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PERSONAL NARRATIVES VOLUME 1 A Compilation of Authors in the Cowan/Hand Class


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The Great Game by: Thomas Water Bombs by: Robbie The Travel Soccer Tragedy The Birthday Bash by: Jamie Paddle Tennis by: Harry My Brother by: Alex The Snowfall by: Catherine The Big Race by: Emily G. The Snow Day by: Mike

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The Great Game By: Thomas Everyone always told me, “You don’t need a new stick!” but, that all changed one day. Before one of my games, my grandpa came over and told me, “If you score three or more goals you get a new hockey stick.” I was so happy someone said I could get a new stick. “YES!” I screamed as I jumped up and down. I was up for the challenge. I asked my dad if he thought I could do it and he said yes! Then I started to think I could do it. During that game I was pumped. In that game scored 4 goals. I was as excited as a NHL player that won the Stanly Cup. My coach was even exited. We ended up winning 8-0. I picked out a new stick knowing it was perfect for me. I held it in the car as careful as if it was made of glass. I said to myself, “Finally I got a new hockey stick.”



Water Bombs By: Robbie One day the people across the canal shot a water balloon into our pool with a slingshot. Little did they know we had bought 500 water balloons the day before!! It happened in the Hamptons in 1924. Wait, that’s another story, it happened in 2010. My friend Justin, my brother Evan, my friend’s sister Alex, my friend Mike and I were in the jacuzzi when it happened. My mom said, “They just shot a water balloon into our pool.” We ignored it for awhile, but then came another one. After that, we raced to the hose, filled up water balloons, and threw some. In about five minutes, water balloons were everywhere. In the sky, in the water, on the dock, it was madness!! They hit my great grandma. We hit their chairs. “Splat!” Everything was wet! Then, some kid that I would say was about 12 years old, hopped into an old clamming boat and brought a bucket of water balloons with him. He tried to hit everybody on the dock; he was an easy target though. We kept on hitting them over and over again. Eventually they could not take it anymore. They put up a white t-shirt as a white flag. We had won the water balloon fight!! = us

= them



The Travel Soccer Tragedy By: Amanda I never thought I would hear the word, “No.” I was so sure I was going to make the travel soccer team. I never imagined that on this gorgeous hot summer day, the last day of school, I would feel so terrible. I asked my mom, “Did I make travel soccer?” When her smile tuned into a worried frown, my stomach turned upside-down and tears started rolling down my cheeks. I didn’t want to hear it, but unfortunately she said, “No,” in the quietest way. I asked her repeat the answer a couple of times but her answer was always, no. On the way home I cried and cried and cried. As we pulled into the driveway, I couldn’t stop my tears. When we walked inside our house, I ran up to my room feeling like I was useless. After about 5 minutes my mom came upstairs. She asked me, “Why are you so upset?” I replied in a quiet voice, “Because I tried so hard. I knew I was going to make it. Everyone told me I would make the team!” After a long silence, she said, “Those coaches are really dumb. They made a huge mistake for not picking you to be on their team. They are missing out on one awesome player.”As my mom said that her voice got a little louder and I calmed down a lot more. Finally, I stopped crying but stayed lying on the floor with my mom in my bedroom. When my dad came home from work I figured my mom had called him and told him the bad news because he didn’t say anything about it for a while. After a long time he talked to me about it and said just about the same things my mom did. Later that night, my dad let me pick out where we were going to eat. I knew he did it to make me feel better. I picked the Lucky Duck, it’s one of my favorite restaurants to eat at. The food was outstanding! Then I wondered, how can such a day be so upsetting when I had the whole rest of the summer to relax? How can a fun summer start off so bad? The next day I started practicing soccer. I decided that I will practice as much as I can. I am now



The Birthday Bash By: Jamie “Surprise,” we yelled as my best friend Amanda walked in the room at her awesome birthday party. It was just before her very first doubledigit birthday. I loved to see her face so happy and surprised right when she walked in! It was a beautiful, sunny, spring day. We were all at Frosty’s Ice Cream Parlor. After she came in we all sat at a big long table with Amanda at the head. We started coloring and then, when we got bored, we started dancing. We were dancing around a lot. It was Amanda’s birthday party and she just wouldn’t dance with us. We even tried pulling her off the chair but it didn’t work! Even though Amanda wouldn’t dance, we kept going. I was sad she wouldn’t join us but I was also happy because I love to dance. It’s a gift I have, especially disco. After we stopped dancing it was time for something really yummy. It was ice cream time. “Yum” I thought to myself. “This is the best ice cream in the world!” The ice cream was so sweet. Mint chocolate chip my favorite and is what I ate. Soon came the end of the party. Everyone said goodbye as they left. I had lots of fun. It was a super duper party!



