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Karamat and signs of Allah in the Tajik and Chechen jihad . . This is the story of the Tajik and Chechen jihad in brief words that I listed its elements as following, how the jihad started, and truth about the Karamat that we are going to talk about. I ask Allah that this audio tape spreads between the Moslems matters that I have heard and seen that increases the Iman and strengths the Aqeeda and saw for certainty that Islam will no doubt come from these destinations, and the Kuffar despite all their intrigues and cunning against Islam and the Aqeeda of Islam, there are people behind these mountains... behind these cattle... behind these farms have come saying L Il ha Illall h with their blood and they only want from that the establishing of the state of Islam and Sharia of Rahman. Allah has been honored not because of my graciousness but because of a weakness that he saw in me or for a reason that I don’t know, I have been honored by doing jihad in Tajikistan and Chechnya. I have been there and saw these people. I saw how they think, how they do jihad and how they live. They aren’t well-heeled or luxurious people. They are people were live in the mountains, who are simple farmers. They are strong in their souls and body. Islam for them is all their life. Islam is their food and water. In the Arab lands we got used to live without Islam, but they whenever they saw a government coming to destroy Islam they would revolt against it and we don’t know anything about that because the media is dimming everything. These give martyrs that are equivalent tenth or fifth of their population. Every year there would be not less than 50 or 100 thousand martyr. And we don’t know anything about that! All that is for L Il ha Illall h. They gave in one day, in the day of Amu Darya – the attribution is to the Amu Darya river - which is from the famous days, when the USSR dismantled and the Moslems in Tajikistan get up and seized the country ruling it for six months led by the muajhid, may Allah bless him and increase his grace upon him, Sayid Abdulloh Nuri head of the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan, and it’s the same scenario that happened in Chechnya. This man stood up and led his country as an Islamic country and

prepared an army, schools and centers for memorizing the Quran. He prepared everything that when they attacked him they found it very difficult to topple him. That’s why when he was forced to retreat, he went to the Tajik – Afghan borders which is a river called Amu Darya – he was surprised that the Russians who were on the borders allowed him and his companions to cross. They told he get out of this county we don’t want you. That was after almost one month of continuous jihad, he didn’t flee just like that, it was only after the running out of men and treasury. After one month of continuous jihad, they used to throw everything they had against the invaders, even that when the ammunition finished they throw arms at them, they used to throw bricks and make that Molotov bombs. They did jihad with everything even that they used to storm the tanks without weapons, saying Takbir wishing that the Karamat that happened in Afghanistan would be repeated like explosion of the tank. But Allah wants to purify, test and examine (his slaves). That’s why the Karamat are given only to those who are steadfast and it’s proven before Allah that he sacrificed and he only wants from that Islam and a religion that rules his life and after his death. I said they allowed for that person and his people to cross the river, so they crossed as individuals and groups on boats given to them by the Russian forces and this from the wonder of wonders – when they reached the middle of the river – this is s day that nor few or many of the Moslems know about, Hasbuna Allahu WaniAAma Alwakeelu, they shot at them with Napalm bombs, Kalashnikovs and every kind of weapons that you could imagine, that made the Amu Darya river turn to a lake of blood, and the bodies of the women, children and elders drifted with the strong stream of the river to the waterfalls, Hasbuna Allahu WaniAAma Alwakeelu, there were 300 thousand martyr on that day, about 150 – 300 thousand martyr in one day, but rather in one hour. In one hour of day tenth of the people population were gone and we were asleep and didn’t know anything about that, Hasbuna Allahu WaniAAma Alwakeelu. So the people went to Afghanistan, or to be more accurate those who survived from them, to the land of Takhar in a place called Taluqan. There they prepared camps for the mujahidin, shelters for the muhajirin (refugees) and schools for Moslems. And he (Sayid Abdulloh Nuri) began to prepare what he can from force and then he returned, after one year. He sent the mujahidin in groups one after another to the land of jihad to conduct guerilla warfare. These mujahidin when we came to Tajikistan we found them conducting an operation and after one or two months they do another operation. When the Arabs came, it

