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December 2009 Issue 8

Message from the head... Our Maths and Computing specialism has a great impact on our school and it may be why many of our parents chose to send their sons to Kings’ Heath Boys’. It is certainly one of the reasons I decided to apply for my job here first as Deputy and then as the new Headteacher. In a changing world it is important that our students leave us with the skills necessary to work in the 21st Century and I firmly believe that our specialism supports our students to gain the required skills to achieve in any field. Our results year on year demonstrate this and we were delighted with the 73% GCSE A*-C and the 33% A*-C inc En and Ma. In August 2009. It was an increase of 10% in both and was a credit to the hard work of both students and staff. We look forward to even better results next year as we aim even higher.


In September we had a visit from Ofsted.. They noted, ‘The subject specialism has had a significant impact on improving mathematics and ICT as well as enhancing the use of ICT in other subjects.’ I am determined to make King’s Heath Boys’ a flagship for the use of ICT in the area. The use of technology not only engages our students but gives access to a wealth of learning. Our aim is to give students access to this learning so that they become life long learners. I hope you enjoy reading this edition of Bits and Bytes. As always I am amazed at the range of activities and events the students benefit from as I look back over the year. I hope this year you will take the opportunity of joining us in school to participate in some of our adult literacy, numeracy and ICT courses.


Mrs B Przybek Headteacher

King's Heath Boys School triumphs in inaugural Enterprise Challenge a National event The team of five students from Year 9 of King's Heath Boys School, Birmingham - one of the latest schools to sign up with Mosaic - were the final victors in the Apax Partners - Mosaic Enterprise Challenge. Kings Heath Boys faced stiff competition from the four other finalist teams at the last stage of the Challenge held on Friday 17 July at the offices of international law firm Lovells in London. The boys were presented with their trophy by John O'Brien, Managing Director of Mosaic, and Kate Albert of Apax Partners, at a prestigious awards ceremony compered by former MTV presenter Kristianne Backer. Also speaking at the awards was Imran Hakim of Dragon's Den fame and Mosaic mentor at second-placed Smithills College, Bolton. Third place went to John Kelly Girl's Technology College, London. John O'Brien, Managing Director of Mosaic, said "Thanks to the generosity of Apax, the Challenge was a tremendous opportunity to encourage the spirit of enterprise and entrepreneurship amongst the students in schools that, too often, don't get such an opportunity." Imran Hakim, of Dragon's Den fame and Mosaic mentor, said "There is so much doom and gloom out there in the media, but having seen these young budding entrepreneurs in action today I am extremely reassured that the future of this country is in good hands. I have no doubt in my mind that if these talented youngsters live up to a fraction of the potential that they have demonstrated here today then we can look forward to a brighter future for this country." Following their win, the boys from KHB were whisked off, Apprentice style, in top-end Mercedes cars, first to take in a flight on the London Eye and then for a speedboat ride through the City of London. As well as the glory, the schools of the top three teams will also receive a cash prize of up to ÂŁ3000. Over 80 teams participated in the inaugural Apax Partners - Mosaic Enterprise Challenge. The Challenge is a unique national competition, which has been running in Mosaic schools across the country, including Bolton, Bradford, London and Birmingham. The national competition is based on the PIXELearning's leading enterprise game software, which puts the learner in a realistic business scenario where they develop and market a new product. Participating schools have benefited from mentoring sessions delivered by Mosaic's inspirational Business Mentors, which have aimed to bring the issues covered by the game to life with real world examples. Participating teams have played four competition heats throughout the course of June. These competition heats have tested teams on ability to generate Market Share, Cash Flow, Sales Revenue and Gross Profit Mosaic's congratulations go to King's Heath Boy's School and all of the participating teams.


