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Jessica Tyler mercedes-benz burlington Exclusive Interview’s with: kalista zackhariyas yannick carter milica zivanovic

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B-Playful What better way to check out that new restaurant everyone’s talking about or visit old friends across town than in the all-new 2013 Mercedes-Benz B-Class. Thanks to advanced systems like COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST and Blind Spot Assist, navigating the city has never been easier and more exciting. Plus with fuel-conserving ECO Start/Stop technology, you’ll be able to drive longer and experience more places than ever before.

A Daimler Brand

Visit Mercedes-Benz Burlington or for more. Life is in the detours.

INTRODUCING THE ALL-NEW 2013 MERCEDES-BENZ B-CLASS, STARTING AT $29,900.* © 2012 Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc. *National MSRP $29,900. National MSRP pricing is shown and is intended for information purposes only. Prices do not include licence, insurance or registration fees, as well as any other products or services not listed that may be available to you through Mercedes-Benz Burlington. Vehicle prices subject to change. Dealer may sell for less. Please contact Mercedes-Benz Burlington directly for prices.

Mercedes-Benz Burlington | 441 North Service Rd | 1.877. 353.5557 |

Ooh La La is the gold standard among North American day spas – a world-class destination catering to women and men who want stress relief and relaxation in a serene atmosphere. ooh la la boutique, 155 main st., Milton, Ontario L9T 1N7,, 905.875.2527

T he Perfect Dress

781 Main Street, unit 17 Milton, ON L9T 5A9 905-878-4900 Milton’s Best Kept Secret! We have hundreds of dress designs in store for you to fall in love with for life’s special occasions: BRIDESMAIDS, MOTHERS PROM, GALAS

Editors Note


he wintertime is known for bringing out the blues in people. With the lack of sun and temperature drop we often find ourselves huddling inside cozying up on the couch until the spring arrives. If you can manage to get on your coat, gloves, boots, scarf (and yes I suggest you take all of these things with you whenever we are experiencing weather that induces frostbite) you are half way there. Instead of keeping it cozy, try heading to your local community centre for a number of activities to keep you busy during these months where being outside is not your first choice of entertainment.


The Milton Centre for the Arts is a multi-purpose hub that hosts art & photography classes, while also the home of the Milton Public Library. You can catch a play or peruse the local art gallery. The next time you are deliberating over what do on a wintery Saturday contact your community centre, at the end of the day that is why it’s there, and you definitely are apart of the community, so jump in!


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Create your own vintage for unique and elegant keepsakes • Serve your own specially labeled wines at your reception • Make your favourite wines from the world’s famous wine regions • Carafes’ complete wine packages are available for any special occasion. |

Kasandra Rudder 416 840 5274

100 nipissing rd., milton, on, l9t 5b2

Paul Sewitt

| t: 905-878-2646

Freya Lloyd


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beat the february blahs with:

these canadian fashion finds Cindy Roemer :


A Toronto-based Fashion Stylist. For more information visit:

S a r a h S t e v e n s o n : w w w. s a r a h s t e v e n s o n d e s i g n . c o m



S n a k e N e c k l a c e : L a b o r d e D e s i g n s - w w w. l a b o r d e d e s i g n s . c o m

P o i n t e d n e c k l a c e : S h ay L o w e - w w w. s h ay l o w e d e s i g n . c o m



oceana whispers 104-13 charles st, milton, on l9t 2g5



t: 905-878-6652

dear 2013, it’s carpe diem time!

Alexis N Love,

ow the craziness of the holiday season is over and things have quieted down, have you begun to think about how you plan to “seize” 2013? Here are 5 sure fire ways to ensure that you don’t spend your year counting down until 2014.

