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Exam Theme:  Growth  and   Evolu4on   Exam  Idea  1  

Ar4st research  

Ka4e Thompson   Ka4e  Thompson  is  a  fashion  and  portrait   photographer  whose  work  is  whimsical,   imagina4ve  and  some4mes  darkly   humorous.  The  mirrors  image  was  part  of   a  series,  which  uses  mirrors  and   reflec4ons.  According  to  an  interview   with  Thompson,  for  Profoto’s  blog,  she   had  ‘always  been  interested  in  the  idea  of   self-­‐percep4on  and  body  image’  by  using   mirrors  and  reflec4ons.  This  image  takes   on  a  distorted  percep4on  of  the  model   with  a  more  ‘minimalis4c  approach’.  Most   of  Thompson’s  work  has  ‘been  on  the   darker  side’  but  she  is  now  experimen4ng   with  high-­‐key  light.  This  image  was  taken   by  using  small,  circular  mirrors  and  also  a   mirror  which  she  has  shaJered  and  glued   together  and  on  top  of  each  other  to  get  a   distor4on.  I  think  that  because  of  the   name  ‘reflec4ons’  the  image  highlights  


the parts  of  the  body  a  persons  eyes   see  first,  the  hair,  nose,  lips  etc.  It  is   almost  as  if  Thompson  has  focused   on  these  aspects  on  purpose  to   create  this  feeling  of  visual  beauty.   When  taken  apart,  the  face  is   highlighted  even  more  .   This  image  is  also  visually  stunning   due  to  the    white  background   contras4ng  with  the  few  colours  in   the  middle  of  the  image.  The  image   looks  almost  angelic  and  also   cartoon-­‐like,  as  if  retelling  a   children's  story  book  tale,  or  even   being  on  the  front  cover  of  one.  The   peacefulness  of  the  picture   somehow  reminds  me  of  death,  a   person  being  in  final  peace  and   being  back  with  nature  and  the   earth.     Fashion    II  

Idea 2  

Walker Evans   Visual  link  to   ini4al  images.  

Chrysler Building  Construc6on,  New  York   City,  1930  

Nicholas Kennedy  SiJon   The  photographs  from  this  series  are   based  on  SiJon’s  move  to  San  Francisco.   The  distorted  images,  of  these  urban   buildings,  are  used  to  display  his     disorienta4on  and  confusion  aSer  his   move.     This  image  is  created  using  a  simple   method  on  Adobe  Photoshop.  SiJon   places  a  circular  marquee  tool  over   sec4ons  of  the  image  and  then  rotates  it   to  create  a  distorted  image.  This  creates   an  image  which  is  unlike  any  other,  the   image  creates  a  ‘fun  house  mirror’  effect   on  the  viewer,  it  is  a  simple  yet  affec4ve   way  of  drawing  in  the  viewer.  By  having   many  circles  which  are  rotated,  the   image  feels  as  if  it  moving,  making  the   viewer  feel  a  slight  mo4on  sickness,   which  could  relate  to  his   Twisted  

feeling in  an   unknown  city,  a  sick   feeling  of  being  lost   and  disorientated.     His  work  helped  me   in  my  developments   of  my  ini4al  images,   the  image  being   disorientated  is   similar  to  how   people  from  the   early  1900s    would   feel  now,  coming  to   London  which  has   now  completely


changed. Famous  landmarks  are  now  amongst  new,  glass  buildings,  they  are  out  of  place  in   their  own  home.  This  is  also  similar  to  how  people  feel  now  as  the  city  grows  around  them.   Buy  leaving  the  image  in  full  colour,  it  allows  the  viewer  to  see  what  he  has  changed  and   also  makes  the  image  look  much  more  invi4ng.  This  is  just  how  tourists  are  drawn  into   coming  to  the  big  ci4es,  through  the  colour  and  lights,  however,  the  image  of  the  city  looks   cloudy  and  cold  compared  to  this  image  above,  of  a  suburban  home.  

Exam idea 1 & 2