For more information about Mosaic go to

KHB becomes one of four schools in Birmingham Kings heath Boys Mathmatics and Computing College received its ICT Mark certificate at a national award ceremony at the BETT Show at Olympia in London.. This award is the culmination of a process of review and development of the use of information and communications technology (ICT) within the school. It is linked to an online review tool, known as the Self-review Framework, which helps schools gather evidence about how they use ICT in learning and teaching, and within the management of the school. The standards of the scheme, which are set nationally, are designed to ensure that the school's investment in ICT equipment is matched by its effective use within lessons. Teachers are expected to have gained suitable skills and understanding to improve learning and teaching where ICT is being used; appropriate systems should also be in place to record pupils' achievements and underpin other key aspects of the school's management. Developing appropriate policies and teaching plans, training teachers and ensuring that the school's ICT equipment is ready for use involves many members of staff over several months or even longer. It is important that the use of ICT has a real impact on the experience and progress of pupils within the school. A visiting ICT Mark Assessor will have checked to ensure that pupils are receiving their "entitlement" to ICT within lessons and will also expect to see that the school is using technology to enable learning beyond the normal school day and to improve external links. Ex-Headteacher Selwyn Calvin commented: “Gaining the ICT Mark standard is a tremendous achievement for the staff and students at King’s Heath Boys’. Information technology is used to make learning an exciting ‘hands on’ experience for our students. Creating web pages, exploring the World Wide Web, interactive voting or producing complex virtual designs have become part a day’s work for our students. We are all proud of the progress made, but still have even more ambitious plans for future developments. The ICT Mark award gives recognition for all we have achieved so far.” The lead member of staff, Ian Jones (Head of Mathematics and Computing Faculty), involved in ensuring the school was ready for ICT Mark assessment, commented: “We were confident that the outstanding use of ICT at the school would be recognised by the ICT Mark Assessor.” ICT Advanced Skills Teacher Rachael Howat added, "ICT is at the centre of learning at the school, the boys at the school use iPods, computer games and mobile phones as part of their everyday life, we try to use their expertise for learning."

National Anti-Bullying Week During the most recent National Anti-Bullying Week, Year 10 & 11 students held an Anti-Bullying Carousel for Year 7 students. Under the banner ‘Keeping Year 7 Safe,’ students worked in small groups to research and explore reasons behind bullying and what can be done to prevent it. Students produced plays, PowerPoint presentations, printed booklets, discussion sessions, speeches and posters to present to Year 7. Students submitted plans for their individual stalls and once these were approved they were able to set up and display their work to the newest members of the school community. The standard of work was very high and the staff were very impressed with the maturity and commitment of those involved. The event helped to build friendships between the different year groups and made Year 7 students feel more confident about their time here. When interviewed by an external advisor, those involved in the event said they felt it had made a big difference to how they felt about Secondary school and any initial feelings of trepidation they may have experienced during their first year!


Student Voice "A group of Year 8 students, ably assisted by 2 Year 9s from last year's conference, worked throughout the year with 3 other local secondary schools. The object was to exchange views on issues they thought they could change within their school, and which could also benefit the other schools. This culminated in a day long conference last month, in which each school presented their findings to the others. This was a great success and it is to be hoped that it will run again next year." Mr Kennedy Learning Development Manager Years 8 & 9

Year 7 Gifted and Talented Radio Day with Russell Prue Four schools and 100 students came together on March 30th to experience a Radio Producer event with the well renowned trainer and I.C.T evangelist Russell Prue. Students were tasked with creating a segment for a radio programme and were given the choice as to whether they produce a sports report, features, news, weather, radio play adverts. It was exciting to watch the students working collaborating across the schools. Each group developed its own approach to delegating the roles from researcher to director within the team that ranged from researcher to director, from personal techniques employed varied from curriculum to voting. It was a pleasure to watch students waiting effectively in their groups, rising to the challenges of the day and keeping to time within the tasks set. By the end of an incredibly busy manning all teams had successfully scripted their pieces and were ready to record the entire show. Throughout the first part of the morning staff were all hard to nominate two presenters to lead the programme in the end three students were nominated to be presenters. Russell then co-ordinated each individual piece to be recorded by lunchtime we were ready for a ‘live’ production. The presenters gathered at the studio whilst everyone else became a quality audience of the show, the show went on air with Russell counting down ques’ for the presenters to do their voice over bits. Sitting and watching the presenters was interesting, you could imagine how it would be in a live radio programme and the links the presenters wrote worked really well to join all the individual segments like the news, weather and features to make a whole programme. It was a thoroughly inspirational, rewarding day and students and staff alike gained hugely from the event. Thank you to the Leading Edge Team for making it all possible.


