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Understanding Subtle Energy by Joan E. Hofman


nderstanding an invisible source of information is difficult to grasp and follow if you do not have a basic understanding of what subtle energy entails. For years, Chinese medicine and the yoga practices have existed due to understanding that health and wellness can exist in miniscule proportions. So what’s the benefit of gaining awareness of energies that appear to be non-discernible to our eyes and senses? Let’s try using this analogy and see. Every day you get into your car, start the engine and drive away. What would happen if you noticed that your engine started making a high pitch sound? We could wait to see if it’s momentary or not. If the later, we would make an appointment to get the car engine checked out. Our bodies are like that, too. It can send out a signal to alert us to something unusual. But if subtle energy is invisible, how do we know what is going on? Let’s think of it this way. Imagine that your body is like a bank vault. There are paying customers who directly deposit their money into the bank. Then there are other customers who indirectly deposit their money via on-line banking. The bank records every transaction whether the deposit is directly or indirectly made. Both contribute to the bank’s vault storage. Our bodies can be looked at as a recording device. Every thought, emotion, action, and experience is stored somewhere in your body. Some are consciously remembered, most are not. If the bank can record every transaction made to keep track of the balances, so can our bodies. Our bodies can keep track of all the negatives that can hamper the flow in our body. When the body notices that the balance is operating too much in the negative, it starts out sending us a subtle reminder. Eventually

over time, these reminders accumulate and become symptoms. Fortunately for us, Eastern medicine has given us some tools and understanding of how this checks and balance system works. Chakras, meridians, and energy bodies are the common resources used to understand this. They are connected to specific organs and systems. Each of the organ and related systems has a direct line and indirect line of communication with each other. Multiply this by eleven or twelve different systems and we’ll have quite a bit of complexity to this picture. If there is a stored emotion or thought that is negative or not life-enhancing that has not been acknowledged and released, it can clog up the information pathways. Generally speaking, certain feelings and fears tend to reside in certain meridians, chakras and organs. If we have a basic understanding of what kinds of feelings and thoughts are stored, then it becomes possible to acknowledge what kind of feelings or memories we may have buried or dismissed. Our body knows us on a very intimate level, and understands how we operate. If we are open to this awareness, the body will start to deliver the kind of information we may need to heal because it knows the way the information was stored. There are many body-mind and energy modalities that are utilizing this subtle energy understanding. Take advantage of this and discover a whole new way of healing yourself! Joan E. Hofman, MA, LPC, LLC has a Masters in Counseling Psychology with additional training in substance abuse, art therapy, energy work, and sound therapy. Visit www. for more information. See ad page 21.

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