Create Your Own Destiny. Ask yourself “How am I going to ensure MY own happiness in 2013? It never ceases to amaze me how quickly each year flies by. Therefore, I suggest that you begin setting your personal, professional and social goals immediately to ensure that you have time to achieve them. Organize Your Life. Whether you put together a budget to track your spending, clean off your desk, or make a professional development plan, organizing a disorganized aspect of your life should release some of the weight on your shoulders. Not to mention, if you make a realistic and authentic plan, your responsibilities should seem easier as you follow through on your plan. Plan a trip. Just make sure to do it responsibly! I believe that a solid budget allots for a monthly “trip fund” allocation. Next, start adding any extra money that you come into, like insurance reimbursements, to the fund. Before you know it you will have enough money to head back to Vegas without breaking the bank. Say thank you! Take some time to humble yourself. I propose looking inward at all the things you should be thankful for in your life to start. After some inner reflection time, let the “thank you snowball” start to roll. Begin with saying all the thanks that you probably should have already said to your family and friends. Next, pay special attention to the “thank yous” that come up in your day-to-day life. Since they do not cost a thing, don’t be stingy with them! Lastly, and arguably most importantly - Step out of Your Comfort Zone! Can you imagine how exciting your life could be if you stepped out of your comfort zone on a regular basis? Probably not! Most of us have become content living “safely” and avoiding most situations where failure could be an option. Yet, in order to truly “seize 2013,” you have to take a leap of faith sometimes and put yourself out there. If things do not turn out as planned, you will surely have a heap of entertaining party stories. Don’t forget to keep you questions or “Carpe Diem” stories coming and you could be a part of the March/April 2013 issue. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to add me to FB using “Alexis AskAnything” or via email at Your girl, Alexis

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kalista zackhariyas

the youth code hope through the code By: Carcia Campbell (Writer, Blogger with


he world can be a harsh place. Everyday, amongst busy streets and over scheduled calendars, children suffer at the hands of their abusers, not knowing there is hope. Actress, Writer and Founder of The Youth Code, Kalista Zackhariyas knows hardship first hand as a former victim of abuse. Zackhariyas now uses her trying experience to fuel The Youth Code, an organization that is dedicated to supporting children recovering from abuse. The effort of assisting children in distress holds great importance to Zackhariyas who explained the importance of ‘Code’ and what it meant. “When you associate the word Code with anything it implies that there are a set of principals that you would want to live by. We are trying to help children develop their own code. The child will develop their own personal code and sense of values so they can understand where they can go in their world,” she said. Currently, Zackhariyas, along with partner Peel Children’s Aid, is gearing up to launch the organization on March 16 with an inaugural gala. This will mark the beginning of an initiative that will develop children of abuse, show them their purpose through programs that will empower as well as motivate children to find/ follow their purpose like Kalista did when she found herself homeless after years of foster care.

12 localiez

“I had a very tremulous home life and I was assigned to Children’s Aid wards care at 16. I often ran away from foster homes. I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere. I was this adolescent child with no education and no money. I know what it’s like to look for a church that’s open all night so I can go sleep in the pews. I was shown the compassion of strangers and friends parents who would let me into their homes and feed me,” she said. The Youth Code Gala will formally introduce the organization to the community in arts and entertainment in hopes of eventually going national. This event also creates an opportunity for children of abuse to be involved in a positive environment with a scholarship program where Ontario children can be nominated within the industry the child shows interest in. “We really want to present them with a scholarship,” Zackhariyas said, “We want to give them the recognition on a platform where they see 100 people applauding their achievement. This presents a scenario for another child looking on to see, ‘That kid is just like me that had the same situation I had, but they achieved, so I can achieve this too.” Canadian records show how vital an organization like The Youth Code is to our community. The costs of child abuse are estimated to be $15 billion annually. To make donations, purchase tickets to the event (tickets go on sale February 10th), or to volunteer your time visit online.

Bryan Harris in Toronto, Choppin it up with August Rigo at the third annual “Gift Of Music” event held at the Hard Rock Cafe benefiting “Music Counts”. *Marina Boy cO.* Bryan Harris

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629 Holly Avenue Milton, Ontario, L9T 0G3 - 905-805-2887 ( Cuts )

the atari 2600 was a big deal.toyratt


onkey Kong. Space Invaders. Asteroids. Pac-Man.

