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Spring 2012

Around Euope in 13 Days Caitlin Elsey


Staff Writer

une 25th to July 7th, current 10th and 11th grade students will be taking a trip to Paris, Provence, and Spain to learn more about the culture and language they are learning in the language classes. Currently, there are 30 students attending the trip, with only three spots left open. “I want the students to see the world through new eyes and experience the different culture.” said Mrs. Jessica Healy, French teacher. The students will take a walking tour and visit major land marks. One site they will be visiting is the Notre Dame Cathedral. The chaperones will be: Mrs. Jessica Healy, Ms. Lucelenia Rodriguez, Ms. Elizabeth Steward, Ms. Faith

Calleson, Ms. Laura Minter, and Ms. Barbara Anderson. “There has been tons of fundraising to raise money,” said Ms. Healy. The fundraisers include: spirit nights at CiCi’s Pizza, bake sales, foreign food market, and most recently, Mardi Gras night. “They will be able to be immersed into the language and culture. [Students] will be able to see the things they are learning in the classroom in real life action,” said Spanish and German teacher, Mr. William Cowne. The teachers interviewed are excited about this summer trip so their students can experience the culture hands on, and they will “be able to use and speak the languages they are learning,” said Healy.

Girls' Track Holds Car Wash Arnelle Johnson

Staff Writer

Working at the car wash was exactly what the girls’ track and field team did Saturday, March 31. The girls held their 9th annual car wash to raise money for the spring season. After washing cars for three hours in the KGMS parking lot, $685

was earned. “We should have a car wash every Saturday,” explained Juinor shot putter, Jessica Swenson. Some players washed, others rinsed, and some flagged down cars, including Swenson, Sophomore Miranda Green and Freshman Kristen Hornbaker. After washing over 15 cars and

making almost $700, the first major purchase will be KGHS girls track shirts. Track members will wear the shirt at the home meet on April 18, 2012. Some favorite cars to be washed among the girls was a blue mini cooper and a neon orange Camero.


April 9, 2012


A Play With An Unexpected Twist Tabitha Hill Staff Writer

“Horton Hears a Who,” and “The Cat in The Hat” are popular books, presented by King George students, in the Seusical The Musical. It is a thrilling play, putting the word out there that “anything’s possible.” This play is about JoJo, played by Cassie Brendon, who is the mayor of Whoville’s child, but his parents think he as too much of an imagination. “Horton finds Whoville, but no one believes him,” stated Kevin Mcculler who plays Horton. He also described Horton as nice, big, and tries to help everyone. He said that Hortons part was“Luducris.” Gertrude, played by Tabitha Conner, falls in love with Horton but does not feel she is beautiful enough to get his attention. Tabitha said that “Gertrude’s goal is to get Horton to notice her”, and that Gertrude was a little “awkward”. When interviewed, she said that she was excited to be in this play.She’s new in theater

so this was a new experience to her. D.J, Flickinger’s character, The Cat in the Hat, causes trouble for JoJo through out the play. He says the Cat is a very physical character, very comedic, and gets JoJo in to trouble

Vickie Ho, the director, told why she chose this musical. She said that at first she did not want to do a musical, because she thought it was too hard. When she was suggested Seusical, she “feel in love with the song track.”

often. He tries to fix a lot of it though. The Cat in the Hat is very “Funny, wild, loud, and always moving.” “There’s a lot more to it, but I don’t want to give away the whole story” Chad Taylor, a sophomore that was in the play, stated.

The cast of Suesical The Musical.

The play was on February the 15-18 and 7-9pm, at the King George Theater. Dinner started at 6pm, the price of the tickets was $6, and 6 years and younger were free.

Changing Tradition With KGHS Football Bria-Rileigh Gentle

Staff Writer

King George High School will be relocating their football games this coming season from the pit to the new stadium at the High School. The pit has been getting worse and worse as the years have passed. School officials described that it would be easier to build a brand new stadium than completely re-make the pit.

