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In this issue The Drug-Free Marshals choir entertain the audience with a selection of p o p u l a r Christmas songs. – P. P 10 Ontario Muslim community has donated $78,000 for emergency relief in the Philippines, IDRF says. – Details Deta t ils l on P.11 P 11 P. Quinton de Kock struck three successive centuries powering South Africa to win series against India. - Pag P ge 31 Page Mississauga City is investing $10 million over 10 years to help build U of T’s Innovation Complex. – See Page 10 Khalid Usman, an amazing leader of Pakistani community, raised $190,000 for Imran Khan’s second cancer p hospital. – P. 17 India is willing to supply only ‘non-lethal’ military hardware like helicopters, trucks & jeeps to Kabul despite Karzai’s wish list of heavy weaponry r . – Details t on P. P5 weaponry.

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Pakistan Paki k stan may form a ‘national government’

Tahir-u Tahir-ul-Qadri T r l-Qadri throws down the gauntlet! Will Pak-Canadian doctor succeed?

Peace concert in Kabul ahead of Nato withdrawal

By Latafat Ali Siddiqui PTI Chief Imran Khan

T r-ul-Qadri, a Tahi TORONTO – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri, religious scholar and head of a political party has announced plans to lead what he called a biggest-ever protest rally in his native country – Pakistan early next year and said his peaceful f r struggle would help transfe transfer power to the masses. “I will lead the rally at all costs. I know I might be assassinated during my struggle but I will certainly go to Tahir-ul-Qadri T Tahi r-ul-Qadri Pakistan to lead the ‘revolution’ to pull the country out of the woods,” said Dr Qadri, a Canadian off Pakistani origin. He also appealed to the people of Pakistan to join his rally. “Either my revolution will suck my ceeded or people will pick dead body from the road,” an emotional Qadri said during an hourlong interview with Dr. Danish, the host of a Pakistani television Y Hai’. talk-show – ‘Sawal Yeh (Continued on Page 7)

PTI’s poll-rigging petitions: Another test for judiciary!

Kabul Beats: A “Peace Concert” was organized by a youth organization in Babur Garden in Kabul, the capital of war-ravaged Afghanistan.

Lalu’s Lal a u’s prison release: r ase: BJP rele J happy, y Nitish Nit itish plays it i cool NEW W DELHI DELHI – Rashtr Rashtriya t iya Jan Janata a ata Dal chief Lalu Prasad Prasad’s release from jail has brought cheer to th tthee RJD and a th tthee BJP camp, m while his bête noir chief minister Nitish Kumar a aappears app ears a to be perplexed. Addressing tthee media on th th tthee sidelines of his Janata Durbar, weekly Jan a ata Durbar ar, Kumar a said: “This is a judicial process and a not a political event. There are some charges char arges against him in which th tthee court r is looking into. What is the t e th rationale for celebrating it?” It was expected that the JD (U) would poach on its leaders and workers and in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, the party votebank would be

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divided between the BJP and the JD (U). His release, naturally, has brought fresh heart to the party. The BJP is ecstatic different for a diff fferent reason. “With Lalu’s release, (U)’s JD design to break his party will not succeed,” said

Lalu Prasad

state BJP president Mangal Pandey. “The confused RJD MPs and legislators, who had lost hope in the revival of their party, would now be

emboldened and remain intact at least till the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.” But sidestepping the political ramification ramificati f on of Prasad’s release and the BJP-RJD response, Kumar said he did not have much interest in what his opponents were saying or doing. Instead, he preferred prefe f rred to concentrate on his own work. “I am sincerely discharging the responsibility entrusted in me by the mandate of 2010. Where do I have the time to address or interest myself in what the opposition is saying?” he said. (Continued on Page 9)

ISLAMABAD – The Supreme Court has sought para-wise comments, within 15 days, from the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf’s petition regarding the verificati f on of thumb impressions in ification four constituencies. The plea would be fixed for hearing following the filing of comments by the ECP. P The court has also directed the ECP to summon reports from two election tribunals on non-compliance of commission’s direction. It has also sought compliance reports from the constituencies of NA-125, Lahore, from where Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafiq won his National Assembly seat, and NA-154, Lodhran, from where Siddiq Khan Baloch had won. They both belong to the PML-N. (Continued on Page 16)

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December 15-31, 2013 Page 17

A group photograph of guests and hosts of a fund-raising dinner organized by friends of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital of Peshawar at Markham’s Crystal Fountain Banquet Hall where Canadian $190,000 were raised on December 12, 2013. – Photo by Sabir Gaya Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti

