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Let Your Body’s Innate Intelligence Lead You



The Power of Dressing with Conscious Intention

VOLLEYING LIFE Gabby Reece on her Balancing Act

May 2014 | West Michigan Edition | natural awakenings

May 2014


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Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.

14 VOLLEYING LIFE Gabrielle Reece on Her Balancing Act by Christine MacDonald


The Short Answer by Nancy Getz



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Dressing with Conscious Intention

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by Gail Condrick

Listen to that Still, Small Voice and Let it Lead You by Linda Sechrist


Dangers Include Cancer, Strokes and Fatigue by Kathleen Barnes

26 TURN DOWN THAT INNER FURNACE Natural Alternatives for Menopausal Symptoms

WOMAN OF LIBERTY Finding Freedom from Everyday Baggage by Kimberly Gleason



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by Case Adams


West Michigan Edition



From Body Repair to Reversing the Blues


by Kelly S. Hassberger, ND

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e were delighted to see the many Earth Month events happening throughout West Michigan last month. We were right there, sharing in the encouraging enthusiasm for a brighter future based on ecology preservation, resource conservation and rising awareness of the urgent call to action. Now we are excited about this month’s Party for the Planet at John Ball Zoo on May 3 from 10am to 3pm and the March Against Monsanto on May 24 in downtown Grand Rapids. May naturally brings to mind appreciation for mothers everywhere. In addition to our heartfelt gratitude to our moms for their ceaseless love, Mother’s Day also affords an opportunity to thank other mothering souls that have graciously helped raise us up to become the people we are today. And although I have two amazing mothers in my life I find myself still riding high from all the Earth Day celebrations and asking myself, “What can we do this Mother’s Day to honor our Mother Earth?” For starters, we can all: • Learn more about local environmental issues. Good places to start are the West Michigan Environmental Action Council (, No GMO 4 Michigan (, Alliance for Environmental Sustainability (, Ban Michigan Fracking (, Pierce Cedar Creek Institute for Environmental Education ( and Circle Pines Center ( • Share a helpful article or discuss a topic with parents, children, friends or coworkers. • Identify an issue you are passionate about or that directly affects you, and find out who is already working on it; then join the conversation or organization. • Call elected state or federal representatives to make your opinion known. • Sign online petitions to make your opinion count (start with Heartfelt thanks go to our readers for all you do every day to make West Michigan a better place to live. As we each do one good eco-thing today and another on every tomorrow we are doing our part to ensure an equally livable and abundant environment for all creatures on Earth. Also thanks to you, Natural Awakenings, your go-to resource for natural health and sustainable living, continues to grow and expand. You’ll now find our magazines as far south as Kalamazoo. We look forward to meeting up with this new group of readers, so let us know how you like the magazine and if there are any places around Kalamazoo and cities north of it where you would like to pick up your monthly copy. Have a joyful spring—and remember to call your mother,

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Amy Hass Publisher

Natural Awakenings of West Michigan


natural awakenings


May 2014


newsbriefs Yoga & Aging Series

Ayurvedic Medicine with Sonam Targee


tay vibrantly healthy! Many of the disorders commonly associated with aging are not caused by the process of growing older. Rather they are due to culturally influenced behavior and lifestyle habits which accumulate stress over time. Understand the disease process of common ailments as well as the path to rejuvenation in this series of workshops facilitated by Sandy Parker, BS, CPT, and owner of On The Path Yoga. Join Parker in discussions about natural movement, body alignment, cellular renewal, mindfulness and learn how to maximize health without extreme dietary changes or excessive exercising. Workshop titles include Cardio to Capillaries: Nourishing Our Bodies and Easing Our Pain on May 3, Spinal Alignment and a Spacious Abdomen on May 10, and Living a Thoughtful Life: Cognition, Relaxation, and Letting Go on May 17. Each workshop is on a Saturday from 2-4pm and the cost per workshop is $25 or all three for $65. All workshops will be held at On The Path Yoga in Spring Lake. For more information visit or call 616-935-7028. See ad page 16.

Had “Normal” Thyroid Tests, Yet You Stil Don’t Feel Like Yourself ? Here’s some good news! Blood work to determine thyroid issues isn’t the only piece of the puzzle. There are other ways to assess how well the thyroid works & if it gets the nutrients it needs to do its job. That’s why people can have “normal” bloodwork but still have a subclinical thyroid imbalance. Thyroid symptoms are often due to an underlying cause, such as food intolerances, hormonal imbalances, vitamin or nutritional deficiency, chronic constipation or candidiasis, to name a few. Relief comes when we correct the actual cause and don’t just mask symptoms.

Gaslight Family Chiropractic 2249 Wealthy St SE, Ste 240, East Grand Rapids 616-458-2348

Dr. Lindsay Rademacher 4

West Michigan Edition

Sonam Targee


rom the Heart Yoga & Tai Chi Center presents Sonam Targee for a day of Ayurvedic Medicine on Saturday May 10th. He will be offering two workshops, “Preparing for Summer” from 11am-1pm, and he will share his knowledge from 2:30-4:30pm on “Women’s Health” from an Ayurvedic Medicine perspective. Targee has had a successful clinic in Ayurveda and herbal medicine, for 27 years. He has taught in Yoga Centers and hospitals around the country and he currently practices and lives in Rochester, NY. Targee was born in Tamil Nader, South India and has extensively studied Indian music, Indian medicine, and Indian spirituality. He has studied Ayurveda with Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Robert Svoboda, and Dr. Mahadevan. He holds a Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine, a practitioner’s certification in NeuroLinguistic Programming and a Bachelor’s degree in Ethno-musicology. For additional information contact From The Heart Yoga & Tai Chi Center, 714 Wealthy St in Grand Rapids. 616-3369642. See ad page 16.

Need a Lift?


aphne Keplinger-Myers, owner of Lakeshore Natural Skin Care in Holland/Zeeland recently completed training in Tri-Polar RF Skin-Tightening and Body-Sculpting Treatments. Tri-Polar RF technology provides safe, non-invasive, pain-free facelifting and body-sculpting methods with immediate results and without surgery or client down-time. It works by augmenting collagen regeneration and

accelerating fat metabolism, thus tightening and toning the skin and improving overall skin laxity on the face, neck, arms, thighs, buttocks and tummy. This type of lifting and tightening treatment was previously available only through a cosmetic surgeon’s office, but the technology now exists to provide it on a different level of care. A gentle alternative to surgery, it’s been clinically proven on all skin types to Daphne Keplinger-Myers regenerate collagen and accelerate fat metabolism. “We’re very excited to offer this service to our clients. The results are immediate, long lasting and without the risks associated with surgery. The Tri-Polar RF delivers heat to the deep and superficial layers of skin simultaneously without damage to the epidermis making it an ideal choice for both skin tightening and improving the appearance of cellulite. Our clients couldn’t be happier with the results,” states Keplinger-Myers. Check the calendar section for their May 17th Free Demo Event on Tri-Polar RF.

7-Day Recharge Cleanse


oin Grand Rapids Natural Health to learn more about their NEW 7-Day Recharge Cleanse, a shorter version of their “30 Days Back to Health” cleanse program! They will be welcoming Emily Stapleton from Orthomolecular to share how this 7-Day cleanse can rid your body of toxins, resulting in increased energy and weight loss. Chef Jen Foley of La Bonne Vie Personal Chef Service, LLC will also join in, providing recipes for participants and offering an additional benefit of cooking for you for the week (for an additional charge). You will also receive discounts at other local business that support your cleansing process, supplements to aid in cleansing (included in price), and one on one time with Dr. Kelly Hassberger, ND. The free info session is May 21st from 6:30-7:30pm. Invite is open to everyone. Show up, listen and make your decision at the end of the program. Please RSVP at www. Cost if you decide to participate is $150 per person. For more information contact Grand Rapids Natural Health, 5131 East Paris Ave SE in Kentwood. 616-264-6556. See ad page 6.

For more information, contact Lakeshore Natural Skin Care at 231-557-3619. LNSC is located at 10500 Chicago Drive, Holland Township/Zeeland MI.

Are you using antibiotics, steroids or anti-fungals to treat a respiratory infection? Still sick and feeling worse? We use a natural, laboratory and clinically proven antimicrobial that kills bacteria, fungus and virus without harming the patient.


20%OFF with coupon code RESP20

We get calls & orders from people who have tried all sorts of prescription medications that do NOT get rid of their respiratory infections. Time after time the infections clear up in a few days with Respiratory Relief. We shake our heads and wonder, “Why don’t they try this first?” Now you can.

For use in a nebulizer

Order online at or call 800-991-7088 natural awakenings

May 2014


5-Day Retreat Information Session


Harmony ‘n Health Colon Hydrotherapy

Mary A. DeLange C.C.T. C.M.T. 616-456-5033

Some Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy: ~ Remove Toxic Waste from ones body ~ Eradicate Constipation ~ Removes Stomach Bloat ~ Increase ones Energy

Therapeutic Massage also available

n May 28th at 7:00pm at 4990 Cascade Rd SE, Ste C, Grand Rapids, Debbie Mast and Brian Obrecht will discuss Rites of Passage and Vision Quest Ceremonies offered at a 5-Day Retreat schedule for August 14-18th in West MI. As we go through changes like milestone birthdays, deaths or job loss we often experience significant, and sometimes traumatic, internal shifts. A Vision Quest is a chance to seek guidance from Spirit and find new direction. Rites of Passage ceremonies help us mark these transitions and integrate what we have learned. We may need to step away from the concerns of daily life and immerse ourselves in the natural world to do this well. The introductory lecture is hosted by Marie. The retreat is designed for ages 18 and over. No previous experience is needed. For more information and to register for the evening call Marie at 616-856-4957 or visit

Come Row on the Beautiful Grand River


Experience Your

Sunrise-to-Sunset Full Potential


Coaching for Optimal Health and Performance on Managing Stress

Elle Ingalls May 31 Grand Rapids CEO and Founder 269-832-3573 6

West Michigan Edition

he Grand Rapids Rowing Association (GRRA), a local non-profit dedicated to promoting community wellness through rowing, offers teens and adults the opportunity to learn a great sport while taking in the natural beauty of the Grand River just north of town. There really is not anything quite like gliding up and down the river while spotting swans, herons, eagles and other wildlife. GRRA supports a high school team and offers Learn-to-Row classes all spring and summer for absolute beginners or those who need a refresher. Adult rowers who complete a Learn-to-Row class and join the club have the choice of getting more great, low-impact, aerobic workouts with the club’s recreational group or competitive team. Rowing is an excellent way to ease away the stress of the week and gain or maintain fitness. Few experiences can match watching the fog lift while preparing for an early morning row or taking in a gorgeous sunset while bringing the boats back to the dock in the evening. The club will be hosting a free learn-to-row day on May 29th. For more information about GRRA, the Free Learn-to-Row day and class registration visit

Vibrational Healing Workshop with Jason Kniola


he Yoga Studio, Grand Rapid’s home for classical hatha yoga since 1979, is thrilled to welcome Jason Kniola back to their community for an exceptional experience in sound on Saturday, May 31st from 1:00-3:00pm. Participants will recline back and hear healing rhythms and vibrations created with drums, gongs, singing bowls and voice toning. These sounds induce quiet Jason Kniola in the mind and relaxation in the body for a deep and effortless meditation experience. All are welcome. The cost is $25 with pre-registration on-line at www.gryoga. com or $30 at the door, space permitting. For more information contact them at or 616-776-0836. The Yoga Studio is located at 955 Cherry St. SE, Grand Rapids. Follow them on Facebook at theyogastudiogr.

Stress Free Seminars


lle Ingalls, Performance Coach announces new allday seminars that will take place starting May 31st in Grand Rapids, and then in other West Michigan cities throughout the summer: Sunrise to Sunset - Learning to Live Stress-Free. Participants

can arrive as early as sunrise and stay until sunset with sessions going from 8am-8pm. “I will be sharing my entire course that shows people how to stop stress at its source for improved health, relationships and performance. If you are looking for a lasting solution to stress, this seminar will provide you with answers and a proven method,” says Ingalls. To register, go to or call 269-8323573. See ad page 6.