was like they same treasures or angels who came down from the sky. We told them either there be an operation everyday or we will go and never see you again. They said ok, it will be an operation everyday, you are the grandchildren of the prophet of Allah and you will be the victory of Allah. And it was so, we moved from one operation to another and from one victory to another. I swear to Allah that we saw wonders. Five of us would go and triumph over 100 of them, I swear to Allah that I saw that and participated in it. We with light weapons used to take the tanks and armored vehicles. When we used to go down to the village it was their nightmare. They were scared when they know that the mujahidin entered the village. To the people we were people with long beards and ghosts that they don’t see, but they thought that we were the Sahabah of the prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him who came down from the sky to save them from communism. They used to see in the street this beard and this military outfit, weapon and dagger that decorates the waist, they rush towards you and kiss your hand and give you food and other things. Why? Because to these people the mujahid comes immediately after the prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. They loved Allah, the prophet and the mujahidin. They don’t see in anything good in political or peaceful attempts. There are the democratic parties and poets who try that, but this people has natural propensity to do jihad for his sustenance… to do jihad for his security… to do jihad for his security and safety. It’s a strong nation that was raised in the mountains. They and the Chechens. I’m speaking in this introduction about Tajikistan and Chechnya. These two people are from one origin. If the Chechens were one million people, we found in them one million mujahid. In the Tajik we found many communists and democrats, but these Chechens I have never seen anything like them. They are not like the Tajik or Afghan or anything else. This people are like the Nashid that says: “A nation that got liberated… It sacrificed and said Takbir… They are like the lions roar Allah Akbar”. They are a nation that sacrificed 300 thousand martyrs when they are only one million only. They gave this number to get Islam, but does Allah give Islam to anyone just like that? Indeed Allah gives Islam to such people. I ask Allah to give me Islam. The Chechens don’t know in the religion any mercy towards the Kaffir. All the prisoners were dead and all the traitors in the ranks of the defeatists dead. They

didn’t know exchange of prisoners, or ransom or freeing as a favor. They saw that the Russians retribution for what they did to the capital of Chechnya is absolute death. When Allah fulfilled His victory to us in Chechnya, a female journalist came to one of the bases of the mujahidin commanders, brother Salman Raduyev, and she appeared with him in a TV interview, and he had a satellite TV and saw that the interview was broadcasted in all the Russian channels live, and almost half of the earth population watching this interview. She asked him one question: “After Russia have withdrawn from Chechnya and acknowledged it mistake, what are the peaceful relations that you wish to make with Russia?”. He answered: “The withdrawal of Russia from Chechnya was as a result of our jihad, but despite of that w didn’t do jihad for the sake of Chechnya, we did jihad for the sake of Chechnya. And Allah commands us to implement the Sharia on all the earth and I won’t rest or have peaceful relations until they implement Islam or we conquer Moscow and we implement Sharia in it”. These were lightning coming out from his lips heard by those who are far and near. It was heard by every Kaffir so he would be horrified and humiliated and his body will shake. And every believer will hear it so would feel more Iman, pride and proud by these people. He said to them: “Yeltsin has destroyed Grozny, and I won’t rest until I destroy three or ten cities as he destroyed Grozny”. And he added: “And Yeltsin killed my brother and friend, Dzhokhar Dudayev, and I won’t rest until I kill ten persons like Yeltsin”. And he said to them: “Allah commands ne to do jihad for the sake of Allah until the Moslems are safe in their land, and until the woman and orphans are safe, and until I see the Hudood of Allah are implemented on earth. Until that happens I won’t make relation with Russia till I see what I expect”. Allah has given victory, grace and pride to this man for his honor, strength and pride. He was a man who took Islam as a pride and left all the others, but rather he humiliated the others. So all the world stood for him in obeisance and respect. He in the end of the interview he said to them: “That the withdrawal of Russia from Chechnya was a scourge on us, now where will I get weapons? When I began jihad I started with stones and bricks and when Russia entered, may Allah humiliate it, I took from it my tanks, armored vehicles, bombs, guns and machine guns and had an equipped army that I took from Russia. And if they want to return then we are ready for it, we want more, we aren’t satisfied by the 300 thousand martyrs. We won’t be satisfied until we see Moscow and see the banner of L Il ha Illall h over the Kremlin”. “This is a nation that got liberated… It sacrificed and said Takbir… They are like the lions roar Allah Akbar”.

