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KHADER NASSRAWY Art & Marketing director The concept of work in graphic design and advertising, concentrated primarily in the extent of your passion and love for the profession, and your ability creative in this area, this profession can not be studied only in institutes and colleges, and then the immediate application and wait for a successful outcome, without familiarity and working in this profession for years long, since failure before success teach you a lot, I am working in this field for more than 8 years in a row has Nalmt a lot through the administrations of the Department of Advertising at the largest companies in the Gaza Strip, and through my work also with major presses As a coach, where acquired knowledge in this area first by learning direct in some training courses, after growing to love this area, where i was able to develop my skills and my knowledge of x ambition to develop myself and my career.

containing the latest global developments and business competitors and creative designers is the most important in this area, to reach to the formation of personal identity and your own as a designer and director of an advertising agency.


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graphic design In this section will be reviewed graphic design work carried out to calculate some of the companies, and the works on display are for illustrative purposes and is not limited.

Fashion design co. Company specializing in the world of fashion and beauty, this company does not operate in the domestic market but is an emerging company in the European market.

Flex, adv co. Labour supply is a local company operating in the field of advertising and has a recording studio audio specialist working on the deployment of radio ads locally.

ideaart, design studio. Clarification here special designs implemented to work cards bearing the distinctive ideas and unconventional, and that can be printed professionally.

logo design In my experience in the field of graphic designer working in the field of advertising in general, I will review my experience in the design of logos and visual identities for companies and institutions.

ideaart, design studio. Company IDEA Art is a company specializing in graphic design, and was registered legally to protect the rights of theft, forgery or identity theft.

Carino’s restaurant. Carino's Restaurant company logo for tourism investment, and designed the logo and developed a visual identity for their company and their bulletins you print advertising and promotions.

TABUN restaurant. Company Restaurants Tabun, prepared the design of the logo and visual identity for their company and their publications print ad.

Print design In this section, we will review some of the printed works, great professionalism and high quality.

Agents food products, Mazzola oil Promotional campaign was implemented in retail, and car stickers and phreatic paper prints of the catalog and brochures.

rayes Motors Company, distributors Generale Motors Company Advertising campaign has been implemented for a large company with the implementation of print publications and car stickers advertising, as exclusive distributors for the brands Opel and CHevorelit.

toytoy stores Tray design for packaging gifts attached with children's meals at local restaurants, and the company has implemented many of the production processes paper contract with us.

web design Through a dedicated team in the field of design and web programming, we have implemented many of the public Internet and specialized companies, and we have designed and programmed many systems and desktop software specialized companies, and we have a team that specializes in designing and programming web applications and mobile phones, such as applications, IOS and Android applications.

photographer site. A dedicated website to a professional photographers who work independently in Europe and with many of the world's TV.

art school A dedicated website for school arts education craft art digital drawing freehand painting, where the site is working on the problem of the Faculty of electronic and gallery at the same time.

Altareq, systems & projects Interface design system for desktop and Web-site specialist companies to manage the relationship with their customers.

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facebook: ideaart2013 Twitter: khadernassrawy linkedin: khader-nassrawy



Khader portfolio - Graphic Design Works  
Khader portfolio - Graphic Design Works  

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