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Prince Eric Reigns

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he fact that Bahama Grill on West Bay Street is rated the #1 restaurant in Nassau by Tripadvisor, is incentive in itself to sample this eatery’s seafood, BBQ meats, special sauces, and well, items you just won’t find in any other local restaurant.

The building is located on the former site of the world-famous King and Knights Club, founded by Gibson’s father, “King Eric,” in the 1970’s.


Four years ago, owner, Mr. Eric Gibson Jr., decided to “return to his roots.” After he spent 30 years as a computer programmer and IT Specialist, he and his wife Lynn—a former retailer—opened a take away. Last year it expanded into a full-blown two-story restaurant with a full-service bar, offering Bahamian cuisine at its best. The building is located on the former site of the world-famous King and Knights Club, founded by Gibson’s father, “King Eric,” in the 1970’s. This nightclub pioneered local, live entertainment such as fire juggling and limbo dancing. In 2002, following in King Eric’s footsteps, the couple operated the Hilton’s Blue Note nightclub before trying their hand at the restaurant business. Those who patronized the former Johnny Canoe at the Nassau Beach Hotel will find this place especially welcoming. Bahamian food at reasonable prices in a colourful setting is this restaurant’s claim to fame. Although, advertising until recently has been word of mouth, there is no doubt

that Bahama Grill’s popularity is about to explode among locals and tourists alike. Eric and his wife created the signature sauces that baste the delectable ribs and chicken and orchestrated dishes such as the “open grill conch,” a technique he says leaves the mollusk uniformly flavoured and tender—not chewy— like you may find it at other eateries. “Entertainment and food are in my blood,” says Eric. “I was always in the kitchen with my mother every morning preparing lunch for seven children. My mother taught me everything I know, and all of the recipes were created and developed by myself and

my wife, who has a passion for cooking like I do.� Ribs are the hottest selling item at Bahama Grill right now and for good reason. Whether beef, pork or pork baby back they come smothered in your choice of 3 sauces: house, spicy or tropical—a unique, BBQ blend with a hint of coconut and pineapple. The grilled chicken is equally delicious, accompanied by one of these sauces. Bahama Grill also offers a full array of grilled seafood including fish, shrimp, lobster, and conch. The aroma is mouth-watering and the food equally so! continuesPAGE52>

<fromPAGE47 Incidentally, you can also order delicious burgers here, made in-house fresh daily from conch, sirloin, turkey, and fish. Make sure to begin your meal with the restaurant’s original “Conch Balls” a fun take on very “conchy” conch fritters that have quickly become a must-order appetizer. One of the best things about this place is that you can still take-out, but also have the option to dine in, order online or call for delivery. Upstairs you will find a full service bar and lounge area complete with flat screen TV’s, making it a perfect place for private functions. Bahama Grill also offers catering services and has its sights on live entertainment in the near future. The restaurant is open from 11am-11pm daily and offers reasonably priced meals with a mini-meal costing as low as $5.75. A typical Bahamian chicken “dinner” with 3 sides will run you $11. Burgers start at $7, and the most expensive entrée of grilled lobster is about $20. Complete family meals such as a whole chicken with three large sides cost about $25. There is a larger than normal selection of side dishes with the macaroni and cheese touted as one of the favourite selections. But your culinary journey doesn’t end with the entrée, the desserts are equally tempting. One patron noted, “The guava cake is the moistest I’ve ever tasted and the dipping sauce is an ingenious addition—a throwback to guava duff but even better. I highly recommend it!” So where exactly is this place? West Bay Street. It’s past Fort Charlotte and a quarter mile west of Arawak Cay. Just look for the brightly painted red, blue and yellow building. Turn through the adjacent corner to park and enter the restaurant section. Positive comments about this restaurant abound. A September visitor noted, “Bahama Grill pork ribs are fall off the bone sweet, tender, and juicy. I never cared for trip advisor, but after eating at Bahama Grill for the first time I had to give props where they were due. Mostly due to our pleasant, articulate, and knowledgeable waitress, Keeva (I got her name because I praised her to the manager after our meal). Without being cheesy or corny, you can tell that she is a natural at hosting, is very knowledgeable about the menu, and enjoys what she does with NO ATTITUDE. The restaurant’s service, itself, was prompt


and made to order. I LOVEEEEE the ginger lemonade, and conch balls--original. I would go back there every night of the week. I was able to get a complete meal with appetizer, drink, main course and dessert for under twenty dollars! The main course itself was only $9. You have a customer for life!” An August visitor noted, “The food is amazing. My fiancé and I went on a Wednesday night. I had the lobster and he had the fish, both dishes were really good. The service was excellent. The manager, really caring, came up to our table and started talking to us. He was very grateful that we went to his restaurant. The waitress

was extremely nice. After our dinner we didn’t know how to get a taxi back to our hotel; she was nice enough to call us a cab so we [could] get to the hotel safely. I wish I could go back more often!” The rave reviews continue, “I’ve eaten dinner at the Bahama grill several times. The food is always delicious and the service is excellent. The grilled fish is consistently superb, the chef’s special salad dressing is delicious, and the conch balls are much better than typical conch fritters. This restaurant provides an overall great dining experience.”

Up & Away Magazine - Oct 2013  
Up & Away Magazine - Oct 2013  

Bahamasair's in-flight magazine feature, 'Prince Eric Reigns @ Bahama Grill' as it appeared in the Oct 2013 issue of Up & Away Magazine.