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Established in 1986 with a clear vision to spur Oman into the ever growing and global technology realm, Zawawi Business Machines LLC has grown into a leading technology Company providing comprehensive IT Solutions, Services, Network Infrastructure, Technology and Human Resources that will help and facilitate its clients to be more competitive and successful in this age of electronic business revolution. Zawawi Business Machines is actively engaged in enabling its clients benefit from the enormous business potential created by the advent of e-business in the region. The Company strongly believes in building its operational policies, principals, guidelines and strategies on and around that of its internationally renowned and established business partners and associates.

ZBM is one stop for all IT solutions in Oman. ZBM offer complete range of solutions from desktop/server hardware, San storage, Products, Enterprise Applications & solution implementation and support. Our Consulting Services is focused on providing solutions that best fits organization needs and demand.

Our motto is to provide solution that best conform to requirement with professional consulting approach. In order to accomplish its vision, ZBM has partnered with leading international giants in the IT industry. The idea behind the same is to provide single point access to the customer to get the latest technology-based Total IT Solutions involving integration of different hardware / software platforms, geographically different places and to have on line, reliable and useful information without compromising on costs or information security. The partners in this unique association include Microsoft Gold Partnership, Oracle, Unisys, DELL, Sage, Logical Access, Juniper, VMWare.

ZBM Product and Solutions Offering Te c h n o l o g y Ve n d o r s / Ve r t i ca l s IT Service Management / Application & Network Management


Business Intelligence

Oracle BI

Custom Developed Enterprise Performance Management

Document Management System

EMC Documentum

Oracle Enterprise Content Management


Oracle Database 10g/11g Microsoft SQL Server


• Oracle EBS • SAP

• Sage X3 • Accpac ERP


Technova HRMS

2Interact HRMS

Security Solutions

Beyond Encryption


Sage CRM

Storage/Data Centre Solutions



Audit Management System

Print Management

ERP implementation

DBA Consulting

Consulting &

Technology Trained/Certified Resources Oracle Certified Professional VMWare Microsoft Certified Professional EMC Storage CCNP Project Management ERP Implementation CCNA Functional Consultant

OpManager Manage Engine Network Monitoring Tool Service Desk Plus DataCenter Manager Application Manager Event Log Analyzer IT 360

ManageEngine PasswordManagerPro Security Manager Plus Oracle CRM OnDemand Oracle Seible CRM VM Ware Virtualization Solutions



• ORION Enterprise • Epicor ERP • ORION Advantage • Lawson ERP


Accentia Implex Lumensions Arc Sight Event Log

Trend Micro Kaspersky



Fax Management ERP Security

Custom Application Development ITSM ITIL


• Technova ERP • Flexi ERP

Enterprise Product Based Solutions Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Business Intelligence (BI) Document Management System (DMS) Business Process Management (BPM) Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Enterprise Security Solutions Complete Infrastructure Solution Virtualization Solution (VMware) Complete Storage Management & Hardware Supply

Mid Range Products Solution ITIL Based best IT Service Management Solutions Enterprise Asset Management Solution Financial Accounting Management Solutions POS Retail Software Management Solution

Services Based Solutions IT Implementation Services IT Project Management ( PMI Methodologies) Database Management Solutions -(Data Migration, Maintenance Services) Annual Maintenance Services – Software & Hardware maintenance contracts

Top Tier ERP Oracle, SAP, Epicor, IFS, Lawson

Mid-Tier ERPs Sage X3, Orion Enterprise

Basic ERPs Orion Adv., Sage Accpac, Axpert, etc..

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IFS is one of the world’s leading providers of component-based business software developed using open standards. Since 1983, IFS has been a provider of business applications focused on meeting the needs of selected industries. IFS operates in two areas: lifecycle management, where asset and product lifecycle management are critical issues, and midmarket ERP, which covers distribution and manufacturing in midsize companies.