Colossal digital attractions - once exclusive to the monstrous cabinets found at your local arcade - were now available to be played from the comfort of your living room. In the early 80‘s video games were all about the challenge. A quick trigger-finger and razor-sharp reflexes were necessary traits to secure a high score and bragging rights. With each passing level the game moved a little bit faster. Enemy onslaughts swelled in intensity. The margin for error diminished. Regardless of your skill, gamers were faced with the inescapable fact that all play sessions ended on the “Game Over” screen. The release of Super Mario Bros. in 1985 on the Nintendo Entertainment System ignited a paradigm shift in the way video games were designed and

played. Suddenly, players were plunged into sprawling worlds where every new level promised fresh and exciting terrain to explore. A story unfolded as you advanced through the stages, and if you possessed the right degree of intestinal fortitude you just might reach “The End”. It was an experience that you could not find in the arcades. The era of the home video game console was born. What kind of gamer are you? Whether you are looking for a blast from the past on the Atari, or you’re daring explore the labyrinthian dungeons of The Legend of Zelda, relive the memories at the Toyratt in Milton, Ontario. Thousands of games for every classic gaming console are in stock. Check us out online at . localiez 15

16 localiez

NUDE BUDDHA Tattoo Studio 42 Bronte St S. Unit 14, Milton, ON, L9T 5A8, 905-203-0737

localiez 17

broadway on main

first annual mayor’s gala for the arts fundraiser

Thank you For haveing Localiez at these beautiful events. If you are interested in having Localiez cover your event please contact

kenny munshaw

out of the cold benefit

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Jessica Tyler J

essica Tyler is no ordinary girl. This passionate singer songwriter and actress on the hit Canadian show, Degrassi: The Next Generation, is on her way to showing the world what she’s all about. Just finishing up on an across Canada tour with Nelly Furtado, Jessica is getting ready to launch her debut album for our listening pleasure. “I’ve always dreamt big about having a musical career…really I would just like to show my music to the world and just give everyone a little bit of joy and something exciting to listen to.”

Birthday: December 8th Favorite Food: Sushi is really good Favorite Movie: Walk the Line with Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix Favorite Designer: Betsy Johnson

Writing and choosing all of her lyrics, melodies and chords herself, Jessica’s sound is a reflection of her colourful and upbeat spirit, which adds refreshing sincerity to her music. “I write the way I feel, so if I’m feeling sad about a break up I’ll write a song about that, or if I’m feeling on top of the world I’ll write a song about independence and how it’s important to be who we are.” While on her first Canadian tour with Ms. Furtado, Jessica embraced the opportunity to learn from the experience especially paying attention to how localiez 21

the seasoned artist would interact with the media, and gracefully push through 2 hours of performing a night. Jessica also was able to gain insight into her own performances and stage presence telling me that “the funny thing about performing live is you really only get one shot to do it, so you just kind of have to go out there and give it your all, and that’s why when you do have a good performance it’s an amazing feeling...” Despite a busy production schedule, Jessica finds that making music is simply a part of who she is “ music comes naturally to me… I don’t usually have to find time for music, it kind of finds time for me.” When she’s not songwriting or acting you

22 localiez

can find Ms. Tyler across the world with her Degrassi castmates working on projects like Free the Children’s Me to We. Helping communities grow while gaining invaluable life changing perspective connecting with communities abroad. This year you can look forward to seeing more of Jessica on stage, as

localiez 23

24 localiez

she hopes to amp up her performance schedule (fingers crossed!). Don’t forget to look out for her album hitting shelves some time this year. You can follow Jessica on twitter @JessicaTyler or on Facebook for updates on what she is up to, or tune into Degrassi: The Next Generation. This young, talented and very professional performer is just getting started but isn’t short of a fan following. After all she isn’t just an ordinary girl, which is just how we like it.

