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Performance Center Escape to where iconic design and contemporary luxury set the stage for exclusive and extraordinary experiences at Mercedes-Benz Burlington. Retreat to surprising, sensory environments where an amplified showroom, vibrant lounges, innovative cuisine, spa and golf amenities create more than just a dealership experience, but a luxury lifestyle experience. Mercedes-Benz Burlington is pleased to announce its latest certification. As an official AMG Performance Center, we are now the regions Number One Mercedes-Benz dealership for AMG Sales and Service. Don’t have time to come see us? Register online or call our Customer Care Center for an AMG test drive at your home and see what your driveway will look like with the AMG touch. Q-Spa Q-Golf Q-Cafe Q-Theatre Quantum Auto Spa 2012 Mercedes-Benz Star Dealer of the Year

441 North Service Rd | 1.877.353.5557| localiez



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Freya Lloyd

Jessie Sulidis Photography provided by: Grant Rushton Clothing provided by: The Perfect Dress Makeup: Franca Pedulla - Ooh, La, La Hair: Vickie Maria Accessories: Colleen Poitras - BelleBijou Eyeware: All Eyes On Me Optical

Make your holiday


Sterling silver charms from $30

Milton Mall Family owned since 1930 905.876.4367 •

Editors Note


appy fall. This is your last chance to soak up the outdoors without your winter gear until the spring, so hurry before it’s too late. It’s never too late for open-mindedness though. It’s October! Which is Anti-Bullying Month. Tolerance should be practiced, everywhere, all the time, not just one month out of the year, but this along with the Anti-Bullying legislation is a step in the right direction. Although bullying has been happening long before some of us came into existence, with obvious instances like the holocaust, or the merciless killings of the Sioux Native Indians in the 1800’s, even Canada’s own internment of Japanese Canadians, to the institutionalized segregation of colored people up until… not long enough ago. The list can go on and on but unfortunately we can say bullying is not new on the scene. Coming from the same ignorance, fear and anger that fuels it today, bullying is not only taking place at schools, it’s happening online too. Opening up an avenue for bullies to share their negativity with whomever will pay attention, attacking from hiding behind a computer screen without having to worry about anyone seeing who they are.

No matter if it is at school, on the street or online, bullying based on color, creed, gender, sexual preference and pretty much any other criteria you can come up with, is plain unacceptable. The solution is simple if you look at it the way my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Caroll taught me. “If you can’t find something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” No matter which way you spin it, though we may look or act differently or have cultural differences, we all human. Made of the same flesh, bones and blood, and lastly we all share one planet. There’s nowhere for any of us to go, but to get along right here. Although easier said than done, if we don’t accept the challenge, how could we possibly make the change? So I guess we had better try! Support organizations like to help eradicate harassment right here in our backyard. 416 840 5274

Create your own vintage for unique and elegant keepsakes • Serve your own specially labeled wines at your reception • Make your favourite wines from the world’s famous wine regions • Carafes’ complete wine packages are available for any special occasion. 100 nipissing rd., milton, on, l9t 5b2