A Global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution

The tools that people use to conduct business today have changed. Business is everywhere, business is real-time, and business is always online. The Internet and ubiquitous mobility play an essential part in the daily lives of the information-hungry global economy. The world has changed and with Epicor®, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has too. Our global ERP system platform and enterprise applications give businesses of all sizes the flexibility needed to compete in today’s global marketplace. More than 33,000 customers, in over 150 countries, rely on Epicor. Epicor's next-generation global ERP system represents a game changing opportunity for business. Epicor is designed for the way people work today, yet is ready for how people will work tomorrow. Epicor delivers business without barriers. Epicor’s 100% service-oriented architecture (SOA) is robust enough for a Global 1000 corporation, but also practical for the stand-alone enterprise. Our architecture was designed to keep pace with your company’s growth and provide the agility to match your changing business environment.

Sage is a leading supplier of business management software and services to 6 million customers worldwide. From small start-ups to larger organisations, they make it easier for companies to manage their business processes

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Sage X3 Features International ERP solution designed for mid-market companies End-to-end process integrity and data consistency in your Webtop across the enterprise 360° Real-Time Business Insight Adapt roles / processes to your evolving environment, strategy and best practices Expand your development with an open and scalable infrastructure

Enterprise 6% of Upper mid-market Sage’s Sage ERP X3/Sales customer Logix base 10% of Lower mid-market Sage’s customer Sage Accpac /Sage CRM base 84% of Entry-Level Sage’s customer base Peachtree, Line 50 /ACT by sage

Lawson M3 is an end-to-end integrated and platform-neutral suite of enterprise applications. It is built to eliminate dependencies on different IT system platform providers and maximize return on total IT investment. It is designed for companies seeking to avoid the costs of multiple proprietary business applications. By doing so, it simplifies your business. Suites • M3 consists of eight product suites which are the logical groupings of our applications • and modules. It includes business applications covering Customer Sales and Service, • Enterprise Asset Management, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Operations • and Financial Management. The technology suites include Business Process Management • and System Foundation. The whole solution is then supported by the integrated • Lawson Enterprise Performance Management suite delivering management information and decision support for the whole organization.

ORION Enterprise ORION Enterprise, which is an ERP II solutions offering, is meticulously structured to also meet your future needs in different processes ranging up to SCM, e-Procurement, e-Business and CRM applications. Backed by our strong standing in the ERP solutions market, ORION Enterprise integrates business processes across suppliers, partners, employees and customers to create for you, a more effective organization. It also provides the power to combine individualized customer and supplier management processes with transactional fluidity across organizations. Having worked with customers worldwide, our software specialists have gained significant experience in various business fields. This has resulted in the development of tailor-made ORION Enterprise options for various industries and processes such as Manufacturing, Contracting, Energy, Retail, Ports, and Distribution. The ORION Advantage Suite

The ORION Advantage is a ready-to-deploy, single-window, micro-verticalized ERP solution package. The package comprises hardware, operating system, database and a micro-verticalized ERP application. It is designed for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) to save costs, time and resources from day one, in order to deliver maximum ROI.

With ORION Advantage, customers can take advantage of our strategic alliances with various technology leaders, by enjoying a range of special rates and service terms. ORION Advantage comes with pre-installed Oracle database, an HP dual processor Xeon server usage package, and a Windows 2003 server, among other things.

These packages include: ORION - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Orion Advantage - Pre-configured ERP Solution ORION Advantage@Pharma ORION Advantage@Chemicals ORION Advantage@IT Distribution ORION Advantage@Food & Beverage ORION Advantage@ General Trading

• asdsadas

Service Management Service Management encompasses the delivery of a large breadth of IT services – including service request and incident management, problem, change and release management, and IT asset management, to name a few. Today’s employees in all industries depend heavily on the business systems and data center infrastructure that supports them. These business systems must be available to ensure peak employee productivity. The IT department relies on a growing set of service management tools, preferably integrated as a consolidated suite, to meet the rising business expectations. We provide ITIL based Service management solutions in IT Service management vertical that compliance with ITIL Standards.