“I think it’s important to follow your dreams. A lot of the time people have dreams, and think that sometimes they seem so far away that it could never happen, but I think dreaming of exciting things we want to conquer is what drives us in life.” - Jessica Tyler on Inspiration

Stylist and Garments: Deborah Vieira from The Perfect Dress Makeup: Franca Pedulla - Ooh, La, La Onsite Touchups: Vickie Maria Shoot Locations: Thank you... Marquee Rock This Way - Milton Get Loud Music

localiez 25

azul sensatori hotel, mexico Written and photographed by Grant Rushton


he Azul Sensatori hotel is an allinclusive resort run by the Karisma: Located in the Mayan Riviera a short ride from the Cancun airport it is ultra private and caters to both families and adults. On the premises you will find a reasonably quiet beach, an indoor spa and outdoor spa, fitness centre, several swim up bars, a cocktail lounge, a buffet restaurant, a beach barbecue, and a good selection of themed restaurants featuring Mexican, Italian, French, and Caribbean cuisine, to name just a few.

26 localiez

localiez 27

The staff are friendly and dedicated and are almost equal in number to their guests. Although tipping is included in the all inclusive price, and we felt no obligation from the staff to do so, we tipped anyway. The beach has some naturally occurring seaweed, which the staff attend to frequently. The property in general is extremely well maintained. Almost daily you will find a couple getting married on the beach. On Saturdays there can be as many a four weddings throughout the day. Watching one in progress I could tell the staff had a practiced hand at creating many happy moments.

A short taxi ride away is the charming fishing village of Puerto Morelos featuring cheap restaurants, rustic hotels and a small shopping section. This trip was booked through Sunwing: In addition to booking the air and hotel, Sunwing took care of the transfers and had a representative from their company available at the resort. If you are looking for relaxation and a little pampering, the Azul Sensatori hotel is a great place to go. localiez 29

30 localiez

yannick carter “Potential is simply the inability to complete a given task. Those who look beyond the idea of potential achieve great success”. s a professional football player with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and local realtor, Yannick wants to provide the aspiring youth athletes with the opportunity to look beyond their potential by providing them with the necessary tools to reach their goals. As such, he is committed to sending one fortunate athlete per house purchased or sold through his services to S.S.T. (Sports Specific Training – Milton) for a two month comprehensive training program. Each athlete will receive an individual program geared towards his or her specific sport and mentorship by both S.S.T. certified training staff and Yannick.


“A lesson learned is never a lesson unless you apply it later on in life”. Facing countless obstacles financially, emotionally and physically are some of the inherent walls one must overcome in their pursuit of athletics. Through a relationship establish with S.S.T. and Tackling Your Real Estate Needs, Yannick hopes to be able to take the life lessons he has gained and provide youth athletes with the tools to break through such aforementioned barriers and reach for the success that lies before them. Inquire for further details and how your youth athlete can qualify for the two month training/mentorship program via email: “The tools for success are everywhere around us but are rendered inoperable until we as individuals harness their abilities to open the doors of opportunities”.

S.S.T. Milton and Tackling Your Real Estate Needs. I am pleased to announce a partnership with S.S.T. - Milton to help support youth athletics in the Milton area. As a professional athlete, Yannick knows what it takes to get to the top of your game and stay there. Tackling Your Real Estate Needs has agreed to offer a Free 2-month Membership to S.S.T. with each completed transaction to ensure that a young athlete will get the opportunity to access top-flight Sports Specific Training. S.S.T. - Milton and Yannick would like to offer you: ~A  Free 2-month Membership – up to 4 sessions per week; each session has components of mobility, strength, speed and conditioning; nutrition counselling ~A  Fitness Assessment – identifying muscle imbalances, strengths and weaknesses; hard data on bodyfat, vertical jump, broad jump, chin-ups, penta jump; movement and mobility screening ~A  n Individualized Program – designed for the individual athlete based on the results of their fitness assessment and tailored to their schedule (2, 3 or 4 day per week programming based on the athlete’s on/off-season and school schedule) Certified Coaching – S.S.T. Milton’s coaches are National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists

localiez 31

milica zivanovic By: Irvin Ramsay


ilicia is a Mississauga native, who has played tennis for 11 years. She is currently training in Los Angeles, for a series of pro tournaments stating in March. I had an opportunity to exchange thoughts with her, to gain some insight into this aspiring tennis star.

