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Pageant Organizer/Main Sponsor MsMorenaXxAmAzonxX

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MrzRoEnclavesFace2 Hello readers, I'm MrzRoEnclavesFace2 also known as Khandi. I'm CEO and Creator/Editor of N.A.U. Inc. Magazine and CEO/Editor/Promoter of N.A.U. Inc. Promotions I'm also wife to MrRoEnclavessrFace2 and mother of KingEnclavesFace2, RoJrEnclavesFace2, Rish, LilJaEnclavesFace2,TrueEnclavesFace2, LuvEnclavesFace2 , RaynEnclavesFace2 and BaeuEnclavesFace2. I am a novice creator, currently focusing on HairbyKhandi bringing all the newest fashion hairstyles your way. I created this magazine for my family, close friends and of course all of Imvu. In each edition I will keep you informed with all the happenings on Imvu. News Contests, weddings, babies, upcoming events, the latest fashions by some of the greatest creators on Imvu and much more.

Services I Offer Photo Shoot (15 photos +2 edits) - 5k per hour Magazine Ad (yours) - 2.5k per page Magazine Ad (Done by N.A.U. Inc. Promotions) - 5k per page Wedding Officiant Cost - 10k Logo Design - 5k Party/Event Dj - 5k an Hour Baptism/Christening - 7k Custom Event Invites - 5k

MsMorenaXxAmAzonxX My name is MsMorenaXxAmAzonxX, Everybody call me Morena. I am the person organizing this event,and the main sponsor,along with my sister and good friend of many years QueenKaseyLord. I start playing in 2010 and i had very good times in IMVU and after almost 8 years i still loving the essence of the game. I always been a fashionista and feel myself like a Queen. In my firsts years in IMVU i role play as a Queen married to a King with a royal family. After that i took a couple months off the game and came back to role play a wedding planner and have done many ceremonies. Both of those games was very well done and full of fun as those last. It generate very good friends and experiences. But my passion is Pageants and Challenges, so is for many women. I consider myself a fashionista even when i am old school one. And here is how in May 2018 i decide to start planning The Miss IMVU USA Competition. I am very exited about this competition and is no been a easy task put together such a great group of ladies to compete for over 100 k in credits and gifts, the CROWN and the TITLE. No to mention the great team of very well know people i have working with the 30 Queens we taking to ride with us for a magic and glamours year . Come met us, come follow the competition,met the sponsors, the judges,the coaches Come support and vote for your favorite, Group page open to the public January,2019.... Good Luck Queens.

QueenKaseyLord My name is QueenKaseyLord and I am Co-Owner to the Miss IMVU USA...2019 Pageant with my very intelligent and beautiful friend MsMorenaxXAmAzonxX who is the Owner and organizer of the Pageant. I started Imvu in 2011 and had my ups and downs but all was always an experience and fun while it lasted. There is no adventures that I will not try here. I have done so much and enjoyed some and some were big blunders. I do not regret none of it because it lead me to the next step in my imvu life. I am always looking for the fun in whatever adventure I do, so now its time to look for new and fun adventures. I love to explore and try new things, so if you have anything that can peak my interest, lets go. This competition is something that I always wanted to be a part of. Now that I have the chance, I am very excited and pleased to be working with my sis and long time friend MsMorena. I wish you all fun, happiness, and friendship in this adventure. Let's have a good time and do this. Let me tell you a little about me and my IMVU life. IMVU have given me lots of opportunity to flourish. I am a Creator, Videographer, Model, Entertainer, Dubber, Writer. I am Queen of the Faes. I love role playing. I have joined a lot of groups. Kingdoms, Modeling, Sorority, etc... My biggest reward on imvu are my family. My sisters and bros. The most wonderful people here. We all have love and respect for one another. My children and grands and great grands, are the love of my life. They make this world so much better. The love we give each other is something that you can't buy or make. Its something that is honored and given. PRECIOUS. All the people around me is the greatest accomplishment here. Working with MsMorena is one of the best role playing jobs I ever had on imvu. We work well together and I can say whatever we do, we have fun and have the best IMVUers around us. I love her. She is so Awesome. I want you to know I am so glad to be here and be part of the Pageant. Lets have fun and meet more wonderful people. Good luck Contestants. LET'S RIDE!!!

The Sponsors MsMorenaXxAmAzonxX I am the main sponsor and i am giving 50,000 credits for the Miss IMVU USA winner and also 10,000 a month for the Queen of every month,The sash, the crown the pageant and the party.

