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The interval battle of Dayniile: Is it a new Badr or a modern Yamamah?

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The struggle between the Kufr and its party and between Islam and its people will continue to the day of judgement and will eternize until Allah inherits earth and what’s on it, Allah Almighty says: (And they will never cease fighting you until they turn you back from your religion if they can) 217 Surah Al-Baqara. And it has been narrated in the Hadith: “There will never cease to remain a group from my Ummah fighting upon the command of Allah, subjugating their enemies. They are not harmed by those who oppose them, until the Hour arrives”. From Noah to our prophet Mohammed peace and blessings of Allah be upon him the wars were aflame between Islam and Kufr and the battles were won and lost as they are today but the outcome was always in the interest of the believers and it’s the sunnah of Allah Almighty that they win a day and we win a day but we aren’t equal our dead are in paradise and their dead are in hellfire and the good end is for

the pious righteous persons, Allah Almighty says: (And if those who disbelieve fight against you, they certainly would have turned their backs, then they would have found neither a Walî (protector, guardian) nor a helper -22- That has been the Way of Allah already with those who passed away before. And you will not find any change in the Way of Allah -23-) Surah Al-Fath And Allah Almighty says referring to victory and triumph of the Muwahidin in the end: (Verily, the earth is Allah’s. He gives it as a heritage to whom He wills of His slaves, and the (blessed) end is for the pious) 128 Surah Al-Araf. Their dead are in hellfire and our dead are in paradise: (Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of a believing people -14- And remove the anger of their (believers') hearts. Allah accepts the repentance of whom He wills. Allah is AllKnowing, All-Wise -15-) Surah At-Taubah. And Allah said describing to us that their dead are in hellfire and that it’s shelter of the Kuffar: (Verily, those who disbelieve spend their wealth to hinder (men) from the Path of Allah, and so will they continue to spend it; but in the end it will become an anguish for them. Then they will be overcomed. And those who disbelieve will be gathered unto Hell) 36 Surah Al-Anfal. But we our dead are in paradise and their shelter is the highest Firdoos by the willing of the Knower of the unseen, Allah Almighty says: (Think not of those who are killed in the Way of Allah as dead. Nay, they are alive, with their Lord, and they have provision -169- They rejoice in what Allah has bestowed upon them of His Bounty, rejoice for the sake of those who have not yet joined them, but are left behind (not yet martyred) that on them no fear shall come, nor shall they grieve -170-) Surah Aal-e-Imran Every day has its men who rise to truth and spread and defend it and every time has its epics and sacrificing, and in every confrontation glorious days are famous and unforgettable times that gain a name that is mentioned to the day of judgement. We used to hear about the great battle of Badr that Allah differentiated with it between truth and falsehood and we used to the battle of Al-Q disiyyah and Yarmouk, and we here today in the process of remembering days similar to those early days.

The open Jihadi fronts between the lions of Tawhid and the dogs of the Satan are many and far for example: in the East lions are fighting the enemy and in the West knights are saying Takbir on the strongholds of the Kufr and the forts of Satan, and in the Al-Aqsa (mosque) there are men, and here in Somalia, were I’m talking to you, lions of Tawhid and the soldiers of Rahman continue to pluck the heads of the crusaders and the necks of people of polytheism, and have declared Wilayas similar to the state of Islam, if we didn’t say that they have declared the state of Islam through Somalia. This mujahid group in Somalia is fighting a polytheist satanic alliance consisting of: - Ugandan and Burundian forces carrying the name of: AMISOM. - Ethiopian forces - Kenyan forces - the apostate gangs of Sharif - people of polytheism and domes - treacherous apostate mini-states created abroad like: valley of Shabeellaha and Al-Zania - the apostate horde of Ahmed Madobe - a support from America and all the atheist states. Alhamdulillah the mujahidin were able to repel these allied parties and rubbed their noses in the dirt and inflicted a crushing defeat which forced them to call warplanes to shell the defenses of the mujahidin and their forts. So when the mujahidin know that the Kuffar called warplanes to conduct aerial bombardment against their strongholds, they decided the following: - reinforcing the fronts in the Wilayas - changing the confrontation to guerrilla warfare - evacuating the defenses of Mogadishu The senior administration of the mujahidin issued frightening and scary threats towards the alliance of Satan and vowed of unforgettable battles.