One day “I was watching my older sister play a tennis tournament at our local club, and I remember watching how her opponent used a racket trick to pick up a ball. I thought it was so cool and I really wanted to pick up a racket and try it myself. That was the first time I considered playing tennis”. Currently Milicia is managing her pro career herself. “It’s been a difficult transition, from organized funded practices and tournaments (including her D-1 scholarship), to having to organize practices, and support myself ”. She states it’s been an interesting experience searching for the level of training and support that she needs to get to the next level, to achieve her goals. Milicia finished her undergrad scholarship playing D-1 and had an amazing winning streak against the top 20 schools. Some of her memorable matches where against Pepperdine, Washington and a few meetings with Cal Berkley. Also this summer she played a few WTA Tournaments which put her in the direction she wants to go. Milicia is perfecting her skills currently by working on her shot and a few other techniques. Milica intends to start climbing up the list by year end and win or make consistent placement. Long term, she would like to play in Grand Slams and play bigger tournaments and leave her mark. “I am at a stage where everything seems so exciting and beautiful right now”, she states I see myself playing amazing tennis and doing everything I can to make myself a better player every day, every hour in the gym or on the court just means so much more when you know where it’s going to get you. 32 localiez

just breathe


t’s February, it’s cold and the holidays are over. The holidays are an awesome time to connect with family and friends but they are also the most terrifying time of the year for our waistlines. Yes folks, the long cold months are upon us and you may feel like you need to hibernate against the cold and hide behind those oversized sweaters and bulky jackets. This is fine until you decide to book a trip to that warm sunny destination. This is when you remove the layers of clothes, look in the mirror and realize that your body is not even close to being bikini ready and you leave in 4 weeks! We are all guilty of making excuses as to why we can’t workout especially in the winter months when it’s cold, dark and the couch and the chips are calling your name. It doesn’t matter. The biggest obstacle to staying in top shape over the winter is too many distractions and too much avoidance. We all start out in January with these amazing New Year Resolutions and by mid February we have fallen back into the I’m too tired and don’t have enough time routine. Do something different this year, make it a point to NOT MISS your workouts.  And if you do, make it another point to MAKE THEM UP. Remember that creating healthy eating habits along with the right amount of cardio and toning exercise is a necessary step to finally peeling off that oversized sweater and jacket. If you commit to these changes in your routine,  you will be bikini ready before you know it. Yours in Health, Lori-Ann McLeod Oxygen Yoga & Pilates offers classes in: Yoga, Pilates, Pilatesstick, TRX, TRX/ Bootcamp, Spinning, Zumba, TRX Yoga Fusion, Kickboxing, Barre Basics, Ballet Bootcamp, Mom & Baby Fitness, Prenatal, Kids Fitness and more. We offer affordable passes with no membership contracts. New clients receive  2 weeks of unlimited classes for $15.00 For more information go to http://www. or check us out on Facebook The studio is located at 348 Bronte Street South, Unit 10 Milton, Ontario localiez 33

34 localiez

imagine laserworks with Allen Christison

Welcome to Imagine Laserworks – Canada’s no. 1 method to quit smoking and the Largest Network of Laser Quit – Stop Smoking Centers on the Planet.


magine Laserworks are natural health centres using advanced, complementary and drug-less therapies in all areas of addictions and self improvement.

Allen Christison is the owner/operator of the Imagine Laserworks - Milton location. He has been a proud resident of Milton for 5 years and loves to help support local businesses where he can. He is a member of both the Milton DBIA and Milton Chamber of Commerce.

up and nicotine hits the brain in under 6 seconds (twice as fast as main lining heroin). Other methods don’t address the cleansing/nutritive support that the body needs to free itself from the 4700 chemicals in cigarette smoke, the psychological aspect of quitting, and the re-training of your mind in simple easy steps to follow. These same simple psychological steps can also be applied to other addictions such as alcohol, drugs, sugar, and food.

You will often see him and his family strolling around Mill Pond or taking in the Farmers Market with the newest canine member of the family, Rudy.

Patch, gum, and inhalers are known as Nicotine Replacement Therapy or NRT’s.

Some of you may have seen big Rudy at Milton Leash free or in the recent Santa Claus parade pulling the Imagine Laserworks float.