Kryon Weekend Event


ive Kryon Channeling May 31st to June 1st at Crowne Plaza, 5700 East 28th Street SE in Grand Rapids. Saturday, May 31st - Up Close Seminar with Lee Carroll & Kryon from 12:00-5:30pm. Doors will open at 11:00am. Lee explains what Kryon has said about the nine attributes of the Human Being. These provocative topics have been developed from Lee’s latest book; The Recalibration of the Human Being. What is it Like to Channel? Many have asked for Lee to sit and talk personally about the process, and what happens and doesn’t happen. Sunday, June 1st- Practice Akashic Power Workshop with Lee, Kryon & Amber 12:00-5:30pm. Doors will open at 11:00am. Lee brings his humor and recent teachings of Kryon to answer this for Lightworkers: • Is it possible to be Human AND spiritually conscious? • How do we awaken and improve our innate ability to mine our Akash? • If we live a quantum life by accessing our Akash, how will our lives change? Dr. Amber Wolf brings quantum, Akashic living alive through interactive exercises, transformational meditations

(616) 301-3000 1801 Breton SE Grand Rapids (across the street from the Breton Village Mall)

Treatment of

back pain neck pain headaches stress


chiropractic massage therapy spinal rehab traction

Spa Services

massage therapy steam therapy ayurvedic bodywork reiki, meditation

natural awakenings

May 2014


buttermilk JAMBOREE

Circle Pines Center June 13 - 15, 2014 Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

Dar Williams Steppin In It

Anne Weiss Bill Grogan’s Goat Chase Potter Conklin Ceili Band Covert • DarlenYa Drew Nelson Dede & the Dreamers Edye Evans Hyde Elden Kelly • Fauxgrass Emma’s Revolution Chuy Negrete K. Jones & Benzie Playboys Lindsay Lou & Flatbellys Luke Winslow King Madcat Midnight Blues Journey Magdalen Fossum The Mainstays Rachael Davis Ralston Bowles Reverend Robert Jones Rick Chyme Rootstand • Sairuhnade SUN Ensemble Tony LaJoye •Tree City

and practical tools for today’s challenging world. Seating is limited so register today to guarantee seating. Pricing is as follows: Saturday only: $99, Sunday only is $95 or attend both days for only $179. Lodging: Ask for special Kryon Rate: $99. Call 616-957-1770 for reservations. Discounted rate expires May 16th. Questions: Contact Bob Huttinga at or call 989352-6500.

New Muskegon Area EcoTrek Series Leader


coTrek Fitness, the locally-owned West Michigan company offering unique group outdoor workouts, is thrilled to welcome Becky Biesiada as the newest addition to the leadership team at EcoTrek Fitness: Muskegon Area Series Leader. Biesiada joins several energetic leadership professionals of EcoTrek: Becky Biesiada Kylie Schultz leads the Kalamazoo Series, Hanna Jones leads sessions in the Coopersville & Allendale areas, and Brenda Rogers leads the series in Lansing. Kym Matthews leads sessions all over Grand Rapids, Jenison and Hudsonville, Amy Miller leads sessions in the Holland and Saugatuck area, while Katie Tomczyk leads private customized sessions in the Traverse City area. The original special/corporate sessions in the Lead FunMaster Series (like FULL MOON ADVENTURE sessions) take place with owner & founder Cari Draft all over Michigan. All schedules, costs and location information, as well as easy online sign-up, can be found on the website www.

First Birth Center in GR


ocal Home-Birth Midwife, Sara Badger, and Crowning Lotus Doula, Juliea Paige, have come together to open Cedar Tree Birth & Wellness – the first birth center in Grand Rapids history! Beginning in June, the historical house at 915 Cherry St in the popular East Hills district will be host to new life, both figuratively and literally. The birth center will accommodate 2-4 births per month in a posh “home away from home” suite, which has a bedroom, kitchen, living room and bath as well as a third floor room that has been added for the midwives and/or doulas to give the mother an added sense of privacy when needed. Cedar Tree’s Community Wellness Center, located on the bottom floor of the house, has been open since January 2014 and has become a rich resource of classes, events and support groups as well as serving as a space for entrepreneurs and members of the community to utilize. For more information, please check out Cedar Tree’s website at or call 616-633-5787. See ad page 10.


West Michigan Edition


Merciér Pelvic Massage Boosts Women’s Fertility


new, noninvasive infertility treatment has met with highly favorable results. In a recent study published in the journal Midwifery Today, 40 of 48 women between ages 28 and 42 that underwent two or more sessions of Merciér Therapy achieved pregnancy within the first year; 32 of those used the method alone (no other artificial fertilization/insemination techniques). The four-year study was presented at the 2013 World Congress of Low Back and Pelvic Pain. The Merciér Method was developed by Jennifer Merciér, a midwife and holistic women’s health practitioner. The regimen includes six hours of pelvic organ massage manipulation, along with a supplement program and continuous monitoring. She explains, “Our protocol is a gentle and noninvasive visceral manipulation of the female reproductive organs that helps to increase general organ mobility and blood flow, which enhances optimal function.” A documentary on the protocol, Fertility: The Shared Journey with Merciér Therapy, premieres this month (

Antioxidants for Women’s Health


he number one factor behind disease a c c o r d i n g t o t h e Wo r l d H e a l t h Organization is unhealthy diet. By cooking at home we can control the quality and nutrient density of our diets. The best solution for preventing disease is to simply eat a healthier diet on a daily basis. A key area to focus on is antioxidants. Eating the right foods can reverse years of free radical damage. The body takes nutrients from the diet – Vitamins A, C, E and minerals selenium and germanium for example, and uses them with enzymes to fight free radicals. The antioxidants protect our cell membranes, our chromosomes and even the energy source of the cell, the mitochondria. Patients with oxidative conditions such as macular degeneration and cancer often have simple nutrient deficiencies such as a low level of zinc, so they may be unable to make the needed repairs from DNA damage, radiation and tissue damage, and may not have the nutrient support to boost the immune system. Lab testing for antioxidant levels can be provided through a nutrition office. It’s likely that a diet rich in antioxidants can improve health. A few of the standout foods for antioxidants are garlic, squash, green tea, grape seeds, green leafy vegetables, berries, culinary herbs and tomatoes. By adding some of these antioxidant foods to a diet rich in healthy natural foods, you may notice that you feel better. Pamela Zinn, MS, is a clinical nutritionist at Holistic Nutrition Center in Holland MI. 616-355-5333. See ad page 12.

Try to learn something about everything and everything about something. ~Thomas Huxley An Inner-Faith Worship and Spiritual Enrichment Center

Sunday Worship: 10:30am Wednesday Discussion & Meditation: 6:30pm Pastor Sherry Petro-Surdel 3493 Blue Star Highway Saugatuck, MI. 49453 269-455-5329

natural awakenings

May 2014


Mammograms Carry Cancer Risk

Early Detection Saves Lives T Thermography

The addition of Thermography to the front line of breast health brings a great deal of good news for women.

Painless ~ No Compression ~ No Radiation

Call to Set up Your Appointment 3368 Beltline Ct NE, Grand Rapids 616-361-9221

Ignoring Your Back Pain Won’t Make it Go Away

FREE Exam & 30 Minute Massage for New Patients

here is growing evidence that mammograms, which are the primary screening tool for breast cancer, may cause it. Scientists have long known that radiation causes cancer, and now research published in the British Journal of Radiobiology reports that the so-called “low-energy X-rays” used in mammography are four to six times more likely to cause breast cancer than conventional high-energy X-rays because the low-energy variety causes more mutational damage to cells. Mammograms led to a 30 percent rate of over-diagnosis and overtreatment, according to a study published in the Cochrane Review. Researchers wrote in the study, “This means that for every 2,000 women invited for screening throughout 10 years, one will have her life prolonged and 10 healthy women, who would not have been diagnosed if there had not been screening, will be treated unnecessarily. Furthermore, more than 200 women will experience important psychological distress for many months because of false positive findings.” Many women and functional medicine doctors are now choosing non-invasive and radiation-free annual thermograms as a safer alternative. Those at high risk for breast cancer may choose to do periodic MRI screenings, a recommendation supported by research at Britain’s University Hospitals Birmingham.

Another Plus for Natural Birth


team of researchers at the Yale School of Medicine, in New Haven, Connecticut, has found that vaginal birth triggers the expression of a protein, UCP2 (mitochondrial uncoupling protein 2), in the brains of newborns that improves brain development and function in adulthood. It influences neurons and circuits in the hippocampus, the area responsible for memory. The protein is also involved in the cellular metabolism of fat, a key component of breast milk, suggesting that induction of UCP2 by natural birth may aid the transition to breastfeeding. The researchers also found that this protein expression is impaired in the brains of babies delivered by Caesarean section. These results suggest, “The increasing prevalence of C-sections, driven by convenience rather than medical necessity, may have a previously unsuspected lasting effect on brain development and function in humans,” observes Tamas Horvath, chair of Yale’s Department of Comparative Medicine.

expires 5/29/14 ___________________________

Informed ~ Supported ~ EMPOWERED! Crowning Lotus is helping women reclaim their bodies and their births as SACRED. Birth & Postpartum Doulas, Sacred Pregnancy, Henna Ministry Services, Reiki, Workshops/Events/Support Groups Co-founder of Grand Rapids FIRST Community and Birth Center ~ Cedar Tree Birth & Wellness

Call Dr. Doug to Schedule Your Consultation

915 Cherry St. SE, Grand Rapids


616-633-5787 •

3138 Broadmoor Ave 10

West Michigan Edition •


be strong

News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier, stronger society that benefits all.


Cycling Gains Ground at Colleges and in Cities May is National Bike Month, and more universities continue to commit to bicycling as a sustainable, healthy and environmentally conscious transportation choice. Recently, Harvard University joined Princeton and Yale as an official Bicycle-Friendly University (BFU), and the League of American Bicyclists designated 14 new BFU members, expanding the program to 58 colleges in 30 states across the U.S. with more to come. When New York City opened registration for a public bike-sharing program, Citi Bike, more than 5,000 people signed up within 30 hours. Similar demand for more cycling options is happening across the nation where shared bicycle programs are taking root (see The popular Washington, D.C., Capital Bikeshare program began operating in September 2010, and is now the nation’s largest, with 200 locking docks able to accommodate more than 1,800 bright-red bicycles. As in many programs, people can sign up for a short-term stint or an annual membership using either a credit card online or at a station kiosk. Then they can unlock a bicycle and return it to any station within the system. All rides under 30 minutes are free, after which escalating fees kick in, encouraging people to make short trips and to keep more bikes available for other riders.

1/2 Off Special Only $15 for an Introductory Class Sign Up Today!! Amy Oostveen

616.723.7350 ~ 5366 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI. 49525

For more information, visit

Solar Surge

Global Rise in Sun-Generated Power Last year, the U.S. joined Germany, Italy, China and Japan in producing more than 10 gigawatts of solar production nationwide. Now, other countries have awakened to the opportunity and are on their way to catching up. The popular Scandinavian retailer IKEA has sold $10,000 solar panels in 17 British outlets. Peru recently started a National Photovoltaic Household Electrification Program to connect 2 million of its poorest residents with solar power. In the first phase, 1,601 solar panels were installed to power 126 impoverished communities. The plan is to install about 12,500 photovoltaic systems for 500,000 households at an overall cost of $200 million. Earth Hour India is helping citizens to switch to solar energy in villages that previously had no electricity. Woodlands stores, in partnership with World Wildlife Foundation-India, has launched a collection drive across the country, inspiring individuals to donate to help light up more than 100 households in three villages in Madhya Pradesh with solar power. The residents had traditionally depended on forest resources for their energy needs. natural awakenings

May 2014


Look Good & Be Healthy

This Mother’s Day Show Your Mom You Care For Her & The Environment By Giving Her Something from Sérendipité Organiques! Sérendipité Offers Makeup, Body Care & Cleaning Products That Are: ~ Organic ~ ~ Cruelty Free ~ ~ Non-GMO ~ ~ Vegan ~ ~ Earth Friendly ~ _______________________ 959 Lake Dr. SE, Suite 2, GR 49506 Second Floor of the Blackport Bldg

Sinking Reptiles

World Turtle Day Sounds Alarm Since 2000, people around the globe have celebrated World Turtle Day, held this year on May 23, to increase respect for and knowledge of the world’s oldest creatures. Susan Tellem, co-founder with Marshall Thompson of American Turtle Rescue (ATR), states, “These gentle animals have been around for about 200 million years, yet they are rapidly disappearing as a result of the exotic food industry, habitat destruction and the cruel pet trade.” They believe that turtles may be extinct within 50 years and suggest ways to increase their chances for survival for future generations: n Never buy a turtle or tortoise from a pet shop; it increases demand from the wild. n Never remove turtles or tortoises from the wild unless they are sick or injured. n If a tortoise is crossing a street, pick it up and gently place it on the other side

in the same direction it was headed. n Write legislators about keeping sensitive habitats preserved. n Report cruelty or illegal sales to a local animal control shelter. n Report the sale of any turtle or tortoise less than four inches long, which is

illegal throughout the U.S. For more information, visit or

616.419.8115 Wed & Fri 10-5, Thurs 10-7, Sat 10-3

Greenwashing Watchdog

Dr. Bronner Clears Out Imposters

The nonprofit manufacturer of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps (, known in the U.S. for more than 50 years for its devotion to purity and information-crammed product labels, has taken to filing lawsuits against companies that don’t live up to health claims or that employ deceptive

Change Your Diet Change Your Life The family diet is the key to health

"I lost weight, made changes at home, learned how to cook and feel great! Thanks for all the help & encouragement, you've changed our lives!” -- KM Side Effects May Include: - Weight Loss - More Energy - Lower Blood Pressure - The List Goes On & On

West Michigan Edition


Information Overload

Organic Food Labeling Causes Confusion

Pamela Zinn M.S., Clinical Nutritionist 90 West 8th St, Holland, MI. 49423 616.355.5333 12

greenwashing tactics. One primary focus is the cosmetics industry’s use of so-called “organic” ingredients. Company president David Bronner reports, “About 80 percent of these companies simply dropped their claims; the others reformulated.” He also lobbies for labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in Washington State.