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jesse jones

who’s who guide: industry people you need to know


n the current job market it’s hard to stand out amongst the crowd. How can an individual or organization set themselves apart from other candidates and competitors? After chatting with the CEO of Toronto’s leading lifestyle marketing agency Jesse Jones, we learned how TEN81 Lifestyle assists individuals, and organizations bring out their true inner brand. With the goal of bringing out the best in their clients, TEN81 is more than just an agency, and to them your brand isn’t simply a marketing scheme. LM: What is TEN81? Jesse Jones: TEN81 Lifestyle is Canada’s leading lifestyle marketing agency. Our commitment is to retelling the lifestyle story as it relates to brands and their conversations with consumers. For us it is really important to highlight more than the product but to really weave the brand message and product and everything the brand stands for into the lives of consumers, authentically and seamlessly. It is no longer just about the ad on television, it’s about how are we engraining these brands within the lives of these consumers…but even more so than that, how are we trying to add value to consumers lives…how are we supporting them. TEN81 Lifestyle is more than just than advertising, were about taking brands and helping them add value to the lives of consumers that maintains their value. LM: Why is branding so important for individuals and companies? Jesse Jones: Each and every day whether we are a marketer at Coca Cola or we are a up in coming musician in Toronto, or we are a designer or we’re in fashion, whatever your world is, as social media continues to become more and more impactful and integral in our everyday lives, the way we manage our brands and ourselves and the way we communicate who we are and what we are about is incredibly, incredibly important. It kind of dictates the opportunities we get. With that being said personal branding is something TEN81 deals with often. Whether I am Jesse Jones or the McDonalds brand, we actually have a heck of a lot in common in how we manage our overall brand day to day and how we communicate with those who follow us or support us. LM: What thoughts can you share with us in regards to the today’s media landscape? Jesse Jones: I believe we are in a time now where people want more from life, in general. People want more, people need more and because of that, brands have a really big opportunity to fill a gap that they have never filled before. Before it was about ads… now it’s about really getting involved in the initiatives that their consumers stand behind. As human beings we are all inherently built to feel joy based on accomplishment. It’s how we work. With this in mind, how can more brands help more consumers to achieve. Want to know more? Follow us as we tag along with Jesse Jones and the TEN81 crew to Yale University where he’ll be giving some in-depth keynote talks with students and faculty. We will keep you up to speed. You can find more about TEN81 and how they do business on the Localiez Magazine blog.



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th Lounge & Emporium endeavors to create a unique and dynamic shopping experience for the average woman, in a far more than average setting. Nth was created by three business savvy woman with the goal of making it easy to access the latest up and coming trends in one great location. In addition, they wanted to elevate the shopping experience to the level of luxurious indulgence. Michelle McCann Rowan, Nicole McMullen & Crystal Paulitzki have turned this idea into a reality which will take place just in time for Christmas shopping, at The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, on November 3, 2012. Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine from Colaneri Estate Winery while watching artist Mark Grice paint an original piece to be auctioned off for charity. Try a premium quality loose leaf Tea from T by Daniel while getting pampered with on site spa services. Indulgent perks such as Giddy Yoyo raw chocolate and Trina’s Cakes cupcakes are just some of the extras that make Nth such a unique shopping experience.

localiez 11

Nth’s exhibitors offer forward-thinking, eco-friendly and traditional product lines for everyone on your wish list. Nutrition for Your Condition, LoveReb, Eliza Perry, Second Shot, B.A.G.S, Olivia Rose, BelleBijou, Love Poetry Corsets, Totem, She She Impressions, and baby magoo to name a few. A complete list of vendors can be found on our website.

12 localiez

We’ve been described as “a dash of suburban trade show mixed with Hollywood glamour”. Quality brands, relaxing ambiance and indulgent perks ensures a unique experience to the Nth Degree! Tickets can be purchased at www.nthlounge. com. For your preferred referral rate, please enter promo code: localiez See you at the show! Michelle McCann Rowan VP. Brand Ambassador Nth Lounge & Emporium 519-927-3311

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T he Perfect Dress

781 Main Street, unit 17 Milton, ON L9T 5A9 905-878-4900 Milton’s Best Kept Secret! We have hundreds of dress designs in store for you to fall in love with for life’s special occasions: BRIDESMAIDS, MOTHERS PROM, GALAS

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la rose 30th anniversary


t’s hard to believe that La Rose Italian Bakery in Milton has been around for 30 years! What better way to celebrate this milestone then with a Dinner and Dance Gala. This event was held at the beautiful Glencairn Golf Club. Congratulations to our friends at La Rose on raising $61,000 at their 30th Anniversary Gala with net proceeds going to the Milton District Hospital Foundation to purchase Equipment! Thank you for having Localiez be a part of your speacial night.

oceana whispers 104-13 charles st, milton, on l9t 2g5



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| Burlington


20 localiez

If you happened to missed “the custom eyes event� hosted by Oliver Peoples and All Eyes On Me then you missed out on something very big. It was the first time Oliver Peoples hosted an event outside a major metropolis. Not to worry, AEOM will be hosting other events just like this one in the near future. If you are looking for high-end eyeware, this is the place to go.

