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Ave NE in Grand Rapids this June. Flirt Fitness offers a safe-haven for women to enjoy their workouts in a warm, welcoming environment offering women a chance to strip away their negative thoughts about themselves, and venture on a journey of finding their inner sex goddess and being. “Our classes give you a phenomenal workout. You will be amazed how quickly you will lose weight, tone your body, shrink your waistline, feel great and just have fun”, says Amy Oostveen, Owner and Founder of Flirt Fitness. Sign up for their upcoming 8-Week Session starting the week of June 10th. Classes are now forming so call today. Flirt Fitness, 5366 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids. Visit or call 616-723-7350 for more information. See ad page 28.

Book Release: Pain and Stress Relief Naturally


ealth Path, LLC has released a new book titled Pain and Stress Relief Naturally by Donna Treu Greenman. The book draws upon the author’s experience as a massage therapist and certified holistic consultant that often works with patients who experience chronic pain. “These days people have been taking a whole range of prescription drugs for years and are besieged with side effects and few successes. I found if they relax, deal with stress in healthy ways, and use some good natural healing techniques their stress and pain often subsides,” said Greenman, author and founder of Health Path LLC. Pain and Stress Relief Naturally begins with information to understand stress and its importance in everyday life and illness. Further chapters cover natural stress and pain reduction techniques such as laughter, meditation and prayer, reflexology, and massage. It also


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discusses herbal remedies along with food and digestion among other topics. Greenman states how stress is an important part of human life protecting us from things that will cause harm, however, chronic stress causes abnormal levels of adrenalin, heart rate, muscle tension, digestive problems, and increased blood pressure. Lifestyle changes can assist with creating a stress and pain free life. Pain and Stress Relief Naturally is available at www. For more information visit under NAFERA.

An Evening of Lovingkindness Meditation


n a world that is full of conflict and personal difficulty, it’s easy to close ourselves off from others. The practice of “Metta”—lovingkindness or “unconditional friendliness” —is a gentle form of meditation that stabilizes the body/ mind and opens the heart in profound ways: healing wounds, inviting joy, creating compassion for all beings, including ourselves. The Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness is pleased to present an “Introduction to Metta: The Practice of Lovingkindness,” on June 18 from 6-9 p.m. The event will be held at The Wellness Forum, 4990 Cascade Rd. SE. Grand Rapids. Cost is only $35. Metta is an easy-to-learn form of blessing practice that is sourced in Buddhist tradition. Yet, it is an interspiritual practice that supports all theologies. A “sitting” meditation/prayer form, Metta takes us through six levels of blessing: one’s self, benefactors, loved ones, neutral others, difficult others, and, ultimately, all beings on Earth. Instructor, Janice Lynne Lundy, is a long-term practitioner of mindfulness and metta meditation. She has trained with Sylvia Boorstein in the Vipassana tradition. She is an Interfaith Spiritual Director, educator, and the author of four personal/spiritual growth books. Pre-registration is required. For more information call Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness: 616-361-3660, www. See ad page 10.

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