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BLOOM Quarter: Fall 2012 Advisor: Doug Jackson Construction: Laser-Cut Steel Members, CNCed Plywood Slats [700+ individual pieces] Concept: Instigate social interaction and participation by forcing people to sit in direct proximity to one another in order to fully utilize and experience the movement of Bloom

Plywood Seating Slats

Steel Kinetic Structural System

[CONCEPT] BLOOM Participation is most successful as a two-part sequence with both incentive and conflict. Incentive generally functions on the level of the individual, as a personal reward or prize, either experiential or tactile. Conflict acts on the participants as a whole, as they must work together to create balance in the situation. “Bloom� investigates these levels of participation on the scale of a bench: an object to view and interact with.The materiality and configuration creates a visual attraction to the piece and an interest in the intended function.This creates incentive for interaction with the object, but not necessarily socially, until the initial move is made.Then as others begin to investigate the object the conflict of proximity and negotiation are introduced. The bench is split into two systems with two corresponding functions: the steel members that create the kinetic movement and the wooden slats that form the seating surface.The two tones calls direct attention to the distinction between the systems.The semi-matte black paint on the members and hardware presents a cohesive and sleek system that supports the folded wooden system above.The monochromatic color of the kinetic system allows the numerous and tedious details to camouflage into the steel and be viewed as a whole that is greater than its parts. Therefore the complexity of the mechanical system recedes, while the usable system of seating takes the primary focus.

Position 00 - standby position

plywood slats threaded steel rods seat steel members members assembled level 2 steel members level 1 steel members joints [sliding/geared/fixed]


Position 01 - initial interaction

Position 02 - secondary participation

Position 03 - fully engaged

18.75” 18.75”

plan 15” 15”

16” 16”

18” 18”

16” 16”



spacer variations


continuity of threaded rods

16” 16”

15” 15”

Geared Joint

Member Fixed Joint

Sliding Joint

Seat Rotational Joint

– 1/2” medium duty stainless steel binding post – nylon washer – lasercut gear

– 1” medium duty stainless steel binding post – 7/32” nylong spacer

– 1” medium duty stainless steel binding post – 7/32” nylong spacer

– 1/2” medium duty stainless steel binding post – nylon washer


KINETIC EXPLORATION Quarter: Winter 2012 Advisor: Stephen Phillips Construction: Acrylic + Mylar with Arduino Uno, Servos + LEDs Concept: Create variable pixilated surface that can either abstractly represent an image through the change of aperature or react to the proximity of people, transforming the environment

CONCEPT An initial interest in the representation of an image through various apertures led to this kinetic investigation. The physical object is a 9-square grid section of an intended surface of these cells. Each cell is held in place through a system of vertical structure and horizontal planes guiding the vertical movement.The movement is translated with wire through the structure to create the resulting rotation. A faceted mylar skin, formed through a geometric exploration of scoring and folding a single surface, clads each cell.

Servos, Arduino UNO and Battery Storage

Primary Grid Structure

Secondary Structure

Vertical Translation

Kinetic Structure

LED +Wires Tube



Secondary Structure

Vertical Translation x9 x18



Kinetic Structure

Skin x9 x36










x36 x72

x2 x2


x36 x36


x36 x72 x108




Hwy 90

Quarter: Winter + Spring 2012 Advisor: Stephen Phillips Location: Playa Vista, California Square Footage: 905,000 Sq. Ft. Program: Film Stages and Support Space in contrast to Public Amphitheater, Movie Theater, Howard Hughes Museum, etc.