QueenKaseyLord I will be giving the winner of the pageant20k plus I will make her a video of her choice. The monthly winners will get 5K.

MrzRoEnclavesFace2 My donation to the pageant is a VIP package which includes 10K and a free year of promotions with N.A.U. Inc. Promotions and the N.A.U. Inc. Magazine to the winner of Miss Imvu USA 2019. Good Luck Misses. Smooches!!

The Sponsors Cont...


GinelleFireHeart & FrankFireHeart

The incentives we are making available to the pageant contestants are as follows (choice of one per interval no more than once a month) 1) makeover – we will purchase items for the recipient up to 6,000 credits 2) training in fashion & styling – one week session that will include mastering the runway and presentation in basic modeling outfit categories – we will provide accessories and outfits up to 6,000 credits. 3) Guaranteed placement in a H2H production – we will assist with purchase of outfits in various theme categories – and pay up to 10,000 in credits to assist with required outfits and accessories. 4) 5,000 in credits 5) Wishlist selection up to 6,000 in credits 6) Provide a one-time service in establishing a business in the fashion or entertainment industry – purchasing room and items up to 10,000 credits and on-going consultant services up to 6 months (up to 12 sessions of counseling and enhancement recommendations). Will work with recipient to establish the timeline and availability.

The Judges

GinelleFireHeart &  FrankFireHeart

MrsSoVain1Azua &  MrKingAzua

MrBossJamz &  MrsSugaDollJamz

⚖To judge a beauty pageant you must keep in mind that you're looking for more than just a pretty face. A beauty pageant demands poise, excellent social skills and an ability to answer challenging questions. Most of all, it means as a judge you have to make the tough decision of who meets these demands above all others. ⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖Judges Duties⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖ ⚖Focus on judging and ranking the physical attributes of the contestants, personality traits, talent, class, fashion style, game and answers to judge's questions as judged criteria. Evaluate their speech, vocabulary, and grammar.

The Coaches

✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂Coaches Duties✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂ ✂✂Winning a beauty pageant takes more than just a pretty face and sparkling teeth. ... A Pageant Coach provides those lessons. No matter the age of the participants-younger than 3 or older than 50-you prepare contestants for interviews, assist with completing challenges and help them with their overall stage presence. ✂You will be assigned contestants that you must keep track of. ✂ Help them out if they do not understand a challenge (And if you don’t know the answer find out for them). ✂You are also here to remind them when challenges are due when a due date gets close and they have yet to place a submission. ✂You will also be the one informing the contestants when they have dropped or risen in rank (Unless informed by the CEO or Co-CEO). ✂Fashion coaching=Help contestants develop and enhance their professional and/or personal images. ✂Help contestants choose clothes for a variety of occasions and help them decide which styles are flattering. ✂Help Her with communicating the appropriate message. ✂Requirements: To accept the duties above and enforce it.

DjShellyFox First, and most important God is always 1st, I have 2 grown chidren with children themselves. I am outgoing, caring, considerate, honest fun loving individual. Retired from Radio Broadcasting, because the abuse I endured made it so can't work in studio anymore. "I am a Survivor" of Domestic Violence and am trying to make a difference. Make a Stand Against Violence. It has impacted my life in many ways, I want to do my share to help put a stop to violence of all kinds I enjoy family, showing and riding horses, animals, children, lakes and rivers, camping and music.

ATru3Godd3ss Im a dedicated person to my father god, 2 children in real life and 15 grand kids, I was a registered nurse till i had a very bad accident in 2006 that left me unable to do what i love so i am now working in medical field still, but doing medical billing and coding for a medical billing company, here on imvu i am a mom and grandma to a group of wonderful people i have met on here i value my family and friend her as i would in rl, i love to help other and i strive to make the best of any situation , im very happy person and very outgoing and very non judgemental i get along with most people i meet , i consider myself to be a very adventurous person, i love to go look at others rooms to see the great job they have done , i am gogetter and i stand for what i believe in , i have a very big , loving , and caring and embraceable heart, IM very much into the family, my family morals and values are strong, i love to cook, sew, and play board games , and i'm a trivia fan all the way i play trivia with my gkids keep their minds sharp

Tayasaya I've been on IMVU for 8 years. I love the creative expression it allows me and that I can meet people around the world without leaving my computer room. My hobbies are digital art, creating rooms, and taking photos. I also enjoy music and hiking and history in real life! and love that NC skies are always Carolina Blue and fall last until December. I love to laugh and cook and have two wonderful dogs who hate for me to be on the computer. I love life and want to enjoy every minute of it...and IMVU helps me live out some awesome dreams!

