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Frank Anthony

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fashion Alexis: Ten Ways to Beat the Summer Heat





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Editors Note


t’s not about where you come from. It’s not about your ancestry, though it is about all the reasons you have to do what you love to do. Your path in life should not be defined by what others before you have done, or not done or what they believe you should do. Your only choice should be to do what makes you happy. It’s not necessarily going to be easy to attain what you want; easy street doesn’t exist in the land of your dreams. Fulfillment comes from hard work and perseverance on the uphill trek to reach your goal, and knowing that you got there in one piece. Speaking of this, Localiez Magazine is a true believer in following your heart. Thus, we are doing our best to support those on their journey through success, whether it be with the artists, athletes and actors we feature, or working with our community partners, in everything we do, we aim to shed light on the best of our geographical area, as well as pinpointing talent from other regions hoping to share their gifts with you. “Localiezing” them bringing them to your vantage point. This issue we are featuring artist Frank Anthony, a Mississauga local who loves Little Anthony & The Imperials. His recently released Mixtape the Sixty8 Comeback, is his take on the old and new twisted together. Visit www. frankanthonymusic.com to download your copy, and get to know him online at www.facebook.com/frankanthonyfans. Keep your iez on local talent, Kas Rudder

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katriel Keny Cohen


ello timeless style, meet sultry chic, brought together by your fashion friend KATRIEL. L.A based owner and designer Keny Cohen of the KATRIEL collection shares her vision of what classic elegance is all about. Fusing together a range of styles and influences from the 50’s through to the 80’s, hoping to enliven women to be confident and sexy in a tasteful and elegant manner. If you ask this entrepreneur how she got her start as a fashion designer, she’ll say she went about it “one dress at a time.” As a young girl Keny spent time putting her dress ideas onto paper, building a catalogue of pieces she wanted to have in a collection. “I started with one dress and tested the water with it first. It did very well and a lot of people kept asking what else I had, so I started putting together a few more dresses and then a whole collection. It’s all about taking it one dress at a time. It was definitely a learning process to me and I have enjoyed every minute of it!” Ms. Cohen creates elegant evening wear for women who want to “feel comfortable and beautiful” she says, giving the advice to wear what makes you feel good, not just what is trendy, but if it happens to be both that’s a plus! Find Keny’s collection at www.katrieldesigns.com and be prepared to view sophisticated and beautifully crafted gowns and dresses with all the embellishments a lady could want.

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resources for your special day

Just as there are no two weddings alike, your cake is like no other. It will stand out and express you, just the way you want. Beautiful, delicious and memorable, what more can one ask for? Baked fresh, need not worry about previously frozen cake. Designed to perfection, you and your guests will be left with the taste of pure satisfaction. 220 main st. e, milton, on l9t 1n8




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Organza exemplifies integrity, creativity and passion and invokes these beliefs into each client, project and vision. We recently opened our new office at 79 Wilson street, downtown Oakville off of the Lakeshore. Our couples and clients can have access to the resource center and brainstorming room to ensure their vision becomes reality. From an on-site sketch artist to colour coded pictures and idea books, our clients can feel at ease! You live in the moments, while we live in the details. Visit us online at www.oandoevents.com, Email: info@oandoevents.com, Twitter: @oandoevents, Contact number: (289) 813-0491 04 (647) 999-8686 localiez 13

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ince 1966, The Brancier family have graced Milton Ontario with their presence. Precious gems, sparkling jewels and top quality metals have been lovingly crafted into exquisite pieces of jewelry and sold to customers all over the GTA. Now, more than 50 years later, the fourth generation is entering the family business. The store is currently operated by Mark and Nadira Brancier, both graduates from the Gemological Institute of America in California. Their children, Alex and Natasha have also graduated from the same school, and are making a name for themselves in the family business. “My brother’s mainly the designer, so he’s the one who deals with all the custom work,” explains Natasha about her brother Alex’s involvement. “I’ve worked for my parents growing up probably since I was 15. I grew up with jewelry around me all the time, and it is something I’m finally passionate about.” Family owned and operated, the stakes are high to succeed and to keep the family name held high. It’s a lot of pressure to work with family but the Brancier’s know how to handle it. “There’s challenges working with family members of course but I think it’s a stronger unit, and you can trust them. And in the jewelry business that’s the big thing,” says Natasha. The new generation of Brancier’s have big plans for the company’s future. Natasha and Alex, although new to the business already have their sights set on expanding. “We’re hoping to expand. Both my brother and I, that’s kind of our goal. We’re planning on taking over the store from my parents eventually, and we want to open other stores down the road, that’s kind of our goal,” explains Natasha. An institution in the ever-expanding town of Milton, Brancier’s offers a wide array of jewelry and watches with such brands as Pandora and Michael Kors. Their well-trained, dedicated staff will offer a personal and friendly experience. After all, it’s a family thing. Milton Mall - 905 876 4367 - www.brancier.com