Year 9 History visit to the City Learning Centre In History we have been studying the terrible conditions the soldiers faced fighting during World War 1. We have studied the Battle of the Somme where of the first day of fighting alone 80,000 British soldiers were killed or injured. At the CLC we studied another battle – the battle of Passchendaele. We listened to 6 different versions of the song “The Green Green fields of France” and decided which version we wanted to work with. We then researched words, pictures and images we could use in our work. Our task was to put together an appropriate video that could accompany the song. We then digitally edited all the images to ensure the images matched the words of the song. This really helped us understand the horrors of World War 1. At the end of the day we played our songs and videos. It was really moving and we were proud of the different ways we had all shown the suffering the soldiers faced. When we returned to school we showed our work to other Year 9 students and used it in the schools’ remembrance assemblies. Husnain Ali Abid

World War 1 Speeches Year 9 History In our History lessons we completed an assessment using the schools’ ICT facilities to create a speech. We were pretending we were the Prime Minister of England in 1914, using propaganda to encourage young men to fight in World War 1. Firstly we used the internet to research the techniques and tricks the government used to get young men to fight. We came up with our slogans and then produced our speeches on the computers so they looked professional. Our final task was to video each other delivering our speeches using digital video cameras. We ad to look both serious and strong as we delivered our speeches to give confidence to the British people. It was fun and interesting putting ourselves in the position of the Prime Minister and we understood more about the history of the First World War. Alvin Dawati.

Year 9 History Masterclass At first, we were given basic facts about the holocaust, Aktion T4 and plans for the German Jews to give us an idea of what the holocaust was about and what effects it had caused on the Jewish people in Europe. We took the information given and were tasked with creating a short movie structured around a song about the holocaust that had to include suitable pictures, video clips, music and annotations. On the second task we had to do a similar type of project but this time using presentation software. Each group were given a topic to present to the whole class. Overall it was a fun day out and we learnt a lot about the holocaust and got the chance to work with students from other schools which was good. Jamal Persson & Husnain Ali Abid.


Gifted and Talented Maths Event Over 40 students from Wheeler's Lane, Hall Green, Swanshurst and Camp Hill Girls' Schools attended this year's maths gifted and talented event. Students worked in teams of two to solve a variety of maths problems using skills including logical thinking, special awareness, trial and error, sequencing and algebra. £5 gift vouchers went to each member of the winning team from each of the participating schools, illustrating the fact that maths can be both profitable and fun. Staff and students all had a great time. King's Heath Boys' students competed in the event in the morning. Mr Adams, Maths AST.

Making lemonade in Maths At the end of June students from St-Annes Roman Catholic Junior School participated in a circus of mathematical investigations and then took part in a competition to make as much profit using a simple business simulation called Lemonade Stand (found on - math games.) The students had a great time.

