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Dentistry designed for your perfect smile

Mint 32 is about serving patients through combining cosmetic and bio-compatible dentistry with in a spa-like atmosphere. We educate our patient of their options with todays available treatments and materials while addressing potential health hazards and diseases prevention.

ORAL CANCER PREVENTION What every person needs to know! And what Mint 32 is doing to protect you.

The Forgotten Disease Oral Cancer one of the few types of cancer that haven’t experienced a reduction in mortality rate in the past 30 years. Sadly, one North American dies of oral cancer every hour. The Problem: Oral Cancer is discovered in late stages about 70% of the time, and often that is simply too late.

Risk Factors Tobacco use (especially combined with alcohol) & Betel nut usage Excessive alcohol consumption Excessive unprotected exposure to the sun Low intake of fruits and vegetable HPV viral infection

HPV human papilloma virus

Increase of young non-smoking individuals are being diagnosed with oral cancer. This can effect everyone!

The same virus responsible for 95% of all cervical cancer Most people do not know they have HPV All sexually active people are at risk! Can be a co-factor in tobacco induced cancer

Signs & Symptoms Early Indicators Red and white discoloration on the soft tissue of the mouth A sore that does not heal in 14 days Prolonged hoarseness

Advanced Indicators Sensation that you have something stuck in your throat DiďŹƒculty swallowing or moving your jaw Ear pain A lump or thick tissue in mouth or neck

We Care...And Can Help Our 5 minute exam can save your life! We use the state of the art VELscope oral cancer screening system This exam includes a visual and tactile exploration of your mouth This exam should be conducted every year It’s pain free and only takes 2-5 min Education & prevention is key

Dentistry designed for your perfect smile

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Mint 32 Oral Cancer Prevention Presentation  
Mint 32 Oral Cancer Prevention Presentation  

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