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10 ways to beat


the summer heat 10) Minimize patio usage I know patios are tempting, but alcohol is dehydrating and will work against your goal of staying hydrated. If your friends “live” on patios, rotate non-alcoholic icy drinks in with your alcoholic beverages. 9) Stay put! On those days where the humidex is out the wazoo, consider whether or not it is wise to spend time outside. Every once in a while it’s okay to curl up inside and watch a movie or catch up on a TV. series to hide from the heat. 8) Roadie- and I don’t mean a drink! Gather some friends and stay cool while you drive to wherever your hearts desire. Just make sure you have lots of water and snacks for when you arrive. 7) How about becoming SUPER Mom, Dad, Auntie or Uncle? Get your sporty duds on and take the munchkins to the splash pad. They will love you for it and it’s inevitable that you’ll get hit with some splash pad crossfire to help you stay cool! 6) Don’t have AC? Looking for something inexpensive to do with friends? “Borrow” the cool air from your local mall while you window shop and chat over a cool drink. Mall walking isn’t just for mom’s and dad’s anymore! 5) Sunscreen is a must- not only to protect your skin. Think back to your last burn and remember how over heated you felt even out of the sun.

16 localiez

Try storing your sunscreen in the fridge to add a refreshing element for when you slather it on. 4) Keep things Loose During these hotter-than-a-mug temperatures remember to stick to flowy clothes and try minimizing the amount of synthetic fibres you wear. 3) STAY HYDRATED!!! Keep a stash of water bottles in the freezer so you always have ice cold water on hand, especially when you will be spending extended time outside. 2) Check out a local beach party! Just when I thought Vegas was the only place to catch a solid waterside party I find out about a weekly Sunday edition right here in the GTA at our very own Cherry Beach. 1) O rganize a good, old fashion water fight! Why not, right? Get some friends together and let loose, and if you want to make it into a full day escapade, top things off with munchies and BBQ. Oh, and don’t be too proud, BYOB (Bring your own burgers) is completely acceptable with friends. Don’t forget to follow me on FB at Alexis AskAnything or via email at alexis@localiez.com for the chance to get your ideas in the next issue! Your girl, Alexis

Saidah Baba Talibah

join the revolution S aidah Baba Talibah has brought upon Toronto a fiery musical insurrection. This badass rock star and impassioned storyteller brings us her revolutionary melodies with the release of her debut album (S)cream. This album is seething in raw energy and soulful serenades; the fast paced exciting dynamism of Revolution is nicely balanced with the sultry cool vocals of a jazz track. Talibah’s incredible voice flows through the songs, bringing to life a tale of passion, lust, rage and upheaval. The music video for the first single Revolution, a brass infused protest anthem, is striking and memorable, the message is clear: we want equality for all. A native to Toronto, Talibah is the daughter of famous jazz musician and actress Salome Bey, once known as Canada’s First Lady of the Blues. With a unique approach to putting together an album, Talibah allowed fans to invest in her music through donations to give her more valuable time in the studio. Fans were rewarded with autographed pictures, home made meals and private performances, but the greatest reward - knowing that they not only permitted but also encouraged this musical agitator to bring the mainstream to its knees. Photo by: Rae Maxwell, www.raemaxwell.com

localiez 17

Thank you to all of the members of our Fitness, Etc. family for celebrating two great years with us. Not a member yet!? Come by for a free work out. FItness, Etc., 6901 Derry Rd., Milton, Ontario L9T 7H5, 1 (905) 878-8536, info@fitnessetcmilton.com, http://www.fitnessetcmilton.com

fitness, etc.

