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2011 KGIC Summer Residence

Memory Book


2011 KGIC Summer Residence

Memory Book

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KGIC Education Group | 2011 Vancouver, British Columbia | Canada



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Coordinator’s Message

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Campus Life


French Tour

10 Ivy Tour 17 Toronto 22 Niagara Falls 24 Baseball 25 Science Centre 28 Wonderland 30 Safari 32 Medieval Times 34 Waterslides


Coordinator’s Message As the Summer Camp Program Coordinator of KGIC’s 2011 Summer Residence Program, I would like to thank all student participants and staff for the many great and unforgettable moments that we shared together. During the 7 weeks living together, the diverse group of nationalities provided a great opportunity for students to gain friendships, intensive English skills and maturity. Every student brought with them a unique perspective, ideas and knowledge, which functioned to create an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding within the group. The camp structure motivated students not only in academic ways during the intensive English class, but also the activities, excursions and tours contributed to an outstanding experience. Students experienced Canada as a multilingual country through the French Canada Tour which provided unforgettable memories. The Ivy League Tour gave students a greater understanding of world views. Students visited New York, Boston and Washington DC, three major cities in America which influence the world economy, education and politics. I will never forget our visit to the prestigious Harvard, MIT, NYU and Cornell Universities. Our Students experienced intrigue and excitement. I truly believe that KGIC’s built-in curriculum had a profound effect on each student’s educational development. I cannot forget all the memories and enjoyable experiences: The surprise string concert during the French Canada Tour, the enjoyable dance party, the tearful graduation and farewell ceremonies, Global leader projects, volunteering to plant 10,000 trees, Ivy Tour, drama nights, academic learning in class, workshops, Wonderland, and even waiting for dawdling students in the shopping malls. Overall, we all made KGIC Summer Residence Camp both academic and fun! I truly believe that everyone who participated in the summer camp have enjoyed their experience here at KGIC Toronto Summer Residence Program and took a wonderful experience of Canadian life back to their countries. Thanks everyone for an amazing summer! We look forward to seeing you all in 2011!

Esther Kang Summer Camp Program Coordinator




Campus Life I wake up at 8:00 o’clock. And I was talked to my parents on the phone. After I went to classroom. And we studied English. During the break. Baris, Asuka,felipe and I Played football. Today’s weather was really good. After that we went to sports activity. We played basketball and badminton it was fun too. We ate dinner and I liked it. After I played computer and talked with my parents. And after 15 minutes we will played some games. That was a good and tiring day. See you. -Emrem



I got up early in the morning, so I was tired and I wanted to sleep. But I had to go to the classroom and have class. I dozed in class because I didn’t sleep enough. Today’s lunch was not very good. I love potato were very dry. In communication class, I told about Korean rudeness. And in egg drop class and I draw a cartoon. My cartoon was very short, but funny. In gym class I played badminton. I like badminton because it is very exciting and good for my health. Badminton was so hard so I was very tired. I played basketball too. But basketball was very difficult for me. So, I only like badminton and soccer. -Jenny


French Tour we went to Quebec. It was very beautiful. It had great buildings that made the old stone. I walked in town while listening to the guide. One building have very interesting trick art pictures. It was painted with the younger generation people and older generation people. It is really interesting. -Asuka Shiba


Ivy Tour

New York







Lauray Caverns







We foss were Macdo I went to Toronto. First time I went to really g museum. It was so big. It had so many high an things to see. So, we separated into two glass. Fourth groups. Our group went to the dinosaur, cloth mummy, diamond, Europe history? So fa many areas. In Europe history area. We made like Thousand armed goddess of Mercy. Please check FB. We took so many pictures. I don’t like Japanese museum, but Toronto’s museum was so funny. Next time, we went to CN tower. It was like Tokyo tower. It was so big. We took so many pictures. Third time, we went to Eaton center. It was so big. I couldn’t see all shops. But I bought Toronto’s T-shirt and souvenirs. Yeah! Yesterday, we took many trains. Canada’s train is so funny. Canada’s train didn’t wait for me. So, we should walked fast, but our speed was so slow. Yesterday, we took so many pictures. I was so funny. I want to go Toronto again. 18

- Rina

Yesterday, we went to CN tower tour. First, we went to ROM. e saw many images, historic things, sil dinosaurs., animals, and stones. They very interesting. Second, we went to onald, We ate cheese hamburgers. That was good. Third, we went to CN tower. It was so nd big. We went to the top floor. Floor was Look down at scene was very beautiful. h, we went to Eaton center. I bought hes , sunglasses and souvenir for my amily. Shopping was so fun. Every place were very exciting.