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Jessie Sulidis

TV Host/Actress/Blogger


hey say that “once you pop you can’t stop”, they being the tag line creators of the delicious Pringles chip. However here we are talking about blogger, actress and reality TV star Jessie Sulidis. After her stint on The Bachelor, on the infamous Jake and Vienna season, Jessie has taken the entertainment industry by storm. Hopping from one side of the franchise to the other, as official correspondent for Season 6 of The Bachelorette and appearing on the first season of Bachelor Pad. Not only has Jessie found love, she has also found her passion along the way. Jessie talks to us about finding love, passion and how reality TV really is what it’s cut out to be. Literally. LM: You are a media connoisseur! Have you always been drawn to the world of entertainment? JS: I love the entertainment world-- I find it so fascinating. There’s never a dull moment! I decided I wanted to jump into Entertainment Broadcasting after I did the Bachelor. I did a huge media tour and wanted the hosts jobs at every interview! So I made some connections from being on the show and went for it. LM: You have been an actor, singer, model and even a TV host. If you had to choose your favourite form of entertainment, which would it be? JS: TV Hosting is my favourite, however, if I were a better singer I think I’d love to do Broadway. I’m a trained dancer and it’s always been my passion to perform. It’s a way of expressing yourself. I used to do a lot of modeling but I found it quite boring and less challenging than hosting, acting, and dancing. I love the challenge and fast pace the entertainment field offers.  LM: How has your experience on The Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad changed your perception of reality TV? JS: That’s it’s all produced! Nothing is really reality anymore. There’s a production team behind every take and every moment. I have a new appreciation for the cast mates though. It’s a tough, life changing experience. You have two choices of who you’re going to be; the good guy or the bad guy. Luckily I was the good guy! Editing can really do anything to you, however, when you have production staff feeding the cast liquor things tend to get a little rowdy.  localiez 23

LM: How has being a reality TV star changed your life in general? Are there any things you do differently? JS: The biggest change was that everyone stares at you. I go to the grocery store and people stare. I go to dinner. People stare. And it freaks me out because at first I think something is horribly wrong with my outfit or I’m tailing toilet paper, or something is clearly wrong with something on me. I frantically check myself out and then realize they must have just watched the show, lol. It’s definitely not something I think you ever get used to. Oooh. I don’t flip anyone off in the car for cutting me off anymore because they can find me on twitter and call me out on it. LM: After being on The Bachelor, did the quest for love still continue? Did you find it? Tell us about it! JS: I think after the bachelor it made me learn a lot about my self and what I wanted in a 24 localiez

man and a relationship. And I found it. It really happens when you least expect it as cliché as that sounds. I met a really nice country boy from Calgary named Jordan. He really is the sweetest most supportive boyfriend. We just got a new condo together in Toronto that we’re stoked about. He’s off in Europe right now playing Professional Hockey but I can’t wait for him to come back and join me in the new place. LM: Chandeliers and Champagne launched in April of this year. Tell us about your blog and why we should read it.