improve your life


ave you ever met someone that seems so naturally happy that it causes you to wonder what that person is doing so differently in his or her life? You know who I am talking about! They are the people with the big smiles, positive energy, and willingness to go along with whatever comes their way -as if everything is going according to a plan. If you ever sit down and talk to “one of them”, you’ll uncover some very surprising things about how they engage the world, which seems to open closed doors and create a better life. Simply stated, in order to have a great life, you have to do what makes you feel good and you have to make the best out of every situation. As the old adage states, “[i]t’s turning lemons into lemonade.” In other words, greatness is within everyone’s reach. Below are 6 things that you can start doing TODAY that will improve your life this summer and beyond, in order to help you find greater happiness. 1) Create a list of goals. Look at them every morning when you wake-up and review them every night before you go to sleep. You need to know where you are going in order to get there and your goals are a measuring stick for achievement. “Book ending” your day with a quick review of your goals primes your brain to work on them while you are awake and while you sleep. In fact, without priming your brain with problems to solve, you cannot expect to achieve anything that you haven’t already experienced. Take 10 minutes to read your goals at the beginning and end of your day and think about how it feels or how it would feel to achieve them. Creating an emotional sense of accomplishment can alter how you process the world and this can create a pathway to everything that you want. 2) Complete 4 hours of intense exercise each week. The amount of time -four hours- is critical. Having an elevated heart rate is also key! This minimal amount of exercise will help improve body composition, blood circulation and overall body functioning. It’s also going to reduce stress, improve sleep, and help you look and feel great. Good health is often considered one of the top 3 things needed to have a happy life. So, dedicating 4 out of 168 hours in a week is a small time investment. 3) Eat plenty of “the right” food. That is –food that will spoil in a few days without refrigeration. Food is the only thing that actually becomes you. Every one of your cells is made-up of particles that were outside your body

prior to you eating them. Higher quality food is going to supply more and higher quality nutrients, so buy the best quality food that you can afford. The food you eat should also be identifiable – that is, you should have some idea of where it came from (i.e. the farm), and when left at room temperature, you should have an idea of how quickly it will spoil. Things that have an indefinite shelf life or come from a factory tend to have much lower nutritional value, if any. Eat as little of these products as possible. 4) Be grateful. It is impossible to be unhappy when you are grateful. You may feel many emotions, but sadness will not be one of them. Being grateful creates a sense of connectedness to others that can eliminate feelings of isolation. It will also alter the way you view the entire world, since gratitude tends to have a cascading effect on perception – if you process things from a place of gratitude, you will see more and more things in the world that you should be grateful for, which will make you happier. 5) Surround yourself with people who are living a great life and get their help to improve yours. This is a matter of doing what they do, in order to achieve what they have achieved. Copy those who have “blazed the trail” in order to obtain the same outcome. Ask them for help and follow their advice. They’ll save you a lot of time and energy, and boost your chances at achieving your goals. 6) Remain open to being “childlike”! Often, life is not going to go the way you want or plan. Embrace this fact and recognize that unfamiliar territory, not predictable ground, actually creates more joy in the long run. Accept that every lesson learned came from something you didn’t know before. Being wrong will not lead to the path of being right, unless you accept your mistakes and learn from them. If you want to make an extraordinary life for yourself, you need to learn some extraordinary things by making some extraordinary mistakes. Be childlike with your mistakes: be open to making mistakes, learn from them, and discard any negative thoughts about making mistakes. That’s it! That’s 6 simple things you can start doing RIGHT NOW that will help you elevate your life experiences into the realm of greatness. Introduce one item per week for 6 weeks until they become habitual. You will be pleased to see the positive impact they will have on your life! localiez 19

brand man george sully

By Jessica Sanchez Photography: Nathaniel Anderson


early two decades ago, when most high school students were fixated on inter-murals, and video games, a young entrepreneur named George Sully was focused on building brands. Fast track to 2012, an age when the brand guru title is perceived with a grain of salt, George Sully, is in fact, Toronto’s Brand Man with a global Rolodex. Yes, he is a designer, an influencer and philanthropist but more importantly, Sully is a man with vision who knows how to connect with people. For this reason, luxury brands consult his opinion and social circles seek his presence. Known in the industry as the purveyor of lifestyle, Hennessy recently swept Sully away to France on a Familiarization Tour of its distilleries, vineyards, and music festivals to document his experience. Why? Well, because if George Sully has a good time, most likely you will too. Next up is a tour of the Crop Over Festival in Barbados courtesy of the National Cultural Foundation of Barbados. But gallivanting around the world on the expense of others isn’t just because Sully is hot–leave that to the Hiltons, actual fans of Sully. Mr. Sully is sought-after because of his multidiscipline approach to implementing sound strategies, in accordance with his clients’ needs, through his collection of multifaceted companies. Sully innovatively delivers lifestyle products in the world of print, media and fashion. Sully’s Design Embassy Group, the umbrella corporation that houses Sully Wong Shoes and TCHAD Quarterly, has helped shape his profile as the Brand Man. Designing with business partner, Henry Wong, the Sully Wong Shoe Brand is impacting the boutique sneaker-market worldwide. Honing in on his trend-setting skills, Sully and close friend, C. Gardiner Cranston took an unorthodox approach to magazine making and gave life to TCHAD Quarterly, a luxury coffee table book focused on the metropolitan lifestyle, highlighting the best in music, fashion and design. “The first thing I can say about Mr. George Sully is his incredible energy and pure talent,” says Lori Petteplace, Public Relations and Marketing Specialist for Fossil Canada. “He is a style guru that knows the scene, knows what’s happening and can call out a trend like no other.”

