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Figure Ground

Poplar is a densely built up area, with many different types of housing and buildings. Up until the -40’s, the residential areas were dominated by Victorian terraced housing, but during the -50’s and -60’s, many of these had to make way for tower blocks and flats. Some of the industrial buildings have disappeared, along with the warehouses connected to the docklands. Where one might previously have assumed there was an industrial site, there might now be a large residential block, confusingly similar in shape to that of the previous use on the site.

Fig. 35 Hidden house History, Victorian terrace, N.A.

Fig. 29 Yasmin Khan, Figure ground, (2011) Scale: 1:10 000

Figure Conservation Area River Tidal Water


Fig. 36 Mail Online, Robin Hood Estate, (2008)

Green Spaces

There are many green spaces in the Poplar area, but there does not appear to be an overall green infrastructure. Many of the spaces cover a large area of land, but they are monotonous and not varied in the use of species. Private fenced off green spaces also contribute to creating spaces that are not used between them.

Fig. 37 stevecadman, Brownfield Estate, (2008)


Fig. 30 Yasmin Khan, Green Spaces, (2011) Scale: 1:10 000

Public Green Space Conservation Area River Tidal Water

Public Green Space


The docks in the area are no longer used for loading and industry, like they once were. Most of them make up the landscape of a new commercial and financial district, including new developments like Canary Wharf. These docks have been a vital part of shaping the area into what it is today; from industrial areas providing work for the previous local residences, to the new developments along the river.

Fig. 38 BBC/Lion TV, The Isle of Dogs And Canary Wharf, (N.A.)

Fig. 31 Yasmin Khan, Hydrology, (2011) Scale: 1:10 000

Public Green Space Conservation Area River Tidal Water



The Blackwall tunnel runs through the area, providing access to London for commuters and industry. Busy main roads also dominate, making the area an important gateway. Most of these main roads have been in existence since the area was dominated by industry. The railway lines have been altered, and the DLR and London Bus Services now ensure easily accessible public transport for residents and workers.

Fig. 39 BBC/Lion TV, The Isle of Dogs And Canary Wharf, (N.A.)

Fig. 40 Geograph, The Blackwall Tunnell Southern Approach Road, (N.A.)

N Fig. 32 Yasmin Khan, Infrastructure, (2011) Scale: 1:10 000


Railway/DLR Railway2 Road road tunnel Tunnell

Conservation Area

River Tidal Water

Land Use

The land uses in the area are many and different, but the make up of it means that the individual land uses are still isolated, and fail to provide good mixed use neighbourhoods.

N Fig. 33 Yasmin Khan, Land Use, (2011) Not to Scale








Tidal Water




Fig. 8 Yasmin Khan, Conservation Area, (2011) Not to Scale

Commercial/Trade Figure

Conservation Area

Fig. 34 Yasmin Khan, Historical Conservation Area, (2011)

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Balfrdon Tower and Carradale House  

Landscape Architecture assignment about Balfron Tower and Carradale House estate in Poplar, London

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