localiez 25

JS: Yes, my girlfriend Leah and I launched a women’s go-to blog called Chandeliers and Champagne. It’s basically a women’s healthy living, beauty, fashion, and fitness blog that offers the latest trends and advice from professionals. We test everything before we blog about it and have been having a blast doing so. We’ve got to travel to so many amazing places and get pampered like every woman deserves. I think with how busy life can be women forget to take the time to really pamper and indulge. This is so important for self-esteem and just feeling good about your self overall. It’s definitely worth checking out. LM: What blogs do you read and follow yourself ? JS: I don’t have one that I follow religiously but I’m always checking out the latest advice, and trends through professionals on twitter. I love following up with Canadian talents like Eva Redpath, and [reading] FAJO Magazine.  LM: You recently covered the Toronto International Film Festival. What was the best part of that experience and which films did you get to see? Any favorites? JS: TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) is 10 days of red carpet madness. Basically all of the hottest stars in Hollywood invade our city. I’ve been fortunate enough to work the red carpets as a reporter for 3 years in a row now with My high light this year was interviewing Penelope 26 localiez

Cruz, Ben Affleck, Dustin Hoffman, Amy Adams and Bill Murray. They were such a delight. I didn’t get to see any films and we basically jump from carpet to carpet. It’s the most exciting part of my job. LM: You are also a professional Makeup Artist. Do you find time to work within your trade? JS: That’s correct I’m a makeup artist and airbrush specialist. (You can contact Jessie here for makeup inquiries! My parents own and operate a cosmetic company called The Cosmetic Company out of Oakville. They’ve had it about 30 years now. I do all the lectures and demos for the latest cosmetic trends and products and airbrush. I also do wedding and prom makeups as well. So I keep myself extra busy but I love it.  LM: You’ve had the chance to work with one of Canada’s favorite media personalities, Rick Campanelli, how was working with him? JS: Rick Campanelli was amazing to work with on set. ET Canada was my first major broadcasting role and he really helped me a lot. I was so nervous. Rick and Roz would give me pointers at the end of each segment which was really nice and made it such a great learning experience. Hope to work with him again someday.  Follow Jessie on Twitter @jessiesulidis and join her Facebook group   

Full Name: Jessie Sulidis Birthday: Sept 12 Favourite Food: Pasta or Quinoa Favourite Movie: Dumb and Dumber Favourite Actor/Actress: Penelope Cruz, Gerard Butler  On Your iPad: Country Music! 

localiez 27

28 localiez

pure majik “I’ve got nothing but love from the GTA, the support just keeps me hungrier,” explains Hamilton-born director Russell Majik. “To do better, to progress, and do bigger things.” The official videographer and editor for CP Records, Majik has also been working with Body By Chosen fitness team (www.bodybyfitness. com), aiding to build their brand. The optimistic, outgoing young director says the

“positive people” to whom he’s close with in both personal and professional environments is what truly inspires him and motivates him “to be creative and work harder.” Majik says he wants others to be able to draw inspiration from the emotions he puts into his work and says those on a similar path should “be hungry, and never stop chasing your dream.”

“I just want to say thank you for the support, I appreciate all the love,” he adds. “Expect a lot more from me, this is just the beginning.” Check this young local talent out at, and @majikvideos (Twitter, Instagram). localiez 29



yclone is a social video creation, collaboration and sharing app for iPhone and iPod touch. Available on the App Store, Vyclone is the simplest and fastest way to co-create, sync and edit multiple videos of a shared event. From a birthday party to concerts to sporting events, the ways in which Vyclone can be used are endless. Two or more users simply upload raw video footage from the same event and Vyclone does the rest.  In just moments, Vyclone synchronizes and edits multiple clips  to create one movie with all the angles cut together. From there, users can further remix the movie to create a personalized video and then instantly share it with anyone. 

localiez 31

FILIGREE ART GLASS Galactic Art Glass Studio

WHAT IS FILIGREE ART GLASS ? could tell you, but then I would have to kill you!”This phrase was originally coined in the early 16th century over the top secret subject of Crystal glassrecipes and FILIGREE GLASS. And it’s true, the punishment was death without trial if information wasleaked to non-members of the highly specialized Glassmakers Guild of Murano. The Venetian authorities were so protective over this secret that the Glassmakers movements were also restricted, making itdifficult to leave Murano Island in the Venetian Lagoon,although they were treated very well and highly regarded by the ruling elite and the general public.