Confident in creating designs that influence, Sully reached out to his network and gathered the best in web and social media to establish Design Embassy Media, a consulting company specialized in re-branding, business critical application, web and print campaigns. “He has always impressed me with his ability to connect with people and his deep understanding of social media marketing,” boasts President of the highly coveted Spoke Club, Pierre Jutras. “He is passionate, has an openmind and has huge vivacity, which enables him to take on any project with an unconstrained approach.” Business projects aren’t the only things filling Sully’s agenda. Committed to evolving as a human being, George Sully is a community advocate, board member and founder of youth organizations. With business partner Dhani Oks, Sully co-founded the School of Hustle, a program serving as a social outlet for underprivileged youth. Sully likes to use his networks to help others. A brand ambassador for This Shirt, supporter of the MPCF, IT Factor and many others, Sully established the George Sully Project in order to maximize his ability to give back. “George is fantastic to work with because of his dynamic energy, his incomparable work ethic and for his willingness to go the extra mile,” says Natasha Borota, President and CEO of IT Factor and co-funder of The Michael “Pinball” Clemons Foundation (MPCF). “George has a philanthropic heart. His relentless work has been pivotal for many MPCF campaigns to take-off and this is just the beginning for us. I am humbled to work with George.” George Sully works to a point that for most would result in exhaustion, but his urge to go on is driven by his passionate pursuit to pave the way for industry innovations and so that others can also enjoy similar opportunities. To be recognized as a brand mogul is unlikely in a city with countless socalled brand experts, but the universal creativity that lies within George Sully is what makes him the leader of the pack.

localiez 21

Frank Anthony No need for time travel, the Sixty8 Comeback has arrived. Photography by: Grant Rushton

22 localiez

In a time when animosity and warfare was befalling around the planet, there was something within the year 1968 that undoubtedly changed the world from that moment on. Aside from the civil rights and social movements that transpired, music also evolved into a truthful and emotional beast, bringing forth some of the greatest musicians we have come to know and listen to. Which is why Mississauga artist Frank Anthony has named his forthcoming mix-tape after this momentous period in history. Coming to ears and airways this summer, F.A.’s mix tape the Sixty8 Comeback is titled partly in tribute to the late Elvis Presley’s own ’68 Comeback Special Frank remembers watching with his mother growing up. Busy bouncing back and forth from Las Vegas, where he and his team have been working diligently, to his hometown of Mississauga, localiez got a chance to get to know Mr. Anthony and we’re glad we have.

What are you most excited about in regards to your upcoming mix-tape release? I am looking forward to hearing the reaction to the songs, my twist and take on them. I want my generation to listen to it and understand the message it brings and I want the older generation to remember the time. Since deciding to take music on full-time, what efforts did you make to progress in establishing your career? I really hunkered down, started writing my own music, made connections with people in the industry and began to understand how the industry worked. It takes a lot of effort and

localiez 23

perseverance for the ups and downs of the music business and there are many of them. What do you love about music? Music makes everything better for me – I listen to it and it makes me feel good and judging on how my fans

24 localiez

are reacting, I feel that it makes them feel better too...my music and music in general. There is nothing better than that! If you could collaborate with any classical artist who would it be? Classical means many different things

to me but if we are talking about music as a whole I would say Kenny G – his saxophone playing is amazing; The late Pavarotti – his intensity and powerful voice – I would have loved to have done a duet with him and his style of music. And since I can speak (and sing in Italian) to have had the opportunity to perform with him…WOW! Your mix-tape that was being released soon is called the Sixty8 Comeback. What is that in reference too, and why did you choose that title? The reasons are varied but simply put Elvis was ONE of my greatest influences. I heard his music in my home all the time

– my mother was a fanatic. I remember watching Elvis’s 68 Comeback performances as a young boy with my mother, and I was in awe…I knew at that moment…that “the music was in me.” In addition, 1968 was a big year in music because of the political turmoil of the time. It was a way people expressed themselves. The music of that time did just that – get the message out and it still resonates today. I want my music to do the same.

