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Khalid Abdulrahman Graphic Worker

EDEK Project

Untitled Autodesk 3D-MAX, Adobe Photoshop CS3



Ice City

Love Crazy

Adobe Photoshop CS3

The composition had to have a 60’s pop art style and must contain the text “Love Crazy". I used this color scheme which is similar to Andy Warhol’s work and it also explains why this composition contains 60’s symbol to show that the style comes from the 60’s and that is it pop art.

A GRIMEBER AutoDesk 3D-MAX Mental Ray

A Game of Mind Adobe Photoshop CS3 This is my favorite and most effort I’ve place in a piece. The assignment was to show the title and it had to feel like a puzzle. I have placed random symbols and footprints to show that something going on. The color scheme is the American flag.

Black and Bleak Adobe Photoshop CS3

In this composition I had to show a little bit of racism. I tried to take an abstract approach. Originally I was going to put some quick sketches on the paper of subtle racism, showing that someone drew these sketches and left the mysterious ball but I noticed it was distracting and ruined the composition. I’m still pleased with the result.

A Glimmer of Light Adobe Photoshop CS3

I had to create a composition with the title “A GLIMMER OF LIGHT� and with this composition has to show a Nazi message. You can see the black Nazi symbol bit faded against a red brick wall, wanted this composition to have a kind of Underground Comedy Club with the Nazi having a bit of influence.

Unknown Light Camera

Main idea behind this shot was to take a photo of something unnatural. We found an abadoned house just outside the university and brought in some lights andour model and we took the shot.


My Work Using 3D Max, Photoshop, Illustrator

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