Ultimately a person still has to suffer withdrawal of nicotine, after all you wouldn’t tell an alcoholic who is trying to quit drinking to switch from scotch to vodka would you?

Allen says that “When it comes to quitting smoking no other method can come close to the success rate of laser therapy.” A former smoker himself, he has tried most of the other methods. So he knows everything that smokers have gone through with these other methods of quitting. Not all laser therapy is created equal. The type of laser, the structure of the program and training of the certified technicians is very important. That is what sets Imagine Laserworks and its 95% success rate apart from the rest. Imagine Laserworks has been successful in treating addictions since 1998 and has 20+ locations across Canada as well as its’ affiliate locations in the U.S., Mexico, Columbia, Portugal, and Turkey.

With laser there are no side effects other than feeling good and quitting smoking. With the Imagine Laserworks program you can smoke up to the door, but that’s it! That’s the last one. After the 1hr treatment you will be a Non-Smoker. Imagine Laserworks also has treatments for drug, & alcohol addiction, stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, weight loss, migraines, menopause, PMS, seasonal allergies, back and joint pain, and many other health conditions. Feel free to Contact Allen at 905 805 0213 with any questions or you can email him at

Why do you feel that all “other methods” have such low success rates?

You can check out Imagine Laserworks at

Allen Christison: Simple! they don’t address the body’s own natural feel good chemistry and getting it back on-line.

Follow Allen on twitter @MiltonILW or like his facebook page www. where he is always posting other health related articles and the occasion Rudy picture.

The body’s feel good chemistry is the first casualty when a person lights

localiez 35

a taste of burlington { February 17 – March 10, 2013



Burlington, ON, February 23, 2013. Taste of Burlington crowns “Best Taste” and “People’s Choice” at the Winter Taste of Burlington Launch

urlington restaurateurs are proud to announce “A Taste of Burlington” will be running again this winter from February 17 – March 10. To kick things off and provide diners an opportunity to experience a taste of what to expect, the Taste of Burlington held their first ever public launch event at the Burlington Art Centre on January 22.

smoked bacon, tomato confit, grated aged romano and savoy spinach and Paradiso’s 12 hour braised wild boar sliders with garlic aioli & smoked cheddar coming in slightly behind the winning restaurant. Congratulations, goes to Chef Adam at the Purple Heather Gastro Pub who won “People’s Choice” with his short rib meatball and carrot tartare.

mascarpone, sage, sultana, English cream pair, Celli’s Osteria’s Buffalo Ricotta Gnochetti, Beef Short Rib Ragu and Citrus Gremolata and Water St. Cooker’s “In house” made Gnoochi.

Guests had an opportunity to meet many of our participating restaurateurs at their interactive food stations and try amazing cuisine paired with the wines of Flat Rock Cellars, whose expert pourers provided the perfect accompaniment.

The talents of some local celebrities where tapped to judge the “Best Taste”. We challenged Mike Wallace, MP for Burlington, Aiko Iwashita on air personality at Klite 102.9, Agatha Podgorski from the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance, and Michelle Gatien from TV Cogeco to sample the fare of all 16 restaurants and score them based on taste, creativity and presentation. In this category the combined judges scores were used to detemine the winner and it seems our judges had a sweet tooth with Chef Will from The Queen’s Head Pub winning the title of “Best Taste” with his Housemade Smores made with a graham cracker bowl, Spanish honey, dark African chocolate gelato, and bruleed brandied marshmallow. Honourable mentions go to Spencer’s at the Waterfront’s Mini Sweet Potato Toffee Pudding, with

The “Taste of Burlington” committee would like to thank and acknowledge the generous support from its sponsors Balance my Life, Burlington Hotel Deals, Burlington Post, CHCH, Flamborough Review, Flat Rock Cellars, Hamilton Magazine, Inspire Marketing, KX94.7, Localiez,, SNAP Burlington, Taste Magazine, Valpak Burlington, The Waterfront Hotel – Burlington, West of the City, and Whalesongs as well as our community partners, Tourism Burlington and Burlington Downtown.

