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ith their usual kitchens available to be rented commercially, back this summer in Facility Kitchens’ repertoire for its third year are personal canning sessions. The sessions will be run this year by The Canning Diva every Thursday evening from 5:45pm to 10:15pm at Facility Kitchens in Lowell. Attendees are to bring their ingredients, jars and lids and are able to can as much as possible in four and a half hours using Facility Kitchens’ large and efficient commercial rental kitchen for just $45. The personal canning sessions available will follow the harvest, starting with asparagus, then rhubarb and strawberry pie filling, strawberry salsa, berry conserves, tomatoes in different ways, pickles, corn and specialty canning recipes. In the height of strawberry season, rhubarb and strawberry pie filling is planned for production on June 6. On June 13 and June 20 the Diva’s own recipe for “Signature Strawberry Salsa” will be the production run. For the Diva’s recipes and a list of ingredients and how much you need to bring to scale up your production or to make online reservations, go to www. The Canning Diva, Diane Devereaux, herself promised, “I will lead a strawberry-filled adventure! In a four and a half hour session, you can produce a plethora of my Signature Strawberry Salsa, enough for your family to enjoy the whole year.” Devereaux is sure to keep the flow moving as she has extensive canning experience and she hopes this will increase production and reduce mistakes to improve each participant’s personal canning success. Participants do not need to be a veteran canner, because Devereaux will be there to answer questions as you work. For those who have large gardens, those with CSA memberships or those who want to buy

bulk produce at farmer’s markets, these sessions are an opportunity to get a lot canned in one evening. Facility Kitchens has large preparation sinks and tables, eleven burners with 300,000btus and a machine jar sanitizer. Using a large, efficient, commercial rental kitchen can turn a big job into a fun and productive evening. Check out or to get the up-to-date featured production for each week throughout the summer canning season. Because workspaces are limited to six canners at a time, you may make your online reservations at www.canningdiva. com. When the thick of harvest starts in July and August and into September, Facility Kitchens hopes to add Monday evening personal canning sessions. For the Monday sessions, Leader of the Pack will be Laurie Brooks of Saranac and she will focus on basic canning recipes helping canners to put up summer’s harvest. As previously mentioned, personal canning at Facility Kitchens is for both new and veteran canners. Shortly after each canning session, tallies, tips, notes and photos will be posted on Facility Kitchens’ blog. Be sure to continue checking in throughout the summer to see what was canned, and is planned to be canned, and see how they are doing on production. Fa c i l i t y K i t c h e n s i s a l i c e n s e d , commercial, rental kitchen for food businesses to produce food products for sale. Get directions and information about the facility and see pictures on their website at www.FacilityKitchens. com or email See ad page 5. natural awakenings

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