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JUNE 2012

Gu er rero Gazette Dear Friends and Family,

CONTENT 1 OUR FAMILY’S NEXT STEPS Another page is being turned in the life of our family. 2 Q & A & PRAYER Hopefully these answer some of the questions you have. If not, we would love to meet with you. As we move forward, we greatly value you prayers. You’ll find our current calendar leading up to our move and a few things we would love to have your prayers in. LINKS Just recently merged with YFC and is a branch of YFC. www, Providing training and HR. iTune Videos of Uruguay: -Anthony Bordain’s No Reservations. One perspective of the country.

As this ministry year with InterVarsity comes to a close, and change is in the air for me and my family, I feel thankful for your faithful prayers, support, and friendship. God has done many amazing things on the campus of SJSU, and I feel grateful for the ways that He has been at work in the last year. However, in the midst of everything, I had also been feeling some anxiety over the next steps for our family. Having three young children while I work two part-time ministry jobs and Amy works part-time has been chaotic at times. At a retreat in mid January, God reminded me of Phil 4:6-7 - “Do not be anxious about anything...” Soon after this retreat, we stumbled upon an organization called Youth Compass. I was immediately drawn to the work that they do with expat students in countries around the world. These international students are also known as Third Culture Kids. American sociologist Davic C. Pollock described them as this: “…A person who has spent a significant part of (their) developmental years outside the parents’ culture. The TCK frequently builds relationships to all of the cultures, while not having full ownership in any…” As I started to research these students, I realized a very acute need for direct ministry to them. They often are looking for a place to belong, and Youth Compass provides this for them, while also sharing Christ with them. I began the interview process and began engaging in conversation and prayer with a small group of individuals. More recently we were tentatively offered a position in Montevideo, Uruguay, and we

are excited to share with you that our plan is to move in January of 2013. We feel that this is the right step for our family, and so the next several months will be used to prepare, fundraise, and hopefully move forward in the process. Youth Compass has recently come under the leadership of Youth For Christ, so we will be attending a candidate orientation with Youth For Christ in July. We will also be flying to Montevideo sometime this fall to meet with the partnering church. If these steps go smoothly, which we are hoping that they will, we will move ahead. In the meantime, Amy will be continuing working part-time, and I will be continuing my job at The River. Because I am required to commit an entire school year to IV, I will not be able to continue at SJSU. My last month with IV will be June. We are so thankful for all the ways that you have supported us in the past, and we humbly ask you to consider supporting us as we move forward. In the coming weeks, we will be sending out more information about Youth Compass and the work that we will be doing with them. We are also attaching another page to this newsletter with specific ways that we would appreciate your support and also that includes some answers to FAQ that you may have. Thank you for your love and support. Blessings, Kyle, Amy, Eva, Olivia, and Alexa


Q&A Guerrero Family’s Ministry Partnership Q&A Sheet So where and when exactly are you moving? And what will you be doing? We will be moving to Montevideo, Uruguay in South America. Our target date to move is January 2013. We will be working with Third Culture Kids who attend the American School through an organization called Youth Compass, which is a branch of Youth For Christ. More info to come soon! That sounds like a long time from now. What are you going to be doing in the meantime? Amy will be teaching in the fall. I will be continuing at The River and doing preparation work for Youth Compass. We are also both finding ways to supplement our income since I will no longer be able to work for InterVarsity. In addition, we will be attending a Candidate Orientation week with Youth For Christ in July and taking a required trip to Uruguay in late August or early September. Eva is also starting kindergarten and Olivia is starting preschool.

This is a big decision for us. Although we feel like this is what God is calling us to, it is still scary to move our young family

JULY Our family flies out to Denver for Candidate Orientation. AUGUST/SEPTEMBER Kyle, Amy, and Alexa fly to Montevideo, Uruguay to meet with the local church, parents, and international schools. JANUARY 2013 Our whole family flies to Uruguay FEBRUARY School Begins!

How can I support you? Youth Compass is still working on a budget for us. After the budget is created, we will be responsible for raising a portion of our monthly support, and the partnering church and board in Uruguay will be responsible for the other portion. We will have more specific information on this in the next few months. In the meantime, Youth Compass asks that we raise the money for the cost of Candidate Orientation. The total cost, including hotel and airfare, will be approximately $2000. In addition, we are hoping to raise a small amount of monthly support from July to December to help us through our transition. If you would like to give monthly or a one-time gift towards Candidate Orientation, or support us through our transition time, you may do so here:

How can I pray for you?


to another country. Please pray for grace, providence, health, and wisdom for all of us.

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We greatly appreciate your prayers!

Prayer for the Guerrero Family - Smoothness in our preparation - Fundraising our total amount before leaving - Saying goodbye to friends and family - School for the kids in Uruguay - Community that can receive us well - Continued health for our whole family - Wisdom as we continue to discern next steps - Good transition from our current jobs to Youth Compass

- Logistics happen quickly and painlessly: Work visas, passports, moving items to Uruguay - Understanding for our children

YC Guerrero Newsletter June 2012  

Youth Compass Newsletter for Uruguay

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