With the new format came a new friendly competition for the restaurants. All guests were given the opportunity to vote for their favourite restaurant based on the cuisine they were serving. The popular vote would be crowned “People’s Choice”. With everything from savory samples to sweet treats the competition was fierce and the restaurants really stepped it up. In the end it was a close race between the top three with Pepperwood Bistro’s sweet potato gnocchi with sage brown butter, crispy double 36 localiez

If you want to experience all the great tastes of Burlington be sure to visit for prix fixe menus and pricing.

For more information: Linda Cvetanovic Taste of Burlington - Tourism Burlington 414 Locust Street, Burlington, ON 905-634-5594

localiez 37

38 localiez

antica osteria

(the localiez restaurant to watch “part 1”)

3088 Mayfield Road, Brampton, ON, (905) 495-5555.


estled in the corner of Brampton is a restaurant that most would say brings out the nostalgic vibe and old-school feeling of yesteryear. Localiez had a chance to visit this beautiful establishment so we could show you what you are missing when it comes to fine dining. You may think this editorial piece is going to be your regular restaurant review, but I wanted to take the time to share with you my overall experience when visiting Antica Osteria. Domenic Greco (Owner) greeted me at the front

door of Antica Osteria and from the moment I stepped into the restaurant he treated me like I was family. He helped me understand that “Rome was not build in a day” and that if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything. “Going into the 5th year for Antica Osteria feels good” Domenic said. “Take each day as it comes and do not stress about the things you cannot control. Good health, family, and friends should mean the most to you.” He also continued to say “Don’t stop. Continue working hard and you will succeed”.

I had a great time talking to Domenic and the welcoming staff. Not only is Antica Osteria a great place to eat, but a great place to socialize as well. This is “The Localiez Restaurant to Watch”. Look out for the continuation of this article in the March/April issue of Localiez. One of Domenics’ Choice: Zuppa di Crostacei e Molluschi: Medley of fruits of the sea – jumbo tiger shrimps, sea scallops, mussels, clams, calamari & king crab legs in white wine sauce sprinkled with seasoned crumbs and oven baked! localiez 39


ith over 170 open boxes in their 105+ square foot walk in humidor at the Village Cigar Company in Burlington, they were able to narrow down the current top 5 “most popular” cigars in their selection: 1. Alec Bradley “Black Market” Torpedo 2. Romeo Y Julieta “No. 2” 3. Montecristo “No. 4” 4. Alec Bradley “Prensado” Gran Toro 5. Brickhouse “Robusto” Village Cigar Company 2049 Pine Street Unit 16 Burlington, ON L7R 1E9 905-681-2012 VillageCigarCompany2012 twitter @VillageCigarCo instagram @VillageCigarCo 40 localiez

localiez 41

42 localiez

book clubs and beach bums Reading for Everyone ... By Shannon White


ow that the holidays are over, you can start thinking about kicking those winter blues with some great books. If you are ones of the fortunate ones heading south this winter, think about packing these fantastic reads in your carry on!

Book Clubs

The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker

Mrs. Kennedy and Me: An Intimate Memoir by Clint Hill

The Age of Miracles, similar in feel to The Hunger Games and Divergent, is perfect for both young adults and those not so young adults who still love the YA genre. It tells the story of Julia, a 12 year old girl who grows up in extraordinary times. One day she wakes up to find that the “slowing” has occurred – the Earth has started spinning more slowly and days and nights have begun to lengthen. Surprisingly this is not as simple as it seems and a host of after effects send society scrambling. Two schools of society emerge – real timers and clock timers and a struggle ensues. Throughout these changes Julia struggles with changes of her own hoping to make sense of her adolescence and the chaotic world into which she is thrown.