Mixed Use Development



Playa Vista Park (Maltzan)

Jefferson Blvd

Natural Bluff



Street Art [SITE] PLAYA VISTA, LOS ANGELES The new “Playa Vista Studios” challenges the typology of a typical Hollywood Film Campus. The separation of private and public program changes, as the typical “barrier wall” is replaced by landscape, and the translucency of the new “barriers” begin to vary. The translucency, as it reveals hints of reality while avoiding full disclosure, captures public curiosity. It is an exploration of the relationship between visibility vs clarity, building vs landscape, the observer vs the observed, and focusing on PUBLIC vs PRIVATE. The project is separated into THREE components, each exploring this relationship: – existing hangars as new sound stages – main building intertwining public and private program – outdoor amphitheater

[CEILING SECTION] KINETIC HYDRAULIC SYSTEM The existing hangars, originally with poor sound control are renovated with a new soundproofing system hanging from the original glulam structure. A new ceiling system supported by a vertically flexible structural system, allows unlimited variations of set options.The new ceiling consists of a grid of cells, actuated by pistons in specific locations for ultimate flexibility. As some pistons are extended, it creates a tension in the vertically flexible yet horizontally rigid grid of cells.This compresses the box of each cell activating the interior functions. The ceiling replaces the typical ceiling grid above sound stages, as each cell contains a different function depending on the location. All have hooks for hanging sets objects, while the interior functions vary between lighting, HVAC and intake.

Hydraulic Actuator

Mechanical Systems and Repair Space

HVAC Vents Flexible Framework

Variable Systems


actuator compresses the box

Strict Grid horizontally rigid Sliding Joints vertically flexible


Central Atrium

Theaters Bike Path



Private Event Space

Public Event Space

Historic Exhibit Primary Entry [from Jefferson]

Private Access to Backlot

Public Access


flexible sound stages as the ceiling morphs to allow any setup

historic exhibit pierces hangars presenting teaser views of the ‘movie magic’

PUBLIC INSERTION The HISTORIC EXHIBIT of the hangars, aviation, and film stretches from the central atrium, extending over the backlot to pierce the hangars. Inside, a balcony hangs from the existing glulam structure, allowing the public to experience the beauty and magnitude of the hangars as well as its relationship with the new structure and flexible ceiling.The visibility of the entire sound stage and hangar is limited, as translucent panels block views of below and only allow specific views of the hangar. Hydraulic Actuators

Sound Proofing

Historic Exhibit

Air Conditioning


Flexible Sound Stage


Support Support


Sound Stage

Flexible Sound Stage


[PUBLIC vs PRIVATE] TRANSLUCENCY The new building creates an interesting tension between public and private program.To the left are the private offices, meeting rooms and post production studios, connected vertically to the sound stages below. Private event space is located in the cantilever and connected with an open walkway through the atrium. The main floor is primarily public with movie theaters to the right, historic exhibit on the sub floor, and art exhibits through the main hallway. Projections on the right wall act as street art and

can be used as artistic communication to the public from artists as well as the private producers.The exhibits, projections, and billboard are never used for commercial exploit but always designated for the creative for expressive use.The public circulation through the gateway, out to the cantilever, and through the art exhibit can be used for large events, such as grand opening. It the end of the hallway a view opens up to the crossroad park of circulation and a magnificent view of the amphitheater.

Movie Theater

Bike/Pedestrian Path

Central Atrium

Event Space

Art Exhibit


Offices Amphitheater


Public Park

Historic Exhibit

Support Space Sound Stage Backlot

Flexible Sound Stage

Support Space





Exterior Bike/Pedestrian Path Interior Event Circulation



[SKIN SYSTEM] VARIABLE APERTURE The kinetic skin system of the amphitheater accommodates a large variety of events. During the afternoon, the sun can be blocked as the apertures close, while during the evening, the hillside can become a backdrop to a concert as they open.


Tertiary Structure

Secondary Panels

Secondary Structure

Primary Structure


AMPHITHEATER The amphitheater acts as the communication line between the private and public. Although primarily public program, the location, directly next to the sound stages creates a curious tension, as a small wall attempts to separate the public from the private.The amphitheater provides seating for up to 1,600 and surrounded by angled topography allows for theater style expansion to accommodate many more.The reactive landscape pulls up to create privacy and drops down to create a central stage. A public bicycle and pedestrian path cuts through the site, drawing connections to the

surrounding strip of parks, public neighborhoods and the amphitheater.The circulation path marks the separation between the outdoor amphitheater and the integrated constructed space. As a destination for every circulation path, whether interior or exterior, and its flexibility of use the amphitheater may be used for a movie premier, music event, lecture series, or any other event location.The transformable construction and translucency of the cladding system aids in the flexibility of the amphitheater.

