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Fusion (on the table). Bamboo Visage & Bamboo Fusion utilize bamboo tools that are warmed and then massaged on the face and body. The benefits for client and practitioner are numerous. The experience for the client includes an extreme sense of relaxation, tension reduction, softer skin, relief of tightness in muscles and tendons, stimulates blood and lymph flow and Daphne Keplinger-Myers can also relieve headaches and stress. For the therapist, it allows pressure to be more easily applied, thus enabling a longer massage. It also saves the therapist’s hands and wrists from fatigue and repetitive motion. Bamboo Visage and Bamboo Fusion are techniques created by Nathalie Cecelia of Nimes, France. For more information contact Lakeshore Natural Skin Care, 10500 Chicago Drive, Holland Township/Zeeland. 231-5573619.

Manage Your Pain Today


est Michigan Pain Management Therapy Center P.L.L.C. has recently opened its doors at 6745 E. Fulton, Suite A in Ada, focusing on Orthopedic, Occupational, Physical and Sports Wellness as well as Individual and Injury Prevention Performance Training. The Center seeks to return its patients to their daily activities or sports with a decreased chance of re-injury and an increased performance level. With an on-site training facility, a multi-disciplinary approach is used to attend to patient wellbeing. The Center uses innovative and advanced therapy techniques to relieve acute and chronic pain. Each patient receives a personalized treatment to guide them back to wellness. For more information, contact West Michigan Pain Management Therapy Center P.L.L.C. at 616-706-6132 or See ad page 46.

After the Storm

Spirits Lift Despite Hurricane Sandy


fter one of the largest storms on record hit the Northeast, devastating the shorelines of New York and New Jersey and uprooting the status quo in surrounding states, locals saw a new kind of energy emerge among the populace. Kelly Martinsen, publisher of the Long Island edition of Natural Awakenings and a resident of Long Beach, New York, joined the corps of volunteers that are helping families and businesses dig out of the ruins of their once beautiful beach town. In turn, her magazine’s advertisers and neighboring publishers reached out to share their office space, homes and other heartfelt help to keep her own business afloat. “While I have lost much, I feel blessed to have lived through this event,” says Martinsen. “I was able to experience the wonderful nature of people helping people in the days after the storm.” Tina Woods, publisher of Natural Awakenings’ New York City edition, changed the role of her delivery truck from distributing magazines to carrying food to residents and volunteers assisting Gerritsen Beach neighborhoods, in Brooklyn. She also participated in recovery work along the Jersey Shore and collaborated with her advertisers to raise $1,000 for relief efforts. Woods observes, “In times like this, you know what it means to truly be local and look to the people immediately next to you to get by.” To join or support coordinated Hurricane Sandy relief efforts vetted by Charity Navigator, visit JoinHurricaneSandyRelief


Congratulations to Sheri Beth Schafer of Schafer Chiropractic & The Healing Spa who received her Chopra Center Teacher Certification in Primordial Sound Meditation in October of this year. Schafer has been studying under Deepak Chopra this year to achieve this designation. She has 30 years of meditation experience and is also a certified Transformation Meditation Teacher. Schafer teaches classes at Schafer Chiropractic & The Healing Spa for all levels. On Mondays, she has a free information class and a “Meditation for the Non-Meditator” class. Please check for dates and class information. See ad page 32, 39 & 47.

Harmony ‘n Health Colon Hydrotherapy

Mary A. DeLange C.C.T. C.M.T. 616-456-5033

Some Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy: ~ Remove Toxic Waste from ones body ~ Eradicate Constipation ~ Removes Stomach Bloat ~ Increase ones Energy

Therapeutic Massage also available natural awakenings December 2012


Natural Awakenings Magazine ~ December 2012  

Natural Awakenings Magazine is West Michigan's premiere natural health, holistic living, green magazine focusing on conscious living and sus...

Natural Awakenings Magazine ~ December 2012  

Natural Awakenings Magazine is West Michigan's premiere natural health, holistic living, green magazine focusing on conscious living and sus...