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e apologize for omitting the July cover artist bio from our July issue. The title of the art is Happiness in Perpetuity by Paul Bond Pesqueira.

View the artist’s portfolio at

Fourth Annual Salsa Showdown


Happiness in Perpetuity by Paul David Bond Pesqueira Paul Bond’s magic realism art illuminates a dreamlike world where anything is possible, as he deftly juxtaposes and rearranges common elements to convey universal spiritual or metaphysical ideas. Sometimes, his paintings are simply uplifting illusions, expressing the whimsical, surreal and fantastic side of life. They are always soothing, visual meditations that delight the imagination and stir the soul. Rearranging familiar objects gives Bond the visual symbols he uses as a language to reflect an emotion or thought he’s entertaining at the moment. “Often, a painting is born from something randomly seen from a car window or a line in a novel or song,” he explains. “If it stirs my curiosity, it finds its way into my work.” About Happiness in Perpetuity, he says, “We create our experience and physical environment based on our beliefs and thoughts. Those who wait for outer experiences to make them happy are at a disadvantage—happiness is simply a choice, based on our desire for it.” View the artist’s portfolio at 6

West Michigan Edition

ot? Mild? Inferno? Do you have the best salsa in the West? (Michigan, that is!) Then prove it at the Holland Farmers Market Salsa Showdown. The Fourth Annual Salsa-Making contest will be held at the market on Saturday, August 20. The contestants will be provided with all of the tomatoes, onions, peppers, and cilantro they need, but they must provide their own “secret ingredients” and prize-winning recipes. Contestants will have two hours to make their salsa on-site the morning of August 20 before the judging and public tasting begins at 11:00am. The public is invited to taste all of the salsas for just $3 and vote for their favorite for the “People’s Choice” award. In addition to the public voting, a panel of judges will taste each salsa to determine who wins the ultimate showdown. Individuals and teams from the community will compete in the amateur division for cash prizes, while restaurants, catering companies, food service providers, and chefs will compete for a traveling trophy in the professional division. The entry fee for the amateur division is $20, while the entry free for professional division is $25. Registration deadline is Tuesday, August 16, space is limited so early registration is encouraged. Registration is available at For more information on the Salsa Showdown or Jalapeno Eating Contest, email info@ or contact Event Coordinator Carla Flanders at 616-796-1210.

Green Guarantee


Painting recently started examining its way of doing business and its effect on the environment. As part of an industry known for using products that have the potential to produce harmful environmental effects, they examined ways they could change to become more conscious of the environment. “We know that the two greatest environmental impacts come from our vehicles, which emit carbon dioxide daily, and the VOC’s in the paints and similar products used by our company,” states Glenn Medendorp, owner of GHM Painting. Paint products emit gases known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and materials used by contractors can lead to excess buildup in local landfills. Recent developments, however, have allowed consumers and contractors increased opportunities to be more environmentally conscious when building new or remodeling an existing home. “Now we are able to repaint a room or an entire home with little or no health risk to the customer. They can return to their home and go back to living their normal life on the very same day. In order to be socially responsible, we have decided to adjust our business practices and help customers understand the importance of remodeling in the most environmentally friendly way possible,” says Medendorp. For more information about GHM Painting or for a Free estimate call 616-862-0964. Visit See ad page 8.

Natural Awakenings Magazine ~ August 2011  

Natural Awakenings Magazine is West Michigan's premiere natural health, holistic living, green magazine focusing on conscious living and sus...

Natural Awakenings Magazine ~ August 2011  

Natural Awakenings Magazine is West Michigan's premiere natural health, holistic living, green magazine focusing on conscious living and sus...