If you are looking to buy a beautiful house in Oakville Ontario, this is the one. This house comes at the affordable price of $1,929,900. Please contact Mara Micevic at 905.469.3157, http://www.realtor.ca/PropertyDetails.aspx?PropertyID=11921917&PidKey=580380170

localiez 25

Full Name: Frank Anthony Birth: April 24, 1986 Favourite actor: Leonardo DiCaprio On Your iPod? Florence and the Machine, The Weeknd, Drake and 90’s R&B hit makers like R. Kelly Musical influences? I don’t have one specific – I have several – Elvis, R. Kelly, Ryan Leslie and many of those incredibly harmonized groups…Like Little Anthony and the Imperials, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and such.

26 localiez

Greatest musical influences?

What instruments do you play? Which is your favourite and why?

I don’t have one specific – I have several – Elvis, R. Kelly, Ryan Leslie and many of those incredibly harmonized groups…Like Little Anthony and the Imperials, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and such.

I play the piano and the acoustic guitar and no favourite for me – I like them both equally for their own special qualities.

Have you ever considered going into any other genre of music? And what would it be?

God willing, a succession of top 10 hits and acting. I see myself as an all around entertainer.

Yes – Rap/Hip Hop is one of my favorite genres of music. I would like to take that on sometime soon. I am also a bit of a wild one. I see a stadium with 100,000 people, me with my shirt off and a leather pair of pants rocking it like the Scorpions!

If you want to get to know F.A. some more, don’t be shy. Like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter for updates, events and more. The Sixty8 Comeback mix-tape is available for your downloading pleasure at www.frankanthonymusic.com.

What’s something you want your listeners to know about you that you haven’t shared yet? Well, I am somewhat obsessed with cologne and fragrances. My fans probably don’t know that I have close to 50 bottles of cologne on my dresser. My family laughs at me! I would like to have my own cologne/fragrance line out there one day.

In 3 years, what will you be doing and where do you see your career?

Clothing provided by: M FOR MEN, 340 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville, Ontario, L6J 1J6, 905.338.0388, http://www.mformen.com/ Car provided by: Mercedes-Benz Burlington, 441 North Service Road Burlington, Ontario, L7P 0A3, 1.877.353.5557, http://www.mercedesbenzburlington.ca

localiez 27

28 localiez

elevations in style: what’s your style?


ntimate Toronto style guide Chris Morgan checked in with Localiez to give us the scoop on seasonal trends and dispense some insightful style perspective. The CEO of Elevations in Style (www.elevations.com) says he constantly promotes the idea that style is really a reflection of self; more than anything, an extension of one’s personality. Though a key component to his success is understanding fashion trends, such as this season’s shift towards bright, vibrant colours, his business is built around employing this knowledge to bring confidence to his clients as a personal stylist/shopper. Chris makes the distinction “fashion is about trends, style is about expression of self,” a mindset which he utilizes daily when helping clients emphasize their own style. resources:

Website: www.elevationsinstyle.com Blogsite: www.elevationsinstyle.blogspot.com Pinterest: pinterest.com/cmdbad1/ Email: info@elevationsinstyle.com Twitter: twitter.com/ELEVATIONSstyle

localiez 29

fashion Fashion Editorial Photography by: Grant Rushton

Models: Vogue Models & Talent http://www.vmtm.com, Burlington • Toronto Makeup: Franca Pedulla - Ooh, La, La http://myoohlalaboutique.com/ Hair:Vickie Maria Ladies Fashion Location: Centro Garden http://www.centrogarden.com

30 localiez


t’s all about that special night. Your makeup has to be bang on. Your shoes, evening dress and clutch have to be electric in order for you to turn the head of that special someone. Fashion is an expressive explosion of emotion. Make sure to express yourself with confidence, grace and elegance. You will find these dresses at The Perfect Dress in Milton.

localiez 31

32 localiez


etting ready for the evening walk you begin to feel like the person you are going to meet will be happy to see you too. Who knows if this walk will lead into something else. Eye contact means everything. Gentlemen don’t talk, just listen. The jacket on the left is from The Boarding Hut in Milton. The shirt is from M For Men in Oakville.

localiez 33

34 localiez


eeting the second time around is always beautiful. You already have an idea of some of the expectations of the other person. A more casual approach to your style can allow you to show that you have an easy going side to you. Both shirts are Volcom. You will find them at The Boarding Hut in Milton. localiez 35


urlington is quickly becoming known as a dining destination with the variety and unique offerings of larger metropolitan cities combined with the accessibility and service of a small town.

ask the expert Q

: Now that summer is here, we are hoping to get out and try some new restaurants, any suggestions?

A: Consider dining during a

“Taste of Burlington”.