Manage Engine Complete IT Management Oracle ITSM

We provide simple, easy-to-use IT Management products that are a must for every growing organization. These tools allow the application, network, database administrator to monitor their applications proactively without missing any probable problem through on time notification to make decisions before the real problem occurs. And document every incident, problem in a professional manner in compliance with ITIL standards.

Business Intelligence is # 1 priority for most established business enterprises. In this world of stiff corporate competition and advanced IT resources, quality business intelligence (BI) can make all the difference in your success. The top players in your industry have the tools— and know the rules—to be competitive. They have taken advantage of technology improvements that have vastly enriched their ability to obtain and use the information they collect to their benefit. The distinction between the best and the rest may depend on how effective their business intelligence system really is. Find out how you can streamline your business intelligence processes to match your precise business needs with an assessment and roadmap for business intelligence by ZBM We are Partners & focus on Oracle Business Intelligence & Microsoft BI.

A document management system (DMS) is a computer system (or set of computer programs) used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents. The term has some overlap with the concepts of content management systems. It is often viewed as a component of enterprise content management (ECM) systems and related to digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems and records management systems. We are partners with multiple vendors to provide the best fit solution that meets your business requirement. DMS products that we offer:

Features Business Process Management — Leverage a unified, highly scalable platform to design, execute, monitor, and optimize your business processes.

Records Management — Mitigate risk and achieve compliance by establishing and enforcing a uniform set of policies for the creation, retention, and disposition of electronic, physical, and e-mail records.

Web Content Management — Gain a complete set of tools to manage the content, underlying structure, and publishing process for websites and portals.

Report Management — Automate the capture, transformation, indexing, storage, security, retention, and workflow initiation of all system-generated documents.

Collaboration and Document Management — Manage documents in a single repository while using secure, webbased workspaces to execute dynamic projects and processes.

Search and Classification — Search internal and external sources from a single search blank, and automatically classify, index, extract, and route content to support reuse and policy-based management.

Digital Asset Management — Store, search, access, modify, and repurpose rich media assets, including photographs, design graphics, streaming video,and Flash animations, within a centralized repository. Document Capture — Transform content from paper, fax, and electronic sources into business-ready content suitable for processing by enterprise applications.

Transactional Content Management — Capture, process, deliver, and archive the paper and electronic documents that drive mission-critical business processes such as invoice processing and claims handling. Documentum Platform — Gain a single foundation on which you can build content applications and solutions— from a common repository to a comprehensive set of services.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Oracle Content Management offers enterprise wide content management on a single platform with these products: Oracle Universal Content Management—Manages the entire spectrum of unstructured content and includes solutions for :Documentation management—Effectively and efficiently captures, secures, shares, and distributes digital and paper-based documents and reports Web content management—Provides multisite Web content management for internal and external sites to help organizations maintain accurate, current Web content across the enterprise Digital asset management—Helps organizations store, find, view, and use digital assets quickly and protects assets by making approved versions accessible only by approved users • Oracle Universal Records Management—Allows organizations to control the creation, classification, retention, and destruction of business records • Oracle Imaging and Process Management—Enables the annotation and markup of images, automates routing and approvals, and supports high-volume applications for billions of items • Oracle Information Rights Management—Secures and tracks the use of sensitive documents and e-mails—even when copies are sent beyond your own network

• We have highly experienced Certified DBA team with knowledge on wide areas of database technology. We offer following DBA services • Database performance tuning, optimization(Oracle 7,8i,9i,10g,11g) • Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration(Versions 2000, 2005, 2008) • Microsoft Dot.Net Application development & Web Technologies • Database & Application cross platform migration (Windows, Unix, Linux, Solaris) • Oracle ERP Apps DBA (Version 11.5.10. R12) • Oracle Application Server Installation, configuration & administration • Database Security(DB Vault, Labels, SOD design for ERP) • DataGuard – Stand by DB for Disaster recovery • Database upgrade, patching, cloning • Database Clusters on multiple nodes for High Availability (RAC)