Rumor has it that the stadium will not be finished until after the first home game. The stadium will have artificial turf and the stands will sit 2,000 people. All in all it will cost 1.3 million to build. Several students said they are going to miss the pit, but change is always good, right? Freshman, Cameron Pelletier stated, “The pit has so many memories and everyone loved it! The vibe about it made me want to go to every game!”

Sophomore cheerleader, Lena Easingwood said, “I’m going to miss the pit because, it feels like a tradition, it will be a nice change though. Hopefully [we get] a bigger cheer stand!” Sophomore, Hunter Tolliver plays for varsity football. His opinion on the new stadium was, “The pit was homey, [and] King George has been playing there for a long time! It feels like tradition.”

April 9, 2012

Fox Fire


Share The Love Kayla Cooper

son, student president of FEA. This is the second book drive the FEA has had at KGHS so far and hopes that the book drive will become an annual event. “It’s nice to know we help kids out,” said Patterson. Over 3,000 books were collected during last year’s book drive. This year the FEA reached their goal of more than 3,000. 1,754 of the books are going to Books for America and the rest are go- One of the donation boxes for the books that are being collected. ing to be donated to the OPP shop.

Staff Writer

Love to read then share the love. The FEA or Future Educators Association held a book drive at King George High School from March 2-30. The books are going to the Books for America Foundation, an organization that collects and distributes new or slightly used books for children in need. The book drive will “help raise awareness for kids who need books,” said Junior Gabrielle Patter-

Seniors Ace AP Exams Arnelle Johnson

Staff Writer

King George High School Juniors and Seniors demonstrated high academic achievement last spring. As a first-time recipient of the Honor Roll award for AP College Board classes, King George qualified with AP teachers’ syllabus, course overview, and information from the teachers. The College Board then decided whether the curriculum met Virginia standards. Guidance counselor Ms. Mitchell exclaimed that she was surprised, and said, “It just proves we exceed other schools academically.” Later, she explained that some students prep all year for the exam. This year more of KGHS’ stu-

dents passed. Some even received a perfect score of 5. Scores range from 1-5, five being the highest. Seniors predominantly take the exam, but hard-working Juniors are allowed. Students test in the spring, and receive a score in May. The 7 AP classes that have exams are the following: Spanish, Biology, English 12, Calculus, Music theory, and US History. KGHS has 7 AP teachers: Ms. Saunders, Ms. Dibble, Mrs. Fox, Ms. Roberts, and Mr. Pekarek. Virtual Virginia, an online program that offers AP classes, was new this year. KG still wants to improve, so AP French and AP English 11 will be additional courses next year.

Code Of Ethics

A poster that tells of the AP Honor Roll that KGHS is a part of.

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April 9, 2012


February For The Heart Kayla Cooper Staff Writer

February for the Heart has come to King George High school this year and is taking on a whole new meaning. This year during the month of February, our school will be collecting money for the American Heart Association. The donations started because Ms. Laura Minter (who works in the front office) lost her son DJ to Tetralogy of fallout. Tetralogy of fallout is a congenital heart defect that involves four different heart defects. Minter lost her son DJ when he was 28 years old. Ms. Dee Strauss a teacher at King George High School stated that “Deca wanted to do something for Ms. Minter that included the whole school.” So they took their idea to the leadership council, which is made up of all the

heads of the school organizations. Ms. Strauss said, “If you were a mom holding your dying son in your arms, how would you feel?” With that, the idea for the donations were decided that February was the best time to “give a heart” said Strauss. Tetralogy of fallout affects 5 out of 10,000 babies. Some children born with this disease won’t live to be older than 28; others won’t even make it to their first birthday, which was stated from Tetralogy of fallout requires open heart surgery. With the help of the American Heart Association and other organizations, treatment has greatly improved. With this, most children will survive into adulthood. “DJ, a graduate from King George High School, was a part of the first adults to make it that far.” Laura Minter stated. However, they will need a

lifelong care from a specialist to help them stay healthy as long as possible. When asked how this made her feel, Minter said that she was “excited about it and that the money is going to the best thing in the world.” She also said that she was inspired by the out pouring of love. Her advice to other Mothers’ is “support, support, support talk, check sources about tetralogy of fallout, and don’t hold back what you need to know!”