Exploring the use of computerised control in Alton Towers Theme Park On 28th April 2009 the I.C.T Department took Yr9 for an educational visit to Alton Towers as part of the schools annual Activities Day programme. The visit was a new departure to launch the ICT unit on Control. The pupils were given the opportunity to investigate how control is used at a theme park. They had the chance to see a workshop on the use of ICT within the park which focused on the use of control on the rides and they were able to discuss with park staff the variety of ways in which I.C.T is used between the different UK theme parks. Although the weather was not brilliant, all managed to have a fantastic time. Well done Yr9 a great day had by all! Sophia Ivey, PGCE Student, Newman College

Spanish Lessons at Anderton Park Primary School Mrs Henry has been working with Anderton Park Primary School teaching Spanish to Year 6 pupils. The focus on one of the first sessions was ¿Cómo te llamas?, where students were learning to ask and say what their names are. The pupils were keen to learn and with the added use of puppets made excellent progress. Kings Heath Boys teach French to Primary Pupils Through her work at Grendon Primary School teaching French Mrs Henry was able to take students from Kings Heath Boys back to Primary School to work with younger children. Aqeel & Faizan from Year 8 taught French to a Year 3 class through games, role-play and other activities. The topics included basic introductions, greetings and numbers. All children involved had a wonderful time


and we look forward to many more activities like this in the future.

World Book Day 2009

Thursday 5th March Kings Heath Boys’ Mathematics and Computing College celebrated World Book Day. A Scavenger Hunt competition was organised by Mrs Carter (school Librarian) in which the whole school was required to take part. Every member of staff was given a name badge to wear with a title of a book and the student’s task was to find as many book titles from as many staff as they could. All badges wore by staff related to the subject they teach or extra curriculum activities they take part in. Good examples of this include Mr Broughton (English Teacher featured above) displayed the badge "Bad Hare Day" by R.L Stine. The head teacher Mr Calvin wore the badge "The General" By Robert Muchamore. Receptionist Miss Sarah O’ Connor featured the badge "The phone goes dead" by Anthony Horowitz and the caretaker Mr Tony Mallet featured "Night watch" by Terence Dickinson. The day proved to be very successful and very popular with many students working hard all day to fill out their competition entry forms with as many names as they could, whilst learning the names and authors of books that they might not normally have opted to read, all whilst having fun! Pictured above Mr Broughton (English Teacher) students Husnain Ali Abid, Hasan Ali Abid, Isidro Ridout, Jamal Persson, Ahmed Wahab, Gurkaren Bassi, Kashif Hanif, Sayid Raziqi, Michael Walli and Almuhalab Saleh

School donates books to help Kenyan school children We donated a large selection of books that I had withdrawn from our Library to The Academy Book Appeal 2009 A key part of the Jaguar Land Rover Dealer Apprentice scheme is the participation in an international community project. Commonly known as M.A.D. – Making A Difference – this year the team were looking for support in sourcing a broad range of books suitable for Primary and Secondary age school children to help equip a library in Maasai, Kenya. The library is based in the community centre and supports the education of pupils attending 19 local schools by providing a multitude of resources which they borrow on a rotational basis. If you have any books suitable for either Primary or Secondary age school children, which are in good condition, please contact us at school. Miss Carter Librarian


ICT Diploma Kicks off in 2009 KHBS is one of only a handful of schools in Birmingham to offer the IT Diploma to our students. We currently have 22 students on the course. Our five lessons are based at the Kings Norton CLC every Thursday. The students have just completed Unit 5 – Building A Computer Network, delivered by Mr Hodgkins, our Network Manager. The students had to put together a computer network including laptops and printers. They thoroughly enjoyed this new experience, and relished the thought of being treated like adults. They are currently working on a Multimedia unit at the CLC involving many visits to local businesses to create a working website.

Eurodisney Visit January 2009 In January this year 40 Year ten and eleven students, and 4 staff took part in three ICT Conferences at EuroDisney in Paris. We learned how Disney use computers to control the many rides on the theme park. How they advertise and sell the many thousands of rooms at the many hotels, and how they manage the daily organization of one of the largest Theme Parks in Europe. We stayed in the Hotel Cheyanne, a western themed hotel, and visited The Buffalo Bill Experience one night and had a buffet at the hotel the next night. The trip was organized by Study Experiences. We left KHBS by coach and travelled through the tunnel to France. We all had a wonderful, but very tiring experience, and look forward to visiting the Park in the near future.