Highly prized for its unbelievable delicacy and detailed patterns, Filigree glass was gifted to royalty anddignitaries around the world. Originally developed over two thousand years ago in Mesopotamia nearmodern day Iraq, this technology was taken by the Romans, and lost when their Empire fell. Centurieslater the process was rediscovered and refined on the Island of Murano by master glassblowers Filippoand Bernardo Catani of the glass house Sirena. It was not long before its fame and popularity enjoyed arenaissance world-wide,and became known as a sophisticated art form. Simply put, Filigree glass is created by weaving together hundreds of colored glass threads within a clearcrystal medium. The glass threads can then be regrouped and re-pulled to reveal increasingly complex patterns. Slices of this glass rod, or Murrini Cane, are fused together in a technique called Millefiore, orThousand Flowers. Glass beads created from Millefiore were highly sought after by merchants and explorers, and used as currency with African chieftains, who exchanged them for neighboring tribesmen who would then be sold into the fledgling slave trade in the Americas. The more Millefiore beads a chieftain possessed, the richer and more powerful he became, dictating over an ever-increasing area.These Slave or Goulimine Beads, as they came to be known, may also have been used as currency tobuy Manhattan from Native Americans. In spite of dire threats made by the authorities, the outflow of glassmakers from Venice resulted in secretsbeing lost. Under the protection of foreign governments, they spread information through Austria, Germany and elsewhere. German glassmakers appropriated the technique in the creation of Germantwist marbles, which are still prized and highly valued today. The secret has been out for many years, andis now taught in art schools worldwide. However, Masters of Filigree glass are rare today, even on the Island of Murano. The demands and intricacies of the art have become overlooked in the modern commercial focus on volume sales and production. It takes years of practice to pull and spin 2000degrees fahrenheit molten glass in excess of 1500 rpm within a 60 second time period. Much like surfingthe big waves, snowboarding or hot dog skiing, as long as you are in control, it can look easy, but one wrong move and you will literally crash and burn in the world of Filigree glass. This fact, along with the current state of the economy, applies much unneeded pressure to this amazing art, pushing it ever closer to the edge of becoming lost once again. To learn more on this fascinating and highly specialized art form, check out the TV series “How It’s Made” for two episodes in Season 16. Episode one of the season features Millefiore Paperweights and episodefive is on Filigree Glass. You can also visit the Galactic Art Glass website for an article titled “Murano Glass Secrets Revealed” under the Menu heading, “Learn More about Filigree Glass.” This article covers recent advances that the artists have made which push the Murano style of Filigree Glass into thefuture,with their Stardust Series. The Filigree Stardust Series incorporates a sparkling mirror-like glass, designed and created by NASA for use in the Space Program on windows and visors of Space Suits. This new series is unbelievably stunning and exclusive to these artists. You will not find glass like this anywhere else on the planet. “There has never been found a more delightful art form than that of glass.” Leonardo Fioravanti 1564 How It’s Made - Millefiori Glass Paperweights localiez 33

rumi galleries By Freya Lloyd

34 localiez


oseph Rumi describes the best part of his job as being a “treasure hunter in the art market”. His gallery in Mississauga features both modern and historical art, which provides diverse challenges and thrills for Joseph. He loves dealing with contemporary artists one on one, but also enjoys the adrenaline rush from researching and chasing historical pieces. When studying for his masters in art business at Sotheby’s, Joseph’s eyes were opened to the international art market. Expanding his business beyond Canadian borders became part of Joseph’s vision for Rumi Galleries. Joseph is passionate about supporting local artists and the Canadian art community as well as international art. As a result of Joseph’s broad interests, Rumi Galleries showcases art from both Canada and abroad, providing an international presence for art in a convenient location. The gallery will be returning for a second year at the Art Toronto exhibit in the last weekend of October.