Ms. Laura Minter

NJROTC Places in All-Service Nationals Ashley Herin

Staff Writer

King George High School’s Navel Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, also known as NJROTC, Rifle Team placed fourth during the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps National Championship matches in Anniston, Alabama over the weekend of March 23-25. The team placed fourth out of the 28 teams. The team had won at the regional level before moving on

to nationals. They also received the National Champions title in regards to the rifle team competitions. They later moved on to the National All-Service competition where they earned fourth place. “To me it was an amazing opportunity and experience,” said, Sophomore, Emilie Stevenson. “It was my first time at the All-Service nationals.” The team has a long history of not only competing at a national level, but also placing. The team has placed in the top four of all naval teams, every year, for the past 20

years since the team first started. The team has competed at a national level for the past ten years, but in the past five years, they placed in either first or second. Their success has been well worked for. The team practices yearround, including summer programs. Even though the KGHS team is smaller than most, size is not an issue when the young shooters show their abilities against competitors.

April 9, 2012

Fox Fire


Outdoor Classes At KGHS MeKayla Thompson

Staff Writer

Spending hours mowing lawns, planting flowers, and making designs in turf is what Horticulture class does. Agriculture teacher, Mr. Stan Mitchell, says, “My goal for this class is to prepare students to go in the real world; this is a very important class and it helps with common everyday tasks.” Horticulture class is an elective that focuses on floriculture, Greenhouse operations production, and turf management. This class prepares for spring by planting plants and flowers which are currently being held in the green house room. Floriculture (or flowering farming) improves and prepares land by plowing or fertilizing to raise crops. Landscape design is planning what outside plant design will look like.

Turf management is keeping the turf watered, cut and looking nice. With the right kind of lawn mower, people can make many designs in their grass. Students also learn how to use soil and other growing media. Then they grow horticultural plants in the greenhouse lab. Future Farmers of America, which is more commonly known as FFA, Vice President, Junior, Katie Barnum, says “I like this class because it’s a hand on class." Agriculture class is a yearlong course offered at KGHS. Through this class, students learn how to keep record of what they have done and to use what they have learned to compete in the outside job market. “I like my class. I’ve learned new things that I didn’t know plus I’m doing well in the class,” says Sophomore, Lauren Johnson.

New Class, New Moves Arnelle Johnson Staff Writer

Z u m b a i n s t r u c t o r, LeAnna Hunt, teaches Zumba in the Gym, during Flex every TuesdayandThursdayat10:50. Zumba was started at KGHS thanks to the YMCA, who provided a grant to the school. This buoyant activity is healthy, promotes weight loss, interactive, and fun! Junior, Morgan Ayres, said Zumba is fun and “gives you a lot of exercise.” Later,

Ayres expressed that her favorite part was the dancing. Junior Tanya Metenz, who loves the choreography, said she likes that, “[You] can dance to a variety of music.” Hunt has taught Zumba for two years in places such as: the YMCA, Naval Base, Montross, and Fredericksburg. Zumba is her “way to keep off the weight.” Since starting Zumba, she has lost 70 pounds.

The green house effect elective class shows students how to develop plant production facilities, science application in plant production, and identifying plants. Landscaping students learn sketching and drawing, analyzing a landscape site, selecting landscape plants, purchasing and installing, maintaining the landscape by watering, fertilizing, mulching, pruning, and pest control. “I’ve been doing landscaping for a while,[and]thisagoodclasstopickupafew new things,” says Junior, Robert Billings. Some of the things Mr. Mitchell is responsible for is the baseball diamond and the Pit (location where football games are held). One activity was growing trees for the leadership counselor for cancer awareness. They also hold farm toy stores and sell small toy tractors for little kids.

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