REDEFINING THE WALL Quarter: Summer 2011 Advisor: Tom di Santo Team: Kate Hajash, Megan Kuzma, Andrea Escobar Location: Locarno, Switzerland Square Footage: 1,030 Sq. Ft. Program: Historic Intervention into Art Museum with adjacent Piazetta

Regional Hospital


Piazza Grande

Castello Visconteo

Piazza Castello


[CONCEPT] REVIVAL Il Rivellino of Locarno Castel, by Leonardo da Vinci, remains hidden yet so near the main pedestrian avenue. With the surrounding buildings removed, a new public piazza surrounds Il Rivellino with a cafe and bar, inviting locals and visitors to relax while their children can play.The interior of Il Rivellino becomes an art museum challenging artists with its unique environment, as a grand staircase connects the new piazza to Locarno Castel.


redefine the old wall as a symbol for the city

gateway between the new and old city

[CONCEPT] HISTORIC RESPONSE A wall angles out over the street to represent the historic gate into Castel Locarno, now marking the transition into the historic part of the city. Made of both transparent and translucent glass panels, the wall acts as a veil, hinting at Il Rivellino until it wis revealed. The layers of the wall separate on the far side of the piazza creating an enclosed space for visitors to socialize.


Semi-Public covered bar outdoor seating

Art Exhibit

Piazetta’s 5 main features: [1] the “attraction” _ il rivellino [2] open spaces [3] seating [4] surrounding bar + restaurant [5] play area for children

Circulation Public satellite bar outdoor seating piazzetta water feature existing bar

[4] [1] [3]




Ronde Sant Antoni

Barri Gotic


SHELTER IN[FLUX] Quarter: Winter 2011 Advisor: Curtis Illingworth Team: Kate Hajash + Cadence Bayley Location: Barcelona, Spain Square Footage: 98,000 Sq. Ft. Program: Hostel with Retail, Bar, Viewing Platforms + Public Park


La Rambla

[CONCEPT] HEART Connecting travelers with the culture and youth of Barcelona, the bar is the heart of the urban hostel. Here, it assumes the role of the cardiac muscle, a pulsating muscle transferring energy through the circulatory and structural system into the far extremities of the hostel. From this core public space, the escalator, a direct social vein, extends down to the street, lifting travelers and locals alike directly into an elevated second Placa. [PROCESS]


located in the heart of Barri Gotic it is visited by tourist and locals touring the area

facing the plaรงa, the building extends an escalator to the ground lifting people to a second plaรงa

Given Program

private core

Redistributed Program

public core

dining room kitchen


lobby bar escalator [BODY] PROGRAM


circulation [VEIN]


green [LUNG]

green space



elevator core


private terrace

constructed space

social [MUSCLE]


Atrium space connects the isolated bedrooms of Unit 01 to the social muscle of Unit 02.













[ground floor]




[SECTION] 01 Hostel program is separated into three units, each providing a large social lounge and green terrace. Each unit has the ability to function independently of one another, depending on the season and occupancy. During the low occupancy, one unit may be filled, maintaining the intimacy between travelers.

bedrooms SUMMER

lounge terrace





[FLUX] DAYTIME VIEWS In response to the backpacker routine, function varies directly to time. During the day, the tower provides green space and stunning views to all visitors.

cladding [CELLS]

[CLADDING] RESPONSE In reaction to the climate and culture, the cladding developed into a semi-porous membrane.The modular pre-cast concrete panels allow for a flexible facade where opening size responds to the interior program and exterior site. Smaller openings clad private bedrooms and limit the view in an attempt to encourage exploration and social interaction.





structural [VEINS]

[SITE] climate

gaudi tiles

simmons hall



NIGHT [heart] [FLUX] NIGHTTIME ENERGY At night, the energy of the youthful travelers and locals brings the hostel back to life.The energy concentrates at the bar, cantilevering out over the entry.