This is nation that Aqeeda in them are like solid mountains. This old woman who became an example in this land, who killed her only son whom she loved like no other mother or father did, but the on this sons appeared the signs of betraying the mujahidin. One day his mother saw him talking in secret with a stranger, and she heard him speaking angrily and insulting (Prophet) peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, she didn’t come to tell us and didn’t ask her sheikh for a Fatwa, she didn’t go to anyone, she only heard the (Prophet) Mohammed peace and blessings of Allah be upon him inside her home. So she waited for him to sleep and then stabbed him with a dagger. The boy woke up, and he was dying, he said: “Mother why did you do so?”, she said crying: “Son, no one who insults (Prophet) Mohammed peace and blessings of Allah be upon him can live in my home”. This old lady who doesn’t know anything from where did she get that Aqeeda, that woman who works in the mountain and to see between these rocks plants that it can eat or a well of river to drink from, from where did she get that Aqeeda. And this young man, Safi, who killed his father and nearly killed his wife. He killed his father because his father was a communist, so he killed him a cold blood with a smile in his face saying Takbir, and he nearly killed his wife but we saved her in the last moment when she wanted like all women to live a stable life without troubles. She said to him: “Safi leave that weapon and mountain and come with me to the city to leave peacefully, and if you want from me to talk to the government they won’t harm you, they only want some names”. She asked him with a good intension because 90% of these people don’t know anything about the details of Islam. So Safi only lifted the safety trigger and nearly fired shots at her chest. But Alhamdulillah we saved her and took the weapon from his arm and went to her home. These are two simple examples, I narrated them to show how is the Aqeeda of these people. And there are many other examples, but I want to be brief because I want from this tape that the one who hears it doesn’t care from where and how did it come and who is the speaker. I swear to Allah that if you knew about him what Allah knows you would have spat on him. Allah is the one who have honored me with jihad from His grace, not mine. Now I will talk to you about the Karamat. I have talked to you about the land and the Aqeeda and now I’m going to talk to you about the Karamat. And it will be very briefly, I don’t want to exceed the first side of the tape, and if that happens then that’s Allah’s will.

The first stance is for Othman Al-Misri. May Allah bless this, Othman Al-Misri, he was one who prayed at night and fasted at day, with a smiley face, merciful and gracious. I swear to Allah that when you see him at war you see a roaring lion and when you see him with the believers, he gives that one food, treating that child and solace that bereaved mother, may Allah’s mercy be over Othman, he was the example of the Moslem mujahid. He used to pray at night and fasted at day a lot. He only slept two or three hours of the night the he wakeup to pray. On the day of his martyrdom rahimahullah he was fasting so the Amir prevented him from going, but Othman swore and said: “I swear to Allah that I will break my fast with dates in the battlefield”. Rahimahullah he broke his fast in Jannah. This person went with a group of mujahidin among them is a Pakistani brother called “Zeryani”. The operation was divided two or three persons in each direction, so both of them were together. Both of them were hit with an RPG shell, and the RPG is used against tanks. This blow penetrate Othman in his chest and his first Karamah was that he made Sujud on the ground, he was martyred making Sujud. His second Karamah was when we kept him in the grave piling soil on him crying he face was lightsome and we found him smiling and lifting his hand as hugging something to his chest and increasing his smile. We were amazed, and smiled and cried until a man came to us from the old mujahidin from the companions of Sheikh Abdullah Azzam and said to me: “You saw this for the first time, all of the martyrs are like that, complete his burial”. I thought that he was alive but he was a martyr. This is Othman. Regarding Zeryani who was with him, the RPG shell that hit him ruined him and made him carnage, but as the prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said that the martyr only feels death as a pinch. He still had some life in him and we talked to him and he was a funny guy and made us laugh a lot. When we talked to him we said to him: “Zeryani, Insha’Allah you will be good, nothing is wrong with you?”, but he saw in us horror and panic because his body was torn and we couldn’t see his organs in detail because of the blood. He said: “Bothers I don’t feel anything, make me stand to finish my work, I don’t feel anything”. We said to him: “Calm down Insha’Allah we will take you to the camp”. Then we found him laughing and saying to us loudly: “If you see what I see you would have wished if you were in my place. It’s Jannah, brothers”. And he gave his soul peacefully without struggle. I saw many died and how they give the soul in struggle, but the martyr it’s like he departs on his own will. He wants to leave and the soul and body doesn’t struggle.

