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OUR REACH Since 2012, we have led efforts to engage Greater Philadelphia area Muslims to promote unity, to encourage self development through education, and to organize social activities to strengthen our community. Our mission guides us in building a strong community of Muslims who are deeply rooted in the Islamic tradition, through education, service, and social activity. We aim to inspire and enable individuals to serve humanity. Our vision is to exemplify a model community of Muslim Americans. Our next chapter finds us in a position to strengthen the community further with the proper infrastructure needed to achieve our mission. “I am so humbled and really feel embraced in your community. Thank you for the beautiful lecture, food, and people. Can’t wait until the next event, insha’Allah!” — Sr. Elizabeth, Community Member




Guest SPEAKERS Khair, Along With Its Sister Organizations, Has Hosted Over 15 National and International Scholars and Guest Speakers

Shaykh Mohammad Elshinawy

Ustadh Mohamed Abutaleb

Doctor Farhan Abdul Azeez

Ustadh Wisam Sharieff

Ustadh Hamza Tzortzis

Sister Suzy Ismail

Shaykh Joe Bradford

Ustadh Majed Mahmoud

Ustadh Suleiman Hani

Mufti Hussain Kamani

Brother Omar Usman

Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed

Imam Shadeed Muhammad

Shaykh Mohammed Ibn Ahmed

Shaykh Abdullah Waheed

Brother Muhammad Almathil

PROJECT DETAILS Our proposed center is in the heart of the fast growing 422 corridor, minutes off of the Oaks exit. 3.5 acres of land and 140 parking spaces has been developed.  Additional overflow of 100 parking spaces could be utilized.


The lot includes a paved parking area (140 spaces, 8 handicapped), road improvements, fire hydrants, curb cuts, storm water retention and utilities.

TIMELINE Purchase price = $1.5 million Utilize partner organization IQRA Institute space for Jummah and other activities. Complete property purchase. (Completed 2.1.2018)

PHASE 2: Construct Initial Structure

Add on to existing structure with banquet space, youth center, more classroom space, and banquet preparation area.  Construct full sized basketball gym equipped with storage space, and bathrooms. 

2020 2018


PHASE 1: Purchase Property

PHASE 3+: Expansion of Structure Build new structure that will include a mix of prayer space, classroom, and activity space. Raise funds for construction of Phase 2. Become operational in new facility.   Migrate sister organization, IQRA Institute into new building. Build monthly sustainer base.


Khair Masjid and Community Center Executive Committee Bilal Baqai - President Abdullah Bakran - Vice President Sami Haq - Treasurer

Board of Advisors Br. Abdul Majid Alladin Br. Miftah Khan Shaykh M. Elshinawy

Khair Masjid and Community Center Committees Aadil Raza - Zoning Committee Chair Zoning Committee Members: Ahmed Bakran Arshad Amanullah Bilal Baqai Dana Winsey-Mohamed Osman Aziz Abdullah Bakran Maaz Baqai - Finance Committee Chair Finance Committee Members: Ahmed Bakran Bilal Baqai Faisal Chaudhry Fakhrudeen Ahmed Maheen Khan Sami Haq

Construction Committee Members: Imtaz Alli Faraz Ahmad Humza Ghori Matina Shakir Social Media Committee: Salman Patel Volunteer Organizer: Abdul Azeez IT Committee: Shahid Raza Salman Siddiqui

Hassan Khan - Operations (Visioning) Committee Chair Operations (Visioning) Committee Members: Erum Atif Sonya Khan Zia Haq

OUR VISION By 2022, we aim to implement 5 values through the Khair Masjid and Community Project: Inclusivity: The masjid and center is a space for all ages, both women and men, Muslim and non-Muslim, and strives to be youth-minded. Accountability: We are dedicated to following through in our work so as to bring success in the development of this facility by being mindful of the community and its needs. Ehsan: We aim to uphold the Islamic principle of Ehsan (striving for perfection) by accomplishing each individual task in the establishment of the masjid and community center to the best of our abilities. Organized: The Khair Masjid and Community Center will incorporate structural balance in offsetting space and architecture with administrative functionality. Sustainable: The facilities, in its construction and use, will utilize natural resources wisely, economically and in a sustainable manner.Â