A recent Harris Poll of 2,276 U.S. adults showed that concern for the environment is growing, but Americans may not be ready to spend more for organic food. More than half think that labeling food or other products as organic is just an excuse to charge more. Yet more than half of respondents also believe that organic foods are healthier than non-organic. At the same time, only 23 percent know what the term “dirty dozen” means in regard to organic food; it’s the Environmental Working Group’s annual list of foods consumers should always buy in organic form due to high pesticide levels in conventional farming.


Elevate Your Well-Being & Resonate within Your Space

Best Weddings

Small, Simple, Sustainable Every couple wants their wedding to reflect their values. Concern for the environment prompts planning that supports eco-friendly local businesses and avoids generating the considerable waste and carbon footprints of traditional events. Veteran green wedding planner and environmentalist Kate Harrison, author of The Green Bride Guide, who blogs at, assists couples through the process. “I advise couples to look at simple substitutions in line with their style and budget,” says Harrison. “Every choice adds up.” By invitation only. Digital invitations cost just pennies apiece; options like offer the appearance of a paper invitation, arriving in an envelope that “opens” on the screen. Also consider elegant renditions of more conventional invitations made of recycled, upcycled or organic papers. For the invite that keeps on growing, try seed-studded paper creations that guests can plant in their backyards. Where the guests are. Selecting a location central to most of the guests minimizes the celebration’s carbon footprint, reduces travel expenses and maximizes attendance. “Consider picking a venue with natural beauty already present, such as a beautiful garden or ballroom,” advises Harrison. “You’ll cut down on the amount and cost of décor you’re buying just for the wedding.” Let them eat cake. Food and flowers are among the most costly components of a wedding, yet sustainable options can be just a worthy fraction more. A cake made with organic flour, a natural sweetener and local cage-free eggs, for example, can cost just $5 more. The key is finding a vendor willing to work with the couple’s values, says Harrison. Simple gifts. Americans spend an estimated $20 billion annually on wedding gifts, a high-impact opportunity to support local green economies. Harrison recommends establishing registries for experiences, charities and products (select sustainable options like recycled glass dishes or organic linens). Consider a local, seasonable wedding favor that guests can eat or reuse, such as maple syrup for a fall wedding in Vermont. Generally, keep all elements small, simple and local—and your own—for an occasion that truly cherishes both loved ones and our planet.

Complete Interior Design Services that align your physical space with the personal expression of who you are. ~ Feng Shui ~ Green Design ~ Holistic Design ~ Repurposing of your existing treasures

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Circle Pines Center Summer Camp Serving locally-sourced, organic foods while teaching peace, social justice, environmental stewardship and cooperation as a way of life. For More Information: Contact: 269.623.5555 or

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May 2014



Volleying Life Gabrielle Reece on Her Balancing Act by Christine MacDonald


abrielle Reece has been called one of the world’s most influential women in sports and one of its most beautiful athletes. In her 20s, she built a career as both a fiercely competitive pro volleyball player and a fashion model. Since then, she’s written books and become an expert on women’s peak fitness and overall well-being, all while raising three daughters with her husband, Hawaiian surfer Laird Hamilton. Plus, she volunteers for environmental organizations such as the National Resources Defense Council and RainCatcher, a nonprofit bringing safe drinking water to people in need.


West Michigan Edition

take your kids and you’ll take theirs. I think that is an underutilized tool. I always encourage women to approach life with a strategy and use each other to help navigate it, because that makes it a little easier.

How do you find time for and balance all the roles you play in life—athlete, spouse, parent, businesswoman and volunteer?

Which role is most important to you and where does selfcare fit in?

Juggling life is hard for everyone. Living day-to-day, taking care of kids and paying bills is a challenge. There are ways to make it all more manageable, but for me, there is a level of discomfort, challenge and difficulty, as well as moments of joy. I think women are sometimes thrown off-balance by some difficulty, instead of saying, “OK, how am I going to strategize and make it all work for me and my family?” We don’t give enough credit to having great girlfriends. I don’t mean people you go to lunch with—I mean real allies. People that give you good advice and are strong for you, that will

At this time in my life, being a mother is the most important. When my girls are older and more independent, then their demands on my time will lessen. But I don’t think I’d ever blindly put one role over the other, because they are all connected. I just approach them with different parts of my personality. My work is intellectual, while being a mom is instinctual. Being in a relationship is a whole other ball of wax that I approach with the same diligence. Taking care of myself is at the center because I wouldn’t be able to do anything successfully if I am not well myself.

With your busy schedule, how do you find time to work out and stay in shape? I think it’s been about momentum. I had the good fortune of training and eating well since I went off to play volleyball in college. That sort of steam made it easier as I added work, a partner and children. I think it’s more difficult for women that don’t have that experience. When they enter “the real world” and add a big career or long hours, a partner or family, it becomes difficult to establish that grounding in healthy practices. You have to create the environment in which you are going to succeed. That takes years. At some point, you have to be honest with yourself. For me, I know I won’t get exercise or anything else done if I stay home. There are some things I can go to a gym to do that I can also do at home but know I won’t, so it’s about creating an environment that activates good intentions.

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How do you choose to expend your volunteer efforts? Laird and I are usually quick to be on board with anything that involves the environment and people. These causes are near and dear to everybody, but make special sense for us, given the amount of time we have lived and worked outside.

As a mother, do you feel a special concern for being a good environmental steward? I felt this way even before I had children because I had the luxury of playing beach volleyball. I grew up in the Caribbean and have always tried to be a benefactor of the beautiful outdoors. It adds another layer of motivation when you start thinking about your kids and the opportunities they will or will not have in their future. In Hawaii, the Polynesians traditionally didn’t believe in ownership, but in being stewards of an area. That’s how I feel about the place where we live now. The ultimate for me would be to leave it better than I found it. Christine MacDonald is a freelance journalist in Washington, D.C., whose specialties include health and science. Visit

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May 2014


Masters of

a g o Y tes and i iP la i Ch Ta


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200 Hr. Teacher Training Begins September 2014 Join Melanie McQuown, ERYT200/RYT500 on this journey.


with a

view Practice Yoga Overlooking Versluis Lake

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Reiki - The Short Answer by Nancy Getz


$30 for 30 days unlimited yoga for new students only (some restrictions apply)

208 W 18th Street Holland, MI 49424 616-392-7580

am often asked what reiki is and what it can do. Well, the short answer is, every living thing, from plants, trees, animals, fish, to us humans is made up of energy. We use it, we manufacture it, we store it up for future use, and we can’t live without it. When we’re hungry, we eat a healthy meal to manufacture it. When we’re tired, we sleep to store it up. When we have to garden or walk across the street or otherwise move our bodies, we use it. The problem is we also eat not-so-healthy foods out of boredom, frustration or depression. This in turn disturbs our sleep patterns and we don’t get the quality rest we need. The stress of everyday life only compounds the situation and before you know it, we are run down and our energy level is out of whack. You may know this imbalance by other names: colds, digestive disorders, headaches or stomach aches, to name just a few. When stress and energy imbalance become chronic, the effectiveness of our immune system is lowered and this can lead to more serious diseases. Enter reiki, a Japanese word meaning ‘universal life force energy’. A reiki treatment helps to balance the energy in our body, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, promote relaxation, helps to get rid of negative emotional issues and promotes clearer thinking in all areas of our lives. When we can think more clearly we are better able to make healthier decisions in our lives. It is also the perfect complement to any healing regimen your doctor may prescribe. A treatment lasts about an hour and is performed on a massage table. Unlike a massage, you remain fully clothed and no tissue is manipulated. The practitioner lays their hands on or slightly above the energy centers (chakras) of the body, leaving you calm, peaceful and relaxed. Let reiki help restore you to the energy-filled creation you were meant to be. Nancy Getz is a Reiki Master Practitioner out of Bodhi Tree Yoga and Wellness Center208 W. 18th St in Holland, Michigan. 616-392-7580. See ad page 17. natural awakenings

May 2014



clothing design can align perfectly with the colors, shapes, substances and energies of feng shui’s five elements. Because feng shui connects divine energy to physical form, I realized I could dress my client’s spirits, as well as their surfaces.” Fashion Feng Shui, Maggiore’s international corporate legacy, maintains that combining intention and the five elements with awareness of our personal style attracts what we desire. Holistic image and lifestyle consultant and lead trainer Andréa Dupont, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, states that the first step is discovering our “essence”, or primary element. “You can’t dress yourself until you know yourself. I ask clients, ‘If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?’ Once we establish an individual’s inner strengths and core element, the results can be life changing.”   

Green Choices


Dressing with Conscious Intention by Gail Condrick


aking up on the morning of a big presentation to secure city funding for a new park, you’re confident that you’ve done your homework: You’ve prepared handouts, memorized key points of an environmental impact study and lined up community supporters. Opening the closet presents a different kind of challenge: What’s the most effective way to dress?

Dressing Our Essence

Wardrobe consultants that apply the principles of feng shui to clothing believe the jacket we choose to wear carries as much impact as our words. Clothing pieces and accessories selected with conscious awareness and intention can bring us into harmony and balance, energize our life and transmit subconscious messages about our values. Feng shui clothing stylists believe the five elements of nature—wood, fire, earth, metal and water—connect in an unending cycle of harmony that keeps the world in balance. Following an authentic and harmonious lifestyle connects us with this cycle and the environment in a more natural balance of human motion and planetary sustainability. As pioneering stylist Evana Maggiore observed in Fashion Feng Shui: The Power of Dressing with Intention, “I came to the conclusion that clothing is your body’s most intimate environment and energetically influences your life in the same way that your home and business décors do. Body coloring and shape, style, personality, lifestyle, goals and 18

West Michigan Edition

For Denise Medved, of Hendersonville, North Carolina, owner of Feng Shui Style, wardrobe consciousness shows respect for our individuality and the environment. “When I choose to dress in natural fibers such as cottons, leathers, silks or wools, or their vegan complements in manmade fibers, it represents the life force of plants and animals and builds qi, or energy,” says Medved. She suggests assembling an outfit embracing three of the five elements. “A water/wood/fire triad might be black, woven, silk trousers; an organic, cotton, floral print shirt; and a red, recycled wool jacket. Personalizing this with the surprise of grandmother’s yellow stone pin on the lapel adds creative flair and earth and metal elements.” Nature’s jewelry energizes and circulates qi.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Practicing the three basic tenets of sustainability together with principles of feng shui keeps our wardrobe and closet resonating with life. Consultants agree that a wardrobe representing the five elements allows endless possibilities of creative combinations and reduces the need for having to keep up with new fashion trends. Shopping for such treasures at consignment and thrift stores, plus estate sales, allows us to reuse and repurpose clothing, energizing our budgets, closets and attitudes. Recycling items that pack closets and no longer suit our needs frees space and energy to create a wardrobe that is authentically ours. The Practical Encyclopedia of Feng Shui, by Gill Hale, also contains helpful advice for bringing out an intended inner message and making a statement. The color green conveys the wood element, or individuals that are public spirited and energetic. Red suggests fire, the color of inspiring leaders. Supportive and loyal earth personalities gravitate to khaki, while resolute, metal people may select grey. Natural communicators that view life holistically will be reflected in the water element of black. A feng shui philosophy provides guidelines for living in harmony with the natural world and in conscious awareness of life. Each choice expresses a stylistic living intention that will be noticed by the world. Gail Condrick is an archetypal consultant and Nia Technique faculty member. Connect at