Yesterday, we went to the CN tower and ROM. First, we went to the ROM. We saw many pictures, bowls, and ole clothes. It was very interesting. So, I took pictures. Next we saw dinosaurs bones. It was very big! And many animals too. So, I took many pictures, too. And I saw many bats. They looked bad. I didn’t like them. But I took pictures, and we finished watching. So, we ate lunch at Macdonald. I ate big mac. It was very delicious. And we went to CN tower. It was very tall. We went to CN tower’s top. We watched Toronto’s many buildings. It was very beautiful. And we took many pictures. And we went to the shopping mall. But I didn’t have money, so I didn’t buy. And we went to university. -Jay



I went to city tour yesterday. I forgot to get up on time. Yesterd was very hard. First was museum. There were dinosaur an animal and mummy in museum. Mummy was very scary, bu interested. After Museum was lunch. Lunch ate Macdonald Macdonald was same taste to Japanese. Next was CN tower, was very tall. I was very surprised. But view was very b I took many pictures. I was very funny. Last place was center. It was very big shopping center. I bought very boots. Thanks my parent. And Canadian gift. City to was very hard, But very funny. - Takuji

Yesterday, we went to ROM, CN tower and Eaton center. First, we went to ROM and we saw mammies, diamonds, birds, and heads of famous people and animals. Ot was so fun. Later, we had lunch time and we went to Macdonald. Later, we went to CN tower and it was so high. Later we went to Eaton center. It was so fun because I like shopping, but everything was expensive. The Eaton center was too big. Later we returned to the university. Everyone in the CN tower took photos on the eaton center I bought t-shirts, souvenirs and maple. - viviana


day schedule nd jowel and ut I was very d. Canadian , CN tower beautiful. s Eaton cool our


Niagara Falls



Baseball Saturday, we went to the baseball stadium. First, we went to the science center. There were many snakes, lizards, and animal bones. I took many pictures. And we went to baseball stadium. TEX vs TOR. I went to the baseball stadium for the first time. It was very big and very hot. And baseball game was very quick. And I ate lunch a hotdog. It was delicious. I took pictures, too. The pitcher’s ball was very fast. About 90mph, but batters were not good. Finally, TEX won 3:00. And we went to the common room. - Jay


Science Centre


We went to the Ontario science center and it was a long journey to enter the game room. It was fun to play and take pictures and making paper airplanes, I felt like a little girl, and then we went to the reptile, it was very important to see snakes, then we went to inventions and discoveries. It was fun to see and take pictures. Then we went to see the solar system and entered and got an explanation of the stars in Toronto. From there, we went to dinner, but it was expensive, - Angie


Yesterday, I went to the science center, and I saw a baseball game. I saw a lot of things at the science center about CSI, sounds, animals, space, shoes, and TV. There are more things but I forget. I was tired because I walked too much but the science center was very surprising and exciting. I went to go again if there is another opportunity. - Jenny



I went to Canada’s wonder land wuth the other KGIC students. The best thing was a roller coaster. BEHEMOTH. It’s very exciting and scary. At first, I thought roller coasters were very scary, but I got on the roller coaster, and then I thought it was very exciting and enjoyable. Many other roller coasters are very exciting. I want to go Canada’s wonderland again because it is very interesting.. -Risako


Today we went to Canada Wonder land. It was looking toward to the activities, but the weather was rainy in the morning. We thought, we couldn’t go to wonder land. But Esther said ‘’Go on as planned today’’ I was relived by the news. And we arrived at wonder land. There was so many attractions. I was very excited. I saw so many attractions the first time. The roller coaster was so scary. But I tried it. I thought stopped my heart. The wonderland tour finished. After, we went to the shopping center. We had one hour. So, we shopped. I want to go again. - Toshiki

Yesterday, we went to Canadian wonderland. First we rode the reptile. It was not scary. When we rode the drop tower. It was very fun, but it was very quick. Finally we rode a roller coaster. Cool! It was very fun. I want to go there again. - Jay 29




Medieval Times








Toronto Summer Memory Book KGIC 2011  
Toronto Summer Memory Book KGIC 2011  

2011 Toronto Summer Residence Program Memory Book KGIC