And the administration added it’s saying that the days “are pregnant”, like it was saying: “O’ Kuffar wait! we too are waiting; those who do wrong will come to know by what overturning they will be overturned”. Allah inflicted on the criminal gang of Sharif heavy losses by the hands of the mujahidin when in the city of Ail Waq alone in one day, but rather in a few hours more than 80 of the apostates were killed. Also Allah annihilated the army of polytheism and atheism in the city of Wabhawa when in short hours more than 100 polytheist were killed. And about the losses of the mini-states fabricated by the Kuffar, we can speak without interdiction. Regarding the crusaders and the dogs of the AMISOM we are satisfied by what happened to them on the day of Dayniile. But what is the battle of Dayniile? Where is the Dayniile region located? When did it happen? And between which sides? When did it start? And when did it end? And finally what was its outcome? All these questions and others you will find them Insha’Allah in the coming sentences, so I say after seeking help from Allah and keeping my in Allah: The location of the Dayniile region The Dayniile region is one of the regions of the Islamic Wilayah of Banaadir, despite it is located in the outskirts of the city so to speak, it is several distances away from the capital. It’s residence of the clan of “Mursel or Murusade”, and if you wish you can say, the clan of “Karanle” one of the clans of Hawiye that resides in southern and center Somalia. It’s from the most famous tribes that supports the jihad and the mujahidin in the “Land of the Two Migrations” since they were considered by the Amir of the Harakat Al-Shabab Mujahidin sheikh Muktar Abdurrahman Abu Zubeyr, may Allah preserve him, as one of the most benign clans of Al-Ansar in the Land of the Two Migrations in an audio speech that he sent to the Ummah in his congratulation of the days of Eid.

This province – I mean Dayniile – consists of many neighborhoods and the most prominent of these neighborhoods in this province: Jubta, Barawqa, Tayda and Bangali. The interval battle of Dayniile between the truth and falsehood The morning of Thursday 1432/11/22 corresponding 2011/10/20 is a historical day to the Muslim Somali nation in general and the people of the Dayniile region in particular. The people were returning from the dawn Salat or if you want you can say the morning Salat, and distributed between one going to his home to continue sleeping and eat breakfast and go after that to his commercial store and one sitting in the coffee places to drink the famous morning coffee to the Somalis. In the first hours of Thursday the news increased about the movement of the Kuffar brigades resembled in the so called “AMISOM” and in particular the military Burundian brigade and with its lackeys from the apostate Sharif gang heading towards the Dayniile region the stronghold of the mujahidin and shelter of Ansar and the Muhajirin and the graveyard of the crusades and the invaders. The brigade was armored and armed well, and they were arrogant and haughty, and used to walk boastfully, and Satan was with them directing and guiding them with arrogance and tyranny. The prostitutes were absent, but rather there was with them a group of prostitutes and molls who were with Somali skin and a crusader Aqeeda, and their role was singing, and then fulfilling the lust of crusaders to continue fighting. And the role of the apostate gangs of Sharif were as guides, because the Burundians didn’t know the Dayniile region and its neighborhoods. This satanic brigade got prepared, and moved towards Dayniile to confront the sons of Tawhid and the soldiers of Rahman in the Dayniile region, but what happened? When the new reached the sons of the Ansar and the Muhajirin in the Dayniile region and verified from its source and know for sure that they are targeted, they decided to send the women and children to the rear, and prepare to confront the crusaders and give a lesson that it will never forget.