journey for jacob By Freya Lloyd


iane Robertson never imagined she would be part of a team that raised over $65,000 to fund research for children’s cancer. She probably never imagined the circumstances of her life that would inspire her to do so, either. Liane says her four-year-old nephew, Jacob, is a fighter and the strongest person she knows. He has battled cancer twice, and Liane has participated in the Sears Great Canadian Run, twice. The people closest to Jacob picked this particular charity to raise money in his name because Jacob is a recipient of the research at Sick Kids. Also, a significant percentage of the money raised will reach the hospital floor, which is very important to people who are giving so generously. Liane cannot speak highly enough of every contribution made from the heart, from home-grown tomato donations to $1000 checks. She believes that all giving is a gift, and hopes that something positive will come from Jacob’s illness.

localiez 35


5 drive-in theatre L

ocated on the border between Oakville and Mississauga is an entertainment experience that will take you back in time. The 5 Drive-in Theatre is a 1950’s style outdoor movie theatre and the only drive-in operating in the Greater Toronto Area. Owned and operated by the Allen family, who specialize in drive-ins, the facility features three separate screens that show current run movies. Admission includes two movies per screen with an intermission in between. Gone are the speakers on poles of yesteryear. Now sound for each movie can be heard on your car radio by tuning into the station dedicated to the screen you are watching. Apart from this one obvious update, the Allen family carefully remodeled the drive-in to make it a retro gem.

Photography by: Grant Ruston

Whether you come here for a date, a girls’ night out, or a family outing, the 5 Drive-in caters to everyone. It has a large play area for children, a volleyball court, and several concessions. Walking around the grounds you will see people in lawn chairs, a family laying on a mattress in the back of a pick-up truck, and people walking their dogs. In addition to regular public screenings every night from spring to fall, the drive-in is also used for private gatherings, promotional events, and location shooting for film and TV. While many nights you will find a line up of vehicles backed out onto the road waiting to get in, the 5 Drive-in Theatre is still surprisingly one of the GTA’s best kept secrets. localiez 37

38 localiez

“good wine starts & ends with a smile”

flat rock cellars for localiez magazine by kasandra rudder


hether it’s heading out for a night on the town, or ordering Italian take out to spend the evening at home in the comfort of your lounge clothes, most of us like having fun. Whatever you choose as your merriment, it should bring a smile to your face, and this is exactly what the people at Flat Rock Cellars hope for, when you pop open a bottle of their wine. It’s simply the reason they do what they do. Named after the rocky terrain from which it comes from, you’ll find Flat Rock Cellars close to home in Jordon Ontario. So you can feel good knowing that when you purchase any of their bottles, you are supporting the local market. These vintners are in this business for a few reasons. The most important being to give you the most enjoyable, personal wine experience possible, President Ed Madronich tells me. Explaining that most people see wine in one

of two ways. “Cheap, cheerful and crappy or expensive, pretentious and good.” this here is where Flat Rock differs from the other brands. When you purchase one of Flat Rocks wines there are no strings attached. No expert analysis required and no breaking the bank. However you can always expect “the best possible wine” they can produce says Ed. It’s their only intention to provide a delightful companion to what you are already doing, whatever occasion or non-occasion you choose, you can include Flat Rock too. That is where the fun is. While sitting mid-range on the price scale Flat Rock is affordable, (and worth every penny might I add). From the hand selection and sorting of every bushel of grapes, to all of the “little things” they do to push past just being a great Ontario wine, these guys won’t settle for mediocrity. “I have no desire to be a great Ontario wine, we want

localiez 39

to make great wine for everyone or anyone to enjoy, here and around the world.” With all this talk of wine, maybe I should learn how it’s done. Well that settle’s it. Looks like a road trip down to Flat Rock Cellars is in order. I’ll be sure to update you with my findings! Until then remember, good wine “should start and end with a smile” said by W. Sokolin. 40 localiez