Joan Hofman, MA, LPC Community

Spotlight by Amanda Merritt

It’s possible to find happiness. It’s possible to find peace. It’s even possible to find quietness,” said Joan Hofman, MA. Though many of us do not have a strong day-to-day desire for quietness, the reality is that we would quite likely not know how to find it if we wanted to. With Energy Psychology, Hofman is able to utilize psychology alongside various other modalities including, but not limited to the meridian system, tapping, aromatherapy and chakras. Though the field has been around for about 15 years now, many find the scientific aspect of the concept difficult to grasp because of the invisibility of energy. However, Energy Psychology has a strong capability of helping people experience a necessary and desired rapid relief from trauma, stress, limiting beliefs and more. This growing field acknowledges that the body has been with you from day one, and therefore every emotion, thought, experience, etc is stored inside of you, a concept similar to that of a computer hard drive. The idea then, is that if your body knows how this negative energy got there, it also holds the potential to tell you how to get it out. Though most people are less than comfortable with everything that is inside of their bodies, becoming comfortable and trusting that the feelings in their bodies will take them to the place they need to be is the first step in the rapid relief that Energy Psychology promotes. It is not uncommon to react to intense emotions with emotional response patterns that may include experiences such as frustration, stress, anger, irritability, anxiety, etc. These patterns force people to “react”, meaning to express their feelings outward, in these cases, in negative ways. Quite often these negative reactions become a part of who those people are, holding them back in many aspects of life. However, if people are able to learn how to look inward and allow the body to teach them to feel safe with that emotion, they can learn to work with and ignore the triggers that set off those negative reactions. Hofman admitted, “Your problems may not necessarily be all yours,” implying that a part of this looking inward involves learning how to separate themselves from other people, emotions, belief systems, communities, etc that may not be healthy for these people to closely identify with. For most people then, the outcome is being able to sit through an emotion without having to react to it. They recognize patterns and learn how to stop the reaction before it actually happens. They are able to change thoughts and feelings and essentially have a conversation with the negative emotion, opening up options where they used to feel stuck. Hofman expressed her excitement for helping people through breakthroughs safely in a loving and kind way, allowing them to live a more freeing, positive life. She noted that this process is

different for every person; hence the use of time and modality is personalized to each client. Hofman explained a bit of this personalization when she said, “I change my conversation style to match theirs so they don’t get confused by what I’m suggesting for them to do.” In general, she does seek to do two things with each client; to get them to feel safe in their bodies and to find out what their communication styles are. Upon doing so, she is able to help them find their processing strength and take in new information about themselves. The advantage of taking this approach is that it is not Hofman that is telling her clients how to solve their reactions to negative emotions; it is the very bodies of the clients that are telling them. Hofman’s Energy Psychology practice is open to individuals and couples of all kinds. She typically begins by meeting clients on a weekly basis before moving to an every other week basis, a once a month basis, and then every six weeks before her clients simply return occasionally for what she calls “tune ups”. Fortunately, this process generally takes two to three fewer sessions than traditional therapy. In addition to her one-on-one services, she also offers about six classes/meetings throughout the month in many different styles. Be it a round table discussion or a typical classroom setting, all classes are held at 660 Cascade West Parkway SE, Suite 245. So if you are feeling stuck even after traditional therapy, and you are ready to live with less stress, limitation and fear, then Hofman may very well be the one to help you reach your breakthrough, assuring that, “It’s safe to explore your ‘stuff,’” and that Energy Psychology has the potential to work wonders in your life and free you of the negative emotions that hold you down. To schedule an appointment or for more information on Joan Hofman, MA, LPC, call 616-974-5594 or visit See ad, page 22. Amanda Merritt is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings Magazine. You can contact her at mandi. natural awakenings

May 2014


pushed Teague to take a leap of faith—close her psychotherapy practice and enroll in a filmmaking class. Teague recognizes that a deeper wisdom activated her response. She observes, “The individuals I was counseling about their restless desire for something better mirrored my own discontent, and my restlessness was an emotional response to what was emerging. “Today, I no longer concern myself with making the right decision. I trust that whatever the circumstances are, I need to listen, observe and reflect, because ‘now’ contains information for my next step,” she advises. Amanda Owen, counselor, coach and author of Born to Receive: 7 Powerful Steps Women Can Take Today to Reclaim Their Half of the Universe, has studied the state of receptivity that Teague references. Owen explains, “Receiving is a dynamic and productive state. When the body is relaxed and the mind and nervous system are calm, we become receptive and can feel and intuit subtle information contained in the energy received from external and internal environments.

Trust Your Intuition Listen to that Still, Small Voice and Let it Lead You by Linda Sechrist

What if you could consistently tap into answers to life’s problems when you need them, knowing deep down that you are on the right track and that the decisions and choices you are making are the correct ones?


ur body is a wellspring of priceless wisdom. Yet heeding our innate voice seems constantly tested as society distracts us with the busy acquisition of external knowledge and rewards more visible work. Those used to focusing outwardly over-stimulate their five senses and so tend to disconnect from their body’s deep innate intelligence—our sixth sense, also known as intuition. The resulting joylessness, discontent, isolation, depression and illness have sent millions in search of a real solution that discerning experts believe already exists within. Our ultimate guide to the fountain of personal health and happiness, they believe, could well be our own intuition.

Changing Directions

For years, Katie Teague, producer of the documentary film, Money & Life, lived with the consequence of sublimating her intuitive impulse. “I felt a restless itch in my soul,” relates Teague, who intuited that life was prompting her to change careers so she could use her talents in a more meaningful way. The vision of her 94-year-old self lying on her deathbed and faced with the question, “What are you not saying yes to?” 20

West Michigan Edition

“Our parasympathetic nervous system is engaged when we’re in this listening state. In contrast, rushing through the day engages our ‘fight-or-flight’ sympathetic nervous system. Busyness and mind chatter drowns out the valuable information that intuition provides,” Owen notes. An intuitive energy therapist, Marilyn Eppolite strongly relies on intuitive guidance in her southern New Jersey practice, believing it emanates from her body’s intelligence. “I listen and it’s always present,” she says. Eppolite shares an example of a time she received a clear image and perceived the bodily sensations of a grieving small child from a female client that a psychotherapist had referred. “When I described what I was sensing, her tears flowed and she also connected to the feeling,” she says. “It provided the needed breakthrough she needed to access her feelings and move forward in therapy.” Eppolite is keenly aware when roadblocks—busyness, willfulness and a fearful, restless mind—create interference. “These feed each other and can rarely be separated. I can’t hear or feel my intuition when my energy and attention are willfully directed outward,” she observes. Abandoning the drive for personal control and surrendering to stillness is how Eppolite signals her body’s intelligence that she’s ready for whispers of guidance. “I sense that surrender as strength and trust that the information received is for my greatest good, even if I don’t fully understand it,” she remarks. “Discernment is necessary because deep wisdom frequently comes in segments that I must piece together and put into action before more of it bubbles up from within.” The teachings of Yogeshwari Kamini Desai, Ph.D., combine Western psychology and Eastern philosophy. As the director of education and lead teacher of the Amrit

Method of Yoga, at the facility in Silver Springs, Florida, lows us to love fully. She finds, “It brings healing, wisdom Desai instructs on listening to the voice of intuition identiand freedom.” fied as prana in yogic tradition, which she characterizes as She relates how she is led to direct a client’s attention “the energy that enlivens and carries out all balancing and to their own body’s intuition, which works best when she life-giving processes in nature. is following her instincts, rather than thinking. “After one “It speaks through the body as sensations, impulses session, my client, who had been silently experiencing and urges,” she says. “This ‘inner divining rod’ informs numerous feelings in her stomach, asked me why I had us what feelings, thoughts and actions are moving us into touched her abdomen. I was just intuitively led to that part alignment with our source and what is moving us out of of her body.” alignment.” Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, also a Quieting the mind and strengthenPh.D., medical intuitive and co-author ing the directives of prana through mediof All is Well, notes that everyone has a tation, yoga and being in nature moves connection to intuition. “We get a gut us away from what we tell ourselves feeling and sadness in our heart from and back to directly responding to its our inner intelligence that we don’t promptings. “Absorbed in the present know what to do with. While some moment and bodily sensations, we conindividuals consult a practitioner, nect with inner guidance,” explains Deothers listen to their body’s intuitive sai. “With practice, our mind becomes a language and reflect on their insights servant to inner intelligence. It can both and dreams—the language of soul,” direct our lives and make us sensitive to says Schulz. “Intuition can speak softly early symptoms suggesting oncoming through symptoms,” she observes. illness,” she adds. “Eventually, when disregarded, it can “There is growing interest in become a full-blown illness.” energy medicine and developing Biochemist and author of Secrets a deeper connection to the body’s of Our Cells: Discovering Your Body’s intelligence through yoga and energy Inner Intelligence, Sondra Barrett, practices like qigong and tai chi Ph.D., is awed by the body’s cellular because people are tired of taking intelligence. “Our cells are invismedications that don’t heal the root ible, so we don’t think of ourselves as cause of health problems,” comcellular beings. However, a deeper Fearlessly following ments Dr. Sue Morter, founder of understanding of our constitution and Morter Health Center, near Indianapthat our cells speak to each other and our intuition frees us to olis, Indiana, and the healing phecollaborate harmoniously could inspire fully live an authentic nomenon she terms Energy Codes. us to befriend our body’s intelligence A regular practice of any one of for life,” she says. “We might shift from and satisfying life. these disciplines expands sensory wanting to fix an ache or pain to underfunction to encompass internal recogstanding that our cells are warning us nition and referencing of subtle information. of something.” Morter teaches how to awaken gut feelings, personal Sonia Choquette, a global consultant who recommends power and self-love to restore wholeness left behind in purwe rely on our sixth sense as our first sense, has authored suit of external sources of happiness. “Participants learn to several books on intuition. She finds, “With intuition, we trust their gut more than the opinions of others, which turns have a personal compass and an ally in discerning what is up the volume on the whispers of intuition,” she explains. authentic and true for us so that we won’t be tugged and After Pat Hall, a therapeutic bodyworker in Augusta, pulled in different directions when we make decisions.” Georgia, read Jill Bolte Taylor’s My Stroke of Insight, she was Laurie McCammon, co-author of Enough: The Rise of certain a habit of listening to mental chatter interfered with the Feminine and the Birth of the New Story, was relaxing feeling and interpreting her body’s helpful promptings. “Jill’s and reflecting with two friends when intuition graced her experience of her body as energy and her mind as silent with a message of information-laden energy: “I am enough. when the left lobe of her brain shut down due to a stroke was We are enough. I have enough. We have enough. Enough!” my ‘Aha!’ moment,” says Hall. For her, heeding inner guidThe experience inspired them to collaborate on an e-book ance took practice and a commitment to dismantling reactive celebrating the grassroots groundswell toward a major shift thought patterns and habits, plus discerning between intuin the world. “I believe intuition is an aspect of The Grand ition and distracting chatter. Plan, which always moves us toward greater expansion, “Mind chatter generally creates fear, negativity and inclusion and an ever more mature and loving response to pressure to do something,” she explains. “Intuitive guidlife,” says McCammon. ance is gentle, expansive and undemanding.” Hall believes Ute Arnold, founder, director and teacher of the Unergi in the Buddhist concept that mindfulness of the body alSchool of Body-Psychotherapy, in Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania, natural awakenings

May 2014


Learning to trust our gut more than the opinions of others turns up the volume on whispers of intuition. Awakening to our gut feelings, personal power and self-love restores the wholeness left behind in pursuit of external sources of happiness. describes several physical signatures of body intelligence that can foster improved self-care. “You feel more expansive, available and receptive—with a sense of a longer spine, a wider and deeper body and feet rooted in the Earth’s powerful energy,” explains the author of Touchback: A Self-Healing Journey with Body, Art and Nature, who also has a master’s degree in fine arts. “Expanded into a condition of soft relaxation, your mind stops talking; you enter a mind-body state of energetic receptive listening, where emotional intelligence is accessible. “These feelings and sensations are indicative of wholeness. From it, we have access to the eternal place of the fully healed soul, which whispers intuitively, nudging us toward what can heal our life, body and mind.” Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings. Visit for the recorded interviews.

INTUITION UNLEASHED Spend time with your feelings: Write down how you feel about your job, relationships, house, health and what’s going on in the world. Build and strengthen feeling receptors: Choose one feeling and spend the day with it. Notice every time you see that feeling expressed in yourself or someone else. Don’t judge it or form an opinion about it; just notice. Receive everything: Pay attention to what you are feeling. Don’t worry about what you will do with what you feel or your thoughts about those feelings. Just receive them. You can decide later what you want to do with them. Maintain a flexible “thermostat”: When you want to freak out or shut down, check in with your feelings instead. Be present, engaged and genuine. The feeling and associated intuition need your attention and the present is the time to attend to them. Source: Adapted from Born to Receive, by Amanda Owen 22

West Michigan Edition


Community Spotlight


hough t h e credentials on his wall state that his business is in chiropractic, Dr. Douglas McKenzie of Great Lakes Family Chiropractic is in the business of changing lives. “I have been in practice for 11 years,” said Dr. McKenzie. “What I enjoy most is watching people regain their lives, not only physically, but mentally and socially as well. Chiropractors are in the business of changing lives. What better purpose could one have?” Located at 3138 Broadmoor, just barely north of the railroad bridge, Great Lakes Family Chiropractic welcomes patients through its cabin-in-the-woods façade into a warm and welcoming healing environment. The décor is inspired by Dr. McKenzie’s love of the outdoors and Lake Michigan, which he visited as an Ohioan during his younger years. “Our patients have consistently remarked upon the welcoming atmosphere that we have created,” said Tracy McKenzie, Dr. McKenzie’s office manager and spouse. “We have great customer service and the people who work here are wonderful. Know that as a patient of Great Lakes Family Chiropractic, you really become part of a family.” First-time consultation visits can take up to 60 minutes to ensure that the patient fully understands the nature of the injury or problem and to discuss the

by Julie Hurley

best course of treatment. After that, established patients have the luxury of not having to schedule a specific appointment with the office. “If someone calls and lets us know that they will be here between 9 a.m. and noon, we’ll be sure to see them in a reasonable amount of time,” said Tracy McKenzie. “It’s a system that works well for both the office and patients and makes visiting us extremely convenient.” Dr. McKenzie treats patients as young as just a few hours old, as he did with both of his children, Mason (9) and Mya (2), to patients who are well into their nineties. “Dr. McKenzie sees people for a wide range of issues, from an injury to general back pain and other health concerns,” said Tracy. “His protocol is based on manual manipulations [as opposed to using a variety of tools designed for chiropractic care] that allow the body to heal itself once nerve pathways are unobstructed. The nervous system is the gateway to the rest of your body.” In addition to chiropractic care, the office also offers acupuncture, massage therapy and custom orthotics from Foot Levelers, which can help with hip and lower back pain. And for those seasonal allergy suffers, Dr. McKenzie can adjust your sinus to help lessen the agony and annoyance that results from constant sneezing, watery eyes and congestion. For more information, contact Great Lakes Family Chiropratic, 3138 Broadmoor Ave in Kentwood, 616-575-9105 or See ad page 10. A married mother of two young children, Julie Hurley is a freelance writer with a strong interest in natural living. She is also the Director of Public Relations at Principia Media, a publisher in Grand Rapids,

natural awakenings

May 2014



Contraceptive Pill Chill Dangers Include Cancer, Strokes and Fatigue by Kathleen Barnes


or more than 50 years, women have appreciated the freedom that birth control pills offer. They simply take a little pill every day and rest easy, fairly assured that an unplanned pregnancy won’t occur. However, there’s actually a lot not to love about “The Pill”, especially its long-term side effects. “The sexual freedom that women have fought so hard to obtain has been won at a terrible price,” advises Naturopathic Doctor Sherrill Sellman, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, author of The Hormone Heresy: What Women Must Know about Their Hormones. That price includes blood clots and even death from heart attacks and strokes in young women. As early as 1963, an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association linked The Pill to venous thrombosis, or blood clots. By 1968, at least one cancer journal, CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, had linked cancer to the use of the steroid hormones contained in oral contraceptives. In 1973, Scandinavian researchers warned of the link between oral contraceptives and strokes. “In December 2002, the U.S. government published its biannual Report on Carcinogens that added all steroidal estrogens to the list of known human carcinogens,” says Sellman, “The grav-