ZBM offers best in class HRMS systems that is made for Middle East market. • We partner with Accentia ME to offer Implex HR management solution which is international standards and best practices based Human capital management software solution designed for the Middle East Region requirements in its basic foundation. It is complaint with the ME courtiers’ labors law, immigration offices, common businesses rules and regulations. Implex HR enables the tools you need to effectively maintain and manage your most valuable asset ―People‖. • Implex HR allows organizations to introduce international Best Practices in HR Management to their HR departments. The Implex HR solutions offer your organization a chance to implement international standards in HR management for Organization Structure, recruitment, Personal management, Payroll Management, Time Management, Employee Appraisal, and Employee Training. • 2Interact HRMS system is again a product customized for Middle East countries which follow laws and regulations of middle eastern countries. We also have our own in-house HRMS systems for cost conscious customers as well as enterprise wide HRMS for complete functionality and integration with ERP Application. Partners with Accentia to provide enterprise class HRMS solution.

• • •

End Point Solution & Data Loss Prevention: Enterprise data Security is a biggest concerns for all SMB to Enterprise organizations, from hardware to enterprise software security. To address security at core we offer best in class technology that address both thru ‗Beyond Encryption‘. Anti Virus - We partner with one of the finest anti-virus solutions from e-Scan. E-Scan is award winning enterprise class product. Infrastructure Security Solutions: Time Attendance & Access Control Solutions , CCTV, Key Management Systems, Guard Tour etc. End Point Security solution from ‗Lumensions‘ is transforming the logic of protection from virus, data security, enterprise security control. WatchGuard builds affordable, all-in-one network and content security solutions to provide defense in depth for corporate content, networks and the businesses they power. WatchGuard's award-winning extensible threat management (XTM) network security solutions combine firewall, VPN and security services to protect networks from spam, viruses, malware and intrusions. Arc Sight ESM is the brain of the ArcSight SIEM platform. It analyzes and correlates every event that occurs across the organization – every login, logoff, file access, database query, etc. – to deliver accurate prioritization of security risks and compliance violations.

ZBM offers best in class CRM products Sage CRM SageCRM is an easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy on-site CRM solution with out-of-the-box but configurable business processes. It provides enterprise-wide access to vital customer information—anytime, anywhere—so you can manage your business with an integrated approach to inside and field sales automation, customer care, and marketing. Oracle CRM OnDemand (Hosted Virtual Model) Complete and comprehensive: Get everything you need for your sales, marketing, and service teams-and an optional, virtual call center.

ZBM offers a complete range of products on the Enterprise front Starting with Rack Servers and Blades Servers, Tape drives and Libraries, Entry level Storage to the Enterprise level Storage Arrays custom to suit every need. We have specialized professionals in Storage Infrastructure and management solutions through our hardware partner Dell-EMC or any third party preferred custom solution. We are partners with virtualization technology vendors viz. Microsoft, VMWare, Oracle for product licensing and implementation. We have qualified virtualization specialist who can design, implement Storage and application virtualization.


• Entry level iSCSI • Consolidation • 16 Servers maximum • Windows, Linux & VMware


• Entry Fibre / iSCSI • Consolidation • Edge apps • Dell | EMC Eco-system


• Enterprise iSCSI • Consolidation • Ideal for virtualization • Comparable performance to Fibre Channel


• Enterprise Fibre Channel & iSCSI • Consolidation • Heterogeneous environments • Synchronous replication • Dell | EMC Ecosystem

Infrastructure Virtualization Virtualizing your IT infrastructure lets you reduce IT costs while increasing the efficiency, utilization, and flexibility of your existing assets. See how virtualizing 100% of your IT infrastructure will benefit your organization. Top 5 Reasons to Adopt Virtualization Software • Get more out of your existing resources: Pool common infrastructure resources and break the legacy ―one application to one server‖ model with server consolidation. • Reduce datacenter costs by reducing your physical infrastructure and improving your server to admin ratio: Fewer servers and related IT hardware means reduced real estate and reduced power and cooling requirements. Better management tools let you improve your server to admin ratio so personnel requirements are reduced as well. • Increase availability of hardware and applications for improved business continuity: Securely backup and migrate entire virtual environments with no interruption in service. Eliminate planned downtime and recover immediately from unplanned issues. • Gain operational flexibility: Respond to market changes with dynamic resource management, faster server provisioning and improved desktop and application deployment. • Improve desktop manageability and security: Deploy, manage and monitor secure desktop environments that users can access locally or remotely, with or without a network connection, on almost any standard desktop, laptop or tablet PC.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Identity and Access Management ERP Segregation of Duties (SOD), ERP Security Controls Business Process management Print Management eFax Management Workflow Management Time & Attendance Access Control System Application Integration Infrastructure Solution Operating Systems - Microsoft OS, Oracle Linux) Microsoft Solutions Offerings – System Center, SharePoint, Dot.Net Custom Solution Architecture Annual Maintenance Contracts On Call Support Services