Khalid Usman raises $190,000 for Imran’s 2nd cancer hospital By Latafat Ali Siddiqui MARKHAM – Khalid Usman who raised millions of dollars over the years for social welfare organizations, including hospitals, collected $190,000 last week for Imran Khan’s second cancer hospital that Pakistani cricket hero is Building in Peshawar. Usman launched a formal appeal for raising $100,000 for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital here at a dinner he organized at Markham’s Crystal Fountain Banquet Hall and the guests donated $90,000 more than the target because of his credibility, sincerity and dedication to work for the ailing humanity. “Indeed, Khalid Usman is an amazing leader of Pakistani community,” remarked Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti while appreciating Usman’s dynamic efforts for raising funds for a noble cause. John McCallum, MP for MarkhamUnionville, Jim Karygiannis, MP for Scarborough-Agincourt, and

Khalid Usman did it again

Mohammad Nafees Zakaria, Pakistani Consul General, were also full of praise for Usman’s services for humanitarian cause. And perhaps this was the reason that Khalid was recently appointed Chair of Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation. A 26-year resident of Markham, Mr. Usman has served on the hospital board and volunteers with a number of other charitable organizations in addition to Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation. His charitable work has earned him numerous accolades and awards, including most recently the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal, an Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship and the Tamgha-eKhidmat from Pakistan. “I want to thank you all for making generous donations for a great cause,” Khalid Usman said. He also thanked his team members and volunteers for their hard work that made the event a success. (Continued on Page 27)


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$190,000 raised for Imran’s 2nd cancer hospital (Continued from Page 17) While launching appeal for donation, Khalid Usman said: “We have come together tonight to help all those who are striving to fight cancer. Give the cancer patients an opportunity to live. Be a life saver and make cancer a history.” Over the past decade, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC) has established itself as a centre of excellence providing comprehensive care free of cost to thousands of indigent cancer patients. This pioneering, state-of-the-art hospital located in the heart of the Punjab was founded by Imran Khan, one of Pakistan's most illustrious cricketers. As a charitable institute, it is funded predominantly from the donations of friends and well-wishers from around the country and across the world. This is the first and only cancer hospital of international standards in Pakistan, dedicated to providing first-class treatment of cancer to all its patients, irrespective of their Read & Advertise in

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ability to pay. The inspiration for establishing such a big institutions came after the death of his mother, Mrs. Shaukat Khanum, who died of cancer. SKMCH&RC’s objective is to explore the bridge between laboratory and clinic though the support of translational studies in areas of diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. It is important to maintain research concerned with cancer in local population, addressing issues of prevention through studies on

the effects of genetic make-up, environment and lifestyle. Recently, Imran announced plans to build the second Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in Peshawar. The construction work for the project has started and the hospital is expected to be functional in about three years. Funds are being raised for the cause and the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province has recently donated 50 Kanals of land for the hospital.

V Vajpayee & Gen Zia’s coup (Conti (Continued t nued d fr ffrom om Page 24) It was inte n rnational huma u an ri rrights ght h s day a international human on Tu T esday ay, and a I am reminded of Tuesday, tthee times when Indians th a aand an d Pak akistan a is at th tthee popular a level inte n rPakistanis intervened freely l in each other’s oth t er’s problems whether wheth t er th tthey ey were abou aabout ut dicta ddicta-torships i or oth t er assorte r d bigotr tries. other assorted bigotries. Majrooh Sultanpur a ri’s call to rall rrally ly Sultanpuri’s Pakistan a i masses against Ayu A ub Pakistani Ayub Khan a ’s military a rule was just one Khan’s examp m le of this t is memorable th memora rable bonding. bondi d ng. example Sutoont i i-daar pe rakhte chalo l Sutoon-i-daar saro’n ke k chiraagh i h/ Je JJehaa’n ehaa’n ta ttalak l k la chiraagh/ ye sitam sit itam ki k siyah raat chaley ey. chaley. Jala l ke mishal-i-jaa’n, misha i ll ii-jaa’n, hum junoo’n sifaa i t chaley/ Jo ghar ko sifaat aag laga llagaee hamare r saath t chaley ey. chaley. It was a battle cry from a concerned Indian a poet for his comrades in ano aanother t er country th t to rise against th ttheir eir dictator.

Fahmida Riaz may have made the last significant intervention from a Pakistan poet against the religious madness engulfing India with the rise of right-wing Hindu revivalism from the late 1980s Sard a ar a Jafri may a have onwards. Sardar exhorte r d peaceniks to bring th tthee exhorted fresh air from the Indian Himalay a as and a the t e fragrance th fragran a ce from Himalayas t e gardens th gard a ens of Lahor a e to mingle the Lahore tthee futur t e. into th future. But there are bombs exploding y and the rush of in Lahore today, military preparedness has polluted the Himalayan snow. They both f each other adversely. And affect we don’t want to rue tomorrow the silences of today. r (The writer is Dawn’s correspondent in Delhi.

December 15-31, 2013 Page 27

Report on Cancer Appeal 2013  

Canadian Asian News reports the event of Imran Khan Cancer Appeal 2013, Canada

Report on Cancer Appeal 2013  

Canadian Asian News reports the event of Imran Khan Cancer Appeal 2013, Canada