Everyone cheered and said Takbir, and who was able from them prayed two Rak'ahs and raised their hands to their creator asking Him for victory and steadfast and moved forward to meet the match of the crusaders, and give their souls to their creator. The army of Rahman moved in modesty humming: O’Allah we ask you to be steadfast, O’ Lord fulfill your promise to us. And the army of the cross moved arrogantly and haughtily humming: we won’t return until we drink alcohol and have sex with the prostitutes who are with us in the Dayniile region, and take off the banner of Tawhid from the Dayniile region and keep in its place the banner of the cross, but what happened: (And they planned and Allah (also) planned, and Allah is the best of planners) 54 Surah Aale-Imran. The soldiers of Rahman moved keeping its trust on their Lord and waiting either for victory or martyrdom, carrying over their shoulders the banner of Tawhid, while the dogs of Satan moved not expecting any good from Allah carrying in their hands the banner of the crusaders and the tyrants. The army of Kufr reached the outskirts of the neighborhoods of the region, and spread their control, and entered to the heart of the region for almost 3 kilometers without any confrontation, and all the radios which speak with the tongue of the Satan declared: “The Crusaders reached to the Dayniile region safely and controlled it fully”, but they forgot that Allah was watching. The mujahidin finished their preparations, and prepared themselves for fighting, and distributed their armies and brigades to the fronts, and established several fixed ambushes, and pledged on death or victory. It’s worthy to mention that the crusaders attacked from two directions: - Bangali neighborhood - Tayda neighborhood The crusader brigade assigned to Tayda neighborhood reached the outskirts of the neighborhood, and entered it a little, while the other brigade assigned to the Bangali neighborhood reached the outskirts of the junction of the region. I have to note that the Kuffar moved from two centers:

- the former defense ministry - the collage of the tyrant Siad Barre As for the soldiers of Tawhid and troops of Rahman resembled in Al-Ansar and Muhajirin their completed their preparation, and distributed their brigades to two fronts, and both fronts seemed to say: We are the worst from the supports of Sharia if Islam was defeated from our side. And they chanted: We are the grandchildren of those who gave pledge to (prophet) Mohammed to be on jihad as long as we live The Kufr was armed with all kinds of weapons. They had tanks, armored vehicles, bulldozers and similar kinds of weapons, and they were supported by their centers and military bases, since the bases were responsible of launching rockets, especially the BMs. As for the group of Tawhid, they were armed with the weapon of Iman and the company of Allah, then light weapons like PKs, DShKs, RPGs, Kalashnikovs and so on, and they said: “We won’t be defeated today when we have a Holy Lord who is the master of His affair�. When the mujahidin were certain that the enemy entered the heart of the region, and they cannot go back even if they were defeated, they said Takbir, and began to fire bullets and guns against them, and came to them from every front and every neighborhood in one time. I remember that it was six in the morning. The sounds of the guns heard here and there, and the spears were the only speakers. The confrontation continued for long hours, and the supporters of Tawhid flowed to the arena from every remote path. And the enemy began to receive every minute new faces and fighters from the supporters of Tawhid, which increased it, fear, killed its morale and forced them to flee. Alhamdulillah within hours and particularly before mid day the Muwahidin were able with the grace of Allah to overcome the crusaders and force them to retreat and go back and the mujahidin began to fill the gaps that the enemy left or evacuated.

Before mid day and after hours of fighting the apostates fled from the arena, and evacuated their defenses, which facilitated for the mujahidin, and pave the way to target the confused crusaders who don’t have information about the fighting area, which hastened the fall of the corpses of the crusaders on the ground and surrounding some of them and striking off their heads and every fingertip of them. Allah Almighty says: (Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them) 12 Surah Al-Anfal. I slept that night in a house in the imam Ash-Shafi'i neighborhood in the Islamic province of Lafoole, and in the early morning I couldn’t bear the sounds of guns and wheeze of bullets. I used to imagine my friends in fierce confrontations that could be the last of its kind. I entered the bathroom, had a shower, combed my hair, and put my glasses. I went out to the Ulaysh Biyah neighborhood (water wells). I left by laptop in that house and it was never away from me. But this morning I expected that I would go to the battlefield, and I couldn’t eat or drink much. I reached to the Ulaysh Biyah region (water wells) and met brother Obeid and talked about what is going on in the Dayniile region and we asked if we could find a car to take us to the battlefield, but we could find. I said to him: “Did you see Luqman or Noor; he is my friend and habib for the sake of Allah?” He said: “I saw him and I can show him to you”. We walked until we reached a wall were my dear brother Noor known as “Luqman” and our other friend Hassan Maarouf “Marwan”. He talked together; I remember that the issue of Dayniile was the most thing that we talked about. We contacted some brothers in the field and especially in the battlefield, and they made us hear the wheeze of bullets, it was then that we decided to leave and go to the battle. Our brother Noor contacted another friend whose name was “Taher” and asked him to go to the battle and that we have to move or the enemy will come to this region which talking in if we didn’t teach them today a lesson that would make them stop.