We have pool of IT resource specialized in multiple technology verticals and product specialization. Our resource span in following technologies & IT Service • IT Service Management / Asset Management • Business Intelligence • Document Management System • Database Administration, upgrade & migration on heterogeneous environment • ERP Consultants – Modules ( Financials, CRM, Asset Management, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, HRMS) • Security Solutions – End Point Security, Firewall, Enterprise access control • Storage/Data Centre Solutions • IT Project Management & Consulting

Technology Consulting


Total Years of experience : 12 yrs in IT Industry Middle East Experience: 5 yrs Technology Domain/industry Specialization : ERP Application Administration, Technology Consulting experience in Shipping & Logistics, Trading, software development, Technology Consulting. Technology specialization: Subject Matter Expert – Database, Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing, Enterprise Applications Servers, Project management Product specialization

Middle East : o Project Manager for BI project; Sadolin Paints o Project Manager for Database/Applications Migration projects for - OIB, Bhaker Haji Shipping Company, & MOD o Project Manager for ITSM projects - Haya, Oman Housing Bank, Oman Gas Co., MOD o ERP/Administrator/Project Manager for migration of Shipping ERP application, PILSHIP o Web portal development

• • • • • • • •

MS SQL Server / Oracle Database Administration (OCP) – RAC, DB Migration, Upgrade Oracle eBusiness Suite ERP Administration( Apps DBA), Security Controls, SOD SAP Security Implementation, Microsoft & Oracle Business Intelligence/ Data warehousing, Document Management Systems (eBiz Archive) ITIL based Service Management Application (Manage Engine SDP, Front Range ITSM) Enterprise Security Assessment & Control, Implement Security Policy, Risk Management IT Service Management; ISO 20000; Product implementation

USA/India: Deloitte EBSO project; Projects & portfolio management for Computer Associates • Sun Trust Bank – Pricing optimization data structuring project • Oracle EBS Security Implementation- Deloitte Internal practice lead • Deloitte internal Quality framework for service offerings; • Oracle Database migration & upgrade, RaceMark Intl • Oracle ERP Content management for Dell Malaysia • IT Security Policy, Risk Management for Citibank

Subject Matter Expert - Financial Applications Total Years of experience : 11 yrs in IT Industry Local experience: 8 yrs Domain/industry specialization : ERP Implementation, Software Development for Manufacturing, Telecom, Trading. Technology specialization: Subject Matter Expert - Financial Applications, programming Product specialization

• • • • • • •

Sage Accpac ERP Product Specialist, Sybase Power Builder, Microsoft Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, MS SQL Server Pervassive Database Oracle Database

Subject Matter Expert - Financial Applications, Consulting Total Years of experience : 8 yrs in IT Industry Local Experience: 5 yrs Technology Domain/industry Specialization : IFS ERP Application implementation experience in Water & Distribution Industry, Financial agencies. Technology specialization: Subject Matter Expert –Financials, procurement , HRMS Product specialization

• • • • •

Oracle Database, Oracle Forms & Reports based Applications ETH Digital Campus for college & school IFS & Implex HRMS Smart land Financial Application

Contact us at: P O Box 9, Postal Code 112, Ruwi Sultanate of Oman. Tel : +968 24489923/24 Fax : +968 24489920,

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ZBM presentation on service offerings

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