Let me start by saying, this title will surprise you. Whether or not you’re a political aficionado or completely clueless, Jackie will mesmerize you. The memoir was written by Clint Hill, Jackie Kennedy’s personally assigned secret service agent. Mr. Hill and Mrs. Kennedy were together throughout many priceless historic moments of the JFK administration. However, if that sounds too heavy for you, don’t dismay. Reading Mrs. Kennedy and Me makes you feel as if you were flipping through Jackie’s photo album with Mr. Hill by your side to tell you all about the details of the scene before you. You will truly enjoy learning about Jackie and understanding just why the world was so enthralled with her. The memoir is well written with a captivating array of photographs and truly entertaining – a highly recommended read! Beach Bums Shiver by Karen Robards Although Karen Robards is a prolific writer with more than 40 novels to her credit, I had not previously read any until now. Shiver tells the steamy tale of Sam, a young single mother working to make ends meet as a repo-girl in the wee hours of the night as her four year old son Tyler sleeps. One evening, when a repo goes terribly wrong, Sam is thrown (literally) into “Marco’s” life. Little does Sam know that Marco is not as he seems. As they forge an unlikely alliance against the dangerous Zeta cartel, things heat up quickly. Sam and her four year old son are thrown in the midst of violence and are hoping to escape with their lives. Although the plot is somewhat weak with the book taking place over what feels like a week or less, the chemistry between Marco and Sam will entertain fans of the romantic suspense genre. Fans of Julie Garwood and Sandra Brown will enjoy Karen Robards as well. A light read that is perfect for those tropical getaways this winter.

The Age of Miracles is sticky and will stay with you long after you’ve read it. Although not action packed, the story is interesting and will keep you thinking about how one simple disruption can turn your life upside down. Cookbook The Milf Diet by Jessica Porter Upon receiving the Milf Diet, I must admit I was drawn in by the whimsical title however upon closer examination the Milf Diet proved to be more serious fare than I had anticipated. The pillars of the diet encourage the avoidance of refined products and all meat-based products. Although probably not a diet for the masses, those who are open to alternative medicines/diets/etc will enjoy this lovely hard cover edition. The recipes look scrumptious in the colourful full page photographs. I can’t wait to try them out sometime soon! Stayed tuned for the next issue revealing more exciting reads from Simon & Schuster, Random House and Harper-Collins. Happy Reading!

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j. scott early funeral home


. Scott Early Funeral Home has a 25 year history in Milton, providing service to the families of the town and surrounding communities in their times of need. Established in 1987 by Scott Early, a longtime resident of Campbellville and Milton, the funeral home was bought in 2005 by Kim and Rebecca Hunter, both funeral directors. Never having lived in Milton, they took a leap of faith, leaving behind the home and lifestyle they were comfortable with to make a fresh start in a smaller community. For the Hunters, owning a funeral home is much more than simply running a business. It’s being part of the community, and being there for families at their time of greatest loss. It’s a privilege to be brought into the core of a family while they are grieving, and that is something we never lose sight of. A desire to help is what brought them into this profession – for Kim it has been 36 years and for Rebecca it has been 21 years. Both appreciate the long history behind the customs of this profession and they maintain old fashioned ideals when it comes to providing care. Their years of working in the diversely multicultural communities of Toronto and Scarborough cultivated an array of experience working with all faiths, cultures and customs which they have brought to their new home in Milton. Being part of the town is important to them, and Kim and Rebecca are both actively involved in local causes such as the Rotary Club, The Milton District Hospital Foundation, church, youth sporting events, The Sears Run to End Childhood Cancer, fundraisers, and lending a hand wherever and however they can. Supporting the local community is important, but so too is supporting our provincial and Canadian communities which they do by offering a selection of funeral merchandise primarily from Ontario or Canadian based manufacturers. 94% of the caskets offered are made in Canada, of which 60% are made in Ontario; all are made in North America. “Given the fact that we work so hard for what we have, we like to do our part to help other jobs remain local.” “We are here because we have a passion for what we do. It hasn’t been an easy journey by any means, but loving what we do makes it worthwhile. We are often viewed as ‘someone you never want to meet’ and we aim to change that image. Meeting people in Milton is a true pleasure – and we hope that when a time comes that you do require our services, you’ll feel comfort in knowing that it’s someone familiar to you that is walking you through that time.”

J Scott Early Funeral Home Inc 21 James Street, Milton, ON L9T 2P3

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Front Porch


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