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Jewellery is an essential part of the adornment of women. Women particularly look incomplete without a necklace. In India, necklaces have cultural and religious significance with a necklace propitiating gods and goddesses like Parvati, the goddess of marriage. Diamond and gold necklaces have been worn by women of all religions from ancient times. The eternal quality of diamonds makes for timeless jewellery used to symbolize love and commitment. is an online store featuring a scintillating collection of diamond necklaces. Each piece is imbued with artistry and creativity of our craftsmen. Our range of exquisite necklaces will turn heads wherever you go. Diamond white gold necklaces are a unique collection. Traditional favourite with women are yellow gold necklaces but Necklace White Gold Diamond are also growing in popularity nowadays. Diamond white gold necklaces may feature clusters of diamonds or they may feature diamonds combined with gemstones. The sober look of white gold is complemented by the colourful brilliance of diamonds and gemstones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls. In some models, diamonds are combined with semi-precious stones like Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Garnet, Topaz, Opal, etc Types of white gold necklaces include strings and chokers. Strings consist of diamonds of same size and shape strung together like a chain. This beautiful design is expensive as it features multiple diamonds. When you are investing in diamonds, you may be worried about the quality of diamonds. Shopping from KJC, you can rest your worries. We only sell top notch quality diamonds. Diamonds come in different shapes like round, pear shape, heart shape etc. Diamond necklaces make for excellent gifts for weddings and anniversaries. Top picks from our site include Natural Diamond 14k White Gold Anniversary Necklace and round shape diamond 14 k white gold necklace. Diamond necklaces can also be ordered as per your taste and budget. Our craftsmen will create bespoke, customized designs for you. You can order for jewellery sets made of diamond necklaces, diamond earrings and diamond bracelets having matching designs. Such sets are ideal for bridal and wedding collection. We sell diamond necklaces at very reasonable rates as well sell products created in our own factories and avoiding middlemen like showrooms. We follow the motto- “Best product, Best Price, Best Service.�

Wedding collection consists of diamonds of vibrant colours, flawless clarity, perfect cut and a range of carats. They are set in yellow or white gold of 14k and 18k. Top picks from our site include diamond cut white gold necklace, diamond necklace white gold chain, black diamond white gold necklace and diamond solitaire white gold necklace. Solitaire necklaces come in single line, double line or multiple lines. These are the latest trends in jewellery. However before one decides to invest in solitaire string necklaces, one must ensure the high quality of diamonds as even a single impure diamond can ruin the look of a necklace. The best part about diamond white gold necklace is that they are sold at rock bottom prices. This is because we avoid middlemen while sourcing raw material as well as while selling directly to online customers and save a considerable sum. Diamond necklaces start from Rs 50,000.

Gemstones have been valued and appreciated for their scintillating beauty, right from Ancient Times. They held royal as well as spiritual significance for people, thanks to the diverse hues and shades displayed by them. In modern times, they are more valued as birthstones than anything else is. The wearer believes that he/she will be well protected from all kinds of evils and misfortunes. Therefore, jewelers like Queen Jewels Inc. and several others have been encouraged to create diamond-studded and gemstone-studded necklaces for their customers. You will find a diamond gemstone necklace suited to your personality and lifestyle at these stores. Are you wondering if these jeweled accessories are way out of your budget range? It is true that every gemstone differs in weight (carats). If the carats are more, the cost is bound to increase. However, you may also avail of equally authentic, good quality, clear, well-cut and pure bridal sets, jewelry sets. Women and jewellery are two terms which have totally different meanings yet are used together so often. In a few subcontinent countries, jewellery has cultural significance as well. A woman, they say, must wear jewellery without which she is incomplete. Not only does a necklace enhances a woman’s beauty but also gives her a distinct style statement. The adorning of a necklace changes your entire look, specifically when you are wearing a gown or long dress. Women of all ages wear gold and diamond necklaces since ancient times. We offer light weight, or medium and heavy patterns of diamond necklaces. The top choices of necklaces at our online store are Diamond 14k Whi te Gold String Necklace, Untreated Solitaire Diamond Gold Necklace String Certified. KJC also features bridal, custom made necklaces with aura of tradition and purity to complete the look of a lovely bride. Gemstone Diamond Necklaces are particularly suitable for bridal and wedding collection. These include combination of diamonds with precious stones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls. Some feature semi-precious stones like Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Amethyst, Garnet, Turquoise, Opal, Topaz etc. There are designer diamond necklaces meant for bridal and wedding collection. You can consult with our expert team to get bespoke designs of diamond necklaces. Diamond Necklace Wedding collection at KJC is truly special. When investing in solitaire strings, you may be worried about quality of diamonds because poor quality diamonds can ruin the looks of the entire neckpiece. But while shopping with KJC for single line or multiline strings, you need not worry as we sell only purest quality of diamonds and precious gold. We also sell chokers and colliers which are diamonds set in necklaces close to the neck. Diamond necklaces are available in a range of prices to suit the low budget as well as high end customers. Diamonds are set in white gold or yellow gold of 14k and 18k. Diamond strings are an accessory which matches a plethora of moods and occasions. String necklaces at out online store are available in easy-towear and round diamond string, solitaire strings and gold strings necklace. Our vast diamond string necklace designs will offer you options of what to embrace and what not to. The diamond strings differ from carat to carat and metal purity of 18K to 14K. If the metal color is the priority, then white is the all time favorite at our selection for parties and outings. Our string in diamonds comes in sizes of 5 carat to even the 50 carat string.

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