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Coconut Palm: A Creative Exploration By Khamal Boyce

Coconut Palm: A Creative Exploration This project is a creative exploration using elements from the natural environment and incorporating them into photography. The primary element used in this project is the coconut palm. This project also comprises macro-photos of textures and parts of the coconut tree.

Where it all started The photo below was the initial idea that started the whole project. In my mind I imagined someone peeking through blinds made of coconut leaves. After I created this image I decided to push the concept further.

Here, the palm leaf is used as a garment for portraiture

A macro shot of the coconut plant

Whilst taking detail shots of the tree I captured some close up shots of Bees pollinating

A young coconut fruit

Coconut husk texture

Dried and green coconut leaves

Textures & Patterns Coconut tree bark

Pattern experimentations using Photoshop

Radial & Hori

izontal Forms

Thank You

For taking this photographic journey with me!


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Photography Project - Khamal Boyce  

Photography Project - Khamal Boyce