This July 22 – August 6, twenty-four of Burlington’s finest restaurants will be presenting a three-course prix fixe dining menu with lunch being offered at $18.12 (to tie into the War of 1812 commemorations) and dinners ranging from $30, $35 and $40. From casual fine dining to intimate bistros Burlington satisfies every taste. This programme encourages residents and visitors to dine in one or more of the many dining establishments and enjoy new culinary experiences in Burlington. A Taste of Burlington offers quality dining at an exceptional value. With local eating becoming a greater interest Taste of Burlington has partnered with Foodland Ontario to encourage participating restaurants to include Ontario ingredients on their Taste menus. The following restaurants will all be featuring locally sourced Ontario ingredients on throughout their menus: Downtown Bistro, Eatalia, Ivy Bar & Kitchen, Jake’s Grill & Oyster House, La Costa Nuova, Local Eatery & Refuge, Martini House, Paradiso, Pepperwood Bistro, Queen’s Head Pub, Red Canoe Bistro, Rude Native Bistro & Lounge, Sea 2 Fork, Siam Dish, Table Top, Water St. Cooker and West Plains Bistro. Also look for Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-Free options at many of the participating restaurants. Check the website for restaurants that are able to accommodate these dietary restrictions however, all may not be able on Taste of Burlington menus. Not sure which restaurants to visit? Head to www.tasteofburlington.ca and view the online menus for every participating restaurant then make your reservation and enjoy a “Taste of Burlington.”

localiez 37

38 localiez

what’s for dinner...?


ow that summer is officially here, what can you prepare for dinner that is quick, utilizes the appliance of the season and increases time for relaxing? Classic Oven Baked or BBQ Chicken!

With this unique way to get dinner on the move, you and your family will be enjoying this finger licking, classic recipe in no time. *For even better tasting chicken, season 1 or 2 days prior to cooking and store in the fridge!

Classic Oven Baked or BBQ Chicken Chicken Legs and Thighs or Drum Sticks- 6 to 10 pieces Vinegar, Lemon or Lime juice– for washing the chicken Montreal Steak Spice - Enough to coat chicken Minced Garlic Garlic Powder 1/3 cup Steak Marinade (increase accordingly for larger amounts of chicken) 2 or 3 different kinds of BBQ sauce

Clean chicken by pouring a cup of vinegar, lemon or lime juice in a bowl or the kitchen sink. Add water to cover the chicken and rub. After cleaning, rinse with cool fresh water. Season the chicken with the Montreal Steak Spice, Italian Seasoning, minced garlic, garlic powder, liquid smoke flavoring and Steak Marinade. Once seasoned, use a microwaveable dish and place chicken inside in one layer. Cover and set the timer for 20 minutes on high. This pre-cooks the chicken. In a medium mixing bowl, pour ample amounts of each BBQ sauce and the molasses. Combine with a few shakes of each of the seasonings listed above. While chicken is cooking, pre-heat the oven on broil or light the barbeque. Once finished in the microwave, use the preheated oven or barbeque simply to brown the chicken. Once browned, you’re finished! Serve with roasted potatoes, corn on the cob and toss salad. Enjoy!

1 cup Molasses – Optional, however important Liquid Smoke Flavoring - Optional Italian Seasoning – If salt-less, use as much as you want… Microwave Barbeque

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go green go dutch go bike


he world is changing. With climate change rapidly reaching critical mass and the ozone layer depleting due to high levels of C02, some are making amends by choosing to walk or cycle when they can. Not only to reduce carbon waste but to be the traffic. With traffic from mid-day long into the evening hours, you can see why many Torontonians choose to ride. Though in many other countries biking is the way to get around. Since 2007 the Consulate General of the Netherlands has contributed to the cycling culture in Toronto with Go Green Go Dutch Go Bike community cycling event. Branding For Good, a media creation and branding agency out of Oakville ON, produced the event. This year over 200 riders took to the streets supporting Toronto Community’s Foundation, A Recipe For Community. An organization that is dedicated to improving communities of Toronto drawing the people of the community together, providing all sorts of resources, even bikes to community members. It’s always feels good to support a cause that supports an even greater vision. Don’t miss next years Go Green Go Dutch Go Bike and enrich others and our planet at the same time and why not organize an event like this in your own community? If you do, Localiez will be there.

more than a piece of art by freya lloyd for localiez


T i f f a n y P o r t e r independent hair stylist

tif fanyjpor ter@hotmail.com

9 0 5 40 localiez

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5 7 4 2

hile in Kenya, Laura Armstrong was deeply affected by a little girl whose parents couldn’t afford to send her to school. The relationships she formed there inspired her to help the community she came to know. Although it was a long road from her experience volunteering abroad to her own charitable organization in Toronto, it was a road worth taking. Laura founded A Work of Heart to help change lives. She took a small concept and made it a success, using money made from selling artwork to fund community projects in less affluent countries. Her work supports local Toronto artists as well as Kenyan citizens. Laura believes in the importance of supporting projects that benefit communities in the short term and will also be selfsustainable in the long term. Through A Work of Heart, Laura is clearly making a positive difference in the world. A Work of Heart is hosting an art show August 9 in the ING Direct Café featuring art donated from all over the world.