We all agreed on the importance of our going to the encounter… the battlefields… the battleground... the arenas of heroism. We moved until we reached the main center of the Hisbah in Ulaysh Biyah region (water wells) and stood in front of the center until a Prado car came driven by an Ansari brother called Yasser. We went until we reached the Lafoole neighborhood in the Lafoole province, there we met brother Taher and he was waiting for us on the road. We got out to the road and entered in an alley, a walked for awhile until we reached the house of the Ansari brother Taher. He got out of the car, Taher and another brother I remember that he was Marwan and brought from the house two Kalashnikovs. We returned to the house, me (engineer Humam), our brother Luqman, brother Marwan, and another brother called Tariq, Taher and Ustaz Yasser was driving the car. We reached the same Hisbah center which we moved from, and got out from the car leaving the weapons in it for security reasons, to check another car that will take us to Dayniile region were the fire is burning. We did our contacts with others and new mujahidin who will go with us, at least to be a group. We found our brothers armed with Kalashnikovs. They are Siad and Abdullah. They expressed their readiness to go with us to the battlefield. We couldn’t find a car to take us to Dayniile, and were forced to convince brother Yasser to take us to the fighting area. We went with a group to brother Yasser and after an argument we convinced him to take us to Dayniile with a car that was a little bit inoperative. It’s worthy to mention that all brothers were from the fronts, but I was from the Wilayas. Before we moved one of the Amir of the front stopped us and didn’t allow us to go to battle, but after an argument and consultations, he allowed us to go and return before sunset to accomplish other tasks for the fronts.

We moved from Ulaysh Biyah (water wells) at 12:00 pm 0r 11:50 am. On the road, I contacted brother Mustafa and asked him about the best way that leads to Dayniile, he said: “I’m standing in the middle of the road near a check point in the Jersabali neighborhood and I have a Humvee car and I would go with you until we reach the battlefield to the Dayniile region. After a few minutes, we reached the check point. We found the brother there, waiting for us, Alhamdulillah for that because we didn’t know the best and most secure way that gets us to the battlefield. The earth was shaking with the women and children fleeing from conflict region, trying to save their selves, most of them couldn’t take most of their household appliances because the Kuffar sneaked with a trick and an un-agreed upon appointment. We came close to the battlefield… the field of martyrdom and dignity. The sounds of bullets were becoming closer inch after inch, the BM artillery were pioneers of the battle since the crusaders were using it intensively and death was surrounding us and we were waiting for martyrdom in every second because the BM artillery were falling around us intensively. I was heavily armed and had a Kalashnikov from the type called in Somali language “Daeli”. I was fully prepared, and had enough bullets, since I had at least 100 of the Kalashnikov bullets. Before we got out from the car and beside the big meat market in the region – I mean Dayniile – our car broke down. Here the driver asked me for help and I called the rest of the brothers and reminded them the importance of fixing the car and returning it to Ulaysh Biyah (water wells). That took from us almost 20 minutes. During our work the shells were falling here and there, and death was surrounding us from every side. Suddenly a woman called me: “Here in inside the market building there’s a martyr who was hit by Mortar shell of the enemy. He was selling meat inside the market asking, we from you to get him out and bury him”. I said to her: “That if a Moslem was killed by enemy fire then he is a martyr in the apparent situation. We weren’t heading to the front lines to stop the march of the enemy, we would have been able to bury him and those similar to him or the enemy will dare to advance and won’t allow us to bury him.

