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ECB Team – AIESEC in Vietnam

Standards and Satisfaction



Working Hours and Duration JD alignment

Health Check & NonCriminal Check 2 days announcement Interview feedback


OGX Induction (OPS) Visa

Documents Check

Pre-arrival Webinar

DESCRIPTION Opportunity should clarify: Job Descriptions Timeline of project LC integration activities Basic Living Costs: daily expenses of food or transportation in Hosting LC, any extra expenses that will be needed from trainee side The things need to bring for the internship Type and location of accommodation and housing condition: Internet connection, shower, etc. Location of working place and working conditions, rules Information about buddy, responsibility of buddy Contact of Quality Manager (Service Manager), LCVP, LCP OC should ensure the working hours of the internship (25 hours per week for iGCDP and 35 hours per week for iGIP and not less than 6 weeks as the internship duration) Stated information in opportunities and project timeline must be 100% fulfilled (JD, learning opportunities, expenses, facilities provided, ect), in case project fail to deliver If there are unexpected changes in JD required, intern should be informed about them before arrival and OC need to collect written proof that trainee is aware of changes and agree to accept them. During the pre-selection, the applicants submit the health check report and non-criminal report to the OC Host entity should announce the result after the interview as soon as possible (within 48 hours). In the email, TN manager should ask to sign EP AN in system and send Visa guideline Both selected and unselected applicants have the right to receive constructive feedback from the Host entity Intern should come from a Home Entity that provides Outgoing Preparation Seminar: including XPP education, Culture Shock Training, AIESEC purpose, expectation setting Within 48 hours after intern submits documents and signing AN, TN manager will sign TN AN and provide in written format all the information required to arrange any documents for Visa (i.e. Invitation Letter), so the trainee apply for the Visa. If the visa period is less than 6 weeks, TN manager need to ensure that extension is possible. Host entity should make sure that the intern has the correct visa, insurance and flight detail, submit after matching and pre-arrival questionnaire, in the same time OC will provide all needed LC contacts (LCP, LCVP related, Manager, OC, Buddy, Host Family if any), Reception information before pre-arrival webinar. Hosting entity will provide webinar for interns before arrival hold by Customer Experience Management Team and OC Team Webinar consists of:  Updated XPP key highlights  AIESEC Essence  Expectation setting (accommodation, work condition and location, expenses)  Logistical preparation (thing to bring, pick up information, city transportation, Internet etc)  Intern’s timeline

Arrival Pick up

Registration Buddy



Incoming Preparation Seminar & Individual Goals

First day of Work

Weekly Meeting


Integration Activities

Final evaluation Certificate Internship report Departure Support

 Culture shock preparation  EP LEAD and Standard introduction  Opportunity in AIESEC from hosting entity (what to expect during internship) Outputs of the webinar need to be sent to all trainees The Host LC will state in the Opportunity where the intern will be picked up/ options they have. Before realization the Host LC will provide written information to the intern on any transportation required to arrive at the point of pick up by Buddy/ OC OC/Buddy should help the trainee in case they have to register in the police station Buddy is not necessarily AIESECer, but that person receive induction about AIESEC, buddy responsibilities and directly response to the OC. Each intern will have buddy to maintain constant communication, review personal development, engaging intern to LC’s activities, reminding to fill intern survey, intern report. First touch point with buddy and intern needs to be before intern’s arrival.  Intern has temporary accommodation from arrival  If accommodation is not provided by Host LC (or cover only period of internship), Opportunity needs include information about the amount of expense that is required to be covered by intern and Host LC is responsible for arranging it.  Host LC need to visit place, take picture, do neighborhood’s safety check and send report to intern before arrival.  During interview process OC/TN manager will clarify possibilities of intern to stay in proposed by Host LC accommodation  Intern must be given a least 1 week notice, if accommodation has to be changed Each intern should get Incoming Preparation Seminar. If interns arrive some days after induction activities, TN manager or some representative from project is obligated to have additional meeting with trainees and provide all needed information. Incoming Preparation Seminar should consists of:  Detailed explanation of project timeline & JD calendar  Present the objective and measurable results for every activity in project  Information about all possible expenses during internship (excursions, travelling, meal, etc)  Team minimum education and execution  Culture shock preparation  Practical training of using public transportation and survival tips  Visa extension process information  Individual Goals Setting & LEAD session Intern for expansion market (not the city of Host LC) should receive Incoming Seminar before going to the expansion market OC/Buddy should accompany the intern to the place of the place of work on the first day of the internship, explain timeline, rules, conditions and help the intern buy the sim-card for cellphone Buddy and OC should have evaluation meeting once a week with intern for project and personal development Interns will be provided integration activities plan once upon arrival. Interns can join LEAD Program which is standardized by AIESEC Vietnam. Intern will have possibility to join AIESEC local activities in Hosting entity Intern will have final evaluation meeting with OC team and buddy Intern will receive certificate after submitting surveys and internship report Intern need to submit internship report as posters, stories, pictures and video before departure. Host Entity will publish them further in promotion and showcasing The Host LC offer in written format information on how to depart from the country 1 wee before the end of the internship and OC/Buddy will accompany interns

Standards and Satisfaction - AIESEC Vietnam  
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