“do you”


ow is the time. Take out your calendar and book your fall installments of “Me-Time”. As schedules begin to get overloaded, taking time to pamper yourself may be just what the doctor ordered. Here are 5 ways to pamper yourself this fall. 1) Head to your favourite salon. There is something sacred about strolling out of a salon with a fresh new cut and style that puts a little

extra pep in everyone’s step. If you re feeling frisky, opt for an edgier new cut and colour. 2) R  ecreate the ambiance of a spa at home. Go ahead and dim your lights, turn on your scented oil infusers and enjoy a night of wine, grooming and curling up with a good book by the fireplace. 3) Go incognito. Whether you choose to spend a day at home, or out and about, turn off

your laptops and “genius”phones. Enjoy a day, or as long as you can handle, without all the unnecessary communicating. 4) Sign up for a gym membership. Although, this is not traditional pampering, in the long run exercise will work wonders to keep your spirits lifted when winter hits. Treat yourself to a post work out smoothie and hit the sauna after an exceptionally good workout. 5) Do you! This should look very

different for each person, but the objective is to focus on yourself and on doing things that develop you as a person. This type of innerpampering does not happen over night; instead set modest, attainable targets that build up to your personal goals. Don t forget to send me your “MeTime”stories and ideas for future issues on FB at, Alexis AskAnything or via email at . Until next time, Alexis

localiez 41

book clubs and beach bums Reading for Everyone ... By Shannon White

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ack to the books! It may be school time for the kids, but not for you. Abandon those textbooks in favour of some super entertaining reads this fall from Simon and Schuster and Harper Collins! As always, the selections featured in this issue are sure to have you fascinated in no time. Book Clubs The Orchardist Amanda Coplin I love reading debut novels and The Orchardist did not disappoint. Set in the Pacific Northwest at the turn of the 20th century, The Orchardist tells the story of William Talmadge -- go figure, an orchardist. Talmadge leads a solitary life style, lovingly cultivating his fruit and tending the orchard. One market day, two pregnant teenagers conspire to steal his fruit. Seeing their desperation, Talmadge knowingly leaves his wares unattended allowing the girls to make off with some apples. Driven by curiosity, Della and Jane later appear at the outskirt of the orchard. Talmadge begins to provide for them and shelter them on the orchard. He quickly discovers that the girls are ‘wanted’ and there is a reward for their return. Sensing their desperation, Talmadge decides to harbour them in the orchard. The tale contrasts the routine life of the Orchardist with that of the reckless Della. The Orchardist is a tale of loss and isolation. It calls to question how we define family obligations and seeks to reconcile what is expected by our family and what will please us most. A compliment of strikingly different characters, including an eccentric herbalist and a mute Indian horse wrangler, keep the tale captivating. Readers who abhor loose ends will enjoy the fully resolved nature of The Orchardist. Book clubs will delight in quality discussions about family ties, unresolved losses, and their effect on achieving personal fulfilment. The Doula Bridget Boland Doulas are increasing in popularity and with all the babies being born in Halton Region, it is no surprise. Trendy with new moms, a doula is not a midwife but more of a care and support person for the labouring mother’s benefit. Think of it as the one last gift a mother gives herself prior to sacrificing all those sleepless nights! The Doula by Bridget Boland tells the story of Carolyn Connors. After failed nursing career, Carolyn finds herself trained as a doula. When her best friend, Mary Grace, becomes pregnant she immediately enlists Carolyn’s help. Carolyn feeling aimless decides to relocate and reconnect with Mary Grace before welcoming her little one into the world. When Caro arrives in town, Mary Grace’s life isn’t what she’d envisioned – she lives in a pretentious home with a husband who doesn’t have the time of day for his wife’s best friend. Tensions mount throughout Mary Grace’s pregnancy as Brad and Caro fail to find common ground. When Mary Grace’s labour quickly turns tragic, Brad casts blame on the doula. Can Caro continue in her career? Can she maintain the unexpected happiness that she had found prior to the tragedy or will she lose everything? Fans of Jodi Picoult and Amy Hatvany will enjoy The Doula. This novel with an earthy and almost spiritual feel, is easy to read and will quickly gain your attention. The added legal debates help to elevate the novel from whimsical chick lit to something slightly more thought-provoking. The Light Between Oceans M.L. Steadman Tom Sherbourne, after returning from the western front, finds solace in the orderly nature of keeping the light. He accepts a position as a light house keeper at the isolated post of Janus Rock, off the coast of Australia. Prior to leaving for Janus, Tom meets a spirited young lady named Isabel. Isabel agrees to accompany Tom to the isolation of Janus where they build a happy life together as newlyweds. As the years pass, Tom and Isabel’s hopes for a family of their own are repeatedly dashed when Isabel suffers miscarriage after miscarriage. One day, just weeks after another lost child, Isabel hears the cry of an infant on the

