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Remote Status Lights and Combination Displays Keep in control while on the move

Providing equipment and services to manage controlled-temperature environments for food and other perishables, our Climate Control Technologies sector encompasses both transport and stationary refrigeration solutions. Our product brands include Thermo King速, a world leader in transport temperature control systems, and Hussmann速 - Koxka速 manufacturer of refrigeration and food merchandising equipment.

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息 2009 Ingersoll-Rand Company Limited TK 60328-13-PL EN (06-2009)

Remote Status Lights and Combination Displays Drivers should be aware of unit operating conditions at all times so that they can make timely corrective action if necessary to prevent load loss and costly service. 1. Light Sensor Lights automatically dim for better night visibility. 2. Functioning properly Illuminates the white “T” when unit is functioning properly with no alarm codes.


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5 6 Triple Combo Display

3. Check Alarm Code Amber “K” is illuminated when the unit has a “check alarm code” but is still functioning. Unit should be checked at earliest convenience.

4. Shutdown Alarm Bottom row of amber and white LEDs are illuminated when unit has shutdown alarm. Requires immediate attention. 5. Temperature Reading Shows temperature or “dF” when zone is defrosting. Temp readout can be set for direct or mirror viewing. 6. Compartment Indicators LEDs indicate which compartment temperature reading refers to -up to 3. 7. Fuel Level LED display shows fuel level. As fuel is consumed, white LEDs go out. When fuel level drops below 25% only amber LEDs remain illuminated. When fuel drops below 15%, one amber LED and the amber ”K” are lit for check alarm status.

Thermo King’s new Remote Status Light and Combination Display is designed to increase driver awareness, enabling early corrective action and reducing the risk of load loss and costly call out service. Three models are available, allowing drivers to monitor unit operation status, fuel level and load temperature individually or all in one.

Key Features

• Designed with driver safety and comfort in mind • 3 in 1 display - unit status, box temperature • • • •

and fuel level monitored from driver’s seat Clear visibility day and night with auto dimming, making it easy for drivers to read 3 temperature zones displayed for multi-temperature units CE approved and tested in extreme temperature environments Fuel combo display is compatible with Thermo King and other fuel tanks when used with Thermo King’s range of electronic fuel gauges.


Status & Alarms

Fuel Level

Status Only

Status Only (Flush)

Fuel Combo

Triple Combo


△ ●

● Standard   △ Optional

Status Only Display

Fuel Tank Gauge Kit

Fuel Combo Display

Keeping you on the move

Remote Status Lights andCombination Displays - Thermo King - KH OneStop A/S  

Remote Status Lights and Combination Displays - Keep in control while on the move - Thermo King - KH OneStop A/S

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