The second Karamah is for Haydar and Khalid. It was a great battle. It was from the biggest battles there we were 100 mujahid. Do you know what we did to gather these 100 mujahid?. I swear to Allah that we contacted three mujahidin camps in three different regions not like Cairo, Alexandria and Asyut, they were far regions and in every region there were mujahidin. Here 35, and here 40 until we gathered 100 mujahid to conduct this operation to cut the supplying route for enemies besieging mujahidin in the south, and this supplying route is long with tanks and we crossed this route in 12 days with 100 mujahid while they were in thousands and had hundreds of armored vehicles and couldn’t cross it. And we were 100 mujahid with light weapons and one cannon, La Hawla Wala Quwata Illa Billah , I say this to those who said they don’t want men but money, when I asked for Fatwa of sheikhs - whom I don’t want to mention their names – before going to jihad. May Allah have mercy over sheikh Hazem (Salah Abu Ismail), and Sheikh Mohammed Hassaan and Mohammed Abdulmaqsoud. Those three gave Fatwa that Jihad is an individual obligation and we have to go. But all whom I asked for Fatwa after them said to me this Tajikistan and Chechnya don’t want men. Their men know better and they can manage the money. I swear to Allah who there is no god but Him which the heavens and earth shake for Him the Almighty, an oath that I would be asked about it on the day of judgment, I asked the deputy of the Amir of the mujahidin there who is from the companions of Abdullah Azzam and he isn’t a weak or ignorant person, his name is “Abu Abdullah”. I said to him: “They said to us in our country that you don’t want men”. He said: “One man is better to us from one billion dollar”. (…) The third Karamah is Abu Al-Muttalib. Before saying the third Karamah, I want to say that I will mention examples without names. Many times the mujahid might wakeup and distribute what he owns from money and stuff and says that I’ll be martyred today and indeed that really happens like he had seen it in his dream or an invisible caller have said that to him, I don’t know. But we saw this a lot. Even once a person woke up in a day when there was no operations because of the treaties and there was truce and cease fire for 15 days, and said: “I’ll be martyred today”. We said to him: “There isn’t any jihad or operations, what martyrdom are you talking about”. He said: “I’ll be martyred today” and he distributed everything he owned except what he was wearing. Subhanallah! The man entered the kitchen - which is a hut outside the hut, it is not building – because he was the cooker and began to cook and suddenly the bombs for the first time since 15 days hit the camp