IndiButterflySpirit Im 5' 4"" Platinum hair, and Green eyes, I love the water hence I live near the Gulf and the Bay is within walking distance to my home.I am representing the Sunshine State of Florida. I love to meet new people and enjoy learning about them. I love to sing, dance and entertain. I can be witty and serious when I need to be. Of course I love to shop, isn't that every women's desire? In real we own a Shih Tzu she is my baby, because she was a Rescue , someone we knew was going to put her down. In closing, I am excited to be apart of this Fun event. Thank you.

MzMysticCharm I'm a most honest person and I love JESUS and I am a worshiper of HIS I love going to church and praising HIS name. I enjoy modeling on this game and decorating houses I have a set allowance that I use for this game it gives me great pleasure to model and meet new people. Some of the people on here are nice and some are not but whatever they are I love them all just the same but just remember touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm and no weapon formed against me shall prosper on here or in rl . I love you

GinnysHeart I am 58 yrs old, was married 29 yrs now divorced 11 yrs, I have 2 grown kids my son 34, my daughter 31. I had a stroke when I was 6 months pregnant with my son, it was a very difficult time as it left me with a seizure disorder, we are both fine now thank the lord. I am now raising my granddaughter, I have had custody since she was 3 months old shes now 13. I do believe that is MY purpose after going thru all I have, God needed me here to raise her and I am blessed. I'm retired now and achieving goals my doctor has set for me with the help of my grandaughter as I was recently diagonsed with diabetes and stage 3 kidney dIsease. Thank You for having invited me .

PonySilverWolf I am a small town country girl, love living out in the country. I love making new friends and talking to old ones. I have been a member of IMVU for 11 years and have loved every minute of it. My other hobbies include sewing, crocheting, working with plastic canvas. I like working with my hands and making my brain think. I am part Cherokee, part Irish and part French. I would love to learn more about my heritage since neither of my parents was raised in the Native American way. I love being out doors when the weather permits, if it don't then I am usually inside working on one of my hobbies or talking on IMVU or cleaning house.

SaraTalin I express myself through poetry, with two of them published and working on a novel titled Three Graves. I love to dabble in the kitchen inventing recipes I can never reproduce because I neglect to take notes as I go along. My greatest culinary achievement was creating a Menudo recipe with eight years of devotion given to its perfection. I have two sons that have grown into fine young men and my bare-eyed cockatoo Opie is my child still at home. I am a native-born Mississippian but being a military brat traveled. Those travels included Texas, Michigan, California and Germany. My longest time spent was in Southern California which lasted for 33 years. This year I moved back home to Mississippi and have the privilege of reconnecting with my family here, but I believe they will always see me as one of them they're yankees which is odd because when living in California I was one of those rednecks. So I shrug and say 'I am both' which makes me a redneck yankee. When not on IMVU, writing, cooking or playing with Opie, I indulge in fishing and killing mosquitos.

ChinaraNjeri I am a single parent of a beautiful 24 yr old daughter, expecting her first baby. I was born with cancer carrying chromosome and by God's mercy, blessing and unconditional love have survived multiple battles with cancer. I love sewing, making jewelry, writing poetry, eating healthy, helping others however God leads me to. I served 10 years in the Army and I am a disabled Veteran. I have a cancer support group I started 12 years ago with 20 other ladies who deal with cancer. I have degrees in Early Childhood Education, Business Management, Creative Arts for Children with special needs. I am also a Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant.

HickChickElle I am a mother of 3 three wonderful children and I have taken in so many unwanted children I lost track the police use to call my home to see if so and so was there just to make sure they were okay they knew my home was safe and a place a child wanted to be. I've raised and trained boxer dogs and horses and i did that for about 15 yrs. I have been married for 35 yrs now we are split at the moment but we have rarely had fights or argue. I love gardening. I do not believe a person can ever know enough and that there is always more to learn. I love people and I am very laid back and easy to get a long with. I do look forward to meeting and finding new friendships with all the lovely ladies here I am loyal honest and kind. I LOVE PEOPLE

Miss Imvu USA 2019 The Competition  

N.A.U. Inc. Magazine Special Edition. In this issue I'm covering the Miss Imvu USA 2019 Pageant Competition. This competition is organized...

Miss Imvu USA 2019 The Competition  

N.A.U. Inc. Magazine Special Edition. In this issue I'm covering the Miss Imvu USA 2019 Pageant Competition. This competition is organized...