truda and Lincoln Jewett Gil Kerlin G. Oliver Koppell Monique Lang Paul Lauter Richard Levin Todd Levin Lorie Cowen Levy Sadie Mahoney Richard and Mary Marks Christine Marr Shawana McIntyre Nicole McNulty Robert and Susan Morgenthau Nancy Newton New Kalman Sunshine Fund Northwestern Mutual Martha Olson Franz W. Paasche and Alison Pavia Deanna Peralta Robert Peralta Hilary Persky

Barney and Nancy Quigley Lori-Ann Reynolds Riverdale Press Dr. Gerald S. and Letty Roberts Marc Rodriguez Denise Romero Michelle Rosetti Sarah Lawrence College Stuart Sucherman and Betsy Miller Susan E. Goldy, Inc. The Putney School Yenny Toone Tricull Industries James and Caroline Tripp Woodlawn Cemetery Ada Zambetti UP TO $149 Lois Abramchik Tony Agyin Franz and Marcia Allina Darnley Beckles Carol Cole Larry Davis and Martin Yu Margaret T. Dugan Regine Ewins Sam Gellens Dorothy C. Gilbert GroupWork Joan and Jorn Haahr Kathryn and Vincent Heintz Dr. Carole M. Berotte Joseph Christopher Lehmann-Haupt and Natalie Robins Joseph Levy Catherine May Chris Mitchell Eli Noyes Julia Nufer Gary Nussbaum and Pilar Hernandez Carolyn Okin Maira Ortiz Loren Pack Margot Perron Barbara and David Plimpton Diahna Rivera Irma Rodriguez Amy Saltzman Eric Seiff and Meredith Feinman Joan Picower Seltzer Sherry & Sons Teresa Grant Stoeth Christina Uleano Sara Zatz Jonathan Zavin

Kingsbridge Heights Community Center



Revenue and Other Support: Government grants $5,362,068 Private grants 375,135 Program fees 198,569 Medicaid revenue 210,414 Donation 559, 146 Interest income 71 Other income 81,921 Net assets released from restrictions 217,400 total revenue & other support 7,004,724 Expenses: Program services: Early Head Start 1 ,768,598 Administration for Children’s Services Headstart 870,956 Parent & Child Preventive Services 1,318,166 Crime Victims Board 231,136 Office of People With Developmental Disabilities 212,485 Universal Pre-Kindergarten Services 188,152 Child Sexual Abuse Treatment & Prevention 173,993 Department of Youth & Community Development 122,251 Summer Camp 60,212 OCFS-TANF 46,800 CACFP 256,418 Other programs 765,261 total program services 6,014,428 Supporting services: Management & general 1,021,018 Fundraising 212,493 total supporting services 1,233,511 total expenses 7,247,939 Change in Net Assets Before Net Revenues from Special Events Net Revenues from Special Events Gross receipts Direct costs net revenues from special events

Change in Net Assets Net Assets, Beginning of Year

net assets, end of year

temporarily restricted






- 310,000 - - - - - (217,400) 92,600

$5,362,068 685,135 198,569 210,414 559,146 71 81,921 - 7,097,324

$6,548,617 385,189 159,210 148,204 566,562 94 19,135 7,827,011




- - -

870,956 1,318,166 231,136

528,693 1,208,586 190,616

- -

212,485 188,152

191,864 163,976




- - - - - -

122,251 60,212 46,800 256,418 765,261 6,014,428

124,020 39,228 89,063 99,379 1,853,929 6,683,588

- - - -

1,021,018 212,493 1,233,511 7,247,939

1,107,428 51,707 1,159,135 7,842,723





90,968 (33,325) 57,643 (185,572) 345,794 $160,222

- - - 92,600 217,400 $310,000

90,968 (33,325) 57,643 (92,972) 563,194 $470,222

39,353 (8,986) 30,367 14,655 548,539 $563,194

FY 2012 KHCC INCOME ANALYSIS Government grants


Private grants 10% Donations 8%



Program fees 3% Medicaid revenue 3% Other 1% Interest income <1%




Program related expenses


Supporting services



Early Childhood Services


Social Services and Counseling


Youth Programs 15% Adult Education 4%

Kingsbridge Heights Community Center

KHCC STAFF AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS BOARD NAME TITLE AFFILIATION Richard O’Brien Chair Apple Bank for Savings Deborah L. Harris Vice-Chairperson Retired Principal, NYC Department of Education Lisa Lindvall Secretary Former Director, American Express Charles Persky, PhD Treasurer Retired Professor, Hunter College Carmelo Alvarado Retail Bank Branch Manager, TD Bank Janet Athanasidy Co-Founder Retired Manager, New York Police Department Faye M. Cohen Retired Teacher, NYC Department of Education Jillian John Former Head Start Parent Policy Council Member Malik A. Ketcham, Esq. Attorney; Teacher, NYC Department of Education Geoffrey Smith Monroe College Madelon Stent, PhD Retired Professor, City College Dennis Wallin Alpha 1 Marketing Corp. Karin Weiner, Esq. Attorney STAFF EXECUTIVE Giselle Melendez-Susca Executive Director Lori Spector Deputy Director Richard Levin Chief Financial Officer Michael Wilke Director of Development, Communications, & Marketing Billye Jones-Mulraine Assistant Executive Director, Changing Futures Program Yenny Toone Assistant Executive Director, Early Childhood Services PROGRAM DIRECTORS Hajnalka Gabris Director, Special Needs Program Lamont Jackson Director, After School/Summer Camp Sadie Mahoney Director, Youth Services Shawana McIntyre Director of Preventive Services, Changing Futures Program Ireen Niñonuevo Director of Clinical Services, Changing Futures Program DEVELOPMENT AND COMMUNICATIONS David Percey Development Officer Christina Ventura Communications Specialist

IN MEMORIAM Adam Lutz (1979 – 2013) Adam was an integral part of our community and family. He worked at our center for 14 years in the Special Needs Program. Adam attended City University of New York – Lehman College and was a talented illustrator. He touched our entire staff and is deeply missed by everyone.

Annual Report 2013  

Kingsbridge Heights Community Center's 2013 Annual Report.

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