8th Annual Shooting for Angels 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament In Memory of Michael Maynard and Douglas Burns http://www.shootingforangels.com August 25th & 26th, 2012 E.C.Drury Sports Building 215 Ontario St. S. Milton, ON In late 2004, Douglas Paul Burns and Michael Brian Maynard were taken from this world. They were two amazing individuals who were loved and respected by everyone they came in contact with. They had countless friends who still hold many memories close to their heart. A special bond that Doug and Mike shared was their love of basketball. Whether it was endless hours at on the court perfecting their shots, watching NBA or college games, or high level competition on the court, basketball was their passion. The Shooting for Angels tournament is a charity 3-on-3 tournament to honour Mike and Doug’s love of the game, and to keep the passion for basketball alive.

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book clubs and beach bums Reading for Everyone ... By Shannon White

42 localiez


ummer has finally arrived – one of the best seasons for reading so crank up your A/C or unfurl that beach towel and grab one of these amazing summer reads! This issue’s recommendations are just hitting the shelves in a bookstore near you. Non-Fiction The Burning House - Foster Huntington The Burning House is a fantastic compilation of answers to a key question…. “If your house was burning down and you could save anything in it, what would you take with you?” The responses were gathered via www.theburninghouse.com and compiled into a gorgeous coffee table book that would make a fantastic gift for just about anyone. It’s versatile and thought provoking and prompted me to make my own burning house list. Who knows….maybe I’ll even send it in to the website?! This selection is not to be missed as it even features some local talent (and that is what Localiez is all about!) -- Chris Adamiak from Milton, ON made the cut. Pick it up and check it out! Beautiful pictures and elegant presentation with a wide variety of styles and emotions conveyed.

Book Clubs Equal of the Sun - Anita Amirrezvani

Upon investigating the crash, she speaks to the victim while trapped in her car. After uttering her last words to Frances, the victim, Alys Kyte passes away. In an attempt to provide closure, Frances agrees to meet with the family. She discovers that Alys was the wife of a prominent author. Frances then manages to insert herself into a different world of fame, wealth, and privilege. Alys, Always isn’t action packed however it is subtly intriguing. You’ll find it difficult to discern what makes Frances tick. If suspense and psychological thrillers are you’re game, this one is for you. The Age of Hope - David Bergen September 4th

-- available

The Age of Hope by David Bergen chronicles the life of Hope Koop. Raised in western Canada in the 40’s, Hope was an educated woman enrolled in nursing school. However, like many women in that era, Hope abandons her studies to marry and raise a family. As time passes Hope’s life is consumed with domestic duties. She struggles to find her true identity. She ambles through life very passively but continually wrestling with herself to define her own self-worth. Eventually, when Hope’s children are all grown and her husband gone she learns to embrace her true inner self and no longer focuses on what others expect of her. Only then does she experience true personal growth.

What summer reading list would be complete without some historical fiction? Equal of the Sun, set in Iran in the 16th century, chronicles the lives of two very interesting and unique characters. Princess Pari is a woman destined to lead her country to greatness; however she is missing one thing – manhood. Unable to rule her nation outright, she is the primary advisor to her father, The Shah. Unfortunately, the Shah passes on and her nation is thrown into turmoil. With the help of her trusted eunuch vizier, Javaher, the two set out to control the pawns within the politics of the Iranian court. Javaher, a self-created eunuch (ouch!) is fiercely loyal to his princess and seeks to further both her causes and his own – revenge of his father’s murder.

The Age of Hope is subtly thought-provoking. It sneaks up on you…once you have finished reading it you’ll continue to think about it. You’ll find yourself analyzing Hope’s actions and thinking about what truly defined women in the 40’s. David Bergen does a miraculous job at conveying the inner thoughts of his female character. (I don’t know about you ladies, but I haven’t met too many men that understand women in the way that David Bergen appears to.) The Age of Hope makes for a wonderful book club selection which is sure to prompt great discussion on women’s issues, life stages, and personal growth. A perceptive and intelligent read.