and it only stroked the kitchen and the man was martyred. So what kind of hearts are these hearts? They are hearts that have pertained to Allah when they sacrificed. I swear to Allah that it’s the sacrifice. Don’t you know that sacrifice is the reason for everything and being steadfast on it. We saw who would sacrifice – may Allah grant us and you steadfast - for one or two days, but when he sees the panic and injuries returns to his father and mother. But we saw who sacrifices and is steadfast. We found the companions of Abdullah Azzam and Bin Laden – may Allah have mercy over them -, we found companions who are steadfast on jihad who cry bitterly every night say: “We have with our hands this one, and hundreds and thousands of our brothers, but we weren’t granted martyrdom. Allah is angry from us”. You haven’t seen the Arabs yet. You see quasi-Arabs. Come to the land of jihad and see the grandchildren of Mohammed peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. The Arabs before the Chechens and the Tajik – we ask Allah to join us together in this Dunya and the hereafter -. The third Karamah is Abu Al-Muttalib. His name was Abd Al-Muttalib because some hear the Arabic name and think that it’s an Islamic name, so his father called him Abd Al-Muttalib thinking that it’s a name that would please Allah, but when we came we called him Abu Al-Muttalib. Abu Al-Muttalib was really a lion. He was the Muezzin, so he would call for the Aadhan on the highest peak in the region. So when we used to capture prisoners they used to say your Muezzin throws fear in our hearts when we are in the camps by his Aadhan. Abu Al-Muttalib on the day of his martyrdom we were on a night operation and we were crossing the river and shooting. The operation failed – and that was rare – and we were forced to retreat. And we saw Abu Al-Muttalib crossing the river in deranged movements, shooting and saying Takbir. Then he crossed the river and rushed to the woods running in deranged movements and saying Takbir and shooting and saying weird things that we weren’t used to. He said: “If you wanted to kill O’ enemies of Allah, – of course in their Language – you won’t be able to do that. I will no doubt kill you”. W were forced to return quickly. This situation continued for 10 or 15 minutes and we were forced to return to take him and we carried him. And we found him hit with a big bullet of heavy weapons in his head and it penetrated it. He remained for 10 or 15 minutes after being shot in deranged movements, saying Takbir and shooting and he didn’t understand anything. So we took him and he remained on that condition reading the Quran and say: “Let fight

them! Let me fight them!” and saying Takbir, until was martyred for more than an hour. Despite the shot had penetrated his brain. These are the matters that Allah said about: (that the believers may increase in Faith) 31 Surah Al-Muddathir. The fourth Karamah is for Dudar Bek. He was also from those who if we want to attack a fort we used to keep him in the lead, so that the mujahidin would see Dudar Bek and they would go without fear. He was brave, daring, courageous who have any fear. From his adventures, we once raided one of the camps of the one of the communist Tajiks, so he began to shoot. Dudar Bek stood for him and said: “You don’t shoot, - and he mentioned his name - I’m the son of your aunt. I came because I want you. If I hit you then I will release you because I’m the son of your aunt”. So that man said to him come, and he took him prisoner and seized his weapon. We said to him: “We didn’t know that you have a relative?”. He said: “I’m not his aunt’s son”. We said: “So how did you know him?”. He said: “I don’t know him”. We asked him: “How did you mention his name?”. He said: “It’s an inspiration from Allah”. Dudar Bek on the day of his martyrdom there was shelling with Napalm bombs and when we found his body there wasn’t on is a drop of blood and the interesting thing is that we found his jacket torn completely and counted 25 shrapnel holes in it, while there were no blood on his body. This was from the weirdest Karamat that we saw. The man used to be killed and we see his Karamah after that and this is a metaphysical matter that we read about in books. But it’s something that is contrary to the usual and cannot be explained scientifically. But there are people who see these matters, I don’t say that their Iman increases, but rather it’s like they didn’t see it. They remind of Harithah may Allah be pleased with him who said: “It’s like I see the Throne of my Lord”, or as Ali bin Abi Talib may Allah be pleased with him said: “If the veil of the Unseen were lifted up, my certainty would not increase”. And what is happening on this land from Karamat to them it’s what Allah and his messenger peace and blessings of Allah be upon him have said to them. They aren’t surprised from it, but we are the ones who are surprised because unfortunately were raised on the secular and democratic principles and not the principles of the Islamic Aqeeda.

