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Khalifa University Digest Khalifa University Highlights Abu Dhabi TV Interview (Oloom Al Dar) with one of our graduate projects that was done at Khalifa University. The project is called “Virtual Mouse� and it has filed for patent. It allows users to control the computer mouse using their eyes only. The interview is in Arabic (Interview starts at 21:21) 27/01/2012

Network promotes higher education to make country a regional hub (Interview on The National for Ankabut) 5/02/2012 A national research and education network is rapidly spinning its web in the UAE, driving higher education into the 21st century to realise the country's goal of becoming a regional education hub. More Details.

Khalifa University promotes job opportunities and graduate scholarship program for Emiratis at Tawdheef 2012 31/01/2012 Khalifa University promoted during its participation at Tawdheef 2012 (held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center from January 31st to February 2nd) Mohammed bin Zayed Graduate Studies Scholarship Program (Buhooth), which offers UAE nationals a number of benefits. The University has also promoted the faculty and administration job opportunities that it offers to Emiratis. More Details. 1

Khalifa University and Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology boost collaboration on research in areas of interest to the UAE beyond nuclear energy 29/01/2012 Khalifa University and Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (KAIST) are working closely to foster research collaboration between the two institutions with initial investment from the Republic of Korea’s government. The ongoing collaboration between the two institutions has witnessed a joint research symposium that was held recently on Khalifa University’s campus in Abu Dhabi and attended by over forty faculty and graduate students from each side. More Details.

Khalifa University's Science Communicators receive Abu Dhabi Science Festival awards 17/01/2012 At a ceremony that recently took place at Khalifa University's Abu Dhabi Campus, Khalifa University's Student Science Communicators at the recent Abu Dhabi Science Festival received awards from the Festival's organizers. More Details.

UPCOMING EVENTS Bridging the Knowledge Economy Forum – University Leadership Council 15/2/2012

To register for the Bridging the Knowledge Economy Forum, please visit 2

Hall meeting for a candidate for the position of Provost (Richard Marchase) 6/02/2012

The Khalifa University community is invited to a Town Hall meeting for a candidate for the position of Provost on February 6. The intent of this meeting is for the candidate to present his vision for Khalifa University to the campus community (faculty, students and staff), and to provide a forum for interaction centered upon that vision. The candidate has been asked to provide a clear picture of his leadership style and his goals and objectives for University, and a synopsis of his scholarship and research and teaching interests. The presentation will be approximately 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes Q&A. After the session, the faculty, students, and staff candidate will have an opportunity to meet and greet the candidate over coffee. Please note that while all candidates will give a community lecture, some candidates may have sensitivity about their candidacies at their home institution. Therefore, communication about these visits should be limited to within the Khalifa community at present. DATE:

Monday, February 6, 2012




1st Floor Auditorium, Academic Building, AD And Auditorium, Sharjah Campus


Richard Marchase

Khalifa University Distinguished Speakers Series: Richard Resnick “Wake up to the Genomic Revolution� 12/03/2012 The price to sequence a single nucleotide of DNA has fallen 100-million fold in the past ten years, representing an acceleration of technological efficiency never before seen in any human endeavor. Such technological change is fueling amazing advances in biology, healthcare, food production, and in our basic understanding about what it means to be human. It also represents a force for significant societal change. While genomics will dramatically increase lifespan, holds the promise to cure cancer, and will displace a $70B diagnostics industry, it stands also to become the civil and human rights issue of the coming century. th



WHERE: Emirates Center for Strategic Studies & Research, Abu Dhabi (On 4 street between 17 street and 19 Street) WHEN: March 3, 2012, 7:30pm Please RSVP: For Inquiries: 971.2.501.8594,


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