I added: “Call his family, and mention to them the story of their son. We are going to advance forward”. Notice: during our conversation men from the region came and they knew the martyr and took the responsibility of the event, I mean his burial and taking him and contacting his family. We moved forward and in this period we were: Brother Noor, who was Amir of the group, Marwan, Siad, Abdullah, Tariq and me (engineer Humam). All of us were armed except the Amir, since I was carrying his weapon, and he had a hand grenade and holding his pistol. W reached a temporary center for the mujahidin where the injured are treated and from it the supplies are sent to the front lines. The clock was saying that it was 12:30 pm, and the sounds of the bullets were dominating the atmosphere and prevailing the situation, and even sometimes the bullets would reach us and it would hit some of the brothers in the backside. We prayed the noon Salat – of course the Salat here isn’t like the Salat in home -, suddenly it turned from the status of peace to a status of war. I prayed two Rak'ahs of the noon Salat because it’s how to perform the Salat AlKhawf (Prayer of Fear), during the Salat I remember that we couldn’t lift our heads because the bullets and shrapnel were coming from here and there. W finished the Salat and some of the brothers were hit by indiscriminate shots that came from enemy and others were nearly hit because of the intensity of the shooting. The centre was full of youth armed with all kinds of weapons and to be honest the atmosphere wasn’t organized, one coming from forward and another advancing without orders from anyone. This situation made us a little confused and we lost our system as a group. I said to our Amir brother Noor: “Allow us to go to battle; I’m afraid that we will perish before presenting anything to Islam, don’t you see the indiscernible shots.

After that the order came from the front lines expressing their need to an armed group and another non-armed. We hastened and chose for us a new Amir and I remember that it was brother Siad who was with us in the car. We advanced walking and the wheeze of bullets was becoming more intensified second after second, and gun shots were surrounding us like we were in their line of fire. After awhile a car came carrying an anti-aircraft gun used to fight the infantry. We got in the car, and got near to the enemy, after that we got out from the car, and began to walk, and in some places we would jog, and run for fear to be hit by the enemy snipers, and finally we reached the ranks. The brothers in the front lines cheered for our arrival, and they began a fierce campaign against the enemy to advance, and I like not to forget that we received hospitably before entering the frontline a wounded from the mujahidin and sent him to the center and continued our advance until we reached our brothers. Our group was assigned to protection, and everyone pledged on death, and we began the attack, Alhamdulillah during seconds or minutes we managed to control more than 2 kilometers from the locations of the enemy, without any worthy Injuries. We continued our march until we reached the well of Bangali and forced the enemy to retreat from long distances, and evacuate all its morning defenses, and made him suffer losses that we never imagined and that is from the grace of Allah Almighty. The mujahidin managed to gather more than 80 corpses most of them were Burundian from the locations of the enemy after they fled and evacuated it, and the corpses were carried in big trucks, and it were sent to Ulaysh Biyah (water wells) and the movement – I mean Harakat Al-Shabaab Mujahedin – displayed more than 75 corpses, and the local and international media witnessed that. Note: one of the leaders of the battle – of course he was a commander of one of the other brigades not my brigade -:” We killed in one location more than 30 soldiers and they didn’t show any resistance”, and he added: “We wished to

