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Business owner?

Talking to yourself doesn’t mean you’re crazy...


$7per day, you can have

We prepare your financial statements from

the information and tools you need to save

bank records in order to get the most accu-

thousands. We prepare monthly or quar-

rate accounting.

terly financial statements for clients so they

statement—and even then you don’t have to

know at any point during the year where

do anything, your bank can send it directly

their profit margins are or where expenses

to us if you would like.

For as little as


Where can my business save?


How can I increase profits?


Where are my profits going?


Can I make decisions with the financial information that I currently have?



Is there a way I can review my financial performance regularly with a qualified CPA & business advisor? Can I afford this high level of service?

can be reined in.

We understand that most

businesses maintain an electronic set of records that contain their business activity, but what we also understand is that most of it doesn’t make sense, is hard to understand, isn’t up-to-date or accurate, is in constant just means you want answers!

PO Box 54 / Salina UT, 84654 / Tel 877-393-3351

All we need is a bank

need of some “tweaking”, and is simply an

$7 is all it takes...Last November we visited with one of our clients who we prepare quarterly financial statements for and after reviewing their financials made a decision with them that saved them over $100,000 in taxes. A list of other clients saved tens of thousands.

electronic shoe box.


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Business Owner  

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