Another Karamah is the shells that don’t explode. I didn’t mention my name to say this Karamah which happened to me. Allah honored me with a Karamah and I won’t say my name and I ask Allah that the one who listens to this tape and knows my voice to forget me and not mention my name. I was sitting in one of the trenches and one of the tanks fired at me. When the Russian tank fires at you then it’s over and you are considered dead. In the military the shell it can kill in the diameter of 200 meters and after that it injures. What happened to me is that the tank saw me and fired at me and that shell fell on me and exploded. I saw it fall in front of me and explode, and I saw myself thrown hundreds or tens of meters away, and I had a strange buzz in my ears. What happened to me was strange. I saw the shell and my feet nearly exploded, and felt my body full of blood. Then I closed my eyes after the explosion when I was thrown away, and began saying “O’ Allah make me go quickly to Jannah”, and looked to the skies waiting for the angles of Rahman and continued to say “O’ Allah make me go quickly to Jannah”. But I saw that it was long and I touched my feet, head and body and I didn’t find any blood. And everybody said “Assadollah have been martyred”. I stood from by location and they looked at me like they have seen a ghost. They said: “What happened?”. I said: “Only Allah who knows the secret and that which is yet more hidden, knows what happened”. I don’t how I survived from this shell. But its Allah who predestined lives and livelihood, and no one will die before his time”. The man would be in the battlefield thinking that he will die, but won’t die even with the shells falling around him and the bullets come from before him and behind him, then he goes to his bed to die. The same Karamah also happened to a mujahid who is 62 years old. We were in the trench and the mortar shells were falling on us fired from the top of the mountain. The mortar shooter on the mountain continues to fire the shells which fall 10 meters in front of you or behind you until he hit the target. We found that the mortar shells coming near to the trench, and we said just two strikes and he will hit the trench so we have to leave it. We went out of the trench and we found this man, or elder who we used to call grandfather in Farsi “Baabaa”, didn’t get out. We said to him: “Baabaa, get out we will certainly be hit”. He said: “I’m ashamed to get out while I’m reading the Book of the Lord”. We said to him: “You have to get out and take reasons”. He said: “I’m ashamed that Allah sees me reading His Book and then going out”. Then it was only ten seconds and there was a strike. We were forced to retreat after we tried all that we can to convince him. And then a second strike came and exploded in the trench . But the

shell fell and reposed beside him and didn’t explode. I swear to Allah that He was ashamed from this man. Another Karamah is the stones. When the calamity was in its height and the bellies were thin (from starvation) and the minds get distracted in the trenches we cannot go out because of the intense shelling and the cold is worst and the snow is worse than that, when the temperature is – 25 to – 30 °C and with continuous raining, and this trench turn to mud and snow. We couldn’t get out because of the shelling to eat or drink or answer the call of nature. We used to answer the call of nature by concealing ourselves from each other in the trench. Allah knows that we stayed in these conditions for one month under this intense shelling. We were nine in a trench north of the city. And like us there are ten in the south of the city, and there were around 15 in the city, and if I count them, Mashaallah, they won’t be many. But it was an aid and steadfast from Allah Almighty when we saw the stones praising Allah Almighty (saying Tasbih). We used to hear what is around us from trees and belongings and so on praising Allah, saying “Subhanallah”. I swear to Allah that I saw and heard this Karamah. The other Karamah is despite the attackers were few, but the Allah grants them victory. We used to attack the village or the camp with 10… 15… 20 men carrying light and there would be in the village or camp hundreds of infantry with lots of guns, warplanes and armored vehicles. When we were ten it would be a fight for one day and two nights, and when we are 20 it would be for a day and night because we have been accustomed from Allah that we take this village within this time, and we used to gather hundreds of prisoners and tens of armored vehicles, guns and spoils, and we would only be ten, even once we were 15 or 18 when we captured them and Allah granted victory over them, they told us that we saw you in hundreds and tens and we felt defeated and heard many voices saying Takbir and L Il ha Illall h, but you were only 18, where are the rest. Were they the angles? Were they the soldiers of Allah who we didn’t see? Subhanallah! In these trenches a strange tranquility would fall on us and a strange smell that would spread everywhere when we are asleep. They couldn’t come to us because they knew that those in the trench were waiting for them, and Alhamdulillah they didn’t know our numbers. Because if they knew that we were nine and sleeping they would have taken the city while we are still in the trench. But it was the tranquility from Allah when we were sleeping for days without eating or drinking, despite that the hunger, thirst and tiredness was killing us but we would sleep. And that lice which began to spread and lay eggs in our bodies and there was also an