lounge and bedroom concrete floor slabs primary steel structure secondary steel structure modular pre-cast concrete panels

bike bell

bike light

bike seat

BUDDHIST RETREAT Quarter: Fall 2009 Advisor: Robert Arens Location: Carrizo Plains Square Footage: 480 Sq. Ft. Program: House for a Buddhist with two meditation platforms

[CONCEPT] JOURNEY The house, oriented vertically, sits on pilotis on a site between Highway 58 and the Carizo Plains.The site is controlled by a variety of linear elements, from voids to walls to trees. The voids began with, a curving line, a passage, a movement.The segmented walls create tension and separation between the voids while maintaining their relationship to one other. The trees meet the walls perpendicularly, stemming from the same small void.Within this context the house and platforms lie between the two outer walls without changing the site outside of these boundaries.The house and platforms are both raised above the ground on pilotis to lessen its impact on the site.The overhead platform touches only a single wall.The orientation of the house and platforms are determined by a different void while the interior shifts again to become parallel to the walls. The interior and skin design focus on the Buddhist ideals for minimizing materials and simplification of the spaces.To reduce waste of materials, the skin cut out to create openings were then reused as shades and other architectural features. Stijl architecture simplified my design into vertical and horizontal rectangular openings and avoiding overly complicated shapes.The ribbon windows light up and expose the interior to nature.

unfolded skin - utilizing cuts to create form while guiding views and drawing connections

a long slit in the roof allows southern sunlight into the house contrasting the large northern openings

the interior plan shifts orienting itself with the exterior walls

the bed, a simple futon, is lifted above the discrete volume [bath and kitchen] separating the activites in the house


Sand Manipulation The robot followed the toolpaths to the right, created through Grasshopper programming, pushing sand to the center then flattening it out.Variations occured through minute changes with depths and angle of paddle in relation to the toolpath.

ATWOOD-A Quarter: Summer 2012 Supervisor: Andrew Atwood Location: Los Angeles, California Responsibilities: Prototyping End-Arm Tools for 6-axis Armed Robot, Scripting Various Toolpaths for End-Arm Tools, Design TouchOSC Interface, Improving Design and Wireless Control of Deposition Tool

[MANIPULATION TOOL] ISLAND FORMING Responsibilities Create a variety of input controlled ‘Island’ scripts in grasshopper.Test these scripts and the tool with variations of depth, angle of tool, etc. Concept Islands of vegetation surrounded by water can be one of a number of solutions for mitigating dust in Owen’s Lake. Using existing sand and dirt from the site, new landforms can be created with little waste.

Single Island_Ridges

Sand Islands_Tool Paths

Sand Islands_Manipulated Grid

Sand Islands with TouchDesigner Projection

[DEPOSITION TOOL] WIRELESS ARDUINO CONTROL Responsibilites Design + build acrylic casing to attach to excisting bodyfor wireless control of initial Deposition Tool. Design and Program TouchOSC interface + Processing wireless controller

TouchOSC Interface with LED Feedback

Processing Interface with LED Feedback

Arduino control with WPM (wireless programming module)

deposition tool with wireless control

acrylic design to control sand flow wirelessly with TouchOSC + Arduino UNO

Notre Dame du Haut [2011] The sunlight flows into the room, casting beautiful shadows and silhouetting the visitors sitting in silence appreciating power of the space.

ART Quarters: Summer 2011 (photos) Spring 2009 (drawings) Advisor: Tom diSanto : Brent Freeby Location: Swtizerland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany : San Luis Obispo, California Medium: 35mm Analogue Photography : Hand Drafting, Graphite on Bristol Vellum

Traveling + Documenting Using my 35mm film camera, I documented captivating architecture around Europe: St. Benedicts Chapel,Thermal Baths at Vals, Notre Dame du Haut

Tool Documentation Assignment Exploring the movements and complexities of the Leatherman through hand-drafting techniques.

Precedent Study: Villa dall’Ava Designed by Rem Koolhaas Jellyfish Perspective exploring the relationship between volume, structure, materiality, circulation etc.

Kate Hajash | Architectural Undergrad Portfolio  

Architectural work ranging in scales from small installation work to furniture to urban design.

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