West Michigan Edition

ity of this finding cannot be overstated: All estrogens used in HRT [hormone replacement therapy] and oral contraceptives have now been proven unequivocally to cause cancer.” Yet, regardless of the many downsides, The Pill remains the most common method of birth control worldwide, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with usage by 16 percent of married American women. Elsewhere, users include 29 percent of British women and 40 percent of women in France and the Netherlands.

pharmacist, certified clinical nutritionist and author of The Pill Problem. Oral contraceptives deplete more bodily nutrients than any other class of drugs, says Pelton, who blogs regularly at However, he adds, women taking The Pill even as long as 10 years may not notice any obvious health problems. “Maybe she’ll first notice a lack of energy, but doesn’t connect the dots and realize that magnesium, B12 and numerous other nutrients involved in energy production are depleted,” he explains. The nutrient-depleting effects of The Pill were recognized as early as 1975 in a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, but it carried no recommendations for replacing them. Some of these nutrients are essential for the production of brain chemicals, called neurotransmitters, including mood-elevating dopamine. An affected woman can become depressed, a condition closely linked to the use of The Pill, according to a German study published in 2013 in the journal General Hospital Psychiatry. The Pill’s steroidal hormones also reduce the body’s natural accumulations of disease-preventing antioxidants, increasing vulnerability to diseases of aging, including cancer, diabetes and heart disease, according to Pelton.

Filches Vitamins

“Birth control pills are vitamin robbers, and this is the source of the health risks that accompany the use of The Pill,” says Ross Pelton, a registered

Nutrients Women on The Pill Need 4 BHRT* 4 Chrysin 4 Coenzyme Q10 4 DHEA 4 Folic acid 4 L-methlyfolate 4 Magnesium

4 Melatonin 4 Natural progesterone 4 Nettle root 4 Omega-3 oils 4 Probiotics 4 Selenium 4 Tyrosine

4 Vitamin B2 4 Vitamin B6 4 Vitamin B12 4 Vitamin C 4 Zinc

* Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (for perimenopausal and menopausal women) Source: Ross Pelton,

Dangerous Downsides Mount n Birth defects n Blood clots n Cancer (breast, uterine and colon) n Cardiovascular disease n Decreased sexual desire

n Depression n Fatigue, low energy and anemia n Fluid retention and weight gain n Heart attack n High blood pressure n Migraine

n Osteoporosis n Sleep disorders n Stroke n Vaginal yeast infections n Weakened immune system

Sources: American Heart Association; University of Milan, Italy; Berlin Center for Epidemiology and Health Research, Germany; Women’s College Research Institute, Canada; Columbia University, NY; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; University of Parma, Italy; Wingate University, NC; Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, NJ; Institute of Health Sciences Research, Melbourne, Australia Women that decide to keep taking The Pill should add an array of specified supplements to counterbalance the nutrient loss, advises Pelton. Replacing nutrients should, in the long term, neutralize the negative effects of The Pill, even cancer and blood clots, he assures. Better yet, say Sellman and Pelton, stop taking The Pill and switch to safer forms of contraception. It may

take months or even years for the nutrient imbalances to be fully corrected, so start now.

Natural Contraceptives

Although no natural forms of estrogen are suited for birth control, safe and effective natural forms exist, advises women’s health expert Holly Lucille, a naturopathic doctor and registered

nurse in West Hollywood, California. She cautions against the potential risks of using estrogen patches, shots and vaginal rings, and recommends avoiding anything that contains estrogen. “Not using The Pill doesn’t mean you have to rely on withdrawal or the rhythm method, both of which are notoriously unreliable,” says Lucille, preferring what she terms “barrier methods”, like diaphragms, cervical caps and male and female condoms. She notes, “Cervical caps are just as effective as The Pill and you can put them in and leave them a little longer for a bit more spontaneity.” Female condoms are even more convenient, she explains: “They fit much like a diaphragm and they can be left in place as long as eight hours.” Instead of potentially toxic spermicides, Lucille recommends using lemon juice, which, she says, is equally effective. Kathleen Barnes is the author of numerous natural health books including the Basic Health Publications User’s Guide to Natural Hormone Replacement. Connect at

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May 2014


Turn Down That Inner Furnace

Beyond Hormones: Natural Alternatives for Hot Flashes and Other Menopausal Symptoms. by Kelly S. Hassberger, ND


or some women, menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings and low libido, can interfere with everyday life. For many women, the general trend and belief that the only “natural” option for relieving menopausal symptoms is the use of hormone therapy may be true and medically necessary. However, although it may be unpleasant and at times unbearable, menopause is a natural phenomenon. A body that is healthy and well balanced can go through menopause with minimal, bearable symptoms. In fact, one practice that is very successful in relieving menopausal symptoms is targeting the adrenal glands.

The Adrenals: Our Old Friend Stress

The word “stress” isn’t foreign to anyone. With our busy schedules, mouths to feed, bills to pay and appointments to make, it is easy to get caught up in our every day lives and forget to take that time every day to breathe. Unfortunately, this lifestyle has a double whammy effect on the menopausal population. As our female organs stop producing estrogen during menopause, it is the job of the adrenals to take over. The adrenals are a little walnut shaped organ that sits on top of your kidneys. The adrenals are responsible for releasing cortisol to help protect the body from the damaging effects of stress. Not only do the adrenals release cortisol, they also release a hormone known as DHEA, which is converted in the body to active hormones, such as estrogen. When we overstress this little organ it no longer functions optimally. Initially the adrenals will over-produce cortisol, but after years of over working, they can start to fatigue. This is when we can start to feel symptoms of adrenal fatigue. It is also when hot flashes increase and menopausal symptoms worsen. Symptoms of adrenal fatigue include: daytime fatigue, nighttime sleeplessness, salt and sweet cravings, dizziness upon standing, poor digestion, etc.

Along with adrenal fatigue can also come a disruption in the “circadian rhythm”. This means that normally the adrenals function to keep cortisol high in the morning, so that we can wake up and low in the evening, so we can fall asleep. However, as we tax the adrenals, this rhythm can flip, making it hard to get up in the morning and keeping us awake at night. Adrenal fatigue is one of the primary reasons women can experience increasingly unbearable menopausal symptoms. The good news is that there is hope with several ways to naturally build up your adrenal glands: • Stress relief – Breathe. It is very important to take a moment and take a breath. Finding time every day for “you time” is the greatest medicine there is. Even with our busy schedules it is often possible to find 15 minutes each day for journaling, yoga, meditation, walking outside or just sitting quietly in silence. The method doesn’t matter as long as there is time in the day to quiet the mind and allow the adrenals to rebuild and rebalance. • Diet: What you eat affects the physical health of your organs. The adrenals need certain nutrients to function optimally—B-vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and others. Eating a diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables can promote optimal adrenal function. Pro-inflammatory foods like caffeine, dairy, saturated/trans fats, spices, and alcohol can tax the adrenals and cause worsening of symptoms. Little

Be Young Essential Oils

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changes can go a long way. • Sleep: It is possible to get a good night’s sleep. It is important to give the mind and body a chance to rest at night. Sleep not only allows the body a chance to replenish and rebalance, it lowers stress, which again ties us right in to the health of the adrenals. As the adrenals regain strength, sleep patterns often normalize, but in the meantime there are many alternatives to help get a restful night sleep including changes in bedtime rituals as well as supplements such as melatonin or calming herbs. • Exercise: Love your body and it will love you back. Regular exercise programs of 30 to 40 minutes a day, especially those that include weight bearing and cardio exercise, have been shown to be very effective in research for decreasing menopausal symptoms. • Supplementation: |Multivitamins–A high quality, high potency multivitamin can help provide the nutrients that the adrenal glands need to produce the necessary hormones to relieve hot flashes and menopausal symptoms. |B-vitamins–Many of the processes that occur in the adrenal gland require B-vitamins. Starting a high quality B-complex can be useful when the adrenal glands are taxed. |Herbs–Nervine or Adaptogenic Herbs such as Ashwaganda, Ginseng, Rhodiola and more can function to help the adrenal gland restore normal function. Other herbs such as Maca, Siberian Ginseng, Black Cohosh and Vitex have also been used to help with hot flashes, but do not directly have an effect on the adrenal glands. Menopausal symptoms are often inevitable for woman, but they certainly do not need to be unbearable. It is possible to get through menopause naturally. Focus on adrenal health by breathing, sleeping, eating right, and exercising regularly. If more help is needed, consider talking to your Naturopath about your adrenal health. Kelly S Hassberger, ND works with patients at Grand Rapids Natural Health to help relieve menopausal symptoms naturally. To set an appointment call 616264-6556 or visit www.grnaturalhealth. com for more information. See ad page 6.


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May 2014


Gluten Free Items, Homeopathic Products, Vitamins, Essential Oils and Much More!! 9175 Cherry Valley Ave, Ste D Caledonia, MI. 616-891-0898

From Bag Lady to Woman of Liberty

Take Responsibility for Your Health

Nature + Science = SOLUTIONS

by Kimberly Gleason

I For A Free Wellness Consultation CalCalll Today for your Free Wellness Consultation Essential Connection, Ltd.

Karla Gleason, IPC# 224532 Bonnie Healey


Independent Product Consultant #406390 616-340-5115


West Michigan Edition

magine sitting at an Italian restaurant, eating a salad and dipping freshly baked bread in an herb-infused olive oil, when a man walks through the front door. He is attractive, with soft wavy brown hair, about six feet tall, and dressed in an expensive black suit, lugging chains and baggage for whatever reason. With maybe three or four black canvas bags slung over his shoulders clearly filled with something heavy, he walks in a bent fashion. Even stranger, he’s wearing several thick chains around his neck and across his waist. What could he be? A salesman of sorts, toting products for the restaurant owner to purchase? A comedian or actor coming in to present a show for us diners? Though this scenario most likely would not happen, it is devised to prove a point: that though we may attractively carry ourselves around, the baggage and chains we allow to hold us down and back interfere with our ability to live generously, effectively, and joyfully. What baggage are you carrying? What chains are weighing you down? Perhaps your baggage is your inability to forgive yourself or someone else, or maybe the chains that weigh you down are the multitude of work responsibilities you accept, preventing you from spending more time with your love and attention-impoverished family. However you define it, your baggage and chains will likely prevent you from living generously. After all, it’s only when you have a high level of abundance, whether that is with your time, finances or something else that you can then freely and generously give out of that abundance. In contrast, then, your baggage and chains hold you back from the generosity you wish to show. Even more than that, carrying around that awkward and cumbersome baggage and those shiny, yet heavy, thick chains will prevent you from being effective. When you are consumed with those thoughts, those deeds, and those habits that weigh you down and hold you back, you have little time, energy, or even desire for personal growth, for achieving your goals, or for living the life you really want. Your baggage, then, becomes your life. It defines you, and you certainly can’t be effective with all your roles, responsibilities, and far-reaching dreams when your life oozes negativity and when you can barely put one foot in front of the other. In addition, experiencing joy is almost impossible with such a heavy heart,

or with a heavy schedule, or with a too-full plate spilling mess all over the place. There is no joy in being a slave or a prisoner to guilt, to past misfortunes, to contempt, to negative thinking, or to a mile-long to-do-list. Joy comes from freedom! To find freedom, you have to choose to unfetter the heavy baggage and those enslaving chains. You can live more generously, effectively, and joyfully by making this choice. You’ll first need to define what your baggage is, what the chains are that burden you and keep you from moving forward. You can’t break from it if you can’t see it. Then, you’ll need to envision how you really want to live and the person you want to be—tomorrow, one month from now, one year from now. Next, you’ll need to create an action plan for keeping your load light and for moving you forward. Last, you’ll want to enlist someone to help you transform from prisoner to someone who relishes in his or her liberty, such as a friend, life coach or pastor. Following these steps from bondage to freedom will not only change your life but the lives of others. Your step will be lighter, your heart fuller, and your life bigger than you ever thought possible. Kimberly Gleason is a career and executive leadership coach. Her small group coaching program, Exploring the Career Transition: Achieve Satisfaction, Meaning, and Success, begins March 2014. Visit www.