Student log Disney 2009 On Sunday the 11th of January we set off from school at 6:30 in





Eurotunnel where we had the opportunity to realise how ICT was integrated into theme park rides to make them as thrilling and memorable as possible. The conferences informed us on





technology, light shows and even animatronics in Disneyland so the park was at its best. It wasn’t just conferences as we experienced the magic and thrills for ourselves in the park. A big thanks you to Ms Pryzbek, Mr Jones, Mr Kennedy and Ms Keating who helped make the experience of Walt Disney all the more magical. Richard and Chris Keating 11 EKK and 11VBE


E-safety it is never to early to learn to be safe! This year also saw a new Primary ICT link firmly established with Anderton Park Primary School. The relationship began through sharing ideas on the theme of Internet safety, a permanent issue for all schools. A workshop was devised that was successfully delivered in school to Year 6 to raise awareness and understanding. It is due to be cascaded throughout the school and also to be shared with Stechford primary in a cross schools link project. “The session was well planned, the presentation was suitable for the children and those who took part in the lesson produced some good work which was extended in a follow up session that I did with the class the following week. Students were keen to see the other Smart adventures and we discussed the content as a class. The presentation and lesson that was delivered in school has since been used with the other two classes in Year 6 and will be cascaded down the school as far as Year 3 in September. It was really good to work with you to share ideas, plans and resources which has all been really valuable for me to complete my NPQH placement. I have also planned to use the presentation in Stechford School with their Year 3 and 4 as part of my NPQH placement following on from parents and pupil questionnaire, I will also be leading a staff meeting on E-safety with the teaching staff at Stechford next week.” Karl Holmes Assistant Headteacher, Anderton Park Primary School

Being British a collaborative project with Anderton Park Primary Following a planning meeting with Miss Howat I was keen to link ICT to work our pupils were doing in school on the theme of “Being British”.

We agreed to an animation workshop for

Year 5 and 6 and a movie maker & poetry project Year 3 and 4, none of which we were able to deliver in school which was wonderful. “It was wonderful to watch Year 5 and 6 working together, something they do not usually get the chance to do in school. The pupils learnt a host of new skills throughout the workshop that they would not have experienced during the course of normal ICT lessons in school which was great to see. We have already put the examples of work completed on our digital display in the school foyer and can’t wait to do more work next year.” Miss Beaumont Assistant Headteacher Anderton Park Primary School

Visual Literacy A new departure for Primary links this year was a “Visual Literacy” workshop. Yr6 students from Billesley Primary had been working on their skills of storytelling without words and came to Kings Heath Boys to create animations using characters from the film The Incredibles. It was wonderful to watch the creativity exploding from such young minds as they go to groups with the Digital Blue animation cameras and software, but sets, storyboard, produced their animations, a great day, some wonderful work produced.


A taste of University with “Experience ICT Chances” workshop The visit to the Birmingham University was a pleasant experience. We learnt all about computer science and the best way to get involved in I.T. We also learnt that I.C.T isn’t all about computers. Part of our exercise was to design a new mobile phone on paper. We saw a presentation on programming robots and how computer science works. We also had visitors from I.B.M, the largest I.T company in the world, and they told us how they got involved in the world of I.C.T. Rugare Maruzani

Looking at the science behind computer games at a “Game On” MasterclassChances” workshop On the 3rd of June some of us from year 10 went to visit Birmingham University, where we learned about the science behind computer games, and also about how graphics are created. There were students from three other schools there as well. We all really enjoyed the trip; we were surprised about how much goes on in games, things we don’t see of think about. Just thinking about how shadows are created in a game is mind blowing! Robert Russell At Birmingham University we learnt the mechanics and various parts of games that make the games enjoyable to us. The lecturers told us about the various graphics on different consoles on how these graphics were created. I enjoyed the experience a lot because I learnt about how the games I play were made and how the graphics were constructed to make the games look realistic. I also enjoyed how they told us how as the console had to run the frames to make the change noticeable. Ronneil Singh