wind. Much to her astonishment, she discovers a baby in a boat amongst a dead man. Convinced of “God’s gift”, Isabel implores Tom to raise the child as their own. Despite Tom’s misgivings, in order to alleviate Isabel’s suffering, he agrees. Two years later, while on the mainland, the impact of this decision assails them as they are confronted with the ramifications of their actions. The Light Between Oceans is an extraordinary tale that would seem almost incomprehensible if not for the isolation of Janus. The characters are extremely believable and the tale well crafted. It is difficult to determine just who to side with as Steadman does a terrific job weaving both sides of the story. Readers will undoubtedly be propelled to discuss this book with others in order to debate the choices Tom and Isabel make and the chain reaction of heartbreak that follows. Lastly, The Light Between Oceans has beautiful cover and inner jacket artwork…not that we judge books by covers at Localiez! Beach Bums Beautiful Disaster Jamie Mcguire If you have read Fifty Shades of Grey and found it a touch too explicit, you will love Beautiful Disaster! Abby Abernathy is off to university to escape her past. She intends to study hard and maintain a good girl life style. However, one night her best friend drags her to an underground boxing match where Abby meets campus bad boy, Travis Maddox. The two quickly can’t get enough of each other however insist that they are merely friends. After losing a bet to Travis, Abby is forced to move in with him for a month. As sexual tensions escalate, the campus is a buzz with gossip over their strange relationship. Can Abby tame bad boy Travis for good? Or does she prefer the wealthy frat boy who is seeking her attention? As the story unfolds Abby past resurfaces. Her father needs help desperately and asks Abby to risk everything to provide it. Will Travis be Abby’s knight in tattooed armour or is their relationship doomed from the onset? Beautiful Disaster is a wonderfully fun read! You’ll be instantly hooked and losing sleep to finish it. A fantastically fun romance sure to delight readers of all types. Anna From Away – available Sept 11 D.R. MacDonald After losing her husband to a younger woman, artist Anna Starling moves to Cape Breton. Seeking solace in the gorgeous Canadian landscapes that are so artfully described in the novel, Anna immerses herself in east coast life. Her peacefully quiet existence allows her to reconnect with her artistic talents and explore new friendships. Anna’s neighbour Red Murdock, captures her interest despite being a widower 15 years her senior. Murdock, mourning the loss of his love Rosaire, lives a solitary life until Anna’s arrival attempts to awaken him. Their new relationship is soon tenuous when a controversial package lands on Anna’s shore. The package forces Anna and Murdock to make critical choices that reflect upon the core of their personalities. Anna From Away, much in the east coast spirit, takes it time unveiling the story. Some of the peripheral characters like Breagh are interesting however they are not further developed as the tale centers on Anna and Murdock. Filled with rich passages of Cape Breton nature, readers will be transported to the Maritimes easily. Readers interested in natural landscapes and east coast heritage will enjoy Anna From Away. Stayed tuned for the next issue revealing more exciting reads from Simon & Schuster and Harper-Collins. Happy Reading!

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