Stop Itching Within Seconds!

Introducing DermaClear, the Amazing New Skin Repair Salve from Natural Awakenings TM

Our all natural personal skin care product brings comforting relief to sufferers of many skin irritations. DermaClear has proven to be effective against: • Shingles • Psoriasis • Eczema • Insect Bites • Allergic Rash • Jock Itch • Burns • and more DermaClear will simply feel good putting it on. Cooling and soothing, the Calcium Montmorillonite/Calcium Bentonite clay penetrates pores and open areas of the skin and pulls out toxins and inflammation. The proprietory blend of homeopathics go even deeper, address the root causes and assist to bring even deeper toxins to the surface.


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This Way to Pain Relief

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Natural Awakenings NEW Natural Pain Relief STOPS PAIN PLUS

Use to relieve pain, stimulate energy, increase circulation to detoxify and revitalize sore joints, muscles and tendons while promoting a healthier quality of life.

Pleasant Dreams™ contains a blend of safe, natural sleepinducing ingredients including chamomile, valerian root and melatonin which may help to: • Facilitate relaxation without morning drowsiness • Maintain sleep all night • Reduce anxiety symptoms • Improve pain tolerance

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May 2014


Masters of Massage

Massage Therapy Effective In:

Relieving Back Pain Boosting Immune System Reducing Anxiety Decreasing Carpel Tunnel Symptoms Lowering Blood Pressure Easing Post-Operative Pain Treating Migraines Alleviating Side Effects of Cancer

Reflexology and Massage Therapy

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Health from the Inside Out.

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503 E. Main • Edmore

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             


West Michigan Edition

The Healing Power of Massage

One-Hour Massage always $49 No Memberships, No Contracts Sports & Therapeutic Massages

From Body Repair to Reversing the Blues by Case Adams

Now Offering Yoga Classes 4843 Cascade Road SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546 (616) 575-2040 find us on facebook


n 1886, Dr. William Murrell stated in the British Medical Journal, “Massage is of such inestimable value in the treatment of many intractable diseases that it is regretted that so little is known about it in this country, and that it is so rarely employed as a therapeutic agent.” A 2013 survey by the American Massage Association (AMTA) showed that a majority of us are choosing massage therapy to treat such conditions as stress and pain management, according to Winona Bontrager, the association’s immediate past president. Of 1,007 adults surveyed, 75 percent opted for it within the previous year for stress or medical reasons, and 88 percent view massage as effective for pain relief. “A growing body of evidence shows that massage therapy can be effective for a variety of health conditions,” reports Bontrager, adding that massage is rapidly becoming recognized as an important part of health and wellness. Cody Landis, a licensed massage therapist and instructor at the Swedish Institute’s College of Health Sciences, in New York City, explains, “In the last few

years, massage therapy research has been focusing more on the mechanisms by which the potential health benefits may be occurring—looking at the response of the brain, the immune system and the mechanisms of repair inside of muscle cells themselves.”

Relieves Stress

An AMTA survey reported that 32 percent of positive respondents used massage to relieve stress, and numerous recent studies have confirmed this. Research from Harvard Medical School shows that massage reduces pain and anxiety while increasing sleep and quality of life among metastatic cancer patients. Boston Medical Center researchers saw similar results among 60 cancer patients that underwent port placement surgery; 20-minute massages before and after surgery reduced participants’ stress and anxiety. Australian researchers reporting in the Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery found that massage reduced pain, anxiety and muscle tension following heart surgery among 152 cardiac surgery patients. A study from Japan’s Toho University School of

natural awakenings

May 2014


At the end of YOUR ROPE? Manage your stress and enjoy new health and well-being! 8-WEEK MINDFULNESS BASED STRESS REDUCTION PROGRAM: Free Information Sessions: Week of June 2 & 9 8-Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Courses Begin: Tuesday, June 17 @ 6:30 pm Wednesday, June 18 @ 9:30 am Call 616-361-3660 to register! CALL 616-361-3660

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Pharmaceutical Sciences showed that aromatherapy massage significantly reduced psychological stress among elderly nursing home residents.

Reduces Depression

A study from Nashville’s Meharry Medical College of 43 HIV patients revealed that Swedish massage reduced their symptoms of depression. Lead researcher Russell Poland, Ph.D., a professor of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences, observes, “When we designed the study, we didn’t expect to see such a large effect of massage. We remain surprised.” The benefit was echoed by a University of California-Los Angeles study of 95 volunteers that displayed increases in their production of oxytocin hormone simultaneous with reductions in adrenocorticotropin hormone. Oxytocin is linked to compassion, empathy, maternal affection and social connection, while lowered adrenocorticotropin effects less stress.

Relieves Pain

Researchers in the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department of Brazil’s University of Sao Paulo studied 46 birthing women and determined that lumbar massage during labor reduced pain by 27 percent. In another study at Beijing’s Chinese PLA General Hospital, deep massage brought relief to 64 patients suffering from chronic low back pain. Relief was reported by a third of 110 headache patients in a Turkish medical school study. Dhaka Medical College Hospital, in Bangladesh, found similar results in a study of 500 headache sufferers, many of which had

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West Michigan Edition

migraines. Research from the University of Miami’s School of Medicine showed that massage reduced arthritis pain and increased both grip strength and range of motion among 42 rheumatoid arthritis patients. Lead researcher Tiffany Field, Ph.D., director of Miami University’s Touch Research Institute, says, “We have known that massage therapy reduces substance P, [a neuropeptide] which causes pain, and that it increases serotonin, the body’s natural pain killer. We also know that deep sleep is critical to lowering substance P, increasing serotonin and reducing pain.”

Expands Acceptance

Lucy Liben, dean of massage therapy at the Swedish Institute, affirms the recent research as evidence documenting the numerous health benefits of massage therapy. “More and more consumers are seeking massage therapy for help with a variety of medical issues and conditions. Doctors are increasingly referring patients for such treatment and hospitals are enlisting more therapists to provide care for patients,” says Liben. “Perhaps most importantly,” she adds, “research is offering us guidance in our work as massage therapists in how to provide the most effective care for chronic pain or musculoskeletal problems, during cancer treatment, during the changes of pregnancy or for any number of other health-related issues.” Case Adams is a California naturopath and author of 25 books on natural healing. Learn more at

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natural awakenings

May 2014



$ave Time & Energy! Please call in advance to ensure that the event you’re interested in is still available.


Do You Know What Jesus Really Said? - 7:00pm. Aramaic was the language Jesus actually spoke to his disciples and the crowds. Since the four gospels were written in Greek, then translated into Latin and eventually into English, we may have lost some of what Jesus actually meant. $10. 153 Lakeside, NE (Aquinata Hall at Marywood), Grand Rapids.


Party for The Planet- 10:00am-3:00pm. Festivities will include booths, stations and demonstrations from the area’s top conservation-minded organizations. Animals that are threatened or endangered will be showcased with ideas on what you can do to help save these valuable species. John Ball Zoo, 1300 W. Fulton St., Grand Rapids. Nutrition Class with Jessica Nelson, RDN11:00am-12:00pm. Nourishing your child through good Nutrition: Learning what your child should be eating and how to build good eating habits for the future. $15 pre-register online or at studio. $20 walkin (day of class). Bodhi Tree Yoga & Wellness Studio, 208 W 18th Street, Holland. Yoga & Aging: Cardiovascular Health- 2:004:00pm. What defines heart healthy exercise to you? Learn about the other 600+ muscles responsible for cardiovascular health and how moving all of them help to reduce disease, inflammation and reduce injuries. More info & sign up at or 616-935-7028. $25. 701 E. Savidge #3, Spring Lake.


Kidney Walk- National Kidney Foundation of Michigan (NKFM) will gather friends and supporters for the 2014 Grand Rapids Kidney Walk at Fifth Third Ball Park. Includes a 3-mile riverfront walk along White Pine Trail, a kid’s zone and arts & crafts, a health and wellness area & more. Sign up at For information call 616-458-9520 or visit


Free Healthseekers Class- 11:15am-12:30pm. Bring brown-bag lunch & learn w/Dr. Ragini Pierce. Homeopathy wedded to chiropractic addresses health challenges that don’t respond to conventional treatment. Pinpoint deeper causes of pain & dysfunction at body, mind & emotional levels. RSVP 231-670-0179. Angel Touch Family Chiropractic. 4265 Grand Haven Rd, Muskegon.


Energy Healing: Master Key to Stress ReductionLearn how energy healing can enhance your life, promote self-healing and reduce stress in this FREE 1 hour webinar. www.healinginamerica-midwest. com/webinars.


West Michigan Edition

Visit for guidelines and to submit entries. All Calendar events must be submitted online by the 15th of the month prior to publication. Denotes an event sponsored by Natural Awakenings Magazine West Michigan.

EcoTrek Fitness Kalamazoo- 6:15-7:30pm. Led by Kylie at Crane Park - Crane and Grandview Avenue Intersection $10 drop-in, signup@ecotrekfitness. com or call 269-919-2233.


Wednesday Wellness with Jessica Roodvoets - Sadhana: Ayurvedic Self-Care Strategies- 12:151:15pm. Explore Ayurvedic Self-Care techniques and how they help us realign our daily habits with nature’s rhythms. Call 616-361-8580 to register, $10. At Expressions of Grace Yoga, 5270 Northland Dr. NE, Grand Rapids. Guided Meditation and Healing Circle - 7:008:00pm. Escape from stress and discover an inner world of calm, peace & joy through guided meditation, and energy healing from Healing in America-trained healers. $5 donation. Holistic Care Approach, 3368 Beltline Ct., NE, Grand Rapids.


6th Annual Open House- 10:00am-2:00pm. Join Dr. Ann Auburn and staff to view live demonstrations, meet our vendors, receive a free BIA, win amazing door prizes and much, much more! Everyone is welcome. Free. Natural Health Improvement Center, 4466 Heritage Ct. SW, Grandville. Mom & Me Time- 10:00am. What better way to celebrate Mom than some time in the kitchen together? This hands on class will include instruction in some cooking basics and result in a meal fit for a queen! $25/person. Thought Design Learning Studio, 10 E Bridge St, Rockford.

EcoTrek Fitness Kalamazoo- 6:15-7:30pm. Led by Kylie at Kindleberger Park, Parchment -- Park Ave. and Hubbard St. $10 drop-in, or call 269-919-2233. Healthy Skin- Where Beauty Meets Health7:00-8:00pm. Will explore how our skin reveals the secrets to our inner health as well as how to reverse skin aging with organic skin care. $5 donation. Holistic Care Approach, 3368 Beltline Ct NE, Grand Rapids.


Energy Healing: MBaster Key to Stress Reduction- Learn how energy healing can enhance your life, promote self-healing and reduce stress in this FREE 1 hour webinar. For information: 269-929-6796.


Innovations in Neuropathic Pain- 5:30pm. Ask the Compounding Pharmacist Series, Dr Miller will discuss topical medication options for long-term pain management. RSVP to contact-us. Free. Keystone Pharmacy, 4021 Cascade Rd SE, Grand Rapids. Innovations in Scar Therapy- 5:30pm. Whether you or a family member is dealing with old or new scars, this seminar is for you! Dr. Miller, the owner and chief formulation scientist for Keystone Pharmacy, is uniquely qualified to assist patients and prescribe treatments for challenging scars. RSVP to Free. Keystone Pharmacy, 4021 Cascade Rd SE, Grand Rapids.

Yoga & Aging: Spinal Alignment and a Spacious Abdomen- 2:00-4:00pm. Current lifestyle habits of driving, typing, and other postures that include static flexion can lead to digestive and back problems. Learn the difference between “posture” and alignment. More info & sign up at OnThePathYoga. com or 616-935-7028. $25. 701 E. Savidge #3, Spring Lake.

Cooking with Beer- 6:30pm. Featuring four varieties from Founders Brewing Company in or paired with the dishes you will create in our culinary studio. Learn about the featured beers from Founders staff and be guided through a night of culinary fun by Thought Design’s chef. $65. Thought Design Learning Studio, 10 E Bridge St, Rockford.

Partner Thai Yoga Workshop with Brent Doornbos & Brooke Dillane – 6:00-8:30pm. Learn how to work together and offer relaxation for your partner as you gently support them in postures designed to help relieve muscle tension. $50 per couple at Expressions of Grace Yoga, 5270 Northland Dr. NE, Grand Rapids - 616-361- 8580



Free Community Workshop: Learn Trigger Point Massage- 6:00pm. Dr. Michael Kwast, DC, CSCS will be presenting on Trigger Point Massage. Workshop participants will learn what a trigger point is, what causes them & how to prevent them. Call 616-447-9888 to RSVP. Seating limited to first 30 people. 4150 East Beltline Suite 4, Grand Rapids.