Using Kartouche & Comic Life to engage students in R.E. Students from Year 9 had a unique opportunity this year to use 2 different software packages, Kar2ouche & Comic Life at Kings Norton City Learning Centre to re-tell the story to “The Good Samaritan”. The day gave our students the chance to discuss the meaning of equality and the implications for the resolution of inter-religious and inter-ethnic conflicts around the world. Using the ICT helped students to foster and embed the idea of accessing the subject of R.E more readily. The Kar2ouche programme was very easy to use, it was also very entertaining. It gives you an idea of what you are learning about in pictures which is very useful. Azad Ilyas Our visit to the CLC was a good experience. We made a comic strip of The Good Samaritan, from pictures that were taken before. From there we went on to make a news report of what happened to the victim and what the Samaritan did. Abubakar Siddiq It was the best experience. It was really interesting. We all learn a lot about equality and equal treatment. Zakaria Khan As a result of the day the school has now purchased both packages to enable further work to be undertaken on site so all students can benefit.


For furthur examples of this and other work completed at Kings Norton City Learning Centre please view their website @

Summer School 2009 This year was a fantastic success. The students that took part had a chance to come and familiarise themselves with what was soon to be their new school. The students met with teachers and staff and had the opportunity to make new friends with students from a wide range of feeder primary schools. Over the three days, students took part in team building exercises, such as Crate Stacking, Archery and Rock Climbing at Blackwell Adventure. Back at school the students worked together in a Mini Olympics, which involved Football, Table tennis and a range of other team activities. The English, Drama and PE department put together workshops, to give the students a taste of what exciting lessons they have to look forward to. To round up a brilliant few days the students enjoyed an afternoon at the Bowling Alley, getting to know each other better and making new friends. The students have really benefitted from getting a head start on familiarising themselves with their new school and teachers. They have made new friendships and boosted their confidence to deal with the Transition from Primary to Secondary School.

Transition from Year 9 into Year 10 A selected group of Year 9 enjoyed a thoroughly rewarding day of activities despite heavy drizzle at Pikes Pool Scout Camp. The purpose of the day was to develop team working skills to ease the students transition into Year 10 and GCSE studies. As you can see a great day had by all.

Creating Advertising Campaigns with Year 8 & 9 A group of Year 8 & 9 students visited Kings Norton City Learning Centre for an intensive day producing advertising campaigns for a range of products. The event kicked off with an introduction to the variety of content in an advertising campaign such as radio adverts, printed media and film adverts. Students arranged themselves into teams across the Year groups and chose the product which would form the focus of their campaign and the hard work began in earnest. It was wonderful to see the students working together sharing ideas and helping each other out. They divided tasks within their groups and applied themselves fully throughout the day and produced some excellent pieces of work. The best pieces of work were selected to be showcased on the City Learning Centres’ web site at


Lifelong Learning Qualifications for everyone We are proud to announce that the school has recently gained accreditation as an ECDL Centre. This means that we will be offering Computer Qualifications to our parents and partners in the near future. Please watch out for more information coming out to you soon. Also on offer will be Literacy and Numeracy Workshops, if you want to brush up on your skills to further help your son with his education then look out for more information to follow.

Keeping children safe on the Internet We are running Internet Safety Workshops during Parents Evenings this year so look out for these. The sessions will follow on from lessons students have had in ICT on e-safety and will provide top tips on how to stay safe when using the Internet. For more information before these session please have a look at the following web sites; and

A competition for our students!

DESIGN A POSTER that explains what e-safety is and what we should do to stay safe when online. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 entries and work will be displayed both around school and on the school website. Entries should be submitted to Miss Howat by the end of term.

Feedback, questions & virtual suggestions box At King’s Heath Boys’ feedback is always welcome so, please feel free to email yours or, any questions or suggestions you may have regarding any issues in this Newsletter to the email below.

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