strange insect that used to suck our blood, that I never saw before. We removed more than 40 of it from the body of one of the brothers. Subhanallah, Allah grants victory to the mujahidin for their steadfast and because they don’t complain. I swear to Allah that the one who complains that be steadfast. We didn’t complain. We used to say “Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah” about the calamity. The other Karamah there was a person called Abdurrahman. He was an Afghan, who was 75 years old. He was from the first Afghan mujahidin who began the jihad before any army or organization. He was doing jihad from 1975. In 1995 he completed 20 years of jihad. We the youth couldn’t carry the bombs and shells on our shoulders to go up the mountains, but he used to carry the bombs and shells on his shoulders and go up the mountain. Indeed as sheikh Abdullah Azzam called them the “ibexes”. He was 75 years old. You don’t know from where he gets that power. On the day of his martyrdom we said to him when the Russians attacked us - and this was from the rare times that they would attack us –: “Baabaa, we aren’t prepared and the Amirs are in a meeting outside the camp. We are going to retreat”. He nodded his head for “yes”. So we were busy gathering our munitions that we needed so that we don’t leave any spoils for them and began to retreat. Then he took advantage of our inattention when we were going up the mountain and rushed going down heading towards the Russians who have landed by a helicopter on the mountain shooting and he was going up and firing at them and saying Takbir. They remained exchanging fire until he killed many of them and he was martyred for the sake of Allah. May there is no Karamah in this. But I’m talking to you about a man who is 75 years old. He saw the youth running away and retreating. Maybe going to another side, or to fight again, but he refused that, he wasn’t to that… 75 years. Another stance, another “Baabaa” who is 65 years old. His name is “Baabaa” Abdullah, but the Kuffar called him “Baabaa the hunter”. This man had a sniper weapon. He killed 100 persons, so they called him “The hunter”… “Baabaa” hunter of the Russians. From the wonders of this man is that he heard about a traitor living safely in a village where the Russians are living, and we were in the mountain. The mujahidin have heard about that traitor, so he said: “I have to go to that man and teach him a lesson”. We said to him: “That’s impossible. This village is very fortified and we don’t have enough personnel and munitions to attack now”. He said: “no I’ll go alone. I only want that man in this village”. So he walked to hide in the night and Allah helped him to cross all the barriers and he

reached to that man when he was sitting with his friends insulting the mujahidin , Sayid Abdulloh Nuri, the extremists and terrorists who disrupted the peace of the people. He was among his friends in a cafe. So “Baabaa the hunter” came out to him and said to him you are saying so and so and kept a bullet his head, without any warning , and the people were afraid of him because of his age and white beard that scares the viewers. When they saw him like that they said: “No we didn’t do anything”. He said that this man did such and such and I have come between their security and safety to take his life. So if anyone does like him I will do to him the same and he left them. He remained me of one of the stories told by the Arab mujahidin who were in Afghanistan. They told us that there was one similar to that traitor in Kabul. One of the sabotage Amirs of Kabul killed and kept him in the middle of the street during the communist rule and declared to the city that the one who removes the body of this traitor before seven days will face the same ending. Not even one Russian or Afghan soldier or officer nor Najibullah himself were able to remove his body before seven days. There are many of such stories. I ask Allah to increase our Iman and raise our status when we are proud with our Islam. I ask Allah to make me among those people whom the prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said about them: “The best life is that of the man who holds his horse's rein in Allah's way and flies on its back to the places from whence he hears a war cry or the clatter of arms, seeking martyrdom or slaughter on the battlefield”. I ask Allah to make me this man… I ask Allah to make you this man because there is no pride for us except with jihad, and no superiority for us except with jihad. We are a nation that hasn’t been created for calmness and survival. We are people who were created for jihad as Rubi bin Amir said “We are a nation sent by Allah” yes if you understood that meaning that you are like the prophets of Allah are sent to lead the people the worship of man to the worship of God alone Allah would have changed a lot of our and your conditions. I ask integrity for us and you. . . .

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