Pickling 101 - Learn the Art of Pickling- 10:00am. While dill pickles are perhaps the most common pickle, the scope of home-canned fruit and vegetable pickles is endless. The Canning Diva® will teach you time-honored pickling methods as well as a couple recipes you may enjoy creating this spring and summer. Call 616-957-2333 to register. $55/person. Bekins Cooking School, 6275 28th St SE, Grand Rapids. Free Tri-Polar RF Demo- 12:00pm. Tri-Polar RF technology provides safe, non-invasive, pain-free face-lifting and body-sculpting methods with immediate results - without surgery or client downtime. As seen on Newschannel 3 WWMT. RSVP required. Receive a 10% off coupon good towards a package purchase. 231-557-3619. Lakeshore Natural Skin Care, 10500 Chicago Drive, Zeeland.

Yoga & Aging: Living a Thoughtful Life- 2:004:00pm. Learn how to keep your mind sharp as well and your body healthy and how to face changes mindfully and gracefully as you age. More info & sign up at or 616-935-7028. $25. 701 E. Savidge #3, Spring Lake.


Come Home: Realize Your Higher Self- 10:30am. Service and Youth Sunday School & Nursery. Noon Picnic Lunch, call to RSVP. You’re invited to Come Home to a place where God is All Good, everywhere present and where all people are created in that divine likeness. Unity of Grand Rapids, 1711 Walker Ave NW, Grand Rapids. 616-453-9909. Essential Oil Medicine Kit- 2:00-4:30pm. Learn core essential oil blending techniques while making a ‘medicine’ kit for summer travel. These techniques will give you a successful start to happy and healthy blending. Limited class size and advance registration. $40. Moondrop Herbals, 351 Cumming, NW, Grand Rapids.


Free Healthseekers Class- 11:15am-12:30pm. Bring brown-bag lunch & learn w/Dr. Ragini Pierce. Homeopathy wedded to chiropractic addresses health challenges that don’t respond to conventional treatment. Pinpoint deeper causes of pain & dysfunction at body, mind & emotional levels. RSVP 231-670-0179. Angel Touch Family Chiropractic. 4265 Grand Haven Rd, Muskegon. Vegan Cooking- 5:30-7:30pm. We will be cooking Indian-style Tomato Saag Biryani, and Sweet Bean Curry. $35. Call ahead, reservation closes one week before the class. Holistic Nutrition Center, 90 West 8th Street, Holland. 616-355-5333.

Canning for Beginners- 6:00pm. Take the fear out of learning an age-old skill with The Canning Diva®! Her fun, beginner class will teach the basics of water bathing, pressure canning, proper utensil usage, food safety and handling of home-canned foods! Refreshments provided. Call 616-532-3626 to register. $45/person. Gerrit’s Appliance, 2410 28th St. SW, Wyoming.


Home Canned Pie Fillings Class- 6:00pm. Learn how to preserve pie filling in this informative class. The Canning Diva® will teach two fun recipes and hands-on canning techniques. Register at or Call 616-901-6531. $55/person. Uptown Kitchen, 423 Norwood Ave SE, Grand Rapids. Discover Your Path to a Stress-Free Life- 8:00pm. Performance coach Elle Ingalls shows you the path to a stress-free life in this live webinar. Learn what stress is really doing to you, and how to prevent it from damaging your mind and body. Free live webinar online. Visit to register.


Fundamentals of Cooking- 10:00am-12:00pm. We will be making an Arugula Pear Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette and a Red Lentil soup. $35. Call ahead, reservation closes one week before the class. Holistic Nutrition Center, 90 West 8th Street, Holland. 616-355-5333.



Farmer’s Market Cooking Class- 10:00am12:00pm. Take a tour of the Farmer’s Market with us and come back to Holistic Nutrition Center after to learn how to cook without a recipe! $35. Call ahead, reservation closes one week before the class. Holistic Nutrition Center, 90 West 8th Street, Holland. 616-355-5333.

Canning 101 Demonstration- 6:30pm. Knowing where your food comes from and how it is grown is essential to healthy living. Canning the goodness of wholesome, locally grown foods extend those benefits year ’round! The Canning Diva®, will teach the basics of Home Canning, provide delicious samples to nibble. Free. Gazelle Sports, 930 28th St. SE, Grand Rapids.

Hormone Happy Hour- 5:00-6:00pm. Ask our Women’s Health Specialist/Pharmacist anything you want to know about menopause. For women (1st time attendees) only, this small group is a way to get started with solving the puzzle of symptoms that comes with aging well. Snacks provided, RSVP to Free. Keystone Pharmacy, 4021 Cascade Rd SE, Grand Rapids.

Essential Oil Medicine Kit- 6:30-9:00pm. Learn core essential oil blending techniques while making a ‘medicine’ kit for summer travel. These techniques will give you a successful start to happy and healthy blending. Limited class size and advance registration. $40. Moondrop Herbals, 351 Cumming, NW, Grand Rapids.

Canning Savory Salsas- 6:00pm. Tired of making traditional salsa? Then this class if for you! The Canning Diva® will teach you how to make her self-created Signature Strawberry Salsa and Zesty Tomato Salsa in this informative class. Call 616957-2333 to register. Bekins Cooking School, 6275 28th St SE, Grand Rapids.

Nourishing Ways of West Michigan- 7:00pm. Discussing our Risks & Rights for Vaccinations. Round table discussion led by Lisa MiddlecampLowder of Free (donations accepted). St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 134 N. Divison Ave., Grand Rapids.

Rites of Passage and Vision Quest- 7:00pm. Debbie Mast and Brian Obrecht will discuss Rites of Passage and Vision Quest Ceremonies offered at a 5-day retreat August 14-18 in western Michigan. Free For more info and to register call Marie at 616856-4957 or visit 4990 Cascade Rd SE / Ste C, Grand Rapids.


Essential Oils Class- 1:00-3:00pm & 6:30-8:30pm. Clara Vanderzouwen, owner of Natural Health 4 Today and certified Essential Oils Wellness Coach, is offering tips on how essential oils can support the body. Focus is on women’s issues. Come learn, enjoy, bring a friend and have some fun! RSVP to 616-481-8587. Free. 9335 Tiger Lily Dr, Caledonia.


Discover Your Path to a Stress-Free Life- 8:00pm. Performance coach Elle Ingalls shows you the path to a stress-free life in this live webinar. Learn what stress is really doing to you, and how to prevent it from damaging your mind and body. Free live webinar online. Visit to register.


Sunrise to Sunset - Learning to Live Stress Free8:00am-8:00pm. Learn the Pressure-Free method to live stress-free all day, every day with performance coach Elle Ingalls. Elle will reveal her breakthrough solution to stress, anger and anxiety and her Nine Tools system to stop stress at its source. $297. In Grand Rapids. Call 269-832-3573 to register or go to


A Meditation in Sound- 7:00pm. Joyce VanBaak plays the bowls in an improvisation, directed by Spirit, from her long experience with the bowls. All are invited to experience this inspirational expression of meditation. Unity of Muskegon is located at 2052 Bourdon St., in the Lakeside District, Muskegon.


Yoga 101- 6:00pm. Start putting the benefits of yoga in your life, or get a refresher. Our next Yoga 101 series begins June 4th. 8 weeks for only $79. Get details and register at yoga-101. 933 52nd Street SE Kentwood.

savethedate events...

Save The Date Events - Must be submitted online each month at NaturalWestMichigan. com. Events priced $80 or above require a corresponding display ad. There is a $40 charge per listing, up to 50 words. If you are a current advertiser, distribution site or non-profit you just use this listing in place of one of your free listings for a $20 charge.

savethedate June 13, 2014 Full Moon EcoTrek- 9:00-10:15pm. Fitness Adventure Workout with Cari. Perfect for all fitness levels - bring a flashlight! $5/ person. or call 616-291-2851.

savethedate June 13-15, 2014 Buttermilk Jamboree - Buttermilk is a 3 day music & arts festival that takes place at, and benefits Circle Pines Center; a non-profit cooperative organization. Visit for the complete line up and more info. Circle Pines Center, 8650 Mullen Road, Delton.

natural awakenings

May 2014


ongoingevents Note: Visit for guidelines and to submit entries. Events must be re-submitted each month by the 15th of the month. Events subject to change, please call ahead.

Sunday Sunday Service- 10:00am. Come and celebrate with us as together we explore Unity’s positive path for spiritual living. Free. Unity of Greater Grand Rapids, 6025 Ada Drive, Ada. Spirit Space Sunday Worship- 10:30am. Join us for inspiring messages called Reasonings. Spirit Space is an inner-faith spiritual enrichment center. Take a virtual tour at Free. 3493 Blue Star Hwy, Saugatuck. Sunday Worship and Youth Service- 10:30am. Variety of classes held weekly. A warm, welcoming New Thought, spiritual community, inclusive and accepting of all, honoring diversity, for those seeking spiritual truth, Unity of GR, 1711 Walker NW, Grand Rapids. Community Class- 4:00-5:00pm. Community Class for $5.00. All proceeds donated to the charity of the month. Bodhi Tree Yoga & Wellness Studio, 208 W 18th Street, Holland.

Monday Intermediate Hatha Yoga with Mitch Coleman – 6:15-7:30pm. All levels. Drop-ins welcome. Visit for more information. Classes meet at White River Yoga Studio, 8724 Ferry St. Montague. 231-740-6662. Spiritual Expressions- 7:00pm. Join Nessa McCasey on the 1st and 3rd Monday. Listen to and discuss selected poetry, prose, or stories; we learn poetic forms and writing techniques. Because we do not critique, an atmosphere of support and acceptance prevails. Donations appreciated. 24 Fountain St., NE, Grand Rapids. A Course In Miracles Healing Circle - 7:00-8:30 pm. Space to feel; space to heal. An ACIM-based support/study group. All are welcome. Prior experience with the Course unnecessary. Free. Fountain Street Church, Grand Rapids. 616-458-5095.

Tuesday Gentle Hatha Yoga with Mitch Coleman- 7:459:00am & 9:15-10:30am. Drop-ins welcome. Visit for more information. Classes meet at White River Yoga Studio, 8724 Ferry St. Montague. 231-740-6662. The Path to Peace and Renewal- 12:00-1:00pm. 5/6-6/24. This series of guided meditation will cover different techniques to use including pranayama, vipassana, visualization, tonglen, mindfulness, walking, sky and metta. $10 drop in or $65 for all 8 sessions. More info & sign up at or 616935-7028. 701 E. Savidge #3, Spring Lake.


West Michigan Edition

The Study of the Old Testament- 7:00pm. A Study of the Old Testament - facilitated by Rev. Dick Ammons. Love offering. Unity of Greater Grand Rapids, 6025 Ada Drive, Ada.

Wednesday $20 off BioMeridian Assessments- Food allergies, environmental allergies, organ function and real food menus and shopping lists for families that are healthy and kid-approved. Visit or 616-365-9176. Grand Rapids. Is Food a Problem for You? - Do you eat when you’re not hungry? Do you binge, purge, or restrict? Is your weight affecting your life? Contact Overeaters Anonymous. No dues, fees, weigh-ins or diets. For Grand Rapids area meeting list, call 616-3361359 or visit A Course in Miracles- 9:30-11:00am. This selfstudy system is unique in teaching forgiveness as the road to inner peace and the remembrance of the unconditional love of God. Also Tuesday’s 7-8:30pm. Love offering. Unity of Greater Grand Rapids, 6025 Ada Drive, Ada. Discussion and Meditation- 6:00pm. Come, Let Us Reason Together. The evening starts with light refreshments, followed by a discussion from 6:307:15pm, ending with silent meditation till 8pm. Spirit Space is an inner-faith spiritual enrichment center. Visit Free. 3493 Blue Star Hwy, Saugatuck. Creation’s Lessons for Living- 7:00pm. 2nd Wed of month. Creation Desires to help us grow, mature, evolve. Connect with Creation’s wisdom through the teachings and ceremonies of the shamanic Sweet Medicine SunDance Path. Donation. Call: 616-8564957 for more information. Join me in Learning to Walk In Beauty, Marie. NE Grand Rapids.