capture them, and arrest them alive, but the youth were very zealous and they were competing in killing them and wanted them killed, Jazahum Allah Khayer. In the next morning the mujahidin displayed spoils of the battle, by showing more than 37 Kalashnikovs, 7 PKs and BM artillery that is known to the Somalis as “Fouryayee - the whistler”, several shells from 60 mm mortar and other weapons, including hand grenades. From the Karamat of the battle, which the increase of the doubts turned it to certainty: that some of the corpses were killed without injuries. Allah Akbar.. we as mujahidin believe that the angels participated with us in this battle, and if they didn’t participate with us other soldiers of Allah who didn’t see. We couldn’t believe that we will kill from them this number but Allah killed them as I remember the verse of Allah in His Book: (You killed them not, but Allah killed them. And you threw not when you did throw, but Allah threw) 17 Surah Al-Anfal. We got out from the area safely and we were many, and the clock was almost 12:00 am, and reached to Ulaysh Biyah (water wells)safe and sound. What I don’t forget is that brother Noor was hit with a bullet in his thigh but it wasn’t broken, and after one day he recovered and left the hospital, Alhamdulillah, he wasn’t the only wounded, but rather we praise Allah Almighty that the number of martyrs in this epic didn’t reach 10 martyrs also the number of injured wasn’t much when comparing it to the number that I mentioned to you about the killed from the Kuffar side let alone the wounded who are more than one hundred. After one day from the battle the Andalus and Furqan Islamic radios broadcasted an audio tape for the Amir of the mujahidin in Somalia the mujahid sheikh Mukhtar Abu Zubeyr may Allah preserve him, and the Amir highlighted in the tape on several themes: - Dua for the mujahidin who participated in the interval battle of Dayniile. - congratulating the inhabitance of Dayniile neighborhood for what Allah have made the enemy suffer in their region, and thanked them for standing with the mujahidin, and urged the other clans to follow their example. - a message to all the Kuffar and to the Burundians in particular: that Mogadishu is the graveyard of the crusaders.

And reliable sources mentioned that the number of the Burundians who were killed on that day in addition to the apostates were almost 300 soldiers and officer, and more than this number were wounded, and most of them were sent abroad for treatment. After three days or more Furqan Islamic radio broadcasted news about finding more than 20 Burundian corpses inside the abandoned neighborhoods of Bangali. Alhamdulillah, the battle ended leaving more than 300 Kaffir solider dead compared to 10 martyrs. Note: one of the survivors said about this massacre, who was from the most prominent Burundian leadership on that day, in a hospital in Nairobi, Kenya in a voice call conducted with a newspaper – American New York Times: We attacked Dayniile region in the early morning and didn’t face any strong confrontation except that three Katyusha rockets that were fired at us by Al-Shabab and we heard sounds that we were told were signs for welcoming us and for the retreat of Al-Shabab from the region, but they have planned for us a deceiving combat plan: they allowed us until we reached their heart, then they gave us bullets from every side and the old and young from the inhabitance of region didn’t hesitate in fighting us, they killed us as they wanted and we couldn’t runaway because we didn’t know the roads well, so we left in the battlefield more than 70 corpses from our friends, and we weren’t able to move them, but unfortunately they fell in the hands of Harakat Al-Shabab, so I can say that this incident was a bloody massacre and a mass extermination of our soldiers. From the learned lessons of the battle: - they won’t go out again from behind their stringent walls and buildings. - raising the morale of the mujahidin. - achieving the wishes and dreams of the mujahidin since they were vowing that they will teach the enemy unforgettable lessons if they met on an open land. - starting the spirit of competition between the clans, since the events of Dayniile promoted and portrayed that the clan of Murusade participated in fighting with their members and weapons. - raising the spirits of the mujahidin in general, and the defeatists in particular. - stopping march of the enemy and forcing him to take defense.

- increasing the doubts between the crusaders and the apostates in one hand, and among the crusaders themselves on the other hand. - breaking the morale of the crusaders army which was still high before the battle. Alhamdulillah the battle ended in this bright face and we ask Allah to repeat it and make it the victory of victories. The battle was similar to the battle of Badr in terms of the lack of the mujahidin and the large number of enemies and in the terms of the participation of angels in the operation despite we didn’t see the angles we believe we weren’t alone in battle. And it was similar to the battle of Yamamah for the large number of dead from the Kuffar and people of oppression and criminality. That’s why we chose to call it: “The interval battle of Dayniile: Is it a new Badr or a modern Yamamah?” Here Alhamdulillah we reach the end of the letter, and conclude it with the verses: We fear no tyrant waging war upon us Even if he erects fates as walls above us We call out openly that there is no god but He Who created what is and predetermined all fates Oh Lord, our heads are above our palms We seek Your reward, in treasures and in those around us By: engineer/ Humam “Abu Shayma Al-Somali” Somalia, Islamic Wilayah of Lower Shebelle

the interval battle of danyiile  

the interval battle of danyiile