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“I believe if it moves you, it moves you… it doesn’t matter what genre the music is, it’s music…” http://www.facebook.com/chadpricemusic

Price’s humble attitude and natural talent are likely to bring him throughout his freshly started career. Coupled with the support of producer Bill Bell, you can look forward to hearing Chad’s polished sounds, along with the positive message he is eager to share. “It’s just original music from the heart, from the soul & my [hope] is that people listen to the album and that it makes their life better in some way.” Sharing that his single Another Day “…is a song that’s about being OK with being lost. It is saying it’s okay to be lost [at times] because beauty can come from being lost [and that] it’s not necessarily a bad

Forget about dreaming, the truth is Chad Price is here to stay. His musical talent is easily recognizable, and when true talent is before you, it is difficult to deny. Anyone who has the pleasure of seeing him perform live, is in for a real treat; chills and goose bumps included, free of charge. “I’m really trying… to get people to wake up, to awaken and not necessarily just do everything that society expects you to do.” Aspiring to energize people to live the life that they want through his music and own action, Chad believes there is beauty all around us to be experienced if we just open ourselves up. Chad Price is unique, inspiring and quite refreshing, and this is only the beginning for this up and coming talent. Follow him online to hear his music, to find show dates and watch his dream come true.


thing to kind of… implode before you blossom into something else that’s completely awesome and beautiful.” Do not be fooled by the “pop music” framework that surrounds the real hidden gem of Another Day, and focus on the heartfelt lyrics in which so many of us can relate.


fter what seemed to be a long time coming, Londoner Chad Price has begun to realize his passion for music with the release of his first album, In This Dream. While attending Brock University for communications, Chad discovered his innate desire to create and began songwriting. “I didn’t get into music to be a superstar, for women and the cars or whatever, it was just something very pure that needed to happen and I’m just riding the wave.”



from a dream into reality

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