Thursday Massage Therapy Special- New customers mention this listing to receive a $10 discount off your initial massage. Contact Susan Lowden at 616-2950992, 535 Greenwood Ave, East Grand Rapids, Advanced Hatha Yoga with Mitch Coleman – 6:15-7:30pm. Drop-ins welcome. Visit for more information. Classes meet at White River Yoga Studio, 8724 Ferry St. Montague. 231-740-6662. Unity Teachings on Healing and Wholeness, Part 1 - 6:30-8:30pm. Taught by Rev. Jennifer Sacks. Class explores Unity Teachings on Healing & Wholeness and spiritual, universal principles and practices which support health and wholeness in mind, body, and spirit. Childcare available. Unity of Grand Rapids, 1711 Walker Ave NW, Grand Rapids.

savethedate June 14, 2014 West Michigan Spa and Wellness Expo and Kids Expo Day- 10:00am-4:00pm. Come as you are and leave rejuvenated! Bring your camera for pictures with Dora at 11:00, 12:00 & 2:00pm. Massage Products, Candles, Spa Treatments, Anti-Aging, Gift Items, Home Decor’, Home Improvement, Jewelry, Purses, Fitness, Spa and Weight-loss, Specialty Food and more. Grand Haven Community Center, Grand Haven. Healthy Eating Guidelines for Weight Management – 1:30-2:30pm. With Jessica Nelson, RDN. Learn basic nutrition education in terms of meal planning, portion control, nutritional, labeling, and dining out with the goal to promote sustainable weight loss. $15 preregister online or at studio. $20 walk-in (day of class). Bodhi Tree Yoga & Wellness Studio, 208 W. 18th Street, Holland.

savethedate June 14, 21, 28, 2014 Meditation Workshop with Shannon Elhart11:00am-1:00pm. Join our workshop on Why and How to begin a personal practice of meditation. If you have anything in your life you’d like to do ‘better’, meditation is a path to get there. $100. Bodhi Tree Yoga & Wellness Studio, 208 W 18th street, Holland. Meditation- 7:00pm. Learn the art and application of meditation as taught by Eknath Easwaran. For the beginner and master, meditation helps relieve stress, heal relationships, release deeper resources and realize one’s highest potential. Love offering. Unity of Grand Rapids, 1711 Walker Ave, Grand Rapids. Yoga- Chair at 4:00pm; Basics at 7pm; Beyond Basics at 5:30pm. Come cultivate flexibility, strength, and balance in your body, calm and quiet in your mind, and peace and joy in your spirit. $80 per series of 8 sessions. Walk-ins welcome for $12 per session. Register at

Saturday Gentle Hatha Yoga with Mitch Coleman– 9:0010:15am & 10:30-11:45am. Drop-ins welcome. Visit for info. Classes meet at White River Yoga Studio. Montague. 231-740-6662. Sweetwater Local Foods Market- 9:00am-1:00pm. Hackley Health at the Lakes building on Harvey Street. We are inside if the weather is bad. We are a double up bucks and bridge card market. Hesperia. 231-861-2234. Mastering Meditation- 11:00am-1:00pm. May 17, 24 & 31. Introductory Series offered by the Sri Chinmoy Centre of Ann Arbor as a community service. Topics include: concentration and relaxation techniques; meditation on the heart center; music and mantra; cultivating inner awareness. Free. Kalamazoo Public Library, Oshtemo Branch.



...connecting you to the leaders in natural health and green living in West Michigan. To find out how you can be included in The Natural Directory log-on to


959 Lake Dr SE, Suite 2, GR 49506 *Second Floor of Blackport Building 616-419-8115 Your retail location for makeup, body care, & household products that are organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten free & cruelty-free! Products offered score ‘0-2, Low Hazard’ on Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database. See ad page 12.


Certified Massage Therapist offering Therapeutic, Hot Stone & Matrix Massage. Certified Wholistic Kinesiologist, Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, Reconnection Healing Practitioner, Certified Herbalist, Certified Acutonics Practitioner, and a Certified Reflexologist. See ad page 26.

CHIROPRACTIC CARE DYNAMIC FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC Dr. Ronda VanderWall 4072 Chicago Drive, Grandville 616-531-6050

Family owned and operated in the heart of downtown Grandville, Dynamic Family Chiropractic focuses on lifestyle improvements through living a maximized life. A safe and natural approach to health through the combination of exercise, nutrition, detoxification and chiropractic care.


Dr. Andrew Schafer 1801 Breton SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506 616-301-3000

Tr e a t i n g m u s c u l o s k e l e t a l conditions, but specializing in b ac k p a in , n eck p ai n , a n d headaches. Also offering physical therapy, massage therapy, and postural awareness. Most insurance accepted. Breton Village area. See ad pages 7 & 30.


Mary De Lange, CCT. CMT. 1003 Maryland Ave, N.E., Grand Rapids 616-456-5033 Certified therapist since 1991 offering colon therapy in a sterile and professional environment. Using a holistic approach, colonics relieves constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloat, poor digestion, back pain, body odor and more. See ad page 6.


Natural Health & Healing Center 723 Kenmoor SE Grand Rapids 49546 616-481-9074 Offering an advanced clientcentered dimension of colonics: gentle, safe and effective. Eliminate toxins and enhance well-being. 16 years of experience. Also offering Quantum Biofeedback sessions. I-ACT certified Instructor.

BE YOUNG ESSENTIAL OILS Clara VanderZouwen 616-481-8587

”What you put on your skin, goes within!” Choose safe, effective essential oils for relief from pain, hormonal issues, diabetes, digestive issues and allergies. Also offering “clean” skin care products, GMO-free Meal Replacement Shakes, Masaji, NutriSmart, Liver Detox, Bio-feedback and Ionic detoxing Foot Baths. FREE monthly classes. See ad page 26.


doTERRA Essential Oils IPC #406390 616-340-5115 Our oils effectively reduce or eliminate many c h e m i c a l s , pharmaceuticals and general medicines in your environment. I offer Zyto Compass biofeedback scans, AromaTouch Technique application and free educational oils classes. Call to schedule an appointment today. See ad page 28.

HAKOMI THERAPY KEN PORTER CST, CHT 534 Fountain NE, Grand Rapids MI 49503 616-262-3848

Hakomi Therapy can truly change your life. It’s a mindfulnessbased, experiential therapy for transforming the unconscious patterns that keep you from the love, joy, and fulfillment you deserve. Offered with exquisite care and attentiveness.



Barbara Zvirzdinis, WK, CMT 616-581-3885 Matrix Energetics is a system used to heal, transform and create new possibilities in your life. Using the principles of quantum physics and subtle e n e rg y d u r i n g a M a t r i x Energetics session we are able to enter into different realties and download new possibilities for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves. See ad page 26.

Educational programs for personal health improvement Workplace wellness programs Wellness Forum Foundation focused on school nutrition and children’s health - National conferences.

natural awakenings

May 2014



Bob Huttinga PA-C & Rev. Barbara Huttinga 332 S. Lincoln Ave, Lakeview 989-352-6500 Affordable, natural approach to better health. Certified nutritional consultant with 22 years experience. Offering select, high quality vitamins, minerals, herbs, children’s products, essential oils, homeopathics, weight loss and more. Professional discounts and senior pricing. See ad in page 14.


332 S. Lincoln Ave Lakeview 989-352-6500 A Certified Physician Assistant since 1976, specializing in naturopathic and homeopathic care. Family care. Also, certified Silva Method instructor. We use Clinical Homeopathy to assist traditional medications. We take most insurances. See ad page 14.



Jaci Timmermans, MT 4072 Chicago Drive, Grandville, MI 49418 616-531-6050 I offer Swedish massage with Integrated Te c h n i q u e s , c h o s e n specifically to your unique body. Relieve those tired and sore muscles and rejuvenate! Call for ongoing monthly specials and discounts.

HANDS ON HEALING PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE THERAPY LLC Pattie Kooy, LMT, CMMT, CMT, HTP 5286 Plainfield NE Plainfield Twp, MI 49525 616-648-7217

Professional massage therapist offering Medical Massage, Manual Therapy, Hot Stone, Healing Touch Therapy, Essential Oils, Infrared heat lamp, Bio-energetic Therapy, Hot castor oil packs, Chinese herbal liniments & Detox Massage. Mention ad for $10 off hour massage.


Mary De Lange, CCT., CMT. 1003 Maryland Ave NE, Grand Rapids 616-456-5033


Over 21 years of professional experience and trained in a complete range of modalities. Whether you are seeking relaxation, renewal, or treatment for a specific condition, Mary will help find an approach that is helpful for you. See ad page 6.

Shawn Merkel, ASID 616-916-1071 Complete Interior Design Services for your home or business. Specializing in creating, harmonious, nurturing spaces, by incorporating feng shui principals and repurposing your existing treasures. Let your space become a reflection of who you are. See ad page 13.



Sheri Beth Schafer, CMT, Ayurvedic Bodyworker, Reiki Master 1801 Breton SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506 616-301-3000 We have multiple certified massage therapists offering relaxation, prenatal, deep tissue massage, and medical massage. We also offer Reiki, chakra balancing, and Ayurvedic bodywork. Breton Vi l l a g e a r e a . w w w. See ad pages 7 & 30.


Certified Wholistic Kinesiologist, Certified Matrix E n e rg e t i c s P r a c t i t i o n e r, Certified Massage Therapist, Reconnection Healing Practitioner, Certified Herbalist, Certified Acutonics Practitioner and Certified Reflexologist. Specializing in muscle testing, massage, energy medicine, nutritional counseling, lectures and classes. See ad page 26.


West Michigan Edition


In private practice since 1982 specializing in homebirth. Over 1450 births attended. Offering midwifery care that maintains a family-centered safe birth experience. Empowering women to stay healthy during pregnancy, give birth naturally and parent in the best ways. Free initial consultations including Prenatal check up.


Breakthrough technology. FGXPowerstrips treat pain naturally without the use of harmful pharmaceuticals. A blend of herbs, Minerals and Alpha 3 CPM Marine Phytoplankton. A FDA listed class 1 medical device. Call for your sample today!


The only personal trainers in Grand Rapids offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee, no tricks, no gimmicks, just results. See ad page 15.


5286 Plainfield Ave., NE Grand Rapids 49525 616-364-9191

An award winning Hair Stylist with 30 years Advanced Education, that uses and sells Organic Hair Care Products as well as uses a professional line of Organic Hair Color. Ionic Detox Foot Baths also available.

Look for this symbol throughout Natural Awakenings for Natural Awakenings Network (NAN) providers offering savings to NAN members.

LONDON STUDIOS SALON Ashley Woods: 616-443-9583 Jessica Willis: 616-460-0902 Sherry Minott: 616-633-5251 Sally Loew: 616-299-1796

Specializing in Organic Colour Systems. Ammoniafree, professionalo n l y, p e r m a n e n t , salon exclusive hair color with 100% certified organic ingredients, natural plant extracts, amino acids, natural anti-oxidants and nutrients that produce the healthiest, richest, colors. www. or LondonStudiosSalon.


0-11279 Tallmadge Woods Dr. Grand Rapids, MI 49534 616-791-0472 State licensed school for massage and bodywork. Offering high quality, affordable massage certification courses as well as NCBTMB continuing education courses for the experienced therapist. Located conveniently to Grand Rapids, Standale, Walker and Allendale.


503 East Broadway St. Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858 989-773-1714

Educational Programs Offered: Natural Health Program - Four Years (one weekend a month); Massage Therapy Program - One Year (two weekends a month); Holistic Doula Practitioner Program - Six Months (one weekend a month). Individual classes available. See ad page 40.


3637 Clyde Park Ave., Suite 2 Wyoming, MI 49509 616-254-7350 Custom screen printed apparel using water-based and discharge inks. Earth friendlier screen printing with a different look and feel. Also offering promotional products with an emphasis on the environment.

classifieds To place a Classified Listing: Email listing to Must be received by the 15th of the month prior to publication. $1.00 per word; must be pre-paid.

CLASSES Energy Healings and Training, Reiki & Urevia Healings/Classes - held near Hastings at Subtle Energies w/ Ken & Dana Gray. Learn a variety of techniques that can heal your life. Reiki I & Urevia Practitioner classes are eligible for NAN 20% discount. Visit www.reikiconnect. com for more information.

FOR SALE Hardy Dam/Muskegon River near - 80 acres, 6 bedroom home, outbuildings; garage, barn. Fishing and hunting area. Robb Breen: 231-327-1147.

HELP WANTED Magazine Delivery Positions - Responsibilities include delivering Natural Awakenings Magazines every month to specified locations per a predetermined route. Positions are available throughout the West Michigan area. Must have good driving record and will be using your own vehicle. Deliveries are made during weekdays only between the hours of 9am & 5pm the last week of every month. Pay is structured on a per stop basis with bonus potential for setting up new (approved) magazine distribution locations. Position is a part-time only, contract job. If you are interested in the above opportunity, please email: Ad Sales Rep – Natural Awakenings is now accepting resumes for Part/Full Time Sales Reps throughout the West Michigan area. Must be self-motivated with strong organizational skills, sales and computer/database experience. We’re positive people looking for positive associates. Flexible schedule with great earning potential. Pay is set up on a generous full commission structure with bonuses. Email cover letter and resume to

OPPORTUNITIES Holistic & Green Business Owners Wanted for Health Network- NAN, the Natural Awakenings Network, is a green and healthy living network that will allow members to enjoy discounts on products & services focused on wellness, green/sustainable living and healthy lifestyles. If you are interested in becoming a provider (a business or organization that offers discounts to members) in this innovative network or want more details, contact Natural Awakenings at 616-656-9232 or Participating as a Provider is FREE for the 1st year.

People Say They Feel Better and Have Increased Energy! You too could feel better, lose weight or increase energy and mental clarity with a few drops of Natural Awakenings DETOXIFIED IODINE daily in water or on your skin when used as directed. See for yourself, go online to and read the comments!

19.99 - shipping $5 /up to 8 bottles Order Online Today at Or Call: 888-822-0246

4-6 week supply $

Wholesale Pricing Available for Stores and Practitioners Call: 888-822-0246

natural awakenings

May 2014



West Michigan Edition

Natural Awakenings Magazine ~ May 2014  

Natural Awakenings Magazine is West Michigan's premiere natural health, holistic living, green magazine focusing on conscious living and sus...

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