PROGRAMS AND SERVICES We plan to operate services and programs through our sister organizations, develop new organizations, and well as develop in-house services. This hybrid approach will enable us to operate efficiently, professionally, and with agility. To begin, collaborating with our sister organizations IQRA Institute and ICNA Philly, we plan on building on our achievements and helping to lay the framework of future services for our community.   MASJID : 5 daily prayers Jummah prayer with qualified diverse Khateebs Ramadan Weekly Community Iftars Last 10 days Qiyam programs Weekend and Last 10 days Community Suhoor Taraweeh prayer with educational talks Nikkah Eid Salat Halaqas And more! ADULT ISLAMIC EDUCATION : Programs run through IQRA Institute Structured weekend seminars with dynamic, qualified teachers. ADP (Associates Degree Program) in Islamic Studies, taught traditionally and using modern techniques. Developed with the working professional and full time student in mind. Guest Speakers from all over the country speaking about relevant topics to the American Muslim. Qur’anic reading and Hifdh program for adults.

YOUTH ISLAMIC EDUCATION : Programs run through IQRA Academy 5 year Boys and Girls Hifdh Program Structured After School Program (ages 5-11), focusing on Qur’an, Islamic studies and more. DAWAH & INTERFAITH : Interfaith dialog and collaboration with our neighbors Distribution of WhyIslam materials and English Qur’ans. Philanthropic community service New Muslim Educational Program New Muslim Mentorship Facilitate visits for schools, media, government, and public agencies RECREATION : Organization and collaboration of youth and adult sports and competitions Collaboration with Muslim Sports Complex on organized running sports leagues Basketball, Football, and future sports planned. SOCIAL : Play area for young children Social space for youth Co-working space and lounge for adults Banquet facilities for social gatherings Eid Festivals through IQRA Community collaboration

GET INVOLVED By the Time! Man is surely in great loss, except those who believed and did good works, and exhorted one another to the Truth, and exhorted one another to patience. (Quran 103:1-3)
















OUR PARTNERS The success of the Khair Masjid and Community Center is made possible in part thanks to our partners who operate independently alongside the center. From relief organizations to neighboring masajids, we strive together for the betterment of the community.


"Out of a hundred communities that I've visited in North America and Europe, I've had the honor of working with IQRA Institute several times, and I've rarely seen as professional, hard-working, and compassionate of an organization as this one. I am confident the Khair Inc. Community Center project will be a reflection of this, inshaaAllah. May Allah bless their efforts and magnify their deeds." IMAM SULEIMAN HANI - Peace TV, Huda TV Host

"After delivering just one seminar for IQRA Institute, I was determined to continue working with such a blessed bunch. Their preparation was timely, their marketing brought people from afar, and their volunteers were warm yet professional. Perhaps the strongest way to take our da'wah to a higher standard is by fully supporting those who don't settle for the status quo. For that reason, I say that endorsing the "Khair Inc. Community Center" project is not only rightly deserved, but is expected - insha Allah - to get all those around them to step up their game as well. May Allah purify their intentions and guide their every step." SHAYKH M. ELSHINAWY - Da'wah Director, Muslims Giving Back "I encourage all my brothers and sisters to wholeheartedly support Khair, Inc with their Dua first and foremost, and secondly with their naseeha and good council, and finally with their financial support. Khair, Inc has the potential to become one of the best projects for Muslims and Non-Muslims of Philadelphia." IMAM KAMIL MUFTI (IL) - Resident Scholar IFP IL;  AMJA, NAIF Member "Alhumdullilah I have had the chance to work with the members of ICNA Greater Philadelphia... I look forward to the endeavors of the community and I know that these persistent members will do what ever it takes for this project to be successful. Inshallah there will be much baraka in their efforts and Allah (SWT) will make it easy for the community." SHAYKH ABDOOL REHMAN KHAN - Chairman, Shari’ah Council of Islamic Circle of North America

DONATE Become a Community Center Sustainer. Your financial support is critical for the success of our community growth and projects. Â Whether a one time or recurring donation, all are welcome. Khair, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law.

PayPal payments: Send your PayPal payment to Checks: Make checks payable to "Khair, Inc."

Khair, Inc. P.O. Box 26723 Collegeville, PA 19426

VOLUNTEER There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active member of our community. Â We seek driven, self motivated brothers and sisters that want to make an immediate impact, and develop their skills further! Join our team at


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Khair Community Center’s 2018 Report to the Community  

Khair Community Center’s 2018 Report to the Community