Paddle Tennis By: Harry The ball went whizzing over the net! One day, while I was at Cherry Valley, I was playing paddle tennis with my Dad. It was 3:00 on a summer day. It was so sunny that I was sweating to death. In the beginning of the match, I was winning 5-3. I missed a few hits then the score was 15-13. Now, my dad was winning. I was mad and I had an angry frown on my face. Then dad missed six balls and the score was 19-21.We played until 6:30, when someone finally got 21 points. I won the game! We gave each other a handshake and I felt really happy. I was proud of myself the whole way home!



My Brother By: Alex “BEEP, BEEP!” My mom and dad were home with a surprise that was going to change my life forever. I was waiting at home one day when suddenly my mom and dad came bursting through the door with a kid holding their hand. He ran in and hugged me. He was freezing cold with a heavy coat on. At the time, I was feeling mixed emotions. The boy I’m talking about is from Russia and he is my new adopted brother. He is seven years old. He has black hair and his face was chubby when I first saw him. His name is Aleksander Vaneya but we call him, Sasha, for short. He mostly spoke Russian and we had to share a room for about two weeks. Now Sasha is a member of my family. We love him just as if he was born into the family.



The Snowfall By: Catherine I never thought my stuffed animal was going to be totally torn and that the bells would come out! It was nice and quiet in my house when I was watching T.V. Lilly, my dog, was sleeping in the kitchen. She was still a puppy and wasn’t allowed in too many rooms yet. There was this loud bump! Lilly woke up because she did not like the sound and she took off up the stairs. She was just big enough to go up the stairs, and she was doing this pretty often even though she wasn’t supposed to. Suddenly, I heard Lilly barking and growling. Then I heard the bells of my favorite stuffed animal! I was so afraid that she was going to ruin something! I started to run up the stairs, hoping that Lilly didn’t do anything. Then I saw Lilly dragging my favorite stuffed animal! I started to chase her. She ran down the stairs still holding my favorite stuffed animal and she went into the living room. She started to throw my stuffed animal around. When I saw this I thought that I would have to throw out my stuffed animal. I screamed “Mooommm!” My mom came in and got my stuffed animal away from Lilly but there was stuffing everywhere! It looked like there was a snowstorm in the living room. My stuffed animal was ripped so much even the bells came out! I put Lilly in the backyard so that my mom and I could clean up. There was so much to clean that it took about an hour. Then my mom started to sew my stuffed animal. It seemed like it was taking forever. It didn’t really take long though, I was just so nervous! I thought my stuffed animal was going into the garbage. Soon enough, I had my stuffed animal back on my bed and Lilly does not come up the stairs anymore. Now my stuffed animal only has one tear in it. Lilly is one year old and now she behaves better. She has not done anything too bad since.



The Big Race By: Emily G. Have you ever felt so tired when you were swimming that you felt like you were going to drown? I know I did when I was swimming against my best friend. She was so fast and I was trying and trying to catch up to her but she was just too fast for me. I was rushing and thrashing through the icy cold waters, but then I started slowing down. I felt so tired that I thought I would sink down to the bottom and drown! “No!” I had to keep going and at least try to beat someone. Then, as I looked up, I heard her jumping up and down and cheering my name as I finished. I knew she had won. I was so relieved when I finished and I was excited for her. I at least came in 3rd place. At the end, our coach gave us a talk. She wasn’t angry or anything she just wanted to say great job! She also wanted to tell us a few tips for next time. She told Isabella (my BFF) great job and she told me I did a terrific job, too! She also told me to never give up. She said that Isabella and I did such a good job that if we wanted, we could skip practice on Monday or Tuesday. Isabella wanted to, but I didn’t because I wanted to keep practicing my breaststroke and never give up on it. Since that day, my breaststroke has improved a lot. I love swimming and I am always trying to improve.



The Snow Day By: Mike My friend was airborne!! He must have gone four feet off the ground. “Bam!!!” My friend wiped out. This is what happened to my friend and me when we went sledding on a big hill full of snow. When I looked out of my window, I saw that the snow did not have a footprint on it. The snow looked liked mashed potatoes with butter!!!! It looked awesome to me. I knew I had to get outside quick and that is just what I did. When I got outside my friend was there. The first thing we did was build a ramp, taller than us, but not by much. This was it, we were ready. Three, two, one, swish!! My friend came flying down the hill over the ramp and stuck his landing. It was my turn and I was feeling better than ever. Three, two, one, swish! I went very fast but I missed the ramp. (Come on, seriously?) My friends turn was up. He came flying down the hill as usual. He made the ramp again, but he didn’t stick the landing. Instead, he went head first into the snow. We laughed so hard we fell down! When we were finished sledding we went to my house for hot chocolate. It was so warm and cozy in my kitchen. After that, my friend headed home. Every time it snows, my mind goes right back to that snowy day!

Personal Narratives Volume I  

Here are personal narratives that have been written by many different authors in the Cowan/Hand class.