Equal of the Sun is a tale filled with political intrigue, sex, lies, and wait a minute… no videotape. The tale will take you to a faraway land in a faraway time however the name of the game is still the same – thirst for power. Who will prevail in the Iranian court? Will Javaher discover who murdered his father? Will both Pari and Javaher find fulfilling life within the palace walls?

Comeback Love - Peter Golden

Equal of the Sun is a fabulous choice for those historical fiction buffs who are tired of reading about English courtesans. If you like, Philippa Gregory and Margaret George, try Anita Amirrezvani. Her previous novel, The Blood of Flowers is also a great choice. Alys, Always - Harriet Lane You know that car accident that you just can’t look away from? Alys, Always is just like that… literally. The story starts with Frances Thorpe, a junior publicist, stumbling upon an accident.

Beach Bums Have you been thinking about the one that got away? Perhaps your first love is still near and dear to your heart (thankfully not some creepy loser who has friended you on facebook)? As the years go by it is more and more difficult to reconnect…. but what if you got in your car or hopped on a plane and just rang their doorbell? That is precisely what Gordon, the central character of Comeback Love does. Comeback Love is a nostalgic tale of taking action to determine what could have been between two idealistic young lovers – Peter and Glenna. Peter Golden is a longtime writer however Comeback Love is his debut novel. The story rings true to life in that it is not Hollywood enough to feel like fiction. Perhaps Peter draws some portions of the story from personal experience? Personally, I didn’t quite feel the spark with Glenna/Gordon.

Although they are a classic example of opposites attract, Glenna seemed to be headed on a different life path then Gordon from the onset. Sometimes the idea of a relationship is more appealing than the relationship itself. Comeback Love is a great choice for readers looking for some substance to their romance books. The Language of Sisters - Amy Hatvany - available July 31st The Language of Sisters is both heartbreaking and uplifting. The novel explores the lives of two sisters, Jenny and Nicole. Jenny is both physically and mentally disabled and was institutionalized years ago when Nicole was a child. Saddled with feelings of guilt for abandoning her sister, Nicole pushes her family out of sight and out of mind by moving across the country and rarely visiting until a disturbing phone call draws her back home. Nicole and her mother are forced to reconnect over the tragedy and work through their complicated history together. As the story unfolds, Nicole manages to rediscover a great deal by moving home - her mother, her sister, her best friend and more! Fans of Jodi Picoult will enjoy this Amy Hatvany novel. Similar in style, Hatvany tackles controversial issues and draws the readers to examine their own viewpoints. Despite the potentially heavy subject matter, The Language of Sisters manages to be a light and uplifting read. If you enjoyed previous Localiez selection Between the Lines, also by Amy Hatvany, you’ll find The Language of Sisters a little more cheerful with more of a chick-lit feel. Imperfect Bliss - Susan Fales-Hill If you are combing this page looking for a super fun summer page turner, this is your pick! Imperfect Bliss, at times, borders on ridiculous but in the most delightful way. The story follows 4 daughters of Jamaican and English decent each named after royalty. One of the daughters, Diana, is selected as the starlet of a new reality TV show… The Virgin. Diana’s older and more serious sister, Bliss, views The Virgin as an antiquated sale of her sister to the highest bidder. Bliss is busy -- newly divorced, pursuing a PhD and raising her daughter alone. However, will Bliss succumb to the fairy tale sets of the reality show? Is there a happy ending for her and her daughter? Will Diana gain the hand of the prince that she seeks? Imperfect Bliss is a lot of fun. The characters are outrageous and entertaining. If you’re looking for serious fare, this is not for you. However, if you are a closet reality TV junkie looking for a light read by the pool this summer, I recommend this selection. Summer is the perfect time to lose yourself in a fantasy land of royal romance. Stayed tuned for the next issue revealing more exciting reads from Simon & Schuster and Harper-Collins. Happy Reading!

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The Boarding Hut Milton, 190 Main St East, Milton ON, L9T 1N8, ( 905 ) 876-3033 The Boarding Hut Port Perry, 237 Queen St, Port Perry, ON, L9L 1B9, ( 905 ) 985-9333 http://www.theboardinghut.com

2 - 500 Steeles Avenue East,Milton, ONtario, L9T 3P7, (289)878-5717 http://www.marqueesteakhouse.com

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9 0 5 - 6 9 3 - 9 3 3 1 , w w w. front p orc h p h oto . ca , 1 5 7 3 J ar v ie C rescent, M ilton , O ntario , C anada

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“the custom eyes event�

Saturday, September 15th 2012, 6pm to 10pm, 6911 Derry Rd W Unit E04, Milton, ON L9T 7H5, T: 905-878-3200, http://all-eyesonme.com

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